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May 9, 2012 3:08 PM

zenstatus and zenperfsnmp confusion

I have a rather weird problem with a zenoss install


I changed the network config of my zenoss server

the config didnt not work out, so it left the server unreachable, and also not able to reach its monitored devices.

I corrected my config to a working one and I manually cleared the "network unreachable" events that had been generated.

I realised only a handful devices were monitored at this stage.

Most devices continue to be marked as "down" on their status page.

I restarted zenoss, but these devices are still not being monitored, no snmp graphs, rrds are not updated

I reboted this zenoss machine and still the problem persist.


zenhub run -v10  end is error:


2012-05-09 19:41:30,548 DEBUG zen.Plugins: Loading collector plugins from: /opt/zenoss/ZenPacks/ZenPacks.zenoss.ZenossVirtualHostMonitor-2.3.0-py2.4.egg/ZenPacks/zenoss/ZenossVirtualHostMonitor/modeler/plugins

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/opt/zenoss/Products/ZenHub/", line 613, in ?

    z = ZenHub()

  File "/opt/zenoss/Products/ZenHub/", line 269, in __init__

    reactor.listenTCP(self.options.pbport, pb.PBServerFactory(pt))

  File "/opt/zenoss/lib/python/twisted/internet/", line 328, in listenTCP


  File "/opt/zenoss/lib/python/twisted/internet/", line 739, in startListening

    raise CannotListenError, (self.interface, self.port, le)

twisted.internet.error.CannotListenError: Couldn't listen on any:8789: (98, 'Address already in use').



in zenhub.log evrything seems ok, except that I see:


INFO zen.ZenHub: Worker reports 2012-03-09 10:45:34,277 WARNING zen.ZenStatus: device 'device_name' network '' not in topology




if i run zenperfsnmp run -v10 -d device_name


I get  the following:




2012-03-09 10:02:53,874 DEBUG zen.zenperfsnmp: Finished fetching configs for 1 devices

2012-03-09 10:02:53,874 DEBUG zen.zenperfsnmp: Gathering performance data for

2012-03-09 10:02:53,874 INFO zen.zenperfsnmp: Configured 1 of 1 devices

2012-03-09 10:02:53,874 DEBUG zen.zenperfsnmp: Getting device ping issues

2012-03-09 10:02:55,003 DEBUG zen.thresholds: Checking value 0 on Daemons/localhost/zenperfsnmp_eventQueueLength

2012-03-09 10:02:55,004 DEBUG zen.MinMaxCheck: Checking zenperfsnmp_eventQueueLength 0 against min None and max 1000

2012-03-09 10:02:55,004 DEBUG zen.zenperfsnmp: Queueing event {'manager': '', 'eventKey': 'high event queue', 'device': 'localhost', 'eventClass': '/Perf', 'summary': 'threshold of high event queue restored: current value 0.00', 'component': '', 'monitor': 'localhost', 'agent': 'zenperfsnmp', 'severity': 0}

2012-03-09 10:02:55,004 DEBUG zen.zenperfsnmp: Total of 1 queued events

2012-03-09 10:02:56,086 DEBUG zen.zenperfsnmp: unresponsive devices: [['server0053', 2, 64946], ['server0061, 1, 1], ......




......and so on listing all servers not working properly



Any ideas

  • jcurry ZenossMaster 1,021 posts since
    Apr 15, 2008
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    1. May 9, 2012 3:21 PM (in response to chitambira)
    Re: zenstatus and zenperfsnmp confusion

    So can your Zenoss server actually ping the devices?  Both from command line and with a few sample tests from the Command menu?


    You put your Zenoss server back exactly as it was???  Anything else changed - DNS, firewalls, network topology?


    Have you remodeled your Zenoss server and is it in a consistent stae, especially with respect to its network cards?


    Do you have any heartbeat events?


    Are all the daemons running (zenoss status) ??




  • Chet Luther ZenossEmployee 1,302 posts since
    May 22, 2007
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    4. May 9, 2012 5:20 PM (in response to chitambira)
    Re: zenstatus and zenperfsnmp confusion

    The "Couldn't listen on any:8789" error you get when running zenhub in the foreground is normal. The zenhub daemon binds two ports: 8789 and 8081. So you can't run two copies a the same time. If you want to run zenhub in the foreground you must first stop the daemon. This is a long way of saying that I don't think the error is related to your problem.


    Don't worry about the "not in topology" warnings. They're completely benign and not related to your problem.


    The reason zenperfsnmp is showing so many "unresponsive devices" is almost certainly because those devices have active critical /Status/Ping events. The zenperfsnmp daemon won't attempt to collect from devices that Zenoss thinks are ping unreachable. Can you confirm or deny this by looking at your event console?


    Depending on what version of Zenoss you're running, it may be normal to see that "Can't stop reactor that isn't running." error when running zenping in the foreground without the --cycle parameter. It'll do one pass then terminate in that ugly way. I don't think it's related to your problem.


    All of that being said, the "unexpected pkt" could potentially be related to the problem since the root of the problem seems to be that Zenoss thinks devices are ping unreachable when they're not.


    Would you try clearing all /Status/Ping events from your event console and restarting zenping?

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