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Oct 25, 2011 11:09 AM

Core 3.2.1 is available!

After much testing and a few beta releases, we are proud to release the latest (and possibly last) version of the 3.x series. The original reason for the 3.2.1 release was the finding of two key bugs by the community. We have squashed the two original bugs, and fixed many others that were found in the process. This is primarily a maintenance release.

Important Upgrade Note:

If you are upgrading your Zenoss installation, it must be at version 3.1.0 or greater. See the <span style=&quot;text-decoration: underline;&quot;>release notes</span> for upgrade-path details.The Upgrade Path is roughly: 2.5.x* -> 3.0.3 -> 3.1.0  AND 3.1.x+ -> 3.2.1The * is  about running the preupgrade ZenPack first (before upgrading from 2.5.x)

Bugs Fixed

The 3.2.1 release of Zenoss Core includes fixes to high-priority defects, including:

  • External Defect 7859 - RRD files are not updated if OID starts with . (period)
  • External Defect 7860 - zencommand - data sources not collected
  • See other public issues that were fixed in 3.2.1
  • See 115+ other bugs (many enterprise-based) and features list at the bottom of the 3.2.1 Release Notes (pdf)


ZenPack Updates in Core 3.2.0

LDAP Monitor Fixed error when changing bind type in ticket 28807

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