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Feb 2, 2007 12:25 AM

Ports used on ZENWIN and Bad Email Alert Rules

Hi there, well done on 1.1 - Love the features & Bug fixes.

Two things...

We have a couple of servers in our DMZ - Sitting between the green and
orange networks is an ISA box acting as a firewall.

Zenwin is unable to run scans on these servers. I presume its due to
the limited traffic allowed by ISA.
Does Zenwin run its WMI probing on any particular ports, is it
possible to allow these ports, or will I have to allow ZENWIN full
access to the DMZ servers.

Secondly, has anyone run into problems using email alerts. Sometimes
Zenoss generates email alerts, that have explicitly been disallowed by
the current rule set.

I.e. - Systems is not "WAN routing"
And sometimes a router in the WAN routing system generates an alert
when it is down. It is not a member of any other systems. Its
confusing as rule based sets are usually black and white as to the

Thanks for everything.


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