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40.5 Authenticating with other LDAP Servers

Created on: Aug 10, 2010 5:44 PM by Zenoss API - Last Modified:  Aug 10, 2010 5:44 PM by Zenoss API

 5. Authenticating with other LDAP Servers

  1. Browse to this URL:


  2. Choose the LDAP Multi Plugin plugin, and then click Add.

  3. Complete the form with your LDAP credentials and paths:


    Table 40.6. LDAP Multi Plugin Configuration



    Enter ldapAuthentication.


    Enter a title or leave blank.

    LDAP Server[:port]

    Specify the name or IP address of the LDAP server. The default port is 389, and the default port for SSL is 636, so the port doesn't need to be specified if using the defaults. If using SSL, the name must be specified.

    Default User Roles

    Set to ZenUser. If this is set as blank, LDAP users will not be able to log in.

  4. Click Add to save your changes.

  5. Click plugins in the list of objects.

  6. Click the Authentication Plugins link.

  7. Move your ldapAuthentication plugin to the list of active plugins, above the userManager plugin

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