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62.7 Moving VMware Devices Between Collectors

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Created on: Aug 10, 2010 5:42 PM by Zenoss API - Last Modified:  Aug 10, 2010 5:59 PM by Zenoss API

 7. Moving VMware Devices Between Collectors

If you move a VMware device to a different collector, you must follow one of these procedures to force the changes to take effect:

  • Restart the collector daemons. To do this, go to Advanced > Settings, select Daemons in the left panel, and then click Restart in the row for each of these daemons:

    • zenvmwaremodeler

    • zenvmwareperf

    • zenvmwareevents


    Alternatively, as user zenoss, enter the following commands to stop and then restart these Zenoss daemons:

    zenvmwaremodeler restart
    zenvmwareperf restart
    zenvmwareevents restart


  • Navigate to the page for the organizer that represents the VMware endpoint (for example, Devices/VMware, myEndpoint), and then select Push Changes from the Action menu.


    Figure 62.8. Push Changes

    Push Changes

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