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28.5 Activating the Auto-Generated Rack View

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Created on: Aug 10, 2010 5:40 PM by Zenoss API - Last Modified:  Aug 10, 2010 5:59 PM by Zenoss API

 5. Activating the Auto-Generated Rack View

First, ensure that the device is included in a location. Then follow these steps to make devices visible in Datacenter View.

  1. Edit the device you want to make visible. From the list of Devices, select a device (in the illustration, beta.zenoss.loc), click Details, and then select Edit.

  2. Enter values for Rack Slot, in the format:



    • ru=n sets the value for rack unit (the lowest unit used by the device)

    • rh=n sets the value for rack height (the number of units the device uses in the rack)

    • st=n sets the value for rack slot

    • sc=n sets the value for slot capacity (set only for chassis devices)

    For example, values of:


    establishes a device visually in the rack as shown in this illustration:


    Figure 28.4. Setting Rack Slot Value

    Setting Rack Slot Value


    In the example, a rack slot value is not needed, as there is only one device.

  3. Click Save.

The device appears in Datacenter View. In the List View, it appears as part of a rack illustration. (The rack illustration is now the default image in the List View.)

In the Custom View, it appears as a single device image.


You can customize this device image by modifying the zIcon configuration property in the device class.

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