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Created on: Jun 8, 2010 6:00 PM by Matt Ray - Last Modified:  Jun 17, 2010 4:04 PM by Matt Ray

Submitted by: Mark Burgess & Matt Ray


This ZenPack provides an integration between the Cfengine Nova configuration automation tool and Zenoss.


The ZenPack provides the /Server/Cfengine Device Class for monitoring the Cfengine server.  It adds a new Clients tab which lists the devices managed by Cfengine, their Device Classes and their current compliance levels, linking to the devices themselves.  When the Cfengine server is modeled, it checks the contents of the zCfengineComplianceFile and adds any devices not currently monitored by Zenoss to the proper Device Class and adds the Cfengine performance template.  The Cfengine Device class provides basic SNMP monitoring as well, which may be augmented or replaced with additional OS monitoring by switching out the modeler plugins and remodeling.


The ZenPack also provides the Cfengine Template, which is bound to all devices managed by the Cfengine server and provides:

    • Data Sources    
      • compliance (Command) - parses a local compliance file, defined with the zCfengineComplianceFile property
    • Thresholds    
        • 70 (Min/Max) - triggers a Critical /Config/Cfengine event if compliance drops below 70%
        • 80 (Min/Max)- triggers a Error /Config/Cfengine event if compliance drops  below 80%
        • 90 (Min/Max)- triggers a Warning /Config/Cfengine event if compliance drops  below 90%
      • Graph Definitions    
        • Compliance Level
          • Compliance as a percentage
          • 70% Critical threshold
          • 80% Error threshold
          • 90% Warning threshold


    The ZenPack also provides the /Config/Cfengine Event Class for mapping syslog messages originating from Cfengine.  Messages originating from Cfengine for Zenoss start with "zenoss_cfengine_integration message..."'


    An example template ( is provided showing one possible way to set up Cfengine to enable communication of events from Cfengine to Zenoss via syslog without further configuration from your side. If you make Cfengine manage the Zenoss host, the integration is complete with the rules provided here!

    See the story on the Cfengine website



    Screen shot 2010-06-14 at 4.56.19 PM.png

    Screen shot 2010-06-14 at 8.41.21 PM.png




    Installation Requirements:

    • Zenoss Versions Supported: 2.5
    • External Dependencies:
      • Cfengine needs to be accessible from the Zenoss server, zLinks may be added to link to reports
      • syslog configuration by Cfengine
      • cron configuration by Cfengine or assume Cfengine is running on Zenoss host
      • CFSERVERHOST/reports/summary.z as the zCfengineComplianceFile
    • ZenPack Dependencies: none
    • Installation Notes:
      • zopectl restart; zenhub restart after installing this ZenPack.
      • verify the zenoss user has permission to access the zCfengineComplianceFile
      • cron configuration for every 30 minutes as the zenoss user: 
        • */30 * * * * zenoss zenmodeler run -d yourcfengineserver
    • Configuration: the local compliance file, defined with the zCfengineComplianceFile property

  • History:

    Change History:

    • 1.0 initial public release

    Tested: This ZenPack was tested with versions 2.5.2 and 3.0.


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    Known issues:

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