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ZiPEC - iPhone Event Console for Zenoss

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Created on: May 4, 2010 3:28 AM by Weetos - Last Modified:  Sep 11, 2013 1:54 PM by Weetos

It's a good thing to have a Zenoss Dashboard displayed on a LCD, so your staff can keep an eye on what's going on. This is true as long as you're at the office, but what if you're "on the go"? - You may need access to the Event Console from your iPhone (or any smartphone), via a web based, lightweight Event Console. That's exactly what is provided by ZiPEC: a fast and easy way to stay in touch with your monitoring system.


Thanks to the webapp mode provided by the iPhone, ZiPEC can be installed on your slideboard, using a customizable icon.


In order to get ZiPEC up and running, you only need a web server with PHP scripting capability and PHP MySQL functions (packages apache2, php5 and php5-mysql), and this can be installed on the same server as Zenoss (though it is possible to run it on a different machine, but in this case, you'll need to expose Zenoss events database so ZiPEC can have access to it).


ZiPEC can be configured to use filters (called 'contexts'), to better  match your needs, showing only what you want to focus on ( Basic SQL  knowledge is required for setting up the contexts).


ZiPEC is fully customizable, via an easy-to-setup CSS based skin system, so it can match your company's theme - all you need is to make a copy of the default skin and start from there. Then, from the config file, tell ZiPEC to use that specific skin instead of default, and you're all set.


ZiPEC allows you basic interactivity : you can acknowledge events since the latest release.


ZiPEC comes as a tarball archive, available at SourceForge. Installation instructions and documentation are provided, and PHP files are commented out so you can easily customize ZiPEC to your liking.


Visit ZiPEC page at SourceForge

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