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HP EVA Monitor

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Created on: May 11, 2010 1:07 PM by bigegor - Last Modified:  Jul 13, 2012 11:45 AM by bigegor

Submitted by: Egor Puzanov


This ZenPack allows you model and monitor HP EVA 4X00/6X00/8X00 devices. It creates a /Devices/CIM/HPEVA Device Class for monitoring these storage devices.


Monitored Components:

  • Storage Controllers (Status and Performance)
  • Storage Enclosures (Status Only)
  • Physical Disks (Status and Performance)
  • Storage Groups (Status and Performance)
  • Data Replication Groups  (Status and Performance)
  • Virtual Disks (Status and Performance)
  • Host FC Ports (Status and Performance)
  • Disk FC Ports (Status Only)








  • Zenoss Version: 2.5, 3.0
  • ZenPack Dependencies: WBEM Data Source
  • External Dependencies:
  • Installation:

    1) Install the WBEM pack and reboot the Zenoss server

    2) Install the HP EVA zenpack and restart zopectl either from the GUI or from the command line zopectl restart.

    3) You should now have CIM/HPEVA device class..

    4) Click on the HPEVA class and select Details.

    5) Click Configuration Properties on the left.

    6) In the right pane, scroll to the bottom and in the zWbemProxy field add the IP address or hostname of the EVA Command View server. The reason for this is that you'ere going to use the EVA server as a boker to grab data regarding the EVAs themselves, hence you request data about an EVA using it's WWN and that request is fired at the Command View IP/Hostname.

    7) In the zWinPassword and zWinUser add the correct credentials of a user account that can access the server.  (possibly create a new user account in AD and add this account to the CV server)

    8) Hit Save.

    9) Click on See All at the top of the left pane.

    10) Still in the HPEVA class click on the icon at the top of the main pane to add a new single device. Use Command View get the WWN of your EVA and paste into the Hostname or IP field and click Add.

    11) Give Zenoss a chance to perform the Add Job, when I first added our EVA the Job service was down and needed starting.

    12) Once the device has been added, go into it and from the icon on the bottom left select Model Device. At this point I had issues with Zenoss connecting to Zenhub and got timeout errors. It eventually reconnected and carried on sometimes it didn't, just restart the modelling if it fails but give it a chance to retry.

    13) Once the modelling has completed you should then see a load of objects in the Components menu in the left pane as well as a new hardware tab where the graphical disk view can be found.


    Graphing should start almost immediately, you may need to soom in to see it starting. I may have seen an issue involving the renaming of the device from the WWN where graphing stops after the rename...well that's what appears to have rename at your peril!


Tagged Releases:

Change History:

  • 1.0 initial release
  • 1.1 multiple EVAs modelling, remote collector support
  • 1.3 Zenoss 3.0 support
  • 1.4 fix viewHPEVAStorageProcesserCardPorts template
  • 1.5 fix components names in Zenoss 3.x
  • 1.6 EVAs WWN can be used as host name by modelling multiple EVAs  managed by single CV server
  • 1.7 fix modeler plugins
  • 1.8 fix modeler plugins, support WWN64 device name format, 'Hard Disks' and 'Storage Controllers' reports
  • 1.9 added Data Replication Groups monitoring
  • 1.10 added Storage Groups performance monitoring
  • 1.11 'Monitor...' button works as expected, default view changed for Zenoss 3.x, FC Ports modeling fixed.


Trac tickets:

Known issues:

  • I can't get chassis Serial Number over WBEM
  • I can't get Fans and Temperature Sensors information over WBEM
  • I can't get Management Controller configuration and  status
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