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Created on: Mar 30, 2010 8:54 PM by jbaird - Last Modified:  Mar 12, 2012 5:07 PM by dpetzel

Submitted by: Josh Baird


From the author's blog post:

This ZenPack will allow you to monitor the Squid web-cache/proxy via  SNMP using ZenOSS.

Squid Configuration

First, we need to configure Squid’s  internal SNMP agent.  Support for  SNMP in Squid is pre-compiled in the  EL5 packages, but you will need to  double-check for SNMP if you are  using custom based packages or source.   The following goes in your  squid.conf:

# Define SNMP properties
# We will proxy requestst to Squid's internal agent from net-snmp
acl snmpprivate snmp_community
snmp_port 3401
snmp_access allow snmpprivate localhost
snmp_access deny all

Now  we need to tell net-snmp to proxy requests for the Squid tree to   Squid’s SNMP agent on port 3401 as defined above.  This belongs in your   snmpd.conf:

# Proxy Squid requests to Squid SNMP Agent
view systemview included .
proxy -m /etc/squid/mib.txt -v 1 -c  localhost:3401 .


Install this ZenPack and bind the “SquidMon” template to your device  to enable graphs.

SquidMon ships with these graphs:

* Squid – HTTP Requests
* Squid – ICP Requests
* Squid – HTTP Service Times
* Squid – DNS Service Times
* Squid – DNS Lookups
* Squid – FQDN Cache
* Squid – Cache Hit Ratio
* Squid – File Descriptors
* Squid – Page Faults
* Squid – CPU Usage
* Squid – 5 Minute Service Time Overview







  • Zenoss Version: 2.4
  • ZenPack Dependencies:
  • External Dependencies: See the description above.
  • Installation: See the description above.



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