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Collector Tool

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Created on: Mar 30, 2010 8:53 PM by Ryan Matte - Last Modified:  May 14, 2010 11:46 AM by Ryan Matte

Submitted by: Ryan Matte


This ZenPack provides a zencollectortool script for configuring multiple collectors with Zenoss Core (this functionality is supported with Zenoss Enterprise).


After installing the ZenPack, execute zencollectortool from the command line as the zenoss user and you will be greeted with the following:


1) Configure master
2) Configure collector
3) Revert master
4) Revert collector
Q) Quit zencollectortool



If you are on what is to be the master server then select option 1.  If you are on what is to be a new collector, select option 2.  If you would like to revert a master back to it's original state select option 3.  If you would like to revert a collector back to it's original state select option 4.


Note: You may see some errors when installing the ZenPack, they can be disregarded.  As long as you can execute zencollectortool as the zenoss user after installation of the ZenPack then installation was successful.  I hope to release a newer version once I've figured out how to suppress the errors.





  • Zenoss Version: 2.4
  • ZenPack Dependencies:
  • External Dependencies:
  • Installation:


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Change History:

  • 1.0 initial release
  • 1.1 bugfix release
  • 1.2 bugfix release

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