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Created on: Mar 6, 2010 11:17 AM by SEJeff - Last Modified:  Mar 10, 2010 4:11 PM by SEJeff

Submitted by: Jeff Schroeder


This ZenPack monitors devices running the gmond Ganglia daemon.  To monitor Ganglia devices:

  1. Add the ip or hostname of a server running gmond in the zProperty named zGangliaHost under /Ganglia
  2. The default gmond port is 8649 tcp, but if you set the tcp_accept_channel to something different in the gmond.conf, set
    zGangliaPort to the port.
  3. Add a host (by ip) to the /Ganglia class and watch it start collecting data.
  4. Graphs may take 20 minutes or so to populate.


Tested with ganglia: 3.1.1 against gmond, not gmetad.





  • Zenoss Version: 2.5
  • ZenPack Dependencies: n/a
  • External Dependencies: n/a
  • Installation:


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  • 1.0 initial release

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