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25.3 Enable Monitoring

Created on: Mar 1, 2010 8:22 AM by Zenoss API - Last Modified:  Mar 1, 2010 8:22 AM by Zenoss API

 3. Enable Monitoring

Follow the steps in this section to configure your Cisco device and Zenoss for monitoring.

 3.1. Configuring Cisco Devices to Allow SNMP Queries

Configure the Cisco device to allow SNMP queries from the Zenoss server, and send SNMP v1 or SNMP v2 traps to the Zenoss server.

 3.2. Configuring Zenoss

All Cisco devices must be located in the /Devices/Network/Cisco device class.

  1. Navigate to the device or device class (if configuring multiple devices) in the /Devices/Network/Cisco device class in the Zenoss interface.

  2. If applying changes to a device, click the page menu, and then select MorezProperties.

    If applying changes to a device class, click the zProperties tab.

  3. Edit the appropriate zProperties for the device or devices.


    Table 25.2. Cisco zProperties



    Consult with your network administrators to determine the SNMP community permitted.


    Set to a value of False.


    The default port is 161.


    Set to a value of v2c.

  4. Click Save to save your changes. Zenoss now will collect Cisco device metrics from the configured device or devices.

  5. Navigate to the Perf tab to see some place holders for graphs. After approximately 15 minutes, the graphs will begin to be populated with information.

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