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NetWare 6.5

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Created on: Sep 14, 2009 1:35 PM by eafeldman - Last Modified:  Nov 9, 2009 6:42 PM by Matt Ray

Submitted by:

Eric Feldman


This ZenPack provides OS and Filesystem modeling and performance monitoring. It was built and tested against NetWare 6.5 SP7 (OES2-NetWare) servers in a 200+ server network. It is still a work in progress, but it is functional.


This ZenPack was inspired by and based in part on work done for the NetApp, AIX and HP-UX plugins, as well as the work by James Drews on MRTGEXT.NLM.


This ZenPack may be overkill for some scenarios – you could disable a lot of the performance monitoring in the Device template if you don’t need it.

  • Perl on the Zenoss server (a Perl script is run by zencommand that can pull 10 different statistics at a time instead of 1 at a time like the Nagios check_nwstat)
  • MRTGEXT.NLM (a third-party module by James Drews) from must be loaded on every server being monitored – this is the “agent” that is polled for non-SNMP data
  • SNMP and the in-the-box standard NetWare Management Agent (NMA5) must be loaded on every server being monitored for SNMP instrumentation
It Provides:
  • A new device class = /Devices/Server/NetWare
  • Filesystem modeling collector plugin and a Filesystem template for performance monitoring, including display and calculation of purgeable disk space on NetWare volumes (done using SNMP and a shell script routine on the Zenoss server to calculate usedBlocks). The _ADMIN volume is dropped since it’s not a “real” volume.
  • OS Modeling (memory and swap size) collector plugins
  • OS and memory performance monitoring via a Device template  
    • Processor utilization
    • Load averages (1 min/5 min/15 min)
    • Connections and peak use
    • Packet Receive Buffers (Current and Max)
    • Directory Cache Buffers (Current and Max)
    • Service Processess (Current and Max)
    • Read/Write and disk I/O activity
    • Logical and Physical Memory breakdown (based on Remote Manager reports)
  • Thresholds/alerts for:  
    • Abends
    • Page Faulted Memory Spaces
    • Directory Services open/closed
    • Time synchronizaton status
  • IP Service monitor for NCP (port 524)
  • zLink to standard Novell Remote Manager port (8008) on the Status tab
  • All current Novell MIB files added to Zenoss for trap handling
  • Software inventory info for SP5 and SP7 added to Novell vendor listing


















     Zenoss Version: 2.2

     ZenPack Dependencies:

     External Dependencies:




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Known issues:

Things to do:

  • Threshold alerts for approaching the maximum settings on Packet Receive Buffers, Directory Cache Buffers, and Service Processes are disabled and should not be used – still trying to work around the problem of referring to an RRD when the data hasn’t been gathered yet. Activating these will cause zencommand to not work.
  • Improve the threshold alerts for disk space to be dynamically calculated
  • Novell Clustering support (either integrated or as a separate ZenPack)
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