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WMI Files Monitor

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Created on: Sep 14, 2009 1:30 PM by linash - Last Modified:  Nov 10, 2009 11:02 AM by Matt Ray

Submitted by:

Jean-Baptiste 'linash' Giraudeau


This ZenPack will do the following:

  • Add the template WMIFilesMonitor to the class /Devices/Server/Windows
  • Create the event class /Events/Storage/Files
  • Add a libexec command (Nagios-style) to collect file size on a Windows server (tested with 2003) through a WMI query (using wmic). Report a critical event when monitored files are not found.
  • Add the datasource 'WMIFilesMonitor' :
    • Monitor size of files. Requires local template to customize the list of file, this is to enable graph customizations: any number of files, appropriate legends using file path. (Graph can be updated automatically)
    • Checks for file existence. Use zProperty (local template not required)
Actions to get this ZenPack to work:
  • Define zWinUser and zWinPassword properties for the monitored node.
  • Add at least one file to monitor
  • Files path are to specified with the <drive>:/<path> scheme. Network path (\\<server>\<path>) are not supported. (Is there a way to get info on a network file with a simple WMI query??)
  • Mapped network drive seems to work with Windows 2003. However the WMI specification says that  this query on mapped drives have been deprecated... please report back you have tested this with later version of Windows server.






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