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14.5 Working with the Job Manager

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#5. Working with the Job Manager

The Zenoss Job Manager runs background tasks, such as discovering a network or adding a device. When you ask Zenoss to perform one of these tasks, it adds a job to the queue. Jobs are run by the zenjobs daemon.


Not all jobs run in the Job Manager. When running other Zenoss jobs (in the foreground), do not navigate away from the current page until the job completes.

#5.1. Viewing Jobs

To access the Zenoss Job Manager:

  1. From the Navigation menu, click Settings.

  2. From the Settings area, click the Jobs tab.

    The jobs list appears.


Figure 14.4. Jobs List


The jobs list shows information about all jobs currently in the system:

  • Status - Shows the current job status. Status options are Pending (waiting for zenjobs to begin running), Running, Succeeded, and Failed.

  • Job Type - Provides a short indicator of the job type.

  • Description - Provides a longer description of the job. Generally, this includes the shell command run by the zenjobs daemon.

  • Started / Finished / Duration - Provide information about the time period in which the job ran.

  • Actions - Shows actions you can take on the job. These include:

    • Log - Click to view the real-time output of a running job or final output from a completed job.

    • Stop - Ask the zenjobs daemon to stop running this job.

    • Delete - Remove this job from the system.

#5.2. Running the zenjobs Daemon

You can stop and start the zenjobs daemon from the command line and the Daemons tab. You also can start it (if not already running) from the Job Manager. Click the link that appears in the jobs list.


Figure 14.5. Start zenjob Daemon


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