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1.1 About Zenoss

Created on: Sep 14, 2009 11:39 AM by Zenoss API - Last Modified:  Sep 14, 2009 11:39 AM by Zenoss API

#Chapter 1. About Zenoss

Zenoss is today's premier, open source IT management solution. Through a single, Web-based console, Zenoss enables you to manage the status and health of your infrastructure.

The power of Zenoss starts with its in-depth Inventory and IT Configuration Database. Zenoss creates this database by discovering managed resources -- servers, networks, and other devices -- in your IT environment. The resulting configuration model provides a complete inventory of your servers, network devices, and software applications, down to the level of resource components (interfaces, services and processes, and installed software).

Once Zenoss discovers the IT infrastructure, it automatically begins monitoring the performance of each device. Zenoss also provides events and fault management features that tie into the configuration database. These features help drive operational efficiency and productivity by automating many of the notification, alerts, escalation, and remediation tasks you perform each day.

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