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IRC February 2008

Created on: Sep 14, 2009 11:21 AM by Noel Brockett - Last Modified:  Sep 14, 2009 11:21 AM by Noel Brockett
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[01-Feb-2008 13:12:47] <qubit> hi, we have a problem with the graph generation: the event.log: INFO ZODB.Conflict database conflict error (oid 0x06, class Products.TemporaryFolder.TemporaryFolder.SimpleTemporaryContainer) at /zport/RenderServer/render
[01-Feb-2008 13:12:49] <qubit> (1 conflicts, of which 0 were unresolved, since startup at Fri Feb  1 13:15:27 2008)
[01-Feb-2008 13:12:56] <qubit> INFO RenderServer File: /tmp/renderserver/graph-577967526bf279681b71387743db2650129600.png not created yet.
[01-Feb-2008 13:13:35] <qubit> drwxr-x--- 2 zenoss users 4096 2008-02-01 14:02 /tmp/renderserver/
[01-Feb-2008 13:14:00] <qubit> all  graphs show abnormal values
[01-Feb-2008 13:14:29] <qubit> we search for a solution @google/zenoss-forum ect. nothing
[01-Feb-2008 13:15:49] <qubit> the only action we did, refresh event schema, clear event cache, clear all heartbeats, because of another mistake
[01-Feb-2008 13:15:54] <qubit> plz help
[01-Feb-2008 13:17:00] <qubit> is there any methode to debug the "RenderServer-Action" and the ZODB-Conflict
[01-Feb-2008 13:26:49] <qubit> already set the loglevel in zope.conf @ALL, but no debug ouput for the RenderServer
[01-Feb-2008 14:05:54] <qubit> anybody out there who can help...plz?
[01-Feb-2008 14:22:08] <geek_cl> hi guys, can see this please:
[01-Feb-2008 14:22:16] <adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[01-Feb-2008 14:23:25] <geek_cl> uh?
[01-Feb-2008 14:38:51] <geek_cl> somebody here ?
[01-Feb-2008 14:41:28] <geek_cl> /usr/bin/python2.4 >.patchdeps
[01-Feb-2008 16:39:25] <duncan> hey twm1010
[01-Feb-2008 16:43:16] spec-x is now known as Spec
[01-Feb-2008 16:45:58] <duncan> I've got two hosts that keep generating critical events for smtp being down, although I deleted it from the OS tab.  Is there a way to stop the ipservice plugin from monitoring smtp on these boxes?
[01-Feb-2008 16:46:27] <duncan> When I remodel the device it still shows up as being down.
[01-Feb-2008 17:35:20] <eurowerke> natural sort!
[01-Feb-2008 17:49:10] <flea> i have a general noob question regarding, how does zenoss look at VIP (load balanced) devices ?
[01-Feb-2008 17:49:30] <flea> are there mib's to map the VIP's ?
[01-Feb-2008 18:18:05] <twm1010> You mean like where you have two broadcom NICs teamed?
[01-Feb-2008 18:19:18] <twm1010> on my backup master server, the actual nics don't even show up, i just got an adapter called BASP Virtual Adapter
[01-Feb-2008 18:20:00] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[01-Feb-2008 18:22:30] <twm1010> oddly enough flea, it says the operational status of that adapter as down
[01-Feb-2008 19:26:22] <flea> twm1010: ah, well i have a load balancer at a co-lo with a vip for 4 http servers
[01-Feb-2008 19:26:41] <flea> so i figure it will find the lb device, but wondering as far as the devices within the vip
[01-Feb-2008 21:14:40] <eurowerke> cluther!
[01-Feb-2008 21:14:54] <eurowerke> heh
[01-Feb-2008 21:15:02] <eurowerke> exclamation!
[01-Feb-2008 21:15:41] <cluther> heh..
[01-Feb-2008 21:17:04] <twm1010> anyone good with the reporting functions?
[01-Feb-2008 21:18:56] <twm1010> cluther?
[01-Feb-2008 21:19:42] <eurowerke> cluther - is there a way to change the default sorting on the device list?
[01-Feb-2008 21:19:59] <eurowerke> i was looking at and last night but couldn't get anywhere
[01-Feb-2008 21:19:59] <cluther> I've written a report or two..
[01-Feb-2008 21:20:13] <twm1010> Well, I'm just trying to understand how to go about something...
[01-Feb-2008 21:20:24] <twm1010> I can produce an availability report, thats easy with the canned one built in.
[01-Feb-2008 21:20:38] <cluther> eurowerke: Go to Event Manager and the Fields tab..
[01-Feb-2008 21:20:50] <cluther> eurowerke: wait.. that doesn't work.. nevermind.
[01-Feb-2008 21:21:04] <twm1010> but I'd like to get something more general, based on the systems or groups i've placed systems in...
[01-Feb-2008 21:21:08] <eurowerke> heheh
[01-Feb-2008 21:21:30] <twm1010> so lets say I have 6 devices under systems called "E-Mail Servers"
[01-Feb-2008 21:21:34] <cluther> twm1010: hmm.. that's actually one of the enterprise reports.
[01-Feb-2008 21:21:51] <twm1010> I'd like to get one general figure of their availability
[01-Feb-2008 21:22:00] <twm1010> Ah... is this something I can do myself though?
[01-Feb-2008 21:22:02] <cluther> twm1010: Group availability is definitely not a straightforward pursuit. You can have either average availability or aggregate availability for a group.
[01-Feb-2008 21:22:29] <twm1010> Well.. an average would meet my needs...
[01-Feb-2008 21:22:44] <cluther> twm1010: You definitely can.. especially average. That's the easier of the two.
[01-Feb-2008 21:23:35] <eurowerke> if you have any ideas about the sorting, I'd love to hear it - I gotta run right now though.  thank you for your time!
[01-Feb-2008 21:23:47] <cluther> eurowerke: yeah.. a few seconds..
[01-Feb-2008 21:23:48] <eurowerke> i will read the chan log when I return
[01-Feb-2008 21:24:04] <eurowerke> thanks!
[01-Feb-2008 21:25:32] <cluther> eurowerke: Look in Products/ZenWidgets/skins/zenui/javascript/devicezengrid.js
[01-Feb-2008 21:25:43] <cluther> eurowerke: Search for orderby and you'll likely find the key.
[01-Feb-2008 21:32:32] <twm1010> can you uhhh... point me in the right direction here?
[01-Feb-2008 21:32:42] <twm1010> would this simply be a matter of writing the write query?
[01-Feb-2008 21:33:14] <cluther> twm1010: Yes.. just a matter of writing the right query. I wouldn't go so far as to call it simple though.
[01-Feb-2008 21:34:29] <cluther> twm1010: Take a look at one of the reports that uses a Python plugin to generate the data. This can often be the easier way to do things when you have complicated queries to perform.
[01-Feb-2008 21:34:42] <cluther> twm1010: These report plugins live in Products/ZenReports/plugins/
[01-Feb-2008 21:37:02] <twm1010> hrmm...
[01-Feb-2008 21:37:20] <twm1010> but something like availability you'd have to specify a time period
[01-Feb-2008 21:37:54] <chris_d> Can somebody help me figure out why I'm constantly getting data drops?
[01-Feb-2008 21:38:01] <chris_d> i.e. gaps in my perf graphs?
[01-Feb-2008 21:39:49] <twm1010> on all your devices?
[01-Feb-2008 21:39:52] <twm1010> or just some
[01-Feb-2008 21:40:21] <chris_d> All of them.
[01-Feb-2008 21:40:24] <chris_d> All at the same time.
[01-Feb-2008 21:40:32] <chris_d> All gaps are anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes.
[01-Feb-2008 21:40:48] <twm1010> Well, then its probably zenoss that is stalling every so often
[01-Feb-2008 21:41:05] <chris_d> I was able to figure that out. What I'm trying to do is fix it.
[01-Feb-2008 21:41:48] <twm1010> is the interval regular?
[01-Feb-2008 21:41:51] <twm1010> or random
[01-Feb-2008 21:41:53] <chris_d> No.
[01-Feb-2008 21:42:15] <twm1010> hrmmm... stanalone zenoss server?
[01-Feb-2008 21:42:18] <chris_d> Yes.
[01-Feb-2008 21:42:19] <twm1010> or is it a virtual machine?
[01-Feb-2008 21:42:27] <chris_d> Standalone server.
[01-Feb-2008 21:42:42] <twm1010> check your cron to see if the host is running other processes that hang it up?
[01-Feb-2008 21:44:27] <twm1010> cluther: thanks for your help
[01-Feb-2008 21:44:37] <twm1010> gotta go chris... good luck, i couldn't think of anything
[01-Feb-2008 21:44:48] <twm1010> maybe check your network link, it could be as simple as loosing connectivity/bad cable on the server
[01-Feb-2008 21:45:05] <cluther> chris_d: grep collected $ZENHOME/log/zenperfsnmp.log
[01-Feb-2008 21:45:16] <cluther> chris_d: Make sure your collection is happening consistently under 300 seconds.
[01-Feb-2008 21:47:14] <chris_d> 2008-01-31 01:33:27 INFO zen.zenperfsnmp: collected 156 of 165 devices in 120.16
[01-Feb-2008 21:48:01] <chris_d> It's consistently in the 120.16 range.
[01-Feb-2008 21:48:07] <chris_d> Give or take a second or two.
[01-Feb-2008 21:48:23] <cluther> Even during the times when you have gaps?
[01-Feb-2008 21:48:46] <chris_d> Let me correlate
[01-Feb-2008 21:49:46] <chris_d> Hmmmm....
[01-Feb-2008 21:49:51] <chris_d> 2008-01-31 01:33:27 INFO zen.zenperfsnmp: collected 156 of 165 devices in 120.16
[01-Feb-2008 21:49:56] <chris_d> That's the last matching line.
[01-Feb-2008 21:50:00] <chris_d> Note the date/time
[01-Feb-2008 21:51:13] <cluther> chris_d: So it's failing to finish polling the devices..
[01-Feb-2008 21:51:37] <chris_d> Yes--the 156 of 165 is consistent.
[01-Feb-2008 21:51:53] <chris_d> Now, I have data in my graphs after the date/time in that line.
[01-Feb-2008 21:52:30] <cluther> I think this means that some of these 9 devices that aren't responding are responding to SNMP, but not responding within the 300 second time limit.
[01-Feb-2008 21:52:48] <cluther> So zenperfsnmp can't mark them as snmp down, but it can't finish collecting them either.
[01-Feb-2008 21:52:59] <chris_d> Shouldn't the collected be running every 5 minutes?
[01-Feb-2008 21:53:03] <cluther> This is likely interfering with its collection cycle on devices that are behaving.
[01-Feb-2008 21:53:15] <cluther> If you haven't changed anything, yes.
[01-Feb-2008 21:53:24] <chris_d> Then why has it stopped?
[01-Feb-2008 21:53:24] <chris_d>
[01-Feb-2008 21:53:42] <chris_d> If I look at the daemon status, all are green.
[01-Feb-2008 21:57:55] <chris_d> It seems that one of my Sun boxes is taking too long to respond.
[01-Feb-2008 21:58:14] <chris_d> If I do an snmpwalk, it gets about half way through, then pauses for quite a while...
[01-Feb-2008 21:58:57] <chris_d> But it's still only 8.5 seconds total.
[01-Feb-2008 21:59:31] <chris_d> However, in the zenperfsnmp log, I get a User timeout on that machine.
[01-Feb-2008 22:16:49] <eurowerke> lol cluther that completely broke the device list haha
[01-Feb-2008 22:23:04] <eurowerke> guess this will take more research
[01-Feb-2008 23:47:38] <johns55> anyone use zenoss to monitor mysql replication
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[02-Feb-2008 00:16:04] <KillMeNow> sure don't
[02-Feb-2008 05:10:44] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Handwriting on the Sky - Do Not Want - 31 Jan, 02:31PM
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[02-Feb-2008 05:10:47] <adytum-bot>
[02-Feb-2008 10:28:43] <janfrode> I'm trying to use the snmpLocation to define the zenoss "Location" trough something like:
[02-Feb-2008 10:28:45] <janfrode> from xmlrpclib import ServerProxy
[02-Feb-2008 10:28:45] <janfrode> serv = ServerProxy('http://admin:zenoss@localhost:8080/zport/dmd/Devices/Server/Linux/devices/asav2')
[02-Feb-2008 10:28:45] <janfrode> serv.setLocation('/Room/Rack/U8-U11')
[02-Feb-2008 10:28:47] <adytum-bot> janfrode: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
[02-Feb-2008 10:29:29] <janfrode> Does anybody know how I can get the snmpLocation here ?
[02-Feb-2008 10:30:50] <janfrode> i.e.. I want to use whatever is set in snmpLocation to be used in serv.setLocation()
[02-Feb-2008 10:37:52] <janfrode> /search #zenoss
[02-Feb-2008 11:27:34] <janfrode> ah.. It's stored as a zope property.. So this does the trick:
[02-Feb-2008 11:27:34] <janfrode> snmpLocation=serv.getProperty('snmpLocation')
[02-Feb-2008 11:27:34] <janfrode> serv.setLocation(snmpLocation)
[02-Feb-2008 14:48:13] <janfrode> anybody know how to update the "rackSlot" property trough python/xmlrpclib ?
[02-Feb-2008 18:08:50] <janfrode> todays playing with zenoss trough python/xmlrpclib -->
[02-Feb-2008 22:05:49] <cluther> janfrode: Very cool stuff (the xml-rpc)
[02-Feb-2008 22:08:06] <monrad> janfrode: yeah its cool
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[04-Feb-2008 02:44:00] <KageSenshi> I'm wondering, can zenoss come as a zope Product? or it has modifications which caused it couldnt?
[04-Feb-2008 05:11:43] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Advogato blog for oubiwann - Blendix Update - 19 Jan, 01:04AM
[04-Feb-2008 05:11:44] <adytum-bot>
[04-Feb-2008 06:53:08] <Snake-eyes> Any one know where zenoss gets the time/date it uses to stamp outgoing emails with from ?
[04-Feb-2008 11:21:26] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[04-Feb-2008 11:29:34] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[04-Feb-2008 11:46:58] <_sam_> newbie here...
[04-Feb-2008 11:47:39] <_sam_> setup zenoss at the office.. would like to monitor windows 2k3 server and linuxbox, which is also our internet gateway..
[04-Feb-2008 11:47:58] <_sam_> need to monitor internet traffic utilization.. am i in the right place?
[04-Feb-2008 12:13:05] <twm1010> _sam_ you're in the right place
[04-Feb-2008 12:15:31] <twm1010> What have you done so far?
[04-Feb-2008 12:25:57] <pablo26> hi all
[04-Feb-2008 12:28:55] <pablo26> i want to do this, i have zenoss setted up in my intranet, now to acces it from outise my intranet i need to go trought an apache proxy, the problem is that when i do that the log in page works fine, but all the links on the page refers to the internal ip
[04-Feb-2008 12:58:53] <twm1010> i'm sure zenoss has had to figure that out for some enterprise customers
[04-Feb-2008 12:58:56] <twm1010> post it to the forum
[04-Feb-2008 13:13:16] <twm1010> why do almost none of the report classes let you add custom reports?
[04-Feb-2008 13:13:19] <twm1010> even organizers you create?
[04-Feb-2008 13:50:43] <twm1010> morning chet
[04-Feb-2008 13:56:07] <cluther> mornin
[04-Feb-2008 13:59:35] <twm1010> How goes it
[04-Feb-2008 14:33:31] <twm1010> cluther: can you update a core install to enterprise?
[04-Feb-2008 14:35:35] <cluther> twm1010: Yeah.
[04-Feb-2008 14:43:21] <twm1010> Ok, cool. I'd like to demo enterprise soon, I'd like to just make a copy of my current software appliance, and then upgrade it, so I can see the reporting using existing data
[04-Feb-2008 14:48:11] <twm1010> now why would you want to monitor the loopback interface?
[04-Feb-2008 15:15:36] <jb_> hrm, zen can't model two devices that its been able to model perfectly forever
[04-Feb-2008 15:15:45] <jb_> it always has SNMP timeouts
[04-Feb-2008 15:15:48] <jb_> but I can walk it fine
[04-Feb-2008 15:18:31] <linuxdave> you can walk it from inside zen or from command line?
[04-Feb-2008 15:19:03] <jb_> zen
[04-Feb-2008 15:19:08] <jb_> cli
[04-Feb-2008 15:19:24] <jb_> sorry, from the zenoss' box cli
[04-Feb-2008 15:19:32] <linuxdave> hmmm
[04-Feb-2008 15:19:34] <linuxdave> that is odd
[04-Feb-2008 15:19:38] <jb_> and its just on two devices
[04-Feb-2008 15:19:39] <jb_> yeah
[04-Feb-2008 15:20:07] <linuxdave> no problems with communication to those devices?
[04-Feb-2008 15:20:09] <jb_> actually, now snmpd is timing out
[04-Feb-2008 15:20:17] <jb_> ive never seen this..
[04-Feb-2008 15:20:21] <jb_> the snmpwalk times out after a while
[04-Feb-2008 15:20:34] <jb_> right around HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageIndex.1
[04-Feb-2008 15:20:54] <jb_> no snmp errors in the logs
[04-Feb-2008 15:21:28] <linuxdave> are they using net-snmp?
[04-Feb-2008 15:21:31] <jb_> yeah
[04-Feb-2008 15:21:38] <linuxdave> maybe try restarting that?
[04-Feb-2008 15:21:41] <jb_> i have..
[04-Feb-2008 15:22:04] <linuxdave> try walking from a shell...instead of from inside zen
[04-Feb-2008 15:22:13] <jb_> yeah thats what I'm doing
[04-Feb-2008 15:22:27] <linuxdave> losing any packets?
[04-Feb-2008 15:22:42] <linuxdave> if you ping, or anything?
[04-Feb-2008 15:23:03] <jb_> nope, network comm is fine
[04-Feb-2008 15:23:07] <jb_> just seems to be snmp
[04-Feb-2008 15:23:24] <linuxdave> odd
[04-Feb-2008 15:23:32] <linuxdave> and only two devices?
[04-Feb-2008 15:23:39] <jb_> yep
[04-Feb-2008 15:23:47] <jb_> its like the snmpd is dying
[04-Feb-2008 15:23:55] <jb_> after it dies, it wont respond to anything
[04-Feb-2008 15:23:58] <jb_> until I restart
[04-Feb-2008 15:24:24] <linuxdave> sorry... I am not an SNMP guru like some are... I agree its odd
[04-Feb-2008 15:24:29] <jb_> np
[04-Feb-2008 15:25:03] <jb_> it always dies at hrStorageIndex
[04-Feb-2008 15:25:14] <linuxdave> I am just trying zenoss
[04-Feb-2008 15:25:21] <jb_> I think I just recently updated these two boxes too
[04-Feb-2008 15:25:24] <jb_> but not net-snmp
[04-Feb-2008 15:25:29] <linuxdave> hmmmm
[04-Feb-2008 15:25:35] <jb_> eb  4 03:15:28 fc-netops snmpd[24166]: ipSystemStatsTable node ipSystemStatsOutFragOKs not implemented: skipping
[04-Feb-2008 15:25:36] <jb_> Feb  4 03:15:28 fc-netops snmpd[24166]: ipSystemStatsTable node ipSystemStatsOutFragOKs not implemented: skipping
[04-Feb-2008 15:25:42] <linuxdave> maybe some library got updated?
[04-Feb-2008 15:26:06] <jb_> yep, now I see the issue
[04-Feb-2008 15:26:34] <linuxdave> afk... boss just got in
[04-Feb-2008 15:27:08] <twm1010> jb, odd that two devices are doing it, did they both start at the same time?
[04-Feb-2008 15:27:47] <twm1010> perhaps one of the zenoss processes is locked up trying to hit those? try bringin zenoss down and back up
[04-Feb-2008 15:29:05] <jb_> theres all kinds of stuff on google about it
[04-Feb-2008 15:29:05] <jb_> its a centos issue it looksl ike
[04-Feb-2008 15:29:17] <jb_> and these two boxes were updated last week
[04-Feb-2008 15:30:16] <twm1010> ah
[04-Feb-2008 15:30:32] <twm1010> any fixes yet?
[04-Feb-2008 15:30:40] <twm1010> Centos only? or RHEL too?
[04-Feb-2008 15:30:41] <jb_> no
[04-Feb-2008 15:30:44] <jb_> not sure yet
[04-Feb-2008 15:30:56] <twm1010> i'm monitoring 5 RHEL boxes right now
[04-Feb-2008 15:32:38] <jb_> when were they last updated?
[04-Feb-2008 15:38:29] <jb_> it seems to be a Xen/x64 issue
[04-Feb-2008 15:38:34] <jb_> but this box is not running a xen kernel
[04-Feb-2008 15:38:35] <jb_> and its x86
[04-Feb-2008 15:40:42] <jb_> gonna try to duplicate it..
[04-Feb-2008 15:45:36] <linuxdave> back
[04-Feb-2008 15:46:15] <linuxdave> I have 3 RHEL 5 vm's and 5 Centos 5 VM's in zen and all are working fine...and they are up to date
[04-Feb-2008 15:46:23] <linuxdave> all x86
[04-Feb-2008 15:46:44] <jb_> which kernel on those centos boxes?
[04-Feb-2008 15:47:19] <linuxdave> 1 sec I will look
[04-Feb-2008 15:47:59] <linuxdave> 2.6.18-53.1.6.el5
[04-Feb-2008 15:48:25] <jb_> ok these two boxes have a centosplus kernel
[04-Feb-2008 15:49:59] <linuxdave> hmmm ok
[04-Feb-2008 15:50:27] <linuxdave> does anyone know if there are stats on how much the trap collector can handle, and if you can somehow load balance them?
[04-Feb-2008 15:57:11] <twm1010> dave, don't understand
[04-Feb-2008 15:57:17] <twm1010> what exactly are you loadbalancing?
[04-Feb-2008 15:57:42] <twm1010> you have zenoss on a cluster or something?
[04-Feb-2008 15:59:01] <jb_> wpw
[04-Feb-2008 15:59:05] <jb_> it was the centos kernel
[04-Feb-2008 15:59:08] <jb_> the centosplus kernel
[04-Feb-2008 16:00:33] <twm1010> you changed kernels and now you're good again?
[04-Feb-2008 16:01:35] <linuxdave> no no, I am just thinking ahead.   At one of my past jobs, they used netcool for events... I was curious if they could use zenoss in the same fashion
[04-Feb-2008 16:02:11] <linuxdave> they would get millions of alerts ... and netcool had tons of filters...etc
[04-Feb-2008 16:03:31] <twm1010> hrmmm...
[04-Feb-2008 16:03:48] <twm1010> Well, I'd imagine it could handle quite a bit.
[04-Feb-2008 16:04:06] <jb_> I reaslly wish I could figure out how to get this "stuck" event out of the issues portlet
[04-Feb-2008 16:05:27] <linuxdave> cool... i will recommend it to them
[04-Feb-2008 16:06:37] <linuxdave> if they need stats I will email Erik Dahl... we are old co-workers
[04-Feb-2008 16:08:42] <jb_> Hm.. I just noticed that none of my Software is getting populated
[04-Feb-2008 16:23:17] <linuxdave> is there a way to add custom process monitors?
[04-Feb-2008 16:23:35] <twm1010> dave: most definitely , don't ask me how
[04-Feb-2008 16:23:42] <linuxdave> lol
[04-Feb-2008 16:23:58] <linuxdave> well, I guess a better question is how do i monitor things I have installed?
[04-Feb-2008 16:24:00] <twm1010> I would imagine as far as the traps go, you can get thousands
[04-Feb-2008 16:24:15] <linuxdave> is the what modelling is supposed to do?
[04-Feb-2008 16:24:19] <linuxdave> *that
[04-Feb-2008 16:24:28] <twm1010> modeling is meant to setup the device and its properties
[04-Feb-2008 16:24:53] <twm1010> during modeling, it probably does an SNMP walk of the entire device
[04-Feb-2008 16:24:53] <linuxdave> ok, I have devices... but I cant see what running on them
[04-Feb-2008 16:25:01] <jb_> sure you can monitor any process
[04-Feb-2008 16:25:52] <linuxdave> I have some software that has several processes... how do i add them so i can see if they are up or down and alert on that?
[04-Feb-2008 16:26:14] <linuxdave> and can i group them so i can just get one alert if the whole thing is down?
[04-Feb-2008 16:26:36] <twm1010> dave: thats actually something I haven't gone over yet. The only thing I've done is monitor "IP services" which basically just checks to see if a port is listening
[04-Feb-2008 16:27:10] <twm1010> dependencies like that, is something i don't think they've done just yet, i could be wrong
[04-Feb-2008 16:27:11] <linuxdave> yeah.... thats all working fine
[04-Feb-2008 16:27:11] <linuxdave> lol
[04-Feb-2008 16:27:22] <twm1010> well, hold on a sec, let me see what i can find
[04-Feb-2008 16:27:27] <linuxdave> thanks
[04-Feb-2008 16:28:11] <twm1010> i know for windows
[04-Feb-2008 16:28:18] <twm1010> it can use WMI to see if a service is started or not
[04-Feb-2008 16:28:49] <twm1010> i would think monitoring a process on *nix requires the SSH information to be configured for the device
[04-Feb-2008 16:29:21] <linuxdave> hmmm ok
[04-Feb-2008 16:29:25] <linuxdave> lemme check that
[04-Feb-2008 16:29:31] <linuxdave> I dont do windows
[04-Feb-2008 16:30:58] <twm1010> cluther: are the zenoss-plugins RPM required for remote process monitoring?
[04-Feb-2008 16:31:18] <jb_> no
[04-Feb-2008 16:32:01] <jb_> just add them under /Processes
[04-Feb-2008 16:32:11] <twm1010> and it gets the info over SNMP?
[04-Feb-2008 16:32:39] <jb_> yes
[04-Feb-2008 16:33:01] <linuxdave> I know you can get process info over snmp... so i just add them under processes?
[04-Feb-2008 16:33:12] <jb_> once you add a pattern under /Processes, if the device that you are modeling sees a process that matches that pattern, it will display it
[04-Feb-2008 16:33:18] <jb_> yes linuxdave..
[04-Feb-2008 16:33:23] <linuxdave> k
[04-Feb-2008 16:33:27] <linuxdave> adding one now...
[04-Feb-2008 16:33:57] <jb_> to monitor apache you could use " ^.*\/*httpd"
[04-Feb-2008 16:35:00] <twm1010> wow, thats disgustingly easy
[04-Feb-2008 16:35:38] <twm1010> and here i was avoiding that because i thought it was difficult
[04-Feb-2008 16:35:39] <twm1010>
[04-Feb-2008 16:35:45] <linuxdave> lol
[04-Feb-2008 16:36:43] <twm1010> what does regex mean?
[04-Feb-2008 16:36:49] <twm1010> regular expression?
[04-Feb-2008 16:37:42] <linuxdave> yes
[04-Feb-2008 16:38:16] <linuxdave> ok i have one for httpd... but how do I tell zen that this process should be monitored on this device?
[04-Feb-2008 16:50:37] <twm1010> remodel the device
[04-Feb-2008 16:50:47] <twm1010> it will pick up the process is running, and start monitoring it
[04-Feb-2008 16:51:11] <linuxdave> k
[04-Feb-2008 16:51:55] <twm1010> jb: does this work for windows too?
[04-Feb-2008 16:52:33] <linuxdave> oh wow... ok it now shows up under OS processes...
[04-Feb-2008 16:52:37] <linuxdave> not to  shabby
[04-Feb-2008 16:52:42] <linuxdave> 8too
[04-Feb-2008 16:52:44] <linuxdave> *too
[04-Feb-2008 16:52:47] <linuxdave> ack cant type
[04-Feb-2008 16:54:28] <linuxdave> is there a way to remodel all my devices at once?
[04-Feb-2008 16:55:22] <twm1010> if you don't care about losing performance data, delete them all, and re-discover your network
[04-Feb-2008 16:57:24] <linuxdave> well I had to manually put them in... discovery didnt work very well for some reason... so i am not doing that lol
[04-Feb-2008 17:05:58] <linuxdave> wow...this is really easy. thanks
[04-Feb-2008 17:47:18] <twm1010> i'm a little confused as to what the zenoss-plugins package is for
[04-Feb-2008 17:47:28] <twm1010> to monitor a single host? or to setup a remote performance data collector?
[04-Feb-2008 17:54:51] <twm1010> why would you use SSH to monitor rather than SNMP? security perhaps?
[04-Feb-2008 18:09:18] x-spec-t is now known as Spec
[04-Feb-2008 18:09:39] <jb_> yes
[04-Feb-2008 18:09:48] <jb_> sometimes SNMP is not available..
[04-Feb-2008 18:10:02] <jb_> it simply uses SSH to gather stats rather then SNMP
[04-Feb-2008 18:19:11] <twm1010> hrmm...
[04-Feb-2008 18:19:34] <twm1010> the performance templates are setup for SNMP though
[04-Feb-2008 18:19:39] <twm1010> how does it handle the switchover?
[04-Feb-2008 18:19:44] <twm1010> or must you build new ones
[04-Feb-2008 19:38:00] <twm1010> crickets chirping in here today
[04-Feb-2008 19:40:27] <cluther_> twm1010: If you look in the /Server/Cmd device class you'll see the templates that are setup to use zenoss-plugins.
[04-Feb-2008 19:40:36] <cluther_> chirp..
[04-Feb-2008 19:40:39] cluther_ is now known as cluther
[04-Feb-2008 19:48:51] <twm1010> thanks chet. makes sense... kinda wondered what that device class was for
[04-Feb-2008 19:50:06] <twm1010> can modeling be done this way as well?
[04-Feb-2008 20:17:07] <twm1010> anyone here monitoring solaris?
[04-Feb-2008 21:32:11] <linuxdave> what does it mean when you send email and you get an error in zen that says "-2, Name or service not known" ?
[04-Feb-2008 21:32:21] <linuxdave> trying to send test email
[04-Feb-2008 23:35:44] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[04-Feb-2008 23:44:37] <chris_d> Can somebody help me figure out why I don't have a process list on a device's OS page?
[04-Feb-2008 23:45:13] <chris_d> I have HRSWRunMap enabled as a collector plugin
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[05-Feb-2008 00:38:22] <Snake-eyes> Does any one have any ideas why zenoss would time stamp out going emails GMT+25 ?
[05-Feb-2008 00:38:44] <Snake-eyes> I have checked system clock, etc and they are set correctly
[05-Feb-2008 00:42:02] <johns55>
[05-Feb-2008 00:42:11] <adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - Time displays fixed for Zenoss 2.1.1 vmware image (at
[05-Feb-2008 03:54:24] <Snake-eyes> johns55, this not related to the javascript clock in the corner. The clock in the corner is correct for me, and ive tried adding TZ to few zenoss files with no success.
[05-Feb-2008 03:54:45] <Snake-eyes>
[05-Feb-2008 03:55:00] <adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - Zenoss email timestamps (at
[05-Feb-2008 05:12:11] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Advogato blog for oubiwann - Blendix Update - 19 Jan, 01:04AM
[05-Feb-2008 05:12:12] <adytum-bot>
[05-Feb-2008 06:15:15] <_lotek> hi, I am trying to install zenoss2.1.2 on Ubuntu feisty from tarball, it compiles, creates dabatases etc, but crashes with: Starting Zope Server \ line 155: /usr/local/zenoss/bin/zopectl: No such file or directory \ unable to start Zope..  any ideas?
[05-Feb-2008 06:16:45] <_lotek> it never created zopectl, I do have zeoctl, and zeoctl status gives me: program running; pid=4024
[05-Feb-2008 10:08:18] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[05-Feb-2008 15:26:28] <linuxdave> hi
[05-Feb-2008 15:27:52] <linuxdave> anyone know where or if the email test button logs somewhere if it fails?
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[05-Feb-2008 20:24:54] <flea> hi folks
[05-Feb-2008 20:25:37] <flea> suppose i have 2 networks a) local and b) x.y.z at a co-lo data center
[05-Feb-2008 20:26:33] <flea> can i have zenoss from 10.0 monitor x.y.z via one ip, where x.y.z has a public zenoss
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[06-Feb-2008 13:28:09] <Xander77> Just noticed that the legend names for 'Inbound' and 'Outbound' in the Troughput graph in the ethernetCsmacd template are the wrong way round.
[06-Feb-2008 13:28:45] <Xander77> thats caused a good hour or so of complete confusion for me
[06-Feb-2008 13:52:40] <Xander77> Also, the units should be 'bytes/sec', not 'bits/sec' unless I'm mistaken
[06-Feb-2008 15:58:43] bzed__ is now known as bzed
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[06-Feb-2008 19:07:45] <duncan> hey guys... my /usr partition ran out of space a bit ago and I've fixed the problem, but zenoss was running for a bit with no space (eep!)  anyway, when I add or model a device now it shows an error in the log related to zen.applyDataMap while trying to write the data to the database... this is the error "ConflictError: database conflict error"
[06-Feb-2008 19:07:53] <duncan> any idea where I might start?  I have tried deleting the node and adding it back.. it happens whenever I try and add a node now and zenoss is unable to add any services to the node
[06-Feb-2008 19:09:36] <duncan> ahh it worked this time, just had to try multiple times... I might have spurred that on by modelling several devices at once on seperate tabs
[06-Feb-2008 19:09:43] <duncan> which failed miserably
[06-Feb-2008 19:10:33] duncan is now known as jdwannam
[06-Feb-2008 19:22:44] <Bulwinkle> does anyone know how ZenOSS handles cisco device hostname changes?
[06-Feb-2008 19:36:43] <cpufreak> badly.
[06-Feb-2008 19:36:51] <cpufreak> better to remove + readd resource.
[06-Feb-2008 19:51:55] <Bulwinkle> eh... looks like it doesn't do anything if you remodel it with the name and then the rename doesn't rename any of the rrd files...  oh well
[06-Feb-2008 19:58:08] <cpufreak> so remove, it, and then re-add it,
[06-Feb-2008 19:58:12] <cpufreak> as I said.
[06-Feb-2008 20:04:18] <telexicon> jdwannam, zenoss doesnt handle that stuff very well, every time something like that has happened to me the database has gotten ruined pretty much
[06-Feb-2008 20:04:34] <telexicon> jdwannam, same thing if the machine loses power with zenoss on it, nothing quite works right after that
[06-Feb-2008 20:09:09] <jdwannam> ugh that's comforting
[06-Feb-2008 20:09:55] <jdwannam> at least it's in a datacenter with redundant ups backup and dual psu's on seperate circuits
[06-Feb-2008 20:11:43] <Bulwinkle> rename = delete and readd imho
[06-Feb-2008 20:20:46] <telexicon> jdwannam, and for other reasons
[06-Feb-2008 20:21:23] <telexicon> jdwannam, for me it seems zenoss randomly stops working or starts spewing out hundreds of errors.. ive never been able to figure out why, or have been able to recover from it once it happens
[06-Feb-2008 20:22:24] <jdwannam> well I have successfully used zenbackup and zenrestore to import performance and node data.. maybe I should script that to run nightly and keep a weeks worth
[06-Feb-2008 20:49:13] <flea> i notice zenoss does not pick up my virtual interfaces, does anyone know if zenoss is capable of reading into them?
[06-Feb-2008 20:58:38] <jdwannam> we have an in house mediawiki that has all of our systems and services listed with links to items.. I've put a inline frame in the zLinks area that contains the wikipage for each node, but I would like to add extra fields that can be configured with zProperties information, is that possible through the web interface?
[06-Feb-2008 20:58:57] <couchommander> hey all
[06-Feb-2008 20:59:07] <jdwannam> heya couchommander
[06-Feb-2008 20:59:49] <couchommander> having a minor issue with a new setup of zenoss 2.1.2
[06-Feb-2008 21:00:07] <couchommander> I'm using the vmware appliance, which is wonderful
[06-Feb-2008 21:00:50] <couchommander> anywho, I have windows clients that I've enabled SNMP service on, set a read only community string, and have installed SNMP informant on
[06-Feb-2008 21:01:03] <couchommander> I've manually added, and I get a lot of data
[06-Feb-2008 21:01:43] * jdwannam nods
[06-Feb-2008 21:01:55] <couchommander> however, "USed Bytes" and "Free Bytes" in file systems under the OS tab is "unkown"
[06-Feb-2008 21:02:10] <couchommander> and the CPU is not returning any data
[06-Feb-2008 21:02:18] <couchommander> its a p4 830 I believe
[06-Feb-2008 21:02:55] <couchommander> is this a known limitation or have I configured something wrong, completely missed it..?
[06-Feb-2008 21:03:11] <jdwannam> I suppose you'll need to check the SNMP OIDs that are needed to pull down the Used Bytes and Free Bytes and be sure they are pulling from the right place for SNMP Informant
[06-Feb-2008 21:03:56] <couchommander> I'm pretty new to the wonderful world of SNMP so you're going to have give me the dumb kid version
[06-Feb-2008 21:04:06] <couchommander> sorry
[06-Feb-2008 21:04:28] <jdwannam> under the performance template for the windows boxes, look at the datasources and find the OID listed for the Used Bytes and Free Bytes, try to snmpwalk that OID and see if it returns the expected value, and if not you may need to preform some RPN on the result to get it to equal what the graph definition expects to see
[06-Feb-2008 21:05:02] <jdwannam> well every piece of data that gets returned through snmp has an address which is an OID
[06-Feb-2008 21:05:20] <jdwannam> oid numbers are big long strings of numbers that pretty much always start with
[06-Feb-2008 21:06:05] <jdwannam> they are unique to certain manufacturers, so manufacturers release MIBs which map out what the different addresses that are available to be polled
[06-Feb-2008 21:06:15] <couchommander> aah I see, so SNMP informant is sending data labelled with the OID and zenoss has no idea what to do with it?
[06-Feb-2008 21:06:53] <jdwannam> if they aren't being properly graphed, than several things could be causing that... is it collecting other data through snmp like location and contact and other basic stuff?
[06-Feb-2008 21:07:35] <jdwannam> you can test by pulling down the carrot for the device and choosing the snmpwalk command, it will preform a simple snmpwalk using the community string you configured in zProperties
[06-Feb-2008 21:08:02] <couchommander> ya I actually have a complete installed software list, memory, routes, interface info.. it picks up total space for the file system as well
[06-Feb-2008 21:08:04] <jdwannam> if it is, then it's a matter of the datasource not being setup correctly
[06-Feb-2008 21:08:32] <jdwannam> TBH, I don't think the processor information works on my windows boxes either
[06-Feb-2008 21:08:48] <jdwannam> but since it's static it doesn't matter too much to me, I'm more concerned about processor utilization
[06-Feb-2008 21:09:54] <jdwannam> the file system information should be pulling down without any issues... make sure on SNMP informant that it's allowing read access to the entire tree.. if you see a mask setting, set it to .1
[06-Feb-2008 21:11:44] <couchommander> you lost me there, where would I check this setting for SNMP informant?
[06-Feb-2008 21:15:26] <jdwannam> yea the snmp informant configuration may have a mask preventing some information from being read.. I know net-snmp for linux is that way
[06-Feb-2008 21:15:50] <jdwannam> I've just been using the standard snmp service thats part of windows 2003 on our servers here so I haven't used snmp informant
[06-Feb-2008 21:15:56] <jdwannam> unless they are one in the same
[06-Feb-2008 21:16:05] <jdwannam> if they are, then you shouldn't have to change anything on the windows side
[06-Feb-2008 21:16:37] <couchommander> from what I understand SNMP informant provides additional functionality to the standard ms snmp service
[06-Feb-2008 21:16:51] <couchommander> it was in the zenoss documentation to install it and then everything should work...
[06-Feb-2008 21:17:17] <couchommander> I can't actually find any configuration for the agent
[06-Feb-2008 21:17:26] <couchommander> it seems to ride on top of the windows SNMP service
[06-Feb-2008 21:23:56] <couchommander> ya its strange its even returning the serial number for the drive
[06-Feb-2008 21:24:00] <couchommander> and total bytes
[06-Feb-2008 21:24:15] <couchommander> just used bytes and free bytes unknown
[06-Feb-2008 21:33:52] <couchommander> I don't know if this is related but if I run an snmpwalk manually on the unit I get data returned for "HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageSize"
[06-Feb-2008 21:34:17] <couchommander> .1 has a 0, but .2-.4 have values, and for HRSotrageUsed, .1 has a 0, but once again .2 to .4 have values
[06-Feb-2008 21:34:45] <couchommander> .1 referrs to A:\ I think
[06-Feb-2008 21:35:04] <couchommander> as I can see for hrStorageDescr.1 it lists A:\
[06-Feb-2008 21:35:23] <couchommander> hrStorageDescr.2 has "C:\ Lable: Serial Number xxxxxxx
[06-Feb-2008 21:36:13] <jdwannam> actually, I have a few windows servers and they aren't pulling the processor time correctly either
[06-Feb-2008 21:36:28] <jdwannam> they did however pull the correct hard drive / label / size / free space
[06-Feb-2008 21:36:42] <couchommander> it looks to me like snmp walk is returning the values
[06-Feb-2008 21:37:28] <couchommander> hrstoragedescr.2 has my c:\, hrstoragesize.2 has a value, and hrstorageused.2 has a value
[06-Feb-2008 21:39:35] <couchommander> so, I suppose the question is, how do I get zenoss to read that data?
[06-Feb-2008 21:42:15] <jdwannam> for me, snmpwalk to this OID returns drive c: name/label - .
[06-Feb-2008 21:42:39] <jdwannam> thats the numeric address for this mib = HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageDescr.2
[06-Feb-2008 21:43:44] <jdwannam> there is also:  HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageSize.1 and HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageUsed.1
[06-Feb-2008 21:44:20] <couchommander> ya - get my drive letter and serial number
[06-Feb-2008 21:44:22] <couchommander> for that OID
[06-Feb-2008 21:45:07] <jdwannam> so your snmp daemon running on the windows box is functioning ok... and the basic information was pulled down successfully to zenoss, try remodeling the device just for kicks
[06-Feb-2008 21:45:17] <couchommander> k
[06-Feb-2008 21:46:00] <couchommander> I actually have the drive letter and serial in zenoss already, and total bytes
[06-Feb-2008 21:46:06] <couchommander> just not used
[06-Feb-2008 21:46:42] <couchommander> but when I snmpwalk . I get a value back
[06-Feb-2008 21:47:02] <couchommander> that OID corresponds to HOST-RESOURCE-MIND::hrStorageUsed.2
[06-Feb-2008 21:47:07] <couchommander> *MIB
[06-Feb-2008 21:48:01] <jdwannam> that sounds like it should be working, if you don't get any errors in the zenmodeller log, then i'm not sure.. anyone?
[06-Feb-2008 21:50:19] <couchommander> by the zenmodeler log I assume you mean the one that comes up when you model the device through the web interface?
[06-Feb-2008 21:50:21] <couchommander> if so, here it is
[06-Feb-2008 21:50:25] <couchommander> 2008-02-06 21:49:05    INFO      zen.Device    Executing command: /home/zenoss/bin/zenmodeler run --now -F -d --weblog
[06-Feb-2008 21:50:25] <couchommander> 2008-02-06 21:49:12    INFO     zen.ZenModeler    starting collector loop
[06-Feb-2008 21:50:25] <couchommander> 2008-02-06 21:49:12    INFO     zen.ZenModeler    collecting for device
[06-Feb-2008 21:50:25] <couchommander> 2008-02-06 21:49:12    INFO     zen.ZenModeler    no cmd plugins found for
[06-Feb-2008 21:50:25] <couchommander> 2008-02-06 21:49:13    INFO     zen.ZenModeler    snmp collection device
[06-Feb-2008 21:50:48] <couchommander> as I disconnect myself
[06-Feb-2008 21:51:28] <jdwannam> http://zenoss:8080/zport/dmd/Devices/Server/rrdTemplates/FileSystem
[06-Feb-2008 21:52:38] <jdwannam> there is a filesystem template that controls how the data is read, it should be able to draw a graph of the utilization history if it's working... if it's not, then it may not be pulling from that datasource correctly.. you can see if the rrd file is being generated as it's stored in $ZENHOME/perf/Devices/<devicename/
[06-Feb-2008 21:53:04] <couchommander> you know, i think that's it - I have a custom "Workstation" class that doesn't have that filesystem template in it
[06-Feb-2008 21:53:22] <jdwannam> if the file exists then it's at least pulling the data from that OID
[06-Feb-2008 21:56:03] <jdwannam> looking at my own installation, the files are actually in a subdirectory called os
[06-Feb-2008 21:56:21] <jdwannam> like this : /os/filesystems/C__ Label_  Serial Number 54282b4d/usedBlocks_usedBlocks.rrd
[06-Feb-2008 21:57:23] <jdwannam> you can use rrdtool info <rrdfile> to view the data in that rrd file if it exists
[06-Feb-2008 21:58:16] <couchommander> $ZENHOME you mean /home/zenoss, ya?
[06-Feb-2008 21:59:54] <jdwannam> when you're logged into the zenoss user that variable should be defined... on my system it's /usr/local/zenoss, but I've installed from source
[06-Feb-2008 22:00:12] <jdwannam> the vmware appliance may very well be /home/zenoss
[06-Feb-2008 22:00:22] <jdwannam> brb afk
[06-Feb-2008 22:00:55] <couchommander> k
[06-Feb-2008 22:14:28] <jdwannam> couchommander: could you find that data being collected to zenoss?
[06-Feb-2008 22:15:08] <couchommander> in the /device folder there is only localhost
[06-Feb-2008 22:16:22] <couchommander> is there a way to manually tell zenoss to use that OID to get that value?
[06-Feb-2008 22:30:52] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[06-Feb-2008 22:48:13] <couchommander> anyone?
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[07-Feb-2008 01:26:44] <percha> hello, I have a quick question.
[07-Feb-2008 01:26:51] <percha> I don't know where in the docs to look
[07-Feb-2008 01:27:04] <percha> I've got zenoss monitering an APC UPS
[07-Feb-2008 01:27:16] <percha> and it has performance graphs for load/runtime
[07-Feb-2008 01:27:23] <percha> how do I add graphs for temperature?
[07-Feb-2008 05:13:11] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Advogato blog for oubiwann - Blendix Update - 19 Jan, 01:04AM
[07-Feb-2008 05:13:12] <adytum-bot>
[07-Feb-2008 15:27:40] <couchommander> Good Morning
[07-Feb-2008 15:27:46] <couchommander> anyone up to answering some questions?
[07-Feb-2008 15:28:53] <stefano__> hi guys
[07-Feb-2008 15:29:04] <twm1010> coucho: i can try
[07-Feb-2008 15:29:14] <stefano__> when i test email error report i've this error
[07-Feb-2008 15:29:17] <stefano__> Test failed: socket.gaierror - (-2, 'Name or service not known')
[07-Feb-2008 15:29:33] <stefano__> what is the problem?
[07-Feb-2008 15:30:36] <twm1010> socket error indicates it can't negotiate a connection with your e-mail server
[07-Feb-2008 15:31:55] <twm1010> are you trying to connect to the e-mail server via a hostname or via IP?
[07-Feb-2008 15:32:25] <stefano__> twm1010: i've setting in management setting my smtp'right?
[07-Feb-2008 15:33:20] <stefano__> twm1010: in my office the provider use this smtp
[07-Feb-2008 15:33:32] <twm1010> that is external to your network?
[07-Feb-2008 15:33:45] <stefano__> yes is external!
[07-Feb-2008 15:34:11] <twm1010> from your zenoss server console, try and do a ping
[07-Feb-2008 15:35:06] <stefano__> [root@zenoss ~]# ping
[07-Feb-2008 15:35:06] <stefano__> ping: unknown host
[07-Feb-2008 15:35:06] <stefano__> You have new mail in /var/spool/mail/root
[07-Feb-2008 15:35:27] <twm1010> well, zenoss can't find that e-mail server
[07-Feb-2008 15:35:36] <stefano__> why??
[07-Feb-2008 15:35:53] <twm1010> because your DNS servers don't have an address for that host
[07-Feb-2008 15:36:06] <twm1010> i ran a query at network-tools and they couldn't find it either
[07-Feb-2008 15:36:11] <twm1010> are you sure that address is right?
[07-Feb-2008 15:36:48] <twm1010> maybe it should be ?
[07-Feb-2008 15:36:54] <stefano__> yes it's right, i send my mails from this host...
[07-Feb-2008 15:37:38] <stefano__> oh ngi!!!!!
[07-Feb-2008 15:38:28] <stefano__> twm1010
[07-Feb-2008 15:39:15] <stefano__> Test failed: smtplib.SMTPSenderRefused - (553, '5.1.8 <>... Domain of sender address does not exist', '') 2008/02/07 16:44:39
[07-Feb-2008 15:39:15] <stefano__> 
[07-Feb-2008 15:39:15] <stefano__> Password    
[07-Feb-2008 15:43:19] <stefano__> domain of sender address??
[07-Feb-2008 15:44:03] <couchommander> hey twm1010, sorry for the delay, was afk
[07-Feb-2008 15:44:49] <couchommander> problem I'm been trying to resolve, for windows clients with SNMP service enabled and SMNP Informant installed, file systels "used bytes" and "freebytes" are "unknown"
[07-Feb-2008 15:45:51] <couchommander> if I do an snmpwalk, however, I get a value for HOST-RESOURCES_MIB::hrStorageUsed.2
[07-Feb-2008 15:46:34] <twm1010> go to zProperties of the Windows device class, and change the SNMP version to v2
[07-Feb-2008 15:47:42] <stefano__> twm1010: have you got any idea about  my error?
[07-Feb-2008 15:48:01] <twm1010> stefano, whose email server is that?
[07-Feb-2008 15:48:06] <twm1010> your ISP?
[07-Feb-2008 15:50:07] <stefano__> twm1010: sorry but i dont understand your question...
[07-Feb-2008 15:52:41] <stefano__> my isp is
[07-Feb-2008 15:54:07] <couchommander> twm1010: should this change be immediate? I have remodeled the device but tha information hasn't shown up. SNMP v2 was available, only V2c?
[07-Feb-2008 15:54:14] <couchommander> *wasn't
[07-Feb-2008 15:54:24] <twm1010> give it a few minutes
[07-Feb-2008 15:54:36] <twm1010> v2c is what i meant
[07-Feb-2008 15:54:41] <couchommander> ok, thx
[07-Feb-2008 15:55:19] <twm1010> i think it takes like 2-3 passes for the data to show up, it checks every 3-5 minutes? so give it 10-15
[07-Feb-2008 15:58:16] <stefano__> twm1010: no idea?
[07-Feb-2008 16:03:19] <twm1010> stefano, if this isn't your own SMTP server, you need to authenticate and you the sending address of a valider user
[07-Feb-2008 16:03:23] <twm1010> valid user, that is.
[07-Feb-2008 16:03:32] <twm1010> does your ISP host your company e-mail?
[07-Feb-2008 16:19:29] <linuxdave> I finally got zenoss to send test emails... but now, when I shut down processes to test events, nothing happens.  I must be missing a step.
[07-Feb-2008 16:19:44] <linuxdave> can someone help me figure out what I am missing?
[07-Feb-2008 16:25:11] <twm1010> did you create alert rules?
[07-Feb-2008 16:36:28] <linuxdave> sorry... yes, I made one
[07-Feb-2008 16:37:58] <linuxdave> I set it to be anything, basically... I have one big group, and I want to alert on anyhting that is set to production in that group
[07-Feb-2008 16:38:43] <linuxdave> I shot off some processes that I know are listed on my device's page... and they dont go red
[07-Feb-2008 16:40:37] <couchommander> twm1010: the "used bytes" and "free bytes" fields are still not populating
[07-Feb-2008 16:40:39] <couchommander> any ideas?
[07-Feb-2008 16:41:06] <linuxdave> ug...I meant *shut off...not shot off lol
[07-Feb-2008 16:41:29] <twm1010> dave, are the events being generated?
[07-Feb-2008 16:41:48] <twm1010> coucho: not sure then, mine started working after i did that
[07-Feb-2008 16:42:17] <twm1010> this is on the OS tab right?
[07-Feb-2008 16:42:43] <couchommander> yes
[07-Feb-2008 16:42:55] <couchommander> windows servers
[07-Feb-2008 16:43:57] <linuxdave> I dont see any events for that box, no
[07-Feb-2008 16:44:30] <linuxdave> its green on my dashboard
[07-Feb-2008 16:48:47] <twm1010> well then, its not that the notification isn't being sent
[07-Feb-2008 16:48:52] <twm1010> its that the event is being generated
[07-Feb-2008 16:49:13] <twm1010> or maybe the event it generated, was not the right severity
[07-Feb-2008 16:49:28] <twm1010> go look at the events for the box, i think you'll see the problem there
[07-Feb-2008 16:55:09] <linuxdave> lunch just arrived ... I will bb
[07-Feb-2008 17:04:11] <twm1010> lunch does sound like a good idea
[07-Feb-2008 17:04:16] <twm1010> will bb myself.
[07-Feb-2008 17:28:05] <couchommander> brb
[07-Feb-2008 17:36:22] <linuxdave> back...
[07-Feb-2008 17:36:40] <linuxdave> looking at events...and I dont have any... all are set to critical if they go down
[07-Feb-2008 17:50:00] <twm1010> then its not detecting they are down
[07-Feb-2008 17:58:46] <linuxdave> does it not poll snmp for that?
[07-Feb-2008 17:58:55] <linuxdave> is there a log I can check?
[07-Feb-2008 18:08:54] <linuxdave> aha! snmp not running on my device lol
[07-Feb-2008 18:09:00] <linuxdave> let see if that will fix it
[07-Feb-2008 18:15:36] <linuxdave> brb gotta reboot
[07-Feb-2008 18:33:51] <linuxdave> ok i fixed snmpd on all my devices... I hadnt made them start on reboot and we had an outage last night
[07-Feb-2008 18:34:04] <linuxdave> i still see nothing going red
[07-Feb-2008 18:42:28] <linuxdave> is there a way to turn on debug or something?  so i can see what zen is doing or not doing?
[07-Feb-2008 18:54:42] <twm1010> i don't see how you could have been getting green across the board while SNMP was down
[07-Feb-2008 18:54:51] <twm1010> i get an error level event when SNMP is offline
[07-Feb-2008 19:09:27] <linuxdave> hmmmm... i dont know man... this is wierd...its like its stalled or something
[07-Feb-2008 19:09:47] <linuxdave> thats why I was hoping for more logging or something I can look at
[07-Feb-2008 19:55:25] <linuxdave> should i be seeing pretty much constart snmp traffic from my zenoss server?
[07-Feb-2008 19:55:32] <linuxdave> *constant
[07-Feb-2008 19:55:54] <linuxdave> i am tcpdumping and I only seeing it doing snmp when I do a walk
[07-Feb-2008 20:14:05] <twm1010> check to see all your zenoss daemons are started
[07-Feb-2008 20:14:26] <twm1010> i could sear SNMP was a udp protocol
[07-Feb-2008 20:14:48] <linuxdave> they are
[07-Feb-2008 20:15:08] <linuxdave> I know snmp is udp port 161
[07-Feb-2008 20:28:08] <duncan> my zenperfsnmp daemon keeps dieing randomly every 12 hours or so.. I can't find anything in the logs to explain why.. it's polling about 700 nodes
[07-Feb-2008 20:30:47] <duncan> also, has anyone been able to get xmpp event alerting working?  I've been trying to add a command to call sendxmpp with the options necessary to broadcast xmpp to online users on our intranet jabber server but I'm not having much luck
[07-Feb-2008 22:22:41] <johns55> hrm, just got a mysql down, looks like the process restarted but now its not alerting that it is backup
[07-Feb-2008 23:46:34] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
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[08-Feb-2008 00:00:26] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[08-Feb-2008 00:57:07] <KillMeNow> duncan, check your disk I/O for the snmp daemon...   willing to bet ya that it's getting bogged down polling 700 locations
[08-Feb-2008 05:13:44] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Handwriting on the Sky - Highlighting buried treasure in Twisted - 07 Feb, 10:17AM
[08-Feb-2008 05:13:45] <adytum-bot>
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[08-Feb-2008 05:13:48] <adytum-bot>
[08-Feb-2008 12:08:29] <ay> Hi. Is zenoss capable of talking to other zenoss'es?
[08-Feb-2008 12:09:03] <ay> Or atleast some sort of zenoss proxy, so I can monitor 3 different NAT'et networks with one single zenoss.
[08-Feb-2008 12:09:58] <ay> I guess/hope so. So if it's capable. Is there any documentation on this?
[08-Feb-2008 14:24:54] <duncan> good morning!   I'm trying to tune zenoss to better utilize the hard drives in the box but I'm still getting about 30 to 40% iowait while collecting snmp
[08-Feb-2008 14:25:22] <duncan> I put the $ZENHOME/perf folder on a seperate physical drive to see if that helped but the bottleneck is still there
[08-Feb-2008 14:26:00] <duncan> is there some other data that needs to be split out?  it's causing problems.. the zenperfsnmp daemon keeps dieing multiple times a day with no message in the log
[08-Feb-2008 14:26:16] <duncan> this is with 688 nodes
[08-Feb-2008 16:04:08] <Bulwinkle> how do I make sure a device doesn't get pinged?
[08-Feb-2008 17:37:24] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[08-Feb-2008 18:03:08] <sircco> hello, anyone here knows if i can have zenoss instances in every location forwarding alert and graph info to central location
[08-Feb-2008 18:08:07] <monrad> sircco: i think its in there enterprise product
[08-Feb-2008 18:08:37] <sircco> monrad: tnx, that would be cool for monitoring few countries
[08-Feb-2008 18:34:48] <duncan> I put the $ZENHOME/perf folder on a seperate physical drive to see if that helped but the bottleneck is still there
[08-Feb-2008 18:34:55] <duncan> good morning!   I'm trying to tune zenoss to better utilize the hard drives in the box but I'm still getting about 30 to 40% iowait while collecting snmp
[08-Feb-2008 20:49:21] <jsm> is there a scritable way to bring a machine in and out of maintenance?  i have to bring a Virtual Machine down to back it up, i'd like it to report itself as offline when it's shutting down, and say that it's back online when it's starting up.. so zenoss knows not to send warnings.  and so i don't have to predict what the window will be.
[08-Feb-2008 20:57:10] <duncan> is it possible to have a critical link status alert for HA nodes?
[08-Feb-2008 21:08:05] <Bulwinkle> how do I clear my Map cache again?
[08-Feb-2008 21:18:42] <maj> where can i find release notes for zenoss 2.1.0
[08-Feb-2008 21:19:16] <maj> i am using 2.0.0 and would like to see the new features introduced in 2.1.0 since 2.0.0
[08-Feb-2008 21:23:13] <maj> ?
[08-Feb-2008 21:25:54] <flea>
[08-Feb-2008 21:26:08] <adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Release Notes - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[08-Feb-2008 21:26:19] <flea> its like the seventh link on the site
[08-Feb-2008 21:29:03] <maj> ty
[08-Feb-2008 21:31:51] <duncan> I know this is probably a RTFM question, but:  is it possible to have a critical link status alert for HA nodes?
[08-Feb-2008 21:58:38] <duncan> Beatles or Stones?
[08-Feb-2008 22:27:36] telexicon_ is now known as telexicon
[08-Feb-2008 23:36:56] <johns55> anyone here?
[09-Feb-2008 00:00:23] [disconnected at Sat Feb  9 00:00:23 2008]
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[09-Feb-2008 02:56:15] <gunblade_> hello
[09-Feb-2008 02:56:19] <gunblade_> anyone?
[09-Feb-2008 02:56:56] <gunblade_> i need help on configuring zenoss to monitor my webserver
[09-Feb-2008 02:57:04] <gunblade_> anyone willing to help?
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[09-Feb-2008 05:14:12] <adytum-bot>
[09-Feb-2008 17:56:47] <y0muds> hi
[09-Feb-2008 17:57:09] <y0muds> is there any doc for openbsd + zenoss installation?
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[10-Feb-2008 04:48:43] BALLIA_HATALLIA_ is now known as BALLIA_HATALLIA
[10-Feb-2008 04:48:49] <BALLIA_HATALLIA> hallo
[10-Feb-2008 04:49:49] <BALLIA_HATALLIA> Everyone sleep? =)
[10-Feb-2008 04:49:58] <BALLIA_HATALLIA> =(
[10-Feb-2008 05:14:39] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Handwriting on the Sky - Highlighting buried treasure in Twisted - 07 Feb, 10:17AM
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[11-Feb-2008 05:35:01] <RackspaceWhore> I'm trying to find documentation on how to distribute by processing across multiple servers.  I just updated to the latest version of zenoss and the network discovery of my /16 is taking hours, it used to take 20 minutes under 1.0.x.
[11-Feb-2008 15:40:25] <to_kallon> hello, i am having this error:
[11-Feb-2008 15:40:25] <to_kallon> with zenoss-2.1.2 and have read the above post and tried the suggested fix in the  changeset, however, either that fix did not work for me or i did not understand the suggestion. any help much appreciated. thanks.
[11-Feb-2008 16:44:22] <popoludnica> Hi
[11-Feb-2008 16:44:27] <popoludnica> Help pleeeaaase
[11-Feb-2008 16:44:41] <popoludnica> I need to refresh pt files which I've modified
[11-Feb-2008 16:44:46] <popoludnica> restart does not work
[11-Feb-2008 16:45:05] <popoludnica> putting them into a zenpack to override zenmodel ones does not work
[11-Feb-2008 16:45:17] <popoludnica> I do not want to get that deep into zenoss
[11-Feb-2008 16:45:20] <popoludnica> What next???
[11-Feb-2008 17:09:25] <KillMeNow> morning folks
[11-Feb-2008 18:08:20] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[11-Feb-2008 19:24:51] <_LoneCrow> So just out of curiousity,  did MRTG die and everyone went to zenoss?
[11-Feb-2008 19:26:18] <_LoneCrow> also which server is easiest to install zenoss on?  and yes I tried the vmware one, and now I want to actually get working on it.  I want to build a box.  Centos or Ubuntu?  Has anyone made their own image yet?
[11-Feb-2008 19:45:49] <_LoneCrow> actually now I remember the instructions for ubuntu were completely off, and it was a major pain in the arse so I gave up.
[11-Feb-2008 20:19:29] <Bulwinkle> _LoneCrow: Centos seems to be what everyone is saying is the easiest
[11-Feb-2008 20:19:41] <Bulwinkle> MRTG is not dead...
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[11-Feb-2008 22:10:45] <thelsdj> so trying to follow this: but having a hell of a time figuring out where to find the page to add data source
[11-Feb-2008 22:11:02] <adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Monitoring Email Delivery and Receipt - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[11-Feb-2008 22:13:35] <thelsdj> ok guess i figured out that you need to create a new template first then go into that
[11-Feb-2008 22:17:01] <thelsdj> if something says 'restart zencommand' can i just kill -HUP the process?
[11-Feb-2008 22:19:57] <thelsdj> ha, i tried zenoss restart and something started looping taking my load up to about 11
[11-Feb-2008 22:41:32] <thelsdj> so if i add a perf template to a device, setup data source, threshold, graph, is there something else i have to do to actually make it run?
[11-Feb-2008 22:46:55] <thelsdj> my graph is showing missing rrd file error
[11-Feb-2008 22:54:04] <thelsdj> also maybe i didn't setup the data points correctly, the script data source i'm using outputs data like this: 'EMAIL DELIVERY OK - 21 seconds, 21 delay' is there something special i need to do to setup the datapoints for this?
[12-Feb-2008 00:00:23] [disconnected at Tue Feb 12 00:00:23 2008]
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[12-Feb-2008 00:00:26] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[12-Feb-2008 00:23:42] <johns55> anyone know if it is possible to monitor mysql replication with zenoss?
[12-Feb-2008 01:12:28] Tinozaure is now known as _Tino
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[12-Feb-2008 09:21:19] <popoludnica> Hi
[12-Feb-2008 09:21:34] <popoludnica> anyone to elaborate on refreshing .pt files?
[12-Feb-2008 09:22:12] <popoludnica> I tried making silly changes, restarting, adding the debug flag to zope as suggested somewhere and nothing works
[12-Feb-2008 09:22:21] <popoludnica> I can't see changes I introduce
[12-Feb-2008 09:22:24] <popoludnica> WHY?
[12-Feb-2008 09:32:29] <popoludnica> Why no one ever answer my questions?
[12-Feb-2008 09:58:52] <c0m4> hey, I'm wonder about the agents, is there a way to make the client communicat with the server instead of the server doing snmp pulls?
[12-Feb-2008 09:59:11] <c0m4> I'm wondering^
[12-Feb-2008 10:01:30] <c0m4> any one know if I can setup a client behind a firewall to push the status instead of the server pulling it from the client?
[12-Feb-2008 10:02:16] <c0m4> help?
[12-Feb-2008 10:02:26] <popoludnica> traps?
[12-Feb-2008 10:03:00] <popoludnica> you can send html requests to zenoss as well?
[12-Feb-2008 10:03:01] <c0m4> popoludnica: is it supported by zenoss?
[12-Feb-2008 10:03:16] <popoludnica> it is - but I've never tried
[12-Feb-2008 10:03:45] <c0m4> is it done with the agent of I need to write something myself?
[12-Feb-2008 10:04:17] <popoludnica> read zenoss manual
[12-Feb-2008 10:04:35] <popoludnica> it's a pain cause it's long, but it's worth
[12-Feb-2008 10:05:48] <c0m4> I want to know if the product features are what I need, I don't think I need to read a manual for that, I went through some docs but they are not clear about the architecture
[12-Feb-2008 10:06:06] <popoludnica> you can do nearly everything you can think of with zenoss
[12-Feb-2008 10:06:24] <popoludnica> definitely traps, http requests, syslog interception etc
[12-Feb-2008 10:06:46] <popoludnica> but you do need to read manual to use it effectively
[12-Feb-2008 10:07:01] <popoludnica> learning curve is still higher then for.. snmpwalk
[12-Feb-2008 10:07:32] <c0m4> its more for windows machines, that why I'm strugling...
[12-Feb-2008 10:08:09] <c0m4> I'm not sure what exactly the agent does (zenwin).. is it an snmp agent?
[12-Feb-2008 10:08:24] <popoludnica> wmi snmp
[12-Feb-2008 10:08:45] <c0m4> oh.. so it interface between the snmp and the wmi queries?
[12-Feb-2008 10:08:51] <popoludnica> windows is the other world for me
[12-Feb-2008 10:09:10] <c0m4> me too, that why I sound lost...
[12-Feb-2008 10:09:21] <popoludnica> google
[12-Feb-2008 10:09:30] <popoludnica> If I need something google can give me any answer
[12-Feb-2008 10:09:45] <c0m4> tried it already...
[12-Feb-2008 10:09:50] <c0m4> tnx for the help
[12-Feb-2008 10:10:47] <popoludnica> if not I spend night trying to solve it on my own ;/
[12-Feb-2008 10:10:50] <popoludnica> bye
[12-Feb-2008 13:26:53] <ay> What's the "correct" way to monitor http with zenoss? Nagios-plugin?
[12-Feb-2008 13:27:12] * ay can't find any info on "non-smtp"-monitoring except using nagios-plugins.
[12-Feb-2008 13:38:53] <twm1010> There is an HTTP zenpack
[12-Feb-2008 13:39:09] <twm1010> which actually checks to see if the site responds, not just seeing if port 80 is responding
[12-Feb-2008 13:55:58] <ay> In the default install?
[12-Feb-2008 13:56:22] <ay> I haven't found anything that just checks port 80 either.
[12-Feb-2008 14:06:22] <ay> OK. Found it. And enabled the zenpack.
[12-Feb-2008 14:06:54] <ay> But then what? How do I configure this check for a machine?
[12-Feb-2008 14:10:30] <ay> 7 years of nagios does not seem to help me to navigate.
[12-Feb-2008 14:11:09] <twm1010> i've not used the http zenpack
[12-Feb-2008 14:11:11] <twm1010> sorry
[12-Feb-2008 14:11:52] <ay> Isn't it quite normalt to monitor http?
[12-Feb-2008 14:11:53] <ay> :-D
[12-Feb-2008 14:12:34] <cpufreak> ay: if you've 7 years nagios experience, maybe opsview would be a better option for a monitoring system?
[12-Feb-2008 14:14:26] <ay> Hm. Maybe. I'll take a look a at it.
[12-Feb-2008 14:14:53] <ay> I wrote Munin a few years back. And I've combined that with nagios over the years.
[12-Feb-2008 14:15:24] <ay> But I would like to use a database as a backend and nagios isn't very strong as a CMDB.
[12-Feb-2008 14:15:32] <ay> Grouping is not very good.
[12-Feb-2008 14:16:02] <ay> And the videos of ZenOSS looks very promising.
[12-Feb-2008 14:17:22] <hardtofi> does anyone have an opinion on ZenOSS vs Zabbix?
[12-Feb-2008 14:17:42] <twm1010> ay: i've been happy with it, i went into it with very little linux and snmp knowledge
[12-Feb-2008 14:17:47] <twm1010> the learning curve for me has been very big
[12-Feb-2008 14:18:50] <cpufreak> meh. I'm currently migrating here away from zenoss, as it seems utterly unreliable as a monitoring system... firing off countless false alarms, and not alarming when there is an actual problem.
[12-Feb-2008 14:19:04] <twm1010> what are you migrating too?
[12-Feb-2008 14:19:05] <ay> Ups.
[12-Feb-2008 14:19:14] <cpufreak> from idling in here, seems I'm not the only one 
[12-Feb-2008 14:19:17] <cpufreak> Opsview
[12-Feb-2008 14:19:36] <cpufreak> which is nagios, with a mysql backend + a decent web frontend.
[12-Feb-2008 14:19:58] <ay> cpufreak: Is it a mysql backend, or just storing data there afterwards?
[12-Feb-2008 14:20:01] <twm1010> Is it free?
[12-Feb-2008 14:20:19] <cpufreak> twm1010: yes, free.
[12-Feb-2008 14:20:24] <cpufreak> ay: backend.
[12-Feb-2008 14:20:43] <twm1010> The majority of your devices are?
[12-Feb-2008 14:20:46] <cpufreak> well GPLed, not free.
[12-Feb-2008 14:21:06] <cpufreak> Linux, Solaris, Windows, and Cisco.
[12-Feb-2008 14:21:42] <twm1010> So far Zenoss is working fine for me. I am pushing it out now to our entire network
[12-Feb-2008 14:21:50] <cpufreak> long term will just be Linux (ubuntu)
[12-Feb-2008 14:22:11] <cpufreak> we only had around 200 servers being monitored by it, and it was failing to cope in anyways shape or form
[12-Feb-2008 14:22:17] <twm1010> I find it almost brings back too much data, especially from Windows boxes
[12-Feb-2008 14:23:03] <twm1010> My job is to unify our monitoring systems
[12-Feb-2008 14:23:05] <cpufreak> plus zenoss would sometimes randomly choose to snmp poll some devices 3 times a second... every second
[12-Feb-2008 14:23:11] <twm1010> we have managewise, hobbit, nagios, zenworks asset manager
[12-Feb-2008 14:23:23] <cpufreak> unlucky
[12-Feb-2008 14:23:44] <cpufreak> monitoring systems ar always a  poisioned challace.
[12-Feb-2008 14:23:58] <ay> cpufreak: Whats the paying part?
[12-Feb-2008 14:24:05] <ay> The non-gpl part that is.
[12-Feb-2008 14:24:12] <cpufreak> there is no non gpl part
[12-Feb-2008 14:24:24] <cpufreak> altinty who wrote it do consultancy services though, if you want extra features
[12-Feb-2008 14:24:41] <cpufreak> but any improvement to opsview will make it back intot he gpl release
[12-Feb-2008 14:24:44] <twm1010> I may take a look at that
[12-Feb-2008 14:24:54] * ay to.
[12-Feb-2008 14:24:58] <twm1010> I'm happy with Zenoss so far
[12-Feb-2008 14:25:20] <ay> Does it do trend analysis?
[12-Feb-2008 14:25:41] <twm1010> ay: do you mean, projections? or just showing trends?
[12-Feb-2008 14:25:50] <ay> both.
[12-Feb-2008 14:26:32] * ay is quite happy with his nagios brother in arms, munin ( graphs trends and alerts nagios.
[12-Feb-2008 14:26:38] <cpufreak> shows trends, no idea on projections, not something which applies to us yes.
[12-Feb-2008 14:26:40] <adytum-bot> Title: Munin - Trac (at
[12-Feb-2008 14:27:27] <ay> Similar to cacti i guess.
[12-Feb-2008 14:32:10] <q2srw77> I've been using Zenoss for about 2 months now and had it in a Test Environment before that.  I've actually found that Zenoss is pretty acurate and doesn't give any false alarms.
[12-Feb-2008 14:34:22] <twm1010> I get the most spam from Windows boxes
[12-Feb-2008 14:34:46] <twm1010> I finally resolved to myself a few weeks ago, that trying to keep everything "green" all the time is all about event classification
[12-Feb-2008 14:39:25] <q2srw77> Yeah I had to do the same with the Event Classification of Windows Warnings
[12-Feb-2008 14:43:24] <twm1010> I would sincerely appreciate a best practices tutorial on configuring a domain service account for zenoss to use
[12-Feb-2008 14:43:52] <twm1010> I've approached it a number of ways, but would like a definitive "this is how you should do it"
[12-Feb-2008 16:19:50] <tristanbob_> cpufreak, you are migrated to Ubuntu only environment?
[12-Feb-2008 16:22:14] <cpufreak> yeh
[12-Feb-2008 16:36:07] <tristanbob_> cpufreak, that is neat to hear - I use ubuntu at home and work - great to see it becoming the defacto Linux distro
[12-Feb-2008 16:36:59] <cpufreak> seems stupid not too these days.
[12-Feb-2008 16:57:15] <[Wiebel]> Hello
[12-Feb-2008 16:57:37] <[Wiebel]> I'm sorry to bardge in like this but I just found out you guys are on freenode
[12-Feb-2008 16:58:23] <[Wiebel]> anyway, I'm having some weird issues. while reading some cisco routers, some of them come back with the wrong subnetmask on some of the interfaces
[12-Feb-2008 16:58:27] <[Wiebel]> (serial interfaces)
[12-Feb-2008 16:58:47] <[Wiebel]> the snmpquery itself gives me the correct subnet though
[12-Feb-2008 17:00:14] <[Wiebel]> the interfaces is a peer to peer link, a /30 and zenoss thinks it's a /24
[12-Feb-2008 17:00:19] <[Wiebel]> but only on some of the routers
[12-Feb-2008 17:00:27] <[Wiebel]> and on some of the interfaces
[12-Feb-2008 17:31:31] <[Wiebel]> adding the subnets manual and repolling the devices seems to help
[12-Feb-2008 17:40:56] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[12-Feb-2008 18:24:45] <johns55> anyone know where the PerfConf tab is located?
[12-Feb-2008 18:48:31] <davetoo> hi
[12-Feb-2008 18:49:16] <davetoo> Anybody awake who's using 2.1.71 and started from scratch (not an upgrade)?
[12-Feb-2008 18:50:14] <[Wiebel]> .71 ?
[12-Feb-2008 18:50:17] <[Wiebel]> svn?
[12-Feb-2008 18:51:55] <davetoo> I got it as a tarball
[12-Feb-2008 18:52:08] <davetoo> it is one of the 2.2 "sprint" betas
[12-Feb-2008 18:53:17] <davetoo> INFO:zen.ZenDisc:trying to auto-allocate device
[12-Feb-2008 18:53:17] <davetoo> ERROR:zen.ZenDisc:no auto-allocation script found
[12-Feb-2008 18:53:39] <[Wiebel]> hmmz
[12-Feb-2008 18:53:42] <[Wiebel]> where can I download those?
[12-Feb-2008 18:53:43] <[Wiebel]> betas
[12-Feb-2008 18:54:36] <davetoo>
[12-Feb-2008 18:54:44] <adytum-bot> Title: Index of /downloads (at
[12-Feb-2008 18:55:10] <[Wiebel]> hmmz
[12-Feb-2008 18:55:17] <[Wiebel]> no reebsd specefic source
[12-Feb-2008 18:55:35] <davetoo> oh
[12-Feb-2008 18:55:43] <davetoo> I haven't tried on freebsd yet.
[12-Feb-2008 18:55:50] <davetoo> Taking the easy way out and using centos.
[12-Feb-2008 18:55:54] <[Wiebel]> I have some issues on freebsd
[12-Feb-2008 18:56:05] <[Wiebel]> so I'm hoping the beta fixes that
[12-Feb-2008 18:57:39] <[Wiebel]> sjeez, is that dev server behind DSL or so?
[12-Feb-2008 19:18:02] <[Wiebel]> I don't get taht beta
[12-Feb-2008 19:18:10] <[Wiebel]> it asumes that python is installed in the zenoss dir...
[12-Feb-2008 19:21:10] <[Wiebel]> anyone here who has 2.1.2 running under freebsd?
[12-Feb-2008 19:50:46] <KillMeNow> nope, i'm using CentOS5
[12-Feb-2008 19:55:49] <foxb> Hi, I have missing RRD FILE on performance graphs any Idea what could caused it?
[12-Feb-2008 20:55:19] <Bulwinkle> anyone remeber the hyperlink to clear the map cache?
[12-Feb-2008 22:44:33] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
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[13-Feb-2008 00:00:27] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[13-Feb-2008 00:16:22] <johns55> anyone have any exprience installing nagios plugins?
[13-Feb-2008 00:49:38] <KillMeNow> in to zenoss?
[13-Feb-2008 00:49:52] <KillMeNow> I remember seeing a section in the administrators guide i think
[13-Feb-2008 01:08:13] <johns55> yeah ive been through that
[13-Feb-2008 04:09:51] Tinozaure is now known as Tino
[13-Feb-2008 05:16:12] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Advogato blog for oubiwann - Blendix Update - 19 Jan, 01:04AM
[13-Feb-2008 05:16:13] <adytum-bot>
[13-Feb-2008 09:02:19] <[Wiebel]> moin
[13-Feb-2008 11:17:12] <[Wiebel]> humz
[13-Feb-2008 11:17:21] <[Wiebel]> the freebsd version of th source doesnt include and
[13-Feb-2008 11:27:24] <[Wiebel]> pyip was missing
[13-Feb-2008 13:49:37] <twm1010> *crickets chirping*
[13-Feb-2008 17:40:46] frawd_ is now known as frawd
[13-Feb-2008 17:43:23] Spec[x] is now known as Spec
[13-Feb-2008 19:55:59] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[13-Feb-2008 20:07:27] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[13-Feb-2008 20:17:17] <johns55> anyone here?
[13-Feb-2008 20:39:56] <telexicon> yes
[13-Feb-2008 20:51:22] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[13-Feb-2008 20:51:33] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[13-Feb-2008 20:51:44] <KillMeNow> yea i'm here
[13-Feb-2008 20:51:45] <KillMeNow> kinda
[13-Feb-2008 20:52:26] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[13-Feb-2008 20:54:50] <johns55> are you familiar with command templates?
[13-Feb-2008 21:48:44] <ke4qqq> johns55, there are a few around
[13-Feb-2008 21:57:54] <johns55> im trying to make a custom one
[13-Feb-2008 21:58:02] <johns55> but it wont recognize my perl script
[13-Feb-2008 21:58:08] <johns55> gives me a exit status error
[13-Feb-2008 21:58:16] <johns55> this is trying to install a nagios plugin
[13-Feb-2008 21:58:19] <johns55> any idea?
[13-Feb-2008 22:37:20] <couchommander> quick question is anyone is willing to bite
[13-Feb-2008 22:37:23] <couchommander> *if
[13-Feb-2008 23:00:18] <couchommander> allo
[13-Feb-2008 23:00:19] <couchommander> ?
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[14-Feb-2008 00:56:41] Spec is now known as x-spec-t
[14-Feb-2008 04:28:25] <frostengine> has anyone been able to use zenoss's wmi implementation against a vista box?
[14-Feb-2008 05:16:45] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Advogato blog for oubiwann - Twisted Presence at PyCon 2008 - 14 Feb, 12:07AM
[14-Feb-2008 05:16:46] <adytum-bot>
[14-Feb-2008 11:01:44] <Gothi[c]> i'm evaluating whether i should use zenoss on my networks, but i have a few questions... 1) can i do a minimalistic install on the servers being monitored (eg: without webinterface and stuff not needed for just monitoring) 2) can i give my users limited access to, for example only view graphs for 1 server, and not actually manipulate any data... ?
[14-Feb-2008 11:04:17] <Gothi[c]> let me clarify question 1: Can i have 1 machine with web interface etc, and have the other machines send their monitored data (eg: number of logged-in users, mysql queries/second,...) to that central machine?
[14-Feb-2008 11:06:43] <[Wiebel]> grrrr
[14-Feb-2008 11:06:46] <[Wiebel]> zope wont start
[14-Feb-2008 11:06:55] <Gothi[c]> like, if i think of real world situations, there would be local tests AND remote tests (eg: a ping test would have to run from a remote server, checking the number of logged in users would have to run on the server being monitored), so what is provided to do the part on the server being monitored?
[14-Feb-2008 11:07:20] <Gothi[c]> sorry for barging in with all that ascii like that
[14-Feb-2008 11:22:25] <[Wiebel]> Gothi[c]: if i'm not mistaking, that is possible
[14-Feb-2008 11:23:23] <Gothi[c]> for both questions?
[14-Feb-2008 11:24:03] <Gothi[c]> i like the plugin architecture,... so if it's not possible out of the box i guess i can make it possible
[14-Feb-2008 11:34:30] <[Wiebel]> hmmz
[14-Feb-2008 11:34:42] <[Wiebel]> in 2.1.71 i get a rotating loading thingy that won't go away
[14-Feb-2008 11:45:14] <sensei> Hi, I'm currently giving zenoss a go, and I'm obviously going through the docs. "All" configuration seems to be done via the dropdowns in each section.. I can't see any of those drop-downs?
[14-Feb-2008 11:45:42] <sensei> The documentation is for 2.1.1, and I've got 2.1.2 installed, but I'm guessing such a change wouldn't be made in a minor version?
[14-Feb-2008 11:45:50] <sensei> Am I missing something blatantly obvious, or what?
[14-Feb-2008 11:45:57] <sensei> Using IE 7
[14-Feb-2008 11:46:51] <sensei> For instance, on page 100 in the manual, in "Processes", there should be a drop-down in the upper left corner form which you can do a lot of stuff, I can't see that arrow
[14-Feb-2008 14:22:46] <dundel> hi
[14-Feb-2008 14:23:18] <dundel> zenoss looks interesting, is it possible to run it virtual (virtualbox)
[14-Feb-2008 14:25:05] <dundel> with no restrictions...
[14-Feb-2008 14:27:12] <[Wiebel]> i'm getting event entries for a device not in my device list
[14-Feb-2008 14:27:18] <[Wiebel]> strangly enough
[14-Feb-2008 14:29:58] <sensei> dundel: Can't see why not
[14-Feb-2008 14:30:22] <dundel> good thx
[14-Feb-2008 15:32:20] <askbill> Could anyone tell me where I can discover what OID Zenoss is using to populate the graphs on a Windows devices' "Perf" tab?
[14-Feb-2008 15:36:57] <frostengine> Anyone in here works on the development of zenoss? There is a problem with wmi on vista boxes. Its due to in vista its more strict to the RPC protocol. I've seen the same problem in a java dcom bridge called j-interop. They were eventually able to fix it there.
[14-Feb-2008 15:58:20] <Bulwinkle> anyone having problems with zenoss getting locked in mysql?
[14-Feb-2008 16:15:30] <frostengine> is this room always so quite?
[14-Feb-2008 16:16:38] <Bulwinkle> its must because ZenOSS never has problems
[14-Feb-2008 16:17:32] <askbill> haha.  I've been through OpenNMS and Nagios.  Zenoss is my fav.  =)
[14-Feb-2008 16:19:44] <frostengine> I agree its great, will be 10x's better if I can get the wmi to work against a vista box though
[14-Feb-2008 16:21:45] <askbill> Oh, and the same for me if I can figure out what OID's the "Pref" graphs use....but still, I'm in full on nerd lust. 
[14-Feb-2008 16:23:48] <frostengine> some organizations are starting to move a lot towards vista now, such as where I work..... pretty soon vista will be the main box we have, and yet I cant monitor services using wmi with zenoss... so its a very big problem... Does anyone know any developers for zenoss who may be willing to look into fixing the bug?
[14-Feb-2008 16:51:35] <ke4qqq> frostengine: I'd post to the mailing list first - if that doesn't work it's really easy to get ahold of zenoss devs.
[14-Feb-2008 18:07:03] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[14-Feb-2008 18:25:49] <couchommander> good afternoon
[14-Feb-2008 18:25:56] <couchommander> anyone up to answer some questions?
[14-Feb-2008 18:30:12] <couchommander> long story short zenoss auto-discovered http ipservice running on a w2k3 machine, which is in the /server/windows class, however when I disbale the service, and verify that you cannot connect to the machine on port 80, the service still shows as OK
[14-Feb-2008 18:30:30] <couchommander> *disable
[14-Feb-2008 18:30:40] <couchommander> any ideas as to what I've missed?
[14-Feb-2008 18:42:56] pico__ is now known as picoaeterna
[14-Feb-2008 19:00:16] <picoaeterna> has anyone experienced any issues with installing zenoss with gentoo?
[14-Feb-2008 19:00:54] <[Wiebel]> I'm getting "cannot communicate with the server" while browsing events
[14-Feb-2008 19:01:04] <picoaeterna> specifically mysql install problems
[14-Feb-2008 19:25:51] <KillMeNow> is mysql running?
[14-Feb-2008 19:25:57] <KillMeNow> is it on the default 3306 port?
[14-Feb-2008 19:26:18] <KillMeNow> have you verified that the mysql username / password to the zenoss DB is set properly?
[14-Feb-2008 19:27:23] <picoaeterna> Yea
[14-Feb-2008 19:27:49] <picoaeterna> the script should create the database/user for me
[14-Feb-2008 19:28:20] <picoaeterna> however I created both just to double check my work and im still getting the same error messages
[14-Feb-2008 19:31:09] <picoaeterna> this is so weird.  I have it installed on another gentoo machine and the install was fine
[14-Feb-2008 20:08:19] <frostengine> if any developers are in here, i'm pretty close to having fixed that run wmi against a vista box issue.... i can explain how its done if someones interested...
[14-Feb-2008 20:18:33] <KillMeNow> frostengine, you have any ideas why i keep getting "bad wmi state" on a windows XP box?
[14-Feb-2008 20:21:41] GothicBlack is now known as Randolph
[14-Feb-2008 20:21:57] Randolph is now known as GothicBlack
[14-Feb-2008 20:22:23] <GothicBlack> Howdy!
[14-Feb-2008 20:26:05] <frostengine> killmenow, sorry no i dont have any idea for that one.. if your going to run wmi on an xp box if its serivce pack 2, then you need to run this command to open up the right port on the firewall netsh firewall set service RemoteAdmin   also, in service pack 2 they make it so that remote connections are pushed to the guest account, you can change that in secpol.msc though one of those 2 things MAY account for your bad state
[14-Feb-2008 20:59:12] <GothicBlack> Hey, anyone available that might be able to lend some insight to a failure of zendisc?
[14-Feb-2008 20:59:42] <GothicBlack> It fails on localhost
[14-Feb-2008 21:23:00] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[14-Feb-2008 21:33:20] fulgas296 is now known as fulgas
[14-Feb-2008 22:18:00] <KillMeNow> hey frostengine, thanks a bunch!  I don't have the firewall turned on but i didn't know about the secpol, i'll definately make sure that i get that changed asap!
[14-Feb-2008 22:18:38] <KillMeNow> no idea gothicblack
[14-Feb-2008 22:23:52] <GothicBlack> thx kill
[14-Feb-2008 22:28:26] <GothicBlack> found a few possibilities via the web, but those are certainly not it.  Is there a way to point zendisc specific IPs?
[14-Feb-2008 22:32:35] <KillMeNow> TBH, i just started using Zenoss a few weeks ago so i'm still not sure what zendisc does
[14-Feb-2008 22:47:19] <KillMeNow> hey GothicBlack...  found this to enable debugging on it:
[14-Feb-2008 23:12:21] <purevol> whats going on party people
[14-Feb-2008 23:17:40] <purevol> anyone around here a zenoss expert?
[14-Feb-2008 23:23:31] <purevol> is anyone familiar with a forward compatibility issue with python, on fedora core 8?
[14-Feb-2008 23:36:38] <GothicBlack> thx KillMeNow
[14-Feb-2008 23:37:17] <johns55> i have zenoss installed on fc8
[14-Feb-2008 23:37:19] <johns55> whats the problem
[14-Feb-2008 23:39:08] <purevol> well,
[14-Feb-2008 23:39:11] <purevol> ill show you
[14-Feb-2008 23:40:59] <purevol>
[14-Feb-2008 23:41:06] <adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[14-Feb-2008 23:42:45] <purevol> my python version is 2.5
[14-Feb-2008 23:43:08] <purevol>  .1 to be precise
[14-Feb-2008 23:45:45] <purevol> so i would call the problem, maybe forward compatibility
[14-Feb-2008 23:46:52] <Gothi[c]> i'm trying to install from svn and it seems to insist on bundeling it's own python
[14-Feb-2008 23:47:22] <Gothi[c]> and if i try to force my system-wide installed python upon it it complains: python must be version 2.3.5 or 2.4  ... i have 2.4.4
[14-Feb-2008 23:47:26] <Gothi[c]> wtf?..
[14-Feb-2008 23:49:10] <purevol> yeah, well im having some of the same python problems dude, i have 2.5.1 and i try to start zenoss and it spews a whole band of errors
[14-Feb-2008 23:50:08] <purevol> i did manage to get it to build via the rpm, but like i said when i try to start it, its a nightmare
[14-Feb-2008 23:51:18] <Gothi[c]> did you build from an src rpm or a binary rpm?
[14-Feb-2008 23:51:28] <Gothi[c]> s/build/install/
[14-Feb-2008 23:52:05] <purevol> i tried the src, first
[14-Feb-2008 23:52:12] <purevol> then used a binary
[14-Feb-2008 23:52:28] <purevol> i also had to install all sorts of mysql dev libs
[14-Feb-2008 23:52:34] <Gothi[c]> i guess it could be that the binary just doesn't check for the python version, and that things really break with anythong other than 2.4
[14-Feb-2008 23:52:55] <Gothi[c]> anything* hehe
[14-Feb-2008 23:53:05] <Gothi[c]> 2.4 or 2.3.5 that is
[14-Feb-2008 23:53:22] <purevol> im guessing you should see my paste bin
[14-Feb-2008 23:53:27] <purevol> thats what im dealing with
[14-Feb-2008 23:53:29] <adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[14-Feb-2008 23:54:38] <Gothi[c]> hmm
[14-Feb-2008 23:55:16] <Gothi[c]> it's having trouble loading ZODB, so it triest to download it and install it, but can't connect since for some reason it's trying to fetch it from localhost
[14-Feb-2008 23:55:28] <Gothi[c]> *tries
[14-Feb-2008 23:55:32] <Gothi[c]> gee, i'm having a typo day
[14-Feb-2008 23:56:28] <Gothi[c]> i don't know much about zenoss... heck i'm still trying to install it
[14-Feb-2008 23:56:28] <Gothi[c]> but
[14-Feb-2008 23:56:38] <Gothi[c]> it seems like it needs some kind of service running first
[14-Feb-2008 23:56:50] <Gothi[c]> before it can do what it's trying to do there and fails at it
[14-Feb-2008 23:57:28] <purevol> me too
[14-Feb-2008 23:58:36] <Gothi[c]> "wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32" seems a bit weird tho
[14-Feb-2008 23:59:02] <Gothi[c]> what kind of OS and architecture are you running on?
[14-Feb-2008 23:59:12] <Gothi[c]> are you sure you fetched the rpm for the correct OS and architecture?
[14-Feb-2008 23:59:28] <Gothi[c]> because that almost seems like a binary incompatibility error
[14-Feb-2008 23:59:39] <Gothi[c]> but like i said, wtf do i know
[15-Feb-2008 00:00:04] <purevol> fc8
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[15-Feb-2008 00:00:38] <purevol> #1 SMP
[15-Feb-2008 00:01:02] <Gothi[c]> as long as you didn't install a 64b version on a 32b machine or something
[15-Feb-2008 00:01:03] <Gothi[c]> i dunno...
[15-Feb-2008 00:01:35] <Gothi[c]> or the other way around even
[15-Feb-2008 00:02:25] <Gothi[c]> if you google for that error, you get lots of places mentioning 64bit/32bit incompatibilities
[15-Feb-2008 00:02:37] <purevol> yeah
[15-Feb-2008 00:02:45] <purevol> who knows
[15-Feb-2008 00:02:53] <purevol> i was hoping there was a zenoss ninja here
[15-Feb-2008 00:03:04] <Gothi[c]> there may be a few here
[15-Feb-2008 00:03:10] <Gothi[c]> but they are not awake
[15-Feb-2008 00:03:11] <Gothi[c]>
[15-Feb-2008 00:03:23] <purevol> its like 7p est
[15-Feb-2008 00:03:48] <Gothi[c]> you're probably better off trying the forums since people don't tend to read their irc buffers way back
[15-Feb-2008 00:06:02] <Gothi[c]> like i said though
[15-Feb-2008 00:06:08] <Gothi[c]> do check your system architecture
[15-Feb-2008 00:06:26] <Gothi[c]> if you're running a 64bit processor, try to find a 64bit version for zenoss
[15-Feb-2008 00:06:32] <Gothi[c]> and the same for 32bit
[15-Feb-2008 00:06:41] <Gothi[c]> doublecheck that whole thing
[15-Feb-2008 00:07:20] <Gothi[c]> since the elf error is comming from a lib inside the zenoss tree
[15-Feb-2008 00:07:36] <Gothi[c]> it would hint that the zenoss you installed has binary incompatibility with your system
[15-Feb-2008 00:07:54] <purevol> werd
[15-Feb-2008 00:08:07] <Gothi[c]> not really, it's very likely since you installed a binary rpm
[15-Feb-2008 00:08:55] <Gothi[c]> check the filename of the rpm you installed
[15-Feb-2008 00:09:09] <Gothi[c]> if you're on a 32bit system make sure it has x86 in it
[15-Feb-2008 00:09:23] <Gothi[c]> make sure it doesn't have arm or ia64 or anything in it
[15-Feb-2008 00:11:35] <Gothi[c]> the rpm on zenoss is for fc7, so it may be incompatible because of that too
[15-Feb-2008 00:13:16] <purevol> well there is that
[15-Feb-2008 00:14:09] <Gothi[c]> you're probably better off compiling from source if there's no exact binary rpm matching your system
[15-Feb-2008 00:14:27] <Gothi[c]> but then be prepared to install lots of -devel packages for each and every dependency
[15-Feb-2008 00:14:35] <purevol> yeah i know
[15-Feb-2008 00:14:45] <purevol> we will see, im doing a os update
[15-Feb-2008 00:14:48] <purevol> and see what that breaks
[15-Feb-2008 00:14:56] <purevol> and then ill try to build by source
[15-Feb-2008 00:15:23] <Gothi[c]> you and me both
[15-Feb-2008 00:17:49] <Gothi[c]> i think i'm gonna try to not force my python on it and just let it's do it's own thing with the bundeled python it hass
[15-Feb-2008 00:17:52] <Gothi[c]> -s
[15-Feb-2008 00:19:26] <Gothi[c]> since it seems it's very picky about version
[15-Feb-2008 00:20:13] <Gothi[c]> there has to be a way around this though, imagine every app did this, you'd have 200 python installations on your system, not really the best way of doing things imo
[15-Feb-2008 00:22:00] <KillMeNow> PUREVOL:
[15-Feb-2008 00:22:22] <purevol> i cant build from source
[15-Feb-2008 00:22:31] <Gothi[c]> why not?
[15-Feb-2008 00:22:35] <purevol> i do that and get the same isse as you
[15-Feb-2008 00:22:48] <Gothi[c]> hehe
[15-Feb-2008 00:22:58] <Gothi[c]> i'll figure it out
[15-Feb-2008 00:23:30] <Gothi[c]> are you using the tarball or svn?
[15-Feb-2008 00:23:51] <purevol> what does that mean, start mysql
[15-Feb-2008 00:24:04] <purevol> i grabbed the tarball
[15-Feb-2008 00:24:22] <Gothi[c]> what do you mean what does it mean?
[15-Feb-2008 00:24:55] <purevol> precisely
[15-Feb-2008 00:25:04] <purevol> start it, great start it what
[15-Feb-2008 00:25:12] <Gothi[c]> mysql.
[15-Feb-2008 00:25:13] <Gothi[c]>
[15-Feb-2008 00:25:15] <Gothi[c]> the mysql server
[15-Feb-2008 00:25:17] <purevol> there are no instructions to create or modify a db
[15-Feb-2008 00:25:23] <purevol> so whats to start
[15-Feb-2008 00:25:32] <Gothi[c]> i guess they assume you know since it's a very common thing to do
[15-Feb-2008 00:25:39] <Gothi[c]> i can help you with that
[15-Feb-2008 00:25:47] <Gothi[c]> do you have the mysql server installed?
[15-Feb-2008 00:25:57] <purevol> yeah of course
[15-Feb-2008 00:26:13] <Gothi[c]> so, start it that's what they mean
[15-Feb-2008 00:26:28] <Gothi[c]> i think in fc that would be, as root: service mysql start
[15-Feb-2008 00:26:35] <Gothi[c]> or: service mysqld start
[15-Feb-2008 00:26:38] <purevol> ps -ef |grep mysql is proper
[15-Feb-2008 00:26:40] <purevol> yeah
[15-Feb-2008 00:27:04] <purevol> its been started
[15-Feb-2008 00:27:07] <Gothi[c]> ok
[15-Feb-2008 00:27:15] <purevol> but i mean, is that it
[15-Feb-2008 00:27:28] <Gothi[c]> let me read on, i didn't even get that far yet
[15-Feb-2008 00:28:09] <Gothi[c]> under "- Start MySQL (if it's not already started...)" yes, that's all they mean by that
[15-Feb-2008 00:28:38] <Gothi[c]> but i assume you'll have to create a mysql user for zenoss
[15-Feb-2008 00:28:45] <Gothi[c]> and a database and maybe import some .sql files
[15-Feb-2008 00:28:50] <purevol> instructions dont say
[15-Feb-2008 00:28:53] <Gothi[c]> maybe it's automatic, let me read on
[15-Feb-2008 00:28:54] <purevol> that would be my assumption too
[15-Feb-2008 00:29:10] <purevol> either way, the rpm is 32bit, so thats a problem
[15-Feb-2008 00:29:19] <purevol> oh yeah and its for fc6 and not fc8
[15-Feb-2008 00:29:35] <Gothi[c]> yep
[15-Feb-2008 00:29:46] <purevol> but now with the src tball, i get the same python error
[15-Feb-2008 00:30:09] <Gothi[c]> yeah, working on that
[15-Feb-2008 00:30:25] <purevol> im gonna try the subversion install
[15-Feb-2008 00:30:38] <Gothi[c]> i'm installing from svn, same issue there
[15-Feb-2008 00:31:51] <Gothi[c]> since we're both trying to do the same thing we can share our findings, and maybe at some point someone will drop in with a solution and tell us we're idiots
[15-Feb-2008 00:32:25] <purevol> werd
[15-Feb-2008 00:32:29] <Gothi[c]> aha
[15-Feb-2008 00:32:38] <Gothi[c]> well i'm not getting the error anymore
[15-Feb-2008 00:32:52] <Gothi[c]> and the install script does the mysql setup
[15-Feb-2008 00:33:05] <Gothi[c]> it asks you for the mysql root user/pass
[15-Feb-2008 00:33:23] <Gothi[c]> (if you don't have one and don't know how to create one, feel free to ask how)
[15-Feb-2008 00:33:28] <purevol> wel the INSTALL.txt says that the python-dev environment needs to be installed
[15-Feb-2008 00:33:39] <Gothi[c]> yes
[15-Feb-2008 00:33:53] <Gothi[c]> pastebin me what you get when you run ./
[15-Feb-2008 00:34:11] <purevol> mine is building now
[15-Feb-2008 00:34:12] <purevol> i will
[15-Feb-2008 00:34:24] <purevol> i did a yum update
[15-Feb-2008 00:34:29] <Gothi[c]> ah ok
[15-Feb-2008 00:34:32] <purevol> grabbed the svn
[15-Feb-2008 00:34:40] <purevol> and now building, no issue so far
[15-Feb-2008 00:35:06] <Gothi[c]> the -devel dependencies aren't really a problem for me since i'm on gentoo and everything is built from source anyway, so i pretty much have the -devel for about anything
[15-Feb-2008 00:36:35] <purevol> werd
[15-Feb-2008 00:36:51] <purevol> looks like the build might have hung
[15-Feb-2008 00:37:02] <Gothi[c]> what's the last message ?
[15-Feb-2008 00:37:33] <purevol>  building: /opt/zenossinst/build/Python-2.4.4
[15-Feb-2008 00:37:37] <purevol> hah
[15-Feb-2008 00:38:15] <purevol> i would much rather be building from source on a debian fork, ie gentoo that some roothatz
[15-Feb-2008 00:38:26] <Gothi[c]> yeah it's building the bundeled python
[15-Feb-2008 00:38:32] <Gothi[c]> that may take a while
[15-Feb-2008 00:38:47] <Gothi[c]> check if it's actually doing anything, look at cpu usage in ps or top
[15-Feb-2008 00:39:37] <Gothi[c]> heh, i find it alot easier to install stuff on gentoo than anything else actually, since there's very little hassle involved with dependencies
[15-Feb-2008 00:40:17] <Gothi[c]> and portage lets you have and manage different versions of the same app or library without the universe collapsing
[15-Feb-2008 00:41:44] <purevol> looks like it worked
[15-Feb-2008 00:41:46] <purevol> Do not install as root: make /usr/local/zenoss writable for the zenoss user
[15-Feb-2008 00:42:18] <Gothi[c]> yeah make sure you're running as the zenoss user and not as root
[15-Feb-2008 00:43:26] <Gothi[c]> if you did run it as root first you may have to do a recursive chown on /usr/local/zenoss to fix permissions on any new files the install created when you ran it as root (so they can be overwritten when running as the zenoss user)
[15-Feb-2008 00:44:54] <Gothi[c]> ( chown zenoss:zenoss /usr/local/zenoss -R )
[15-Feb-2008 00:46:27] <purevol> gotta take ma to dinner, bbiaf
[15-Feb-2008 02:00:38] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[15-Feb-2008 02:34:44] <purevol> ahoy there
[15-Feb-2008 02:34:54] <Gothi[c]> wb
[15-Feb-2008 02:35:47] <purevol> so i guess, i did ./ as root
[15-Feb-2008 02:35:50] <purevol> and it worked ok
[15-Feb-2008 02:36:05] <purevol> but i guess, thats the wrong way
[15-Feb-2008 02:36:16] <Gothi[c]> yeah
[15-Feb-2008 02:36:22] <purevol> so i chowned that shizzle, and tried to run it again, and i got the python error
[15-Feb-2008 02:36:50] <Gothi[c]> what error?
[15-Feb-2008 02:37:10] <Gothi[c]> oh yeah
[15-Feb-2008 02:37:15] <Gothi[c]> here's how i fixed that for me
[15-Feb-2008 02:37:41] <Gothi[c]> no wait
[15-Feb-2008 02:37:43] <Gothi[c]> that was something else
[15-Feb-2008 02:37:52] <Gothi[c]> what error did you get?
[15-Feb-2008 02:38:41] <purevol> well i uilt it as root, and then i chowned and tried to do the make as zenoss
[15-Feb-2008 02:39:22] <purevol> but then when i try to build as zenoss user i get the, must use python 2.4
[15-Feb-2008 02:39:30] <purevol> so thats probaly a path thing
[15-Feb-2008 02:39:37] <Gothi[c]> no
[15-Feb-2008 02:39:44] <Gothi[c]> you have to do a make clean as root first
[15-Feb-2008 02:39:58] <purevol> you think
[15-Feb-2008 02:39:59] <purevol> ok
[15-Feb-2008 02:40:00] <Gothi[c]> so, go back to root, and in the install folder, type: make clean
[15-Feb-2008 02:40:03] <Gothi[c]> yeah i'm sure
[15-Feb-2008 02:40:06] <Gothi[c]> i did the same thing
[15-Feb-2008 02:40:30] <purevol> so then after make clean, then i can su zenoss make?
[15-Feb-2008 02:40:34] <Gothi[c]> yep
[15-Feb-2008 02:40:38] <Gothi[c]> no
[15-Feb-2008 02:40:45] <Gothi[c]> su zenoss ./
[15-Feb-2008 02:40:45] <Gothi[c]>
[15-Feb-2008 02:40:48] <purevol> werd
[15-Feb-2008 02:41:19] <purevol> yeah i got the dumb python error
[15-Feb-2008 02:41:58] <Gothi[c]> you shouldn't get it after a make clean
[15-Feb-2008 02:42:01] <purevol> i think that is why you have to modify the .bash_profile
[15-Feb-2008 02:42:15] <Gothi[c]> just make sure you have the env variables set!
[15-Feb-2008 02:42:19] <Gothi[c]> yeah
[15-Feb-2008 02:42:31] <Gothi[c]> all those path exports get lost when you type exit or su
[15-Feb-2008 02:42:37] <Gothi[c]> don't forget that
[15-Feb-2008 02:42:54] <Gothi[c]> putting them in .bash_profile or .bashrc will keep them when you log in
[15-Feb-2008 02:43:03] <purevol> werd
[15-Feb-2008 02:43:55] <Gothi[c]> export sets environment variables for bash, so each time you log in as a different user (or use su) a new bash instance is started, so you start with a clean environment (default env vars)
[15-Feb-2008 02:44:32] <purevol> how do i determine my pythone path
[15-Feb-2008 02:44:40] <Gothi[c]> these env vars are grabbed from /etc/profile (the bash startup script for all users) or ~/.bashrc, ~/.profile, ~/.bash_profile for each user
[15-Feb-2008 02:45:25] <purevol> right
[15-Feb-2008 02:46:10] <Gothi[c]> env | grep PYTHONPATH
[15-Feb-2008 02:46:15] <purevol> i put everyting in /opt/zenossinst/ and it built to /usrl/local/zenoss
[15-Feb-2008 02:47:37] <purevol> i have a mess over here
[15-Feb-2008 02:50:09] <Gothi[c]> you can print the complete python path list (defaults + $PYTHONPATH etc) like so:
[15-Feb-2008 02:50:12] <Gothi[c]> echo -e import sys'\n'print sys.path|python
[15-Feb-2008 02:50:48] <Gothi[c]> but that's a different thing
[15-Feb-2008 02:50:51] <Gothi[c]>
[15-Feb-2008 02:51:13] <purevol> i dunno, i think i need to clean everything out and start from scratch
[15-Feb-2008 02:51:20] <Gothi[c]> yeah
[15-Feb-2008 02:51:24] <purevol> beucase ive confused myself
[15-Feb-2008 02:51:32] <Gothi[c]> i'm not sure if 'make uninstall' is implemented
[15-Feb-2008 02:52:04] <purevol> well, i havent even done a successful make
[15-Feb-2008 02:52:28] <purevol> maybe
[15-Feb-2008 02:53:37] <Gothi[c]> maybe
[15-Feb-2008 02:53:40] <purevol> rm -rf zenoss*
[15-Feb-2008 02:54:45] <purevol> so what im gonna do is su zenoss
[15-Feb-2008 02:54:48] <purevol> and then snv
[15-Feb-2008 02:54:51] <purevol> svn
[15-Feb-2008 02:54:54] <purevol> and then install
[15-Feb-2008 02:55:51] <Gothi[c]> and make sure you've got the env vars set
[15-Feb-2008 02:57:41] <purevol> yup this is the way to go
[15-Feb-2008 02:57:47] <purevol> yeah, well i already had those set
[15-Feb-2008 02:57:51] <purevol> everything is working so far, so good
[15-Feb-2008 02:58:10] <purevol> looks likeis building as zenoss, and knows where the python2.4 is
[15-Feb-2008 03:40:09] <purevol> werd that shit is built!
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[15-Feb-2008 13:45:15] <Bulwinkle> good morning...  has anyone had problems with ZenOSS locking the server account in MySQL?
[15-Feb-2008 13:46:02] <Bulwinkle> ... 
[15-Feb-2008 13:46:11] <adytum-bot> Title: Mozilla Pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[15-Feb-2008 13:46:38] <purevol> good morning
[15-Feb-2008 13:47:15] <purevol> i would help you, but i just barely got this running last night, and i havent been able to figure out how to get my device monitored
[15-Feb-2008 13:47:29] <purevol> i keep fiddling and fiddling, but it doesnt like me apparently
[15-Feb-2008 13:51:07] <purevol> i justdelete the device and created a new one
[15-Feb-2008 13:51:27] <purevol> im just going to let tis zenmodler run this time, i think i clicked out of it before it was done before, this could be a problem
[15-Feb-2008 13:58:34] <purevol> how long should the zenmodler run?
[15-Feb-2008 14:00:36] <Bulwinkle> purevol: you mean when you add a device?
[15-Feb-2008 14:03:40] <purevol> yes
[15-Feb-2008 14:04:40] <purevol> im assuming, the zenmodler, is really just doing a snmpwalk against the device that i am creating
[15-Feb-2008 14:04:42] <[Wiebel]> anyone who made a zenpack for monitoring a netscreen firewall by any chance?
[15-Feb-2008 14:06:03] <[Wiebel]> and cisco routers/switches
[15-Feb-2008 14:08:27] <purevol> i dunno, zenoss really baffles me
[15-Feb-2008 14:08:36] <purevol> really slick interface though
[15-Feb-2008 14:09:00] <[Wiebel]> uhuh
[15-Feb-2008 14:09:05] <[Wiebel]> its very  nice
[15-Feb-2008 14:09:24] <purevol> it would be alot nicer if i could do something with it
[15-Feb-2008 14:09:40] <[Wiebel]> Why can't you?
[15-Feb-2008 14:09:58] <purevol> apparently, im retarded, or like i said, the shit baffles me
[15-Feb-2008 14:10:21] <purevol> i built zenoss and opennms in parrellel
[15-Feb-2008 14:10:24] <[Wiebel]> what is the problem exactly ?
[15-Feb-2008 14:10:42] <purevol> and i have 1 device/server that i have setup wtih snmpd that i want to monitor
[15-Feb-2008 14:11:10] <[Wiebel]> just add it then
[15-Feb-2008 14:11:13] <purevol> so i addd the device in both onms and zen, and well, onms finds everything, does snmpwalk
[15-Feb-2008 14:11:18] <purevol> zenoss, does nothing
[15-Feb-2008 14:11:42] <[Wiebel]> it should though
[15-Feb-2008 14:11:46] <[Wiebel]> works great here
[15-Feb-2008 14:11:53] <purevol> i agree with that statement
[15-Feb-2008 14:12:34] <purevol> i would say, that in the device where it says, component type, it should be populated, but there is nothing there
[15-Feb-2008 14:12:50] <[Wiebel]> no messages as well?
[15-Feb-2008 14:14:19] <Bulwinkle> purevol: what kind of device are you trying to add?
[15-Feb-2008 14:14:37] <purevol> generic fedora linux box
[15-Feb-2008 14:14:44] <purevol> no messages
[15-Feb-2008 14:15:32] <Bulwinkle> purevol: can you do an snmpwalk from the zenoss server with the snmp string you are using to add it?
[15-Feb-2008 14:15:51] <purevol> yeah, like i said my opennms is working just fine
[15-Feb-2008 14:16:13] <purevol> are you suggesting i go into command line and add it?
[15-Feb-2008 14:16:46] <Bulwinkle> purevol: they are running on the same server?
[15-Feb-2008 14:18:11] <purevol> yeah
[15-Feb-2008 14:18:36] <purevol> got zabbix runnin also
[15-Feb-2008 14:18:37] <Bulwinkle> I don't know how ZenOSS will like that.  Are all of ZenOSS services running?
[15-Feb-2008 14:18:42] <purevol> on the same box
[15-Feb-2008 14:18:45] <Bulwinkle> jeez....
[15-Feb-2008 14:18:58] <purevol> its just snmp
[15-Feb-2008 14:19:00] <purevol> and seperate databases
[15-Feb-2008 14:19:35] <purevol> one is php, one is python, the other is java
[15-Feb-2008 14:19:58] <Bulwinkle> purevol: are all of your ZenOSS services running?
[15-Feb-2008 14:20:30] <purevol> how would i verify that, there are i think 7 zenoss procs running
[15-Feb-2008 14:21:08] <Bulwinkle> settings > daemons
[15-Feb-2008 14:22:02] <purevol> only the top 2 are started
[15-Feb-2008 14:22:23] <Bulwinkle> yeah....  that would be why you can't model anything.
[15-Feb-2008 14:22:33] <Bulwinkle> try to start them all, top to bottom
[15-Feb-2008 14:22:43] <Bulwinkle> purevol: what distro?
[15-Feb-2008 14:23:26] <purevol> what distro what
[15-Feb-2008 14:23:41] <Bulwinkle> are you using?
[15-Feb-2008 14:24:06] <purevol> they all start except for zentrap
[15-Feb-2008 14:24:28] <purevol> which distro am i using for what? zenoss? the server os, or the server i am trying to monitor?
[15-Feb-2008 14:24:51] <purevol> fedora fc8 on all, and i svn the zenoss
[15-Feb-2008 14:24:53] <Bulwinkle> yeah, you need to kill snmpd on the zenoss box.
[15-Feb-2008 14:25:34] <purevol> kill snmpd on the localhost?
[15-Feb-2008 14:25:40] <Bulwinkle> purevol: SVN is for the brave or foolhardy, mostly foolhardy
[15-Feb-2008 14:25:48] <Bulwinkle> purevol: on the zenoss server
[15-Feb-2008 14:26:19] <purevol> eh well, it built well -  i tried building from source, and from a stable binary package, and nothing but problems
[15-Feb-2008 14:26:40] <purevol> ok i stopped it
[15-Feb-2008 14:26:54] <purevol> but the zentrap daemon still wont start
[15-Feb-2008 14:26:55] <Bulwinkle> now start the zentrap service
[15-Feb-2008 14:27:26] <Bulwinkle> are all of the other NMs still running...  they may be holding the snmp trap port open
[15-Feb-2008 14:27:37] <Bulwinkle> zenoss needs exclusive access to it
[15-Feb-2008 14:28:04] <purevol> i would like to understand, why that would technically matter, but i will turn them off just to ensure
[15-Feb-2008 14:28:24] <purevol> but im pretty sure, service snmpd stop, doesnt hold it open
[15-Feb-2008 14:28:33] <purevol> cause its stopped
[15-Feb-2008 14:28:37] <Bulwinkle> purevol: zenoss wants to receive traps from the hosts it monitors
[15-Feb-2008 14:29:30] <Bulwinkle> purevol: netstat -l | grep snmp  will tell you
[15-Feb-2008 14:31:48] <purevol> well all i got is this udp        0      0 *:snmptrap                  *:* 
[15-Feb-2008 14:34:13] <purevol> ok so, all of the daemons are running
[15-Feb-2008 14:35:27] <purevol> and the device seems to be showing a bit more information now
[15-Feb-2008 14:35:45] <Bulwinkle> what kind of information are you looking for?
[15-Feb-2008 14:36:44] <purevol> well, just generic data for now
[15-Feb-2008 14:37:04] <purevol> how do i get this device into the dashboard, so it displays something relevant
[15-Feb-2008 14:37:20] <Bulwinkle> purevol: it should all be there...  the graphs won't be much for a couple of hours...
[15-Feb-2008 14:37:31] <Bulwinkle> purevol: the dashboard is really for problems only
[15-Feb-2008 14:37:50] <Bulwinkle> purevol: you can probably get it on the map if you create a location and add it
[15-Feb-2008 14:39:19] <purevol> i see
[15-Feb-2008 14:39:51] <purevol> so no problems nothing in dashboard
[15-Feb-2008 14:40:14] <purevol> i was a bit curious how to create network map
[15-Feb-2008 14:41:53] <Bulwinkle> purevol: add the various locations (under locations) and edit their physical address.  If the address is valid in it will map them on the map.  You need to go into the settings page and do the google API key
[15-Feb-2008 14:43:31] <purevol> right on
[15-Feb-2008 14:43:43] <purevol> the map is of little significance right now
[15-Feb-2008 14:44:06] <purevol> i gotta figure out how to get the data and then do something with the data
[15-Feb-2008 14:45:31] <Bulwinkle> purevol: what data are you looking for?
[15-Feb-2008 14:47:17] <purevol> really just anything right now
[15-Feb-2008 14:47:30] <purevol> i was trying to do a discovery on a subnet
[15-Feb-2008 14:47:40] <purevol> im getting some data on a specific host right now
[15-Feb-2008 14:48:35] <purevol> what i want to do is monitor a specific application, set threshold limits, and trigger an event to notify someone when that threshold is met, and the notification would go to a ticketing system
[15-Feb-2008 14:48:55] <Bulwinkle> purevol: zenoss will do all of that
[15-Feb-2008 14:49:28] <purevol> beyond that, i would like to be able to assign the acknowledgements to a specific user, and correlate that information to the ticketing system also
[15-Feb-2008 14:49:58] <purevol> yeah i know it will do all of that, but that doesnt mean i know how to make it do all of that
[15-Feb-2008 14:50:26] <purevol> i thought this stuff would be relatively intuitive, and mabe it is, but right now, it just looks pretty
[15-Feb-2008 14:51:12] <purevol> you would think, click on networks-> add network -> discover would show something though, and it doesnt
[15-Feb-2008 14:51:14] <purevol> which is weird to me
[15-Feb-2008 14:51:20] <purevol> or perplexing rather
[15-Feb-2008 14:52:31] <Bulwinkle> purevol: I've been using it for a while so it is pretty much old hat to do most of what you are trying to do for me...
[15-Feb-2008 14:52:47] <Bulwinkle> purevol: go to your linux box you added and click on the OS tab
[15-Feb-2008 14:53:07] <purevol> ok
[15-Feb-2008 14:54:24] <Bulwinkle> there should be a section for services running
[15-Feb-2008 14:55:34] <Bulwinkle> you can choose which services you want to monitor there
[15-Feb-2008 14:56:01] <purevol> yeah, well this is very interesting
[15-Feb-2008 14:56:27] <purevol> it talks a bit about these classes
[15-Feb-2008 14:56:41] <purevol> and that bit is confusing to me
[15-Feb-2008 14:56:54] <purevol> well not so much confusing, as i havent got that far into it yet
[15-Feb-2008 14:57:09] <purevol> i gotta read more docs on that bit more than likely
[15-Feb-2008 14:58:33] <Bulwinkle> Classes are just an easy way to group devices based on type...  For instance, I've created a new base Class called Cisco
[15-Feb-2008 14:59:17] <Bulwinkle> under Cisco I have IOS-Switches Catalyst-Switches Routers Wireless WAAS Old-IOS-Switches ...  etc
[15-Feb-2008 15:00:13] <Bulwinkle> I then customize the templates for the devices in those classes
[15-Feb-2008 15:04:59] <Bulwinkle> well rather, I only have to customize the template for the class, not the individual devices...  make sense?
[15-Feb-2008 15:06:05] <purevol> right on
[15-Feb-2008 15:06:05] <purevol> yeah it does
[15-Feb-2008 15:06:08] <purevol> why isnt this thing auto discovering my other network
[15-Feb-2008 15:07:58] <Bulwinkle> purevol: what do you mean auto discovering?
[15-Feb-2008 15:08:32] <purevol> well, i set up 1 device , but i want zenoss to auto discover the rest of the network
[15-Feb-2008 15:09:26] <Bulwinkle> purevol: zenoss doesn't do that autonomously
[15-Feb-2008 15:09:39] <purevol> so it doesnt to auto discovery
[15-Feb-2008 15:10:06] <purevol> but i can add a range or something?
[15-Feb-2008 15:10:17] <Bulwinkle> purevol: not autonomously, you can do it from command line
[15-Feb-2008 15:11:31] <purevol>
[15-Feb-2008 15:11:45] <adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Admin Guide - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[15-Feb-2008 15:12:29] <Bulwinkle>
[15-Feb-2008 15:12:42] <adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Admin Guide - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[15-Feb-2008 15:12:45] <Bulwinkle> exactly...  the manual is a good place to start
[15-Feb-2008 15:17:25] <purevol> yeah this is weird stuff
[15-Feb-2008 15:18:35] <purevol> i didnt get the precise layout that it shows in the manual
[15-Feb-2008 15:18:37] <purevol> heh
[15-Feb-2008 15:20:40] <Bulwinkle> purevol: if your building from SVN you're not running 2.1.x code
[15-Feb-2008 15:22:06] <purevol>
[15-Feb-2008 15:22:13] <adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[15-Feb-2008 15:22:20] <purevol> werd
[15-Feb-2008 15:27:32] <purevol> whatif i want to discover devices without snmp
[15-Feb-2008 15:31:29] <[Wiebel]> anyone intrested in a netscreen template?
[15-Feb-2008 15:32:25] <purevol> heh
[15-Feb-2008 15:43:51] <purevol> looks like i cant do a portscan on a device
[15-Feb-2008 15:43:55] <purevol> at least in this snv
[15-Feb-2008 15:43:59] <purevol> svn
[15-Feb-2008 16:43:01] <[Wiebel]> portscan?
[15-Feb-2008 16:43:04] <[Wiebel]> how can you do that?
[15-Feb-2008 16:44:43] <Bulwinkle> purevol: devices without snmp?
[15-Feb-2008 16:45:08] <[Wiebel]> I don't see a portscan option anywhere
[15-Feb-2008 17:03:29] <Bulwinkle> purevol: I can help you get the portscan in the menu
[15-Feb-2008 17:06:34] <Bulwinkle> help...  I just configured Windows Monitoring and now I'm getting these errors on ALL of my devices ERROR_CONNECTION_REFUSED: The remote computer refused the network connection. (1225)
[15-Feb-2008 17:08:21] <[Wiebel]> is there a way to downgrade to 2.1.2 from 2.1.71?
[15-Feb-2008 17:10:59] <[Wiebel]> downgrading goes pretty ok, only the dashboard is fucked
[15-Feb-2008 17:38:16] <the405degrees> Hello, I did a fresh install of zenoss and am getting an error when I try to add a device.. the error msg is "Traceback (most recent call last):   File "usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/ZPublisher/", line 114, in publish   File "usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/ZPublisher/", line 88, in mapply   File "usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/ZPublisher/", line 40, in call_object   File "/usr/local/zenoss/Products/ZenModel/",
[15-Feb-2008 18:28:09] <[Wiebel]> isn't there a way to export/backup just your devices and networks?
[15-Feb-2008 18:30:03] <[Wiebel]> ow, and locations
[15-Feb-2008 18:31:31] <Bulwinkle> [Wiebel]: not really
[15-Feb-2008 18:31:38] <[Wiebel]> to bad
[15-Feb-2008 18:31:44] <[Wiebel]> i can't downgrade then
[15-Feb-2008 18:31:48] <Bulwinkle> does anyone know how to stop zenwinmodeler from running on all of my devices?
[15-Feb-2008 18:32:02] <Bulwinkle> [Wiebel]: not in a nice way
[15-Feb-2008 18:32:38] <[Wiebel]> i'll have to wait for 2.2 then
[15-Feb-2008 18:35:57] <purevol> whats up
[15-Feb-2008 18:36:05] <purevol> sorry, i had to work on some other stuff for a bit
[15-Feb-2008 18:36:28] <purevol> anyone know how to monitor a device that doesnt have snmp enabled?
[15-Feb-2008 18:37:44] <[Wiebel]> purevol: I wanted to downgrade from .71 to .2
[15-Feb-2008 18:37:50] <[Wiebel]> because of some issues in .71
[15-Feb-2008 18:38:02] <[Wiebel]> little issues
[15-Feb-2008 18:44:43] <Bulwinkle> purevol: like what kind of device?
[15-Feb-2008 19:02:24] <nebj00la> yo
[15-Feb-2008 19:05:20] <twm1010> anyone around?
[15-Feb-2008 19:06:33] <nebj00la> newb here
[15-Feb-2008 19:08:41] <twm1010> i wouldn't call myself a newb per say
[15-Feb-2008 19:08:52] <twm1010> just a little indecisive on how to go about notifications
[15-Feb-2008 19:09:20] <nebj00la> no, i meant myself P
[15-Feb-2008 19:09:35] <twm1010> oh, hehe, thats alright, we all start there right
[15-Feb-2008 19:17:13] <Bulwinkle> notifications ... 
[15-Feb-2008 19:17:38] <twm1010> Yeah... at first I was doing them by device class right?
[15-Feb-2008 19:17:42] <twm1010> I created user groups for windows admins, linux admins. etc.
[15-Feb-2008 19:17:59] <twm1010> then sent notification for critical events on production machines
[15-Feb-2008 19:18:06] <twm1010> for each of those groups, by device class
[15-Feb-2008 19:18:31] <twm1010> but i have some windows boxes not in the windows device class, so that won't work.
[15-Feb-2008 19:19:09] <twm1010> so i'm really just unsure whether i want to do this by "Groups" or "systems"
[15-Feb-2008 19:19:17] <twm1010> and don't uderstand why you'd use one over the other
[15-Feb-2008 19:51:14] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[15-Feb-2008 20:45:59] <purevol> hi
[15-Feb-2008 20:46:12] <purevol> sorry slow day
[15-Feb-2008 20:46:16] <purevol> well, long day
[15-Feb-2008 20:46:20] <purevol> but i got diverted
[15-Feb-2008 20:47:26] <purevol> so there is only like a handful of people here that seem to participate
[15-Feb-2008 21:10:29] <tabularasa> sorry for the newb question.  I just added a Cisco 3750 switch via SNMP to my devices.  Where are all the interfaces and interface statistics ?
[15-Feb-2008 21:22:05] <tabularasa> odd odd.. sorry.. did anyone answer my question?
[15-Feb-2008 21:35:14] <tabularasa> no one around ?
[15-Feb-2008 21:40:24] <KillMeNow> i'm here
[15-Feb-2008 21:40:28] <KillMeNow> just sat down
[15-Feb-2008 21:40:57] <tabularasa> just curious if im missing some functionality here.  I added my 3750 switch to devices.  I do not see any interfaces
[15-Feb-2008 21:41:13] <tabularasa> will this not track interface statistics via snmp on my switches and routers?
[15-Feb-2008 21:42:20] <KillMeNow> Tabularasa, you'll find them under /devices/network/switch/<name>/os
[15-Feb-2008 21:42:35] <KillMeNow> have you checked the logs to make sure that zenoss successfully polled the switch?
[15-Feb-2008 21:43:23] <tabularasa> i see events
[15-Feb-2008 21:43:40] <tabularasa> where are the logs ?
[15-Feb-2008 21:43:43] <tabularasa> sorry, im new at this
[15-Feb-2008 21:45:18] <KillMeNow> /opt/zenoss/logs
[15-Feb-2008 21:45:40] <KillMeNow> when you added the device, it should have completed and gave you a link to go and find it
[15-Feb-2008 21:45:50] <tabularasa> yes, i am in it
[15-Feb-2008 21:45:52] <KillMeNow> if it's not working, you'll have errors in the event console
[15-Feb-2008 21:46:00] <tabularasa> there are no interfaces under "interfaces"
[15-Feb-2008 21:46:11] <tabularasa> i was assuming it would populate them for me
[15-Feb-2008 21:46:12] <KillMeNow> but the new device is listed?
[15-Feb-2008 21:46:23] <KillMeNow> did you use the default location path?
[15-Feb-2008 21:46:43] <tabularasa> no
[15-Feb-2008 21:46:46] <tabularasa> should i have ?
[15-Feb-2008 21:46:52] <tabularasa> i can easily re-add it
[15-Feb-2008 21:47:22] <KillMeNow> yea, delete it and re-add it
[15-Feb-2008 21:47:57] <KillMeNow> make sure in the upper right you set the Device class path to /network/switch
[15-Feb-2008 21:48:12] <tabularasa> yup yup
[15-Feb-2008 21:48:22] <KillMeNow> that should use the default perfmon scripts
[15-Feb-2008 21:48:36] <KillMeNow> otherwise you'll have to add your own on the new instance
[15-Feb-2008 21:49:02] <tabularasa> so.. "/" as location path ?
[15-Feb-2008 21:49:53] <KillMeNow> yea, leave the defaults, upper right corner there is a drop down menu called "Device Class Path"
[15-Feb-2008 21:49:58] <tabularasa> Device cs3750-st1 loaded!
[15-Feb-2008 21:50:02] <KillMeNow> change that to /Network/Switch
[15-Feb-2008 21:50:13] <KillMeNow> ok, at the bottom there is a link
[15-Feb-2008 21:50:13] <tabularasa> yup, did that
[15-Feb-2008 21:50:23] <KillMeNow> says "take me to ...."
[15-Feb-2008 21:50:25] <KillMeNow> something like that
[15-Feb-2008 21:50:26] <tabularasa> Class /Network/Switch
[15-Feb-2008 21:50:30] <KillMeNow> yea
[15-Feb-2008 21:50:37] <tabularasa> still no interfaces
[15-Feb-2008 21:50:37] <KillMeNow> go there and check to see if youre switch name exists
[15-Feb-2008 21:50:54] <KillMeNow> ok, the device name needs to be the FQDN for the switch
[15-Feb-2008 21:51:00] <KillMeNow> or the IP address i suppose
[15-Feb-2008 21:51:05] <tabularasa> ahhhh
[15-Feb-2008 21:51:13] <KillMeNow> my cisco 3524XL i have a FQDN for
[15-Feb-2008 21:51:29] <KillMeNow> the device name
[15-Feb-2008 21:51:39] <tabularasa> i made it the IP
[15-Feb-2008 21:52:15] <tabularasa> still nothign
[15-Feb-2008 21:52:33] <KillMeNow> delete and re-add it using the IP
[15-Feb-2008 21:52:44] <tabularasa> fqdn is fine.. it pings..
[15-Feb-2008 21:52:45] <KillMeNow> i used a FQDN
[15-Feb-2008 21:52:52] <KillMeNow> then use the FQDN
[15-Feb-2008 21:53:09] <KillMeNow> that needs to be the Device name...  make sure you have enabled the snmp community on the switch
[15-Feb-2008 21:53:16] <KillMeNow> you have MRTG running on it?
[15-Feb-2008 21:53:18] <tabularasa> it is
[15-Feb-2008 21:53:21] <tabularasa> on what ?
[15-Feb-2008 21:53:27] <KillMeNow> running against the switch
[15-Feb-2008 21:53:35] <tabularasa> no.. MARS though.. which uses SNMP
[15-Feb-2008 21:53:45] <tabularasa> i know snmp is configured correctly.. im a cisco guy
[15-Feb-2008 21:53:47] <KillMeNow> some other graphical tool that maps the usage...  like RRD  or MRTG
[15-Feb-2008 21:53:55] <KillMeNow> copy that
[15-Feb-2008 21:53:58] <tabularasa> MARS is using snmp
[15-Feb-2008 21:53:59] <tabularasa> i did
[15-Feb-2008 21:54:01] <tabularasa> same community
[15-Feb-2008 21:54:05] <tabularasa> simple RO community
[15-Feb-2008 21:54:27] <KillMeNow> from the server, run this as root:  snmpwalk -v 2 -c <community string> <FQDN>
[15-Feb-2008 21:54:31] <KillMeNow> make sure you get results
[15-Feb-2008 21:55:28] <tabularasa> syntax
[15-Feb-2008 21:55:28] <tabularasa> ubuntu doesnt like that syntax
[15-Feb-2008 21:55:36] <KillMeNow> hrm
[15-Feb-2008 21:55:38] <tabularasa> one sec
[15-Feb-2008 21:55:39] <KillMeNow> ok one sec
[15-Feb-2008 21:55:52] <KillMeNow> crap...  just got paged to go to the 7th floor data  center
[15-Feb-2008 21:55:55] <tabularasa> yeah, it returns everything fine
[15-Feb-2008 21:55:58] <KillMeNow> you around for a while?
[15-Feb-2008 21:56:01] <tabularasa> thats ok. thanks for helping
[15-Feb-2008 21:56:05] <tabularasa> im gone in a little.. monday ?
[15-Feb-2008 21:56:05] <KillMeNow> i'll be back shortly
[15-Feb-2008 21:56:11] <KillMeNow> i have monday off
[15-Feb-2008 21:56:15] <tabularasa> go for it
[15-Feb-2008 21:56:42] <KillMeNow> you on aim?
[15-Feb-2008 21:56:45] <KillMeNow> or yahoo?
[15-Feb-2008 21:56:55] <tabularasa> im always on here.
[15-Feb-2008 21:56:57] <KillMeNow> ok
[15-Feb-2008 21:57:04] <KillMeNow> be back in a few mins
[15-Feb-2008 21:57:07] <tabularasa> cool
[15-Feb-2008 22:01:59] <tabularasa> got it to work fine for my router.  wonder whats up with thie switch
[15-Feb-2008 22:07:26] <tabularasa> i get this wierdness when i try to add it
[15-Feb-2008 22:07:29] <tabularasa>
[15-Feb-2008 22:07:36] <adytum-bot> Title: general pastebin - Anonymous - post number 905600 (at
[15-Feb-2008 22:08:11] <tabularasa> thanks
[15-Feb-2008 22:13:18] <KillMeNow> back
[15-Feb-2008 22:13:24] <tabularasa> got my router to work
[15-Feb-2008 22:13:30] <tabularasa> the switch gives that wierd error
[15-Feb-2008 22:14:25] <KillMeNow> interesting
[15-Feb-2008 22:15:39] <tabularasa> and i can snmpwalk it after its added too
[15-Feb-2008 22:15:41] <tabularasa>
[15-Feb-2008 22:15:43] <KillMeNow> and you can get the snmpwalk to work from the system
[15-Feb-2008 22:15:48] <adytum-bot> Title: general pastebin - Mine - post number 905608 (at
[15-Feb-2008 22:16:16] <KillMeNow> ahhh!
[15-Feb-2008 22:16:32] <tabularasa> ?
[15-Feb-2008 22:16:51] <KillMeNow> can you get anything from this command:  snmpwalk -v 2c -c community> <FQDN>
[15-Feb-2008 22:17:01] <tabularasa> a crapload of stuff
[15-Feb-2008 22:17:03] <KillMeNow> ok
[15-Feb-2008 22:17:14] <KillMeNow> well then we know that snmp is responding on the cisco box
[15-Feb-2008 22:17:19] <tabularasa> IF-MIB::ifDescr.10501 = STRING: FastEthernet2/0/1
[15-Feb-2008 22:17:21] <KillMeNow> yea
[15-Feb-2008 22:17:22] <tabularasa> etc etc
[15-Feb-2008 22:17:25] <KillMeNow> you should be seeing that
[15-Feb-2008 22:17:29] <tabularasa> yup yup
[15-Feb-2008 22:17:33] <KillMeNow> try to remodel the device
[15-Feb-2008 22:17:56] <tabularasa> oddly, my "Device List" screen never updates
[15-Feb-2008 22:18:50] <KillMeNow> try to run the modeler manually
[15-Feb-2008 22:18:55] <KillMeNow> /opt/zenoss/bin
[15-Feb-2008 22:19:00] <KillMeNow> zenmodeler
[15-Feb-2008 22:19:06] <KillMeNow> not sure what the syntax is
[15-Feb-2008 22:19:11] <KillMeNow> but you can find it in the admin guild
[15-Feb-2008 22:19:14] <KillMeNow> er guide
[15-Feb-2008 22:19:34] <tabularasa> root@homernix:/var/log# /usr/local/zenoss/bin/zenmodeler status
[15-Feb-2008 22:19:34] <tabularasa> program running; pid=7472
[15-Feb-2008 22:19:38] <KillMeNow> probalby something like zenmodeler run -d <FQDN>
[15-Feb-2008 22:20:02] <KillMeNow> mine is installed on centos 5
[15-Feb-2008 22:20:12] <tabularasa> same error
[15-Feb-2008 22:20:14] <KillMeNow> would've rather had ubuntu / debian but was easier on centos
[15-Feb-2008 22:20:17] <tabularasa> Ubuntu here
[15-Feb-2008 22:20:39] <Gothi[c]> hi
[15-Feb-2008 22:20:41] <tabularasa>
[15-Feb-2008 22:20:48] <adytum-bot> Title: general pastebin - Mine - post number 905612 (at
[15-Feb-2008 22:21:53] <KillMeNow> just out of curiosity, do you have the path with permissions for the zenoss user?
[15-Feb-2008 22:22:04] <tabularasa> how do i find out ?
[15-Feb-2008 22:22:05] <KillMeNow> try su <zenoss username>
[15-Feb-2008 22:22:11] <tabularasa> that works
[15-Feb-2008 22:22:13] <KillMeNow> then run the zenmodeler again
[15-Feb-2008 22:22:38] <tabularasa> same error
[15-Feb-2008 22:23:00] <KillMeNow> hrm
[15-Feb-2008 22:23:03] <KillMeNow> ok i'm at a loss
[15-Feb-2008 22:23:19] <KillMeNow> what does the zenmodeler.log say?
[15-Feb-2008 22:23:28] <KillMeNow> probably in /usr/local/zenoss/bin
[15-Feb-2008 22:23:35] <KillMeNow> sorry not bin
[15-Feb-2008 22:23:37] <KillMeNow> log
[15-Feb-2008 22:24:10] <tabularasa> same error in the pastebin
[15-Feb-2008 22:24:19] <tabularasa> UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\x96' in position 21: ordinal not in range(128)
[15-Feb-2008 22:24:34] <Gothi[c]> hmm
[15-Feb-2008 22:24:35] <tabularasa> etc etc
[15-Feb-2008 22:24:53] <Gothi[c]> where is the data that's getting fed to that value.encode('ascii') coming from?
[15-Feb-2008 22:25:30] <Gothi[c]> and what kind of data is it? if it's text, it may be having issues with non standard characters
[15-Feb-2008 22:25:42] <tabularasa> it added my 3560 just fine
[15-Feb-2008 22:25:45] <KillMeNow> it's coming from a cisco
[15-Feb-2008 22:25:54] <tabularasa> the 3750 is a stack of 5 switches.. like a crapload or ports
[15-Feb-2008 22:26:04] <tabularasa> all with one IP and one snmp-community
[15-Feb-2008 22:26:08] <tabularasa> familiar with that ?
[15-Feb-2008 22:26:25] <Gothi[c]> maybe you can edit and put that line in a try: except:
[15-Feb-2008 22:26:38] <Gothi[c]> and default to a space or something
[15-Feb-2008 22:26:47] <[Wiebel]> when I click hardware (from a device) a get a nice "Zenoss Error" page :/
[15-Feb-2008 22:26:50] <Gothi[c]> ugly hack but if it fixes it,...
[15-Feb-2008 22:26:59] <[Wiebel]> on -allmost- all my devices
[15-Feb-2008 22:27:10] <tabularasa> Gothi[c]: let me look
[15-Feb-2008 22:27:37] <tabularasa> what line am i looking for ?
[15-Feb-2008 22:27:46] <tabularasa> im in the file
[15-Feb-2008 22:27:47] <Gothi[c]> line 227
[15-Feb-2008 22:27:54] <Gothi[c]> value.encode('ascii')
[15-Feb-2008 22:28:05] <tabularasa> im there.. now what ?
[15-Feb-2008 22:28:12] <Gothi[c]> what's the complete line?
[15-Feb-2008 22:28:20] <Gothi[c]> is that all there is on that line?
[15-Feb-2008 22:28:27] <tabularasa>  try:
[15-Feb-2008 22:28:28] <tabularasa>                     value.encode('ascii')
[15-Feb-2008 22:28:33] <tabularasa>  except UnicodeDecodeError:
[15-Feb-2008 22:28:39] <tabularasa> decoding = obj.zCollectorDecoding
[15-Feb-2008 22:28:44] <Gothi[c]> oh it's already in a try
[15-Feb-2008 22:28:45] <tabularasa> value = value.decode(decoding)
[15-Feb-2008 22:29:15] <tabularasa>
[15-Feb-2008 22:29:21] <Gothi[c]> lemme see..
[15-Feb-2008 22:29:22] <adytum-bot> Title: general pastebin - Someone - post number 905618 (at
[15-Feb-2008 22:29:26] <tabularasa> !shutup
[15-Feb-2008 22:29:32] <tabularasa>
[15-Feb-2008 22:29:56] <Gothi[c]> that's odd
[15-Feb-2008 22:30:11] <Gothi[c]> it should just execute the except block, not throw that error and stop
[15-Feb-2008 22:31:18] <Gothi[c]> oooh
[15-Feb-2008 22:31:22] <Gothi[c]> i see
[15-Feb-2008 22:31:32] <Gothi[c]> you get unicode ENCODE error
[15-Feb-2008 22:31:38] <Gothi[c]> their except is for unicode DECODE error
[15-Feb-2008 22:32:05] <Gothi[c]> try to add another except block
[15-Feb-2008 22:32:06] <[Wiebel]> anyone how can figure out what's going wrong here: ?
[15-Feb-2008 22:32:11] <Gothi[c]> but for UnicodeEncodeError
[15-Feb-2008 22:32:15] <adytum-bot> Title: (at
[15-Feb-2008 22:32:41] <tabularasa> Gothi[c]: im not a coder.  help ?
[15-Feb-2008 22:33:08] <Gothi[c]> hang on
[15-Feb-2008 22:33:11] <Gothi[c]> i'll update it in pastebin
[15-Feb-2008 22:33:12] <tabularasa> thanks
[15-Feb-2008 22:35:09] <KillMeNow> no idea Wiebel
[15-Feb-2008 22:35:58] <Gothi[c]>
[15-Feb-2008 22:36:05] <adytum-bot> Title: general pastebin - Unnamed - post number 905624 (at
[15-Feb-2008 22:36:12] <Gothi[c]> it's a gamble, but worth a try   backup your original file first
[15-Feb-2008 22:37:06] <tabularasa> ha
[15-Feb-2008 22:38:01] <Breetai> Hi All, I am trying to get started. I have a nice ZenOss virtual machine. Where do I get the software I have to put on the windows server to monitor them?
[15-Feb-2008 22:38:22] <tabularasa> do i need to stop and start anything after i make the change ?
[15-Feb-2008 22:39:12] <Gothi[c]> try to reproduce whatever you were doing to cause the error
[15-Feb-2008 22:39:17] <Gothi[c]> and see if it's still doing it
[15-Feb-2008 22:39:49] <Gothi[c]> it's possible that just moves the problem further along to somewhere else and you get a different error though
[15-Feb-2008 22:40:48] <Gothi[c]> woops i have to go
[15-Feb-2008 22:40:54] <Breetai> Do I just need to enable SNMP on the Windows Server?
[15-Feb-2008 22:43:00] <KillMeNow> well that's part of it Breetai
[15-Feb-2008 22:43:20] <KillMeNow> the admin guide has a good guide in it if i remember correctly
[15-Feb-2008 22:44:16] <tabularasa>  File "/usr/local/zenoss/Products/DataCollector/", line 236
[15-Feb-2008 22:44:16] <tabularasa>     except UnicodeEncodeError:
[15-Feb-2008 22:44:20] <tabularasa> heh.. doesnt like that
[15-Feb-2008 22:44:25] <Breetai> Ok, back to the admin guide, I must have missed it when I skimmed over it. I wasn not sure that the admin guide was about anything more than installation.
[15-Feb-2008 22:46:20] <KillMeNow> yea, like gothi[c] said, it could just move the problem farther down the chain
[15-Feb-2008 22:46:31] <KillMeNow> i seem to remember having this same type of problem
[15-Feb-2008 22:46:42] <KillMeNow> the first time i tried to get my cisco switch to work
[15-Feb-2008 22:46:49] <KillMeNow> i think i downloaded the zenpack
[15-Feb-2008 22:46:57] <tabularasa> which one ?
[15-Feb-2008 22:47:00] <KillMeNow> but honestly, i can't remember for sure
[15-Feb-2008 22:47:08] <KillMeNow> i downloaded several
[15-Feb-2008 22:47:40] <tabularasa> i looked for a Cisco zenpack, didnt see one
[15-Feb-2008 22:50:32] <tabularasa> i have an old dead device in my Device List.. whats up with that?
[15-Feb-2008 22:51:54] <tabularasa> nm... idiot
[15-Feb-2008 23:03:50] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[15-Feb-2008 23:27:28] <[Wiebel]> I see other hosts in my eventlog...
[15-Feb-2008 23:27:32] <[Wiebel]> errr?
[15-Feb-2008 23:29:03] <[Wiebel]> not from my network
[15-Feb-2008 23:33:18] <johns55> anuyone know how to add datapionts?
[15-Feb-2008 23:45:29] <KillMeNow> for data points John55:
[15-Feb-2008 23:45:35] <KillMeNow> you'll need to make a new graph i do believe
[15-Feb-2008 23:49:20] <johns55> yeah ive been reading that
[15-Feb-2008 23:49:44] <johns55> im using a nagios plug in to ouput what amount of seconds the slave database is behind the master
[15-Feb-2008 23:49:48] <johns55> i just want to graph this
[15-Feb-2008 23:49:51] <johns55> not sure how to
[15-Feb-2008 23:49:59] <johns55> its using a command template
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[16-Feb-2008 00:50:28] <KillMeNow> no idea on that one John
[16-Feb-2008 01:45:54] Spec is now known as x-spec-t
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[16-Feb-2008 05:17:50] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Daily Python-URL! (from the Secret Labs) - A Data Point on Every Block - An Interview with Adrian Holovaty
[16-Feb-2008 05:17:51] <adytum-bot>
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[16-Feb-2008 12:08:51] <[Wiebel]> re
[16-Feb-2008 12:11:24] <Gothi[c]> hi
[16-Feb-2008 12:16:21] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
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[16-Feb-2008 18:35:23] <Breetai> I don't understand what I am missing. I have a system setup with ZenOss. I have signed in as an administrator. My Win2003 server has snmp enabled on it. What do I have to do to see it and everything running onit?
[16-Feb-2008 18:42:45] <KillMeNow> did you install informant ?
[16-Feb-2008 18:42:51] <KillMeNow> and the MIBS for it?
[16-Feb-2008 18:50:17] <Breetai> Yes I did.
[16-Feb-2008 18:50:41] <Breetai> Are there permissions? Do I have to do something special in ZenOss or on the Server
[16-Feb-2008 18:58:26] <KillMeNow> have you ran the zenwinmodeler from command line?
[16-Feb-2008 18:58:52] <KillMeNow> centos -->  /opt/zenoss/bin/winmodeler run -d <FQDN of server>
[16-Feb-2008 18:59:07] <KillMeNow> if you get the "bad wmi" error then best o luck
[16-Feb-2008 20:07:05] <purevol> heh
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[18-Feb-2008 05:18:52] <adytum-bot>
[18-Feb-2008 13:28:19] <[Wiebel]> hmmz
[18-Feb-2008 13:28:29] <[Wiebel]> ah
[18-Feb-2008 15:07:29] <[Wiebel]> Hey
[18-Feb-2008 15:07:36] <[Wiebel]> I accedently removed all templates from /Devices
[18-Feb-2008 15:07:39] <[Wiebel]> how do I get them back?
[18-Feb-2008 15:23:11] <[Wiebel]> anyone?
[18-Feb-2008 15:31:57] <tabularasa> is there a "top ten" template for the Dashboard? 
[18-Feb-2008 17:29:41] <Zerobit> heya, anyone around?
[18-Feb-2008 18:51:31] <Zerobit> hi
[18-Feb-2008 19:19:06] <ke4qqq> hey guys - anyone ever used intel server manager snmp sub-agent under Linux?
[18-Feb-2008 19:20:52] <Zerobit> nope
[18-Feb-2008 19:22:37] <tabularasa> Anybody have any ideas why my 3750 stack dies upon import ?
[18-Feb-2008 19:22:39] <tabularasa>
[18-Feb-2008 19:22:46] <adytum-bot> Title: general pastebin - Mine - post number 905612 (at
[18-Feb-2008 20:36:37] <johns55> has anyone sseen the system logs? where it states connection to UDP, the SNMP packet output logs
[18-Feb-2008 20:36:47] <johns55> anyone care to elaborate what this means?
[18-Feb-2008 20:36:57] <johns55> seems like its pulling SNMP over 40 times per second
[18-Feb-2008 21:40:50] <bush|werk> in the FAQ it says export ZENHOME=/usr/local/zenoss
[18-Feb-2008 21:41:05] <bush|werk> then says cp $ZENHOME/zenoss /etc/init.d
[18-Feb-2008 21:41:07] <darkhorse> id depends on the distribution
[18-Feb-2008 21:41:09] <bush|werk> amd i to assume this is a typo
[18-Feb-2008 21:41:10] <bush|werk> debian
[18-Feb-2008 21:41:28] <darkhorse> i know for CentOS it is /opt/zenoss
[18-Feb-2008 21:44:25] <bush|werk> im in the FAQ trying to get it to run on startup
[18-Feb-2008 21:44:53] <bush|werk> but the $ZENHOME/zenoss/zenoss seems unnecessarily redundant
[18-Feb-2008 21:44:58] <bush|werk> considering zenoss/zenoss doesnt exist
[18-Feb-2008 21:45:01] <bush|werk> or am i missing something
[18-Feb-2008 22:20:24] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
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[19-Feb-2008 00:14:10] <jief-> hello. is SNMP-Informant mandatory for Windows performance monitoring? Our win sysadmins don't want to deploy it.
[19-Feb-2008 01:01:40] <johns55> tell ur win sysadmin to step up to some new technology
[19-Feb-2008 01:01:55] <johns55> what a wuss
[19-Feb-2008 05:19:22] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Advogato blog for oubiwann - Twisted's filepath Module - 18 Feb, 04:04AM
[19-Feb-2008 05:19:23] <adytum-bot>
[19-Feb-2008 11:05:49] * shadeimi need help!
[19-Feb-2008 11:06:06] <shadeimi> there is anyone can help me
[19-Feb-2008 11:06:14] <shadeimi> with some issues in zenoss 2.1.2?
[19-Feb-2008 11:07:52] <shadeimi> hy everyone
[19-Feb-2008 11:10:41] <shadeimi> there is anyone?
[19-Feb-2008 11:42:19] <[Wiebel]> Hey
[19-Feb-2008 11:42:27] <[Wiebel]> i'm having some issues while reading snmp hosts over satelite
[19-Feb-2008 11:42:33] <[Wiebel]> timeouts
[19-Feb-2008 14:54:10] <tabularasa> [Wiebel]: thats because satelite has awful latency... not going to fix that
[19-Feb-2008 15:03:04] <[Wiebel]> well we want to monitor our network in afghanistan for our troops
[19-Feb-2008 15:03:11] <[Wiebel]> satelite is the only way to get internet there
[19-Feb-2008 15:06:11] <tabularasa> there might be a way to tweak the timeouts, however I am not aware of them
[19-Feb-2008 15:08:53] <[Wiebel]> is there a possibility to collect data in afghanistan on a server and then send it to the "main" zenoss server?
[19-Feb-2008 15:09:02] <[Wiebel]> (in amsterdam)
[19-Feb-2008 15:10:15] <tabularasa> not sure
[19-Feb-2008 15:10:46] <[Wiebel]> ok, thanks anyway I'll contact the sales dep. later
[19-Feb-2008 15:10:56] <[Wiebel]> We realy like zenoss so far
[19-Feb-2008 15:41:57] <jb_> where can one submit a feature request?.. if there is such a place..
[19-Feb-2008 16:24:37] x-spec-t is now known as Spec
[19-Feb-2008 16:31:56] <duncan> help!  zenperfsnmp keeps dieing while collecting.. the %IOWAIT is going through the roof and the processor spikes and then it just gives up with no errors
[19-Feb-2008 16:32:56] <duncan> I just reinstalled the host OS on a striped array to see if I could alleviate the disk IO bottleneck, but it's still between 40-60% IOWAIT with two 10k RPM drives
[19-Feb-2008 16:33:18] <duncan> there are 700 nodes and about 100k OID's that are being polled
[19-Feb-2008 16:34:37] <duncan> it was kicking the bucket at night, once a day... now the daemon only lasts about 30 seconds
[19-Feb-2008 16:39:34] <jb_> hm
[19-Feb-2008 16:39:47] <jb_> sorry, no experience with that many nodes
[19-Feb-2008 16:40:00] <jb_> cant you distribute collectors?
[19-Feb-2008 16:43:41] <duncan> it's starting to look like I'll have to...
[19-Feb-2008 17:50:37] <johns55> duncan: get a dell EMC with memory
[19-Feb-2008 17:50:52] <johns55> you need to tweak your memory accordingly
[19-Feb-2008 17:57:29] <simprix___> Can Zenoss handle snmp traps for interfaces ?
[19-Feb-2008 17:57:53] <KillMeNow> yea, believe so
[19-Feb-2008 18:01:45] <simprix___> Is there any documentation on this ?
[19-Feb-2008 18:06:37] <KillMeNow> look at the administrators guide online
[19-Feb-2008 18:06:44] <KillMeNow> there is some documentation there, otherwise scour the forums
[19-Feb-2008 18:06:49] <KillMeNow> i've never set it up
[19-Feb-2008 18:14:45] <simprix___> Im trying to do a port scan model on a linux server. When I go to zProperties I don't see zTransportPreference. Im running the latest version.
[19-Feb-2008 18:34:28] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[19-Feb-2008 18:47:31] <jb_> ok, im trying to monitor some devices with a PING only
[19-Feb-2008 18:47:36] <jb_> tried putting them in /Devices/Ping
[19-Feb-2008 18:47:42] <jb_> and in /Devices/Server with no SNMP
[19-Feb-2008 18:47:49] <jb_> it says they are up, when they really aren't..
[19-Feb-2008 18:47:51] <jb_> any ideas?
[19-Feb-2008 18:48:41] <simprix___> Im trying to monitor SMTP. I created the service. How do I tell what its sevice class is
[19-Feb-2008 18:58:07] <simprix___> Is there away to not have something monitored by snmp
[19-Feb-2008 19:00:10] <jb_> yes
[19-Feb-2008 19:00:20] <jb_> set zSnmpMonitorIgnore to "true" in the zProperties of the device
[19-Feb-2008 19:01:54] <simprix___> Ok, that worked.
[19-Feb-2008 19:02:18] <simprix___> I setup a monitor of SMTP and Im not getting notified when it goes down. I went into my preferences
[19-Feb-2008 19:02:22] <simprix___> and set everything up.
[19-Feb-2008 19:13:32] <simprix___> but im not getting a email.
[19-Feb-2008 19:21:23] <simprix___> How can I setup a address. I when to Locations and clicked edit but there is no set address.
[19-Feb-2008 19:59:44] <Bulwinkle> simprix___: you mean an email address for notification?
[19-Feb-2008 20:04:49] <simprix___> i want it to send the notification to my email address
[19-Feb-2008 20:07:16] <re4s0n4> Hello All,  I just started a zenoss appliance after seeing a demonstrator on hak5.  Question: I was able to log into the management concole but not the appiance agent web interface. is there another password I need to know about?
[19-Feb-2008 20:14:02] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[19-Feb-2008 20:14:16] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[19-Feb-2008 20:25:42] <Bulwinkle> simprix___: when you have a second I can walk you through it
[19-Feb-2008 20:26:01] <simprix___> ok cool. Im finishing up with a client
[19-Feb-2008 20:26:01] <Bulwinkle> re4s0n4: what password are you using?
[19-Feb-2008 20:26:54] <Bulwinkle> anyone know why I might be getting a blank map now?
[19-Feb-2008 20:27:10] <Bulwinkle> I had it working before I upgraded from 2.1.1 to 2.1.2
[19-Feb-2008 20:42:04] <simprix___> Bulwinkle: Im ready when you are.
[19-Feb-2008 20:42:20] <Bulwinkle> simprix___: did you create a user already?
[19-Feb-2008 20:42:27] <simprix___> just the admin user.
[19-Feb-2008 20:42:55] <Bulwinkle> simprix___: go ahead and create a user for yourself, this is where you will specify your email address
[19-Feb-2008 20:43:41] <simprix___> ok all set
[19-Feb-2008 20:44:41] <Bulwinkle> under that user you should see a tab for alerting rules
[19-Feb-2008 20:45:16] <simprix___> yep
[19-Feb-2008 20:45:34] <Bulwinkle> should be blank, create a rule
[19-Feb-2008 20:45:48] <simprix___> ok
[19-Feb-2008 20:45:54] <simprix___> what are the settings ?
[19-Feb-2008 20:46:17] <Bulwinkle> whatever you need to make them to fire when whatever service you want fails
[19-Feb-2008 20:46:49] <Bulwinkle> for example....  if the service fails as a warning, Severity = warning should be all you need to specify
[19-Feb-2008 20:47:08] <Bulwinkle> make sure the action is set to email and it is enabled
[19-Feb-2008 20:47:09] <simprix___> i think i see the problem. I didn't have a state set for production
[19-Feb-2008 20:48:10] <Bulwinkle> simprix___: you can remove that requirement by clicking the - next to the rule
[19-Feb-2008 20:48:18] <simprix___> actually I did have a state
[19-Feb-2008 20:50:46] <simprix___> ok is that all
[19-Feb-2008 20:51:35] <simprix___> i just turned off smtp on a server and never saw it try to send a message out.
[19-Feb-2008 20:51:49] <simprix___> Is there a certain process I need started for zenoss
[19-Feb-2008 20:52:20] <Bulwinkle> simprix___: assuming all of your processes are started, no
[19-Feb-2008 20:52:31] <simprix___> i don't have them all
[19-Feb-2008 20:52:32] <Bulwinkle> go to setting and click daemons....
[19-Feb-2008 20:52:47] <simprix___> ok im there
[19-Feb-2008 20:52:58] <Bulwinkle> if they aren't all running, then zenoss isn't really running properly
[19-Feb-2008 20:53:13] <simprix___> ok some of the processes want start
[19-Feb-2008 20:53:52] <simprix___> got it cool thanks
[19-Feb-2008 20:53:59] <Bulwinkle> simprix___: you should probably start there and then work on getting the notifications working
[19-Feb-2008 20:56:31] <simprix___> thanks alot Bulwinkle
[19-Feb-2008 20:58:06] <Bulwinkle> simprix___: no probelm
[19-Feb-2008 20:58:16] <Bulwinkle> -elm+lem
[19-Feb-2008 20:58:24] <simprix___> is there away to start all these daemons at once
[19-Feb-2008 20:58:41] <Bulwinkle> simprix___: when you run zenoss start it should start them all
[19-Feb-2008 20:58:52] <Bulwinkle> if it doesn't you have problems
[19-Feb-2008 21:01:43] <simprix___> i run zenoss start as root and i get this
[19-Feb-2008 21:01:44] <simprix___> ZenSocket Error: zensocket needs to be run as root or setuid
[19-Feb-2008 21:07:36] <simprix___> ignore me
[19-Feb-2008 21:08:56] <tabularasa> yeah, google, hit 1. 
[19-Feb-2008 21:10:49] <Bulwinkle> simprix___: what distro are you running it on?
[19-Feb-2008 21:10:59] <simprix___> ubuntu
[19-Feb-2008 21:11:28] <simprix___> so i restarted and now when I go to the page it says the connection was reset
[19-Feb-2008 21:12:38] <simprix___> zenoss has some high system requirements
[19-Feb-2008 21:13:06] <tabularasa> i have it running on a POS
[19-Feb-2008 21:13:38] <simprix___> does it take awhile to start up
[19-Feb-2008 21:14:47] <simprix___> cause now nothing is listening on port 8080
[19-Feb-2008 21:14:54] <Bulwinkle> simprix___: sudo chown root:zenoss /opt/zenoss/bin/zensocket
[19-Feb-2008 21:15:07] <Bulwinkle> simprix___: sudo chmod 04750 /opt/zenoss/bin/zensocket
[19-Feb-2008 21:15:16] <simprix___> i did that
[19-Feb-2008 21:15:16] <simprix___> that is fixed
[19-Feb-2008 21:16:33] <simprix___> what process needs to be running for port 8080
[19-Feb-2008 21:17:43] <Bulwinkle> simprix___: zeoctl and zopectl
[19-Feb-2008 21:18:06] <simprix___> hmm
[19-Feb-2008 21:22:37] <re4s0n4> Bulwinkle, you were trying to help me but I was off doing other things for a bit.  I am sure my problem is a simple one.
[19-Feb-2008 21:22:58] <simprix___> I have these running Daemon: zeoctl program running; pid=19561
[19-Feb-2008 21:22:58] <simprix___> Daemon: zopectl program running; pid=19791
[19-Feb-2008 21:23:07] <simprix___> and the process drops the connection.
[19-Feb-2008 21:26:02] <simprix___> the server just drops the connection
[19-Feb-2008 21:26:47] <simprix___> this is what is running
[19-Feb-2008 21:26:48] <simprix___>
[19-Feb-2008 21:26:56] <adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[19-Feb-2008 21:27:25] <ericof> I just installed zenoss, configured it and tried to add HttpMonitor Zen pack
[19-Feb-2008 21:28:33] <ericof> Everything seems fine but when I try to add a new data source, the ui does not present me with HttpMonitor as the type for this new data source
[19-Feb-2008 21:29:38] <ericof> Do you have any ideas about what I'm doing wrong?
[19-Feb-2008 21:34:17] <tabularasa> so, i installed it fine on Ubuntu.  Thought i would play around with the VM.  great, got it up and running, and the passwords in the install guide dont work.  wtf ?
[19-Feb-2008 21:34:35] <tabularasa> admin/zenoss  root/root.... blah
[19-Feb-2008 21:38:35] <re4s0n4> I cant log into the appliance ui with any of the passwords given, any help?
[19-Feb-2008 22:28:17] <jlgaddis> can someone tell me where the right place to put my mysql credentials are?
[19-Feb-2008 22:45:04] jb_ is now known as jb-
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[19-Feb-2008 22:47:05] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[19-Feb-2008 23:53:28] <simprix> I have my devices in /Locations/Client/Group
[19-Feb-2008 23:54:07] <simprix> When I show /Locations on the dashboard it doesn't display anything in the map. But when I do /Locations/Client it displays those in that location group.
[20-Feb-2008 00:00:23] [disconnected at Wed Feb 20 00:00:23 2008]
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[20-Feb-2008 05:19:51] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Advogato blog for oubiwann - PyCon 2008 Registration Discounts Expire Tomorrow! - 19 Feb, 06:04PM
[20-Feb-2008 05:19:52] <adytum-bot>
[20-Feb-2008 10:19:37] <Xander77> This is a good alert: "Severity: Error Message: Process not running: vim"
[20-Feb-2008 10:21:28] <Xander77> how do you stop Zenoss auto modelling?
[20-Feb-2008 10:22:45] <Xander77> Hmm its because I was editing httpd.conf in vim, so it thought it was the httpd process. Bad regex
[20-Feb-2008 11:50:28] <[Wiebel]> is there a way to monitor round trip times and graph them?
[20-Feb-2008 15:23:49] <simprix> I have my locations setup as /Locations/Client/Group. When I show just /Locations on the portlet it shows nothing but if I do /Locations/Client it shows those groups. I would like to show all /Locations on the map.
[20-Feb-2008 15:35:24] <popoludnica> Hi the community
[20-Feb-2008 15:35:34] <popoludnica> anyone alive?
[20-Feb-2008 15:35:52] <popoludnica> How can I list relationships in zope?
[20-Feb-2008 15:37:03] <popoludnica> Mhmmm I tried to collect something and extract it into deviceHardwareDetails page
[20-Feb-2008 15:37:24] <popoludnica> but it looks like the table I modify is empty
[20-Feb-2008 15:37:31] <popoludnica> how can I trace back why ?
[20-Feb-2008 15:37:50] <[Wiebel]> wat is de variable for the ip adres of a device?
[20-Feb-2008 15:41:20] <popoludnica> ${dev/manageIp} ?
[20-Feb-2008 15:41:47] <[Wiebel]> thanks
[20-Feb-2008 15:41:52] <[Wiebel]> is there an overview somewhere/
[20-Feb-2008 15:42:06] <popoludnica> there is somewhere - but can't remember where
[20-Feb-2008 15:42:58] <[Wiebel]>
[20-Feb-2008 15:43:05] <[Wiebel]> well i'll ask you once in a while
[20-Feb-2008 15:43:09] <popoludnica>
[20-Feb-2008 15:43:21] <[Wiebel]> that helped
[20-Feb-2008 15:43:23] <popoludnica> I hate zope!
[20-Feb-2008 15:43:24] <adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Developer's Guide - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[20-Feb-2008 15:49:31] <popoludnica> zendmd
[20-Feb-2008 15:49:34] <popoludnica> I hate zope
[20-Feb-2008 16:03:50] <andrew_parker> I just upgraded to the latest Zenoss from 2.0.6.  I now get a keyerror: powersupplies when I click on the hardware tab of one of my devices...did I miss an upgrade step besides
[20-Feb-2008 16:42:01] <Brixius> Does Zenoss enumurate the TEXTUAL-CONVENTION's of mibs.  I'm wondering if it's just the mibs for the device I'm working with, or if it's something that zenoss doesn't do.
[20-Feb-2008 17:09:15] <vanksi> what are the advantages of zenoss compared to nagios?
[20-Feb-2008 17:10:23] <vanksi> i'm searching for a software to monitor ~20 servers, trend reporting would be great also, does zenossa have that capability? like awstats for all the components, loads and stuff
[20-Feb-2008 17:22:48] <Brixius> I've read that zenoss can use the nagios plugins to do some monitoring, it also supports syslog and snmp monitoring as well.
[20-Feb-2008 17:24:46] <cpufreak> it does lots of things...  1jack of all trades..
[20-Feb-2008 17:45:47] <simprix> I have my locations setup as /Locations/Client/Group. When I show just /Locations on the portlet it shows nothing but if I do /Locations/Client it shows those groups. I would like to show all /Locations on the map.
[20-Feb-2008 17:46:01] <Brixius> I have an event that has several strings I want to regex for, ie "critical" "major" "minor"  How would I phrase that for the event regex?
[20-Feb-2008 18:11:09] <twm1010> anyone around?
[20-Feb-2008 18:24:56] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[20-Feb-2008 18:43:27] <twm1010> anyone around?
[20-Feb-2008 18:46:35] <Axis> anybody here have time for me to bounce a couple of questions off of about a problem that I'm having installing on CentOS 5
[20-Feb-2008 18:49:24] <Axis> I'll take the looming silence as a no
[20-Feb-2008 18:49:36] <vanksi> what kind of problems?
[20-Feb-2008 18:50:06] <vanksi> i'm actually considering installing this on centos 5 so i'd like to be prepared
[20-Feb-2008 18:50:21] <twm1010> I got it working once, but ditched it for the Appliance
[20-Feb-2008 18:50:40] <twm1010> because my hardware was crap, so im leaching off a rather powerful server right now
[20-Feb-2008 18:50:51] <Axis> whenever I try to install be it by source or rpm, it hangs at "Loading initial Zenoss objects into the Zeo database"
[20-Feb-2008 18:51:00] <Axis> literally will stay there for days
[20-Feb-2008 18:51:11] <Axis> until I hit cntrl c for a keyboard interrupt
[20-Feb-2008 18:51:12] <twm1010> Was MySQL already installed, or did you have to install it?
[20-Feb-2008 18:51:31] <twm1010> well, wait, that part wouldn't interact with MySQL actually
[20-Feb-2008 18:51:32] <Axis> was already installed with centos 5 and I did a yum to update it as well
[20-Feb-2008 18:51:55] <Axis> after I hit cntrl c, this shows up in the zenbuild log
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:14] <Axis> Traceback (most recent call last):
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:14] <Axis>   File "/usr/local/zenoss/Products/ZenModel/", line 140, in ?
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:14] <Axis>     zb = zenbuild()
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:14] <Axis>   File "/usr/local/zenoss/Products/ZenModel/", line 43, in __init__
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:14] <Axis> =
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:14] <Axis>   File "/usr/local/zenoss/Products/ZenModel/", line 51, in app
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:16] <Axis>     "DataRoot",
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:18] <Axis>   File "/usr/local/zenoss/Products/ZenModel/", line 47, in startup
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:20] <Axis>     "CollectionItem",
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:22] <Axis>   File "usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/Zope2/App/", line 57, in startup
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:24] <Axis>   File "usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/DBTab/", line 96, in getDatabase
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:26] <Axis>   File "usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/DBTab/", line 113, in _createDatabase
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:28] <Axis>   File "usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/Zope2/Startup/", line 163, in open
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:30] <Axis>   File "usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/Zope2/Startup/", line 160, in createDB
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:32] <Axis>   File "usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/ZODB/", line 97, in open
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:34] <Axis>   File "usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/ZODB/", line 153, in open
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:36] <Axis>   File "usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/ZEO/", line 321, in __init__
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:38] <Axis>   File "usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/ZEO/", line 336, in _wait
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:40] <Axis>   File "usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/ZEO/zrpc/", line 182, in connect
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:42] <Axis>   File "/usr/lib/python2.4/", line 222, in wait
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:44] <Axis>     _sleep(delay)
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:46] <Axis> KeyboardInterrupt
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:48] <Axis> this is with CentOS 4, CentOS 5 and any version of zenoss I try to install
[20-Feb-2008 18:54:56] <Axis> it all hangs at the same place
[20-Feb-2008 18:55:43] <twm1010> hrmm, are you building from source, or using the RPM?
[20-Feb-2008 18:56:59] <Axis> tried both
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:07] <Axis> this is also showing before it hangs....where it's just creating the databases, so I know that's working
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:11] <Axis> running install_scripts
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:11] <Axis> creating events database using zenevent build...
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:11] <Axis> creating database
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:11] <Axis> dropping any triggers that my already exist
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:11] <Axis> loading schema
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:11] <Axis> loading stored procedures
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:13] <Axis> events database created and loaded
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:15] <Axis> WARNING:OFS.Application:Duplicate Product name
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:17] <Axis> After loading Product 'Five' from '/usr/local/zenoss/Products',
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:19] <Axis> I skipped the one in '/usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/Products'.
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:21] <Axis> 2008-02-18 15:15:30 WARNING OFS.Application Duplicate Product name
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:23] <Axis> After loading Product 'Five' from '/usr/local/zenoss/Products',
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:25] <Axis> I skipped the one in '/usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/Products'.
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:41] <twm1010> well, clearly there is something in common between your CentOS4 and CentOS5 installations
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:48] <twm1010> was CentOS5 an upgrade or clean install?
[20-Feb-2008 18:59:54] <Axis> clean install
[20-Feb-2008 19:00:01] <Axis> bare minimum server install
[20-Feb-2008 19:00:29] <twm1010> its possible there are packages missing that its expecting
[20-Feb-2008 19:01:34] <Axis> I don't know what they would be, I followed all the install instructions from the site and it's not saying what it's missing if that's the case
[20-Feb-2008 19:01:55] <twm1010> what version is the system python using?
[20-Feb-2008 19:04:21] <Axis> it's using python2.4
[20-Feb-2008 19:06:00] <twm1010> Hrmm... mine took a while to do that part on a slower system, i assume you've got decently new hardware < 3yrs?
[20-Feb-2008 19:06:46] <Axis> right
[20-Feb-2008 19:07:06] <twm1010> what's the CPU look like when its doing this?
[20-Feb-2008 19:07:08] <twm1010> any activity?
[20-Feb-2008 19:07:10] <Axis> but like I said, I started it Fri night at 8, came back to it this morn and was still at the same spot
[20-Feb-2008 19:07:22] <Axis> hardly any activity
[20-Feb-2008 19:07:30] <Axis> just normal system activity
[20-Feb-2008 19:07:34] _fulgas is now known as fulgas
[20-Feb-2008 19:07:48] <Axis> same with drive activity
[20-Feb-2008 19:07:58] <twm1010> something is just not firing off then, theres gotta be a script not executing, or something the script should be interacting with is doing diddly
[20-Feb-2008 19:08:09] <twm1010> i can't remember the instructions, are you running all this as root?
[20-Feb-2008 19:08:56] <Axis> the rpm installation I am, the source requires you to run as the zenoss user
[20-Feb-2008 19:08:57] <twm1010> I got an idea for you... call up Zenoss and ask for an enterprise demo, work through the issue with them.
[20-Feb-2008 19:09:16] <Axis> not a bad idea
[20-Feb-2008 19:09:23] <twm1010> probably come to light pretty quickly
[20-Feb-2008 19:09:44] <twm1010> all those guys are pretty sharp, if you can catch cluther or rak in here they'll usually point you in the right direction
[20-Feb-2008 19:11:35] <Axis> going to afk for a bit and work some more on it
[20-Feb-2008 19:11:44] <twm1010> good luck!
[20-Feb-2008 19:39:50] <simprix> I have a device that I block ping on. How can I have zenoss not ping and just check by snmp
[20-Feb-2008 19:40:06] <monrad> try under zProperties
[20-Feb-2008 19:40:18] <monrad> i think there is an ping ignore or something like that
[20-Feb-2008 19:49:37] <simprix> i did that and it still pings
[20-Feb-2008 20:02:00] <monrad> hmm
[20-Feb-2008 20:32:55] <tabularasa> anyone know why the vmware appliance password doesnt work?  admin/zenoss ?
[20-Feb-2008 20:33:03] <tabularasa> fresh download and install.  doesnt let me login
[20-Feb-2008 20:33:42] <tabularasa> bah.. nm.. rtfm
[20-Feb-2008 20:33:46] <tabularasa> admin/enspeed
[20-Feb-2008 20:40:29] <twm1010> simprix: give it a little time to stop pinging it. its not instantaneous
[20-Feb-2008 20:40:51] <simprix> oh ok thanks
[20-Feb-2008 20:41:07] <twm1010> i think if you force a "clear heartbeats" it might stop immediately
[20-Feb-2008 20:41:18] <twm1010> mine took a while on a few servers
[20-Feb-2008 20:46:42] <simprix> I have my locations setup as /Locations/Client/Group. When I show just /Locations on the portlet it shows nothing but if I do /Locations/Client it shows those groups. I would like to show all /Locations on the map.
[20-Feb-2008 20:47:09] <twm1010> edit the portlet settings
[20-Feb-2008 20:47:13] <twm1010> you can probably choose where it starts
[20-Feb-2008 20:51:47] <tabularasa> does zenoss have any top-ten capabilities?
[20-Feb-2008 20:52:00] <twm1010> define top-ten capabilities ?
[20-Feb-2008 20:53:00] <tabularasa> a portless showing me the top-ten interfaces with the most errors for the past hour
[20-Feb-2008 20:53:16] <tabularasa> ala Orion capibilities
[20-Feb-2008 20:53:28] <simprix> twm1010: I have done that
[20-Feb-2008 20:53:35] <simprix> It shows nothing.
[20-Feb-2008 20:54:15] <simprix> shows the middle of the pacific ocean
[20-Feb-2008 20:54:35] <tabularasa> twm1010:
[20-Feb-2008 20:55:30] <twm1010> Well, a port going over a treshold creates an event
[20-Feb-2008 20:57:00] <twm1010> tab: first off, zenoss doesn't by nature collect the data you're after
[20-Feb-2008 20:57:39] <twm1010> well, maybe it does
[20-Feb-2008 20:57:45] <twm1010> but you'd still need to create thresholds
[20-Feb-2008 20:57:51] <tabularasa> its an SNMP collector.. it has all that data
[20-Feb-2008 20:58:10] <tabularasa> it shows me an "errors" MRTG graph
[20-Feb-2008 20:58:15] <twm1010> yes, but it only collect the SNMP data the performance templates tell it to collect, it doesn't get everything on each pass
[20-Feb-2008 20:58:28] <tabularasa> gotcha.. so it can, its just not built in
[20-Feb-2008 20:58:29] <twm1010> the default templates do get errors it seems
[20-Feb-2008 20:58:36] <Axis> ok I think I give up for the day, this thing just refuses to install
[20-Feb-2008 20:58:39] <twm1010> to create a top-ten list, you'd have to create a report
[20-Feb-2008 20:58:57] <twm1010> Axis: do you have the hardware to run the VMWare appliance? Muchos less headaches, trust me.
[20-Feb-2008 20:59:10] <tabularasa> no doubt.. its nice
[20-Feb-2008 20:59:21] <Axis> My Centos server is actually running on VMware
[20-Feb-2008 20:59:39] <twm1010> now what, i would do, instead of a report, is set a threshold for errors on the template being used by the interfaces
[20-Feb-2008 20:59:54] <twm1010> let that create events, and manage them from the event console.
[20-Feb-2008 21:00:52] <twm1010> might be good to expand your template to count discards as well
[20-Feb-2008 21:01:02] <twm1010> lemme look at a switch real quick
[20-Feb-2008 21:01:30] <tabularasa> twm1010: good thinking though
[20-Feb-2008 21:02:32] <twm1010> ok, looking at a serial interface here
[20-Feb-2008 21:02:44] <twm1010> graphing, throughput, packets, and errors
[20-Feb-2008 21:03:03] <twm1010> using the standard ethernet template
[20-Feb-2008 21:03:22] <twm1010> as long as you know the OID's for discards, don't see why you can't add that in on the template
[20-Feb-2008 21:03:42] <Axis> are you talking about the vmware image of FC5 you can download from the zenoss site?
[20-Feb-2008 21:04:03] <twm1010> no, there is a VMWare "appliance" a pre-built Zenoss server, running on rpath linux
[20-Feb-2008 21:04:14] <twm1010> you download it, load it into VMWare, and hit GO
[20-Feb-2008 21:04:23] <Axis> hmm, didn't see that anywhere
[20-Feb-2008 21:04:26] <twm1010> hold on
[20-Feb-2008 21:04:43] <twm1010> Ah ok yes
[20-Feb-2008 21:04:47] <twm1010> there are two appliance downloads
[20-Feb-2008 21:05:12] <twm1010> one for someone using VMWare on Linux and one for Windows
[20-Feb-2008 21:05:33] <Axis> ahh, where about is the one you're referring to? Only one I see is the FC5...don't see the windows one
[20-Feb-2008 21:05:41] <twm1010> it shouldn't reference FC5 at all
[20-Feb-2008 21:05:50] <twm1010> the two are at the very top
[20-Feb-2008 21:06:43] <Axis> this is the one I see
[20-Feb-2008 21:06:56] <twm1010>
[20-Feb-2008 21:07:03] <adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Zenoss vmware appliance - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[20-Feb-2008 21:07:10] <adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Download Links - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[20-Feb-2008 21:07:39] <twm1010> I've never installed VMWare Server on Linux before, can't imagine its too difficult, probably runs pretty smoother considering their ESX product IS linux
[20-Feb-2008 21:07:55] <Axis> my god, I'm really blind aren't I
[20-Feb-2008 21:07:55] <Axis> hah
[20-Feb-2008 21:08:22] <twm1010> I used the Windows appliance
[20-Feb-2008 21:09:08] <twm1010> the instructions tell you to get "VMware Player"
[20-Feb-2008 21:09:16] <twm1010> which just allows a single logged in user to run a VM on the console
[20-Feb-2008 21:09:36] <twm1010> I would recommend going to VMWares website, and downloading their VMWare Server product, its free
[20-Feb-2008 21:10:21] <twm1010> I just like the flexibility of being able to "move" Zenoss around if needed
[20-Feb-2008 21:10:32] <twm1010> without any major hassles/crap
[20-Feb-2008 21:10:49] <tabularasa> no doubt.  VMWare rules from that aspect
[20-Feb-2008 21:11:01] <Axis> ya I've been using it, I've got a couple of virtual linux machines running in it now
[20-Feb-2008 21:11:24] <Axis> this big huge headache of trying to get it to install...will be nice if the appliance works right away
[20-Feb-2008 21:11:54] <twm1010> it did for me
[20-Feb-2008 21:12:03] <twm1010> not only that, but its a controlled little environment
[20-Feb-2008 21:12:18] <twm1010> everything exactly as the Zenoss team set it up to be
[20-Feb-2008 21:12:29] <twm1010> its a pretty lightweight virtual machine
[20-Feb-2008 21:12:36] <twm1010> i ran mine for a long time with only 512MB ram allocated
[20-Feb-2008 21:13:30] <tabularasa> twm1010: where do i edit said templates ?
[20-Feb-2008 21:14:58] <twm1010> looks like the standard ethernet template resides right under /Devices
[20-Feb-2008 21:15:03] <twm1010> so click devices on the left side
[20-Feb-2008 21:15:10] <twm1010> then hit the templates tab
[20-Feb-2008 21:15:42] <twm1010> then you'll see ethernetCsmacd
[20-Feb-2008 21:15:55] <twm1010> you familiar with group policy?
[20-Feb-2008 21:16:17] <tabularasa> windows group policy.
[20-Feb-2008 21:16:31] <twm1010> right, you know how you can link a group policy, but it can reside somewhere else?
[20-Feb-2008 21:16:33] <twm1010> same basic principle
[20-Feb-2008 21:16:38] <tabularasa> gotit
[20-Feb-2008 21:16:46] <twm1010> it resides at the root /Devices
[20-Feb-2008 21:17:04] <twm1010> but as each device gets modeled, the policy at the /Devices gets "bound" to the interface
[20-Feb-2008 21:17:06] <tabularasa> is there an OID list somewhere ?
[20-Feb-2008 21:17:25] <tabularasa> i see datasouces, but no discards in there
[20-Feb-2008 21:17:38] <twm1010> right... you would need to add it, one sec
[20-Feb-2008 21:17:39] <tabularasa> though, CRC errors are the most important information
[20-Feb-2008 21:24:22] <twm1010> well if i walk the discards, i see them here, but i don't know what OID numbers those are
[20-Feb-2008 21:25:40] <tabularasa> im an snmp newb.. 
[20-Feb-2008 21:25:51] <tabularasa> i know how to use it. not how to manipulate it
[20-Feb-2008 21:26:03] <twm1010> ah, here
[20-Feb-2008 21:26:18] <tabularasa> in out ?
[20-Feb-2008 21:26:54] <twm1010> uhh... thats in
[20-Feb-2008 21:26:58] <twm1010> is out
[20-Feb-2008 21:27:04] <tabularasa> recieveDiscards
[20-Feb-2008 21:27:13] <tabularasa> ifReceiveDiscards
[20-Feb-2008 21:27:36] <twm1010> ifInDiscards
[20-Feb-2008 21:27:48] <twm1010> was 13
[20-Feb-2008 21:27:52] <twm1010> and ifOutDiscards is 19
[20-Feb-2008 21:28:33] <tabularasa> how did you find that?
[20-Feb-2008 21:28:43] <twm1010> i looked at the existing OID, chopped the last digit off
[20-Feb-2008 21:28:55] <tabularasa> i mean, where did you get the OID in the first place ?
[20-Feb-2008 21:29:06] <twm1010> then from my zenoss box command line, ran snmpwalk -v1 -c(mycommunityhere) routerIP OID
[20-Feb-2008 21:29:15] <twm1010> it then walked the rest, getting the info from the router
[20-Feb-2008 21:29:31] <tabularasa> ooo, nice
[20-Feb-2008 21:29:35] <tabularasa> i might try that
[20-Feb-2008 21:29:39] <tabularasa> you just ssh to the shell ?
[20-Feb-2008 21:29:42] <twm1010> yes
[20-Feb-2008 21:29:58] <twm1010> hold on, i got a good article on SNMP for ya
[20-Feb-2008 21:30:03] <tabularasa> thanks
[20-Feb-2008 21:30:24] <twm1010> this is Mac oriented, but the overall gist is pretty much the same for any OS
[20-Feb-2008 21:30:26] <twm1010>
[20-Feb-2008 21:30:43] <adytum-bot> Title: A Primer to SNMP on Mac OS X 10.5 and Mac OS X 10.5 Server (at
[20-Feb-2008 21:32:45] <tabularasa> bookmarked
[20-Feb-2008 21:32:50] <tabularasa> i'm gonna give this a whirl
[20-Feb-2008 21:32:57] <twm1010> kind of a long read, this shit will suck you in
[20-Feb-2008 21:33:28] <twm1010> if i have one criticism of using something like Zenoss, its the learning curve
[20-Feb-2008 21:33:30] <tabularasa> I'm used to Orion.  Its a great tool.  This co won't pay for it
[20-Feb-2008 21:33:38] <twm1010> its pretty steep if you have no SNMP knowledge
[20-Feb-2008 21:35:14] <twm1010> keep in mind with this template, how broadly it is linked here
[20-Feb-2008 21:35:35] <twm1010> its not just serial ports on routers, its NICs in servers, ethernet ports on switches
[20-Feb-2008 21:35:58] <tabularasa> they all should have discards.. anything tcp/ip
[20-Feb-2008 21:36:15] <twm1010> good point, just keep it in mind tho, how broad the template reaches
[20-Feb-2008 21:36:39] <twm1010> but, at any interface, you could choose to "copy" the linked template to the local inteface, and customize it
[20-Feb-2008 21:36:40] <tabularasa> i could just make a new one in /network
[20-Feb-2008 21:36:53] <tabularasa> good thinking
[20-Feb-2008 21:37:07] <twm1010> ehh... that might work, i don't know how you would change what template the interfaces automatically bind to when the devices are modeled
[20-Feb-2008 21:37:23] <twm1010> be a killer question to ask on the forum
[20-Feb-2008 21:37:42] <tabularasa> ah, nice.. "create local copy"
[20-Feb-2008 21:37:46] <tabularasa> then i can customize it. 
[20-Feb-2008 21:37:48] <tabularasa> cool
[20-Feb-2008 21:37:52] <twm1010> right, now you're doing this on interfaces right now
[20-Feb-2008 21:37:57] <twm1010> devices themselves have templates too
[20-Feb-2008 21:38:11] <twm1010> to measure CPU load, memory, etc.
[20-Feb-2008 21:38:12] <tabularasa> ahh, cool
[20-Feb-2008 21:38:16] <twm1010> some reside at /Devices
[20-Feb-2008 21:38:27] <twm1010> others reside within the organizers, like for instance, /Devices/Servers/Windows
[20-Feb-2008 21:38:48] <tabularasa> hmmm. im in my switch.. dont see a templates tab
[20-Feb-2008 21:39:05] <twm1010> click the context drop down to the left of the tabs
[20-Feb-2008 21:39:09] <twm1010> go to more
[20-Feb-2008 21:39:11] <tabularasa> found it. 
[20-Feb-2008 21:39:50] <tabularasa> thanks for the help, this is sweet
[20-Feb-2008 21:39:51] <twm1010> Templates bound to organizers should cascade down to things within the organizers, however, i'm not sure how the "interfaces" receive their bindings
[20-Feb-2008 21:42:06] <twm1010> well now you got me curious
[20-Feb-2008 21:42:16] <twm1010> i want to know how those templates get bound to the interfaces
[20-Feb-2008 21:43:24] <twm1010> sweet, i got it graphing my discards, problem being i haven't had any discards yet
[20-Feb-2008 21:46:59] <tabularasa> yup, me too
[20-Feb-2008 21:47:03] <tabularasa> which is a good thing, on both accoutns.
[20-Feb-2008 21:47:38] <twm1010> I may post in the forum about interface templates tomorrow.
[20-Feb-2008 21:47:48] <twm1010> don't see why you wouldn't add discards to the base template tho
[20-Feb-2008 21:47:48] <tabularasa> i was just looking at the forums
[20-Feb-2008 21:47:58] <tabularasa> i dont either, its a common tcp/ip stat
[20-Feb-2008 21:48:15] <twm1010> seems more like layer 2 figure tho?
[20-Feb-2008 21:48:29] <twm1010> ah...
[20-Feb-2008 21:48:35] <twm1010> you're right
[20-Feb-2008 21:49:21] <twm1010> okay, im done for the day, i hang out in here most of the time
[20-Feb-2008 21:49:26] <twm1010> catch you again.
[20-Feb-2008 21:51:28] <tabularasa> thanks man...  have a good one
[20-Feb-2008 23:17:50] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
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[21-Feb-2008 05:20:22] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Advogato blog for oubiwann - zope.testbrowser: Automating the Web - 20 Feb, 04:03PM
[21-Feb-2008 05:20:23] <adytum-bot>
[21-Feb-2008 09:09:05] <popoludnica>  /quit
[21-Feb-2008 10:02:42] <vanksi> im getting this 'issue'(error) after install: sendto error Host localhost and are both using ip
[21-Feb-2008 10:02:48] <vanksi> how can i get rid of it
[21-Feb-2008 10:39:00] Xander77 is now known as Xander7
[21-Feb-2008 11:15:07] <jamesc> hi, does anyone know why I might have zenstatus failing with the error msg   ERROR:zen.ZenStatus:iteration over non-sequence??
[21-Feb-2008 12:23:14] <mzolisi> hi
[21-Feb-2008 12:23:21] <twm1010> hi
[21-Feb-2008 12:23:26] <mzolisi> have a problem with a zenoss install
[21-Feb-2008 12:24:09] <mzolisi> keep getting  '
[21-Feb-2008 12:24:13] <mzolisi> Making install in plugins
[21-Feb-2008 12:24:17] <mzolisi> make[2]: Entering directory `/home/zenoss/zenoss-2.1.2/build/nagios-plugins-1.4.5/plugins'
[21-Feb-2008 12:24:21] <mzolisi> if gcc -DLOCALEDIR=\"/usr/local/zenoss/share/locale\" -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I.. -I.. -I../lib -I../intl  -I/usr/include/postgresql -I/usr/include    -g -O2 -MT check_pgsql.o -MD -MP -MF ".deps/check_pgsql.Tpo" -c -o check_pgsql.o check_pgsql.c; \
[21-Feb-2008 12:24:25] <mzolisi>         then mv -f ".deps/check_pgsql.Tpo" ".deps/check_pgsql.Po"; else rm -f ".deps/check_pgsql.Tpo"; exit 1; fi
[21-Feb-2008 12:24:37] <mzolisi> check_pgsql.c:71: error: ‘NAMEDATALEN’ undeclared here (not in a function)
[21-Feb-2008 12:24:41] <mzolisi> make[2]: *** [check_pgsql.o] Error 1
[21-Feb-2008 12:24:41] <mzolisi> make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/zenoss/zenoss-2.1.2/build/nagios-plugins-1.4.5/plugins'
[21-Feb-2008 12:24:41] <mzolisi> make[1]: *** [install-recursive] Error 1
[21-Feb-2008 12:24:41] <mzolisi> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/zenoss/zenoss-2.1.2/build/nagios-plugins-1.4.5'
[21-Feb-2008 12:24:48] <mzolisi> did'nt mean to paste it that way though
[21-Feb-2008 12:45:03] <mzolisi> ?
[21-Feb-2008 12:45:04] <mzolisi> ?
[21-Feb-2008 12:45:15] <mzolisi> Anybody here
[21-Feb-2008 12:53:24] <twm1010> what os you installing on?
[21-Feb-2008 13:30:54] <mzolisi> Ubuntu server 7.04
[21-Feb-2008 13:31:14] <mzolisi> twm1010
[21-Feb-2008 13:31:30] <mzolisi> twm1010 :Ubuntu server 7.04
[21-Feb-2008 13:36:08] <tabularasa> twm1010: dont know about yours, but my graphs dont work anymore after that template modification
[21-Feb-2008 14:11:55] <mzolisi> hello?
[21-Feb-2008 14:26:35] <mzolisi> hello?
[21-Feb-2008 14:27:32] <tabularasa> hello ?
[21-Feb-2008 16:19:20] x-spec-t is now known as Spec
[21-Feb-2008 16:55:11] <popoludnica> Hi
[21-Feb-2008 16:55:20] <popoludnica> How much do you trust relationships manager??
[21-Feb-2008 17:01:32] <popoludnica> any developer online?
[21-Feb-2008 17:07:02] <gabriel25ny> Hi guys
[21-Feb-2008 17:09:03] <gabriel25ny> I need to monitor a machine that is running snmp v3. It has a username and password settings, how can I do that with zenoss ?
[21-Feb-2008 17:57:31] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[21-Feb-2008 17:57:40] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[21-Feb-2008 17:59:20] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[21-Feb-2008 17:59:42] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[21-Feb-2008 17:59:51] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[21-Feb-2008 18:19:13] <twm1010> tabularasa: none of your graphs work? Thats quite odd
[21-Feb-2008 18:19:22] <twm1010> you should have simply been making additions, it shouldn't have broken anything
[21-Feb-2008 19:28:23] <purevol> hows it going
[21-Feb-2008 19:32:19] <purevol> can you do like a mass MIB import?
[21-Feb-2008 19:38:17] <tabularasa> twm1010: i agree.  i had to bounce my box, including my VMs, so, i'll see if that fixed it
[21-Feb-2008 20:06:54] <Axis> quiet in here today
[21-Feb-2008 20:08:52] <gabriel25ny> I need to monitor a machine that is running snmp v3. It has a username and password settings, how can I do that with zenoss ?
[21-Feb-2008 20:14:19] <twm1010> gabe: just one box/
[21-Feb-2008 20:14:20] <twm1010> ?
[21-Feb-2008 20:14:50] <gabriel25ny> yes
[21-Feb-2008 20:14:54] <gabriel25ny> is only one box
[21-Feb-2008 20:15:29] <gabriel25ny> and I have few mibs that is taking status for some enterprise software
[21-Feb-2008 20:15:36] <twm1010> did you add the device to zenoss yet?
[21-Feb-2008 20:15:43] <gabriel25ny> and it`s supporting only v3
[21-Feb-2008 20:15:45] <gabriel25ny> yes I did
[21-Feb-2008 20:16:00] <gabriel25ny> I have status of cpu memory httpd service
[21-Feb-2008 20:16:05] <twm1010> navigate to the device, hit the contextual dropdown to the left of the tabs, and go to zproperties
[21-Feb-2008 20:16:19] <gabriel25ny> ok one second
[21-Feb-2008 20:16:24] <gabriel25ny> thank you so so much
[21-Feb-2008 20:16:28] <twm1010> in there, you can adjust the SNMP version, and set a v3 un/pw
[21-Feb-2008 20:16:45] <twm1010> zproperties are cascading, right now the device is inheriting most of its properties if not all from the device class it is placed in
[21-Feb-2008 20:16:53] <twm1010> understand?
[21-Feb-2008 20:17:21] <gabriel25ny> Yes I am in there
[21-Feb-2008 20:17:38] <gabriel25ny> I open zProprieties
[21-Feb-2008 20:18:21] <twm1010> you should see zSnmpVer
[21-Feb-2008 20:18:25] <twm1010> probably set to v1
[21-Feb-2008 20:18:29] <twm1010> or v2c
[21-Feb-2008 20:18:57] <gabriel25ny> I have to add zSnmpPrivPassword and zsnmpSecurityName ?
[21-Feb-2008 20:19:04] <gabriel25ny> yes I change to v3
[21-Feb-2008 20:19:14] <twm1010> I believe so, I've not done this part I just know its there.
[21-Feb-2008 20:19:25] <gabriel25ny> Ohh ok
[21-Feb-2008 20:19:28] <gabriel25ny> I change that
[21-Feb-2008 20:19:35] <gabriel25ny> see now whats happening )
[21-Feb-2008 20:19:40] <gabriel25ny> one sec let me test
[21-Feb-2008 20:23:29] <twm1010> good luck!
[21-Feb-2008 20:23:30] <twm1010> im out
[21-Feb-2008 20:25:36] <gabriel25ny>
[21-Feb-2008 20:41:47] <Axis> anybody have any success on installing 2.1.2 on CentOS 4 or 5?
[21-Feb-2008 20:42:49] <vanksi> Axis, yeah
[21-Feb-2008 20:43:07] <Axis> I'm running into a wall that I can't seem to get passed
[21-Feb-2008 20:43:12] <vanksi> actually i did a base install today
[21-Feb-2008 20:43:38] <Axis> I've tried both the source install and the rpm on both centos 4 and 5
[21-Feb-2008 20:44:00] <vanksi> i installed from the centos rpm with no problems
[21-Feb-2008 20:44:31] <vanksi> 64biy
[21-Feb-2008 20:44:32] <vanksi> 64bit
[21-Feb-2008 20:45:42] <Axis> ahh 64 bit
[21-Feb-2008 20:45:48] <Axis> well hmm
[21-Feb-2008 20:47:10] <purevol> im confused
[21-Feb-2008 20:47:30] <Axis> It works fine up until the point of "Loading initial Zenoss objects into the Zeo database
[21-Feb-2008 20:47:37] <Axis> where it just stays
[21-Feb-2008 20:47:47] <Axis> I actually left it at that spot for 4 days at one point
[21-Feb-2008 20:48:17] <Axis> Until I hit control-c and it'll say "unable to create the initial Zenoss object database"
[21-Feb-2008 20:49:17] <purevol> nice
[21-Feb-2008 20:51:19] <purevol> can anyone point me in the right direction, so that i can monitor some processes and applications on a unix server
[21-Feb-2008 20:52:45] <purevol> i need to kinda get this setup rather quickly, to determine if its going to be a waste of time to use zenoss
[21-Feb-2008 20:54:22] <purevol> im confused also, because i have SNMP enabled on a remote server, but im not receiving any data from these traps
[21-Feb-2008 20:56:31] <purevol> also, importing mibs seems to be confusing also, in fact i cant seem to find any good information on this mib
[21-Feb-2008 20:56:34] <purevol> install
[21-Feb-2008 21:25:42] <purevol> why does this simple stuff gotta get sooo complicated
[21-Feb-2008 21:26:57] <PerlStalker> Because then you wouldn't appreciate the subtle artistry of it.
[21-Feb-2008 21:31:30] <purevol> hah im more interested in having a network the performs well, than i am art
[21-Feb-2008 21:31:47] <PerlStalker> Where's the fun in that? :-)
[21-Feb-2008 21:32:51] <purevol> paycheck?
[21-Feb-2008 21:33:06] <PerlStalker> All right. I'll give you that one.
[21-Feb-2008 21:33:10] <purevol> mounds of coke and hookers you can get with paycheck?
[21-Feb-2008 21:33:47] <purevol> just kidding
[21-Feb-2008 21:33:57] <purevol> about the coke
[21-Feb-2008 21:34:16] <PerlStalker> Oh, I see. You're a Pepsi person huh?
[21-Feb-2008 21:36:04] <purevol> jolt
[21-Feb-2008 21:36:06] <purevol> heh
[21-Feb-2008 21:36:23] <purevol> so are you a zenoss guru?
[21-Feb-2008 21:37:07] <PerlStalker> Hardly.
[21-Feb-2008 21:37:21] <PerlStalker> I'm hear to find out why my zopeurl setting is not being honored.
[21-Feb-2008 21:37:25] <PerlStalker> s/hear/here/
[21-Feb-2008 21:41:17] <PerlStalker> So. Does anyone know why changing  4zopeurl  in zenaction. 4conf  is not honored?
[21-Feb-2008 21:49:16] <npmccallum> How big of a server should I need to monitor 1k+ devices?
[21-Feb-2008 21:51:56] <monrad> we have an dual xeon 3.2 ghz with 4 gb ram and the rrd files on an HP EVA SAN
[21-Feb-2008 21:52:02] <monrad> for 1400 devices
[21-Feb-2008 21:52:05] <monrad> mostly switches
[21-Feb-2008 21:52:07] <npmccallum> k
[21-Feb-2008 21:52:26] <monrad> and we dont get interface counters for our access switches
[21-Feb-2008 21:54:54] <purevol> its wierd, i see lots of people come here for help, but there is only like one or two people that help and its rare
[21-Feb-2008 21:55:21] <purevol> ive been trying to figure out how to read processes on a remote device for a week already
[21-Feb-2008 21:58:29] <purevol> the forum also has lots of posts, with no replies
[21-Feb-2008 21:58:37] <purevol> the community here is not as active as opennms
[21-Feb-2008 21:58:54] <purevol> you can go on #onms right now and get an answer in about 5 minutes
[21-Feb-2008 21:59:00] <purevol> they got mad geeks working on this shit
[21-Feb-2008 21:59:10] <tabularasa> why does the install still fucking suck then
[21-Feb-2008 21:59:26] <PerlStalker> OpenNMS is ugly as heck too.
[21-Feb-2008 22:01:38] <purevol> it is ugly
[21-Feb-2008 22:01:50] <purevol> the onms install took me like 10minutes
[21-Feb-2008 22:02:03] <purevol> and another 5 to discover 2 subnets, it was that intuitive
[21-Feb-2008 22:02:23] <purevol> zenoss, with the modler, zenpacks, and plugins, and piss poor documentation, i get confused
[21-Feb-2008 22:02:29] <purevol> and cant make heads or tails of it
[21-Feb-2008 22:03:39] <purevol> you have to write plugins
[21-Feb-2008 22:03:52] <purevol> and integrate it into a zenpack, whatever the fuck that is
[21-Feb-2008 22:04:06] <purevol> the interface is pretty though
[21-Feb-2008 22:04:18] <PerlStalker> A zenpack is a package to make it easy to redistribute your "stufF"
[21-Feb-2008 22:08:13] <purevol> redistribute my stuff to what? to where? to who?
[21-Feb-2008 22:08:30] <PerlStalker> To the community, other zenoss servers, etc.
[21-Feb-2008 22:08:31] <purevol> i want to be able to capture ospf neighbor metrics
[21-Feb-2008 22:08:52] <purevol> and trigger an alarm when it falls below a certain threshold
[21-Feb-2008 22:09:42] <purevol> zenoss has to import all these mibs and shit, onms has most of them already
[21-Feb-2008 22:18:06] <purevol> im getting well annoyed at this crap
[21-Feb-2008 22:58:43] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[21-Feb-2008 23:20:36] <j4syn> argh
[21-Feb-2008 23:26:54] <j4syn> woohoo
[21-Feb-2008 23:34:33] bzed_ is now known as bzed
[21-Feb-2008 23:40:11] <Axis> I'm going through more of an argh phase right now myself
[21-Feb-2008 23:42:36] <johns55> ?
[22-Feb-2008 00:00:23] [disconnected at Fri Feb 22 00:00:23 2008]
[22-Feb-2008 00:00:24] [connected at Fri Feb 22 00:00:24 2008]
[22-Feb-2008 00:00:26] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[22-Feb-2008 01:12:44] * j4syn kicks ms firewall
[22-Feb-2008 01:12:51] * j4syn kicks vmware for good measure
[22-Feb-2008 01:15:41] <purevol> anyone know how to do a massive MIB import?
[22-Feb-2008 01:26:56] <flitex_666> hello all, I used zenoss 1.2 and after some time I installed the 2.0, when I model a linux device with snmp it doesnt show hw and sys it normal?
[22-Feb-2008 01:53:52] <purevol> flitex: you need to make sure snmpd is running
[22-Feb-2008 01:54:16] <purevol> otherwise, you might want to change the zProperties
[22-Feb-2008 02:06:02] <flitex_666> snmpd is running on the linux box
[22-Feb-2008 02:06:10] <flitex_666> but it doesnt get the info.
[22-Feb-2008 02:06:48] <flitex_666> what I have to change in the zproprerties? username and passowrd to use the .cmd collectors?
[22-Feb-2008 02:06:49] <purevol> did you try to model the device?
[22-Feb-2008 02:06:53] <flitex_666> yes
[22-Feb-2008 02:07:03] <flitex_666> it runs, successfull
[22-Feb-2008 02:07:06] <purevol> did it accept the snmp strings
[22-Feb-2008 02:07:09] <purevol> oh that is weird then
[22-Feb-2008 02:07:48] <purevol> i think in zproperties, you would just need to have the correct community strings, or ssh information, and cmd to run
[22-Feb-2008 02:08:04] <purevol> i wouldnt be suprised if you have to add a mib
[22-Feb-2008 02:08:46] <flitex_666> yep, if I add the cmd collectors and use a user and password
[22-Feb-2008 02:08:57] <flitex_666> with the zenoss plug-in installed it goes ok
[22-Feb-2008 02:09:02] <flitex_666> but not only by snmp
[22-Feb-2008 02:10:05] <purevol> i see, that is a bit weird then
[22-Feb-2008 02:10:14] <purevol> which zenoss plug-in are you using?
[22-Feb-2008 02:11:08] <flitex_666> the linux one
[22-Feb-2008 02:11:39] <flitex_666> the one, you get on cheese shop
[22-Feb-2008 02:11:50] <purevol> got a link to it, i will download it and try it on mine and see what happens
[22-Feb-2008 02:12:16] <flitex_666> try without this
[22-Feb-2008 02:12:21] <flitex_666> only using the snmp
[22-Feb-2008 02:12:41] <flitex_666> it will not get the info..using the class server/linux
[22-Feb-2008 02:13:27] <purevol> well with snmp mine works
[22-Feb-2008 02:13:38] <purevol> im going to see if it breaks when i load the linux script
[22-Feb-2008 02:14:56] <purevol> besides i need to try this plugin, because i think i can hack it to check specific process
[22-Feb-2008 02:14:57] <purevol> es
[22-Feb-2008 02:16:53] <flitex_666> there is something special about the snmpd daemon? and version in particular?
[22-Feb-2008 02:21:21] <purevol> python isnt my strong suite
[22-Feb-2008 02:21:31] <purevol> how do i install this plugin?
[22-Feb-2008 02:22:07] <purevol> just like, python
[22-Feb-2008 02:22:18] <flitex_666> yep
[22-Feb-2008 02:22:24] <flitex_666> but the installation needs setuptools...
[22-Feb-2008 02:22:27] <flitex_666> let me help you..
[22-Feb-2008 02:22:30] <flitex_666> wait
[22-Feb-2008 02:23:42] <flitex_666>
[22-Feb-2008 02:23:46] <flitex_666> download this
[22-Feb-2008 02:23:54] <purevol> ok
[22-Feb-2008 02:24:12] <flitex_666> rpm -ivh <file>
[22-Feb-2008 02:24:21] <purevol> im on fedora
[22-Feb-2008 02:24:26] <purevol> can i be root?
[22-Feb-2008 02:24:26] <flitex_666> no prob
[22-Feb-2008 02:24:32] <flitex_666> yes
[22-Feb-2008 02:24:54] <purevol> ok
[22-Feb-2008 02:24:56] <purevol> dont
[22-Feb-2008 02:24:58] <purevol> done
[22-Feb-2008 02:25:08] <flitex_666> ok or not ok?
[22-Feb-2008 02:25:24] <purevol> seeemed ok to me
[22-Feb-2008 02:25:43] <flitex_666> now go to /usr/src/RedhHat/SOURCES
[22-Feb-2008 02:25:51] <flitex_666> must have an .tar.gz file there
[22-Feb-2008 02:26:21] <purevol> yup
[22-Feb-2008 02:26:32] <flitex_666> tar -zxvf <file>
[22-Feb-2008 02:26:36] <flitex_666> cd <dir>
[22-Feb-2008 02:26:42] <flitex_666> python setup install
[22-Feb-2008 02:27:38] <purevol> what do i want, easy install?
[22-Feb-2008 02:28:12] <flitex_666> yes
[22-Feb-2008 02:28:21] <flitex_666> setuptools
[22-Feb-2008 02:30:07] <purevol> i appreciate your help, but you seemed to have lost me here
[22-Feb-2008 02:31:47] <purevol> this is what i have
[22-Feb-2008 02:31:54] <adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[22-Feb-2008 02:32:41] <purevol> let me read a couple of tehse readme
[22-Feb-2008 02:32:56] <flitex_666> python install
[22-Feb-2008 02:34:44] <purevol> werd that was helpful
[22-Feb-2008 02:35:06] <purevol> now i can go back to the plugin and install it using easy_install ?
[22-Feb-2008 02:35:11] <flitex_666> yes
[22-Feb-2008 02:35:15] <flitex_666> just go there
[22-Feb-2008 02:35:23] <flitex_666> and python build
[22-Feb-2008 02:36:02] <purevol> and that is it?
[22-Feb-2008 02:36:07] <flitex_666> yes
[22-Feb-2008 02:36:20] <flitex_666> the plug-in is in /usr/bin
[22-Feb-2008 02:36:26] <flitex_666> you have to change that in zproperties
[22-Feb-2008 02:36:55] <purevol> so i need to go into the device and modify its zproperties
[22-Feb-2008 02:37:57] <flitex_666> yes
[22-Feb-2008 02:38:09] <flitex_666> put the user (root or another) the password
[22-Feb-2008 02:38:18] <flitex_666> and vóila
[22-Feb-2008 02:38:57] <purevol> so for zcommand username and zcommand password
[22-Feb-2008 02:39:04] <flitex_666> yes
[22-Feb-2008 02:39:45] <purevol> and the zcommandpath i want to be /usr/bin
[22-Feb-2008 02:39:59] <flitex_666> yes
[22-Feb-2008 02:40:34] <purevol> thats it nothing more, no specific binary that i want execute? or is zenoss gonna do that?
[22-Feb-2008 02:41:17] <flitex_666> zenoss will use it..
[22-Feb-2008 02:41:23] <flitex_666> on the collectors plugins
[22-Feb-2008 02:41:28] <purevol> im running the modeler now, so lets see
[22-Feb-2008 02:41:31] <flitex_666> df.cmd
[22-Feb-2008 02:42:40] <purevol>
[22-Feb-2008 02:42:44] <purevol> i dont think it worked
[22-Feb-2008 02:42:48] <adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[22-Feb-2008 02:43:35] <purevol> yeah no workie
[22-Feb-2008 02:43:40] <flitex_666> change the class
[22-Feb-2008 02:43:43] <flitex_666> to server.cmd
[22-Feb-2008 02:43:47] <flitex_666> and re-modell
[22-Feb-2008 02:45:10] <purevol> ok
[22-Feb-2008 02:49:35] <purevol> should this take a while?
[22-Feb-2008 02:49:41] <purevol> ok there it goes
[22-Feb-2008 02:50:00] <purevol> i added the plugins also
[22-Feb-2008 02:50:26] <purevol> i dont like the results
[22-Feb-2008 02:50:50] <purevol>
[22-Feb-2008 02:50:57] <adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[22-Feb-2008 02:56:18] <flitex_666> you can put more .cmd collectors..
[22-Feb-2008 02:56:44] <purevol> i dont see where it built the path to /usr/bin
[22-Feb-2008 02:57:18] <purevol>
[22-Feb-2008 02:57:26] <adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[22-Feb-2008 02:58:26] <purevol> maybe i should try with the default path in ther
[22-Feb-2008 02:58:28] <purevol> e
[22-Feb-2008 03:00:00] <purevol> nah thats not going to wrok
[22-Feb-2008 03:03:47] <purevol> anythouts flitex?
[22-Feb-2008 03:04:36] <purevol> thoughts
[22-Feb-2008 03:16:42] <purevol> this is trying to say the least
[22-Feb-2008 03:19:56] <purevol> its so weird, i wonder why it is not finding my python plugin
[22-Feb-2008 03:22:31] <flitex_666> when you install the plug in it says where it put it
[22-Feb-2008 03:23:52] <purevol> when i did the build was that installing it?
[22-Feb-2008 03:24:29] <purevol> did i leave out a final step?
[22-Feb-2008 03:24:45] <purevol> - thats what i did
[22-Feb-2008 03:24:53] <purevol> after the setup tools
[22-Feb-2008 03:24:56] <adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[22-Feb-2008 03:25:14] <purevol> do i need to do a python install?
[22-Feb-2008 03:25:49] <purevol> or do i need to go into the build directory and goto the scipts and do a python install?
[22-Feb-2008 03:26:26] <purevol> sorry for the bother, i appreciate your help, sorry if i take away from what you got going on, but im documenting it so i will be able to help someone else in the future
[22-Feb-2008 03:27:16] <purevol> do i need to python install ?
[22-Feb-2008 03:27:39] <purevol> im assuming that got made when i did the python build
[22-Feb-2008 03:30:49] <flitex_666> yes
[22-Feb-2008 03:30:51] <flitex_666> that got made
[22-Feb-2008 03:30:55] <flitex_666> but if you run again
[22-Feb-2008 03:30:59] <flitex_666> it will show the path
[22-Feb-2008 03:31:10] <flitex_666> go in the plugin and python install
[22-Feb-2008 03:31:16] <flitex_666> python build..
[22-Feb-2008 03:32:56] <purevol> i never did the install before
[22-Feb-2008 03:32:58] <purevol> i only did the build
[22-Feb-2008 03:33:43] <purevol> here is my output
[22-Feb-2008 03:33:50] <adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[22-Feb-2008 03:34:25] <purevol> yup missed that on the first try
[22-Feb-2008 03:34:41] <flitex_666> yep
[22-Feb-2008 03:34:50] <flitex_666> now it is on /usr/bin
[22-Feb-2008 03:34:54] <flitex_666> re-modell
[22-Feb-2008 03:35:01] <purevol> yup
[22-Feb-2008 03:35:35] <purevol> ive got a nice tigh document for that if it works
[22-Feb-2008 03:37:06] <purevol> the is in usr/bin, it wasnt before as i went and searched for it
[22-Feb-2008 03:37:18] <purevol> but it looks like is not picking it up in this modler
[22-Feb-2008 03:43:31] <flitex_666> now I need some rest, if in need of more help mail me
[22-Feb-2008 03:43:58] <purevol> thanks man
[22-Feb-2008 03:44:16] <purevol> sleep well
[22-Feb-2008 03:44:30] <flitex_666> tnxs
[22-Feb-2008 03:53:40] <purevol> its not functioning, i wonder if i should delete and readd the device manually
[22-Feb-2008 05:20:54] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Advogato blog for oubiwann - Twisted News Resources and Divmod Sprint at PyCon - 21 Feb, 10:03PM
[22-Feb-2008 05:20:55] <adytum-bot>
[22-Feb-2008 09:10:30] <[Wiebel]> any idea what the variable for the snmp community is ?
[22-Feb-2008 09:10:43] <[Wiebel]> for use within a command based datapoint
[22-Feb-2008 10:41:42] Xander77 is now known as Xander7
[22-Feb-2008 10:41:58] Xander7 is now known as Xander77
[22-Feb-2008 12:01:31] <dundel> hi
[22-Feb-2008 12:01:51] <dundel> what is the dashboard url?
[22-Feb-2008 12:02:21] <dundel> i think i installed it correctly on ubuntu 7.10 but i didn't get any url
[22-Feb-2008 12:04:22] <dundel> got it
[22-Feb-2008 12:13:29] <[Wiebel]> where Can I find documentation on custom devices reports
[22-Feb-2008 12:13:30] <[Wiebel]> ?
[22-Feb-2008 12:53:23] <purevol> weible what do you mean? getting a reort about what your device has been doing?
[22-Feb-2008 12:53:44] <purevol>
[22-Feb-2008 12:54:00] <adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Admin Guide - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[22-Feb-2008 14:14:45] <tabularasa> is there an uninstall guide?  im using the vmware app and no longer need the install on my Ubuntu system
[22-Feb-2008 14:25:14] <purevol> there isnt an uninstall guide
[22-Feb-2008 14:25:30] <purevol> i will tell you how to uninstall ina second
[22-Feb-2008 14:26:32] <tabularasa> excellent, thanks
[22-Feb-2008 14:26:35] <purevol> in the zenossinstall directory
[22-Feb-2008 14:26:53] <purevol> there should be a file, run that
[22-Feb-2008 14:27:52] <tabularasa> thanks
[22-Feb-2008 14:30:01] <purevol> then you just rm -rf
[22-Feb-2008 14:30:09] <tabularasa> awesome
[22-Feb-2008 14:30:32] <[Wiebel]> purevol: I made a command that reads the number of connetion per AP (access point)
[22-Feb-2008 14:30:36] <[Wiebel]> now I want to make a report of that
[22-Feb-2008 14:30:57] <[Wiebel]> So I can see a list of all AP's with tha AVG number of clients and their Max number
[22-Feb-2008 14:31:24] <purevol> wiebel i dont know how to do that quite yet, but if you see the link i pasted earlier, that will take you right to the reporting section of the admin guide
[22-Feb-2008 14:31:39] <[Wiebel]> tnx
[22-Feb-2008 14:31:45] <purevol> sorry i cant help more
[22-Feb-2008 14:31:51] <[Wiebel]> no problem
[22-Feb-2008 14:32:50] <[Wiebel]> do you know where I can get a list of Query options?
[22-Feb-2008 14:34:44] <tabularasa> how do you add a dir to %PATH%? 
[22-Feb-2008 14:34:46] <tabularasa> ./ line 11: zopectl: command not found
[22-Feb-2008 14:34:56] <tabularasa> which is located in /usr/local/zenoss/bin/zopectl
[22-Feb-2008 14:41:11] <duncan> whats the preferred OS for running CVS?  would ubu-gutsy / debian server be sufficient or should I go with fedora / centos?
[22-Feb-2008 14:46:24] <duncan> great, I'll install that then..
[22-Feb-2008 14:56:26] <[Wiebel]> Can I change the timeout for a command somewhere?
[22-Feb-2008 14:57:14] <purevol> duncan, any is fune
[22-Feb-2008 14:57:29] <purevol> wiebel, most likely the timeout will be in the zproperties
[22-Feb-2008 14:57:39] <purevol> or the class properties
[22-Feb-2008 14:57:45] <[Wiebel]> tnx
[22-Feb-2008 14:58:20] <purevol> tabularasa: maybe you want to start zopectl
[22-Feb-2008 14:58:58] <[Wiebel]> ah default was only 16 secs
[22-Feb-2008 14:59:02] <purevol> and you can modify your path by modifying the .bash_profile or .bashrc file in the zenoss home user directory
[22-Feb-2008 15:07:33] <tabularasa> its already started
[22-Feb-2008 15:07:35] <tabularasa> ah, thanks
[22-Feb-2008 15:12:28] <purevol> anyone familiar with the latest svn?
[22-Feb-2008 15:12:40] <purevol> looks like you cant install zenpacks through the gui?
[22-Feb-2008 15:15:48] <tabularasa> .. vi /etc/environment
[22-Feb-2008 15:15:55] <tabularasa> in Ubuntu
[22-Feb-2008 15:46:07] <Rabbatt> Ok, I hate to say I give up...but I'm almost there, I just can not get this to install on Centos 4 or 5
[22-Feb-2008 15:46:21] <[Wiebel]> zencommand doesnt see commands i've added in a template...
[22-Feb-2008 15:49:07] <tabularasa> purevol: thats for the help.. worked like a charm
[22-Feb-2008 15:49:21] <tabularasa> Rabbatt: use the vmware appliance..  its a dream
[22-Feb-2008 16:11:55] <[Wiebel]> grrr
[22-Feb-2008 16:11:56] <[Wiebel]> great
[22-Feb-2008 16:12:19] <[Wiebel]> since I moved a group of devices to another Class all custom command don't work anymore
[22-Feb-2008 16:12:38] <[Wiebel]> in this Class
[22-Feb-2008 16:27:50] <Rabbatt> I tried the vmware appliance couldn't get it to boot...just comes up showing "GRUB" I'm guessing it's because I was running VMWare server on an xp machine with no scsi drives and that's what it looks like it's setup to look for
[22-Feb-2008 16:40:21] <tabularasa> no, that shoudlnt make a difference
[22-Feb-2008 16:40:25] <tabularasa> im running the same setup
[22-Feb-2008 16:40:29] <tabularasa> comes up fine for me
[22-Feb-2008 16:40:44] <tabularasa> when you first boot it, it askes to create a new ID, did you say, create?
[22-Feb-2008 16:51:37] <duncan> any idea what might cause zenperf to die with this error:  ERROR:zen.zenperfsnmp:Error loading devices: [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): twisted.spread.pb.PBConnectionLost: [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): twisted.internet.error.ConnectionLost: Connection to the other side was lost in a non-clean fashion: Connection lost.
[22-Feb-2008 16:51:54] <duncan> it only stays up for about 5 to 10 seconds and then kicks the bucket
[22-Feb-2008 16:52:02] <duncan> I couldn't find anything in the forums about it
[22-Feb-2008 16:58:47] <tabularasa> why does the date on the shell not match the Zenoss server time ?
[22-Feb-2008 17:26:37] <Rabbatt> sorry had to take care of a few it doesn't ask to do anything tab....I imported the files into the vmware server and powered on the virtual zenoss machine and it just says "GRUB" and stays there
[22-Feb-2008 17:28:12] <tabularasa> import?  no, dont do that
[22-Feb-2008 17:28:18] <tabularasa> just "open" it and point to the vmx file
[22-Feb-2008 17:29:30] <Rabbatt> hmm, I'll try that
[22-Feb-2008 17:30:51] <Rabbatt> nope, shows the VMWare boot screen and then goes to GRUB _
[22-Feb-2008 17:31:00] <tabularasa> yeah, just copy the entire contents of the enspeed directory into a new folder under your virtual machine directory.  should be like 5 files
[22-Feb-2008 17:31:04] <Rabbatt> can't type or do anything
[22-Feb-2008 17:31:14] <tabularasa> well, if you already imported it, it probably overwrote some of the settings
[22-Feb-2008 17:31:16] <tabularasa> do you still have the original zip file?
[22-Feb-2008 17:31:20] <Rabbatt> ya
[22-Feb-2008 17:31:38] <tabularasa> create a new directory in your virtual machine directory, unzip the files fresh into there, then open the vmx file
[22-Feb-2008 17:31:43] <Rabbatt> I'll try that, I'm also downloading a new copy incase it was corrupted somehow
[22-Feb-2008 17:31:52] <tabularasa> should ask you to create a new ID, click "create"
[22-Feb-2008 17:31:52] <tabularasa> then should boot right up
[22-Feb-2008 17:32:04] <tabularasa> yeah, might as well start with a clean slate... heh
[22-Feb-2008 17:32:51] <Rabbatt> only 2 files in the zip archive correct? just the vmx and the vmdk?
[22-Feb-2008 17:35:53] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[22-Feb-2008 17:41:38] <Rabbatt> looks like it's booting up, the iptablesv6 and iptables failed...waiting for the eth0 config to fail since I don't do dhcp
[22-Feb-2008 17:42:10] <tabularasa> Rabbatt: no.. there should be like 5 files
[22-Feb-2008 17:43:15] <tabularasa>
[22-Feb-2008 17:44:06] <Rabbatt> hmm...what the heck
[22-Feb-2008 17:44:12] <Rabbatt> is that the windows appliace or linux?
[22-Feb-2008 17:44:17] <Rabbatt> appliance*
[22-Feb-2008 17:44:43] <tabularasa> windows i think... it runs on CentOS in my VMWare Server
[22-Feb-2008 17:45:41] <Rabbatt> right, well I d/l the windows appliance as well, it only has those 2 files in it
[22-Feb-2008 17:46:33] <tabularasa> it looks like it points to the same file
[22-Feb-2008 17:46:45] <tabularasa>
[22-Feb-2008 17:46:47] <tabularasa> thats what i used
[22-Feb-2008 17:46:48] <tabularasa> grab that
[22-Feb-2008 17:46:52] <adytum-bot> Title: Welcome to Thinsy Corporation (at
[22-Feb-2008 17:51:53] <Rabbatt> is that for VMWare ESX?
[22-Feb-2008 17:52:13] <tabularasa> doesnt matter
[22-Feb-2008 17:52:20] <tabularasa> it opens on server/workstaion/player, etc
[22-Feb-2008 17:52:34] <tabularasa> its just a vmx... god bless vmware's portability
[22-Feb-2008 18:19:58] <Rabbatt> brb
[22-Feb-2008 18:41:17] <purevol> what is the point of vmware?
[22-Feb-2008 19:29:08] <ke4qqq> anyone seen klinstifen recently?
[22-Feb-2008 19:35:58] <tabularasa> purevol: hardware efficiency maxamized
[22-Feb-2008 21:23:36] <bmunger> i have an issue i dont know how to resolve.  I have a switch monitored by snmp and it has a lot of yellow events with things like Lee Campus Core Switch vlan-2-net-32 threshold of Utilization 75 perc exceeded: current value 0.96
[22-Feb-2008 21:23:55] <bmunger> i want to know how i can change the threshold or disable that certain check
[22-Feb-2008 21:24:30] <bmunger> its a 7 year old switch i know its overloaded but all i care about is that its running at all
[22-Feb-2008 21:43:06] <Axis> finally got that virtual appliance running
[22-Feb-2008 21:43:15] <Axis> everything seems to be working right
[22-Feb-2008 21:43:51] <Axis> there must have been something I was loading in my Centos5 install that was preventing zenoss from finishing the install
[22-Feb-2008 21:47:18] <KillMeNow> were you installing via RPM or source?
[22-Feb-2008 21:47:56] <purevol> irc is awesome!
[22-Feb-2008 21:48:56] <Axis> I tried both rpm and source
[22-Feb-2008 21:49:17] <Axis> it froze every time at the Loading initial objects into the database
[22-Feb-2008 21:49:32] <Axis> it would stay there literally for days until I hit control c to cancel it
[22-Feb-2008 22:03:05] <KillMeNow> did you by chance have IPTables enabled and the config's using the outside IP address instead of internal?
[22-Feb-2008 22:03:12] <KillMeNow> or SElinux?
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[23-Feb-2008 05:03:05] <T_Lau> hi
[23-Feb-2008 05:21:28] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Advogato blog for oubiwann - Twisted News Resources and Divmod Sprint at PyCon - 21 Feb, 10:03PM
[23-Feb-2008 05:21:29] <adytum-bot>
[23-Feb-2008 06:45:32] <T_Lau> anyone nafk
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[23-Feb-2008 23:03:40] <dnice> Is snmp informant still required for zenwin to work?
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[24-Feb-2008 17:44:38] <laleger> does anyone know how to get zenoss to recognize the IP addresses of Cisco ASA's during the modelling process?
[24-Feb-2008 18:45:55] <laleger> anyone here use zenoss with asa firewalls?
[24-Feb-2008 18:46:12] <laleger> or pix firewalls
[24-Feb-2008 18:47:19] <laleger> for some reason ip addresses are not being detected with the interface names during the modeler process
[24-Feb-2008 18:47:40] <laleger> although if i do an snmpwalk i can see the ip addresses
[24-Feb-2008 20:03:52] indradg is now known as idg|Zzzz
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[25-Feb-2008 05:22:32] <adytum-bot>
[25-Feb-2008 10:00:42] Xander7 is now known as Xander77
[25-Feb-2008 10:23:40] <Xander77> I have a graph that measures number of concurrent connections to MySQL, so clearly it is always an integer. When I graph it, it is often not a whole number. Its reading 4.82 at the moment
[25-Feb-2008 10:24:21] <Xander77> i.e. the 'cur' reading says 4.82
[25-Feb-2008 10:24:28] <Xander77> Is there anything I can do about this
[25-Feb-2008 10:25:33] <Xander77> zencommand logs show that it definitely is reading a whole number: zen.RRDUtil: /opt/zenoss/perf/Devices/zapp/mysql_Threads_connected.rrd: 4.0
[25-Feb-2008 14:16:01] <[Wiebel]> ola
[25-Feb-2008 14:16:10] <[Wiebel]> is it just me or are the traphic stats the other way around?
[25-Feb-2008 14:16:13] <[Wiebel]> in zenoss 2.1.2
[25-Feb-2008 14:16:21] <Xander77> Yeah I noticed that a while back
[25-Feb-2008 14:16:28] <[Wiebel]> ok
[25-Feb-2008 14:16:29] <Xander77> The labels are the wrong way around
[25-Feb-2008 14:16:30] <[Wiebel]> then it's not me
[25-Feb-2008 14:16:52] <Xander77> that confused me for quite a while
[25-Feb-2008 14:18:15] <[Wiebel]>
[25-Feb-2008 14:18:28] <[Wiebel]> the labels where wrong?
[25-Feb-2008 14:18:38] <[Wiebel]> what labels exactly?
[25-Feb-2008 14:18:54] <[Wiebel]> and was this only for traphic or packets and errors as wel?
[25-Feb-2008 14:19:06] <Xander77> /Devices  /Templates  /ethernetCsmacd  /Throughput  /ifInOctets
[25-Feb-2008 14:19:21] <Xander77> /Devices  /Templates  /ethernetCsmacd  /Throughput  /ifOutOctets
[25-Feb-2008 14:19:23] <Xander77> i think thats right
[25-Feb-2008 14:19:36] <Xander77> err think it was just the throughput graph
[25-Feb-2008 14:19:42] <[Wiebel]> ah yeah
[25-Feb-2008 14:19:44] <[Wiebel]> i see it now
[25-Feb-2008 14:19:55] <Xander77> as far as I remember, the reason I finally noticed was because the SNMP names gave it away abit
[25-Feb-2008 14:20:50] <Xander77> like it was 'ifInOcts' with the label 'Outbound'. Something definitely wrong there
[25-Feb-2008 14:21:49] <Xander77> Have you ever had a problem when you are measuring Integer values (like MySQL current connections), and the graphs are showing values that aren't whole numbers
[25-Feb-2008 14:23:05] <Xander77> I have a server that has 2.08 connections. As in, it says 'cur: 2.08' in the summary for the graph
[25-Feb-2008 15:03:29] <duncan> I'm trying to debug a problem with the reports and I'm not sure where to begin.. any of the reports that came with zenoss produce a blank page when I click on them.  They were working before I used zenrestore to import the data from a previous installation.  But after the import they don't seem to work at all.  I can create new custom reports that work fine however.
[25-Feb-2008 15:09:06] <duncan> Can someone send me a link for editing a standard report, like the all device report.  When I click on the report I get nothing, the view source is blank and it's just a white page.
[25-Feb-2008 15:35:05] <Xander77> I don't know much abotu reports, but as far as I can see there is no 'edit' for the all device report
[25-Feb-2008 16:03:00] <corrupt> hey twm you here?
[25-Feb-2008 16:03:02] corrupt is now known as jb
[25-Feb-2008 17:53:20] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[25-Feb-2008 17:54:15] <bmunger> i have a solaris device with snmpd started but it doesnt show the used/free bytes for the filesystem
[25-Feb-2008 17:54:32] <bmunger> is there something i can do to enable that feature i assume it has to do with permissions on the solaris snmpd service
[25-Feb-2008 21:10:52] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[25-Feb-2008 21:19:40] <idea4gud> hi guyz
[25-Feb-2008 21:20:00] <idea4gud> i am tryin to install Zenoss on Centos 5
[25-Feb-2008 21:20:49] <idea4gud> but i do rpm -Uvh it says is needed
[25-Feb-2008 21:21:19] <idea4gud> can any help me plz
[25-Feb-2008 21:24:08] <idea4gud> any1 there in the room
[25-Feb-2008 21:26:17] <ke4qqq> idea4gud, yum install mysql
[25-Feb-2008 21:26:44] <ke4qqq> that's assuming that you are using a mysql box elsewhere, if not you need to install mysql-server as well
[25-Feb-2008 21:27:19] <idea4gud> no prlm is tht i dont hav internet Access on my machine
[25-Feb-2008 21:27:32] <idea4gud> So i do yum local install but also it doesnt work out
[25-Feb-2008 21:31:07] <idea4gud> so i downloaded i rpm on my machine i am tryin to rpm -Uvh but it says this error
[25-Feb-2008 22:51:10] <roadies> I just loaded version 2.1.2 and find the network map function doesnt work, no map comes up and the subnet configuration window that was present for the beta release isnt there.  Any idea?
[25-Feb-2008 23:01:33] <roadies> anyone have network map working with 2.1.2
[25-Feb-2008 23:51:54] <roadies> anyone around for a zenhub question
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[26-Feb-2008 01:22:28] Spec is now known as x-spec-t
[26-Feb-2008 02:30:48] * locohost brushes the dust off of xchat and joins an irc channel for the first time in months
[26-Feb-2008 03:13:54] * locohost1 points at his homegrown cmdb and gives zenoss a shifty glance
[26-Feb-2008 05:23:04] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Advogato blog for oubiwann - Twisted News Resources and Divmod Sprint at PyCon - 21 Feb, 10:03PM
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[26-Feb-2008 16:54:05] x-spec-t is now known as Spec
[26-Feb-2008 17:47:26] <bmunger> can someone explain why the filesystem usage on my unix servers appear as unknown
[26-Feb-2008 17:49:00] <bmunger> i dont understand why theres 34 people here and nobody around to help with any questions people have
[26-Feb-2008 17:59:55] <bmunger> damn it people
[26-Feb-2008 18:08:17] Spec is now known as {Spec}
[26-Feb-2008 18:25:38] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: what is your issue (besides being impatient)?
[26-Feb-2008 18:28:57] {Spec} is now known as Spec
[26-Feb-2008 18:28:57] <bmunger> hehe
[26-Feb-2008 18:29:11] <bmunger> well the system i have added which is solaris 10 does not show filesystem usage
[26-Feb-2008 18:29:15] <bmunger> just total space
[26-Feb-2008 18:29:39] Spec is now known as {Spec}
[26-Feb-2008 18:29:51] <bmunger> ive been looking at it most of the day today
[26-Feb-2008 18:30:16] <bmunger> i had that issue on the vmware esx server i added but once i specified the ssh command login/password it seemed to work
[26-Feb-2008 18:31:29] <bmunger> also i hadded about 20 some switches and a few of them are constantly up and down
[26-Feb-2008 18:31:56] <bmunger> id like to adjust the timeout or sensitivity of the checks, ive looked at the zproperties but it doesnt seem to do anything
[26-Feb-2008 18:32:09] <bmunger> err doesnt seem to have that setting
[26-Feb-2008 18:33:38] <bmunger> Bulwinkle: any ideas?
[26-Feb-2008 18:34:17] {Spec} is now known as Spec
[26-Feb-2008 18:35:50] <bmunger> oh and most of the performance graphs dont work and the ones that do have a missing rrd file error on it
[26-Feb-2008 18:36:09] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: when did you start using ZenOSS?
[26-Feb-2008 18:36:20] <bmunger> last friday
[26-Feb-2008 18:36:53] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: where do you want to start?
[26-Feb-2008 18:37:09] <bmunger> filesystem monitoring
[26-Feb-2008 18:37:39] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: have you looked in the forums?
[26-Feb-2008 18:37:42] <bmunger> yes
[26-Feb-2008 18:37:45] <bmunger> and google
[26-Feb-2008 18:37:52] <bmunger> nothing useful
[26-Feb-2008 18:38:17] <bmunger> ive made the changes to the smtpd.conf as requested
[26-Feb-2008 18:38:24] <bmunger> that changed nothing even after remodel
[26-Feb-2008 18:38:38] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: what version of ZenOSS?
[26-Feb-2008 18:38:57] <bmunger> 2.1.2
[26-Feb-2008 18:39:27] <bmunger> on rhel 5.1 x86_64
[26-Feb-2008 18:39:36] <bmunger> using the rpm package
[26-Feb-2008 18:39:47] <Bulwinkle> and you don't have util?
[26-Feb-2008 18:39:58] <bmunger> util?
[26-Feb-2008 18:40:59] <bmunger> i have the mount point, total bytes, unknown used bytes, unknown free bytes and untknown %
[26-Feb-2008 18:41:35] <Bulwinkle> Oh, I see, its not even pulling values....
[26-Feb-2008 18:41:50] <bmunger> its got the mount points and total bytes populated
[26-Feb-2008 18:41:57] <bmunger> just unknown for everything else
[26-Feb-2008 18:42:10] <bmunger> shows all 11 drives
[26-Feb-2008 18:42:40] <bmunger> does it pull this information from snmp or ssh?
[26-Feb-2008 18:42:53] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: snmp
[26-Feb-2008 18:44:01] <bmunger> ok
[26-Feb-2008 18:44:44] <Bulwinkle> bmunger:  looks like there is no support for used disk space
[26-Feb-2008 18:44:56] <Bulwinkle> since solaris doesn't use the standard mibs
[26-Feb-2008 18:45:04] <adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - Solaris 9 (at
[26-Feb-2008 18:46:03] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: I don't have a Solaris server at my disposal or I may be more help
[26-Feb-2008 18:46:23] <bmunger> hmm
[26-Feb-2008 18:46:55] <bmunger> well i use solaris 10 on this specific server but i do have others on solaris 9
[26-Feb-2008 18:47:20] <bmunger> and filesystem utilization is of highest concern working with some very old hardware in production environment
[26-Feb-2008 18:47:57] <bmunger> this isnt good
[26-Feb-2008 18:48:17] <bmunger> i will probably have to find another product
[26-Feb-2008 18:48:47] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: sounds like it if you're not interested in putting any effort in to figuring it out for yourself....
[26-Feb-2008 18:49:30] <bmunger> if its possible i will put the effort into making it work but if its a core issue that requires code rewrite im not willing to spend the time to do that, i just have too many other responsibilities
[26-Feb-2008 18:49:33] <Bulwinkle> I've had tons of little things like that come up and I have to just figure them out
[26-Feb-2008 18:49:58] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: any NMS requires some out-of-the-box customizations
[26-Feb-2008 18:50:52] <bmunger> setting customizations im sure but not rewriting the core daemons
[26-Feb-2008 18:51:28] <bmunger> its not like im asking this product to do something really off the wall, its just filesystem monitoring which its supposed to do
[26-Feb-2008 18:51:37] <bmunger> i can live with the other issues
[26-Feb-2008 18:52:39] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: have you even looked at how it is being done now?  There is a template in the /device/Server section.  It is using that to monitor filesystems for several different OSs (including Solaris)
[26-Feb-2008 18:53:06] <bmunger> i looked at a template called "Device"
[26-Feb-2008 18:53:11] <bmunger> thats the only one i have seen
[26-Feb-2008 18:53:42] <bmunger> but im not an expert at snmp
[26-Feb-2008 18:54:45] <bmunger> the templates available are Device, IpService, OSProcess, WinService, ethernetCsmacd, ethernetCsmacd_64
[26-Feb-2008 18:56:17] <bmunger> i have a meeting to go to, i will be back soon, thanks for the help so far i think you have pointed me in a direction that could be helpful
[26-Feb-2008 19:18:13] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[26-Feb-2008 19:22:28] <kgoedte1> bmunger: you probably want to use net-snmpd not the one that is default in sol10
[26-Feb-2008 19:22:41] <kgoedte1> it will provide you with much better info
[26-Feb-2008 19:37:45] <Xenobyte_> hello
[26-Feb-2008 19:38:49] <Xenobyte_> i have a little problem, in the pictures i see MISSING RRD FILE
[26-Feb-2008 19:40:04] <Xenobyte_> it generates an picture, only not with the data
[26-Feb-2008 20:05:34] <Bulwinkle> Xenobyte_: what devices?
[26-Feb-2008 20:05:50] <Xenobyte_> all
[26-Feb-2008 20:06:21] <Xenobyte_> which program generates the rdd files?
[26-Feb-2008 20:06:29] <Xenobyte_> rddtool i think
[26-Feb-2008 20:06:32] <Bulwinkle> Xenobyte_: yes
[26-Feb-2008 20:06:52] <Xenobyte_> ok, and what file is requesting the rddtool to do so?
[26-Feb-2008 20:06:54] <Bulwinkle> Xenobyte_: are you having problems with Cisco devices, Windows Devices?
[26-Feb-2008 20:07:18] <Xenobyte_> windows, linux, lancom routers
[26-Feb-2008 20:07:46] <Bulwinkle> Xenobyte_:  make sure you're using the right version of SNMP first
[26-Feb-2008 20:09:38] <Xenobyte_> ok
[26-Feb-2008 20:10:21] <Bulwinkle> Xenobyte_: then make sure that your templates are using the right OIDs to pull their information
[26-Feb-2008 20:11:28] <Xenobyte_> ok well i have a swich here
[26-Feb-2008 20:11:35] <Xenobyte_> the snmp is working fine
[26-Feb-2008 20:11:37] <Xenobyte_> AT-GS950/16 1000 Mbps Ethernet Network Interface 1
[26-Feb-2008 20:11:43] <Xenobyte_> it gives me all the data
[26-Feb-2008 20:11:51] <Xenobyte_>  MAC Address 00:15:77:56:EF:B3
[26-Feb-2008 20:12:10] <Xenobyte_> but no graphics
[26-Feb-2008 20:12:45] <Xenobyte_> very strange
[26-Feb-2008 20:13:12] <Bulwinkle> Xenobyte_: depends on the switch's OIDs ....
[26-Feb-2008 20:13:34] <Bulwinkle> Xenobyte_: it has the graphs and then says missing RRD file at the bottom right?
[26-Feb-2008 20:13:43] <Xenobyte_> yes correct
[26-Feb-2008 20:13:49] <Xenobyte_> bottom left
[26-Feb-2008 20:13:54] <Bulwinkle> Xenobyte_: what version of SNMP are you polling with?
[26-Feb-2008 20:14:07] <Xenobyte_> i think v2
[26-Feb-2008 20:14:15] <Xenobyte_> where can i see that?
[26-Feb-2008 20:14:20] <Bulwinkle> Xenobyte_: double check if you don't mind
[26-Feb-2008 20:14:52] <Bulwinkle> Xenobyte_: that is the only time I've seen that on my system...  if I'm using SNMPv2 counters with SNMPv1 or vice versa
[26-Feb-2008 20:17:11] <Xenobyte_> ok, looking for it
[26-Feb-2008 20:17:16] <Xenobyte_> i see tag number
[26-Feb-2008 20:17:24] <Xenobyte_> but thats not the version i think
[26-Feb-2008 20:18:41] <Bulwinkle> Xenobyte_: go to /devices and look in xProperties...
[26-Feb-2008 20:18:48] <Bulwinkle> zProperties
[26-Feb-2008 20:19:06] <Bulwinkle> zSNMPver
[26-Feb-2008 20:19:53] <Xenobyte_> ok was version 1
[26-Feb-2008 20:19:56] <Xenobyte_> changed it to v2c
[26-Feb-2008 20:20:46] <Bulwinkle> Xenobyte_: go ahead and restart your zenperfsnmp process just for grins (shouldn't require it)
[26-Feb-2008 20:22:00] <Bulwinkle> Xenobyte_: did you change your template to the 64bit counter template for csmac?
[26-Feb-2008 20:22:24] <Xenobyte_> ehm nope, what that?
[26-Feb-2008 20:23:03] <Bulwinkle> nevermind....   the 64bit counters are strictly v2c
[26-Feb-2008 20:23:19] <Bulwinkle> Xenobyte_: the graphs should show up in about 15mins if that worked
[26-Feb-2008 20:23:20] <Xenobyte_> still same problem
[26-Feb-2008 20:23:23] <Xenobyte_> ah
[26-Feb-2008 20:23:23] <Xenobyte_> ok
[26-Feb-2008 20:23:26] <Xenobyte_> then i wait
[26-Feb-2008 20:23:29] <Xenobyte_> thank you
[26-Feb-2008 20:23:35] <Xenobyte_> sounds very good
[26-Feb-2008 20:23:39] <Xenobyte_> i think you are right
[26-Feb-2008 20:25:28] <Bulwinkle> Xenobyte_: circle back with me and let me know if that didn't fix it
[26-Feb-2008 20:35:59] <bearkat2010> does anyone ever have the issue of when you select the device list through the web login it logs the user off?
[26-Feb-2008 20:36:23] <bmunger> hmm nope hasnt happened to me
[26-Feb-2008 20:36:27] <bmunger> cookies maybe
[26-Feb-2008 20:37:21] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: did you look under /devices/server template?  There is a file template in there
[26-Feb-2008 20:37:49] <bmunger> theres only a few templates
[26-Feb-2008 20:37:59] <bmunger> which one, the template called "Device?
[26-Feb-2008 20:38:50] <Bulwinkle> no, under that container /devices/Servers .....
[26-Feb-2008 20:38:52] <bmunger> says "Net-SNMP template for late vintage unix device.  Has CPU threshold."
[26-Feb-2008 20:38:58] <Bulwinkle> look in the templates
[26-Feb-2008 20:39:00] <bmunger> i am
[26-Feb-2008 20:39:07] <Bulwinkle> under thta
[26-Feb-2008 20:39:12] <Bulwinkle> t<>a
[26-Feb-2008 20:39:18] <Bulwinkle> FileSystem
[26-Feb-2008 20:39:31] <bmunger> ah yes
[26-Feb-2008 20:39:32] <bmunger> ok
[26-Feb-2008 20:39:48] <Bulwinkle> That is what is pulling your file system stuff...  I would go with the earlier suggestion of using net-snmp
[26-Feb-2008 20:39:50] <bmunger> do i just need to add/modify the datasource?
[26-Feb-2008 20:39:56] <bearkat2010> so yeah erased cookies and that didn't help nothing
[26-Feb-2008 20:40:04] <bmunger> i looked at the snmpd on solaris 10 it is net-snmp
[26-Feb-2008 20:40:16] <bmunger> bearkat2010: did you try another machine/browser
[26-Feb-2008 20:40:38] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: looks like it isn't using the same mibs then
[26-Feb-2008 20:41:24] <bearkat2010> yeah tried 3 machines and multiple userd
[26-Feb-2008 20:41:27] <bearkat2010> s**
[26-Feb-2008 20:41:40] <bearkat2010> just got it using ldap against my network for user login
[26-Feb-2008 20:42:00] <Bulwinkle> bearkat2010: heheh...  look there for starters
[26-Feb-2008 20:42:01] <bmunger> Bulwinkle: as i am new to snmp, what exactly is mibs?
[26-Feb-2008 20:42:29] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: the translation table between OIDs and system resources....
[26-Feb-2008 20:42:47] <bearkat2010> Bulwinkle, look where for starters? my ldap setup?
[26-Feb-2008 20:43:02] <bmunger> ok
[26-Feb-2008 20:43:23] <bmunger> and these are files located in an area that snmpd has access to
[26-Feb-2008 20:43:28] <Bulwinkle> bearkat2010: yes, if it was working before the LDAP stuff, that is probably what broke it
[26-Feb-2008 20:43:52] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: yes, in Linux it is /var/lib/snmp/MIBS
[26-Feb-2008 20:43:56] <Bulwinkle> usually
[26-Feb-2008 20:44:33] <bmunger> yea searching solaris for that
[26-Feb-2008 20:45:15] <bmunger> they are .txt files
[26-Feb-2008 20:45:44] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: yeah, they are, they don't have to have a .txt extension but they are just flat files
[26-Feb-2008 20:46:14] <bmunger> is there something i can modify there
[26-Feb-2008 20:46:36] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: hmmm  not really
[26-Feb-2008 20:46:51] <Bulwinkle> if it is really using net-snmp all of the OIDs you need should be there
[26-Feb-2008 20:47:01] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: are you familiar with snmpwalk?
[26-Feb-2008 20:47:32] <bmunger> i know thats what zenoss uses in modeling
[26-Feb-2008 20:47:35] <bmunger> and i heard of it before
[26-Feb-2008 20:47:42] <bmunger> but i never used it standalone before
[26-Feb-2008 20:48:21] <Bulwinkle> get to know how to use it, it will be your best friend
[26-Feb-2008 20:48:33] <bmunger> interesting i found another snmpd.conf maybe i was changing the wrong one this entire time
[26-Feb-2008 20:55:23] <bmunger> hm
[26-Feb-2008 21:01:43] <Bulwinkle> Xenobyte_: are you getting your graphs now?
[26-Feb-2008 21:06:31] <bmunger> Bulwinkle: would this be the correct format for snmpwalk: snmpwalk -v 2c -c public usedBlocks
[26-Feb-2008 21:06:48] <bmunger> i used system at the end to bring up a lot of information
[26-Feb-2008 21:07:11] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: that OID probably wont return anything but the rest of the syntax is correct.
[26-Feb-2008 21:07:47] <bmunger> ok yea it doesnt
[26-Feb-2008 21:08:14] <Bulwinkle> if you look at your FileSystem template it contains OIDs
[26-Feb-2008 21:08:17] <bmunger> but im trying to figure out since the filesystem template lists usedBlocks as a datasource with a number im wondering if thats the OID in the datasource it is trying to use
[26-Feb-2008 21:08:18] <Bulwinkle> .x.x.x.x.x.x
[26-Feb-2008 21:08:27] <bmunger> oh i can use that number
[26-Feb-2008 21:08:33] <Bulwinkle> yes, that is the OID
[26-Feb-2008 21:09:13] <bmunger> it returns values
[26-Feb-2008 21:09:18] <bmunger> integer values
[26-Feb-2008 21:09:39] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: sounds like it works then
[26-Feb-2008 21:09:41] <bmunger> HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageUsed.2 = INTEGER: 281660
[26-Feb-2008 21:09:48] <bmunger> like a bunch of those
[26-Feb-2008 21:09:50] <bmunger> right
[26-Feb-2008 21:09:53] <bmunger> so whats wrong with zenoss then
[26-Feb-2008 21:09:54] <Bulwinkle> yep
[26-Feb-2008 21:10:20] <Bulwinkle> nothing is wrong with ZenOSS, may be your config
[26-Feb-2008 21:10:29] <Bulwinkle> are you sure you're using SNMP version 2?
[26-Feb-2008 21:10:38] <bmunger> let me look
[26-Feb-2008 21:11:09] <Bulwinkle> do you know where to find it in ZenOSS
[26-Feb-2008 21:11:19] <bmunger> i remember it was in the add device screen
[26-Feb-2008 21:11:23] <bmunger> but its not in the edit
[26-Feb-2008 21:11:25] <bmunger> do i have to readd it
[26-Feb-2008 21:11:39] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: no, look under /devices zProperties tab
[26-Feb-2008 21:11:50] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: select it globally, zSNMPver
[26-Feb-2008 21:12:17] <bmunger> zSnmpVer v2c
[26-Feb-2008 21:12:42] <bmunger> should i try 3?
[26-Feb-2008 21:12:46] <Bulwinkle> no
[26-Feb-2008 21:12:49] <bmunger> ok
[26-Feb-2008 21:12:53] <Bulwinkle> unless you really know what you're doing.
[26-Feb-2008 21:12:58] <bmunger> not really
[26-Feb-2008 21:13:25] <Bulwinkle> that is the default for all devices.  If you specified something different when you added a device it will be different under the device's zProperties
[26-Feb-2008 21:13:28] <Bulwinkle> make sense?
[26-Feb-2008 21:13:41] <bmunger> right
[26-Feb-2008 21:13:44] <bmunger> i didnt change the default
[26-Feb-2008 21:14:00] <Bulwinkle> okay, then it should be v2c
[26-Feb-2008 21:14:13] <Bulwinkle> which you know works from your snmpwalk
[26-Feb-2008 21:14:33] <bmunger> right
[26-Feb-2008 21:16:34] <bmunger> the model device seems to work i dont get any errors
[26-Feb-2008 21:17:43] <bearkat2010> so what configs do i need to look at to determine why its timing out so quick for the zope?
[26-Feb-2008 21:17:54] <bearkat2010> for my ldap query
[26-Feb-2008 21:18:13] <bmunger> wish i could help dude im not experienced in zenoss yet
[26-Feb-2008 21:18:42] <bearkat2010> thats cool man i appreciate that anyway
[26-Feb-2008 21:19:44] <bmunger> bulwinkle is the only one here that can help
[26-Feb-2008 21:21:33] <Bulwinkle> bearkat2010: sorry, I'm not familiar with Zope....
[26-Feb-2008 21:21:56] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: when you model the device are you setting the device type?
[26-Feb-2008 21:22:07] <bmunger> yes Server/Solaris
[26-Feb-2008 21:22:13] <Bulwinkle> okay
[26-Feb-2008 21:23:07] <bmunger> i wonder if any of the daemon logs would be useful to look at
[26-Feb-2008 21:23:13] <bmunger> but theres like 20 of them or something
[26-Feb-2008 21:23:26] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: sorry, i've got no experience with Solaris
[26-Feb-2008 21:23:44] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: I'd just keep on looking around and see if you can find something
[26-Feb-2008 21:24:28] <bmunger> yea this is going on the third day of looking around but i got a lot more information now from you
[26-Feb-2008 21:24:47] <bmunger> pretty much proving that the snmpd on the solaris machine is fine
[26-Feb-2008 21:25:07] <bmunger> something is wrong with zenoss i mean most of the stuff doesnt work
[26-Feb-2008 21:25:18] <bmunger> most graphs dont work like i said
[26-Feb-2008 21:26:07] <bmunger> im getting email flooded by a particular switch thats going up and down every 3 minutes
[26-Feb-2008 21:26:09] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: are all of your daemons running?
[26-Feb-2008 21:26:09] <bmunger> but its not really
[26-Feb-2008 21:26:09] <bmunger> yes
[26-Feb-2008 21:26:41] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: is your zenoss server on the same segment as your servers?
[26-Feb-2008 21:26:57] <bmunger> some of them yes
[26-Feb-2008 21:27:06] <bmunger> this one im looking at now, yes
[26-Feb-2008 21:27:21] <Bulwinkle> lets focus on that one then...
[26-Feb-2008 21:27:28] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: try to remodel it
[26-Feb-2008 21:28:55] <bmunger> i do everytime i change something
[26-Feb-2008 21:29:13] <bmunger> i tried v1 and v3 snmp
[26-Feb-2008 21:29:16] <bmunger> no difference
[26-Feb-2008 21:29:47] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: you shouldn't remodel it every time....
[26-Feb-2008 21:30:49] <bmunger> i do it to be sure the changes take affect
[26-Feb-2008 21:31:06] <bmunger> because for some reason its not collecting that data
[26-Feb-2008 21:32:52] <bmunger> i think i may have found the problem
[26-Feb-2008 21:33:07] <bmunger> the template filesystem was not in the actual server
[26-Feb-2008 21:33:13] <bmunger> but its in the server and solaris group
[26-Feb-2008 21:33:37] <bmunger> nm wishful thinking
[26-Feb-2008 21:34:21] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: all of the devices in the container will get the templates
[26-Feb-2008 21:34:28] <bmunger> well it only had device
[26-Feb-2008 21:35:10] <Bulwinkle> Yeah...  under its local template it will only have its own template (device)....
[26-Feb-2008 21:35:17] <bmunger> ok
[26-Feb-2008 21:36:57] <Bulwinkle> try this: snmpwalk -v2c -cpublic -On
[26-Feb-2008 21:38:25] <bmunger> ok it returns ths same values only it uses the OID numbers
[26-Feb-2008 21:38:41] <Bulwinkle> okay....  so we know that works
[26-Feb-2008 21:39:01] <Bulwinkle> go ahead and delete the device and add it in again
[26-Feb-2008 21:39:05] <bmunger> i just did
[26-Feb-2008 21:39:16] <bmunger> after i added that template i decided to try and start over
[26-Feb-2008 21:39:19] <bmunger> no change
[26-Feb-2008 21:40:28] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: let me look around
[26-Feb-2008 21:41:27] <bmunger> i would give you access but this machine is not internet accessible
[26-Feb-2008 21:41:48] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: do this for me, where is your zenoss install?  /opt/zenoss?
[26-Feb-2008 21:41:59] <bmunger> yes
[26-Feb-2008 21:42:33] <bearkat2010> twm1010, you have any experience with zope?
[26-Feb-2008 21:42:49] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: go to /opt/zenoss/perf/Devices/
[26-Feb-2008 21:42:56] <Bulwinkle> look for your server
[26-Feb-2008 21:43:15] <Bulwinkle> should have its own directory
[26-Feb-2008 21:43:47] <bmunger> ok its got an os directory and....a pickle file hah
[26-Feb-2008 21:44:16] <Bulwinkle> in the os dir it should have 2 additional dirs
[26-Feb-2008 21:44:41] <Bulwinkle> filesystem and interfaces
[26-Feb-2008 21:44:44] <bmunger> processes/usr_lib_ssh_sshd
[26-Feb-2008 21:44:55] <bmunger> neither of those exist
[26-Feb-2008 21:45:01] <Bulwinkle> they definitely should
[26-Feb-2008 21:45:21] <Bulwinkle> who owns those directories?
[26-Feb-2008 21:45:42] <bmunger> zenoss:zenoss
[26-Feb-2008 21:46:11] <bmunger> im noticing in perf
[26-Feb-2008 21:46:16] <bmunger> theres directory names of things i renamed
[26-Feb-2008 21:46:23] <bmunger> and what they were renamed to as well
[26-Feb-2008 21:46:35] <Bulwinkle> yeah, that will do that....
[26-Feb-2008 21:46:46] <Bulwinkle> they will eventually drop out (supposedly)
[26-Feb-2008 21:46:51] <bmunger> ok
[26-Feb-2008 21:47:20] <bmunger> any ideas why im missing filesystem and interfaces
[26-Feb-2008 21:47:20] <Bulwinkle> something isn't firing on your system correctly
[26-Feb-2008 21:47:26] <bmunger> heh
[26-Feb-2008 21:47:36] <bmunger> should i restart the zenoss service
[26-Feb-2008 21:47:42] <Bulwinkle> one sec
[26-Feb-2008 21:48:24] <Bulwinkle> yeah, go ahead and do a /opt/zenoss/bin/zenoss stop as zenoss
[26-Feb-2008 21:48:38] <bmunger> i think i can do service zenoss restart
[26-Feb-2008 21:48:50] <bmunger> you think thats better?
[26-Feb-2008 21:49:09] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: yes...  you want to try to do as much as possible as the zenoss user.
[26-Feb-2008 21:49:31] <bmunger> ok services stopping
[26-Feb-2008 21:49:39] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: zenoss does EVERYTHING as zenoss...  if you can't do it as zenoss then you know where to start
[26-Feb-2008 21:49:59] <bmunger> ok
[26-Feb-2008 21:50:02] <bmunger> all services stopped
[26-Feb-2008 21:50:20] <Bulwinkle> try /opt/zenoss/bin/zenoss start
[26-Feb-2008 21:51:37] <bmunger> all started
[26-Feb-2008 21:52:20] <Bulwinkle> okay, lets leave everything alone for a while and see if those directories get created.
[26-Feb-2008 21:52:28] <bmunger> ok
[26-Feb-2008 21:52:28] <Bulwinkle> shouldn't take longer than 5 mins
[26-Feb-2008 21:53:36] <bmunger> yep they are there
[26-Feb-2008 21:53:39] <bmunger> rrd files in them
[26-Feb-2008 21:53:43] <bmunger> my graphs sorta work now
[26-Feb-2008 21:54:07] <bmunger> but same filesystem issue
[26-Feb-2008 21:54:35] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: give it a few passes...
[26-Feb-2008 21:54:53] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: I usually say 15 minutes will give rrdtool enough time to do its thing
[26-Feb-2008 21:55:17] <Bulwinkle> and on that note, I'm heading home...  I'll be back same time tomorrow (7am CST)...
[26-Feb-2008 21:55:20] <Bulwinkle> TTYL
[26-Feb-2008 21:55:27] <bmunger> rrdtool isnt involved in setting the filesystem usage just graphs i thoguth
[26-Feb-2008 21:55:30] <bmunger> thanks man
[26-Feb-2008 21:55:36] <bmunger> i will keep playing
[26-Feb-2008 21:55:39] <Bulwinkle> cool
[26-Feb-2008 22:02:26] <bmunger> wow it works finally
[26-Feb-2008 22:45:04] <bush|werk> whats the default user/pass for zenoss?
[26-Feb-2008 22:46:57] <monrad> admin/zenoss i think
[26-Feb-2008 22:47:20] <bush|werk> thats what i thought but 'tis no work
[26-Feb-2008 22:51:40] <bush|werk> /home/zenoss/inst/conf/hubpasswd says admin:zenoss but login fails
[26-Feb-2008 22:57:21] <bush|werk> any ideas?
[26-Feb-2008 23:20:06] <Xenobyte_> yes got it working
[26-Feb-2008 23:20:13] <Xenobyte_> my database was corrupt
[26-Feb-2008 23:20:15] <Xenobyte_> thanks
[26-Feb-2008 23:52:11] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
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[27-Feb-2008 05:23:40] <adytum-bot>
[27-Feb-2008 13:26:46] <Joelio> hello chaps
[27-Feb-2008 13:27:40] <Joelio> I'm installing zenoss on a debian etch box.. install's going great, but it seems to be hanging on 'Starting Zope Object Database'
[27-Feb-2008 13:28:11] <Joelio> It's been running for quite a while now.. just outputting .....
[27-Feb-2008 13:28:13] <Joelio> any ideas?
[27-Feb-2008 14:05:21] <Joelio> I'm installing zenoss on a debian etch box.. install's going great, but it seems to be hanging on 'Starting Zope Object Database'.. still there! About and hour in now?
[27-Feb-2008 14:06:25] <Joelio> hmm, just ctrl+c'd it.. seems to be progressing with the rest of the install.. hopefully
[27-Feb-2008 15:05:18] <q2srw77> Any ideas on why Zenoss is using so much Storage?  I'm tracking about 1Gb of disk space used every 5 days.  Is there a way to shrink the logs?
[27-Feb-2008 15:06:26] <Joelio> Didn't work
[27-Feb-2008 15:06:57] <Joelio> I've tried starting the install again and it's hanging on the Starting Zope Object Database part
[27-Feb-2008 15:07:10] <Joelio> anyone encountered this problem before?
[27-Feb-2008 15:25:34] <Joelio> last thing in the build log is "events database created and loaded"
[27-Feb-2008 15:25:43] <Joelio> any ideas guys? really want to test this out
[27-Feb-2008 15:34:14] <twm1010> q2srw: that is not normal mine's been running six months, just over 2GB
[27-Feb-2008 15:35:24] <q2srw77> 2GB DB size?  I do monitor quite a few windows servers, but yeah that seemed quite high to me.
[27-Feb-2008 16:03:48] <q2srw77> I think I found the problem.  The InnoDB isn't capped by default and is quite large now.  Capping it's size in my.cnf.
[27-Feb-2008 17:07:17] <Bulwinkle> is anyone running 2.1.71?
[27-Feb-2008 17:09:06] <Joelio> Anyone give me some pointers to diagnose my problem.. .the script is hanging on the stage 'Starting Zope Object Database'
[27-Feb-2008 17:49:37] <monzie> hi all
[27-Feb-2008 17:49:53] <monzie> Does zenoss support snmpv3 usm?
[27-Feb-2008 18:29:45] <bmunger> hey Bulwinkle those graphs and filesystem usage stats work thanks for the information yesterday
[27-Feb-2008 18:30:16] <bmunger> i do have another issue though, certain switches it keeps saying its going down every 5-15 min or so
[27-Feb-2008 18:30:25] <bmunger> like its been flooding my box
[27-Feb-2008 18:30:27] <bmunger> and they arent going down
[27-Feb-2008 18:30:55] <bmunger> is there any way i can adjust a timeout or something on the ping check
[27-Feb-2008 18:31:46] <twm1010> yeah, search the forum, its not hard
[27-Feb-2008 18:34:28] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: yeah, but a larger issue might be why a ping is failing
[27-Feb-2008 18:34:37] <bmunger> i have a constant ping to the switch
[27-Feb-2008 18:34:45] <bmunger> it hasnt dropped a packet yet
[27-Feb-2008 18:34:53] <bmunger> even from the zenoss ssh console
[27-Feb-2008 18:36:20] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: what is the latency?
[27-Feb-2008 18:38:48] <bmunger> between 4-45ms
[27-Feb-2008 18:38:50] <Bulwinkle> anyone know how I can change the SNMP community string on a bunch of devices at once?
[27-Feb-2008 18:39:22] <bmunger> zproperties on the class?
[27-Feb-2008 18:40:25] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: that applies to if you add the device in to that class
[27-Feb-2008 18:40:44] <bmunger> i was actually trying to answer your question
[27-Feb-2008 18:41:44] <Bulwinkle> yeah, I've tried that one
[27-Feb-2008 18:43:02] <bmunger> i think my graphing crapped out again
[27-Feb-2008 18:43:17] <bmunger> im looking at the graph it only has lines for a little bit then its blank
[27-Feb-2008 18:43:53] <Bulwinkle> check the status of your zenperfmon process
[27-Feb-2008 18:44:06] <idea4gud> hi guyz i have am tryin to install net-snmp-utils rpm
[27-Feb-2008 18:44:14] <bmunger> i just restarted i will try that
[27-Feb-2008 18:45:29] <idea4gud> but it complains of not having dependiencies : and
[27-Feb-2008 18:46:32] <bmunger> Bulwinkle: zenperfsnmp?
[27-Feb-2008 18:46:39] <bmunger> what os idea4gud
[27-Feb-2008 18:46:54] <idea4gud> Centos
[27-Feb-2008 18:47:01] <Bulwinkle> bmunger: yeah....  in the daemons section of settings
[27-Feb-2008 18:47:36] <Bulwinkle> anyone running 2.1.71 having a problem with Loading appearing on the titlebar with a whirly below it?
[27-Feb-2008 18:47:39] <idea4gud> when i grep -lr neon /usr/lib i found +ve result with present in usr/lib
[27-Feb-2008 18:48:39] <bmunger> Bulwinkle: its started, but has tons of warnings about waiting on more cycle period and says all my devices are problem devices and device status is not clearing. restarting
[27-Feb-2008 18:49:02] <bmunger> idea4gud: try making sym links to those?
[27-Feb-2008 18:49:17] <idea4gud> i am totally new to linux
[27-Feb-2008 18:49:24] <idea4gud> so please xplain me in lay man terms
[27-Feb-2008 18:49:42] <bmunger> centos 5?
[27-Feb-2008 18:49:55] <idea4gud> Bmunger yes
[27-Feb-2008 18:51:27] <bmunger> try doing yum install net-snmp-utils
[27-Feb-2008 18:51:33] <bmunger> it should resolve dependencies on its own
[27-Feb-2008 18:53:15] <idea4gud> bmunger: i dont hav internet access on my VM so cant do YUM
[27-Feb-2008 18:53:56] <bmunger> so basically you are running an upatched box
[27-Feb-2008 18:54:00] <bmunger> unpatched
[27-Feb-2008 18:54:04] <bmunger> yea thats not good
[27-Feb-2008 18:54:16] <bmunger> put it on the internet, patch it, get the packages, and take it off once you are done
[27-Feb-2008 18:55:00] <idea4gud> Now i wrk in for an org now policy crap stuff doent allow me to connect to internet I can only connect ot local Netwrok
[27-Feb-2008 18:55:26] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[27-Feb-2008 18:56:09] <idea4gud> so wat i am doing i am downloading rpm frm on local machine that has internet access and doin scp
[27-Feb-2008 18:56:13] <idea4gud> and then doin rpm
[27-Feb-2008 18:57:32] <bmunger> then setup a proxy on your box
[27-Feb-2008 18:57:38] <bmunger> and do it that way
[27-Feb-2008 18:57:45] <bmunger> you are doing more harm by not patching
[27-Feb-2008 18:58:02] <bmunger> you really want to download and install about 200 patches that way?
[27-Feb-2008 18:59:54] <idea4gud> setup proxy on machine that Doesnt hav  internet(my wrk machine) or the one that has internet
[27-Feb-2008 19:00:02] <idea4gud> And wat does proxy
[27-Feb-2008 19:00:47] <bmunger> so you can relay internet access to it
[27-Feb-2008 19:00:55] <bmunger> you are going to need internet access on that box either way
[27-Feb-2008 19:01:00] <bmunger> find some way to do it
[27-Feb-2008 19:01:14] <bmunger> you are risking getting hacked if you dont patch it
[27-Feb-2008 19:01:54] <bmunger> are you doing something you shouldnt at your work?  any legitimate admins have internet access
[27-Feb-2008 19:02:20] <idea4gud> no i not doin anything illegitimate
[27-Feb-2008 19:02:26] <idea4gud> its just unit plotics
[27-Feb-2008 19:02:42] <idea4gud> one unit doenst support other thats not their rep
[27-Feb-2008 19:02:48] <idea4gud> *resp
[27-Feb-2008 19:03:04] <idea4gud> and i am not a Linux admin
[27-Feb-2008 19:03:35] <idea4gud> i had this idea Plz suggest if this is wrkable : the Centos machine that has internet access
[27-Feb-2008 19:03:47] <idea4gud> i can use its repository as base repo
[27-Feb-2008 19:04:06] <idea4gud> But i dont knw how to realize this
[27-Feb-2008 19:04:25] <bmunger> ive never done it
[27-Feb-2008 19:05:02] <bmunger> i think you need to get your internal company policies fixed before you start projects that you cant do
[27-Feb-2008 19:06:56] <idea4gud> comin to ur suggestion of settin up : proxy then can i access centos repo
[27-Feb-2008 19:07:00] <idea4gud> when i hav proxy
[27-Feb-2008 19:07:45] <idea4gud> bcz rite now i cant access any machine that is outside domain of my company
[27-Feb-2008 19:11:12] <bmunger> possibly
[27-Feb-2008 19:11:21] <bmunger> i think yum can be configured to work with a proxy
[27-Feb-2008 19:11:42] <idea4gud> bcz when ever i do yum it says Cant connect to base url
[27-Feb-2008 19:11:56] <idea4gud> url not found
[27-Feb-2008 19:12:46] <twm1010> What exactly stoppin you from downloading it at home, burning to CD, and bringing it in?
[27-Feb-2008 19:25:54] <bmunger> god this thing is a pain in the butt
[27-Feb-2008 19:26:03] <twm1010> it can be...
[27-Feb-2008 19:26:05] <bmunger> now i have half my devices failing snmp polling
[27-Feb-2008 19:26:14] <bmunger> and snmpwalk shows they are working
[27-Feb-2008 19:26:17] <twm1010> well, thats possible, did you configure SNMP on them?
[27-Feb-2008 19:26:23] <bmunger> yes they were working
[27-Feb-2008 19:26:50] <twm1010> and the community you set in zProperties is the same one you used for the snmpwalk?
[27-Feb-2008 19:26:54] <bmunger> yes
[27-Feb-2008 19:27:00] <idea4gud> twm1010: u guyz mite laugh @ me But I am wrkin on VM that has Centos 5
[27-Feb-2008 19:27:06] <bmunger> like 8 devices stopped working
[27-Feb-2008 19:27:17] <bmunger> yes my zenoss is centos 5 on vm
[27-Feb-2008 19:27:26] <idea4gud> So the host i dont knw where its placed
[27-Feb-2008 19:27:44] <idea4gud> I mean i cant access the physically the Host
[27-Feb-2008 19:27:49] <twm1010> i didn't see a need to use a distro for my zenoss box, it will never have another role besides zenoss, so i got the the rpath appliance
[27-Feb-2008 19:28:21] <twm1010> what kinds of devices are they?
[27-Feb-2008 19:29:15] <bmunger> linux servers, solaris servers, switches
[27-Feb-2008 19:29:42] <twm1010> if you're getting random timeouts to all different kinds of things, i'd question the network link on your zenoss machine
[27-Feb-2008 19:30:03] <twm1010> is it just SNMP or does it lose ping too?
[27-Feb-2008 19:31:55] <bmunger> it says it loses ping
[27-Feb-2008 19:32:01] <bmunger> but i kept a ping session running on the box
[27-Feb-2008 19:32:04] <bmunger> and it never dropped a packet
[27-Feb-2008 19:32:11] <bmunger> its bugged
[27-Feb-2008 19:32:44] <bmunger> maybe 28 devices are too much to monitor
[27-Feb-2008 19:33:07] <bmunger> im going to double that number
[27-Feb-2008 19:33:11] <bmunger> or i was planning to
[27-Feb-2008 19:36:09] <bmunger> god damn it now its getting worse
[27-Feb-2008 19:36:13] <bmunger> everything is complaining
[27-Feb-2008 19:36:25] <bmunger> i just got 100 emails
[27-Feb-2008 19:49:25] <bmunger> i think i should just reinstall it all
[27-Feb-2008 19:50:16] <bmunger> sucks its so easy to break
[27-Feb-2008 19:50:41] <twm1010> no, i monitor 160 devices
[27-Feb-2008 19:50:46] <twm1010> some people are monitoring 1000+
[27-Feb-2008 19:54:17] <bmunger> ok
[27-Feb-2008 19:54:28] <bmunger> i think maybe it had to do with when i deleted the zenoss localhost device
[27-Feb-2008 19:54:31] <bmunger> i added it back in
[27-Feb-2008 19:54:44] <bmunger> because it was spitting out garbage errors about heartbeat stuff
[27-Feb-2008 19:58:11] <bmunger> hah damn well that sorta worked it just broke my graphs and my filesystem stats collection
[27-Feb-2008 19:59:02] <bmunger> ah got it
[27-Feb-2008 19:59:03] <bmunger> sweet
[27-Feb-2008 20:03:47] <nsmgo> anyone here running zenoss on openbsd?
[27-Feb-2008 20:10:24] <bearkat2010> anyone ever have any problems with the zope addon timing out?
[27-Feb-2008 20:23:08] <bmunger> piece of crap broke again and i didnt even do anything
[27-Feb-2008 20:29:44] <bmunger> restarting process fixes it
[27-Feb-2008 20:29:52] <bmunger> looks like it has to be done every 20 minutes
[27-Feb-2008 20:55:43] <bush|werk> well my login problem yesterday must have been the version i built, i just finished compiling last night's CVS and admin:zenoss worked fine
[27-Feb-2008 21:40:48] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[27-Feb-2008 22:27:50] <baumer1122> I'm having problems modeling a Win2k3 server. zenoss.snmp.NewDeviceMap fails with this error
[27-Feb-2008 22:28:00] <adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[27-Feb-2008 22:44:19] <JoeThomas> Hi, I go to add my network, and it says that are no number of IPs and no devices come up. My router is a WRT5GX linksys.
[27-Feb-2008 22:54:58] <qru> Is there a reason zenoss requires mysql-5?
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[28-Feb-2008 00:00:26] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[28-Feb-2008 01:07:52] <ronan675> Hi. Can someone tell me how to update the VM appliance of zenoss from sprint1 to sprint2
[28-Feb-2008 05:24:12] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Advogato blog for oubiwann - Twisted News Resources and Divmod Sprint at PyCon - 21 Feb, 10:03PM
[28-Feb-2008 05:24:13] <adytum-bot>
[28-Feb-2008 07:55:15] <KageSenshi> hi #
[28-Feb-2008 12:11:12] <Joelio> Hi chaps, I'm running into difficulty getting zenoss installed on debian etch.. The installer is hanging when starting the Zope Object Database.. any ideas?
[28-Feb-2008 12:23:26] <Joelio> hmm, just quit that and now a python process is hammering @ 100%
[28-Feb-2008 12:23:41] <Joelio> (on the Loading initial Zenoss db)
[28-Feb-2008 13:36:56] <klinstifen> morning...anyone awake?
[28-Feb-2008 13:37:53] <Bulwinkle> I'm here
[28-Feb-2008 13:39:56] <klinstifen> cool.  bulwinkle what's the longest your zenoss server has been up and running?
[28-Feb-2008 13:40:31] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: I was running 2.1.0 for about 6 months without restarting any processes.
[28-Feb-2008 13:41:08] <klinstifen> hmm...i am running 2.1.1 and I can't go two weeks without getting "zenoss issues" that require process restarts or even a reboot
[28-Feb-2008 13:41:19] <klinstifen> can't seem to figure out if it is zenoss or mysql that is causing the problem
[28-Feb-2008 13:41:47] <klinstifen> bulwinkle: man 6 mo's...i envy that
[28-Feb-2008 13:41:56] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: are you getting errors on your mysql server?
[28-Feb-2008 13:44:52] <klinstifen> bulwinkle: nothing that jumps out at me.  some of the processes show no errors.  like this morning, zenperfsnmp had been down the longest and it had no errors
[28-Feb-2008 13:45:26] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: I'm now running 2.1.71 and it looks like they have built in a lot of internal processes that do daemon status checks and restarting of failed daemons and whatnot
[28-Feb-2008 13:45:40] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: how many devices are you monitoring?
[28-Feb-2008 13:46:00] <klinstifen> bulwinkle: 36
[28-Feb-2008 13:46:19] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: wow, you shouldn't be having any problems with that few devices...
[28-Feb-2008 13:46:44] <klinstifen> bulwinkle: yeah i know, right?  is there a way to do a db cleanup in mysql?
[28-Feb-2008 13:46:54] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: what distro?
[28-Feb-2008 13:47:03] <klinstifen> ubuntu fiesty fawn server
[28-Feb-2008 13:47:13] <Bulwinkle> ah, the good ol' fawn
[28-Feb-2008 13:47:25] <Bulwinkle> let me check something
[28-Feb-2008 13:47:32] <klinstifen> k, thanks
[28-Feb-2008 13:48:15] <klinstifen> bulwinkle: oh and  what version are you running now?
[28-Feb-2008 13:48:23] <Bulwinkle> 2.1.71
[28-Feb-2008 13:49:51] <Bulwinkle> yeah, I'm not sure that your problem is with your database....  very few problems start there (once you know you have authentication working properly)
[28-Feb-2008 13:51:10] <klinstifen> k. part of me is wondering if something is pegging the cpu because when this happens the box itself is very unresponsive
[28-Feb-2008 13:51:44] <Joelio> (on the Loading initial Zenoss db)
[28-Feb-2008 13:51:51] <Joelio> Hi chaps, I'm running into difficulty getting zenoss installed on debian etch.. The installer is hanging when starting the Zope Object Database.. any ideas?
[28-Feb-2008 13:51:54] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: could be...  shouldn't cause processes to die.  what kind of power are you using (server processor)
[28-Feb-2008 13:52:19] <Bulwinkle> Joelio: make sure your DB credentials are correct
[28-Feb-2008 13:53:02] <klinstifen> bulwinkle: just a p4 2.4ghz
[28-Feb-2008 13:53:17] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: maybe that is why I'm having no problems
[28-Feb-2008 13:53:40] <klinstifen> bulwinkle: why what are you running?
[28-Feb-2008 13:54:37] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: 2 dual core 2.6Ghz processors with 4GB ram
[28-Feb-2008 13:54:51] <klinstifen> sigh
[28-Feb-2008 13:55:07] <Joelio> Bulwinkle: Do I need to create any mysql users? I'm giving the install script the correct root mysql password
[28-Feb-2008 13:55:58] <klinstifen> joelio: is this from source or rpm?
[28-Feb-2008 13:56:12] <klinstifen> bulwinkle: well the next time all the processes stop where would you look first?
[28-Feb-2008 13:56:31] <klinstifen> (feel like I am shooting in the dark with this stupid issue)
[28-Feb-2008 13:56:34] <Joelio> klinstifen: It's from a source package (it's debian etch)
[28-Feb-2008 13:56:36] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: I hate to admit it but I'd upgrade first....
[28-Feb-2008 13:57:55] <Bulwinkle> Joelio: what version of Python?
[28-Feb-2008 13:58:22] <klinstifen> joelio: doesn't look like you need to.  i installed mine from source and didn't...just followed this directions
[28-Feb-2008 13:58:28] <klinstifen> *these
[28-Feb-2008 13:58:32] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: I'm the first one to admit that upgrades in the past have been shoddy at best but, I've had pretty good luck with them lately
[28-Feb-2008 13:58:36] <adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Install from Source - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[28-Feb-2008 13:58:47] <Joelio> Bulwinkle: Python 2.4.4
[28-Feb-2008 13:58:48] <klinstifen> bulwinkle: thanks...i think i will do that today
[28-Feb-2008 13:59:01] <Bulwinkle> Joelio: what version of Zenoss are you installing?
[28-Feb-2008 13:59:23] <Joelio> the latest 2.1.2
[28-Feb-2008 13:59:36] <Bulwinkle> Joelio: the latest is 2.1.71
[28-Feb-2008 13:59:46] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: did you find 2.1.71?
[28-Feb-2008 13:59:58] <Joelio> klinstifen: That's what I've used.. along with another guide.. same problem both times when starting zope object database
[28-Feb-2008 14:00:18] <Joelio> I've just created a local qemu image with a vanilla system to test again
[28-Feb-2008 14:00:51] <klinstifen> bulwinkle: yeah, just followed the link through the forums
[28-Feb-2008 14:01:13] <Joelio> Bulwinkle: shows 2.1.2?
[28-Feb-2008 14:01:22] <adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Download Links - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[28-Feb-2008 14:01:34] <Bulwinkle> Joelio:
[28-Feb-2008 14:01:49] <adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: Index (at
[28-Feb-2008 14:02:39] <klinstifen> bulwinkle jolio: 2.1.2 is latest stable
[28-Feb-2008 14:03:03] <Bulwinkle> hahah....  stable, you're funny klinstifen
[28-Feb-2008 14:03:06] <klinstifen> 2.1.72 is a sprint (update)
[28-Feb-2008 14:03:22] <klinstifen> yeah...well stable in a loose sense of the word
[28-Feb-2008 14:04:13] <klinstifen> bulwinkle: aside from updating is there anywhere you'd check when all the processes are down?
[28-Feb-2008 14:04:43] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: not really....  I'm not too hot at troubleshooting that kind of stuff.
[28-Feb-2008 14:05:06] <klinstifen> fair enough
[28-Feb-2008 14:06:46] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: I'm going to ZenOSS class next month though
[28-Feb-2008 14:06:59] <Joelio> Bulwinkle: Already posted
[28-Feb-2008 14:07:23] <Bulwinkle> Joelio: look at the top, there is an announcement for 2.1.71
[28-Feb-2008 14:07:35] <Joelio> Bulwinkle: ok, will try that
[28-Feb-2008 14:07:54] <klinstifen> nice...where il or md?
[28-Feb-2008 14:08:42] <Bulwinkle> MD
[28-Feb-2008 14:09:48] <klinstifen> interesting to see how that goes?  do you have an itinerary?
[28-Feb-2008 14:09:59] <klinstifen> i wonder how advanced it will be?
[28-Feb-2008 14:13:32] <ggg333> Hi Iam trying to install zenoss in my home computer..... and had doubt about whether zenoss can pullup the available patches for a linux servers
[28-Feb-2008 14:15:57] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: no itinerary...  not too advanced I'm afraid
[28-Feb-2008 14:16:13] <Bulwinkle> ggg333: not sure I understand what you are looking for
[28-Feb-2008 14:16:51] <klinstifen> hmm...well i'd be interested to see what you thought of it after you go.  i am toying with the idea, but i don't want to sit through a giant sales pitch
[28-Feb-2008 14:20:52] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: me either.  I'm interested in the bigger picture...  how all of the pieces fit together, how to run two servers in different geographical locations, hot standby...  that kind of thing
[28-Feb-2008 14:24:18] <klinstifen> oh neat, yeah that'd be really cool to learn
[28-Feb-2008 14:48:30] <Joelio> Doing the same god damn thing.. hanging on Starting Zope Object Database
[28-Feb-2008 14:49:50] <Joelio> I'm going to test it in a qemu image and see whether or not it's this install (which is fresh, bar an alfresco install)
[28-Feb-2008 15:07:33] <ggg333> Bulwinkle: i have installed zenoss on one of my linux machine..... monitoring my second machine....
[28-Feb-2008 15:08:09] <ggg333> Bulwinkle: i would like to know whether zenoss can have the details of the new updates or pathces available for the montered compueter which is linux as well
[28-Feb-2008 15:09:37] <klinstifen> ggg333: i don't think so...i haven't tried that's meant more to monitor devices than track software updates
[28-Feb-2008 15:10:29] <klinstifen> bulwinkle: update complete...running 2.1.71 now
[28-Feb-2008 15:10:32] <klinstifen> we'll see what happens
[28-Feb-2008 15:22:37] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: I've had a bit of a meltdown here myself and had to reboot...  I've been messing with the maps and trying to get them to work correctly though
[28-Feb-2008 15:24:03] <klinstifen> bulwinkle: i ditched the "draw network segment" thing.  it never worked for me.
[28-Feb-2008 15:24:07] <klinstifen> instead i just have points
[28-Feb-2008 15:24:16] <klinstifen> works well...everything shows up
[28-Feb-2008 15:24:32] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: It would be nice if the lines worked...  I'm not giving up yet
[28-Feb-2008 15:24:43] <klinstifen> gl ; )
[28-Feb-2008 15:58:10] <ggg333> klinstifen: iam just confused.... so you are confirming the patch management is not possible with zenoss
[28-Feb-2008 15:58:44] <klinstifen> ggg333: right i don't think that functionality exists inherently
[28-Feb-2008 15:58:55] <klinstifen> you'd have to create some sort of zenpack to do it
[28-Feb-2008 15:59:41] <ggg333> klinstifen: can you suggest me some url where i can gothourgh that(Zenpack)
[28-Feb-2008 16:00:11] <ggg333> klinstifen: it will be very helpfull if you can provide me some links
[28-Feb-2008 16:04:36] <roadies> hello, can some one help me with 2.1.2 network map setup?
[28-Feb-2008 16:07:37] <Bulwinkle> roadies: sure
[28-Feb-2008 16:08:50] <roadies> I cant get a map to appear, in fact all that shows on the network map window is a gray box.  
[28-Feb-2008 16:08:59] <klinstifen> ggg333: try this:
[28-Feb-2008 16:09:08] <klinstifen> that's a good starting point
[28-Feb-2008 16:09:14] <adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - ZenPack Project Site - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[28-Feb-2008 16:12:16] <ggg333> klinstifen: adytum-bot thankyou verymuch
[28-Feb-2008 16:18:00] <bearkat2010> anybody here ever had problems with zenoss using ldap?
[28-Feb-2008 16:25:05] <Joelio> well, the VM image install I've done seems to have worked fine.. it must be this etch install... time to blast the box! muhahaahhaaa
[28-Feb-2008 17:27:33] bzed_ is now known as bzed
[28-Feb-2008 18:48:28] FuL|OUT is now known as fulgas
[28-Feb-2008 19:24:30] <MuseHome> Hey all, I'm trying to make a custom graph. and would like the system name and the interface in the legend.
[28-Feb-2008 19:24:42] <MuseHome> I'm trying this. "${here/SystemNamesString} ${here/id} ${graphPoint/id}"
[28-Feb-2008 19:25:19] <MuseHome> here/name and here/id just give me the S0/0 name. but not the hosts name.
[28-Feb-2008 19:25:36] <MuseHome> any one know what the "here/" for hostname would be?
[28-Feb-2008 20:31:42] <wassy121> Hello.  I am getting an error in our ZenOSS snmp performance monitor.  In the log, it reads:
[28-Feb-2008 20:31:53] <wassy121> 2008-02-28 11:38:47 ERROR zen.zenperfsnmp: [Failure instance: Traceback: pynetsnmp.netsnmp.ArgumentParseError: ('Unable to parse arguments', ['/opt/zenoss/Products/ZenRRD/', '-v', '', '-c', 'public', '-t', '2.5', '-r', '3', 'IPHIDDEN:161'])
[28-Feb-2008 20:32:43] <wassy121> Is the argument parsing error related to the '-v', '', '-c' portion, where it adds that additional blank argument?  If so, how can I track down where it is coming from?
[28-Feb-2008 20:34:58] <wassy121> The IPHIDDEN varies among the multiple boxes we have monitored (all of them are up via snmpwalk).
[28-Feb-2008 20:46:39] <klinstifen> afternoon all...anyone in here?
[28-Feb-2008 20:47:00] <klinstifen> bulwinkle: you still around?
[28-Feb-2008 20:54:37] <Bulwinkle> klinstifen: barely
[28-Feb-2008 20:54:52] <klinstifen> hehe
[28-Feb-2008 20:57:35] <Bulwinkle> 'sup?
[28-Feb-2008 21:00:41] <klinstifen> zentrap keeps going down after the upgrade
[28-Feb-2008 21:00:59] <klinstifen> forums say something else may be running on port 162
[28-Feb-2008 21:01:03] <klinstifen> so lookin into that
[28-Feb-2008 21:01:11] <klinstifen> just wonderin if anyone else ran into this
[28-Feb-2008 21:09:41] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[28-Feb-2008 22:09:27] <XenophonF> hey all
[28-Feb-2008 22:09:44] <XenophonF> i'm running zenoss 2.1.2 and i have a quick question about zenwin
[28-Feb-2008 22:10:04] <XenophonF> where can i find zenwin for download/installation?
[28-Feb-2008 22:10:04] <ke4qqq> XenophonF, what's your question
[28-Feb-2008 22:10:47] <ke4qqq> XenophonF, you don't need to, Zenwin is now a module on the server, you just push a suitable username/password into config and away it will go grabbing stuff via wmi
[28-Feb-2008 22:11:04] <XenophonF> oh, i see
[28-Feb-2008 22:11:36] <XenophonF> the username and password is specified in the zProperties of the object or the container, right?
[28-Feb-2008 22:15:18] <XenophonF> OK, so with a Windows server added (and the proper administrator account entered into the zProperties), I'm getting the following error message:
[28-Feb-2008 22:15:18] <XenophonF> RPC_S_CALL_FAILED: The remote procedure call failed. (1726)
[28-Feb-2008 22:15:51] <XenophonF> i'll google it and double check the router in between the zenoss server and the windows box for any packet filtering rules
[28-Feb-2008 22:16:01] <roadies> ok I'm at a total stand still.  what is the magic for getting the network map window to display a map?  Is there any issue with Firefox on Fedora perhaps?
[28-Feb-2008 22:27:48] <q2srw77> Where can I find recommended MySQL setting for a Zenoss install.  My current issue is that the InnoDB Storage Engine being used, can be truncated and isn't limited.  I would like to limit it or make Zenoss use MyISAM instead.  Suggestions?  My current Innodb after 30 days is 13GB
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[29-Feb-2008 04:31:42] <purevol> what up n siz!
[29-Feb-2008 04:32:03] <purevol> any zenpack gurus around here?
[29-Feb-2008 05:24:45] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Advogato blog for oubiwann - Twisted News Resources and Divmod Sprint at PyCon - 21 Feb, 10:03PM
[29-Feb-2008 05:24:46] <adytum-bot>
[29-Feb-2008 05:24:47] <adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Daily Python-URL! (from the Secret Labs) - Yet Another Python ORM
[29-Feb-2008 05:24:48] <adytum-bot>
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[29-Feb-2008 12:00:30] <roadies> I have been having problems getting the NetworkMap to display a map.  It turns out the issue is Firefox on a Fedora Core machine as the map displays on a Windows XP Firefox computer.  What could I be missing with the Linux firefox configuration?
[29-Feb-2008 13:16:35] <roadies> Anyone using Linux based Firefox and successfully getting the NetworkMap function to display ?  It seems to only work on a Windows Firefox browser grrrr!
[29-Feb-2008 13:33:58] <purevol> roadies: works just fine for me
[29-Feb-2008 13:34:06] <purevol> and im on linux
[29-Feb-2008 13:36:02] <roadies> purevol:  Did you add a plugin or something I could be missing?  My current firefox is stock with few plugins
[29-Feb-2008 13:37:44] <roadies> purevol, I wonder if there is a IE plugin I'm missing, does NetworkMap using some Xactive thing I need to configure?
[29-Feb-2008 13:48:11] <purevol> no i did add anything, not that i am aware of anyhow
[29-Feb-2008 13:48:16] <purevol> i believe it is flash based
[29-Feb-2008 13:57:32] <roadies> purevol:  well I guess its "install every plugin time" again....  Last time it worked for me was on my Fedora 7 distro system.....which, one day, I went crazy and installed every plugin just for fun... insanity runs deep in my blood :-)
[29-Feb-2008 14:48:42] <q2srw77> Why does Zenoss use the InnoDB Storage Engine?  It seem like such a nightmare of an engine.
[29-Feb-2008 14:56:01] <wassy121> innodb allows for row-level locking.
[29-Feb-2008 14:56:17] <wassy121> Which is great for large tables or insert-heavy DBs.
[29-Feb-2008 14:57:03] <wassy121> You can limit the size of the innodb rollback file in my.cnf
[29-Feb-2008 14:57:14] <wassy121> (as per your question earlier about limiting the size).
[29-Feb-2008 15:05:06] <roadies> povevol:  just an FYI.... seems the flash player 9 on my T61p was hosing things, reinstalling fixed it.... actually I think it was the upgrade to the new nvidia display driver which has force upgrades on some other things..... love the T61p but dislike the fact they use the nvidia video hardware which has compatibility problems with just about everything grrrrrr....thanks for the flash comment, it helped...
[29-Feb-2008 15:06:29] <q2srw77> Would there be a problem setting the Innodb to a certain size and not allow it to auto extend?
[29-Feb-2008 15:40:16] <Xander7> Having problem with the MySQL performance graphs. When I restart MySQLd after a period of use, I get a massive spike in the reports (which dwarfs everything else, so you can't see it).
[29-Feb-2008 15:40:38] <Xander7> For example, it reckons it had 26 million inserts/sec
[29-Feb-2008 15:41:06] <Xander7> The datasources are of type 'COUNTER', which I thought was supposed to handle wrapping
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[29-Feb-2008 20:43:18] <locohost> grm, a little help creating custom attributes/relations for my cmdb?  If I add a property at deviceCustomEdit, where does that live in the zope manager?
[29-Feb-2008 21:42:15] <locohost> i guess im the only one that is still working at 4:20 on a friday
[29-Feb-2008 22:19:19] fulgas is now known as FuL|OUT
[29-Feb-2008 22:27:23] <locohost> sudo su -c "a little help creating custom attributes/relations for my cmdb?  If I add a property at deviceCustomEdit, where does that live in the zope manager?"
[29-Feb-2008 22:30:01] <locohost> exi t
[29-Feb-2008 22:30:03] <locohost> exit
[29-Feb-2008 22:30:04] <locohost> quit
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