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IRC March 2009

Created on: Sep 14, 2009 11:20 AM by Noel Brockett - Last Modified:  Sep 14, 2009 11:20 AM by Noel Brockett
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[01-Mar-2009 17:26:33] **sergeymasushko> anybody alive?
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[02-Mar-2009 10:22:14] **raw__> one of the guys here just did some changes to one of our Zenoss boxes in relation to user roles and LDAP authentication, now all of a sudden we have no Zenoss web interface
[02-Mar-2009 10:22:18] **raw__> any ideas?
[02-Mar-2009 10:45:31] **mrayzenoss> you can't login at all?
[02-Mar-2009 10:45:34] **mrayzenoss> or the UI is gone?
[02-Mar-2009 11:19:14] **raw__> UI is gone
[02-Mar-2009 11:19:43] **raw__> I've tried a ton of stuff to fix it already, nothing is working
[02-Mar-2009 11:19:44] **mrayzenoss> so http://yourhost:8080 fails?  What's in the z2.log?
[02-Mar-2009 11:19:57] **raw__> one sec, booting the instance back up...
[02-Mar-2009 11:22:19] **raw__> ok, just starting zenoss up again, will check the log file in 2 secs
[02-Mar-2009 11:22:59] **raw__> been working with Zenoss for 3-4 months now and this is the weirdest issue I've run across so far
[02-Mar-2009 11:25:57] **raw__> I just see some GET requests
[02-Mar-2009 11:26:53] **mrayzenoss> so this is 2.3.3?
[02-Mar-2009 11:26:57] **raw__> yes
[02-Mar-2009 11:27:08] **mrayzenoss> and it stopped working after your upgrade?
[02-Mar-2009 11:27:25] **raw__> actually sorry, when was 2.3.3 released?
[02-Mar-2009 11:27:30] **raw__> I think this is 2.3.2
[02-Mar-2009 11:27:39] **mrayzenoss> last week
[02-Mar-2009 11:27:59] **raw__> ah, then yeh, it's 2.3.2
[02-Mar-2009 11:28:18] **raw__> actually, I'm no longer seeing any GET requests in the Z2.log
[02-Mar-2009 11:28:31] **raw__> it's like the web server portion isn't even running anymore
[02-Mar-2009 11:28:46] **mrayzenoss> ok, try a "zenoss restart" and see if zopectl fails
[02-Mar-2009 11:28:53] **raw__> k
[02-Mar-2009 11:29:29] **raw__> First thing that strikes me as odd:
[02-Mar-2009 11:29:30] **raw__> Daemon: zopectl daemon manager not running
[02-Mar-2009 11:29:37] **mrayzenoss> yeah, that's the UI
[02-Mar-2009 11:29:51] **raw__> Daemon: zopectl daemon manager not running
[02-Mar-2009 11:29:51] **raw__> Daemon: zeoctl . daemon process stopped
[02-Mar-2009 11:29:51] **raw__> Daemon: zeoctl . daemon process started, pid=6264
[02-Mar-2009 11:29:52] **raw__> Daemon: zopectl . daemon process started, pid=6268
[02-Mar-2009 11:29:59] **raw__> it shows as starting ok though right off the bat
[02-Mar-2009 11:30:09] **raw__> but then it shuts down I guess for whatever reason
[02-Mar-2009 11:30:39] **mrayzenoss> so if you run 'zenoss status' zopectl is down?
[02-Mar-2009 11:31:01] **raw__> checking...
[02-Mar-2009 11:31:11] **raw__> Daemon: zopectl daemon manager running; daemon process not running
[02-Mar-2009 11:31:25] **mrayzenoss> hmmm...
[02-Mar-2009 11:31:34] **raw__> really bizarre
[02-Mar-2009 11:36:01] **mrayzenoss> try 'zopectl fg'
[02-Mar-2009 11:36:08] **mrayzenoss> and see what kind of debugging shows up
[02-Mar-2009 11:36:52] **raw__> one sec, I'll pastebin the output
[02-Mar-2009 11:37:08] **raw__>
[02-Mar-2009 11:37:16] **adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[02-Mar-2009 11:38:25] **raw__>
[02-Mar-2009 11:38:28] **mrayzenoss> this was working before right?  With LDAP?
[02-Mar-2009 11:38:33] **adytum-bot> Title: [zenoss-users] LDAP issues after restart (at
[02-Mar-2009 11:38:34] **raw__> no
[02-Mar-2009 11:38:42] **raw__> my coworker tried to configure LDAP on it
[02-Mar-2009 11:38:47] **raw__> restarted it, and boom
[02-Mar-2009 11:38:54] **raw__> he obviously did something wrong
[02-Mar-2009 11:39:21] **cain__> does zenoss support hyper v?
[02-Mar-2009 11:39:37] **mrayzenoss> cain__: Not yet, we haven't seen much demand for it
[02-Mar-2009 11:39:53] **mrayzenoss> cain__: that said, if there are good APIs available I doubt it would take long to write
[02-Mar-2009 11:40:03] **mrayzenoss> raw__: I assume you're following ?
[02-Mar-2009 11:40:10] **adytum-bot> Title: HowTo use LDAP/ActiveDirectory for Authentication and Authorization - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[02-Mar-2009 11:40:31] **raw__> mrayzenoss: yeh, I did the first portion with installing the plugin and got it installed then my coworker followed the second part of that
[02-Mar-2009 11:40:37] **raw__> but he obviously didn't follow it to the letter
[02-Mar-2009 11:40:50] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I'd go through and double-check everything to the letter
[02-Mar-2009 11:40:57] **raw__> well, how can I?
[02-Mar-2009 11:40:59] **mrayzenoss> We didn't write that guide, but lots of people are using it
[02-Mar-2009 11:41:01] **raw__> can't even access the zope UI
[02-Mar-2009 11:41:08] **raw__> can't check anything
[02-Mar-2009 11:41:08] **mrayzenoss> ahhh... fudge
[02-Mar-2009 11:41:30] **raw__> so am I pretty much screwed?
[02-Mar-2009 11:41:31] **raw__> lol
[02-Mar-2009 11:42:29] **mrayzenoss> perhaps if you see npmcallum in this channel, he could help
[02-Mar-2009 11:43:00] **cain__> mrayzenoss: got some demand from
[02-Mar-2009 11:44:17] **mrayzenoss> I'd say back everything up, then start trying to restore things to the pristine state by doing the LDAP configuration backward. Sucks but I don't really know how to do it otherwise
[02-Mar-2009 11:45:09] **mrayzenoss> cain__: You can already get all the guests out on the network, but I assume you want things like ESX has? All the undiscovered VMs, linking things back to the Host and that kind of stuff?
[02-Mar-2009 11:45:43] **cain__> that would be nice
[02-Mar-2009 11:46:23] **mrayzenoss> What kind of stuff is exposed by Microsoft?  Is it available SNMP like ESX?
[02-Mar-2009 11:46:36] **mrayzenoss> We use the SOAP interfaces for the Enterprise VMware monitoring
[02-Mar-2009 11:46:52] **mrayzenoss> VI3 is SOAP
[02-Mar-2009 11:47:01] **mrayzenoss> I think
[02-Mar-2009 11:47:41] **cain__> actually having issue showing the guests on any of my machines
[02-Mar-2009 11:50:18] **cain__> when i classified it as being a host...the guest tab doesn't show up
[02-Mar-2009 11:52:10] **raw__> mrayzenoss: I actually had an old backed up Data.fs from a few days ago
[02-Mar-2009 11:52:23] **raw__> I tried replacing the current Data.fs with the older one, now the process stays running
[02-Mar-2009 11:52:27] **mrayzenoss> raw__: Excellent, step 1 of the howto
[02-Mar-2009 11:52:33] **raw__> but now when I try to go to the web UI it just hangs
[02-Mar-2009 11:52:35] **raw__> and doesn't load
[02-Mar-2009 11:53:13] **raw__> is there anything else I have to change to get it back to previous state?
[02-Mar-2009 11:53:23] **raw__> I thought the Data.fs contains the whole Zope db?
[02-Mar-2009 11:54:12] **mrayzenoss> it's uncharted territory for me, I haven't messed with LDAP and Zope. Perhaps you have to remove the other changes as well?
[02-Mar-2009 11:54:26] **raw__> hmmmm
[02-Mar-2009 11:54:52] **raw__> I might just be forced to start from scratch, and I just found out that my idiot coworker didn't even follow the second part of the guide
[02-Mar-2009 11:54:57] **raw__> he just "winged" it
[02-Mar-2009 11:54:59] **raw__> gah
[02-Mar-2009 11:55:03] **mrayzenoss> ouch
[02-Mar-2009 11:55:05] **mrayzenoss> sorry
[02-Mar-2009 11:55:11] **raw__> all good
[02-Mar-2009 11:55:11] **raw__> lol
[02-Mar-2009 11:55:46] **mrayzenoss> cain__: How'd you classify it as a host?  You already writing a Hyper V ZenPack?
[02-Mar-2009 11:56:48] **mrayzenoss> or trying it with the VMware ZenPack?
[02-Mar-2009 11:57:20] **cain__> well... i was referring to all of our virtual hosts...we have some with vm and some with hyper v
[02-Mar-2009 11:57:47] **cain__> just noticed the device couldn't be classfied as something else first im going to delete it and it back under right classfication
[02-Mar-2009 11:57:57] **mrayzenoss> Enterprise or Core?
[02-Mar-2009 11:58:01] **cain__> enterprise
[02-Mar-2009 11:58:02] **raw__> ah, it wouldn't load the backed up Data.fs because it was set as root:root for permissions
[02-Mar-2009 11:58:08] **raw__> just changed that, let's see if it helps...
[02-Mar-2009 11:58:18] **cain__> wouldn't know how to write a zenpack....
[02-Mar-2009 11:58:26] **cain__> won't try my hand at that till later
[02-Mar-2009 11:58:29] **mrayzenoss> cain__: I'm sure Professional Services could help you out
[02-Mar-2009 11:58:44] **cain__> ummm...maybe...but they take a while to get back to me
[02-Mar-2009 11:58:44] **cain__> lol
[02-Mar-2009 11:58:57] **cain__> I'll "wing it"
[02-Mar-2009 11:58:58] **cain__> lol
[02-Mar-2009 11:59:03] **mrayzenoss> How do you like Hyper V? How well does it compare with ESX? Same caliber of tools up to Virtual Center?
[02-Mar-2009 12:00:39] **raw__> nice, I finally got the UI back
[02-Mar-2009 12:01:40] **mrayzenoss> yay
[02-Mar-2009 12:09:19] **raw__> thanks for the help
[02-Mar-2009 12:19:28] **raw__> now zenoss is acting wonky
[02-Mar-2009 12:19:40] **raw__> every time I click to add a threshold it just hangs at Loading...
[02-Mar-2009 12:20:40] **raw__> if I can't get this sorted out it's literally hours of work down the drain
[02-Mar-2009 12:22:43] **raw__> when I got to the ethernetCsmacd template and click to add a threshold it just sits at Loading...
[02-Mar-2009 12:22:51] **raw__> but adding a datapoint or a graph works fine
[02-Mar-2009 12:23:22] **MattBurgoon> tried restarting it?
[02-Mar-2009 12:24:12] **raw__> zenoss? yeh
[02-Mar-2009 12:24:49] **MattBurgoon> out of my experience then..
[02-Mar-2009 12:24:57] **raw__> lol
[02-Mar-2009 12:56:45] **cain__> how long does it take for guests to show up in tab on the host machine?
[02-Mar-2009 13:00:55] **cain22> any answers?
[02-Mar-2009 13:01:19] **mrayzenoss> I think you just remodel the device and they'll show up
[02-Mar-2009 13:01:33] **mrayzenoss> I'll go ask the devs
[02-Mar-2009 13:02:14] **cain22> thank you
[02-Mar-2009 13:02:45] **cain22> because i did remodel it, and i have yet to see them
[02-Mar-2009 13:14:10] **mrayzenoss> cain22: try "zenvmwaremodeler run"
[02-Mar-2009 13:15:22] **mrayzenoss> or you can hit it from the Settings->Daemons page
[02-Mar-2009 13:20:00] **cain22> get this message when i try to add the host " SNMP monitoring off for device"
[02-Mar-2009 13:21:16] **cain22> snmp is on for thaat machine
[02-Mar-2009 13:22:52] **cain22> if i model it as a windows server, it auto populates info from the device, but not when its classified as vmware..?
[02-Mar-2009 13:24:33] **mrayzenoss> Is it in the class /Devices/Server/ESX?
[02-Mar-2009 13:25:08] **cain22> right now its in /devices/vmware
[02-Mar-2009 13:25:34] **mrayzenoss> I don't use the ZenPack, so I assume that's the right place for it?
[02-Mar-2009 13:25:36] **cain22> don't have /server/esx
[02-Mar-2009 13:26:04] **cain22> have /server/virtual machine host/esc
[02-Mar-2009 13:26:21] **cain22> have /server/virtual machine host/esx
[02-Mar-2009 13:28:10] **mrayzenoss> Looking at our test machines, I believe it's /Devices/VMware
[02-Mar-2009 13:28:28] **mrayzenoss> or at least, that's where our cluster is
[02-Mar-2009 13:29:15] **cain22> do they other devices have to be listed as being in /vmware class as well?
[02-Mar-2009 13:30:10] **mrayzenoss> I don't know, I mostly stick with the Zenoss Core side, let me try to grab a developer
[02-Mar-2009 13:31:12] **cain22> well....vmware template is set to ignore snmp...set ignore to false...
[02-Mar-2009 13:38:37] **raw__> nice, I emailed James Dastrup asking him if he'd like to incorporate my modifications to the WMIPerformanceMonitor and WMIExchangeMonitor Zenpacks and he said he would
[02-Mar-2009 13:39:06] **mrayzenoss> cool, I should bug him again about putting it up on the ZenPacks page
[02-Mar-2009 13:39:45] **raw__> hehe
[02-Mar-2009 13:39:52] **cain22> lol
[02-Mar-2009 13:39:52] **raw__> yeh, for sure
[02-Mar-2009 13:40:05] **cain22> i'll keep that in mind
[02-Mar-2009 13:40:05] **raw__> good zenpacks, but my mods make it much more secure
[02-Mar-2009 13:40:18] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I've heard it has some security issues
[02-Mar-2009 13:40:20] **raw__> with my mods it doesn't spit out the username and password in to the event log when a command fails
[02-Mar-2009 13:40:41] **raw__> since it pulls them directly from zope
[02-Mar-2009 13:40:44] **mrayzenoss> raw__: sounds like your version makes it more like the Enterprise one
[02-Mar-2009 13:40:52] **raw__> nah, not quite
[02-Mar-2009 13:40:59] **raw__> the enterprise one is more of a collector
[02-Mar-2009 13:41:42] **mrayzenoss> cain22: I'm still working on the VMware dev to get him in the channel
[02-Mar-2009 13:41:53] **raw__> but yeh, we are going to be doing WMI monitoring for all sorts of different clients and they obviously didn't want their domain admin username/passwords splashed all over the event log
[02-Mar-2009 13:42:09] **mrayzenoss> yup.
[02-Mar-2009 13:42:25] **raw__> ok, now to try to upgrade from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3
[02-Mar-2009 13:42:38] **raw__> first time I've ever attempted an upgrade, should be fun
[02-Mar-2009 13:42:51] **mrayzenoss> we've been trying to make them less and less painful
[02-Mar-2009 13:43:04] **mrayzenoss> my source upgrade "just worked"
[02-Mar-2009 13:43:09] **raw__> less painful is always nice hehe
[02-Mar-2009 13:43:16] **cain22> upgrade was simple
[02-Mar-2009 13:45:23] **mrayzenoss> just sent Dastrup another email asking for his ZenPacks to get hosted
[02-Mar-2009 13:46:13] **raw__> ok, so I used the stack installer for the initial install...
[02-Mar-2009 13:46:19] **raw__> what's the simplest way to upgrade?
[02-Mar-2009 13:46:24] **raw__> just run the new stack installer?
[02-Mar-2009 13:47:06] **mrayzenoss>
[02-Mar-2009 13:47:15] **mrayzenoss> Chapter 9 covers upgrading the Stack installer
[02-Mar-2009 13:47:19] **raw__> k thanks
[02-Mar-2009 13:47:33] **mrayzenoss> pretty short really
[02-Mar-2009 13:50:28] **raw__> ummm, I only see upgrading from source to stack, upgrading virtual appliance image, EL4 or EL5 RPMs, source tarball, and SVN Source Checkout
[02-Mar-2009 13:50:36] **raw__> nothing relating to upgrading from stack to stack
[02-Mar-2009 13:50:49] **mrayzenoss> 9.2
[02-Mar-2009 13:50:49] **mrayzenoss> 2. Upgrading the Zenoss Stack Installers
[02-Mar-2009 13:51:35] **raw__> ah, ok got it now
[02-Mar-2009 13:51:40] **raw__> must have flown by it without realizing
[02-Mar-2009 13:51:41] **raw__> lol
[02-Mar-2009 13:51:50] **mrayzenoss> make sure you do 1.1 as well
[02-Mar-2009 13:51:55] **raw__> yup
[02-Mar-2009 13:52:19] **raw__> well, we already have a snapshot of the server in it's current state, so if anything screws up we can just restore that way
[02-Mar-2009 13:52:37] **raw__> it's a vmware instance running on an ESX box
[02-Mar-2009 13:52:51] **mrayzenoss> even better
[02-Mar-2009 13:53:03] **raw__> oh wait, do you need the backup files to restore after the upgrade?
[02-Mar-2009 13:53:09] **raw__> or are they just a precaution?
[02-Mar-2009 13:53:19] **mrayzenoss> precaution
[02-Mar-2009 13:53:28] **mrayzenoss> hmm... maybe not
[02-Mar-2009 13:53:35] **raw__> oh well, I'll do it anyways
[02-Mar-2009 13:53:40] **raw__> here goes nothing...
[02-Mar-2009 13:55:48] **cain22> anything from enterprise?
[02-Mar-2009 13:58:00] **mrayzenoss> he's in a meeting, told me he'd log in once he got out
[02-Mar-2009 13:58:12] **cain22> thanks
[02-Mar-2009 14:10:51] **raw__> I never understand why on some of our Zenoss boxes the ZenPacks list loads up in like 10 seconds, then on others it takes like 5 minutes
[02-Mar-2009 14:10:58] **raw__> when both boxes have the exact same zenpacks on them
[02-Mar-2009 14:11:14] **mrayzenoss> that is odd
[02-Mar-2009 14:11:49] **raw__> given, I do have a Cisco Mibs zenpack that I created which has like 1288 Mibs in it
[02-Mar-2009 14:11:52] **raw__> lol
[02-Mar-2009 14:12:08] **mrayzenoss> sounds like the ProLiant MIBs ZenPack
[02-Mar-2009 14:12:10] **raw__> that might play a part in the slowness
[02-Mar-2009 14:12:19] **mrayzenoss> I had to add to the instructions that it could only be added at the command line
[02-Mar-2009 14:12:32] **mrayzenoss> since the browser times out
[02-Mar-2009 14:12:38] **raw__> it took me ages to get all of the Cisco Mibs loaded in to Zenoss, I actually had to modify a bunch of the Mibs to get them to load
[02-Mar-2009 14:12:48] **raw__> I really should release that Zenpack to the community
[02-Mar-2009 14:12:57] **mrayzenoss> mray@zenoss
[02-Mar-2009 14:13:00] **raw__> it's a 3.9Mb Zenpack, but it takes like 6-8 hours to load lol
[02-Mar-2009 14:13:11] **mrayzenoss> somebody will find it useful, I'm sure
[02-Mar-2009 14:13:26] **raw__> ok, I'll send an email your way with the pack a bit later
[02-Mar-2009 14:13:39] **raw__> it doesn't have any transforms or anything, just the Mibs
[02-Mar-2009 14:14:00] **mrayzenoss> sounds exactly like the ProLiant one
[02-Mar-2009 14:14:07] **cain22> mrayzenoss: how large is the supportque right now...if i may ask
[02-Mar-2009 14:14:10] **mrayzenoss> he went and found all the public MIBs
[02-Mar-2009 14:14:22] **mrayzenoss> cain22: lemme go look
[02-Mar-2009 14:14:35] **raw__> yeh, I got all of the v1 and v2 Cisco Mibs, but man was it ever an adventure installing them
[02-Mar-2009 14:14:54] **raw__>
[02-Mar-2009 14:15:02] **raw__> there's the guide I wrote about actually installing the Mibs
[02-Mar-2009 14:15:02] **adytum-bot> Title: » Installing Cisco Mibs in Zenoss (at
[02-Mar-2009 14:16:01] **raw__> need to fix a few things in the guide, I wrote it back when I knew a lot less about Zenoss than I do now hehe
[02-Mar-2009 14:16:15] **raw__> getting those Cisco Mibs loaded was my first true accomplishment with Zenoss lol
[02-Mar-2009 14:16:49] **mrayzenoss> cain22: looks like there are 18 "New" tickets, only 4 that are medium or high
[02-Mar-2009 14:17:07] **mrayzenoss> cain22: do you have a ticket?
[02-Mar-2009 14:17:24] **mrayzenoss> is it the Hyper V one?
[02-Mar-2009 14:18:27] **mrayzenoss> and the VMware one?
[02-Mar-2009 14:19:08] **cain22> yeah
[02-Mar-2009 14:19:59] **raw__> after I did that upgrade the admin password was reset to the default...
[02-Mar-2009 14:20:07] **raw__> does it clear all user settings when you upgrade?
[02-Mar-2009 14:20:12] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I just opened a ticket for that
[02-Mar-2009 14:20:20] **raw__> ah, ok
[02-Mar-2009 14:21:05] **mrayzenoss> and
[02-Mar-2009 14:21:15] **mrayzenoss> still working out the kinks
[02-Mar-2009 14:21:24] **raw__> hehe
[02-Mar-2009 14:26:49] **raw__> mrayzenoss let me send you the cisco pack right now
[02-Mar-2009 14:27:01] **mrayzenoss> cool, thanks!
[02-Mar-2009 14:27:47] **mrayzenoss> another banner day for ZenPacks
[02-Mar-2009 14:28:06] **raw__> hehe
[02-Mar-2009 14:29:59] **raw__> bah, hold on, my webmail is misconfigured after an upgrade that I did to my server it would seem, won't allow attachments bigger than 2mb, let me put it up on my web server
[02-Mar-2009 14:30:10] **mrayzenoss> I was wondering about that
[02-Mar-2009 14:30:26] **mrayzenoss> you'd mentioned it taking a few hours to install
[02-Mar-2009 14:30:39] **raw__> it's 3.9MB
[02-Mar-2009 14:30:46] **mrayzenoss> no problem on my end
[02-Mar-2009 14:30:47] **raw__> but I guess there's a lot of items for Zenoss to scan through
[02-Mar-2009 14:30:50] **raw__> so it's pretty intensive
[02-Mar-2009 14:31:07] **mrayzenoss> the joys of an object database
[02-Mar-2009 14:31:11] **raw__> yup
[02-Mar-2009 14:33:00] **raw__> ummm, it's called ZenPacks.Nova.Cisco.Mibs (Nova is the company I work for), feel free to repackage it was ZenPacks.Cisco.Mibs if you'd like...
[02-Mar-2009 14:33:14] **raw__> repackage it as* rather
[02-Mar-2009 14:33:39] **raw__> or I can repackage it a bit later
[02-Mar-2009 14:34:28] **mrayzenoss> If you could fill out the form, I'll get it added to the Community ZenPack Repository and get the GPL slapped on it
[02-Mar-2009 14:34:35] **adytum-bot> Title: Contribute - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[02-Mar-2009 14:34:37] **raw__> sure
[02-Mar-2009 14:34:57] **mrayzenoss> cool.  My ZenPack queue is so backed up, but that's a good thing
[02-Mar-2009 14:36:12] **raw__> hehe
[02-Mar-2009 14:36:23] **raw__> does it matter whether or not it has "Nova" in the name?
[02-Mar-2009 14:36:32] **raw__> I can repackage it if you'd like
[02-Mar-2009 14:36:33] **mrayzenoss> doesn't matter, whatever you prefer
[02-Mar-2009 14:36:41] **raw__> k, we'll just leave it then
[02-Mar-2009 14:37:01] **mrayzenoss> here's what I have up so far in the repository:
[02-Mar-2009 14:37:24] **mrayzenoss> some are, some have
[02-Mar-2009 14:37:41] **raw__> cool
[02-Mar-2009 14:37:53] **mrayzenoss> all the .Zip ZenPacks are in my queue to get converted, they're just time consuming
[02-Mar-2009 14:38:17] **raw__> I'll just leave the company name since I have been developing this stuff on their equipment and while being paid for it
[02-Mar-2009 14:38:18] **raw__> lol
[02-Mar-2009 14:38:28] **mrayzenoss> free advertising
[02-Mar-2009 14:38:32] **raw__> exactly
[02-Mar-2009 14:38:50] **raw__> plus our boss has a very open source mindset, he's cool with us releasing stuff back to the community
[02-Mar-2009 14:38:53] **raw__> which is a good thing
[02-Mar-2009 14:39:25] **raw__> ok, I just filled out the form
[02-Mar-2009 14:39:34] **raw__> my name is Ryan Matte, i'm sure you'll see it there
[02-Mar-2009 14:47:43] **raw__> well, I've accomplished quite a bit today, brought a Zenoss box back from the brink of disaster, contributed to 2 major community zenpacks and submitted one of my own
[02-Mar-2009 14:48:03] * mrayzenoss hands out a gold star to raw__
[02-Mar-2009 14:48:06] **raw__> and, I had a very delicious italian sub for lunch
[02-Mar-2009 14:48:12] **raw__>
[02-Mar-2009 14:48:41] **mrayzenoss> I'll buy you a beer next time I see you
[02-Mar-2009 14:48:45] **raw__> haha
[02-Mar-2009 14:48:48] **raw__> right on
[02-Mar-2009 14:48:57] **raw__> too bad I'm all the way up here in Canada
[02-Mar-2009 14:49:20] **mrayzenoss> hmmm... we've got 2 developers in Canada, maybe they can buy you beers. Calgary and Ontario
[02-Mar-2009 14:49:21] **raw__> you'll have to fedex it
[02-Mar-2009 14:49:28] **raw__> where in Ontario?
[02-Mar-2009 14:49:42] **raw__> I'm in Ottawa, Ontario
[02-Mar-2009 14:49:51] **raw__> I'm guessing they are probably in Toronto?
[02-Mar-2009 14:50:01] **mrayzenoss> Dunno, lemme ask
[02-Mar-2009 14:50:03] **raw__> k
[02-Mar-2009 14:50:36] **mrayzenoss> Waterloo
[02-Mar-2009 14:50:39] **raw__> ah
[02-Mar-2009 14:50:46] **raw__> that's a few hours way from here
[02-Mar-2009 14:50:55] **raw__> away*
[02-Mar-2009 14:52:26] **raw__> well, now to take another shot at LDAP
[02-Mar-2009 14:52:36] **raw__> I think I'm going to go coach my coworker through it this time
[02-Mar-2009 14:52:38] **raw__>
[02-Mar-2009 14:52:50] **raw__> at least be have a snapshot of the server now
[02-Mar-2009 14:52:56] **raw__> so he can screw it up all he wants
[02-Mar-2009 14:54:10] **raw__> afk for a few
[02-Mar-2009 14:57:30] **cain22> how do you ignore some things from the event log?
[02-Mar-2009 14:59:02] **cain22> i don't want some of them to create alerts...
[02-Mar-2009 15:00:08] **mrayzenoss> you can modify the Event Class to a lower priority
[02-Mar-2009 15:00:33] **mrayzenoss> or to zEventAction "drop"
[02-Mar-2009 15:00:54] **mrayzenoss> There's a pretty good paper here:
[02-Mar-2009 15:01:01] **adytum-bot> Title: Papers and Presentations by Jane Curry (at
[02-Mar-2009 15:02:37] **mrayzenoss> gotta head out for awhile, be back later
[02-Mar-2009 15:13:47] **MattBurgoon> is it possible to create a graph that is a sum of performance data?
[02-Mar-2009 15:14:20] **MattBurgoon> must be. there's the aggregate reports.
[02-Mar-2009 15:14:30] **MattBurgoon> looking around still..
[02-Mar-2009 17:05:59] **raw> spliiiiit
[02-Mar-2009 17:06:49] raw is now known as Guest82654
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[02-Mar-2009 17:12:26] **syntaxcollector> kisielk: you stink
[02-Mar-2009 17:12:34] **raw___> LOL
[02-Mar-2009 17:13:16] **raw___> where'd that come from? hehe
[02-Mar-2009 17:15:59] raw is now known as Guest55608
[02-Mar-2009 17:16:05] Guest55608 is now known as raw___
[02-Mar-2009 17:17:37] **raw___> man, this place is dead at this time of night
[02-Mar-2009 17:58:20] raw is now known as Guest37352
[02-Mar-2009 17:58:23] Guest37352 is now known as raw___
[02-Mar-2009 18:16:04] **raw___> nice, just noticed devs will be here Thursday
[02-Mar-2009 18:47:17] raw is now known as Guest21914
[02-Mar-2009 19:15:10] Vog-work is now known as vog-work
[02-Mar-2009 19:21:18] raw is now known as Guest80653
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[03-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [connected at Tue Mar  3 00:00:42 2009]
[03-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[03-Mar-2009 00:10:23] **ErikRose> What version of Zope does Zenoss use these days?
[03-Mar-2009 02:58:24] **sergeymasushko> how do we monitor a server with one primary IP with snmp and 100 virtualhost httpd IPs on the same machine without creating devices for all?
[03-Mar-2009 03:02:08] **zarxcky> extended snmp script?
[03-Mar-2009 03:02:38] **sergeymasushko> no
[03-Mar-2009 03:04:45] **sergeymasushko> under the 'OS' tab of some device I see a list of IPs (virtual http instances) next to http port in the IP Services section. I would like to receive http UP/DOWN alerts for each IP there.
[03-Mar-2009 03:07:49] **zarxcky> hmm.. never monitor virtual host.. can't help u there
[03-Mar-2009 04:54:23] **int> i wonder if i can disable osprocess and ipservices autodetecting for all devices?
[03-Mar-2009 06:08:33] **raw__> does anyone here have experience setting up Zenoss for LDAP Authentication?
[03-Mar-2009 06:09:20] **raw__> I'm doing everything that the official guide says, I have all of the settings exactly identical to what's in the guide and I've confirmed that Zope can pull user info from the LDAP server but it's not pulling down any groups
[03-Mar-2009 06:09:55] **raw__> I've double checked and triple checked every option
[03-Mar-2009 07:41:43] **int> i wonder if someone looked on cpu perf graps? la1 and la15 fetched as floats ie 0.20 and la5 as integer (ie 20) and then they all divided by 100
[03-Mar-2009 07:43:34] **int> also IO graph named as bytes/sec but shows plain counter
[03-Mar-2009 07:43:38] **int> wierd
[03-Mar-2009 08:24:18] **VBNewUser> I need some quick info on Zenoss.
[03-Mar-2009 08:24:39] **VBNewUser> Anyone can help me here?
[03-Mar-2009 08:28:33] **VBNewUser> What are the default threshold values for CPU, memory, interface and disk space utilization
[03-Mar-2009 08:28:35] **VBNewUser> ?
[03-Mar-2009 08:29:37] **raw__> should be 90%
[03-Mar-2009 08:32:16] **VBNewUser> raw__: Thank you. I am trying to find that in the documentation.
[03-Mar-2009 08:33:58] **raw__> doubt it's anywhere in the documentation
[03-Mar-2009 08:34:10] **raw__> but if you check the actual templates in Zenoss they are set at 90
[03-Mar-2009 08:44:11] **raw__> eugh, this LDAP config is driving me nuts
[03-Mar-2009 08:44:31] **raw__> I have everything configured per the LDAP guide, and I know that LDAP is working perfectly fine.
[03-Mar-2009 08:44:41] **raw__> but when I go to the groups tab I get: "No groups found in LDAP. Please check the settings "Group base DN" and "Groups search scope" and make sure your LDAP tree contains suitable group records. "
[03-Mar-2009 08:45:00] **raw__> but it DOES contain suitable group records
[03-Mar-2009 08:45:05] **raw__> and I'm pointing it right at them
[03-Mar-2009 08:47:29] **VBNewUser> raw__: Thank you. I was away for a while. Glad to get a confirmation from your side. I don't have Zenoss installed at the moment, so could not check this myself.
[03-Mar-2009 08:47:47] **raw__> ah
[03-Mar-2009 08:47:59] **raw__> the thresholds are all easily customizable
[03-Mar-2009 08:48:47] **VBNewUser> well, I am sure, they are. I am trying to find out on what basis have we got the 90% default value. Is this from industry best practices?
[03-Mar-2009 08:51:44] **sergeymasushko> VBNewUser: also zenoss has threshold 83% for filesystem utilization by default.
[03-Mar-2009 08:52:18] **VBNewUser> sergeymasushko: thank you. Noting that down.
[03-Mar-2009 08:53:09] **VBNewUser> one more question: I read somewhere in the datasheets about "remote administration". Is that remote administration of end device or remote admin of Zenoss?
[03-Mar-2009 08:55:48] **raw__> remote admin of Zenoss
[03-Mar-2009 08:55:55] **raw__> via web UI
[03-Mar-2009 08:55:59] **VBNewUser> OK...
[03-Mar-2009 08:56:03] **VBNewUser> Sorry to bother, but Zenoss use Nagios internally for availability monitoring? or it has it's own code.
[03-Mar-2009 08:56:15] **raw__> it has it's own code but supports nagios plugins
[03-Mar-2009 08:56:50] **raw__> I don't generally bother with Nagios plugins though
[03-Mar-2009 08:57:49] **VBNewUser> so, if I am using Nagios 3.0, then do I have to stop using that and switch to Zenoss? or can I continue using existing Nagios and still integrate with Zenoss (via plugins or something else)?
[03-Mar-2009 08:59:59] monrad_ is now known as monrad
[03-Mar-2009 09:00:34] **sergeymasushko> VBNewUser: it is not clear what do you mean. You can simultaneously use nagios and zenoss as separate services. when you will finish configuration of zenoss you can shutdown the nagios. as for me zenoss is more powerful and useful then nagios.
[03-Mar-2009 09:02:00] **cain22> mondrad: how'd you get your name to change...once im in the channel /nick doesn't work for me
[03-Mar-2009 09:02:38] sergeymasushko is now known as sergey1
[03-Mar-2009 09:02:50] **VBNewUser> sergeymasushko: Thank you. What I meant was: If I am already using nagios and monitoring 100 devices, do I use some plugin to integrate with Zenoss?
[03-Mar-2009 09:02:54] **raw__> zenoss is way more powerful than nagios
[03-Mar-2009 09:02:56] **sergey1> cain22: it works
[03-Mar-2009 09:03:18] **raw__> VBNewUser: no, you'd be using Zenoss as a standalone monitoring tool to replace nagios
[03-Mar-2009 09:03:55] **raw__> Zenoss is an entire monitoring tool in itself, but if you are using any specific Nagios plugins they can be installed in to Zenoss
[03-Mar-2009 09:04:29] **cain22> i can't even brin up /help in here
[03-Mar-2009 09:05:44] **cain22> eh, doesn't matter
[03-Mar-2009 09:05:53] **raw__> cain22, what client are you using to connect?
[03-Mar-2009 09:06:02] **VBNewUser> raw__: Thank you. I am not too sure if I understand the role of nagios plugins in this case.
[03-Mar-2009 09:06:07] **cain22> irssi
[03-Mar-2009 09:06:35] **cain22> i can run those before i join this channel though
[03-Mar-2009 09:06:46] **cain22> hence 22 instead of ___
[03-Mar-2009 09:06:50] **raw__> VBNewUser: they just add functionality to Nagios, for example, if you had a Nagios plugin for monitoring a specific type of network appliance and wanted to install it in Zenoss you could
[03-Mar-2009 09:07:10] **raw__> VBNewUser: Zenoss has quite the learning curve though, be prepared to spend months learning it
[03-Mar-2009 09:07:38] **raw__> cain22: odd
[03-Mar-2009 09:07:49] **VBNewUser> raw__: Thank you for your help.
[03-Mar-2009 09:08:28] **cain22> yeah..thought so too
[03-Mar-2009 09:09:03] **cain22> Hey, any reason why zenoss couldn't grab my guests machine lists for my virtual host?
[03-Mar-2009 09:09:23] **raw__> no idea, not running enterprise
[03-Mar-2009 09:11:21] **cain22> eh, i started a case....but they must still be backed up
[03-Mar-2009 09:12:08] **VBNewUser> What can we monitor for processes and services? status changes? anything else?
[03-Mar-2009 09:13:10] **raw__> VBNewUser: almost anything you can think of provided you take the time to do the config
[03-Mar-2009 09:13:29] **raw__> Zenoss supports full SNMP monitoring via v1,v2 and v3, it also supports WMI monitoring
[03-Mar-2009 09:13:32] **sergey1> hm.. by default monitoring of ssh is disabled on all my devices. how can I enable it for whole my devices instead of enabling it device-to-device.. ?
[03-Mar-2009 09:13:41] **raw__> and obviously ping/port monitoring
[03-Mar-2009 09:13:47] **VBNewUser> I am looking at a guide which can give me some best practices for monitoring.
[03-Mar-2009 09:13:52] **raw__> and you can even monitor via ssh if you want
[03-Mar-2009 09:13:57] **VBNewUser> can you help me with any pointers?
[03-Mar-2009 09:14:36] **raw__> sergey1: don't think you can since you need to load some scripts on to the server itself for it to work, read up on it in the admin guide
[03-Mar-2009 09:15:37] **raw__> VBNewUser: can't really offer any "pointers", Zenoss is not easy to learn, you need to read, read, read, every guide you can find, install it, configure it, trial and error
[03-Mar-2009 09:15:54] **raw__> once you figure it out though it's great
[03-Mar-2009 09:16:26] **raw__> the main things you should read up on is installing mibs, installing zenpacks, creating event transforms, and creating reporting templates
[03-Mar-2009 09:16:29] **raw__> for starters
[03-Mar-2009 09:16:31] **VBNewUser> raw__: I get the feeling that Zenoss is difficult for someone who is just getting started with NMS.
[03-Mar-2009 09:16:54] **VBNewUser> Are there any other products which offer similar capabilities with a lesser learning curve?
[03-Mar-2009 09:17:05] **raw__> If you don't understand how SNMP works, or how WMI works, etc... you'll have a rough time
[03-Mar-2009 09:17:26] **raw__> I don't know of any simple plug and go products that don't cost money
[03-Mar-2009 09:17:43] **raw__> what exactly are you going to be monitoring?
[03-Mar-2009 09:17:47] **raw__> and on how many devices?
[03-Mar-2009 09:18:24] **ke4qqq> VBNewUser: honestly Zenoss is about as easy as it gets
[03-Mar-2009 09:18:37] **VBNewUser> standard infrastructure like network devices, servers et al.
[03-Mar-2009 09:18:49] **VBNewUser> could be up to 5000 devices.
[03-Mar-2009 09:19:07] **raw__> Zenoss is really easy to use once it's all setup, certain aspects of the config can be a pain
[03-Mar-2009 09:19:46] **ke4qqq> raw__: yeah but it's all a matter of how much you want to configure - just adding a device with SNMP already enabled isn't too bad.
[03-Mar-2009 09:19:54] **raw__> is anyone on yet who has experience configuring Zenoss for LDAP authentication?
[03-Mar-2009 09:20:09] **cain22> negative
[03-Mar-2009 09:20:15] **raw__> I've run in to a stupid roadblock where it should be pulling down the groups from the LDAP server but it's not
[03-Mar-2009 09:20:20] **VBNewUser> I had some questions about Zenoss internals and features for Managed Service Providers.
[03-Mar-2009 09:20:20] **raw__> no idea why, driving me insane
[03-Mar-2009 09:20:49] **ke4qqq> VBNewUser: ask away - we'll answer what we can.
[03-Mar-2009 09:20:49] **VBNewUser> Any special features which can be useful for MSPs?
[03-Mar-2009 09:21:14] **raw__> I work for an MSP and we are developing our new toolset around it
[03-Mar-2009 09:21:19] **raw__> I can tell you it's more than adequate
[03-Mar-2009 09:21:31] **VBNewUser> (Note, I am just at the documentation stage, I haven't even installed the product)
[03-Mar-2009 09:21:47] **VBNewUser> does it allow branding, change of logos etc?
[03-Mar-2009 09:21:48] **raw__> Just install it on a box and try it out, see what you think
[03-Mar-2009 09:22:03] **raw__> no idea what the policy is on changing branding
[03-Mar-2009 09:22:26] **VBNewUser> about storage, it uses a  database, right?
[03-Mar-2009 09:22:47] **raw__> we are simply integrating it with a ticketing system and a portal, clients will be able to view tickets and reports but won't ever even see Zenoss
[03-Mar-2009 09:23:10] **raw__> it uses Zope database for all settings and such and a MySQL database to store event log
[03-Mar-2009 09:23:44] **VBNewUser> ok.. So, how does it segregate data belonging to multiple customers?
[03-Mar-2009 09:24:01] **VBNewUser> Do I have a mechanism to define new customers and add discovered devices to the same?
[03-Mar-2009 09:24:25] **VBNewUser> like Customer 1: dev 1, 2,3; Cust2: dev 4, 5, 6, etc?
[03-Mar-2009 09:24:39] **raw__> yeh, you can just create new device groups for each client
[03-Mar-2009 09:24:44] **raw__> and move the devices in to the groups
[03-Mar-2009 09:24:51] **VBNewUser> groups and sub groups also?
[03-Mar-2009 09:24:55] **raw__> yes
[03-Mar-2009 09:24:59] **VBNewUser> or only one level of grouping?
[03-Mar-2009 09:25:08] **raw__> you could have /Devices/Customer1/Server
[03-Mar-2009 09:25:11] **raw__> you could have /Devices/Customer1/Network
[03-Mar-2009 09:25:15] **sergey1> raw__: you do not understand my question. I asked how can I enable monitoring of 22 port (ssh) on a device such as 443 (https).
[03-Mar-2009 09:25:20] **raw__> etc...
[03-Mar-2009 09:25:44] **VBNewUser> and can I generate reports for cust1. all devices, cust2. selected devices, etc?
[03-Mar-2009 09:27:04] **raw__> the reporting features in the core version are not very powerful
[03-Mar-2009 09:27:15] **raw__> the enterprise version has reporting features similar to that
[03-Mar-2009 09:27:35] **raw__> sergey1: I still don't understand your question, what does port 443 have to do with ssh?
[03-Mar-2009 09:27:53] **VBNewUser> and then schedule these reports?
[03-Mar-2009 09:28:03] **raw__> with the enterprise version I believe so
[03-Mar-2009 09:28:07] **raw__> not with the core version
[03-Mar-2009 09:28:19] **VBNewUser> I appreciate your help
[03-Mar-2009 09:28:22] **raw__> we are actually writing our own reporting scripts to generate reports from Zenoss data
[03-Mar-2009 09:28:35] **VBNewUser> using Webservices/ API?
[03-Mar-2009 09:28:37] **raw__> since we don't want to have to purchase the enterprise version as it's too expensive for what we're going to be doing with it
[03-Mar-2009 09:28:55] **raw__> API
[03-Mar-2009 09:29:09] **VBNewUser> I am looking at something similar.
[03-Mar-2009 09:29:18] **raw__> but that's going to be a major project which won't be done for months
[03-Mar-2009 09:29:32] **VBNewUser> I need to be able to pull everything from the database and integrate it with our product.
[03-Mar-2009 09:29:46] **raw__> then you need to hire developers
[03-Mar-2009 09:29:51] **VBNewUser> so basically I need almost the entire raw data...
[03-Mar-2009 09:29:51] **cain22> you can monitor IP services though...
[03-Mar-2009 09:30:17] **VBNewUser> raw__: I have a team.
[03-Mar-2009 09:30:31] **raw__> then have them start reading the Zenoss Development Guide
[03-Mar-2009 09:30:49] **sergey1> raw__: nothing... just for example.
[03-Mar-2009 09:31:19] **sergey1> raw__: ok. let's forget about ssh and https
[03-Mar-2009 09:31:20] **raw__> sergey1: easy...
[03-Mar-2009 09:32:08] **raw__> one second, writing up the steps...
[03-Mar-2009 09:32:22] **sergey1> raw__: how can I enable monitoring of some port for 10 devices.
[03-Mar-2009 09:32:32] **raw__> I'm going to show you that in a second
[03-Mar-2009 09:33:24] **cain22> add the service, and tell it what protocol it is
[03-Mar-2009 09:33:29] **raw__> Click on Services on the left, then click on IpService, then click on privileged, then type ssh in to the search box and hit enter, then click on ssh
[03-Mar-2009 09:33:48] **raw__> then go to the edit tab
[03-Mar-2009 09:33:57] **raw__> change monitor from false to true
[03-Mar-2009 09:34:06] **raw__> and voila, it'll automatically be monitored on all devices
[03-Mar-2009 09:34:21] **raw__> it'll take maybe like an hour to show up on all devices
[03-Mar-2009 09:35:23] **sergey1> ok. thank you.
[03-Mar-2009 09:35:50] **raw__> np
[03-Mar-2009 09:36:30] **raw__> if it doesn't show up on certain devices just remodel them
[03-Mar-2009 09:36:35] **raw__> it should show up after a remodel
[03-Mar-2009 09:36:41] **sergey1> ok
[03-Mar-2009 09:44:23] **cain22> raw__: so how much time do you spend with zenoss?
[03-Mar-2009 09:47:17] **VBNewUser>
[03-Mar-2009 10:33:53] **raw__> cain22: like 4-8 hours a day
[03-Mar-2009 10:39:48] **cain22> everynow and then, i feel like I need a "zenoss for dummies" book....
[03-Mar-2009 10:43:55] **raw__> lol
[03-Mar-2009 10:44:11] **raw__> I've been at this heavily for like 3-4 months now
[03-Mar-2009 10:44:14] **raw__> and I'm still no guru
[03-Mar-2009 10:44:20] **raw__> learning new stuff each day
[03-Mar-2009 10:45:11] **mrayzenoss> welcome to my world
[03-Mar-2009 10:45:28] **cain22> heh...
[03-Mar-2009 10:46:08] **mrayzenoss> raw__: That Cisco ZenPack takes 5 or 6 hours to install on my 2.3.3 VM
[03-Mar-2009 10:46:23] **mrayzenoss> my CPU hit 173 degrees
[03-Mar-2009 10:47:11] **mrayzenoss> I'm working on the page for it right now
[03-Mar-2009 10:47:23] **sergey1> mrayzenoss: hi
[03-Mar-2009 10:47:52] **sergey1> mrayzenoss: how do we monitor a server with one primary IP with snmp and 100 virtualhost httpd IPs on the same machine without creating devices for all?
[03-Mar-2009 10:50:57] **mrayzenoss> not really sure
[03-Mar-2009 10:52:01] **sergey1> so if I want to monitor http for virtual instances i should create a device for each IP ?
[03-Mar-2009 11:01:44] **mrayzenoss> so I went and asked
[03-Mar-2009 11:01:54] **mrayzenoss> you can set up multiple data sources using HTTPMonitor
[03-Mar-2009 11:02:05] **mrayzenoss> so each host could be a separate data point
[03-Mar-2009 11:02:23] **mrayzenoss> virtual host that is
[03-Mar-2009 11:02:48] **mrayzenoss> take a look at
[03-Mar-2009 11:03:04] **adytum-bot> Title: Monitoring websites with HttpMonitor - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[03-Mar-2009 11:06:25] **raw__> I finally got my LDAP authentication working properly
[03-Mar-2009 11:06:26] **raw__> woot
[03-Mar-2009 11:07:08] **sergey1> mrayzenoss: thanks for the point.
[03-Mar-2009 11:07:17] **mrayzenoss> excellent
[03-Mar-2009 11:11:00] **cain22> mrayzenoss: supportque still backed up i take it....?
[03-Mar-2009 11:11:09] **mrayzenoss> no idea, I'll peak
[03-Mar-2009 11:11:22] **cain22> thank you..
[03-Mar-2009 11:11:26] **mrayzenoss> I'm not part of support, so I'm usually out of that loop
[03-Mar-2009 11:12:00] **cain22> i figured...but you seem to be able to check...
[03-Mar-2009 11:14:28] **mrayzenoss> I pinged the developer assigned to L3 this iteration to hit them
[03-Mar-2009 11:16:06] **sergey1> mrayzenoss: can developers implement device dependencies via the web interface? like a check-box with drop-down menu. It would be very useful. We have supporters that do not know python at all and transforms like:
[03-Mar-2009 11:16:06] **sergey1> if == 'id_of_application_server':
[03-Mar-2009 11:16:06] **sergey1>     db_server = device.findDevice('id_of_db_server')
[03-Mar-2009 11:16:06] **sergey1>     if db_server.getPingStatus() > 0:
[03-Mar-2009 11:16:06] **sergey1>         evt.eventState = 2 # suppressed
[03-Mar-2009 11:16:08] **sergey1> are frighten them
[03-Mar-2009 11:18:31] **mrayzenoss> we can definitely open a ticket for it
[03-Mar-2009 11:19:40] **mrayzenoss> opening the enhancement so it gets tracked
[03-Mar-2009 11:19:42] vog-work is now known as Vog-work
[03-Mar-2009 11:20:10] **sergey1> ok. how can we do that?
[03-Mar-2009 11:20:17] **mrayzenoss> I'm already doing it
[03-Mar-2009 11:20:35] **sergey1> mrayzenoss: very-very thank you.
[03-Mar-2009 11:20:56] **mrayzenoss> don't get too excited, we've got a lot of feature requests and limited developers
[03-Mar-2009 11:22:34] **mrayzenoss>
[03-Mar-2009 11:22:57] **sergey1> mrayzenoss: ok. thanks anyway
[03-Mar-2009 11:23:05] **raw__> mrayzenoss: nice hehe
[03-Mar-2009 11:23:11] **raw__> mrayzenoss: told you it'd take forever
[03-Mar-2009 11:23:28] **mrayzenoss>
[03-Mar-2009 11:23:48] **adytum-bot> Title: ZenPacks - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[03-Mar-2009 11:23:54] **mrayzenoss> I'm testing the source build right now, but the page is ready
[03-Mar-2009 11:24:18] **mrayzenoss> I'll announce it this afternoon sometime
[03-Mar-2009 11:25:19] **mrayzenoss> and hopefully put out new Juniper J-Series and a new NetApp ZenPack and an update on the PostgreSQL ZenPack
[03-Mar-2009 11:25:21] **raw__> nice
[03-Mar-2009 11:25:27] **mrayzenoss> my goal is 4 ZenPacks for the day
[03-Mar-2009 11:26:01] **raw__>
[03-Mar-2009 11:26:17] **raw__> did James D get back to you about his WMI packs yet?
[03-Mar-2009 11:26:28] **mrayzenoss> not yet
[03-Mar-2009 11:27:10] **cain22> monitoring these virtuals has become my bane...
[03-Mar-2009 11:27:13] **raw__> you have zenoss dependency listed as 2.2 on the Cisco Mibs page?
[03-Mar-2009 11:27:17] **raw__> shouldn't it be 2.3?
[03-Mar-2009 11:27:28] **mrayzenoss> 2.2 is when we added .eggs
[03-Mar-2009 11:27:32] **raw__> ah ok
[03-Mar-2009 11:27:35] **mrayzenoss> I figure it'll still work
[03-Mar-2009 11:27:51] **raw__> it should
[03-Mar-2009 11:33:37] **raw__> might want to throw a disclaimer in there warning that it could take 6-8 hours to install
[03-Mar-2009 11:33:59] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I guess the current caveat isn't strong enough
[03-Mar-2009 11:34:05] **raw__> because quite honestly, if I hadn't have left the pack installing overnight I would have never known...
[03-Mar-2009 11:34:11] **raw__> I just figured that it was hung
[03-Mar-2009 11:34:24] **raw__> but I left it anyways
[03-Mar-2009 11:34:27] **raw__> lol
[03-Mar-2009 11:34:29] **mrayzenoss> yeah, it takes about twice as long as the ProLiant one
[03-Mar-2009 11:34:34] **raw__> yup
[03-Mar-2009 11:34:37] **raw__> lots of items
[03-Mar-2009 11:44:39] **raw__> It's funny how it generates the pack in about 1 minute but takes 6 hours to install
[03-Mar-2009 11:47:51] **raw__> 4 or 5 hours, trying to not scare people off?
[03-Mar-2009 11:47:52] **raw__> lol
[03-Mar-2009 11:51:53] **Liamm> Hi anyone know a lot about running nagios plugins in ZenOSS? I'm running into problems getting something working the way I need
[03-Mar-2009 11:52:16] **raw__> nagios plugins are one thing that I unfortunately have not worked with yet
[03-Mar-2009 11:52:30] **raw__> what type of plugin are you trying to install?
[03-Mar-2009 11:53:35] **Liamm> I have a plugin that checks if an interface on a router is up. But where I'm struggling is how to get it to run against each interface on the router .
[03-Mar-2009 11:53:51] **Liamm> the syntax of the command is -H ${dev/manageIp} -C ${device/zSnmpCommunity} -2 -n $???
[03-Mar-2009 11:54:09] **Liamm> the -n switch should be the name of the interface
[03-Mar-2009 11:55:00] **Liamm> I'm adding it as a data source to the ethernetCsmacd template (I'm not 100% sure if this is the right road to take or not though
[03-Mar-2009 11:55:43] **raw__> ${dev/id}
[03-Mar-2009 11:55:48] **raw__> should give the name
[03-Mar-2009 11:55:58] **raw__> oh wait
[03-Mar-2009 11:56:01] **raw__> name of the interface
[03-Mar-2009 11:56:03] **raw__> hmmm
[03-Mar-2009 11:56:20] **raw__> you're just trying to monitor up/down status?
[03-Mar-2009 11:56:25] **raw__> via snmp?
[03-Mar-2009 11:56:43] **raw__> maybe this is what you're looking for:
[03-Mar-2009 11:56:57] **adytum-bot> Title: Polling Interface Status - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[03-Mar-2009 11:58:07] **Liamm> yes. The reason I'm doing it via this plugin instead of that way is we're getting a huge lag in ZenOSS noticing that the interface is back up. lag on the order of 24 hours or more
[03-Mar-2009 11:58:46] **raw__> oh
[03-Mar-2009 11:58:52] **raw__> strange
[03-Mar-2009 11:59:21] **raw__> yeh, I'm not sure how you'd run that script against each interface
[03-Mar-2009 11:59:28] **linuxdynasty> /opt/zenoss/libexec/ -d localhost -c public -o -p 161 --label="lo,eth0,eth1"
[03-Mar-2009 11:59:28] **linuxdynasty> |lo=1 eth0=1 eth1=2
[03-Mar-2009 11:59:36] **linuxdynasty> then cerate thresholds based on the datapoint
[03-Mar-2009 12:01:02] **linuxdynasty> The plugin above I created end of last week and have been modifying until this morning.
[03-Mar-2009 12:01:03] **Liamm> @linuxdynasty it's more for tunnels on Cisco routers which change unfortunately relatively frequently
[03-Mar-2009 12:01:03] **adytum-bot> Liamm: Error: 'linuxdynasty' is not a valid command.
[03-Mar-2009 12:01:25] **linuxdynasty> The plugin above aloows you to get a branch of an oid or a brand of a indexed oid
[03-Mar-2009 12:01:32] **linuxdynasty> ahh ok
[03-Mar-2009 12:01:54] **linuxdynasty> let me ask you this
[03-Mar-2009 12:02:02] **linuxdynasty> do they all reside on the same branch
[03-Mar-2009 12:02:03] **linuxdynasty> ?
[03-Mar-2009 12:02:31] **Liamm> yes actually I guess so
[03-Mar-2009 12:03:02] **linuxdynasty> so if you walk the branch what does the output look like?
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:19] **Liamm> IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.1 = INTEGER: up(1)
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:19] **Liamm> IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.2 = INTEGER: down(2)
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:19] **Liamm> IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.3 = INTEGER: down(2)
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:20] **Liamm> IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.4 = INTEGER: up(1)
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:20] **Liamm> IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.5 = INTEGER: up(1)
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:20] **Liamm> IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.6 = INTEGER: up(1)
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:22] **Liamm> IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.7 = INTEGER: down(2)
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:24] **Liamm> IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.8 = INTEGER: up(1)
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:26] **Liamm> IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.9 = INTEGER: up(1)
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:28] **Liamm> IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.10 = INTEGER: up(1)
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:28] **linuxdynasty> are you concerned with only certain tunnels or do you want to know if they are all u up and down
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:28] **raw__> please
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:29] **linuxdynasty> ?
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:30] **Liamm> IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.11 = INTEGER: up(1)
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:32] **Liamm> IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.12 = INTEGER: down(2)
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:35] **linuxdynasty> ok i got
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:36] **linuxdynasty> it
[03-Mar-2009 12:04:38] **Liamm> whoops sorry
[03-Mar-2009 12:05:11] **Liamm> Ideally only interfaces starting with the word Tunnel but I'm not opposed to monitoring all interfaces
[03-Mar-2009 12:05:53] **linuxdynasty> ok so with my script you can pass it that branch and label them however you like and create the datapoints based on the labels you specified
[03-Mar-2009 12:05:57] **linuxdynasty> then create the thresholds
[03-Mar-2009 12:06:22] **linuxdynasty> So create the one datasource called Tunnels
[03-Mar-2009 12:06:31] **linuxdynasty> then create the datapoints for them
[03-Mar-2009 12:06:53] **linuxdynasty> the only issue I can see if that the amount of tunnels keep changing??
[03-Mar-2009 12:07:36] **Liamm> that and we have other less technical support people who have to add devices who may not understand the process. It may be a start though
[03-Mar-2009 12:08:38] **linuxdynasty> The information to the plugin i created can be seen here
[03-Mar-2009 12:08:44] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - I created a new check command plugin for zenoss (at
[03-Mar-2009 12:08:53] **Liamm> Actually you've given me an idea though
[03-Mar-2009 12:10:54] **Liamm> Thanks linuxdynasty, raw__
[03-Mar-2009 12:10:55] **linuxdynasty> cool
[03-Mar-2009 12:11:10] **raw__> np
[03-Mar-2009 12:11:17] **linuxdynasty> if you use the plugin let me know I love feed back good or bad
[03-Mar-2009 12:25:33] **kisielk> how does one make a template or collector for items that are index SNMP ?
[03-Mar-2009 12:34:23] **mrayzenoss> whew, finished loading mibs.  Started about 4.5 hours ago
[03-Mar-2009 12:40:11] **raw__> lol
[03-Mar-2009 12:48:47] **MajereDB8> hi, does anyone have any experience using if-then statements with zenoss event commands? i just had some questions about the proper syntax
[03-Mar-2009 12:53:35] **raw__> MajereDB8: yeh, I do
[03-Mar-2009 12:53:57] **raw__> what are you trying to do?
[03-Mar-2009 12:56:01] **MajereDB8> raw__, awesome. i'm trying to set up a nested if-then statement to parse the event details and determine if it contains an exact string. then, i want to look at evt.summary to see if contains a three letter string, and if so, strip out those three letters and pass it to zenackevents
[03-Mar-2009 12:56:45] **raw__> ok...
[03-Mar-2009 12:56:47] **MajereDB8> so the pseudo code would look something like if evt.details == MyKeyword, then If evt.summary contains "3letters," then truncate evt.summary, zenackevents --evid=evt.summary
[03-Mar-2009 12:57:07] **MajereDB8> the problem is, i'm not sure what the proper syntax is for if/then
[03-Mar-2009 12:57:27] **MajereDB8> i'm used to c or c++ type syntax
[03-Mar-2009 12:58:01] **MajereDB8> i know that python is white space delimited, so no curly brackets
[03-Mar-2009 12:58:53] **raw__> python if/then syntax is super simple
[03-Mar-2009 12:59:23] **mrayzenoss> There are some good examples here:
[03-Mar-2009 12:59:37] **adytum-bot> Title: Event Transforms - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[03-Mar-2009 12:59:48] **raw__> thanks mray, was just looking for something like that to give him hehe
[03-Mar-2009 13:00:27] **MajereDB8> mrayzenoss: thanks, much appreciated. can i go nuts like that in an event command, or does this only work within transforms?
[03-Mar-2009 13:01:40] **mrayzenoss> event commands are even more flexible, since you can just hand off your arguments to any command
[03-Mar-2009 13:01:45] **raw__> well, the values you'll want to be using (evt.whatever) are transform specific I believe
[03-Mar-2009 13:01:45] **mrayzenoss> bash, Python, Perl, etc.
[03-Mar-2009 13:02:48] **mrayzenoss> Check out the Zenoss Event Management paper here:
[03-Mar-2009 13:02:54] **adytum-bot> Title: Papers and Presentations by Jane Curry (at
[03-Mar-2009 13:03:40] **raw__> what's an example of the actual strings that you'll be working with?
[03-Mar-2009 13:03:46] **raw__> like, where are you stripping the chars from?
[03-Mar-2009 13:03:52] **raw__> start, middle, random location?
[03-Mar-2009 13:03:57] **raw__> and what keyword are you looking for
[03-Mar-2009 13:03:58] **raw__> ?
[03-Mar-2009 13:04:27] **MajereDB8> raw__: well, specifically, zenpop3 is generating an e-mail, and placing the subject line into evt.summary, and the e-mail body into evt.details
[03-Mar-2009 13:04:53] **MajereDB8> i'm trying to strip out the "Re: " (so four characters) which obviously will always be at the beginning of evt.summary
[03-Mar-2009 13:05:10] **MajereDB8> then i'm passing that string to zenackevents to acknowledge my alert e-mail
[03-Mar-2009 13:05:14] **raw__> ah, that's pretty simple to do
[03-Mar-2009 13:05:18] **raw__> the stripping anyways
[03-Mar-2009 13:05:28] **MajereDB8> the passing it is easy to do to
[03-Mar-2009 13:05:30] **raw__> hold on, I'll give you rhe code
[03-Mar-2009 13:05:33] **raw__> the*
[03-Mar-2009 13:06:28] **raw__> you'd basically just do evt.summary = evt.summary[3:]
[03-Mar-2009 13:06:46] **raw__> that'll strip out the first 3 characters
[03-Mar-2009 13:06:51] **MajereDB8> do strings work like c, where the first character os 0?
[03-Mar-2009 13:07:17] **raw__> and you can also do something like if evt.summary[3:] == 'Re:': evt.summary = evt.summary[3:]
[03-Mar-2009 13:07:22] **raw__> I think that'd work
[03-Mar-2009 13:07:27] **raw__> just doing it off the top of my head
[03-Mar-2009 13:07:51] **MajereDB8> heh, well, might as well try. i need to vpn into the box to test it out. i'm liking this stuff now that i'm getting it to work. i just need to get used to python
[03-Mar-2009 13:07:54] **raw__> actually, it might be [2:]
[03-Mar-2009 13:08:18] **kisielk> it's easy enough to test all of this
[03-Mar-2009 13:08:18] **raw__> python is really simple but takes time to learn just like anything else
[03-Mar-2009 13:08:22] **kisielk> just use a python interactive console
[03-Mar-2009 13:08:40] **kisielk> create a string, foo = "Re: blah blah blah"
[03-Mar-2009 13:08:47] **kisielk> then just try foo[2:], etc
[03-Mar-2009 13:08:50] **raw__> yeh, I just type "python" at the command line on a unix box and test using that
[03-Mar-2009 13:08:53] **raw__> saves a lot of time
[03-Mar-2009 13:09:26] **raw__> if there are any evt.summary or evt.whatever values just take the . out
[03-Mar-2009 13:09:28] **linuxdynasty> use ipython as a shell
[03-Mar-2009 13:09:29] **raw__> so evtsummary
[03-Mar-2009 13:09:35] **raw__> and put it back when you're done testing
[03-Mar-2009 13:09:39] **kisielk> linuxdynasty: it doesn't really matter for simple stuff
[03-Mar-2009 13:10:08] **raw__> or if you want to load all of the Zenoss specific stuff in you can use zendmd to test
[03-Mar-2009 13:10:09] **linuxdynasty> here is what I mean, if you use ipython on a day to day basis as your shell
[03-Mar-2009 13:10:17] **linuxdynasty> you will become familiar with python even quicker
[03-Mar-2009 13:10:31] **linuxdynasty> I've gotten quite accustom to using ipython as my shell
[03-Mar-2009 13:10:40] **raw__> meh, to each his own
[03-Mar-2009 13:10:42] **raw__>
[03-Mar-2009 13:10:52] **kisielk> linuxdynasty: well, he doesn't know anything about python yet, best to start simple
[03-Mar-2009 13:11:01] **kisielk> rather than get confused with advanced stuff right away
[03-Mar-2009 13:11:32] **MajereDB8> kisielk: the learning curve doesn't seem too too bad. it's a bit different than other languages, but the fundamentals seem pretty much the same
[03-Mar-2009 13:11:44] **kisielk> MajereDB8: yeah the learning curve for Python is quite shallow
[03-Mar-2009 13:11:44] **linuxdynasty> you can start ipython in sh mode which allows ipython to function with all of the bash functionallity as well as python functionality
[03-Mar-2009 13:11:44] **raw__> yeh
[03-Mar-2009 13:11:48] **kisielk> but ipython is really for power users
[03-Mar-2009 13:11:56] **raw__> it's actually way more lax syntaxwise I find when compared to something like perl
[03-Mar-2009 13:12:11] **linuxdynasty> What I love about python it enforces clean coding
[03-Mar-2009 13:12:17] **kisielk> linuxdynasty: my point exactly, that can lead to confusion, because you don't know which are python features and which are not
[03-Mar-2009 13:12:21] **linuxdynasty> before python my perl script I could barely read
[03-Mar-2009 13:12:31] **raw__> yeh
[03-Mar-2009 13:12:34] **linuxdynasty> now my perl scripts/programs looks almost exactly as my python programs
[03-Mar-2009 13:12:37] **kisielk> I think until someone is familiar with python, they should avoid it
[03-Mar-2009 13:13:35] **linuxdynasty> To each his own as raw_ said
[03-Mar-2009 13:13:38] **linuxdynasty>
[03-Mar-2009 13:13:41] **MajereDB8> linuxdynasty: i think i've avoided python a while ago due to poor past experiences with perl, and i always associated the two. i didn't realize that python borrowed good things from different languages
[03-Mar-2009 13:14:04] **kisielk> Python actually doesn't borrow anything from Perl
[03-Mar-2009 13:14:05] **linuxdynasty> Once I started Python there was no giong back for me
[03-Mar-2009 13:14:14] **linuxdynasty> from scripting to appliocation programming I do it all in python
[03-Mar-2009 13:14:37] **linuxdynasty> The only time I refer back to perl is because of the horrible support for soap in python
[03-Mar-2009 13:15:11] **mrayzenoss> linuxdynasty: don't like ZSI?
[03-Mar-2009 13:15:33] **MajereDB8> kisielk: it seems to me borrow a bit from c and java, among other things. i just had some stupid association... they're both 'p' scripting languages. that was me just judging a book by a total misinterpretation of the cover
[03-Mar-2009 13:15:43] **linuxdynasty> I have had such a horrible time using ZSI with The Soap interface on VMware
[03-Mar-2009 13:16:00] **mrayzenoss> heh, we added it to the Zenoss stack just for that
[03-Mar-2009 13:16:06] **linuxdynasty> When it was straight to the point using soap support in perl
[03-Mar-2009 13:16:22] **linuxdynasty> I might need to look at the code as I had hell with ZSI
[03-Mar-2009 13:16:36] **linuxdynasty> very simple to do in Perl at least for me
[03-Mar-2009 13:16:59] **linuxdynasty> even with the Netscalers soap interface I could not get the ZSI to work for me but in Perl took minutes to get a workign script
[03-Mar-2009 13:17:32] **kisielk> ZSI isn't that complicated..
[03-Mar-2009 13:17:58] **linuxdynasty> For me a year ago when I tried it was and I searched for help on the forums
[03-Mar-2009 13:18:35] **linuxdynasty> essentially everyone kept saying, that I might as well as do it in perl
[03-Mar-2009 13:19:07] **linuxdynasty> this is when I was writing perl modules for VMware ESX SDK
[03-Mar-2009 13:20:34] **mrayzenoss> speaking of fun things with Perl, the new Barracuda ZenPack does some screen scraping as a data source to get around not having SNMP interfaces on the cheap Barracuda appliances. Nifty trick
[03-Mar-2009 13:21:13] **raw__> lol, right as you said that I browsed to the Zenpack page and happened to be looking at that zenpack
[03-Mar-2009 13:21:14] **raw__>
[03-Mar-2009 13:21:40] **MajereDB8> i hate to bug everybody a bit more, but i'm firewalled away from my zenoss box at the moment... so out of curiousity, would a comparison like, if ${evt/summary}[3:] == 'Re: ':
[03-Mar-2009 13:21:40] **MajereDB8> be legal in an event command?
[03-Mar-2009 13:22:07] **raw__> doubt it
[03-Mar-2009 13:22:12] **raw__> event commands are just that, a command
[03-Mar-2009 13:22:28] **MajereDB8> yeah, i can't really transform it because zenpop3 doesn't generate an event class
[03-Mar-2009 13:22:43] **raw__> I hate that when stuff doesn't generate event classes...
[03-Mar-2009 13:23:31] **raw__> anyone know if MajereDB8 could just do a general transform under More -> Transform in Events for that?
[03-Mar-2009 13:25:57] **raw__> nice to see my name listed on the community zenpacks page
[03-Mar-2009 13:26:08] **mrayzenoss> just commited to SVN as well
[03-Mar-2009 13:26:13] **raw__> nice
[03-Mar-2009 13:26:27] **raw__> apparently I'll be in the credits for the WMI packs too lol
[03-Mar-2009 13:27:58] **raw__> eventually I'll have a bunch of Cisco transforms to contribute as well
[03-Mar-2009 13:28:06] **mrayzenoss> cool
[03-Mar-2009 13:28:19] **raw__> some HP as well probably
[03-Mar-2009 13:28:44] **mrayzenoss> nobody's contributed a ZenPack of just Event Classes yet either
[03-Mar-2009 13:29:23] **raw__> yeh, well, I think people tend to like to make their own hehe
[03-Mar-2009 13:29:24] **mrayzenoss> 80% are templates with devices and possibly modeling
[03-Mar-2009 13:29:34] **mrayzenoss> which is cool
[03-Mar-2009 13:29:43] **mrayzenoss> 3 or 4 portlets
[03-Mar-2009 13:29:51] **mrayzenoss> 2 mibs
[03-Mar-2009 13:30:02] **raw__> it'd be nice if there was a little more tracking on how community zenpacks are made in terms of their structure
[03-Mar-2009 13:30:11] **mrayzenoss> yeah, it's on my todo
[03-Mar-2009 13:30:13] **raw__> it can get a bit messy when installing several zenpacks
[03-Mar-2009 13:30:21] **mrayzenoss> right now I have 81 things in my queue
[03-Mar-2009 13:30:26] **raw__> hehe
[03-Mar-2009 13:30:30] **raw__> busy man
[03-Mar-2009 13:30:43] **mrayzenoss> a new ZenPack adds 14, an update 10
[03-Mar-2009 13:31:22] **raw__> community maintainer sounds like a cool job though
[03-Mar-2009 13:31:27] **raw__> do you volunteer or are you paid?
[03-Mar-2009 13:31:32] **mrayzenoss> paid
[03-Mar-2009 13:31:34] **raw__> nice
[03-Mar-2009 13:31:52] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I was a developer before doing this, but I enjoy a lot of the other aspects
[03-Mar-2009 13:31:59] **raw__> yeah
[03-Mar-2009 13:32:28] **raw__> the zenoss community is actually pretty impressive considering it's partially an enterprise product
[03-Mar-2009 13:33:18] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I just make it my job to make sure that Zenoss Core is useful without Zenoss Enterprise, so I'm pretty happy
[03-Mar-2009 13:33:40] **raw__> makes me happy too, because there's no possible way that we can use enterprise for what we're going to be doing
[03-Mar-2009 13:33:42] **kisielk> I think it's a good way to go
[03-Mar-2009 13:33:59] **kisielk> we won't even consider other enterprise products because the community support is not there
[03-Mar-2009 13:34:06] **kisielk> I hate to rely on the vendor for everything
[03-Mar-2009 13:34:35] **kisielk> having a product be mostly open source and easily modifiable by us and other people is a big win
[03-Mar-2009 13:34:38] **raw__> enterprise is great for a company that has a few thousand devices to monitor, but for an MSP like us, we never know how many devices we'll be monitoring from month to month, and the licensing for enterprise is brutal
[03-Mar-2009 13:34:43] **MajereDB8> alright, thanks so much for the help.  i'll have to test that stuff out later tonight!
[03-Mar-2009 13:34:57] **kisielk> raw__: MSP ?
[03-Mar-2009 13:35:04] **raw__> managed service provider
[03-Mar-2009 13:35:06] **raw__> basically a NOC
[03-Mar-2009 13:35:13] **kisielk> right
[03-Mar-2009 13:35:16] **raw__>
[03-Mar-2009 13:35:20] **kisielk> well, you could probably work out a deal or something
[03-Mar-2009 13:35:26] **kisielk> negotiate some other kind of contract
[03-Mar-2009 13:35:32] **mrayzenoss> Not to give you a sales pitch or anything, but we have really flexible pricing for MSPs
[03-Mar-2009 13:35:45] **mrayzenoss> it just gets uncapped and we lose the per/device pricing
[03-Mar-2009 13:35:50] **raw__> meh, better to just develop everything in house using core, then we don't have to pay licensing fees and we can provide our own support
[03-Mar-2009 13:35:59] **mrayzenoss> that works too
[03-Mar-2009 13:36:01] **raw__> plus we can contribute things back to the zenoss community as we go along
[03-Mar-2009 13:36:33] **kisielk> mrayzenoss: by the way, I saw that neat ubuntu / debian software thing the other day
[03-Mar-2009 13:36:43] **mrayzenoss> yeah, that was slick
[03-Mar-2009 13:36:45] **raw__> what software thing?
[03-Mar-2009 13:36:46] **kisielk> mrayzenoss: so I developed pretty much the equivalent for Gentoo, and I've got a SUSE version in the pipeline
[03-Mar-2009 13:37:14] **kisielk> still have to work out a few bugs, but it's nearly there
[03-Mar-2009 13:37:16] **mrayzenoss> awesome, you'll face some competition for "Tip of the Month", linuxdynasty already is in the queu
[03-Mar-2009 13:37:35] **kisielk> haha, I don't really care about that, I just want it to work
[03-Mar-2009 13:37:57] **raw__> what software thing? :|
[03-Mar-2009 13:38:02] * raw__ is clueless
[03-Mar-2009 13:38:09] **kisielk> raw__: populate the software inventory for a device
[03-Mar-2009 13:38:31] **kisielk> currently it work on Windows and maybe a few linux distros have the functionality enabled
[03-Mar-2009 13:38:39] **kisielk> Solaris does as well I believe
[03-Mar-2009 13:38:49] **raw__> nice
[03-Mar-2009 13:38:53] **kisielk> someone submitted a script that extends the SNMP agent on Ubuntu / Debian to do the same
[03-Mar-2009 13:38:58] **raw__> going to release that in a zenpack?
[03-Mar-2009 13:39:00] **kisielk> and I just whipped one up for Gentoo yesterday afternoon
[03-Mar-2009 13:39:05] **kisielk> it's not a zenoss-side thing
[03-Mar-2009 13:39:06] **raw__> or is it an enterprise thing?
[03-Mar-2009 13:39:10] **raw__> ah
[03-Mar-2009 13:39:15] **kisielk> it requires some changes to snmpd.conf
[03-Mar-2009 13:39:31] **raw__> too much effort
[03-Mar-2009 13:39:46] **raw__> can't see us needing that anyways
[03-Mar-2009 13:39:51] **kisielk> mrayzenoss: so we have a bunch of custom SNMP agents in house, and they use indexed OIDs, how do I create a collector for that in Zenoss ?
[03-Mar-2009 13:39:52] **raw__> we're more in to monitoring than inventory
[03-Mar-2009 13:40:01] **mrayzenoss> raw__:
[03-Mar-2009 13:40:18] **adytum-bot> Title: Tip of the Month: SNMP Software Inventory for Debian and Ubuntu machines | Zenoss Blog (at
[03-Mar-2009 13:40:53] **raw__> cool
[03-Mar-2009 13:58:53] **raw__> well, I'm out of here, later folks
[03-Mar-2009 13:58:55] **kisielk> hm, what's the "Zenoss Issues" dashboard widget ?
[03-Mar-2009 13:59:09] **raw__> it displays info specifically to do with Zenoss itself
[03-Mar-2009 13:59:11] **kisielk> it just shows zenmodeler on mine right now, but there odesn't appear to be a way to get further info from it
[03-Mar-2009 13:59:14] **raw__> any issues with the daemons
[03-Mar-2009 13:59:31] **raw__> might just be a heartbeat failure, can you click on the number?
[03-Mar-2009 13:59:38] **raw__> the number inside the coloured box
[03-Mar-2009 13:59:44] **kisielk> there is no coloured box
[03-Mar-2009 13:59:47] **raw__> ah
[03-Mar-2009 13:59:49] **kisielk> it's just a table
[03-Mar-2009 13:59:51] **raw__> go to your event log
[03-Mar-2009 13:59:55] **raw__> and check it
[03-Mar-2009 14:00:12] **kisielk> ya okay, it shows it there
[03-Mar-2009 14:00:19] **kisielk> it is a heartbeat failure..
[03-Mar-2009 14:01:06] **kisielk> but the daemon is started..
[03-Mar-2009 14:11:58] **mrayzenoss> Event Manager->Clear All Heartbeats will clear it out
[03-Mar-2009 14:25:42] **mrayzenoss> Cisco MIBs ZenPack is now complete
[03-Mar-2009 14:25:48] **mrayzenoss> time to drop the PostgreSQL 8.2 fix
[03-Mar-2009 14:26:29] **cain22> mrayzenoss: nice shoutout to raw__
[03-Mar-2009 14:27:11] **mrayzenoss> his ZenPack just about broke my laptop, but it's now available
[03-Mar-2009 14:28:07] **cain22> lol
[03-Mar-2009 14:29:05] **mrayzenoss> off to defect review, back later
[03-Mar-2009 14:31:52] **perr0> mrayzenoss: so you are saying that the cisco senpack 1.0 is been updated?
[03-Mar-2009 14:31:59] **perr0> zenpack my bad
[03-Mar-2009 14:49:06] **sstringham> Hi there. When I delete a device, or set of devices, they seem to return a few hours later (probably during a re-modelling process). Any idea how I can stop this?
[03-Mar-2009 14:55:09] **cain22> prob have auto discovery on
[03-Mar-2009 16:43:14] **MattBurgoon> Okay. I have a machine that the modeller picked up rsync from, it just happened to be running at the time.
[03-Mar-2009 16:43:44] **MattBurgoon> Now I'm getting alerts that it's not running. I delete it from the os processes section of that host. Ack and move to history the event. I get a clear notification.
[03-Mar-2009 16:43:59] **MattBurgoon> then a bit later.. I get another one. it shows up in events, but it's nowhere to be seen in os processes.
[03-Mar-2009 16:47:59] **MattBurgoon> any ideas?
[03-Mar-2009 17:00:47] **kisielk> MattBurgoon: model the device again
[03-Mar-2009 17:01:09] **kisielk> if the modeler picks it up again, it means that something is listening on the rsync port
[03-Mar-2009 17:03:00] **MattBurgoon> how do I stop the modeller from picking up new stuff?
[03-Mar-2009 17:03:07] **MattBurgoon> it seems to be grabbing vi as well.
[03-Mar-2009 17:03:26] **MattBurgoon> it picks up nfs mounted partitions, which is fine in initial discovery, but I monitor the netapp separately
[03-Mar-2009 17:03:40] **kisielk> well, there's different ways to do it
[03-Mar-2009 17:03:40] **MattBurgoon> so deleted them, and don't want them re-appearing
[03-Mar-2009 17:03:43] **kisielk> it will pick up all file systems
[03-Mar-2009 17:03:50] **kisielk> but if you look in your zproperties for a device class
[03-Mar-2009 17:03:53] **kisielk> you can set a regexp mask there
[03-Mar-2009 17:03:56] **kisielk> for filesystems to ignore
[03-Mar-2009 17:04:48] **MattBurgoon> is that only at re-modelling, or just the next time it checks the host?
[03-Mar-2009 17:04:58] **kisielk> it models every 12 hours I believe
[03-Mar-2009 17:05:02] **kisielk> or you can do it manually
[03-Mar-2009 17:05:26] **MattBurgoon> it also keeps adding the mysql tcp service check. I delete it because mysql thinks there's something wrong with a connect/disconnnect and no log in, and breaks other applications from that host.
[03-Mar-2009 17:05:50] **kisielk> you can disable whether or not a particular service is monitored by finding it in Services/
[03-Mar-2009 17:05:57] **MattBurgoon> I want to stop the modeller if at all possible. use the modeller once at discovery, other than that, pick up what I tell you to pick up, and that's it
[03-Mar-2009 17:06:12] **MattBurgoon> lemme find it
[03-Mar-2009 17:06:51] **kisielk> If you modify your collectors
[03-Mar-2009 17:07:04] **kisielk> Management/Collectors//Edit
[03-Mar-2009 17:07:10] **kisielk> you can set the Modeler Cycle Interval
[03-Mar-2009 17:07:29] **kisielk> perhaps setting it to 0 will disable it
[03-Mar-2009 17:08:02] **MattBurgoon> okay, got it, setting it to 0
[03-Mar-2009 17:08:28] **MattBurgoon> turned back on monitoring for os processes for the rsync problematic host
[03-Mar-2009 17:14:50] **MattBurgoon> looks more sane now.
[03-Mar-2009 17:14:59] **MattBurgoon> hasn't come up with anything yet, and nothing's trying to talk mysql
[03-Mar-2009 17:15:03] **MattBurgoon> thanks
[03-Mar-2009 17:35:41] **kisielk> MattBurgoon: no problem
[03-Mar-2009 17:55:01] **MattBurgoon> what's the best way to add a template from a zenpack to a server? Currently I'm going to the device, adding in the template via the MySQL ID, which creates a local copy, and deleting the local copy so that it reverts to the parent definition
[03-Mar-2009 18:42:52] **kisielk> add the template to a device class
[03-Mar-2009 18:50:40] **MattBurgoon> I had looked there, when I go to devices/server/linux under the templates tab, the MySQL template is there, though no checkbox, and it is listed under Devices/Server, so I'm guessing it's already added. Maybe it's just due to the fact that I added in the mysql zenpack after the host had been modelled?
[03-Mar-2009 19:00:48] _KingJ is now known as KingJ
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[04-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[04-Mar-2009 00:18:19] **MajereDB8> anybody home tonight?
[04-Mar-2009 06:36:26] bzed_ is now known as bzed
[04-Mar-2009 06:36:41] zanaga_ is now known as zanaga
[04-Mar-2009 06:58:19] **Mituc> hey guys
[04-Mar-2009 06:58:44] **Mituc> is there any way to add a device into zenoss from the command line, or in any other way than the web management interface?
[04-Mar-2009 06:59:13] **Mituc> the devices are not held into that local database
[04-Mar-2009 08:44:12] **int> Mituc:
[04-Mar-2009 08:44:26] **adytum-bot> Title: Add Device - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[04-Mar-2009 08:58:59] **Mituc> int: thanks!
[04-Mar-2009 08:59:31] **Mituc> previously I found only the web interface way inthe docs. probably it's me not looking in the right place..
[04-Mar-2009 09:24:10] **drtns> Hey all I am having a problem with my remote collector, I can't seem to add any devices to it. when I add a device to it it SSH's into the remote collector and runs Zendisk then I start getting Timeout connecting to zenhub: is it running? I go onto my remote collector and there is no zenhub running... in the daemons.txt it's not even set to startup. when I try and start it manually I get a message about there being no config... any thoughts
[04-Mar-2009 10:20:48] **cain22> mrayzenoss: good morning
[04-Mar-2009 10:20:59] **mrayzenoss> morning
[04-Mar-2009 10:22:50] **drtns> Hey all I am having a problem with my remote collector, I can't seem to add any devices to it. when I add a device to it it SSH's into the remote collector and runs Zendisk then I start getting Timeout connecting to zenhub: is it running? I go onto my remote collector and there is no zenhub running... in the daemons.txt it's not even set to startup. when I try and start it manually I get a message about there being no config... any thoughts
[04-Mar-2009 10:24:48] **mrayzenoss> is that Core or Enterprise?
[04-Mar-2009 10:26:17] **rmk-> is there a way to reset the availability percentage counter or would i need to wipe events from the history table?
[04-Mar-2009 10:28:33] **drtns> mrayzenoss if you were asking me, it's enterprise. latest stable.
[04-Mar-2009 10:29:03] **mrayzenoss> drtns: I'd open a case with support then
[04-Mar-2009 10:29:52] **drtns> mrayzenoss I did about 24 hours ago.. not even assigned to anyone yet... so I figured since there was no response yet I might get an answer here if anyone in the community had seen it.
[04-Mar-2009 10:30:10] **mrayzenoss> ahh, well distributed collectors are an Enterprise feature
[04-Mar-2009 10:30:27] **mrayzenoss> right now there seems to be about 24 hours on tickets
[04-Mar-2009 10:30:44] **mrayzenoss> we recently hired another support guy, so hopefully that time will drop
[04-Mar-2009 10:31:13] **mrayzenoss> and we're beefing up the knowledge base
[04-Mar-2009 10:32:46] **drtns> nod... I hope I hear soon... it's holding up the deployment.. what with only one of our data centers in Zenoss and all, I can't exactly ask all the other servers not to have problems unless they happen to be in the datacentre that zenoss is localted in so until I can get them in, I can't start using the product..
[04-Mar-2009 10:36:17] **cain22> mrayzenoss: picking up more clientelle?
[04-Mar-2009 10:37:26] **magnachef> has anyone had issues after upgrading to 2.3.3 with slowness and the event list intermitently not displaying
[04-Mar-2009 10:37:47] **mrayzenoss> there have been a couple of posts about needing to clear the cache after upgrading
[04-Mar-2009 10:38:06] **magnachef> yeah, I've done that, and even used different browsers
[04-Mar-2009 10:38:25] **mrayzenoss> hmmm... if you've got anything you can quantify in a ticket, we'll look at it
[04-Mar-2009 10:38:31] **magnachef> I had a post earlier this morning about zenhub not connecting during a device model
[04-Mar-2009 10:38:35] **mrayzenoss> like javascript errors or something
[04-Mar-2009 10:38:57] **magnachef> well, I am getting javascript errors for null objects, etc, with the event console
[04-Mar-2009 10:39:12] **mrayzenoss> yeah, Chet's looking at something about that right now
[04-Mar-2009 10:39:13] **magnachef> but for the model, it'll say: "is zenhub running?"
[04-Mar-2009 10:39:37] **magnachef> I've done the upgrade on two different machines, and I'm having the same issue (RHEL 4)
[04-Mar-2009 10:40:24] **magnachef> I'm also getting javascript errors of: 'Class' is null or not an object
[04-Mar-2009 10:40:37] **magnachef> so there's two issues, but I'm assuming they're related
[04-Mar-2009 10:42:24] **magnachef> Here's my post from earlier:
[04-Mar-2009 10:42:31] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - Performance Issue After 2.3.3 Upgrade (at
[04-Mar-2009 10:42:51] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I'm trying to lure one of the developers in here to talk with you about it
[04-Mar-2009 10:42:57] **mrayzenoss> I think he's in a meeting
[04-Mar-2009 10:44:20] **magnachef> that would be great - I'm getting beat up over this :-/
[04-Mar-2009 10:45:25] **magnachef> could the version of python have anything to do with it?
[04-Mar-2009 10:45:42] **mrayzenoss> what are you using?
[04-Mar-2009 10:45:48] **mrayzenoss> it needs to be 2.4
[04-Mar-2009 10:46:04] **mrayzenoss> which is a dependency
[04-Mar-2009 10:47:00] **magnachef> ahhh, I'm running 2.3.4
[04-Mar-2009 10:47:22] **magnachef> I installed the rpm with --no-deps
[04-Mar-2009 10:47:36] **mrayzenoss> that may be it
[04-Mar-2009 10:51:23] **mrayzenoss> I just got this from Dev: "Yes, we've stopped trying to be Python 2.3 compatible since we started shipping our own version of Python 2.4."
[04-Mar-2009 10:51:56] **magnachef> so should I use your python, or any python 2.4?
[04-Mar-2009 10:52:26] **mrayzenoss> ours will probably have fewer issues
[04-Mar-2009 10:54:12] **mrayzenoss> yeah, we've got some patches
[04-Mar-2009 10:54:38] **mrayzenoss> some day we'll be a well-behaved application
[04-Mar-2009 10:55:02] **magnachef> do you guys have RPMs for the python and other dependencies?
[04-Mar-2009 10:55:33] **mrayzenoss> I think we bundle it in our RPM
[04-Mar-2009 10:55:34] **magnachef> in the zenoss-deps-el4 archive, there's only Mysql rpms
[04-Mar-2009 10:55:49] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I think the Zenoss RPM has Python 2.4.4 in it
[04-Mar-2009 10:56:05] **magnachef> so how would I install just the dependencies then?
[04-Mar-2009 10:56:07] **mrayzenoss> it's essentially a "stack" RPM, minus MySQL
[04-Mar-2009 10:56:21] **mrayzenoss> lemme find a CentOS box and verify
[04-Mar-2009 10:56:27] **magnachef> ok
[04-Mar-2009 10:58:19] **magnachef> I only used the native RPMs
[04-Mar-2009 10:58:33] **mrayzenoss> yeah, our Python 2.4 is in zenoss/lib/python
[04-Mar-2009 10:59:35] **mrayzenoss> that should be in the zenoss user's path
[04-Mar-2009 11:00:05] **mrayzenoss> export ZENHOME=/usr/local/zenoss
[04-Mar-2009 11:00:06] **mrayzenoss> export PYTHONPATH=$ZENHOME/lib/python
[04-Mar-2009 11:00:06] **mrayzenoss> export PATH=$ZENHOME/bin:$PATH
[04-Mar-2009 11:00:09] **magnachef> I see a directory of files
[04-Mar-2009 11:00:45] **magnachef> yeah, I have /opt/zenoss/lib/python in my $PYTHONPATH
[04-Mar-2009 11:01:16] **magnachef> and my path is fine
[04-Mar-2009 11:01:41] **mrayzenoss> so if you go to Settings->Versions it looks OK?
[04-Mar-2009 11:02:02] **magnachef> yeah, it's showing 2.4.4
[04-Mar-2009 11:02:27] **magnachef> zope 2.8.8
[04-Mar-2009 11:03:28] **magnachef> so for python versioning, it doesn't matter that I ran --nodeps for the upgrade and have python 2.3.3 on my server, because Zenoss comes with its own version
[04-Mar-2009 11:03:45] **mrayzenoss> yeah, the only dep for the RPM would've been MySQL
[04-Mar-2009 11:04:31] **magnachef> yeah, and I'm showing version 5.0.24 for that
[04-Mar-2009 11:04:53] **magnachef> so I guess python isn't the issue
[04-Mar-2009 11:13:10] **magnachef> well, if any of the devs have anything I can do to better troubleshoot this issue, please let me know
[04-Mar-2009 11:14:07] **mrayzenoss> sure thing
[04-Mar-2009 11:14:25] **magnachef> much appreciated :-)
[04-Mar-2009 11:34:46] **kisielk> hm, okay, suddenly my Dashboard, Event Console, and Device List are showing up blank..
[04-Mar-2009 11:34:54] **magnachef> welcome to the club!
[04-Mar-2009 11:34:58] **kisielk> everything else seems to work fine
[04-Mar-2009 11:35:00] **kisielk> wtf
[04-Mar-2009 11:35:04] **magnachef> are you running 2.3.3?
[04-Mar-2009 11:35:06] **kisielk> yes
[04-Mar-2009 11:35:12] **magnachef> did you just recently upgrade?
[04-Mar-2009 11:35:38] **kisielk> yeah from a beta build
[04-Mar-2009 11:35:45] **magnachef> you just missed a conversation that I was having with mray
[04-Mar-2009 11:35:48] **kisielk> it worked like, 10 minutes ago
[04-Mar-2009 11:35:55] **kisielk> now I clicked on dashboard and it's gone
[04-Mar-2009 11:36:11] **magnachef> see:
[04-Mar-2009 11:36:19] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - Performance Issue After 2.3.3 Upgrade (at
[04-Mar-2009 11:36:21] **magnachef> yeah, I have the same issue
[04-Mar-2009 11:36:32] **magnachef> then I'll right click and select reload, and sometimes it'll work
[04-Mar-2009 11:36:40] **magnachef> but sometimes it doesn't
[04-Mar-2009 11:36:44] **kisielk> any ideas as to the cause?
[04-Mar-2009 11:36:53] **magnachef> ...I'm also having weird performance issues
[04-Mar-2009 11:36:57] **magnachef> not really
[04-Mar-2009 11:37:01] **kisielk> I have no performance problems
[04-Mar-2009 11:37:06] **kisielk> and reloading seems to have done it..
[04-Mar-2009 11:37:20] **magnachef> mray was trying to get a dev on here
[04-Mar-2009 11:37:45] **magnachef> yeah, but it shouldn't work only 60 - 80% of the time
[04-Mar-2009 11:37:52] **magnachef> it is for me
[04-Mar-2009 11:38:31] **magnachef> I'm assuming that you have cleared your browser cache as well (ctrl-shift-r in firefox)?
[04-Mar-2009 11:38:56] **kisielk> no, but maybe I will
[04-Mar-2009 11:39:01] **kisielk> anyway, it must be a really recent regression
[04-Mar-2009 11:39:10] **kisielk> since I was running a pre-2.3.3 version I got from the devs
[04-Mar-2009 11:39:20] **kisielk> and they released 2.3.3 maybe 2 days later
[04-Mar-2009 11:39:24] **magnachef> you have any issues modeling devices?
[04-Mar-2009 11:39:32] **kisielk> and only after upgrade did I start having that problem
[04-Mar-2009 11:39:59] **magnachef> where it'll say: "Timeout connecting to zenhub: is it running?"
[04-Mar-2009 11:40:52] **kisielk> let's see
[04-Mar-2009 11:41:05] **magnachef> I don't get that error every time, just some of the time
[04-Mar-2009 11:41:21] **kisielk> ah, yes, same problem :/
[04-Mar-2009 11:41:30] **magnachef> what OS are you running?
[04-Mar-2009 11:41:37] **kisielk> openSUSE 11
[04-Mar-2009 11:41:42] **kisielk> with the stack installer
[04-Mar-2009 11:41:58] **magnachef> interesting...i'm running on CentOS 4
[04-Mar-2009 11:43:41] **magnachef> I'm assuming there's some foobar'd with zenhub
[04-Mar-2009 11:43:56] **kisielk> yeah
[04-Mar-2009 11:44:00] **kisielk> just added my comment to your forum post
[04-Mar-2009 11:44:29] **magnachef> after doing my upgrade, zenhub was showing that it wasn't running, and was the only one that wasn't
[04-Mar-2009 11:44:46] **mrayzenoss> Hmmm... according to Dev "zenhub has nothing to do with the UI", so the event console and the zenhub issues probably aren't related
[04-Mar-2009 11:44:56] **mrayzenoss> that said, there appears to be issues with both
[04-Mar-2009 11:45:07] **magnachef> indeed
[04-Mar-2009 11:45:12] **kisielk> on mine everything was running, but ZenModeller was initially showing up in the Zenoss Issues box on the dashboard
[04-Mar-2009 11:45:28] * magnachef begins to pray to the Zenoss Gods for a cure :-)
[04-Mar-2009 11:45:29] **kisielk> I restarted just that daemon and cleared the heartbeat event, and it seemed fine
[04-Mar-2009 11:45:42] **mrayzenoss> and your UI?
[04-Mar-2009 11:45:46] **cain22> They can be fickle gods
[04-Mar-2009 11:45:47] **cain22>
[04-Mar-2009 11:46:13] **kisielk> mrayzenoss: it was fine initially, it's just this morning I started seeing problems
[04-Mar-2009 11:46:25] **magnachef> ...but after the upgrade, correct?
[04-Mar-2009 11:46:31] **kisielk> yeah
[04-Mar-2009 11:46:36] **kisielk> I upgraded yesterday afternoon
[04-Mar-2009 11:46:58] **kisielk> from zenoss-stack-2.3.3-257-linux-x64.bin to zenoss-stack-2.3.3-linux-x64.bin
[04-Mar-2009 11:49:34] **magnachef> so I'm assuming there's no easy way to downgrade to 2.3.2?
[04-Mar-2009 11:50:24] **mrayzenoss> Ian thinks he's found something, he's investigating
[04-Mar-2009 11:50:39] **kisielk> I think I can live with these problems for now, the system still mostly works, but of course they should be fixed
[04-Mar-2009 11:50:47] **magnachef> go Ian, go!! :-)
[04-Mar-2009 11:50:51] **kisielk> we're still working on moving our monitoring from Zabbix to Zenoss anyway
[04-Mar-2009 11:51:10] **magnachef> yeah, Mine is in prod, so not as lucky
[04-Mar-2009 11:51:18] **kisielk> so for now we're running them in parallel
[04-Mar-2009 11:52:40] **int> btw, anyone knows if i can change default perf graphs range? i want to have something more detaily then Hourly
[04-Mar-2009 11:54:25] **mrayzenoss> int: you can modify the RRD graphs at Collectors->localhost->Edit
[04-Mar-2009 11:54:31] **mrayzenoss> this'll reset your RRD graphs though
[04-Mar-2009 11:56:25] **int> mrayzenoss: yep, but can i change that range in web ui?
[04-Mar-2009 11:56:32] **mrayzenoss> I'm looking
[04-Mar-2009 11:56:54] **int> mrayzenoss: i mean then i open perf graphs it seems to be hardcoded to hourly
[04-Mar-2009 12:25:10] **mrayzenoss> int: apparently it's hard-coded into the template
[04-Mar-2009 12:28:40] **mrayzenoss>, look for the line about "129600"
[04-Mar-2009 12:28:51] **mrayzenoss> that's 36 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds
[04-Mar-2009 12:33:41] **mrayzenoss> I'm using 43200 and getting good stuff, you may need to restart zope
[04-Mar-2009 12:33:55] **int> mrayzenoss: ok, i'll patch it then, thx!
[04-Mar-2009 12:35:11] **raw___> hullo folks
[04-Mar-2009 12:35:31] **mrayzenoss> howdy
[04-Mar-2009 12:37:23] **int> mrayzenoss: also, i added new collector "zenoss", changed cycle time and configured daemons to use it instead of "localhost". all works, but it seems that "localhost" hardcoded in About/zenossInfo (it looks for %(name) to check daemon status). for now i fixed it with sumlinks, but it would be cool to get it properly fixed
[04-Mar-2009 12:38:41] **mrayzenoss> which distributed collector writeup did you follow?
[04-Mar-2009 12:38:46] **mrayzenoss> maybe add that as a note?
[04-Mar-2009 12:45:05] **mrayzenoss> finally caught up with my forum reading for the first time in 2 weeks
[04-Mar-2009 12:45:39] **mrayzenoss> now I can do some real work, 2 new ZenPacks
[04-Mar-2009 12:45:45] **int> mrayzenoss: i didn't used howto for that, just added new collector and moved all device to it (collector actually uses same machine, so i'm not sure if that "distributed" or not)
[04-Mar-2009 12:46:01] **mrayzenoss> int: Core or Enterprise?
[04-Mar-2009 12:46:42] **mrayzenoss> Adding a new collector in Core requires some manual configuration, there are a pair of HOWTOs that cover it
[04-Mar-2009 12:47:30] **mrayzenoss>
[04-Mar-2009 12:47:37] **adytum-bot> Title: mray's collectors Bookmarks on Delicious (at
[04-Mar-2009 12:48:08] **MattBurgoon> BTW, giving a modeller time of 0 does not disable the auto-modelling of hosts. I'm going to KICK this thing, STOP FINDING MY NFS MOUNTS. ARGH.
[04-Mar-2009 12:48:27] **int> mrayzenoss: core, will check link, thx
[04-Mar-2009 12:50:24] **int> mrayzenoss: looks like that needed if collector distributed, mine just renamed but works on same host
[04-Mar-2009 12:50:47] **mrayzenoss> ahh, I figured you meant you had 2 collectors
[04-Mar-2009 12:51:07] **int> i added monitor="newname" to daemon's configs, and removed "localhost" monitor
[04-Mar-2009 12:53:33] **mrayzenoss> MattBurgoon: have you tried disabling monitoring of those filesystems?
[04-Mar-2009 12:53:45] **mrayzenoss> MattBurgoon: or you just don't want them listed at all?
[04-Mar-2009 12:54:17] **MattBurgoon> I don't want them listed at all, it's on a netapp, which I am going to monitor separately.
[04-Mar-2009 12:54:28] **MattBurgoon> basically, if an nfs partition ever hits the threshold, I'm going to get 30 alerts.
[04-Mar-2009 12:54:41] **MattBurgoon> which I have no desire in receiving, I want just one, from the netapp itself
[04-Mar-2009 12:55:07] **kisielk> MattBurgoon: for the device class, in the zProperties, add the the mount points to the zFileSystemMapIgnoreNames property
[04-Mar-2009 12:55:27] **kisielk> it's a regexp, so you can put an expression there instead
[04-Mar-2009 12:55:32] **mrayzenoss> or just lock the device from modeling
[04-Mar-2009 12:55:52] **kisielk> that will also keep future devices from picking up those mounts
[04-Mar-2009 12:56:05] **MattBurgoon> how do you lock the device from modelling?
[04-Mar-2009 12:56:26] **mrayzenoss> on the page tab, Manage->Lock
[04-Mar-2009 12:56:51] **MattBurgoon> ah, gotcha.
[04-Mar-2009 12:56:58] **mrayzenoss> It's Chapter 11.5 in the updated Admin Guide
[04-Mar-2009 12:58:13] **MattBurgoon> Hmm. 11.5 in the pdf I have is event classes.
[04-Mar-2009 12:59:27] **mrayzenoss> writing up a post about that now
[04-Mar-2009 12:59:34] **mrayzenoss> we just revved them to 2.3.3
[04-Mar-2009 12:59:35] **mrayzenoss>
[04-Mar-2009 12:59:43] **adytum-bot> Title: Documentation - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[04-Mar-2009 12:59:56] **MattBurgoon> k
[04-Mar-2009 13:01:54] **rmk-> does anyone know the proper way to go about adding a UI tab to individual devices? the example in the dev guide shows how to add one to locations such as /Devices in general but i'm apparently too much of a python/zenoss newbie to figure out how to add it to individual devices (particularly those under a certain class)
[04-Mar-2009 14:34:10] **magnachef> hey mray...any word yet from Ian if he knows what the issue is?
[04-Mar-2009 14:34:26] **mrayzenoss> no idea, he just said he was digging into it
[04-Mar-2009 14:34:27] **magnachef> sorry to be a PITA
[04-Mar-2009 14:34:45] **magnachef> ok
[04-Mar-2009 17:39:40] **cain22> mrayzenoss: long day at work?
[04-Mar-2009 17:39:53] **mrayzenoss> I'm about the head home
[04-Mar-2009 17:40:02] **mrayzenoss> I'm in the CST, so it's only 5:40
[04-Mar-2009 17:41:00] **cain22> er...nm then
[04-Mar-2009 17:44:12] **gemineye> You can't go home. I need you
[04-Mar-2009 17:44:17] **mrayzenoss> heh
[04-Mar-2009 17:45:04] **gemineye> I need to upgrade from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3 but the instructions lack some detail.
[04-Mar-2009 17:45:17] **mrayzenoss> which is?
[04-Mar-2009 17:45:57] **gemineye> After I do the backup, how do I restore it once I've finished applying the new stack installer?
[04-Mar-2009 17:46:18] **gemineye> Should the zenoss-stack be off when I run the installer? The instructions seem to skip that step if it should be.
[04-Mar-2009 17:47:24] **mrayzenoss> hmmm... you're right, they kinda gloss things over
[04-Mar-2009 17:47:48] **mrayzenoss> you have the installation PDF?
[04-Mar-2009 17:48:03] **gemineye> yep
[04-Mar-2009 17:48:09] **mrayzenoss> so you did 1.1
[04-Mar-2009 17:48:17] **mrayzenoss> err, 9.1.1
[04-Mar-2009 17:48:34] **gemineye> yes
[04-Mar-2009 17:49:23] **mrayzenoss> I would say that between 2.3 and 2.4 you should shut down mysql and zenoss
[04-Mar-2009 17:50:08] **mrayzenoss> I'm gonna go bug QA about it
[04-Mar-2009 17:50:23] **gemineye> Ok, I can do that. After 2.4 though when do I reload the backup? There aren't any instructions.
[04-Mar-2009 17:50:45] **gemineye> If I backup all of /usr/local/zenoss, that should save me if I hose the tool right? Just restore it?
[04-Mar-2009 17:54:09] **mrayzenoss> yeah, if you back everything up you can just restore
[04-Mar-2009 17:55:34] **mrayzenoss> everybody's gone, so I can bug them tomorrow or you can try now
[04-Mar-2009 17:55:55] **mrayzenoss> but I believe the stack installer will migrate your object DB ok
[04-Mar-2009 17:56:08] **gemineye> I'd rather wait till I know for sure so you can bug them tomorrow.
[04-Mar-2009 17:56:16] **mrayzenoss> aight, be back tomorrow then
[04-Mar-2009 17:56:25] **gemineye> good night
[04-Mar-2009 17:56:28] **mrayzenoss> we're doing the IRC session at 11am EST
[04-Mar-2009 17:56:35] **mrayzenoss> but I'll be on most of the day
[04-Mar-2009 17:56:57] **gemineye> I'll be asleep
[04-Mar-2009 17:57:05] **gemineye> in the am that is.
[04-Mar-2009 17:57:05] **mrayzenoss> lucky
[04-Mar-2009 17:57:07] **mrayzenoss> later
[05-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [disconnected at Thu Mar  5 00:00:42 2009]
[05-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [connected at Thu Mar  5 00:00:42 2009]
[05-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[05-Mar-2009 01:30:32] **zarxcky> when the devs will be here? couple of hours?
[05-Mar-2009 01:31:27] **rhett_hm1> 11am est i believe
[05-Mar-2009 01:32:09] **zarxcky> in gmt?
[05-Mar-2009 01:32:56] **rhett_hm1> -5
[05-Mar-2009 01:33:17] **zarxcky> cool.. thanks!
[05-Mar-2009 01:34:27] **rhett_hm1> no problem
[05-Mar-2009 02:26:29] **sergeymasushko> how does zenoss model ports on a device
[05-Mar-2009 03:52:30] **VBNewUser> Just getting started with Zenoss 2.3 now... and the documentation says that SNMP is required for auto discovery. Can I use a specified TCP/UDP port instead of SNMP?
[05-Mar-2009 03:53:26] **zarx> huh?
[05-Mar-2009 03:54:12] **VBNewUser> I don't have too many systems with SNMP enabled.
[05-Mar-2009 03:54:21] **VBNewUser> So, my auto discovery will be fairly limited.
[05-Mar-2009 03:54:25] **zarx> I use SSH monitoring a lot
[05-Mar-2009 03:54:31] **zarx> so I guess u can use that
[05-Mar-2009 03:54:42] **VBNewUser> I have tons of *nix SSH is what I am looking for too.
[05-Mar-2009 03:55:27] **zarx> then use it
[05-Mar-2009 03:56:21] **zarx> for remote monitoring.. I comfortable using SSH.. for internal I use snmp
[05-Mar-2009 03:58:44] **VBNewUser> I am a little confused reading the documentation: Getting Started with Zenoss 2.3
[05-Mar-2009 03:59:01] **VBNewUser> It says: To add a device you MUST have SNMP enabled.
[05-Mar-2009 04:00:07] **zarx> I guess the doc need lots modifications..
[05-Mar-2009 04:00:20] **VBNewUser> So, I added my Dlink switch manually since I knew the SNMP string.
[05-Mar-2009 04:00:54] **VBNewUser> Zenoss was able to pick information for various networks from the switch
[05-Mar-2009 04:01:19] **VBNewUser> Now, I have only one network 10.20.220.x which I own...
[05-Mar-2009 04:02:04] **VBNewUser> I tried a discovery and it discovered some 36 IPs.. I don't know if I should keep waiting, since it seems the Zenoss is still loading the page...
[05-Mar-2009 04:03:01] **zarx> u should let that run..
[05-Mar-2009 04:03:01] **VBNewUser> There are some devices on the network which will NOT respond to ICMP and SNMP. They would respond only to SSH. How can I do a discovery for those?
[05-Mar-2009 04:03:15] **zarx> and if want to do anything.. just open new pages and resume the operation
[05-Mar-2009 04:03:47] **zarx> cannot depend too much to this 'auto'-discovery especially for SSH.. read the doc
[05-Mar-2009 04:03:57] **zarx> and yeah.. forums..
[05-Mar-2009 04:04:50] **VBNewUser> I am looking at one feature of zenoss, something that nagios cannot do, so that I can build a case.
[05-Mar-2009 04:04:59] **VBNewUser> can you help me with that?
[05-Mar-2009 04:05:20] **zarx> what sort of?
[05-Mar-2009 04:05:38] **VBNewUser> anything that zenoss can do easily which nagios cannot do.
[05-Mar-2009 04:06:05] **zarx> can u be specific?
[05-Mar-2009 04:06:27] **zarx> I dunno nagios.. zenoss is my 1st time monitoring system
[05-Mar-2009 04:06:37] **VBNewUser> oh.. ok
[05-Mar-2009 04:19:33] **osd_mats> I have a problem. I've created a template that should check a mail queue via ssh on a server, but I can't get it to run. the script work and zentestcommand works, but when i run a zencommand I get "schedule has 0 commands". I've set the cycle time to 10, but still nothing. Any ideas?
[05-Mar-2009 04:32:32] **osd_mats> Hmm, the command template I enter seem to try to run on the local zenoss server and not the remote server as it does on my old zenoss installation
[05-Mar-2009 04:32:40] **osd_mats> This is just wrong...
[05-Mar-2009 04:51:05] **osd_mats> and where can I find the zTransportPreference the the documentation refers to? Just upgraded to 2.3.3 and can't find it anywhere
[05-Mar-2009 04:52:01] **zarx> zTransportPreference is not exist anymore since 2.2.x if I not mistaken
[05-Mar-2009 04:53:35] **zarx> are u using the Cmd Template to monitor the mail queue over ssh ?
[05-Mar-2009 04:54:03] **zarx> i.e /Devices  /Server  /Cmd ?
[05-Mar-2009 04:55:48] **osd_mats> i use /server/cmd
[05-Mar-2009 04:57:06] **zarx> That script that u said before.. what script is that?
[05-Mar-2009 04:57:33] **osd_mats> the script is a nagioslike script
[05-Mar-2009 04:57:58] **osd_mats> ./
[05-Mar-2009 04:57:58] **osd_mats> QUE CRITICAL - Mail que over 1000 mails!
[05-Mar-2009 04:57:58] **osd_mats> That's the output
[05-Mar-2009 04:58:36] **zarx> that script should send events to zenoss?
[05-Mar-2009 04:58:38] **osd_mats> But that never gets run, so I think the problem is somewhere in the template or the zproporties
[05-Mar-2009 04:58:53] **osd_mats> No, zenoss should ssh to the server and run the script
[05-Mar-2009 04:58:59] **zarx> ic
[05-Mar-2009 04:59:10] **zarx> perhaps the command u put
[05-Mar-2009 05:00:01] **zarx> what command  use to ssh into the server and run the script?
[05-Mar-2009 05:00:17] **zarx> is it using TALES?
[05-Mar-2009 05:00:43] **osd_mats> The template I made is a command template, enabled, use SSH, event: /app/failed sev: warning: cycletime: 120, parser Nagios
[05-Mar-2009 05:00:53] **osd_mats> command template: /home/zenoss/
[05-Mar-2009 05:01:38] **osd_mats> I donät use any command to ssh into the server. I want zenoss to do that. That's why it's in /devices/server/cmd
[05-Mar-2009 05:01:53] **osd_mats> s/donät/don't
[05-Mar-2009 05:02:24] **zarx> something wrong with your commmand template
[05-Mar-2009 05:02:34] **osd_mats> Yes, but what?
[05-Mar-2009 05:02:46] **zarx> have u test it within that particular page against the server that u try to get the output from?
[05-Mar-2009 05:03:04] **zarx> your command template
[05-Mar-2009 05:03:14] **osd_mats> I have another installation of zenoss with version 2.1.3 and there it works perfectly.
[05-Mar-2009 05:03:49] **zarx> it bother me to see your command template do not have any TALES at all..
[05-Mar-2009 05:03:51] **osd_mats> If i try it from the page it tries to run to skript locally on the zenoss server
[05-Mar-2009 05:03:55] **osd_mats> is that right?
[05-Mar-2009 05:04:23] **osd_mats> any TALES-
[05-Mar-2009 05:04:24] **osd_mats> _
[05-Mar-2009 05:04:26] **osd_mats> ?
[05-Mar-2009 05:04:27] **zarx> unless u put the hostname/ip of the server that u try to get output from
[05-Mar-2009 05:04:35] **zarx> read the doc
[05-Mar-2009 05:04:48] **osd_mats> Ok, tried this: /home/zenoss/ ${here/manageIp}
[05-Mar-2009 05:05:00] **osd_mats> then it works from the page, but can't get it to work IRL
[05-Mar-2009 05:05:29] **zarx> hmm.. zencommand run -d yourdevice v 10 output?
[05-Mar-2009 05:05:49] **osd_mats> w8
[05-Mar-2009 05:06:52] **osd_mats>
[05-Mar-2009 05:06:59] **adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[05-Mar-2009 05:08:12] **zarx> after you define the command template and test it against the mail server, what is the output?
[05-Mar-2009 05:08:30] **osd_mats> Executing command /home/zenoss/ against QUE CRITICAL - Mail que over 1000 mails! DONE in 0 seconds
[05-Mar-2009 05:08:38] **zarx> oh..
[05-Mar-2009 05:08:48] **zarx> guess u need to parse it..
[05-Mar-2009 05:09:42] **osd_mats> Parse it how?
[05-Mar-2009 05:10:03] **zarx> like using sed and stuff I guess.. never try this way before
[05-Mar-2009 05:10:39] **osd_mats> Ah, it's parsed correct according to nagios standard
[05-Mar-2009 05:10:41] **VBNewUser> zarx: I tried the SSH monitoring
[05-Mar-2009 05:11:04] **VBNewUser> I defined the ssh username and password.
[05-Mar-2009 05:11:09] **VBNewUser> I get Cmd: /opt/zenoss/libexec/ uptime - Code: 127 - Msg: Command not found
[05-Mar-2009 05:11:15] **zarx> emm.. cos the zenmodeler output show nothing useful at all
[05-Mar-2009 05:11:25] **VBNewUser> Do I need to download/ install any plugins/ zenpacks for this to work?
[05-Mar-2009 05:11:39] **zarx> VBNewUser: u need to install the at the target server
[05-Mar-2009 05:11:54] **VBNewUser> oh....
[05-Mar-2009 05:11:58] **zarx> ur zenoss server will ssh into the target server and run the
[05-Mar-2009 05:12:08] **VBNewUser> I cannot install anything on the target server.
[05-Mar-2009 05:12:15] **VBNewUser> I do have credentials...
[05-Mar-2009 05:12:24] **VBNewUser> but I cannot change anything at the remote end.
[05-Mar-2009 05:12:38] **zarx> emm.. than ask those authorized to install it for u
[05-Mar-2009 05:12:40] **VBNewUser> so, what are the things that I can monitor in this case?
[05-Mar-2009 05:14:01] **zarx> ur system info if I not mistaken
[05-Mar-2009 05:14:06] **zarx> if u using the
[05-Mar-2009 05:14:18] **VBNewUser> zarx: What I meant is, one of the conditions is to not modify remote systems (I own all the systems, but I don't want to install anything).
[05-Mar-2009 05:14:45] **VBNewUser> ..I am trying to model a real client scenario where I won't be allowed to install anything there.
[05-Mar-2009 05:14:57] **zarx> even if u monitor using SNMP, u need to install the snmp!
[05-Mar-2009 05:15:01] **osd_mats> zarx: any ideas how I can fix my problem? The filed is parsed to show NAME STATUS - MESSAGE and errorcode 1 at errors and 0 at ok. Works fine
[05-Mar-2009 05:15:41] **zarx> osd_mats: I face that problem before.. but I forgot how to solve it..
[05-Mar-2009 05:15:47] **VBNewUser> zarx: correct. That is why I mentioned earlier, that I want to monitor using something else, not SNMP, since I am not going to find that ON on a Linux/ *nix box
[05-Mar-2009 05:16:25] **VBNewUser> zarx: correct. That is why I mentioned earlier, that I want to monitor using something else, not SNMP, since I am not going to find that ON on a Linux/ *nix box
[05-Mar-2009 05:16:27] **zarx> Am I being kicked or what..
[05-Mar-2009 05:16:35] **VBNewUser> zarx: Lol
[05-Mar-2009 05:17:42] **zarx> VBNewUser: I guess u have to use those REST wget thing..
[05-Mar-2009 05:17:42] **VBNewUser> zarx: So, without installing anything on the target, I can only get Availability of the system (UP/DOWN). Is that right?
[05-Mar-2009 05:17:48] **zarx> which I never try before
[05-Mar-2009 05:18:40] **zarx> VBNewUser: guess so.. with portscan I guess
[05-Mar-2009 05:27:43] **VBNewUser> zarx: ok.. I was looking at portscan
[05-Mar-2009 05:28:01] **VBNewUser> The documentation says, I need to set zTransportPreference to portscan.
[05-Mar-2009 05:28:22] **VBNewUser> But, I am not able to find zTransportPreference under zProperties for that device.
[05-Mar-2009 05:33:57] **zarx> there is no more zTransportPreference in latest zenoss
[05-Mar-2009 05:34:00] **zarx> that doc is outdated
[05-Mar-2009 05:34:12] **zarx> okay.. time to go..
[05-Mar-2009 05:34:28] **zarx> hope to meet the devs.. but due to different time zone...
[05-Mar-2009 05:34:43] **zarx> cious
[05-Mar-2009 06:42:04] **VBNewUser> I installed an ApacheMonitor zenpack on my Zenoss host.
[05-Mar-2009 06:42:27] **VBNewUser> I can see that listed in Zenoss within the GUI.
[05-Mar-2009 06:42:43] **VBNewUser> How do I use this for my Apache web server?
[05-Mar-2009 07:49:16] **VBNewUser> I am getting: Cmd: /opt/zenoss/libexec/ uptime - Code: 127 - Msg: Command not found
[05-Mar-2009 07:49:29] **VBNewUser> How do I get on my target SSH server?
[05-Mar-2009 09:57:05] **drtns> morning all
[05-Mar-2009 09:57:54] **bedwards> I'm a zenoss developer and I'm here
[05-Mar-2009 09:58:03] **magnachef> woohoo
[05-Mar-2009 09:58:50] **magnachef>
[05-Mar-2009 09:58:57] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - Performance Issue After 2.3.3 Upgrade (at
[05-Mar-2009 09:59:03] **magnachef> that may be the best way to start off my question
[05-Mar-2009 09:59:34] **bedwards> looking at it
[05-Mar-2009 09:59:40] **magnachef> cool..thx
[05-Mar-2009 10:01:52] **mrayzenoss> Good morning everyone
[05-Mar-2009 10:02:24] **mrayzenoss> bedward and I will be answering questions
[05-Mar-2009 10:02:35] **drtns> does zenoss, or has anyone gotten zenoss to create events based on checking (pop/imap) an email box for say things like cron problems etc?
[05-Mar-2009 10:03:14] **drtns> right now cron emails root... if I say pointed tthat to a box that zenoss checks and then can make events based on mail messages etc..
[05-Mar-2009 10:04:39] **VBNewUser> While generating report I get an error:
[05-Mar-2009 10:04:40] **VBNewUser> ValueError: unknown locale: en_IN
[05-Mar-2009 10:04:45] **VBNewUser> How do I fix this?
[05-Mar-2009 10:04:56] russb is now known as russ
[05-Mar-2009 10:05:47] **magnachef> bedwards: just an FYI - mray stated that Ian was doing some investigation into this issue yesterday
[05-Mar-2009 10:06:17] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I'm trying to get them to sync up with each other
[05-Mar-2009 10:06:36] **mrayzenoss> drtns: You want inbound emails to Zenoss to create events?
[05-Mar-2009 10:06:45] **magnachef> ok, cool. Just wanted to make sure he was aware
[05-Mar-2009 10:07:52] **VBNewUser> can someone help me please?
[05-Mar-2009 10:08:16] **mrayzenoss> VBNewUser: so your locale is set to en_IN?  Hmmm... I'll ask around
[05-Mar-2009 10:08:19] **bedwards> magnachef: do you have zenhub workers enabled?
[05-Mar-2009 10:08:41] **VBNewUser> mrayzenoss: yes.
[05-Mar-2009 10:08:44] **VBNewUser> I am from India.
[05-Mar-2009 10:08:45] **drtns> mrayzenoss not exactly. I want to say point my cron's to a zenoss@ email box. which then zenoss checks via imap or pop looks at new messages and creates events based on the email.
[05-Mar-2009 10:08:53] **magnachef> not sure what that means
[05-Mar-2009 10:09:08] **drtns> which you could then use event mappings etc to determine severity etc..
[05-Mar-2009 10:10:03] **magnachef> bedwards: where do I check for that
[05-Mar-2009 10:10:06] **sergeymasushko> mrayzenoss: I've tried to setup http monitor by instruction as you suggested earlier:
[05-Mar-2009 10:10:07] **sergeymasushko> >  mrayzenoss: you can set up multiple data sources using HTTPMonitor
[05-Mar-2009 10:10:07] **sergeymasushko> >  mrayzenoss: so each host could be a separate data point
[05-Mar-2009 10:10:07] **sergeymasushko> but I do not see graph where can be a mistake?
[05-Mar-2009 10:11:11] **bedwards> magnachef: is there a line in $ZENHOME/etc/zenhub.conf that says "workers "
[05-Mar-2009 10:11:57] * magnachef checks
[05-Mar-2009 10:12:36] **VBNewUser> I am trying to find out what is the license for zenoss. Is it GPL?
[05-Mar-2009 10:12:51] **mrayzenoss> yeah, GPLv2
[05-Mar-2009 10:12:52] **magnachef> bedwards: I have nothing in that file
[05-Mar-2009 10:13:07] **magnachef> just: #PARAMETER       VALUE
[05-Mar-2009 10:13:32] **VBNewUser> This might be a dumb question, but let me ask...since I don't know much about licensing..
[05-Mar-2009 10:14:01] **VBNewUser> can I add some features to zenoss, and use it to monitor my customers network and charge them?
[05-Mar-2009 10:14:12] **mrayzenoss> VBNewUser: yes.
[05-Mar-2009 10:14:26] **VBNewUser> do I have to give out my source code too?
[05-Mar-2009 10:14:46] **mrayzenoss> VBNewUser: Only if you're distributing the product
[05-Mar-2009 10:15:05] **bedwards> magnachef: zenhub workers is disabled.  you should leave it that way.
[05-Mar-2009 10:15:07] **mrayzenoss> so if you're hosting it, you won't have to share the modifications
[05-Mar-2009 10:15:15] **magnachef> ok
[05-Mar-2009 10:15:27] **mrayzenoss> VBNewUser: but if you're installing it on location, they get the patches
[05-Mar-2009 10:15:47] **VBNewUser> mrayzenoss: if our business partner is hosting the modified zenoss, then?
[05-Mar-2009 10:16:22] **mrayzenoss> VBNewUser: why don't you email me offline about how you want to deploy and I'll get you a definitive answer
[05-Mar-2009 10:16:29] **VBNewUser> ok
[05-Mar-2009 10:16:34] **mrayzenoss>
[05-Mar-2009 10:16:50] **VBNewUser> Will do. Meanwhile, can someone help me on the en_IN locale thing?
[05-Mar-2009 10:16:52] **mrayzenoss> is that report the only thing not working in en_IN?
[05-Mar-2009 10:19:03] **VBNewUser> a few reports are not working.
[05-Mar-2009 10:19:17] **VBNewUser> mem utilization
[05-Mar-2009 10:19:24] **VBNewUser> interface util
[05-Mar-2009 10:19:34] **VBNewUser> filesystem
[05-Mar-2009 10:19:42] **VBNewUser> cpu util
[05-Mar-2009 10:19:51] **VBNewUser> avail util
[05-Mar-2009 10:19:55] **mrayzenoss> If you could open tickets for the localization issues, I'll get them looked at
[05-Mar-2009 10:19:59] **mrayzenoss> there may be a simple fix
[05-Mar-2009 10:20:10] **mrayzenoss> since I know we have lots of international users
[05-Mar-2009 10:20:12] **VBNewUser> aggregate report is working.
[05-Mar-2009 10:20:30] **VBNewUser> how do I open ticket?
[05-Mar-2009 10:20:54] **VBNewUser> I am a beginner to zenoss.
[05-Mar-2009 10:21:08] **mrayzenoss>
[05-Mar-2009 10:21:32] **bedwards> magnachef: are there any errors in $ZENHOME/log/zenhub.log
[05-Mar-2009 10:22:34] **mrayzenoss> drtns: you may be able to use zenaction to check SMTP queues, I'm not positive
[05-Mar-2009 10:22:43] **magnachef> not that I see...I will dig through a little more
[05-Mar-2009 10:22:45] **snowgod> Has anyone moved the events database on to a mysql cluster (ndb) for purposes of HA and scaling?
[05-Mar-2009 10:22:46] **mrayzenoss> drtns: we have a few tools for dealing with emails
[05-Mar-2009 10:23:14] **mrayzenoss> snowgod: I know we have Enterprise customers using that setup, let me dig around for Core examples
[05-Mar-2009 10:23:31] **mrayzenoss> drtns:
[05-Mar-2009 10:23:33] **magnachef> I am getting some errors about devices not in topology
[05-Mar-2009 10:23:44] **drtns> mrayzenoss nod I figured I could just use an action to execute a script that did it all, just wanted to check and see if something existed before I go about reinventing the wheel
[05-Mar-2009 10:23:51] **drtns> thanks for the link I'll check it out
[05-Mar-2009 10:23:54] **adytum-bot> mrayzenoss: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
[05-Mar-2009 10:23:56] **adytum-bot> Title: Email Acknowledgment - Postfix, Procmail and Python - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[05-Mar-2009 10:24:45] **snowgod> mrayzenoss: Enterprise customers using stock builds? Or people willing to get their hands dirty and monkey in ZenEventManager?
[05-Mar-2009 10:26:24] **mrayzenoss> snowgod: it may take a little configuration... still looking. Did you see the HA stuff in the Admin Guide?
[05-Mar-2009 10:27:08] **VBNewUser> mrayzenoss: ticket Ticket #4588
[05-Mar-2009 10:27:12] **VBNewUser> Thank you.
[05-Mar-2009 10:28:02] **drtns> mrayzenoss thanks for that link looks like with minimal modification I can get it to do what I need!
[05-Mar-2009 10:28:11] **mrayzenoss> cool
[05-Mar-2009 10:28:32] **mrayzenoss> snowgod: there's a bit about remove MySQL DBs in the Admin Guide, that may work for the cluster setup
[05-Mar-2009 10:28:36] **snowgod> mrayzenoss: yea, DRBD accomplishes HA between sites. A full on cluster install would (potentially) offer scaling benefits as well
[05-Mar-2009 10:29:12] **mrayzenoss> oops, not "remove" but "remote MySQL"
[05-Mar-2009 10:29:47] **rocket> Hi all .. I am working with zenoss for the first time ... cool project .. still trying to figure out how to model my aix systems properly though ..
[05-Mar-2009 10:30:02] **rocket> seems its not picking up the right snmp variables for some things?
[05-Mar-2009 10:30:22] **mrayzenoss> rocket: yeah, I've got a beta AIX ZenPack that kinda works
[05-Mar-2009 10:30:24] **snowgod> mrayzenoss: I've pointed zen to an external mysql server, that works pretty well (except for a zenbackup/zenrestore issue I filed and bug/patch for). ndb has some limitations that InnoDB doesn't - that was my main source of concern
[05-Mar-2009 10:30:48] **mrayzenoss> rocket: I just haven't published it yet
[05-Mar-2009 10:31:01] **rocket> mrayzenoss: oh? where would I find that .. and how would I use that? I am not too familiar with zenpacks yet ... :/
[05-Mar-2009 10:31:11] **drtns> mrayzenoss I know this is a little off topic, what's the SLA for web tickets? mines been unassigned for 48 hours now. it's not a priority level 1 ticket or anything I just want to know what the general expectation is as I am a new enterprise customer.
[05-Mar-2009 10:31:13] **bedwards> magnachef: do you have any $ZENHOME/var/*.zec files on your system?
[05-Mar-2009 10:31:46] **mrayzenoss> rocket:
[05-Mar-2009 10:31:50] **rocket> mrayzenoss: is it something I could get from you and maybe I can figure out a way to tweak it etc as I learn more about this software .. kind of a pet project to help me jump in head first
[05-Mar-2009 10:31:53] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - Beta AIX zenpack for Beta Zenoss (at
[05-Mar-2009 10:32:30] **magnachef> bedwards: yes, /opt/zenoss/var/zeo1-1.zec
[05-Mar-2009 10:32:39] **mrayzenoss> rocket: I've got all those ZenPacks in the thread, just sitting in my backlog to post since I don't have instructions for it
[05-Mar-2009 10:32:49] **mrayzenoss> rocket: and I can't test it myself
[05-Mar-2009 10:33:03] **magnachef> I believe I cleared it through during the upgrade
[05-Mar-2009 10:33:21] **mrayzenoss> rocket: plus in the 2.4 release we'll be adding better SSH modeling/monitoring, which might be easier than SNMP
[05-Mar-2009 10:33:52] **mrayzenoss> drtns: web tickets?  Like for enterprise customers or tickets in Trac?
[05-Mar-2009 10:35:00] **drtns> mrayzenoss for enterprise customers. just wondering what the normal SLA and response time is on a non level 1 issue. my contact, and the website only list SLA for the level-1 issues.
[05-Mar-2009 10:35:01] **rocket> mrayzenoss: when is the 2.4 release scheduled for or is that something I can find on the website?
[05-Mar-2009 10:35:50] **bedwards> magnachef: you can try: "zenoss stop && rm /opt/zenoss/var/*.zec && zenoss start"
[05-Mar-2009 10:35:57] **mrayzenoss> drtns: right now there are 23 tickets in the queue, I don't deal with support so I don't know what the SLAs are. I know they address them by priority
[05-Mar-2009 10:36:16] **drtns> mrayzenoss thanks
[05-Mar-2009 10:36:19] **bedwards> magnachef: I'm going to raise a flag on this one, so we can get someone dedicated to it
[05-Mar-2009 10:36:20] **mrayzenoss> rocket: The 2.4 release is targeted for starting a beta in about 2 weeks
[05-Mar-2009 10:36:29] **syntaxcollector> I have an array of relational snmp data coming out of one of machines. They're mostly disk quotas. I want to be able to map the users name (.1.3 for example) with their hard limit (.3.3) how can I go about doing this in zenoss?
[05-Mar-2009 10:37:01] **syntaxcollector> oh, and btw the oids change every time the machine reboots or the hard limit is changed
[05-Mar-2009 10:37:03] **rocket> mrayzenoss: thanks...
[05-Mar-2009 10:37:17] **neophytal> Is anyone around to help me out with a compile error?
[05-Mar-2009 10:37:25] **mrayzenoss> rocket: feel free to email me about the AIX SNMP ZenPacks, I've been looking for someone to adopt them
[05-Mar-2009 10:37:31] **rocket> mrayzenoss: I am going to have to start digging into the code to really understand how this is all put together
[05-Mar-2009 10:37:46] **mrayzenoss> syntaxcollector: yikes
[05-Mar-2009 10:37:53] **magnachef> bedwards: I'm going to try it on another server of mine - I can't bring the system down during the day
[05-Mar-2009 10:38:11] **syntaxcollector> its essentially the same thing when zenoss detects hard drives
[05-Mar-2009 10:38:16] **syntaxcollector> cause their oid's change too
[05-Mar-2009 10:38:32] **magnachef> I know I did the rm /opt/zenoss/var/*.zec as part of the upgrade though
[05-Mar-2009 10:40:06] **VBNewUser> mrayzenoss: I am looking at zenoss from an MSP environment.
[05-Mar-2009 10:40:20] **VBNewUser> Can i create separate customers and add devices to them..?
[05-Mar-2009 10:40:34] **VBNewUser> how does zenoss segregate data?
[05-Mar-2009 10:40:46] **mrayzenoss> syntaxcollector: probably worth starting a thread in the forums, possibly zenoss-dev
[05-Mar-2009 10:40:53] **mrayzenoss> syntaxcollector: might need a custom modeler
[05-Mar-2009 10:41:09] **syntaxcollector> ok, thank you
[05-Mar-2009 10:41:13] **mrayzenoss> VBNewUser: that's available in Zenoss Enterprise
[05-Mar-2009 10:41:16] **magnachef> bedwards: any thoughts on the Event Console part of the problem?
[05-Mar-2009 10:41:25] **magnachef> ...or could they be connected?
[05-Mar-2009 10:42:10] **mrayzenoss> VBNewUser: I know we have Enterprise customers doing MSP stuff in India
[05-Mar-2009 10:42:29] **mrayzenoss> which is why your ticket surprised me
[05-Mar-2009 10:43:00] **VBNewUser> ok.. can I create hostgroups like nagios?
[05-Mar-2009 10:43:06] **magnachef> bedwards: did you see my previous queston? I didn't see you sign off
[05-Mar-2009 10:43:20] **bedwards> i missed it
[05-Mar-2009 10:43:42] **neophytal> make[2]: *** [ntvfs/sysdep/inotify.o] Error 1
[05-Mar-2009 10:43:42] **neophytal> cp: cannot stat `bin/shared/**': No such file or directory
[05-Mar-2009 10:43:42] **neophytal> make[1]: *** [pywmi-installed] Error 1
[05-Mar-2009 10:43:42] **neophytal> make: *** [wmi-install] Error 2
[05-Mar-2009 10:43:51] **neophytal> anyone familiar with these errors when compiling WMI section on zenoss core?
[05-Mar-2009 10:44:04] **neophytal> I installed all packages asked, and figured out swig autoconf and samba needed to be installed
[05-Mar-2009 10:44:15] **neophytal> but appears it has a problem compiling files in samba source on ubuntu intrepid.
[05-Mar-2009 10:44:29] **mrayzenoss> neophytal: which platform?
[05-Mar-2009 10:44:59] **mrayzenoss> VBNewUser: yes.  Groups and devices can be isolated to customers
[05-Mar-2009 10:45:01] **neophytal> ubuntu 8.10 server
[05-Mar-2009 10:45:15] **mrayzenoss> you mean 8.04 server?  8.10 is desktop
[05-Mar-2009 10:45:33] **mrayzenoss> I think I saw some notes on that somewhere
[05-Mar-2009 10:45:40] **VBNewUser> mrayzenoss: can that be done in core?
[05-Mar-2009 10:45:46] **neophytal> Ubuntu 8.10 Server (the latest version): Includes the latest enhancements and is maintained until 2010
[05-Mar-2009 10:46:02] **neophytal> but 8.04 docs prob work the same
[05-Mar-2009 10:46:04] **mrayzenoss> VBNewUser: I think there are some notes about implementing it in Core for yourself
[05-Mar-2009 10:46:11] **neophytal> I looked at 2 that I found, but don't see anything I didn't do.
[05-Mar-2009 10:48:34] **neophytal> Should I just try a stack installer? Kinda used to compiling and doing my own thing but not sure how to fix this. =/
[05-Mar-2009 10:48:37] **magnachef> bedwards: any thoughts on the Event Console part of the problem?
[05-Mar-2009 10:48:39] **magnachef> ...or could they be connected?
[05-Mar-2009 10:48:42] **VBNewUser> Is there any difference between Groups and DeviceGroup. The Set Groups does not seem to show anything to me.
[05-Mar-2009 10:48:56] **mrayzenoss> neophytal: the stack installer will work, but I'd love to solve this
[05-Mar-2009 10:49:08] **mrayzenoss> neophytal: I assume you looked at
[05-Mar-2009 10:49:15] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - Zenoss 2.3.2 on Ubuntu 8.1 Server WMI Install Error (at
[05-Mar-2009 10:49:37] **neophytal> exact same error...
[05-Mar-2009 10:49:45] **neophytal> but.. no solution posted except that he used the stack
[05-Mar-2009 10:50:12] **VBNewUser> mrayzenoss: just to summarize, I cannot use the Group feature to assign devices to different groups in core, right?
[05-Mar-2009 10:50:16] **neophytal> well, close
[05-Mar-2009 10:50:20] **neophytal> he needed autoconf installed
[05-Mar-2009 10:50:22] **mrayzenoss> neophytal: I'm trying to get someone to look at it
[05-Mar-2009 10:50:34] **mrayzenoss> so we can update our source docs
[05-Mar-2009 10:50:52] **neophytal> mrayzenoss :  cool. from that error, I apt-get'd swig autoconf and samba
[05-Mar-2009 10:51:16] **mrayzenoss> neophytal: if you solve that, please email me the corrections and I'll get it doc'd
[05-Mar-2009 10:51:19] **neophytal> got further but no cigar =]
[05-Mar-2009 10:51:47] **neophytal> what's your email? I will show you what I have so far and how I got here.
[05-Mar-2009 10:52:08] **mrayzenoss>
[05-Mar-2009 10:52:32] **mrayzenoss> VBNewUser: not with Core, unless you want to dig into Zope
[05-Mar-2009 10:53:19] **mrayzenoss> VBNewUser: you may find this paper useful though:
[05-Mar-2009 10:53:33] **bedwards> magnachef: it seems like two different problems
[05-Mar-2009 10:53:43] **adytum-bot> mrayzenoss: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
[05-Mar-2009 10:54:43] **neophytal> mrayzenoss :  emailed. tell me what you think. =]
[05-Mar-2009 10:56:03] **mrayzenoss> neophytal: I'm trying to get our WMI guy to take a look, maybe he knows
[05-Mar-2009 10:56:44] **neophytal> awesome, thank you very much
[05-Mar-2009 10:57:46] **VBNewUser> mrayzenoss: thanks for the paper, though I didn't really find anything in there which I could relate to what I am looking for.
[05-Mar-2009 10:58:23] **mrayzenoss> well, I meant the stuff on crafting permissions
[05-Mar-2009 10:58:51] **MattBurgoon> Can anyone point me to some information on how to publish file system data that's sitting in a different OID tree than what the normal Filesystem template?
[05-Mar-2009 10:58:54] **bedwards> magnachef: does event.log show an error when you load the page?
[05-Mar-2009 10:59:17] **VBNewUser> mrayzenoss: so, you are saying, it would be possible to craft permissions so that users can add devices to groups?
[05-Mar-2009 10:59:52] **magnachef> the Event Console?
[05-Mar-2009 11:00:06] **magnachef> or when running a device model?
[05-Mar-2009 11:00:48] **mrayzenoss> VBNewUser: I believe that's how it works, I'm not intimately familiar with it, since it's an Enterprise feature and I typically stick with Core myself. I think that paper is going down the path of adding it to Core though. I need to find the time to sit down and read it thoroughly
[05-Mar-2009 11:01:51] **VBNewUser> ok.. will look into the details myself.
[05-Mar-2009 11:01:53] **MattBurgoon> magnachef: when modelling, so that I can alert and trend it, really the same as the existing filesystem template, it's just in a different oid
[05-Mar-2009 11:03:01] **mrayzenoss> MattBurgoon: I think the HPUX Community ZenPack might have an example of what you want
[05-Mar-2009 11:03:10] **MattBurgoon> excellent.
[05-Mar-2009 11:03:25] **mrayzenoss> MattBurgoon:
[05-Mar-2009 11:03:48] **adytum-bot> mrayzenoss: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
[05-Mar-2009 11:04:06] **MattBurgoon> Got it. Thanks!
[05-Mar-2009 11:04:07] **magnachef> I am seeing errors in there like:
[05-Mar-2009 11:04:15] **adytum-bot> Title: (beta) (at
[05-Mar-2009 11:04:47] **magnachef> I didn't have any issues while doing some modeling this time
[05-Mar-2009 11:04:52] **magnachef> it's not every time that its an issue
[05-Mar-2009 11:06:02] **mrayzenoss> magnachef:
[05-Mar-2009 11:06:10] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - Multigraphs: HTTP headers too long (at
[05-Mar-2009 11:08:14] **magnachef> cool...where do I change this setting?
[05-Mar-2009 11:11:05] **mrayzenoss> $ZENHOME/etc/zope.conf
[05-Mar-2009 11:11:21] **bedwards> I'm dropping off
[05-Mar-2009 11:13:17] **magnachef> oh, duh, it was in the forum post
[05-Mar-2009 11:14:16] **magnachef> should I just up the http-header-length? I don't see an option of switching from GET to POST
[05-Mar-2009 11:14:49] **mrayzenoss> the GET to POST is the ticket
[05-Mar-2009 11:15:02] **mrayzenoss> so the work-around I guess is to up that length for now
[05-Mar-2009 11:16:43] **magnachef> ok, so that will be fixed eventually, but is not yet available
[05-Mar-2009 11:17:13] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I assume the work-around alleviates the issue
[05-Mar-2009 11:17:48] **mrayzenoss> ok, bedwards has dropped out, so I guess that's a wrap. Feel free to followup in the forums. Thanks for all the questions and we'll be back soon.
[05-Mar-2009 11:18:47] **neophytal> mrayzenoss :  any luck from the wmi guy? =]
[05-Mar-2009 11:18:59] **mrayzenoss> he's in a UI meeting
[05-Mar-2009 11:19:10] **neophytal> ohh okay.
[05-Mar-2009 11:55:48] **int> i wonder if zenoss can store syslog messages? or it just parses it, makes into events and discards?
[05-Mar-2009 12:00:03] **CamargoBP> Does anyone know why Utilization 75% on the ethernetCsmacd max value = here.speed / 8 * .99 isn't that 99%
[05-Mar-2009 12:03:32] **kain22> is there a way to show all devices "NOT" in a location?
[05-Mar-2009 12:29:18] **kain22> is there a way to show all devices "NOT" in a location?
[05-Mar-2009 12:39:44] **dranch> Any ideas on when I try to add a new data source (running a SSH command), the zopectl process that runs the webui dies?
[05-Mar-2009 12:43:09] **rocket> anyway I can figure out why my plugin I created isnt even loading into the ZenModeler?
[05-Mar-2009 12:43:37] **drtns> So I added a new location, added a few servers to it.. gave it an address that pulls up in google map. if I go to the map tab on that location It pulls up fine, but on my dashboard in the portlet I only see one of my 2 locations... do I need to kick something in the portlet to get it to realize I have added the new location?
[05-Mar-2009 12:49:36] **kisielk> drtns: do you really need a map for 2 locations ?
[05-Mar-2009 12:50:10] **kain22> lol
[05-Mar-2009 12:50:17] **MattBurgoon> *chuckle* that's why I haven't messed with that yet, seems sad to have one office location and one data center
[05-Mar-2009 12:50:29] **kisielk> yah, we actually defined the map just for kicks
[05-Mar-2009 12:50:31] **drtns> kisielk no... I want one portlet map to show all my locations.. right now it only shows one...
[05-Mar-2009 12:50:47] **kisielk> drtns: but you said you only have 2 locations
[05-Mar-2009 12:51:21] **drtns> kisielk right now... I have more remote collectors to deploy but I am working on our two main data centres right now..
[05-Mar-2009 12:51:28] **kisielk> ah ok
[05-Mar-2009 12:51:32] **kisielk> did you try removing and adding the portlet?
[05-Mar-2009 13:09:19] **kain22> is there a way to show all devices "NOT" in a location?
[05-Mar-2009 13:13:42] **rhett_> go to device list and sort by location?
[05-Mar-2009 13:14:20] **rhett_> have to add location though
[05-Mar-2009 13:15:30] **kain22> how do you go about adding location?
[05-Mar-2009 14:08:08] **rocket> anyone here have experience writing zenmodellor plugins?
[05-Mar-2009 14:08:28] **rocket> I cant seem to get my example one to load and I dont know where to look for error messages ..
[05-Mar-2009 16:38:26] **jsm> what's the best way to monitor multiple name-based virtual hosts? i want to check a bunch of different websites that all have the same IPs... zenoss won't allow me to add devices with the same IP
[05-Mar-2009 16:40:49] **jsm> i can't even seem to find a way to make copies of a template.. that would make my life somewhat easier
[05-Mar-2009 16:41:13] **jsm> i don't want to have to create multiple data sources for each url i'm monitoring all under the same device
[05-Mar-2009 16:50:41] **rhett_> go to the class where the template resides click the check box next to the template click the drop down menu next to 'Available Performance Templates' click copy templates and select the location
[05-Mar-2009 16:50:53] **rhett_> or you can always bind said template to a class
[05-Mar-2009 16:51:51] **malbon_> rocket: ping
[05-Mar-2009 16:57:08] **jsm> rhett_: not quite sure how that will help
[05-Mar-2009 16:57:18] **jsm> i have multiple  host names that resolve to the same ip
[05-Mar-2009 16:57:29] **jsm> i'm using the httpMonitor to gauge their availibility
[05-Mar-2009 16:57:44] **jsm> this requires me to make one template with multiple data sources -- one for each hostname
[05-Mar-2009 21:51:37] **rocket> malbon: pong
[05-Mar-2009 22:57:09] **CamargoBP_> Anyone here tonight?
[05-Mar-2009 22:59:52] **rocket> CamargoBP_: at least 1
[05-Mar-2009 23:00:39] **CamargoBP_>
[05-Mar-2009 23:00:54] **CamargoBP_> I think I figured it out. It was a math equation for a graph
[05-Mar-2009 23:01:49] **rocket> good .. I am trying to figure out why a custom datamodeler will not run a second time .. the only way to get it to run is to delete the device .. :/
[05-Mar-2009 23:05:31] **CamargoBP_> Huh
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[06-Mar-2009 08:04:40] **dalfz> is it possible to set a specific SNMP Performance Cycle Interval on some devices?
[06-Mar-2009 08:14:46] **rocket> anyone know why zenmodeler wont call one of my plugins? if I create the device from scratch the plugin is called .. its a custom plugin based on the programmers guide
[06-Mar-2009 08:21:59] **IoNu|z> why are the alerts clearing and comming back by themselfs?
[06-Mar-2009 09:14:27] **neophytal> hey matt.
[06-Mar-2009 09:14:54] **mrayzenoss> morning
[06-Mar-2009 09:15:32] **neophytal> soooo bad news. the svn failed at the same point. is there a different flavor of linux that is better for this than ubuntu? =] I don't mind using something else.
[06-Mar-2009 09:17:47] **CamargoBP> Centos
[06-Mar-2009 09:19:20] **neophytal> k.. never used that before. should be interesting.
[06-Mar-2009 09:19:23] **CamargoBP> Anyone know the available variables that I can use the weite Min/Max Threshold python expressions? Or a way to look them up?
[06-Mar-2009 09:19:39] **CamargoBP> neophytal: You will like it. It's RHEL
[06-Mar-2009 09:20:21] **neophytal> CamargoBP :  oh okay. nice.
[06-Mar-2009 09:24:08] **mrayzenoss> neophytal: You could also use the .DEB if you want to stick with Ubuntu
[06-Mar-2009 09:34:47] **neophytal> mrayzenoss :  I will try that before reinstalling another OS. thanks...
[06-Mar-2009 09:35:09] **mrayzenoss> the deb is just a stack installer packaged for Debian/Ubuntu
[06-Mar-2009 09:35:22] **mrayzenoss> so it contains all the dependencies needed for Zenoss
[06-Mar-2009 09:35:25] **mrayzenoss> including mysql
[06-Mar-2009 09:48:36] **maxamillion> I'm looking to upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3 and I notice in the upgrade notes from the guide it has a section for RHEL4/5 servers (which we are running) the only issue is that when we first installed, the .bin for RHEL listed at the top of the downloads page was used and the upgrade guide only mentions the .rpm upgrade path
[06-Mar-2009 09:49:15] **maxamillion> how might i go about upgrading using the .bin? ... would it be essentially the same method but just use the generic binary instead of the rpm?
[06-Mar-2009 09:49:30] **mrayzenoss> that's the "Stack Install"
[06-Mar-2009 09:49:35] **maxamillion> ah
[06-Mar-2009 09:49:44] **maxamillion> crap
[06-Mar-2009 09:49:57] **mrayzenoss> so the upgrade is Chapter 9
[06-Mar-2009 09:50:47] **maxamillion> mrayzenoss: is there any upgrade path to go from "Stack Install" to the native rpm?
[06-Mar-2009 09:54:41] **mrayzenoss> not specifically, but it could probably be done
[06-Mar-2009 09:55:53] **maxamillion> hrmmm.... i will probably just stick with the stack installer upgrade path ... its a production box, don't want to go playing with the "unkown"
[06-Mar-2009 09:55:54] **mrayzenoss> you'd essentially be restoring to a different platform, so you'd need to do the zenbackup
[06-Mar-2009 09:56:03] **maxamillion> yeah, i'll have to do that either way
[06-Mar-2009 09:56:14] **mrayzenoss> yeah, the steps are pretty similar
[06-Mar-2009 09:57:02] **mrayzenoss> zenbackup, move/archive/delete the old install, install the RPM, copy the config files back in, start mysql, zenrestore
[06-Mar-2009 09:57:32] **mrayzenoss> I think the steps from the Source Install to Stack Install are mostly appropriate
[06-Mar-2009 09:57:47] **mrayzenoss> but if it's production... maybe try a test box first
[06-Mar-2009 09:58:39] **maxamillion> mrayzenoss: not a bad idea ... i might give that a shot, thank you
[06-Mar-2009 09:58:48] **mrayzenoss> good luck
[06-Mar-2009 09:59:22] **mrayzenoss> I'm working a doc ticket to add some clarifications to the stack upgrade instructions if you find anything/have questions
[06-Mar-2009 09:59:54] **IoNu|z> i did the upgrade to 2.3.3 last night but i had to roll back, because the events tab was not showing anything
[06-Mar-2009 10:00:22] **mrayzenoss> known issue, you just have to clear out your browser cache
[06-Mar-2009 10:00:28] **IoNu|z> tried that
[06-Mar-2009 10:10:12] tehhobbi1 is now known as tehhobbit
[06-Mar-2009 10:11:17] **gemineye> mrayzenoss: You awake?
[06-Mar-2009 10:11:21] **mrayzenoss> yup
[06-Mar-2009 10:11:41] **gemineye> Sorry I didn't follow up with you yesterday regarding upgrading. I was swamped
[06-Mar-2009 10:11:55] **gemineye> did you find out from QA about what we were talking about?
[06-Mar-2009 10:12:37] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I have a few things to add, I've got a doc ticket to improve the docs around stack upgrades
[06-Mar-2009 10:12:43] **mrayzenoss> are you using any ZenPacks?
[06-Mar-2009 10:12:47] **gemineye> yes
[06-Mar-2009 10:13:05] **mrayzenoss> ok, you'll need to make sure those are backed up
[06-Mar-2009 10:13:44] **gemineye> Do you have a rough draft of the improvements to the docs I might be able to test?
[06-Mar-2009 10:14:28] **mrayzenoss> let me write something up real quick
[06-Mar-2009 10:15:28] **CamargoBP> Anyone here a guru with performance thresholds?
[06-Mar-2009 10:16:15] **rocket> mrayzenoss: do you know anyone who could help me figure out why a custom modeler plugin is not running a second time. I run zenmodeler manually and I see the plugin is not included
[06-Mar-2009 10:16:43] **mrayzenoss> man, I've been banging my head on custom modeling for days trying to fix the VMwareESX ZenPack
[06-Mar-2009 10:16:43] **rocket> mrayzenoss: however if i create a new device to monitor the plugin is run once.
[06-Mar-2009 10:17:09] **mrayzenoss> perhaps post to Zenoss-Dev and I can push a developer to answer your question
[06-Mar-2009 10:17:52] **rocket> I would be happy to debug it myself .. I just cant figure out how to get verbose enough info out of Zenmodeler why its excluding the plugin ...
[06-Mar-2009 10:19:16] **maxamillion> is the rpm supposed to install to /opt/zenoss ? ... all the docs for other methods of install seem to point to it being in /usr/local/zenoss
[06-Mar-2009 10:19:38] **gemineye> Is Enterprise supported on OpenSolaris?
[06-Mar-2009 10:22:46] **mrayzenoss> gemineye: nope
[06-Mar-2009 10:22:55] **mrayzenoss> maxamillion: I believe the RPM installs to /opt
[06-Mar-2009 10:23:18] **mrayzenoss> rocket: zenmodeler run -v10 ?
[06-Mar-2009 10:23:28] **maxamillion> mrayzenoss: it also seems to lack zeo.conf and zope.conf in /opt/zenoss/etc/ ... which i'm supposed to backup somewhere as per the docs
[06-Mar-2009 10:23:45] **rocket> mrayzenoss: zenmodeler run -d -v 10
[06-Mar-2009 10:23:50] **rocket> thats what I have been running
[06-Mar-2009 10:24:04] **mrayzenoss> rocket: anything in the zenhub log?
[06-Mar-2009 10:24:07] **rocket> mrayzenoss: and I see that it picks up the plugins that were built into the system
[06-Mar-2009 10:24:12] **rocket> mrayzenoss: I will check
[06-Mar-2009 10:24:32] **mrayzenoss> rocket: I just grep for vmware since that's what I'm working on
[06-Mar-2009 10:24:40] **mrayzenoss> zenhub.log is where my errors show up
[06-Mar-2009 10:24:52] **mrayzenoss> gemineye: I've got the "missing" stack installer steps
[06-Mar-2009 10:25:11] **rocket> only thing really in there is network not in topology messages that I dont think are related
[06-Mar-2009 10:25:36] **mrayzenoss> gemineye: are you using any .ZIP ZenPacks?
[06-Mar-2009 10:25:39] **gemineye> Ok, what are the steps? Want to just email them?
[06-Mar-2009 10:25:42] **gemineye> lemme see.
[06-Mar-2009 10:25:53] **gemineye> Those would be non-.egg zenpacks right?
[06-Mar-2009 10:25:56] **mrayzenoss> yeah
[06-Mar-2009 10:26:19] **gemineye> 15 .egg, 4 .zip
[06-Mar-2009 10:26:35] **mrayzenoss> ok, the .eggs will get preserved, the .zips won't
[06-Mar-2009 10:26:45] **gemineye> bummer
[06-Mar-2009 10:27:07] **mrayzenoss> so after step 3
[06-Mar-2009 10:27:14] **mrayzenoss> reinstall the .zip zenpacks
[06-Mar-2009 10:27:27] **mrayzenoss> call that step 3.1
[06-Mar-2009 10:27:33] **mrayzenoss> step 3.2 shutdown zenoss
[06-Mar-2009 10:27:48] **mrayzenoss> step 4 is the same
[06-Mar-2009 10:27:52] **mrayzenoss> step 5 is restart zenoss
[06-Mar-2009 10:27:59] **mrayzenoss> that should cover the zenpacks
[06-Mar-2009 10:28:19] **mrayzenoss> the configuration DB is supposed to be preserved on upgrade
[06-Mar-2009 10:29:29] **mrayzenoss> headed to a meeting
[06-Mar-2009 10:34:43] **gemineye> How do you upgrade a ZenPack? Just install the newer version on top of it or do you have to remove the old one?
[06-Mar-2009 10:39:07] **maxamillion> mrayzenoss: for the record ... the stack install --> rpm doesn't work .... failed horridly
[06-Mar-2009 10:39:37] **maxamillion> the rpm is missing a lot of things the documentation mentions in the source -> stack documentation
[06-Mar-2009 10:42:59] **mrayzenoss_> gemineye: usually you just install the new version and it'll upgrade
[06-Mar-2009 10:43:13] **mrayzenoss_> maxamillion: dang, what's missing?
[06-Mar-2009 10:45:09] **maxamillion> mrayzenoss_: config files, directory structure is slightly off ... the zope.conf and zeo.conf aren't there, also doesn't set the path right
[06-Mar-2009 10:45:18] **maxamillion> for the zenoss user*
[06-Mar-2009 10:55:19] **charlieS> anyone know how I can get the linux-specific Device template? A fresh install's Device template has lots more graphs for Linux devices, but an upgraded install only has the "late vintage unix" template..
[06-Mar-2009 11:13:30] **mrayzenoss_> be back later
[06-Mar-2009 11:13:35] **rocket> mrayzenoss_: found the issue
[06-Mar-2009 11:14:25] **maxamillion> ok, so ... my upgrade with the "stack install" went smoothly but my zenpacks don't work .... is there an extra step i need to make those functional again?
[06-Mar-2009 11:15:16] **gemineye> Are they .eggs or .zip zenpacks?
[06-Mar-2009 11:15:37] **gemineye> Did you turn off zenoss before you did the stack upgrade?
[06-Mar-2009 11:19:04] **maxamillion> gemineye: yes i turned off zenoss, lemme check on egg vs zip
[06-Mar-2009 11:19:14] * charlieS thought the installer script took care of stopping zenoss
[06-Mar-2009 11:19:24] **maxamillion> gemineye: they are egg
[06-Mar-2009 11:20:09] **gemineye> mrayzenoss said they should copy over fine if they are eggs
[06-Mar-2009 11:22:04] **maxamillion> gemineye: yeah, they are in the directory structure where they should be ... but they are all red in zenoss
[06-Mar-2009 11:26:13] **charlieS> anyone had problems with the Event Manager in firefox after upgrading to 2.3.3?
[06-Mar-2009 11:26:29] **CamargoBP> Nope
[06-Mar-2009 11:26:52] **CamargoBP> Well you qualified that with firefox. I use safari
[06-Mar-2009 11:27:00] **CamargoBP> So I don't know
[06-Mar-2009 11:27:04] **charlieS> yeah, safari seems fine for me too
[06-Mar-2009 11:28:05] **maxamillion> charlieS: nope, i literally *just* upgraded from 2.2.0 to 2.3.3 and all is well in firefox 3 on my RHEL5 workstation
[06-Mar-2009 11:28:15] **charlieS> er, s/Manager/Console.
[06-Mar-2009 11:28:43] **charlieS> on both my fedora9 workstation and OS X laptop, FF event console is blank. I see a red box, but nothing in it.
[06-Mar-2009 11:28:51] * charlieS just restarted FF to see if that was it - nope
[06-Mar-2009 11:29:04] * charlieS shrugs
[06-Mar-2009 11:29:21] **CamargoBP> How about holding down shift while clicking the reload button
[06-Mar-2009 11:29:40] **charlieS> well the cache was removed when I restarted, but yeah, tried that
[06-Mar-2009 11:30:11] **CamargoBP> Oh, I thought cache was there until you purged it. Maybe it's just my setup.
[06-Mar-2009 11:30:48] **charlieS> hm, maybe. But I habitually use ctrl-shift-r
[06-Mar-2009 11:32:58] **maxamillion> <--- that's the issue i'm having post-upgrade ... anyone had something similar or possibly have an idea or two?
[06-Mar-2009 11:32:58] **CamargoBP> Anyone know how to test a Min/Max Threshold from the command line?
[06-Mar-2009 11:34:43] **charlieS> maxamillion: are all the daemons really not running? Could check the log of each to see why, if so.
[06-Mar-2009 11:34:50] **rocket> is there a way to force collection manually to debug it?
[06-Mar-2009 11:35:20] **charlieS> rocket: you can manually run zenmodel
[06-Mar-2009 11:35:36] **rocket> charlieS: that does collection too?
[06-Mar-2009 11:36:17] * charlieS thought so, but looking at --help it looks like I'm wrong..
[06-Mar-2009 11:37:58] **charlieS> yeah, 'zenmodler run' will do it, but you'll probably have to resort to snmpwalk depending on the level of debugging needed.
[06-Mar-2009 11:38:30] **rocket> I am trying to write custom collector code though .. so I need to run it and debug my errors etc .. and learn what I am doing etc
[06-Mar-2009 11:38:50] **maxamillion> charlieS: where do those log?
[06-Mar-2009 11:40:13] **charlieS> maxamillion: in the daemon tab of settings you can view the logs - I don't know off the top of my head where they are on the FS.
[06-Mar-2009 11:40:35] **charlieS> rocket: oh, dunno
[06-Mar-2009 11:40:48] **gemineye> I just did the 2.3.2 -> 2.3.3 stack upgrade and it actually worked flawlessly.
[06-Mar-2009 11:41:00] **gemineye> I didn't even have to reinstall the .zip ZenPacks
[06-Mar-2009 11:41:07] **charlieS> nice
[06-Mar-2009 11:41:19] * charlieS reposts his question now that there's more traffic:
[06-Mar-2009 11:41:30] **charlieS> anyone know how I can get the linux-specific Device template? A fresh install's Device template has lots more graphs for Linux devices, but an upgraded install only has the "late vintage unix" template..
[06-Mar-2009 11:41:54] **maxamillion> charlieS: ok, thank you
[06-Mar-2009 11:43:02] **maxamillion> charlieS: all the daemons are green in the daemon tab, but the counts are rising ... going to restart them all and see if that helps
[06-Mar-2009 11:43:32] **charlieS> maxamillion: 'zenoss restart' as the zenoss user will restart everything
[06-Mar-2009 11:43:49] **maxamillion> charlieS: ok
[06-Mar-2009 11:45:01] **maxamillion> charlieS: still there ... count is increasing
[06-Mar-2009 11:46:00] **charlieS> reboot?
[06-Mar-2009 11:46:22] **maxamillion> charlieS: its linux ... don't think that would help
[06-Mar-2009 11:46:28] **maxamillion>
[06-Mar-2009 11:46:52] **maxamillion> charlieS: <--- first daemon looked fine in the logs, second one has a python traceback
[06-Mar-2009 11:46:59] **adytum-bot> Title: Fedora Pastebin - Viewing Paste #5242 (at
[06-Mar-2009 11:46:59] **charlieS> well - more brute force. Maybe verify that all zenoss procs are stopped after 'zenoss stop' then start it again?
[06-Mar-2009 11:47:03] **charlieS> ooh
[06-Mar-2009 11:48:49] **charlieS> interesting, but I have no ideas, sorry
[06-Mar-2009 11:51:43] **charlieS> huh, searching for something else led me to a similar error as maxamillion's:
[06-Mar-2009 11:52:19] **maxamillion> charlieS: thankies
[06-Mar-2009 11:57:10] **CamargoBP> I like how zenoss refers to complex thresholds ( but doesn't provide an example or two so I can create my own.
[06-Mar-2009 11:57:38] **adytum-bot> CamargoBP: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
[06-Mar-2009 11:57:39] **adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Developer's Guide - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[06-Mar-2009 11:58:26] **maxamillion> CamargoBP: yeah, the docs are good in some aspects but lacking in others
[06-Mar-2009 11:58:35] **charlieS> I also like how they say they have an API, but it's far from it. Try sucking out graphs for use/display elsewhere.. ugh!
[06-Mar-2009 11:58:43] **maxamillion> but docs on a whole outside of the BSD projects are generally that way
[06-Mar-2009 11:59:02] * charlieS agrees with maxamillion
[06-Mar-2009 11:59:12] * maxamillion notes that he's a loyal linux user but must offer credit to the BSDs where it is due
[06-Mar-2009 11:59:35] **CamargoBP> maxamillion: For a product that they also charge for you would think that the documentation would be a bit more robust?
[06-Mar-2009 11:59:50] **CamargoBP> Not that they don't have a lot of info already
[06-Mar-2009 12:00:15] **charlieS> CamargoBP: oh it has improved A LOT over the last year or so.. you'd be surprised how much fundamental stuff was broken
[06-Mar-2009 12:00:37] **charlieS> it's still far better than nagios, even when it sucked more.
[06-Mar-2009 12:04:40] **maxamillion> CamargoBP: well, RedHat is kinda the same way ... i assume at some point they have to draw the line on how many devs to pay compared to how many doc writers
[06-Mar-2009 12:10:38] **maxamillion> charlieS: apparently i needed a 'zenmigrate --force' ... i found in a thread on a mailing list somewhere saying it was because it was missing a field in the database
[06-Mar-2009 12:10:43] **maxamillion> charlieS: thanks for the help
[06-Mar-2009 12:11:54] **charlieS> cool - no prob
[06-Mar-2009 12:22:10] **kisielk> hm, I can't seem to get process monitoring to work properly
[06-Mar-2009 12:22:24] **kisielk> zenoss keeps reporting this process is not running, when it is, and I can clearly see it in the snmp output
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:23] **sergeymasushko> I can not delete an event... in the log I see
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:24] **sergeymasushko> 2009-03-06 13:25:40 ERROR zen.ZenActions: unexpected exception
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:24] **sergeymasushko> Traceback (most recent call last):
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:24] **sergeymasushko>   File "/usr/local/zenoss/Products/ZenEvents/", line 498, in runCycle
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:24] **sergeymasushko>     self.mainbody()
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:24] **sergeymasushko>   File "/usr/local/zenoss/Products/ZenEvents/", line 489, in mainbody
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:26] **sergeymasushko>     self.maintenance(zem)
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:28] **sergeymasushko> File "/usr/local/zenoss/Products/ZenEvents/", line 322, in maintenance
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:30] **sergeymasushko>     self.execute(sql)
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:32] **sergeymasushko>   File "/usr/local/zenoss/Products/ZenEvents/", line 183, in execute
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:34] **sergeymasushko>     result = curs.execute(stmt)
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:36] **sergeymasushko>   File "/usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/MySQLdb/", line 137, in execute
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:38] **sergeymasushko>     self.errorhandler(self, exc, value)
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:40] **sergeymasushko> File "/usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/MySQLdb/", line 33, in defaulterrorhandler
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:42] **sergeymasushko>     raise errorclass, errorvalue
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:42] **kisielk> please use a pastebin
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:44] **sergeymasushko> IntegrityError: (1062, "Duplicate entry '000011179df49a65756ffff51' for key 1")
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:48] **sergeymasushko> ok
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:57] **kisielk> instead of flooding the channel
[06-Mar-2009 12:28:59] **kisielk> that's incredibly annoying
[06-Mar-2009 12:30:26] **sergeymasushko> however IntegrityError: (1062, "Duplicate entry '000011179df49a65756ffff51' for key 1") means that there 2 or more events with the same evid. evid should be unique. that bag should be fixed in the current release... =(
[06-Mar-2009 12:40:27] **IoNu|z> anybody using the asa plugin here?
[06-Mar-2009 12:40:36] **IoNu|z> im not sure what im doing wrong..
[06-Mar-2009 12:41:23] **IoNu|z> but when i use it i get an alert that snmp is down
[06-Mar-2009 12:57:06] **charlieS> . 
[06-Mar-2009 12:57:30] **charlieS> oops
[06-Mar-2009 13:03:29] **perr0> k
[06-Mar-2009 13:04:29] **rocket> anyone here who can help me understand how to write a custom collector? I am looking at the aix dev guide and trying to understand how the script would end up being called and what its filename has to be.
[06-Mar-2009 13:04:45] **sergeymasushko> zenoss 2.3.3 it is bluecrab, right?
[06-Mar-2009 13:06:02] **sergeymasushko> oh sorry bluecarb is 2.4
[06-Mar-2009 13:37:11] **dustin> might i ask a question about zenoss?
[06-Mar-2009 13:37:25] **mrayzenoss> this would be the place
[06-Mar-2009 13:37:34] **raw__> hehe
[06-Mar-2009 13:37:54] **dustin> where do i set the threshold for CPU alerts? i just found zenoss, have been using nagios for a bit
[06-Mar-2009 13:38:25] **dustin> or is it something pre-defined that cannot be changed
[06-Mar-2009 13:39:26] **raw__> read the admin guide, specifically the section to do with device templates
[06-Mar-2009 13:39:32] **raw__> therein you will find your answer
[06-Mar-2009 13:39:35] **dustin> ty
[06-Mar-2009 13:39:37] **raw__> but yes, they are configurable
[06-Mar-2009 14:33:50] **rocket> anyone here know anything about collectors in libexec?
[06-Mar-2009 14:34:17] **rocket> i am trying to follow the example in the dev guide but I dont know if I named it correctly .. it doesnt seem to be working right
[06-Mar-2009 14:36:39] **mrayzenoss> the 2.3.3 Dev Guide?
[06-Mar-2009 14:37:43] **rocket> yes
[06-Mar-2009 14:37:51] **rocket> I am using 2.3.2 if that matters at all
[06-Mar-2009 14:38:07] **mrayzenoss> probably not, just wanted to verify we're looking at the same Dev Guide
[06-Mar-2009 14:38:44] **rocket> mrayzenoss: and I figured out why my modeler wasnt working right
[06-Mar-2009 14:38:48] **mrayzenoss> oh yeah?
[06-Mar-2009 14:39:04] **rocket> seems I loaded a different zenpack that had broken modelers in it
[06-Mar-2009 14:39:20] **rocket> and when it hit that one it stopped processing further ZenPacks
[06-Mar-2009 14:39:30] **mrayzenoss> ahh
[06-Mar-2009 14:39:43] **rocket> instead of ignoring it and moving on .. or posting a better warning etc to the cmdline ..
[06-Mar-2009 14:40:05] **rocket> probably something needs to be looked at in ZenHub to fix that behavior I would guess
[06-Mar-2009 14:40:08] **mrayzenoss> feel free to open a ticket so we can address it eventually
[06-Mar-2009 14:40:12] **rocket> sure
[06-Mar-2009 14:40:53] **rocket> at the moment I am trying to understand collectors more properly and I think I have everything in place but I dont know how to debug or check what its actually doing
[06-Mar-2009 14:41:10] **mrayzenoss> heh, I'm in the same boat
[06-Mar-2009 14:41:17] **mrayzenoss> trying to learn this stuff myself
[06-Mar-2009 14:41:56] **rocket> the dev guide isnt exactly clear on what the exact file name should be .. all it says is name if Filesystem because thats special
[06-Mar-2009 14:42:07] **rocket> but it doesnt explain where we would get that name from
[06-Mar-2009 14:42:19] **rocket> or if we add the .py extension or anything like that
[06-Mar-2009 14:43:10] **rocket> and the code in the example doesnt really work anyway .. snmpwalk seems to only take one OID at a time so I had to modify the script to actually work ...
[06-Mar-2009 14:44:20] **mrayzenoss> I pinged the current maintainer to see if he could drop in
[06-Mar-2009 14:44:30] **mrayzenoss> I've got a phone call I gotta go sit on
[06-Mar-2009 14:44:35] **rocket> great thanks ..
[06-Mar-2009 14:44:56] * rocket is trying to read the python code to figure it out ..
[06-Mar-2009 15:49:24] **rocket> ok where can I get the Snmp Index variable to pass to a script for a template
[06-Mar-2009 15:49:26] **rocket> ?
[06-Mar-2009 15:51:31] **rocket> a feature request would be to list the available defined for the system somewhere as a hint
[06-Mar-2009 17:17:01] **lukecyca> Is there any key in the event dictionary that will give me the event's log (including who has acknowledged it)? I'd like to include it in an alerting rule message.
[06-Mar-2009 18:29:25] **sergeymasushko> how can I set interval of checking of ssh port to 4 hours for example
[06-Mar-2009 18:29:27] **sergeymasushko> ?
[06-Mar-2009 18:42:39] **gemineye> I thought 2.3.3 fixed the bug that allowed alerts to be sent on machines that were in maintenance mode.
[06-Mar-2009 20:58:45] **sergeymasushko> anybody alive?
[06-Mar-2009 21:11:32] **obso> yo
[06-Mar-2009 21:12:41] **sergeymasushko> Have you tried to install additional nagios plugins for example?
[06-Mar-2009 21:14:34] **sergeymasushko> actually I'm trying to figure out how to run custom shell scripts via zencommand...
[06-Mar-2009 21:38:16] **obso> sergeymasushko: me too man, me too
[06-Mar-2009 21:38:18] **obso>
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[08-Mar-2009 00:25:44] **VBNewUser> This may be offtopic, but I am trying to locate an IRC channel for Groundwork open source. Not sure if it exists, but still... does anyone know by any chance?
[08-Mar-2009 05:43:38] **San4el> Hi everybody!
[08-Mar-2009 05:43:45] **San4el> is there russian users&
[08-Mar-2009 05:43:47] **San4el> ?
[08-Mar-2009 05:48:30] **San4el> is there somebody alive??
[08-Mar-2009 15:26:18] **darkhorse> does anyone else have trouble with the memory report units being wrong (ie displays KB instead og GB)
[08-Mar-2009 15:32:13] **sergeymasushko> darkhorse: you should use event transform...
[08-Mar-2009 15:33:43] **sergeymasushko> darkhorse: look at the
[08-Mar-2009 15:33:59] **adytum-bot> Title: Event Transforms - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[08-Mar-2009 15:34:55] **darkhorse> sergeymasushko, how does that tie into the performance reports?
[08-Mar-2009 15:36:08] **sergeymasushko> darkhorse: do you mean RRD graphs?
[08-Mar-2009 15:36:14] **darkhorse> no
[08-Mar-2009 15:36:37] **darkhorse> so if you go to Reports -> Performance Reports -> Memory Utilization
[08-Mar-2009 15:36:53] **darkhorse> the Total column is correct (shows 3.0 GB total memory for system X
[08-Mar-2009 15:37:09] **darkhorse> but the available column shopws 1.9 MB when it is actually 1.9 GB
[08-Mar-2009 15:37:33] **darkhorse> if you look at the rrd chart in System X's page it shows the correct units though (1.9 GB free)
[08-Mar-2009 15:39:05] **sergeymasushko> hm.. I never noticed it before... unfortunately I can't help you there...
[08-Mar-2009 15:39:24] **darkhorse> does yours show it like that?
[08-Mar-2009 15:39:36] **darkhorse> i am just trying to confirm if its me or if its a zenoss bug
[08-Mar-2009 15:41:35] **sergeymasushko> darkhorse: confirmed... looks like it is a bug
[08-Mar-2009 15:41:43] **darkhorse> ok, cool
[08-Mar-2009 15:41:49] **darkhorse> then its probably worth reporting
[08-Mar-2009 16:48:25] **sergeymasushko> How can I change polling frequency of some port?
[08-Mar-2009 18:11:14] KingJ is now known as _KingJ
[08-Mar-2009 18:12:57] **sergeymasushko> on a scale from 1 to 10, how difficult is it to integrate zenoss with ldap?
[08-Mar-2009 18:14:09] timburke|laptop is now known as timburke
[08-Mar-2009 18:38:58] _KingJ is now known as KingJ
[08-Mar-2009 21:13:35] **sergeymasushko> anybody alive?
[08-Mar-2009 23:10:36] **emnaki> OMG windows event logging is killing me!
[08-Mar-2009 23:11:10] **sergeymasushko> disable it =)
[08-Mar-2009 23:11:47] **emnaki> I wish I did have to deal with it, but its boss's orders to get it working.
[08-Mar-2009 23:11:54] **emnaki> didn't
[08-Mar-2009 23:14:18] **sergeymasushko> have you setup LDAP for zenoss?
[08-Mar-2009 23:17:27] **emnaki> By that I assume you mean zWinUser and zWinPassword, yes I have set those and whenI model the device it seems to be correct.
[08-Mar-2009 23:18:48] **sergeymasushko> no... I mean LDAP authentication on the zenoss... just I'm trying to setup... but with no luck =(
[08-Mar-2009 23:19:27] **emnaki> Ah, nope I don't use that.
[08-Mar-2009 23:24:48] **emnaki> I mean I have set it up LDAP for ubuntu systems in my office but not for zenoss. Probably is very different, but I suppose it would be something I nbeed to try later.
[08-Mar-2009 23:25:35] **emnaki> now I need to get all the functionality working first
[08-Mar-2009 23:26:07] **sergeymasushko> what do you need for now? maybe I can can help you with something...
[08-Mar-2009 23:29:28] **emnaki> Thanks for your offer, its mainly I need to get it stable, the event logging is turning on off, I just got it working again by restarting snmp. I suppose I need to do some fiddling around.
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[09-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[09-Mar-2009 07:50:52] **kilson> hi peaples
[09-Mar-2009 07:51:49] **kilson> i need some informations
[09-Mar-2009 07:53:18] **kilson> i have difficulties to sent e-mail notifications
[09-Mar-2009 07:54:05] **kilson> someone help me?
[09-Mar-2009 11:16:40] **cain> is there a way to show all the devices that aren't associated with a location?
[09-Mar-2009 11:25:44] **mrayzenoss> seems like it could be done with zendmd
[09-Mar-2009 11:35:35] **cain> how?
[09-Mar-2009 11:36:27] **mrayzenoss> for d in dmd.Devices.getSubDevices():
[09-Mar-2009 11:38:35] **mrayzenoss>   d.location gets the location object
[09-Mar-2009 11:38:40] **mrayzenoss> tweaking it to find the names
[09-Mar-2009 11:40:46] **cain> nothing in the web interface for it?
[09-Mar-2009 11:41:29] **mrayzenoss> not sure you can get them in bulk
[09-Mar-2009 11:41:40] **mrayzenoss> I dunno, let me ask
[09-Mar-2009 11:41:59] **mrayzenoss> I was just thinking you needed a quick list
[09-Mar-2009 11:46:16] **mrayzenoss> you could tweak the example from the Dev Guide, Chapter 7.5
[09-Mar-2009 11:46:27] **mrayzenoss> that's what I did for the Deki/Zenoss mashup
[09-Mar-2009 11:47:24] **mrayzenoss> you drop a Python script on a URL and then you can do whatever you want remotely
[09-Mar-2009 11:47:35] **mrayzenoss> you just tweak the Python script for the output you want
[09-Mar-2009 11:47:40] **mrayzenoss> in my case, HTML blocks
[09-Mar-2009 11:47:46] **mrayzenoss> but it could return anything
[09-Mar-2009 11:52:08] **cain> hmmmm
[09-Mar-2009 11:52:10] **cain> reading now
[09-Mar-2009 11:54:59] **cain> where would i make the script?
[09-Mar-2009 11:56:22] **mrayzenoss> Login to Zenoss as "admin" and go to the URL http://yourhost:8080/zport/dmd/Devices/manage
[09-Mar-2009 11:56:30] **mrayzenoss> From the pull-down menu on the top-right, select Script (Python)
[09-Mar-2009 11:56:43] **mrayzenoss> Enter "getDekiDevices" in the Id field.
[09-Mar-2009 11:57:00] **mrayzenoss> Select "Browse..." and find the .py script you want to use
[09-Mar-2009 11:57:07] **mrayzenoss> Select "Add"
[09-Mar-2009 11:57:33] **mrayzenoss> You may now reach the URL http://yourhost:8080/zport/dmd/Devices/yourScript and see whatever your script spits out
[09-Mar-2009 11:57:47] **mrayzenoss> and you can continue to edit the script
[09-Mar-2009 11:57:50] **mrayzenoss> on the server
[09-Mar-2009 11:58:12] **cain> i understood how to add one and browse to get it
[09-Mar-2009 11:59:08] **cain> i've not written a script before
[09-Mar-2009 11:59:15] **cain> so was wondering where i should add it
[09-Mar-2009 11:59:23] **cain> on zenoss
[09-Mar-2009 11:59:44] **mrayzenoss> here's the mashup I did
[09-Mar-2009 11:59:45] **mrayzenoss>
[09-Mar-2009 11:59:56] **mrayzenoss> that's the last time I really messed with scripts off of a URL
[09-Mar-2009 12:02:04] **mrayzenoss> for d in dmd.Devices.Locations.getSubDevices() will get you all devices that are bound
[09-Mar-2009 12:02:21] **mrayzenoss> you could do a set difference between all devices and those bound to find the missing ones
[09-Mar-2009 12:11:20] **cain> just seems like more work than it should be...
[09-Mar-2009 12:13:35] **mrayzenoss> ok, got how to do it with zendmd
[09-Mar-2009 12:13:38] **mrayzenoss> if you just want a list
[09-Mar-2009 12:13:53] **cain> yeah
[09-Mar-2009 12:14:45] **cain> wanna make sure i have all devices in a location...since most of these were added before i started being the go to guy on this
[09-Mar-2009 12:14:49] **mrayzenoss> allset = set(dmd.Devices.getSubDevices())
[09-Mar-2009 12:15:15] **mrayzenoss> boundset = set(dmd.Devices.Locations.getSubDevices())
[09-Mar-2009 12:15:18] **mrayzenoss> allset - boundset
[09-Mar-2009 12:15:33] **mrayzenoss> that'll give you a list of devices not bound
[09-Mar-2009 12:16:59] **cain> awesome
[09-Mar-2009 12:17:05] **cain> thank you
[09-Mar-2009 12:17:54] **cain> as a side note though, that should be easier to do via web...
[09-Mar-2009 12:18:34] **cain> i can't be the only one that would like to check that info out
[09-Mar-2009 12:18:47] **mrayzenoss> takes those 3 lines, save them as a file and run them with zendmd < unbound
[09-Mar-2009 12:19:31] **cain> k
[09-Mar-2009 12:21:04] **mrayzenoss> think I just wrote myself a tip of the month
[09-Mar-2009 12:22:32] **cain> lol
[09-Mar-2009 12:31:13] **mrayzenoss> ugh, just found a doc bug trying to figure out how to turn this into a report
[09-Mar-2009 12:31:24] **cain> lol
[09-Mar-2009 12:32:01] **mrayzenoss> click the Device Reports link
[09-Mar-2009 12:32:09] **mrayzenoss> should be click the Custom Device Reports link.
[09-Mar-2009 12:32:20] **mrayzenoss> no wonder I can't add a report
[09-Mar-2009 12:33:14] **cain> k
[09-Mar-2009 12:36:22] **cain> then?
[09-Mar-2009 12:37:29] **mrayzenoss>
[09-Mar-2009 12:39:39] **mrayzenoss> looks like it would need to be done by hand, but writing a new .rpt file
[09-Mar-2009 12:40:30] **mrayzenoss> and I've got some other stuff to work on right now
[09-Mar-2009 12:41:22] **cain> k
[09-Mar-2009 12:56:01] x-spec-t is now known as Spec
[09-Mar-2009 15:19:56] **rocket> mrayzenoss: ping ... I am just curious where the ZenModel type of files go in a zenpack? I am trying to change some model behavior and would like to be able to package it all up... thanks
[09-Mar-2009 15:22:47] **mrayzenoss> grepping through the community ZenPacks, the Cyclades and VMware Virtual Machines both use ZenRelations
[09-Mar-2009 15:23:25] **rocket> ok thanks
[09-Mar-2009 15:23:26] **mrayzenoss> packages in ZenPacks/blah/blah/
[09-Mar-2009 15:26:54] **rocket> mrayzenoss: yup I figured that out .. now that I see an example its sort of a duh moment .. just put the python files in the root of the ZenPack .. I figured that might be the case but was looking for an example first ..
[09-Mar-2009 15:27:13] **rocket> I am trying to clean up this beta aix build some more ..
[09-Mar-2009 15:27:19] **mrayzenoss> cool
[09-Mar-2009 15:27:44] **mrayzenoss> we've got a pair of AIX boxes now, maybe I can test it against them
[09-Mar-2009 15:27:47] **rocket> my goal would be to remove extraneous elements from the gui etc for an AIX specific box ..
[09-Mar-2009 15:28:24] **rocket> and add volume group information as well since every aix boxen I have worked with uses a volume group ... at a minimum a rootvg ... etc
[09-Mar-2009 15:28:42] **rocket> but I know that would require extensions to the os model ..
[09-Mar-2009 15:29:51] **rocket> mrayzenoss: do I need to restart zope after every change I make to my zenpack .. or can I do dynamic development?
[09-Mar-2009 15:30:13] **mrayzenoss> depends what you're messing with
[09-Mar-2009 15:30:30] **mrayzenoss> I was modifying a modeling plugin and just deleting the .pyc files
[09-Mar-2009 15:30:53] **mrayzenoss> but for some things you may need to restart zope or zenhub
[09-Mar-2009 15:31:07] **mrayzenoss> but you don't have to reinstall the ZenPack
[09-Mar-2009 15:31:29] **rocket> that makes sense .. so the modelling plugin stuff must poll the folder etc ..
[09-Mar-2009 15:31:45] **rocket> whereas other things wont pick up the object changes without a restart ..
[09-Mar-2009 15:36:15] **rocket> mrayzenoss: are you still having issues figuring out how the collectors stuff works?
[09-Mar-2009 15:36:20] **magnachef> does 2.3.3 not have event history tab anymore?
[09-Mar-2009 15:36:30] **mrayzenoss> rocket: I was missing the files
[09-Mar-2009 15:36:43] **rocket> mrayzenoss: as I see ..
[09-Mar-2009 15:37:06] **rocket> mrayzenoss: my disconnect was the datasources in the templates .. that section is seriously missing in the dev guide
[09-Mar-2009 15:37:28] **mrayzenoss> magnachef: Event Console -> View Event History
[09-Mar-2009 15:37:35] **mrayzenoss> magnachef: didn't move
[09-Mar-2009 15:38:21] **rocket> eg it doesnt explain very well that the templates are the collectors that use the datasource scripts you create in libexec ..
[09-Mar-2009 15:38:43] **rocket> and the description of how to get the path for the zenpack
[09-Mar-2009 15:39:01] **rocket> eg ${here/ZenPackManager/packs/}/libexec/AIX_collect_usedBlocks
[09-Mar-2009 15:39:31] **mrayzenoss> rocket: does that work?  I was looking for a fix for that
[09-Mar-2009 15:40:03] **rocket> mrayzenoss: I dont think it does
[09-Mar-2009 15:40:09] **mrayzenoss> here's my filthy hack:
[09-Mar-2009 15:40:21] **mrayzenoss> added a zProperty with the path to the libexec
[09-Mar-2009 15:40:23] **rocket> mrayzenoss: I hardcoded the path for my test zenpack ..
[09-Mar-2009 15:40:47] **mrayzenoss> oops, this changeset:
[09-Mar-2009 15:41:48] **mrayzenoss> there's a zProperty 'zZenPackscommunityVMwareEsxlibexec' that is accessed from the objects.xml
[09-Mar-2009 15:41:55] **rocket> mrayzenoss: personally I would like to see it changed to ./libexec
[09-Mar-2009 15:42:33] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I was talking to a developer about that
[09-Mar-2009 15:42:40] **rocket> and the code detects a . as relative .. and if its bound to a zenpack prepend the zenpack prefix dir .. else it goes to the regular folder
[09-Mar-2009 15:42:50] **rocket> that would make it easier and less typing for end users
[09-Mar-2009 15:43:18] **rocket> mrayzenoss: as I am still getting my head around the code I wont have a patch for it yet
[09-Mar-2009 15:43:44] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I'm in the same boat
[09-Mar-2009 15:44:16] **rocket> the other thing I would like to see is that there is a check box in the edit page that if turned on shows the available variable expansions and a short description of what they are ..
[09-Mar-2009 15:45:04] **mrayzenoss> sounds like a good request for enhancement
[09-Mar-2009 15:45:14] **mrayzenoss> we've got a huge list of enhancements and 5 developers
[09-Mar-2009 15:46:21] **rocket> I noticed
[09-Mar-2009 15:46:26] **rocket> the list I mean ...
[09-Mar-2009 15:47:38] **magnachef> mray: I don't see it, I used to have a tab for "Events" and "History" (back in 2.1.3)
[09-Mar-2009 15:48:20] **magnachef> and it's not in the drop-down menu
[09-Mar-2009 15:50:32] **mrayzenoss> so I whipped out my copy of the Packt Zenoss Core book (my source of 2.1 reference), and you're right, there used to be a History tab
[09-Mar-2009 15:50:38] **mrayzenoss> just click on Events
[09-Mar-2009 15:51:14] **mrayzenoss> and over to the far right it says "View Event History..."
[09-Mar-2009 15:51:46] **mrayzenoss> I disagreed with removing that tab
[09-Mar-2009 15:51:55] **magnachef> same here - very much so
[09-Mar-2009 15:52:13] **mrayzenoss> well... in theory it'll get overhauled in King Crab
[09-Mar-2009 15:52:14] **magnachef> my event console must be really messed up, because I don't see the "View Event History"
[09-Mar-2009 15:52:32] **magnachef> in addition to not always being able to see the events
[09-Mar-2009 15:52:38] **mrayzenoss> far right, below "Zenoss Server time"
[09-Mar-2009 15:53:28] **magnachef> I don't see it there, but I do see it under "More" -> Event History
[09-Mar-2009 15:54:11] **mrayzenoss> are you on a Device Status page?
[09-Mar-2009 15:54:26] **mrayzenoss> or on http://yourhost:8080/zport/dmd/Events/viewEvents?notabs=1
[09-Mar-2009 15:55:09] **mrayzenoss> you're on Events?
[09-Mar-2009 15:55:14] **mrayzenoss> or Event Console?
[09-Mar-2009 15:56:00] **magnachef> device status page now
[09-Mar-2009 15:56:20] **magnachef> I didn't see it on the event console
[09-Mar-2009 15:57:00] **mrayzenoss> from a device status page, click the "Events" tab and it's on the far right. Not a tab, just words
[09-Mar-2009 15:57:51] **magnachef> yeah, it isn't there
[09-Mar-2009 15:57:56] **magnachef> I had to go through the drop down menu
[09-Mar-2009 15:58:03] **mrayzenoss> that's crazy
[09-Mar-2009 15:58:18] **mrayzenoss> what was your upgrade path?
[09-Mar-2009 15:58:31] **magnachef> 2.1.3 -> 2.2.4 -> 2.3.3
[09-Mar-2009 15:58:53] **magnachef> which seems to have been ok except for the whole Event Console thing
[09-Mar-2009 16:00:04] **magnachef> I know it was a big jump, but the docs said it was the way to upgrade
[09-Mar-2009 16:00:27] **mrayzenoss> you did the right thing, we probably screwed it up
[09-Mar-2009 16:00:47] **mrayzenoss> I'll go bug QA about recreating it
[09-Mar-2009 16:01:17] **magnachef> I would also like to suggest more logging of the upgrade, so that it is possible to go back and see exactly what happened
[09-Mar-2009 16:01:46] **magnachef> especially during the zenmigrate portions, but seems like it would help during the troubleshooting post upgrade
[09-Mar-2009 16:02:42] **mrayzenoss> you want to use those new Trac credentials I sent you?
[09-Mar-2009 16:02:45] **mrayzenoss>
[09-Mar-2009 16:02:58] **magnachef> heh, sure thing
[09-Mar-2009 16:03:20] **magnachef> I was planning on throwing all of that stuff in there when I got some free time today
[09-Mar-2009 16:03:28] **magnachef> I figured I'd tell you as well ;-)
[09-Mar-2009 16:03:33] **mrayzenoss> open a pair of tickets, I'll champion them in the defect review tomorrow afternoon and see if we can get a recreate/fix for the event history and an enhancement/documentation for upgrade logging
[09-Mar-2009 16:03:44] **mrayzenoss> feel free to put me on the CC field
[09-Mar-2009 16:04:03] **magnachef> ...and hopefully something about the Event Console not showing events all the time? :-)
[09-Mar-2009 16:04:20] **magnachef> I still need to install firebug to get some more details on the javascript errors
[09-Mar-2009 16:04:37] **mrayzenoss> something must be really fishy about your upgrade, at the very least QA will try to replicate it
[09-Mar-2009 16:05:00] **magnachef> yeah, there were others on Centos/Redhat that had this issue
[09-Mar-2009 16:05:02] **mrayzenoss> I tried to recreate the CentOS 2.2.4 upgrade to 2.3.3 not getting any Google maps
[09-Mar-2009 16:05:13] **mrayzenoss> knocked that around and around and still can't recreate
[09-Mar-2009 16:05:35] **magnachef> well, do you guys do webex?
[09-Mar-2009 16:07:31] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I could try to hook that up. Put that in your defect and I'll see if I can get a developer assigned to it
[09-Mar-2009 16:07:35] **magnachef> worst case I can show you what I'm dealing with
[09-Mar-2009 16:07:39] **mrayzenoss> I gotta run, be back tomorrow
[09-Mar-2009 16:07:45] **mrayzenoss> screenshots are good too
[09-Mar-2009 16:07:49] **magnachef> sounds good...ttyl
[09-Mar-2009 16:07:51] **magnachef> yeah, def
[09-Mar-2009 17:12:30] **gemineye> Is there a way to continue to monitor Windows services but not get all the annoying log data from things like IMAP4SVC, POP3SVC, EXCDO, MSExchangeIS, and MSExchangeIS mailbox Store?
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[10-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[10-Mar-2009 05:52:27] **mibbit_k2> hi all, i want to ditch Cacti and Smokeping and replace it with Zenoss or Groundwork
[10-Mar-2009 05:53:00] **mibbit_k2> Would Zenoss be able to graph detailed latency like smokeping (e.g. 1ping/10sec
[10-Mar-2009 05:57:22] **mibbit_k2> ..
[10-Mar-2009 06:25:55] **sergeymasushko> hi 2 all. Is there a way to setup frequency of requests for a particular port (8080 for example)?
[10-Mar-2009 08:52:38] **cain> hello all
[10-Mar-2009 09:32:42] **sergeymasushko> how to run a shell scripts via zencommand?
[10-Mar-2009 10:06:08] **cain> mrayzenoss: morning
[10-Mar-2009 10:06:13] **mrayzenoss> morning
[10-Mar-2009 10:06:27] **mrayzenoss> my goal for today... 6 new ZenPacks
[10-Mar-2009 10:07:19] **cain> for?
[10-Mar-2009 10:07:21] **mrayzenoss> Netware, 2 different Junipers, Riverbed, NetApp and an update to the Bridgewave.  Woohoo
[10-Mar-2009 10:11:41] **sergeymasushko> mrayzenoss:  how to run a shell scripts via zencommand?
[10-Mar-2009 10:12:27] **mrayzenoss> Admin Guide: Chapter 15. Monitoring Using ZenCommand
[10-Mar-2009 10:13:11] **sergeymasushko> I read it
[10-Mar-2009 10:14:17] **sergeymasushko> I mean where should I place a script... for example I have a custom shell script... but I can not run it from the web iterface...
[10-Mar-2009 10:15:09] **mrayzenoss> is it in a ZenPack or you just need to access it as a datasource
[10-Mar-2009 10:17:11] **mrayzenoss> in the Data Source there's a field "Command Template", you can set the path in there if it's not finding the command, and test it to verify it's working
[10-Mar-2009 10:17:17] **sergeymasushko> it is not a zenpack just a script that located at /home/sipcheck/
[10-Mar-2009 10:18:20] **mrayzenoss> make sure the zenoss user has access to the directory and permissions to run that command
[10-Mar-2009 10:18:34] **mrayzenoss> or copy it into $ZENHOME/libexec
[10-Mar-2009 10:20:02] **cain> i got a question
[10-Mar-2009 10:20:41] **cain> we have a 3 devices clustered together....
[10-Mar-2009 10:20:59] **sergeymasushko> ok if I place it into $ZENHOME/libexec then I should run it simple via sh
[10-Mar-2009 10:21:15] **cain> is there a way to monitor a service that could be on any of them by the ip address that is associated with it
[10-Mar-2009 10:21:51] **mrayzenoss> sergeymasushko: sounds like it should work
[10-Mar-2009 10:21:57] **mrayzenoss> sergeymasushko: Asterisk?
[10-Mar-2009 10:22:06] **sergeymasushko> no
[10-Mar-2009 10:22:29] **sergeymasushko> something more powerful and not free
[10-Mar-2009 10:22:30] **mrayzenoss> just saw the sipcheck and wondered
[10-Mar-2009 10:22:47] **sergeymasushko> we are voip hosting company
[10-Mar-2009 10:23:00] **mrayzenoss> cool
[10-Mar-2009 10:23:57] **mrayzenoss> cain: not sure I follow.  3 boxes in a cluster, the service moves around?
[10-Mar-2009 10:24:03] **mrayzenoss> in the cluster?
[10-Mar-2009 10:24:14] **mrayzenoss> and you want to make sure it's running on at least 1 of the 3?
[10-Mar-2009 10:26:12] **cain> yeah
[10-Mar-2009 10:26:42] **cain> well, could move if something happens to one of the boxes
[10-Mar-2009 10:27:15] **cain> but i don't want to monitor all devices in the cluster for the service that'll only be on one at any given time
[10-Mar-2009 10:27:45] **cain> clear as mudd?
[10-Mar-2009 10:29:11] **mrayzenoss> yeah, a roving service
[10-Mar-2009 10:30:33] **mrayzenoss> I believe you could do this with an Event Transform
[10-Mar-2009 10:30:53] **mrayzenoss> to raise/lower the severity of the event, based on the presence of other events
[10-Mar-2009 10:31:02] **cain> umm...needless to say im a lil bit green still
[10-Mar-2009 10:31:20] **mrayzenoss> yeah, me too but I think I've heard of that use case
[10-Mar-2009 10:32:09] **cain> so, no way to create a device using the ip address that is associated with the service?
[10-Mar-2009 10:32:24] **cain> and not have the device its currently on pick it up...
[10-Mar-2009 10:32:27] **mrayzenoss> I think that would work
[10-Mar-2009 10:32:49] **mrayzenoss> you add the IP address as a device
[10-Mar-2009 10:33:06] **mrayzenoss> add a new device class like /Devices/MySpecialService
[10-Mar-2009 10:33:08] **cain> tried that, it doesn't create on...
[10-Mar-2009 10:33:11] **mrayzenoss> and only monitor that service
[10-Mar-2009 10:33:20] **mrayzenoss> same as ping monitoring
[10-Mar-2009 10:33:27] **mrayzenoss> or http monitoring
[10-Mar-2009 10:33:38] **mrayzenoss> no snmp or anything else
[10-Mar-2009 10:37:02] **pgega__> hello!
[10-Mar-2009 10:37:18] **pgega__> I ve got some problems with building zenoss from source
[10-Mar-2009 10:37:29] **pgega__> the build process fails at that point
[10-Mar-2009 10:37:31] **pgega__>
[10-Mar-2009 10:37:39] **adytum-bot> Title: #412837 - Pastie (at
[10-Mar-2009 10:38:18] **pgega__> Is there any list of all dependecies so i can check if my system has all needed bits
[10-Mar-2009 10:38:19] **pgega__> ?
[10-Mar-2009 10:39:48] **mrayzenoss> which platform are you using?
[10-Mar-2009 10:42:21] **pgega__> linux/gentoo
[10-Mar-2009 10:44:56] **mrayzenoss> take a look at this ticket for FreeBSD, commenting out the macros might fix it
[10-Mar-2009 10:45:10] **mrayzenoss> and verify you have subversion and bazarr-ng
[10-Mar-2009 10:56:17] **pgega__> mrayzenoss, I am missing bazarr so that might be the problem
[10-Mar-2009 12:10:26] **cain> mrayzenoss: don't think that worked
[10-Mar-2009 12:12:08] **cain> when i tried to add it as a device i got this
[10-Mar-2009 12:12:28] **cain> Found IP '***.**.*.**' on device '*****'; skipping discovery
[10-Mar-2009 12:12:41] x-spec-t is now known as Spec
[10-Mar-2009 12:17:29] **mrayzenoss> cain: didn't realize you'd already added the devices
[10-Mar-2009 12:19:23] **cain> yeah...
[10-Mar-2009 12:20:08] **cain> no way to force it?
[10-Mar-2009 12:23:47] **mrayzenoss> I thought I saw something about 2 devices with the same IP, but I can't find it
[10-Mar-2009 12:24:17] **mrayzenoss> I think an event transform is probably the way to do it, might ask support to help you out. I can't find an example
[10-Mar-2009 12:25:29] **mrayzenoss> you could also use a custom script as a datasource
[10-Mar-2009 12:25:29] **rocket> mrayzenoss: so this syntax appears to work .. for a datasource
[10-Mar-2009 12:25:31] **rocket> mrayzenoss:
[10-Mar-2009 12:25:34] **rocket>     tabletitle string:Routes;
[10-Mar-2009 12:25:37] **rocket>     batch python:here.ZenTableManager.getBatch(tableName,objects);
[10-Mar-2009 12:25:39] **rocket>     menu_id string:IpRouteEntry;
[10-Mar-2009 12:25:42] **rocket>     showfilterbox python:True;">
[10-Mar-2009 12:25:44] **rocket> oops
[10-Mar-2009 12:25:46] **rocket> sorry wrong paste!
[10-Mar-2009 12:25:47] **rocket> ${here/ZenPackManager/packs/}/libexec/AIX_collect_usedBlocks
[10-Mar-2009 12:25:54] **rocket> thats what I meant to paste
[10-Mar-2009 12:26:27] **rocket> only issue seems to be that the template isnt creating the rrd files and I dont know why .. :/
[10-Mar-2009 12:26:58] **mrayzenoss> rocket: cool, that'll get rid of my nasty zProperty hack
[10-Mar-2009 12:27:10] **rocket> I see the script firing off ..
[10-Mar-2009 12:27:22] **rocket> but it isnt populating the data :/
[10-Mar-2009 12:31:41] **rocket> mrayzenoss: if I see this in the logs have an idea what it means? AttributeError: totalBlocks
[10-Mar-2009 12:33:43] **mrayzenoss> which log?
[10-Mar-2009 12:33:56] **rocket> zenhub
[10-Mar-2009 12:36:18] vrtk_ is now known as vrtk
[10-Mar-2009 12:45:31] sstringham is now known as sstringham_lunch
[10-Mar-2009 12:56:08] **raw__> rocket, sounds like a problem with one of the templates that you have loaded
[10-Mar-2009 12:56:23] **raw__> it's complaining that totalBlocks is not a valid attribute for whatever it's trying to poll that value for
[10-Mar-2009 12:57:09] **mrayzenoss> rocket: thanks for the libexec path fix, that worked
[10-Mar-2009 12:58:06] **rocket> mrayzenoss: no problem .. I picked that out of the aix zenpack you sent me .. no I am just trying to troubleshoot the template inside that zenpack ...
[10-Mar-2009 13:07:11] **raw__> man, anything zproperties related is taking forever to load on one of my Zenoss boxes
[10-Mar-2009 13:37:19] **MattBurg1on> it's safe to assume that I can't have a remote collector unless I go enterprise?
[10-Mar-2009 13:48:29] **drtns> Afternoon All quick question. I have a subset of SNMP Traps that we want to only alert a specific person. is this do-alble? I have been looking in event class mappings etc but can't see how I would say when you see trap X only page admin Y.
[10-Mar-2009 13:49:34] **drtns> I think I found it
[10-Mar-2009 13:49:46] **drtns> I make an alerting rule using a filter on the class right
[10-Mar-2009 13:55:36] **raw__> MattBurg1on:
[10-Mar-2009 13:55:50] **adytum-bot> Title: How to install distributed collectors - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[10-Mar-2009 13:57:47] **MattBurg1on> thanks!
[10-Mar-2009 13:57:56] **MattBurg1on> I also found
[10-Mar-2009 13:58:10] **adytum-bot> Title: Setting up multiple zenperfsnmp collectors across different hosts - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[10-Mar-2009 13:58:13] MattBurg1on is now known as Schwartz
[10-Mar-2009 13:58:17] **Schwartz> that's better.
[10-Mar-2009 13:58:27] **rocket> mrayzenoss: found the issues with the aix zenpack you sent me
[10-Mar-2009 13:58:33] **Schwartz> though it looks like the remote collector still needs to talk to the mysql database?
[10-Mar-2009 13:58:36] **Schwartz> odd.
[10-Mar-2009 13:59:37] **rocket> mrayzenoss: need to edit libexec/AIX_collect_usedBlocks and comment out the line that says print "cmd= %s" % cmd
[10-Mar-2009 14:01:08] sstringham_lunch is now known as sstringham
[10-Mar-2009 14:08:11] **ErikRose> Is there a way to suppress "SNMP down" events for devices that shouldn't support it?
[10-Mar-2009 14:09:00] **Schwartz> in zproperties for the device, select the zSnmpMonitorIgnore and set it to true
[10-Mar-2009 14:09:32] **ErikRose> Woohoo, thanks!
[10-Mar-2009 14:09:50] **ErikRose> I'm still learning how to get around in this thing. :-)
[10-Mar-2009 14:09:57] **Schwartz> so am I
[10-Mar-2009 14:11:44] * ErikRose got his email alerts pointing back to the right URLs and is happy.
[10-Mar-2009 14:16:14] * ErikRose discovers the Devices/Ping template.
[10-Mar-2009 14:24:16] **rhett_> ok wtf
[10-Mar-2009 14:44:36] **ErikRose> rhett_: Be more specific? ;-)
[10-Mar-2009 14:48:56] **victor-> I'm having issues adding a device via XML-RPC.. I get a return code of 0, but nothing shows up in the admin GUI. Also, the website community docs show a ordered list being passed to loadDevice, but in the admin page PDF, the example uses a python dictionary.
[10-Mar-2009 14:51:36] **rhett_> ha!  i figured it out...thankfully
[10-Mar-2009 14:51:44] **ErikRose> :-)
[10-Mar-2009 14:54:20] **victor-> suggests that I need to use an ordered list instead of a dict?
[10-Mar-2009 15:02:53] **gemineye> Is there a way to continue to monitor Windows services but not get all the annoying log data from things like IMAP4SVC, POP3SVC, EXCDO, MSExchangeIS, and MSExchangeIS mailbox Store?
[10-Mar-2009 15:03:01] **cain> peace
[10-Mar-2009 15:05:14] **ErikRose> Are SNMP v3 traps supported yet?
[10-Mar-2009 15:07:12] **CamargoBP> Isn't there a CPU Utilization template in zenoss?
[10-Mar-2009 15:07:17] **CamargoBP> I can't find it.
[10-Mar-2009 15:07:42] **ErikRose> CamargoBP: Using /Servers/Linux seems to do it.
[10-Mar-2009 15:07:55] **ErikRose> (Servers/Linux/Debian, in my case)
[10-Mar-2009 15:08:22] **CamargoBP> Do you know what the template name is?
[10-Mar-2009 15:09:09] **CamargoBP> Or how I can load the default templates back.
[10-Mar-2009 15:09:21] **CamargoBP> I'm not finding it in my zenoss
[10-Mar-2009 15:09:24] **ErikRose> Do you know how to tell? I'm new at this.
[10-Mar-2009 15:10:05] **ErikRose> I'm on the Templates tab of /Devices/Server/Linux, and the most likely candidate looks to have a "definition path" of /Devices/Server/Linux.
[10-Mar-2009 15:10:16] **ErikRose> The rest are FS and IO stuff.
[10-Mar-2009 15:10:36] **ErikRose> Wait! How about OSProcess?
[10-Mar-2009 15:10:45] **ErikRose> That's where CPU Utilization is.
[10-Mar-2009 15:10:52] **ErikRose>  /Devices/Templates/OSProcess
[10-Mar-2009 15:10:53] **victor-> Using XML-RPC, when I pass a list, I get "TypeError: list indices must be integers", but when I pass in a dict, I get "KeyError: 'lower'". surely someone here has tried using xmlrpc to interact with zenoss?
[10-Mar-2009 15:11:01] **ErikRose> Wow, this is cool stuff. :-)
[10-Mar-2009 15:11:16] **ErikRose> Thanks for inadvertantly teaching me how to make templates. :-)
[10-Mar-2009 15:13:10] **CamargoBP> I make them all the time
[10-Mar-2009 15:13:30] **CamargoBP> However I try not to make them if they are already built somewhere
[10-Mar-2009 15:13:49] **CamargoBP> I am looking specifically for this template zenoss has in it's documentation
[10-Mar-2009 15:13:49] **CamargoBP>
[10-Mar-2009 15:14:04] **CamargoBP> BTW Templates rock!
[10-Mar-2009 15:14:05] **adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Admin Guide - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[10-Mar-2009 15:14:23] **CamargoBP> They are also real easy to share, you can export as a zenpack and send it in an email
[10-Mar-2009 15:14:28] **ErikRose> Nifty.
[10-Mar-2009 15:15:37] **ErikRose> CamargoBP: I'm at that page now. Is there anything I can scrape off for you?
[10-Mar-2009 15:15:55] **ErikRose> (the page in my Zenoss installation corresponding to the screenshot, that is)
[10-Mar-2009 15:16:22] **CamargoBP> Sure. Can you click on the down arrow and say add to zenpack
[10-Mar-2009 15:16:41] **CamargoBP> Ooops you have to create one first
[10-Mar-2009 15:16:41] **CamargoBP> lol
[10-Mar-2009 15:16:53] **ErikRose> Where do I make one?
[10-Mar-2009 15:17:13] **CamargoBP> Settings > Zenpacks
[10-Mar-2009 15:17:16] **ErikRose> Got it.
[10-Mar-2009 15:17:27] **CamargoBP> Create and then add to the end
[10-Mar-2009 15:18:23] **ErikRose> Then shall I just tar that up and throw it at you?
[10-Mar-2009 15:18:32] **CamargoBP> Sure
[10-Mar-2009 15:18:33] **CamargoBP> Thanks
[10-Mar-2009 15:18:36] **ErikRose> np
[10-Mar-2009 15:23:13] **CamargoBP> Sweet thanks
[10-Mar-2009 15:27:01] **CamargoBP> Installed without a hitch
[10-Mar-2009 15:27:18] **mrayzenoss_> Been in a meeting, a few things I saw:
[10-Mar-2009 15:27:20] **ErikRose> Now I can't find mine anymore. :-(
[10-Mar-2009 15:27:34] **mrayzenoss_> CamargoBP: why was that link in the docs to the 2.1 docs?
[10-Mar-2009 15:27:49] **CamargoBP> It was a google search
[10-Mar-2009 15:28:02] **CamargoBP> I wasn't purposely looking at the 2.1
[10-Mar-2009 15:29:12] **mrayzenoss_> just an FYI, we're trying to update the docs fairly frequently
[10-Mar-2009 15:29:44] **mrayzenoss_> and I like to make sure people stay current
[10-Mar-2009 15:29:57] **CamargoBP> ErikRose: You can't find it huh? Do you mean the actual template or the zenpack?
[10-Mar-2009 15:29:58] **mrayzenoss_> ErikRose: SNMP v3 traps are very low priority
[10-Mar-2009 15:30:06] **ErikRose> CamargoBP: The template
[10-Mar-2009 15:30:10] **CamargoBP> mrayzenoss_: Thanks for the info.
[10-Mar-2009 15:30:14] **ErikRose> Hopefully it didn't somehow go away when I deleted my ZenPack.
[10-Mar-2009 15:30:30] **CamargoBP> Hmmm... Do you want me to send you back your ZenPack
[10-Mar-2009 15:30:32] **CamargoBP>
[10-Mar-2009 15:30:34] **ErikRose> mrayzenoss_: Thanks. I don't even know if I need them, but I do need to authenticate my SNMP.
[10-Mar-2009 15:30:53] **ErikRose> CamargoBP: Is there a way to suck the template out of the ZenPack and then delete the ZenPack?
[10-Mar-2009 15:31:35] **CamargoBP> Yeah when you install the ZenPack find the template under devices and copy the template then uninstall the ZenPack
[10-Mar-2009 15:31:55] **ErikRose> thx
[10-Mar-2009 15:33:28] **gemineye> mrayzenoss_: Did you see my question?
[10-Mar-2009 15:34:05] **gemineye> I guess not
[10-Mar-2009 15:34:56] **gemineye> mrayzenoss: Did you see my question while you were in your meeting?
[10-Mar-2009 15:34:59] **CamargoBP> gemineye: I didn't shoot
[10-Mar-2009 15:35:13] **gemineye> Is there a way to continue to monitor Windows services but not get all the annoying log data from things like IMAP4SVC, POP3SVC, EXCDO, MSExchangeIS, and MSExchangeIS mailbox Store?
[10-Mar-2009 15:35:49] **CamargoBP> Good question. I don't have any windows machines in my environment
[10-Mar-2009 15:36:00] **gemineye> Lucky
[10-Mar-2009 15:36:05] **mrayzenoss> hmmm... turn down the event severity?
[10-Mar-2009 15:36:07] **CamargoBP> Yeah...
[10-Mar-2009 15:36:45] **ErikRose> CamargoBP: Did you have to do anything special? I get a "ValueError: Not a registered directory: Users/skins" when I try to install it.
[10-Mar-2009 15:37:04] **gemineye> Where do I set event severity?
[10-Mar-2009 15:37:15] **CamargoBP> ErikRose: Yeah I "Installed" it and then restarted zenoss. No go. I don't have the template.
[10-Mar-2009 15:37:31] **ErikRose> *sigh*
[10-Mar-2009 15:37:39] **CamargoBP> When I get it back I'll send it over to you
[10-Mar-2009 15:37:58] **ErikRose> Well, my graphs appear to be working, one way or another.
[10-Mar-2009 15:38:03] **mrayzenoss> gemineye: looks there's zWinEventlogMinSeverity
[10-Mar-2009 15:38:07] **mrayzenoss> you could raise that
[10-Mar-2009 15:38:08] **CamargoBP> Oh good
[10-Mar-2009 15:38:19] **CamargoBP> I'm just going to get it from source
[10-Mar-2009 15:38:27] **ErikRose> It was a pretty convoluted piece of nav to get there in the first place. Maybe I just forgot how.
[10-Mar-2009 15:40:43] **gemineye> Ok, so if I set this to 1 then only critical events will be collected!
[10-Mar-2009 15:40:56] **mrayzenoss> that's my understanding of it
[10-Mar-2009 15:41:04] **gemineye> Let's test that theory...
[10-Mar-2009 15:41:06] **gemineye> Also, I had a server go into maintenance with a maintenance window, but it didn't come back out of it when the window was over.
[10-Mar-2009 15:41:22] **gemineye> I thought that was a bug which was fixed in 2.3.3
[10-Mar-2009 15:42:06] **mrayzenoss> you may want to check your maintenance window report, just to make sure you don't have conflicting maintenance windows
[10-Mar-2009 15:42:14] **mrayzenoss> but yeah, that sounds familiar
[10-Mar-2009 15:42:51] **gemineye> The windows were separate and on two different days... Of course I already deleted them so I can't confirm that, but I can create a new window and test it.
[10-Mar-2009 15:43:03] **mrayzenoss> ErikRose: we do SNMPv3, just not v3 traps. There doesn't seem to be much out there using them
[10-Mar-2009 15:43:27] **mrayzenoss> so it stays low in our priority queue of development
[10-Mar-2009 15:44:00] **ErikRose> mrayzenoss: Fair 'nuf. I started messing with SNMP 4 days ago.
[10-Mar-2009 15:46:53] **gemineye> what's the default for how long an error event should clear?
[10-Mar-2009 15:47:08] **mrayzenoss> 4 hours?
[10-Mar-2009 15:47:25] **mrayzenoss> if there are no dupes
[10-Mar-2009 15:47:46] **mrayzenoss> every time a dupe comes in, the event resets the timer
[10-Mar-2009 15:47:51] **gemineye> Well, since I've told it to stop collecting error events and only critical, then in 4 hours these Windows event logs should go away
[10-Mar-2009 15:48:18] **mrayzenoss> sounds logical
[10-Mar-2009 15:49:09] **gemineye> My test worked, the system went into maintenance for 1 minute and came back out into production.
[10-Mar-2009 15:49:17] **gemineye> I guess it's user error
[10-Mar-2009 15:49:41] **mrayzenoss> don't know the answer to that, but I do know that overlapping maintenance schedules can cause headaches
[10-Mar-2009 15:51:19] **gemineye> I could stop using the "original" state. That would force it to go back to production when a window overlaps with another one.
[10-Mar-2009 15:54:59] **mrayzenoss> right. I think the issue is if you have 2 windows that overlap, you may expect the 2nd window to go into effect when the first one ends, but I don't think it does
[10-Mar-2009 15:58:22] **rocket> mrayzenoss: quick question .. how would I go about setting or creating the manufacturer for a cpu ...
[10-Mar-2009 15:58:38] **rocket> eg I want to set something like .. os.cpu.manufacturer="IBM"
[10-Mar-2009 15:58:51] **rocket> but I dont think thats the correct syntax ...
[10-Mar-2009 16:02:29] **mrayzenoss> hmmm... I don't know. Looking at the /Manufactures/IBM there's an OID mapped to a product key, but I don't know how they work
[10-Mar-2009 16:03:16] **rocket> mrayzenoss: just trying to fix this bug in the aix beta stuff .. .. I will look more at the docs
[10-Mar-2009 16:03:43] **mrayzenoss> sorry I'm not more helpful.  My Zenoss knowledge is broad rather than deep
[10-Mar-2009 16:04:18] **mrayzenoss> I have wondered why it seems we have such random stuff in /Manufacturers
[10-Mar-2009 16:05:00] **mrayzenoss> for example, a sprinkling of different pentiums and xeons under /Intel
[10-Mar-2009 16:05:20] **rocket> mrayzenoss: it looks like it was probed data and left in there as it was packaged up ..
[10-Mar-2009 16:05:40] **rocket> mrayzenoss: eg Unknown has a ton of solaris software ...
[10-Mar-2009 16:05:58] **rocket> mrayzenoss: and if this aix stuff were bundled right now it would put everything into unknown too ..
[10-Mar-2009 16:06:02] **mrayzenoss> yeah, somewhere in my backlog is a task to fill out /Manufacturers with a lot more data, to get the community to help fill it out with ZenPacks and whatnot
[10-Mar-2009 16:06:14] **mrayzenoss> ZenPacks of nothing but mappings
[10-Mar-2009 16:06:27] **rocket> yea .. I would say in many cases it needs to be just cleaned out ..
[10-Mar-2009 16:06:28] **mrayzenoss> nobody ever sends those in though
[10-Mar-2009 16:06:35] **rocket> and started over ...
[10-Mar-2009 16:06:41] **mrayzenoss> true
[10-Mar-2009 16:06:51] **mrayzenoss> it's in my backlog because it's low priority
[10-Mar-2009 16:06:59] **rocket> yeah .. mine too at the moment
[10-Mar-2009 16:24:16] **kisielk> mrayzenoss: there's a maintenance window report?
[10-Mar-2009 16:24:24] **mrayzenoss> in Enterprise Reports
[10-Mar-2009 16:24:51] **kisielk> ah :/
[10-Mar-2009 16:24:58] **mrayzenoss> agreed
[10-Mar-2009 16:25:18] **mrayzenoss> it seems like a valid one to move to Core, I'm planning on asking about it
[10-Mar-2009 16:25:25] **kisielk> yeah that would be great
[10-Mar-2009 16:25:32] **kisielk> seeing as there's so many places to define maintenance windows
[10-Mar-2009 16:25:37] **kisielk> it's pretty much impossible to keep track of them
[10-Mar-2009 16:29:52] **mrayzenoss> magnachef: I assume you have your "View Event History..." links now?
[10-Mar-2009 16:30:05] **mrayzenoss>
[10-Mar-2009 16:30:16] **kisielk> question, how many developers are there on the zenoss team? full time?
[10-Mar-2009 16:30:20] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - Event Console Not Showing Up After 2.3.3 Upgrade (at
[10-Mar-2009 16:30:20] **mrayzenoss> 5
[10-Mar-2009 16:30:25] **mrayzenoss> We had 8
[10-Mar-2009 16:31:36] **mrayzenoss> 1 left for a Director of Dev job, 1 was a contractor who's company got bought and had to switch and 1 took a higher paying job 30 minutes closer to his house.
[10-Mar-2009 16:31:53] **mrayzenoss> So everyone left on good terms, we just haven't back-filled yet
[10-Mar-2009 16:32:05] **kisielk> ah I see
[10-Mar-2009 16:32:27] **mrayzenoss> that said, we now have 5 QA people, which is 5 more than we had 1 year ago
[10-Mar-2009 16:32:54] **mrayzenoss> as well as a build engineer, which we didn't have 1 year ago
[10-Mar-2009 16:33:16] **mrayzenoss> and customer support and professional services have really beefed up
[10-Mar-2009 16:58:34] **gemineye> Any plans on opening an office in the SFBay Area that will need a systems admin?
[10-Mar-2009 16:59:09] **mrayzenoss> unfortunately, no
[10-Mar-2009 16:59:37] **mrayzenoss> we have remote Client Services positions
[10-Mar-2009 17:01:02] **mrayzenoss> and Sales
[10-Mar-2009 17:07:35] **Schwartz> I like sales.
[10-Mar-2009 17:07:39] **Schwartz> They buy me lunch.
[10-Mar-2009 17:11:50] **rhett_> haha
[10-Mar-2009 17:22:32] **cain> mrayzenoss: what was the url for the doc on events?
[10-Mar-2009 17:22:58] **mrayzenoss>
[10-Mar-2009 17:23:05] **adytum-bot> Title: Papers and Presentations by Jane Curry (at
[10-Mar-2009 17:29:48] **cain> thanks
[10-Mar-2009 18:52:40] _KingJ is now known as KingJ
[10-Mar-2009 20:23:00] _KingJ is now known as KingJ
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[11-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[11-Mar-2009 05:19:53] **pgega_> hello,
[11-Mar-2009 05:20:20] **pgega_> Is there any way to disable some component from being compiled and insalled ? I.e wmi ?
[11-Mar-2009 05:21:04] **pgega_> I am trying to build it from source on gentoo , but It fails on that part . I did try commenting parts of autoconf macro but it did not help unfortunately
[11-Mar-2009 05:56:26] **a> hello
[11-Mar-2009 05:56:31] **a> anyone alive?
[11-Mar-2009 05:56:49] **huggie> Only vaguely.
[11-Mar-2009 05:57:05] **a> damn
[11-Mar-2009 05:57:48] **a> my zenoss dashboard is blank
[11-Mar-2009 05:57:50] **a> any idea ?
[11-Mar-2009 06:00:07] a is now known as aberinkula
[11-Mar-2009 06:44:22] mikl_ is now known as mikl
[11-Mar-2009 07:39:12] **even_> hi, i'm running zenoss in a centos, but it arent with any host.
[11-Mar-2009 07:56:36] **even_> how i make a autodiscover in zenoss? without need put one by one ip address?
[11-Mar-2009 08:18:36] **sedwards> morning
[11-Mar-2009 08:21:27] **sedwards> I was wondering if anyone would have the time for a quick question. I've got a problem setting up IPservices OS monitoring for my device. I have added a IPservice for the ports on a given host that I want to monitor and enabled it. When I visit the device-> OS Tab -> IP Services even if I chose the drop down, add IpService and select my service it never shows up in the list
[11-Mar-2009 08:22:06] **sedwards> whats doubly odd is that the monitord checkbox for IpServices is unchecked on that same page but services that are being monitored show up in the list
[11-Mar-2009 08:23:07] **sedwards> if I check Monitored or chose to enable monitoring from the menu, then all of the listed services that are in this device IP Services windows to monitor just disappear. Its like the Monitored option to enable is inverted
[11-Mar-2009 08:23:42] **sedwards> anyone have any ideas? What I am trying to do is pretty simple, I just to do port check om a host from time to time
[11-Mar-2009 09:24:20] **drtns> morning all I am new to Zenoss I am trying to figure out how the Threshold for disk works, I come from monitoring solutions where you just set percents so I am used to seeing "go critial when disk is at 90%" not here. totalBlocks * .9 what exactly does that mean? I would like to understand how that relates to a percent so that I can adjust my thresholds moving forward thanks.
[11-Mar-2009 09:34:47] **even_> hi, how i configure a zenoss device to show in map?
[11-Mar-2009 09:34:58] **raw__> they show up in the map by default
[11-Mar-2009 09:35:14] **raw__> you just need to enter the ip address of the device that you want to start at and drill down from
[11-Mar-2009 09:35:51] **mrayzenoss> even_: Google Map or Network Map?
[11-Mar-2009 09:36:09] **raw__> oh, you meant google map?
[11-Mar-2009 09:36:15] **raw__> thought you were talking about the network map
[11-Mar-2009 09:36:48] **raw__> for stuff to show up in the google map you need to go to Locations and create some, then drop devices in them
[11-Mar-2009 09:37:32] **mrayzenoss> Check the Getting_Started_with_Zenoss PDF
[11-Mar-2009 09:37:41] **adytum-bot> Title: Documentation - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[11-Mar-2009 09:38:15] **mrayzenoss> you can use addresses, lat/long, zip codes, whatever
[11-Mar-2009 09:38:51] **raw__> can basically use anything that google maps supports
[11-Mar-2009 09:43:07] **even_> mrayzenoss: both
[11-Mar-2009 09:43:44] **mrayzenoss> Network map it needs to be on the right subnet. Links are made based on the discovered interfaces
[11-Mar-2009 09:44:03] **mrayzenoss> Google map the device has to belong to a location and the location have an address
[11-Mar-2009 09:44:10] **adytum-bot>
[11-Mar-2009 09:45:48] **mrayzenoss> drtns: The here.totalBlocks*.9 comes from the HRFileSystemMap. Basically we've mapped the OID to a variable "totalBlocks"
[11-Mar-2009 09:46:01] **mrayzenoss> you then take .9 of it as your threshold
[11-Mar-2009 09:48:05] **drtns> mrayzenoss but if your taking here.totalBlocks and multiplying it by .9 to get a percentage... then wouldn't your threshold change every time you check it because the value of here.totalBlocks is not constant?
[11-Mar-2009 09:48:25] **mrayzenoss> totalBlocks is the fixed total of the filesystem
[11-Mar-2009 09:48:26] **mrayzenoss> not used
[11-Mar-2009 09:48:49] **mrayzenoss> somewhere there's a tip for dynamic-sized filesystems
[11-Mar-2009 09:51:57] **drtns> mrayzenoss AH... okay that makes total sense now..
[11-Mar-2009 09:52:17] **even_> the network map here arent showing anything, and the network field are always set to another subnet
[11-Mar-2009 09:54:04] **mrayzenoss> Set the "Selected Device or Network" to your network address
[11-Mar-2009 09:54:36] **mrayzenoss> and to set the default subnet to your network: Preferences->Edit->Network Map Start Object
[11-Mar-2009 09:54:43] **drtns> mrayzenoss - out of curiosity, how come most things in Zenoss show up as warning, but the default alerts only page on Error or Critical? so for example my disk space would hit 90% and it would show in the event console but unless I change my default alerting rule, or the level in the threshold from warning to crit I will never get a page... just wondering if there was any logic as to why so much stuff is warning when warning doesn't page....
[11-Mar-2009 09:56:16] **even_> mrayzenoss: network map still with none map
[11-Mar-2009 09:56:18] **mrayzenoss> drtns: I guess we figured people don't want that many emails
[11-Mar-2009 09:56:26] **even_> device class filter are with /
[11-Mar-2009 09:56:44] **mrayzenoss> drtns: there's probably a setting somewhere to lower the email/pager threshold
[11-Mar-2009 09:57:21] **mrayzenoss> even_: and your Network is what?
[11-Mar-2009 09:57:24] **drtns> mrayzenoss ya it's an easy change in the alerting rule was just wondering..
[11-Mar-2009 09:58:19] **mrayzenoss> drtns: I think some of the thresholds have an warning and an error
[11-Mar-2009 09:59:17] **even_> mrayzenoss: look:
[11-Mar-2009 09:59:27] **mrayzenoss> yeah, FileSystem just has a warning, you could add an Error/Critical if you want
[11-Mar-2009 09:59:39] **drtns> mrayzenoss probably... I have not drilled down through them all yet just figured disk would have been one of them say warning at 80 crit at 90... most of our systems a full filesystem == a bad day for me
[11-Mar-2009 10:00:07] **mrayzenoss> drtns: yeah, that would make sense
[11-Mar-2009 10:00:17] **drtns> mrayzenoss yup... I'll just switch 90 to critical and put in a warning at a lower rate now that I know how it's all calculated
[11-Mar-2009 10:01:03] **mrayzenoss> drtns: here's a pair of helpful tips for filesystem monitoring: and
[11-Mar-2009 10:01:33] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - Tracking file system growth, not percentage of disk used (at
[11-Mar-2009 10:01:34] **adytum-bot> Title: Linux filesystems and SNMP - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[11-Mar-2009 10:02:20] **drtns> mrayzenoss thanks for the links checking them out now
[11-Mar-2009 10:02:31] **mrayzenoss> even_: so your network is  Does bumping up the number of hops help?
[11-Mar-2009 10:02:48] **mrayzenoss> even_: nope, answered my own question
[11-Mar-2009 10:03:04] **mrayzenoss> is there a router or switch connecting the devices?
[11-Mar-2009 10:04:38] **mrayzenoss> even_: what shows up on ?
[11-Mar-2009 10:04:47] **adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss Login (at
[11-Mar-2009 10:05:14] **mrayzenoss> even_: dude, that's publicly accessible
[11-Mar-2009 10:05:20] **mrayzenoss> and you didn't change the default password
[11-Mar-2009 10:05:25] **raw__> lol yeh, just saw that
[11-Mar-2009 10:05:28] **mrayzenoss> even_: I'm on your box
[11-Mar-2009 10:05:30] **mrayzenoss> lol
[11-Mar-2009 10:05:40] **even_> mrayzenoss: yeah, i know..
[11-Mar-2009 10:05:47] **raw__> you need to firewall that off
[11-Mar-2009 10:05:48] **even_> mrayzenoss: a sucks network
[11-Mar-2009 10:05:55] **even_> raw__: thats a firewall...
[11-Mar-2009 10:06:22] **even_> raw__: a virtual
[11-Mar-2009 10:06:25] **even_> =|
[11-Mar-2009 10:06:28] **raw__> I mean, I shouldn't be able to hit port 8080 from outside your network
[11-Mar-2009 10:06:37] **even_> the admin are a little ... joker
[11-Mar-2009 10:06:46] **even_> raw__: my network are all public ip
[11-Mar-2009 10:06:56] **raw__> ah
[11-Mar-2009 10:07:02] **mrayzenoss> I guess you changed your password?  good job
[11-Mar-2009 10:07:09] **raw__> yeh, just saw that change hehe
[11-Mar-2009 10:07:11] **mrayzenoss> I just got kicked out
[11-Mar-2009 10:07:27] **even_> mrayzenoss: thats a virtual machine inside my real machine
[11-Mar-2009 10:07:30] **raw__> I was checking to see what Mibs he had installed and stuff, the answer to which is none
[11-Mar-2009 10:07:53] **mrayzenoss> I was trying to get to the network map when I got kicked off
[11-Mar-2009 10:08:07] **even_> mrayzenoss: sorry, i'll send you a screenshot
[11-Mar-2009 10:08:10] **even_>
[11-Mar-2009 10:09:09] **raw__> which linux distro are you using?
[11-Mar-2009 10:09:11] **raw__> just curious
[11-Mar-2009 10:09:37] **raw__> oh, arch
[11-Mar-2009 10:09:40] **mrayzenoss> I don't really know, it looks like you're using a /26 subnet
[11-Mar-2009 10:09:52] **even_> raw__:  on host, arch, on virtual, centos
[11-Mar-2009 10:09:59] **even_> mrayzenoss: exactly
[11-Mar-2009 10:10:08] **even_> that one of my subnets
[11-Mar-2009 10:10:12] **mrayzenoss> I know we have some screwed up stuff in our subneting, I wonder if that's it
[11-Mar-2009 10:17:45] **drtns> mrayzenoss the 2nd link you sent is really interesting.. so the 90% threshold in Zenoss is more like 95% disk use as far as 'df' is concern... that's good to know when adjusting my thresholds.
[11-Mar-2009 10:18:14] **even_> mrayzenoss: i didnt undestand
[11-Mar-2009 10:20:03] **mrayzenoss> try entering in the Selected Device or Network on the network map
[11-Mar-2009 10:20:48] **even_> mrayzenoss: still blank
[11-Mar-2009 10:24:08] **mrayzenoss> even_: could you click on the subnet?
[11-Mar-2009 10:24:14] **mrayzenoss> and post a screenshot?
[11-Mar-2009 10:25:36] **mrayzenoss>
[11-Mar-2009 10:25:46] **adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss Login (at
[11-Mar-2009 10:51:12] **coofamani> the gopts encoding is base64, right?
[11-Mar-2009 11:28:38] **gemineye> mrayzenoss: You here?
[11-Mar-2009 11:28:44] **mrayzenoss> yeah
[11-Mar-2009 11:29:23] **gemineye> Setting the zWinEventlogMinSeverity to 1 didn't do anything. I'm still getting error level events
[11-Mar-2009 11:31:39] **mrayzenoss> well that sucks
[11-Mar-2009 11:31:49] **gemineye> Tell me about it
[11-Mar-2009 11:31:49] **mrayzenoss> where did you set it?
[11-Mar-2009 11:32:05] **mrayzenoss>  at /Devices?
[11-Mar-2009 11:32:12] **gemineye> yep
[11-Mar-2009 11:32:39] **mrayzenoss> want to open a ticket?
[11-Mar-2009 11:32:45] **mrayzenoss> It's a high since it's broken
[11-Mar-2009 11:33:01] **gemineye> remind me where do to that again?
[11-Mar-2009 11:33:13] **mrayzenoss>
[11-Mar-2009 11:33:22] **mrayzenoss> login as zenoss/zenoss
[11-Mar-2009 11:33:23] **mrayzenoss> new ticket
[11-Mar-2009 11:33:36] **mrayzenoss> put me in the CC field and I'll make sure it's all good
[11-Mar-2009 11:33:45] **mrayzenoss> we have a defect review twice a week, it'll get addressed
[11-Mar-2009 11:36:43] **mrayzenoss> and I just opened a doc cleanup for it too:
[11-Mar-2009 11:37:28] **mrayzenoss> heading to lunch, bbiab
[11-Mar-2009 11:47:40] **raw__> I'm currently getting a "IP Service smtp is down" event from our exchange server, but I can telnet to port 25 on the device and see that it is in fact up...
[11-Mar-2009 11:47:50] **raw__> any way to tune it in to actually checking the service properly?
[11-Mar-2009 12:23:28] **raw__> ok, I found out why it's showing it as down, it's trying to monitor it through but it's only listening on
[11-Mar-2009 12:23:41] **raw__> any way to force it to monitor that particular process through
[11-Mar-2009 12:26:12] **rhett> i think you have to delete the monitor then re add it and in the ip field put in the appropriate address
[11-Mar-2009 12:26:19] **rhett> manually re add it
[11-Mar-2009 12:26:21] **raw__> ah, k
[11-Mar-2009 12:26:45] **rhett> that may not be the preferred method but thats how i've done it
[11-Mar-2009 12:29:34] **raw__> what do I put for Ip Service Class?
[11-Mar-2009 12:29:50] **raw__> oh nevermind, got it
[11-Mar-2009 12:30:14] **raw__> or not
[11-Mar-2009 12:30:22] **raw__> I can fill something in to the field but it won't let me click ok
[11-Mar-2009 12:32:34] **even_> mrayzenoss: still without network map, i dont know what try now
[11-Mar-2009 12:32:35] **even_> =(
[11-Mar-2009 12:45:12] **raw__> finally figured it out and it worked
[11-Mar-2009 12:45:13] **raw__> thanks
[11-Mar-2009 12:57:32] **even_> mrayzenoss: i think i found what is the problem
[11-Mar-2009 12:57:54] **even_> in my network are with:
[11-Mar-2009 12:58:03] **adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss Login (at
[11-Mar-2009 12:58:14] **even_> a subnet of my network
[11-Mar-2009 12:58:26] **even_> when i ask for auto discover
[11-Mar-2009 13:11:26] **gemineye> even_: Are you having a problem with displaying links between geographically separate sites on the google app?
[11-Mar-2009 13:11:55] **even_> gemineye: i dont get there yet
[11-Mar-2009 13:28:40] **gemineye> Ok, I have a problem where some switches that are connected directly to each other but the little green lines don't get drawn. It's weird since some that were drawn on my last install of Zenoss did draw but on this install they don't.
[11-Mar-2009 17:04:13] **pgega> hello
[11-Mar-2009 17:05:36] **pgega> I want to run zenoss behind reverse proxy , under some path like
[11-Mar-2009 17:05:58] **pgega> how can i configure zenoss to have /zenoss as base path ?
[11-Mar-2009 17:23:36] **mrayzenoss> pgega: Google revealed
[11-Mar-2009 17:23:51] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - Zenoss Performance and Latency tuning (at
[11-Mar-2009 21:52:18] **aberinkula> anyone alive ?
[11-Mar-2009 21:55:54] **rhett_hm> i am
[11-Mar-2009 21:56:27] **obso> well i am but im of no help
[11-Mar-2009 21:57:12] **rhett_hm> i probably wont be either
[11-Mar-2009 22:03:24] **aberinkula> too bad
[11-Mar-2009 22:03:38] **aberinkula> my zenoss dashboard is missing
[11-Mar-2009 22:04:00] **aberinkula> if u have come upcross this kinda prob
[11-Mar-2009 22:10:36] **rhett_hm> i assume you've ran service zenoss status and checked to see everything is up
[11-Mar-2009 22:10:43] **rhett_hm> ooor not :\
[11-Mar-2009 22:21:44] **obso> haha
[11-Mar-2009 22:22:01] **obso> anyone who is too lazy to type out you as opposed to u
[11-Mar-2009 22:22:03] **obso> well.
[11-Mar-2009 22:22:10] **obso> prolly not gonna hang in irc too long either, now are they?
[11-Mar-2009 22:30:14] **rhett_hm> probably not
[11-Mar-2009 22:30:16] **rhett_hm> oh well
[12-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [disconnected at Thu Mar 12 00:00:42 2009]
[12-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [connected at Thu Mar 12 00:00:42 2009]
[12-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[12-Mar-2009 04:36:51] **sergeymasushko> anybody tried to run custom scripts via web interface?
[12-Mar-2009 05:16:08] **cico> hi all! good morning..
[12-Mar-2009 07:51:05] **Sweeper> hey flks
[12-Mar-2009 07:51:08] **Sweeper> folks, even
[12-Mar-2009 07:51:18] **Sweeper> how long should a zenoss install take?
[12-Mar-2009 07:51:57] **Sweeper> on ubuntu server, I'm installing from the zenoss apt repo, and it's been going half an hour
[12-Mar-2009 08:24:39] **Sweeper> install ben going for 3 hours now...installing the stack btw
[12-Mar-2009 08:43:24] **tripitaka> Hi, I just did a clean install of zenoss-stack-2.3.3-linux-x64.bin on a rhel5.3 server, it works fine. Then I tried installing zenoss-core-zenpacks-2.3.0.el5.x86_64.rpm.
[12-Mar-2009 08:43:37] **tripitaka> first it said I was missing the zenoss rpm
[12-Mar-2009 08:43:54] **tripitaka> when I force it with --nodeps, I get the following: "-bash: /opt/zenoss/bin/zenpack: No such file or directory"
[12-Mar-2009 08:49:17] **tripitaka> looks like the stack installer and the core zenpack bundle are not built the same way
[12-Mar-2009 08:50:02] **Sweeper> well try installing the .rpm zenoss core instead of the .bin?
[12-Mar-2009 08:50:44] **tripitaka> doing that now, I was momentarily tricked by the flashy graphics on the download page into thinking this was a coherent set of packages
[12-Mar-2009 08:51:11] **Sweeper> yea...I'm being stricken by ever-lasting installers...
[12-Mar-2009 08:51:46] **tripitaka> 99%.. 99%.. 99%..
[12-Mar-2009 08:52:24] **Sweeper> I wish
[12-Mar-2009 08:52:35] **Sweeper> if only there was some kind of progress indicator :/
[12-Mar-2009 08:52:45] **raw__> what's the best way to sync up Zenoss boxes? I basically want the same transforms, templates, etc... on all boxes, when I update one I want the change propogated across all of them. We have setup an NFS share where we are going to store Zenpacks and then have a cron job that checks if anything has changed in the Zenpack, if it detects the change it'll run an update. Just wondering if there's a better solution out there that I haven't found?
[12-Mar-2009 09:21:30] **Sweeper> any ideas on this neverending install? :/
[12-Mar-2009 09:31:59] **ErikRose> FWIW, here's what I had to do, on Debian:
[12-Mar-2009 09:32:16] **ErikRose> I installed from source because the deb doesn't really do anything (cron scripts, log rotates, etc.)
[12-Mar-2009 09:34:33] **Sweeper> ohai look ubuntu instructions
[12-Mar-2009 09:35:54] **tripitaka> Sweeper: try tagging an strace to the installer, to see what it's doing
[12-Mar-2009 09:55:34] **cico> did zenoss 2.3.3 broke the mib browser?
[12-Mar-2009 09:57:23] **cico> mh, poor grammar..
[12-Mar-2009 09:58:09] **cico> anyway, I'm trying to load MIBs and TRAPs for d-link dfl 1600 (firewall)
[12-Mar-2009 09:58:51] **cico> but the device keeps on being "unknown" and traps keep on telling me they "can't find a matching mib file"..
[12-Mar-2009 10:16:03] **rocket> cico: I believe its a bigger bug in the code as far as devices being unknown ... I was digging through the code last night .. and it appears the modellers are leaving the manufacturers as unknown as well
[12-Mar-2009 10:16:42] **cico> I see...
[12-Mar-2009 10:16:58] **cico> sounds bad
[12-Mar-2009 10:17:00] **rocket> cico: I plan on talking to mrayzenoss about it today .. but since I am not a paying customer I will basically tell him my findings in the code ..
[12-Mar-2009 10:17:27] **rocket> I think I can fix it but I am not sure what their developers roadmap is doing with that code section
[12-Mar-2009 10:17:30] **cico> don't know mrayzenoss, I'm guessing he's a developer..
[12-Mar-2009 10:18:00] **rocket> and I dont understand the code flow 100% .. I think I have a pretty good idea of what is going on and why ..
[12-Mar-2009 10:18:43] **rocket> basically their code needs to be able to send in more than one parameter in certain areas but they are limited to a single parameter that can be passed around
[12-Mar-2009 10:20:20] **cico> I really didn't wanna poke inside their code... tried with some of the python plugins but man! was that a bad experience..
[12-Mar-2009 10:21:21] **cico> uhm.... I find it hard to believe that sysCpuLoad is fixed @ 1...
[12-Mar-2009 10:21:33] **rocket> cico: I understand .. but I am pretty tenacious when comes to that sort of thing since I am trying to build a zenpack and was experiencing this bug and I wanted to know for sure if it was my new code or the underlying modules etc
[12-Mar-2009 10:22:02] **cico> I'd love to do that too
[12-Mar-2009 10:22:48] **cico> was really hoping that by ver 2.3.3 such important parts were working fine..
[12-Mar-2009 10:24:05] **rocket> I would just fix this bug and submit a bug report .. but I am not sure if its resolved in the 2.4 beta or not etc ..
[12-Mar-2009 10:28:18] **rocket> cico: I am not 100% that the bug I am describing is the same one you are experiencing but I think it might be ...
[12-Mar-2009 10:43:56] **rocket> mrayzenoss: ping
[12-Mar-2009 10:44:08] **mrayzenoss> good morning
[12-Mar-2009 10:44:15] **rocket> morning mrayzenoss
[12-Mar-2009 10:44:48] **rocket> So I did some digging in the code last night and I think I have figured out what is going on with the Manufacturer stuff
[12-Mar-2009 10:45:18] **rocket> and it might also be a bug that cico was talking to me about this morning .. dealing with loading new mibs but I am not sure about that
[12-Mar-2009 10:45:41] **mrayzenoss> just noticed someone trying to use the AIX 1.0 ZenPack on the zenpack forum.
[12-Mar-2009 10:45:49] **mrayzenoss> didn't see cico's bug
[12-Mar-2009 10:46:08] **rocket> mrayzenoss: not sure cico reported it yet ... he was just asking about it in here
[12-Mar-2009 10:46:10] **cico> I was talking to rocket just a while ago, didn't file anything..
[12-Mar-2009 10:46:21] **rocket> 09:47 < cico> did zenoss 2.3.3 broke the mib browser?
[12-Mar-2009 10:46:21] **rocket> 09:49 < cico> mh, poor grammar..
[12-Mar-2009 10:46:21] **rocket> 09:50 < cico> anyway, I'm trying to load MIBs and TRAPs for d-link dfl 1600 (firewall)
[12-Mar-2009 10:46:25] **rocket> 09:51 < cico> but the device keeps on being "unknown" and traps keep on telling me they "can't find a matching mib file"..
[12-Mar-2009 10:46:40] **mrayzenoss> I just updated the MIB browser to 1.05
[12-Mar-2009 10:46:45] **mrayzenoss> a few weeks ago
[12-Mar-2009 10:46:55] **mrayzenoss> I tested it with 2.3.2 and I use it at home with a 2.3.3 source install
[12-Mar-2009 10:47:21] **cico> I'll reinstall it
[12-Mar-2009 10:48:05] **rocket> mrayzenoss: hrmm anyway for us I am seeing the Manufacturer issue with Core and Windows servers as well .. the cpus are all listed as an unknown Manufacturer
[12-Mar-2009 10:48:05] **mrayzenoss> all I did on the update was fix the broken uninstaller and some other minor bug
[12-Mar-2009 10:48:40] **mrayzenoss> yeah, my CPUs show up as unknown (XPsp3
[12-Mar-2009 10:50:16] **rocket> mrayzenoss: from my own debugging it looks like the cpus get set with the function .. setProductKey in in the Product/ZenModel Directory
[12-Mar-2009 10:51:29] **rocket> setProductKey looks like it ends up calling ManufacturerRoot.createHardwareProduct with one arguement (prodKey)
[12-Mar-2009 10:52:08] **rocket> but createHardwareProduct should be taking two args .. the second being the Manufacturer .. if the second is not passed in it defaults to unknown
[12-Mar-2009 10:52:36] **rocket> there is some more to my analysis but that is the gist of it ..
[12-Mar-2009 10:54:52] **rocket> mrayzenoss: and it appears this bug might affect anything that is supposed to dynamically update the database that way .. eg some software probing stuff is getting dumped into unknown ... cico's mibs or traps might be getting dumped into there ..
[12-Mar-2009 10:55:44] **mrayzenoss> could you write that up as a defect? I think I could get someone to look into it and verify/fix it
[12-Mar-2009 10:56:18] **mrayzenoss> the window for new defects against Blue Crab is getting close to closing
[12-Mar-2009 10:56:23] **rocket> I can ... where do you want me to put it .. and does it matter that I am not a paying customer? yet .. anyway
[12-Mar-2009 10:56:38] **mrayzenoss>
[12-Mar-2009 10:56:47] **mrayzenoss> Trac is open to everybody
[12-Mar-2009 10:57:00] **mrayzenoss> tickets from Core and Enterprise users get addressed fairly equally
[12-Mar-2009 10:57:09] **mrayzenoss> this sounds like a
[12-Mar-2009 10:57:16] **rocket> mrayzenoss: I am pretty sure it affects both ...
[12-Mar-2009 10:57:22] **mrayzenoss> oh definitely
[12-Mar-2009 10:57:42] **mrayzenoss> I just meant everyone's tickets go into the same bucket
[12-Mar-2009 10:57:44] **sergeymasushko1> mrayzenoss: hi, I placed my shell script into /usr/local/zenoss/libexec/ directory. I can run the script directly from the shell. however when I press 'test' button on the 'Data Source' tab I got the following:
[12-Mar-2009 10:57:44] **sergeymasushko1> Executing command /opt/zenoss/libexec/
[12-Mar-2009 10:57:44] **sergeymasushko1> against mydevice
[12-Mar-2009 10:57:44] **sergeymasushko1> /opt/zenoss/libexec/ not found
[12-Mar-2009 10:57:44] **sergeymasushko1> DONE in 0 seconds
[12-Mar-2009 10:58:36] **mrayzenoss> rocket: if you have a patch, that'll get it bumped in priority
[12-Mar-2009 10:58:52] **mrayzenoss> sergeymasushko1: is that in the path of the zenoss user?
[12-Mar-2009 10:59:17] **raw__> sergeymasushko1 :  put the script in to /opt/zenoss/libexec/ instead?
[12-Mar-2009 10:59:33] **rocket> mrayzenoss: I can make a patch .. but I was hoping to talk to someone about how they would want it coded
[12-Mar-2009 10:59:40] **mrayzenoss> rocket: I can get you your own Trac account if you want
[12-Mar-2009 10:59:50] **rocket> mrayzenoss: that would be cool
[12-Mar-2009 10:59:53] **mrayzenoss> rocket: ok, let me see if I can pull the L3 dev in
[12-Mar-2009 11:00:08] **raw__> mrayzenoss :  could you hook me up with a Trac account as well?
[12-Mar-2009 11:00:27] **mrayzenoss> just email me at and ask for one, I'll get accounts for both of you
[12-Mar-2009 11:00:33] **raw__> thanks
[12-Mar-2009 11:00:35] **mrayzenoss> put what you want as your username
[12-Mar-2009 11:00:58] **raw__> will do
[12-Mar-2009 11:02:35] **mrayzenoss> rocket: bedwards is the Dev on call
[12-Mar-2009 11:02:54] **rocket> Hello bedwards
[12-Mar-2009 11:02:58] **bedwards> hi
[12-Mar-2009 11:03:29] **mrayzenoss> I gave him the transcript of the debugging
[12-Mar-2009 11:03:35] **rocket> I am working on a fix for an issue I am noticing regarding the file in Product/ZenModel
[12-Mar-2009 11:03:42] **rocket> ok
[12-Mar-2009 11:03:51] **bedwards> matt sent me your old messages, 1 sec
[12-Mar-2009 11:04:26] **bedwards> i fixed this in the next release
[12-Mar-2009 11:04:41] **mrayzenoss> is the fix already in trunk?
[12-Mar-2009 11:04:47] **rocket> oh you did .. thats good ..
[12-Mar-2009 11:05:14] **bedwards> well, I fixed the backend, and I fixed it in the new SSH modelers for Linux and AIX
[12-Mar-2009 11:05:24] **bedwards> but it isn't fixed in SNMP
[12-Mar-2009 11:05:40] **bedwards> but the plumbing is there
[12-Mar-2009 11:05:56] **rocket> bedwards: anyway I can get a diff an apply it to the SNMP stuff? I would submit the patch for it
[12-Mar-2009 11:05:58] **bedwards> let me find the code and I can show it to you
[12-Mar-2009 11:06:06] **rocket> or get access to the code changes?
[12-Mar-2009 11:06:15] **mrayzenoss> rocket:
[12-Mar-2009 11:06:20] **mrayzenoss> that's the current trunk code
[12-Mar-2009 11:06:48] **mrayzenoss> you can also check it out of svn
[12-Mar-2009 11:07:23] **rocket> mrayzenoss: svn path url? and do I need a username to access that?
[12-Mar-2009 11:07:25] **mrayzenoss> svn co
[12-Mar-2009 11:07:34] **mrayzenoss> it's wide open
[12-Mar-2009 11:07:39] **adytum-bot> Title: Revision 12550: /trunk (at
[12-Mar-2009 11:08:35] **mrayzenoss> the 2.3.X tree is SVNTAG=branches/zenoss-2.3.x
[12-Mar-2009 11:08:45] **mrayzenoss> if you want the current stable
[12-Mar-2009 11:10:10] **sergeymasushko1> mrayzenoss: one more stupid question: where is located /opt/ directory? it is not exists in our freeBSD system.
[12-Mar-2009 11:10:26] **mrayzenoss> ahh, that's a Linux-ism I guess
[12-Mar-2009 11:10:41] **mrayzenoss> just put a symlink to /usr/local
[12-Mar-2009 11:10:46] **rocket> excellent .. thanks .. I will just wait for bedwards to point me to his changes .. but I will also track them down ..
[12-Mar-2009 11:11:27] **sergeymasushko1> ok
[12-Mar-2009 11:11:30] **bedwards> the main thing is you want to use the MultiArgs class in the ObjectMap or RelationshipMap that you return from the modeling plugin
[12-Mar-2009 11:11:57] **bedwards> MultiArgs is defined here
[12-Mar-2009 11:12:18] **bedwards> Example use is here:
[12-Mar-2009 11:17:57] **lukecyca> I have a device in zenoss that got the wrong name for a monitored process when it was modeled. Subsequent remodeling gets the same wrong name. If I try to correct the name manually, it won't save. Is it stuck? Can I go under the hood somewhere to un-stick it?
[12-Mar-2009 11:18:20] **lukecyca> (I'm relatively new to zenoss, btw...  be gentle)
[12-Mar-2009 11:23:46] **sergeymasushko1> mrayzenoss: now I can the script via web. it is cool. however my script contain heavy mysql requests and has some delays between replies. my script was terminated in the middle because of timeout. where can I increase the timeout?
[12-Mar-2009 11:26:12] **rocket> mrayzenoss: I should be able to patch up the rest of the snmp stuff and get an updated zenpack to you .. any zenpack that ends up setting setProductKey will need to be updated
[12-Mar-2009 11:43:35] **mrayzenoss> sergeymasushko1: I believe that's zCommandCommandTimeout
[12-Mar-2009 11:43:57] **mrayzenoss> rocket: very cool.  You can set the dependencies on the ZenPack to 2.4
[12-Mar-2009 11:44:38] **rocket> mrayzenoss: ok
[12-Mar-2009 11:45:02] **rocket> mrayzenoss: is there a way to make the appliance use the svn code instead of the released code or no? do I need to build a new system to use the svn code?
[12-Mar-2009 11:45:26] **mrayzenoss> well, you can use zenpatch to pull in SVN changes
[12-Mar-2009 11:46:06] **rocket> mrayzenoss: doc on its use somewhere?
[12-Mar-2009 11:46:56] **mrayzenoss> Dev Guide
[12-Mar-2009 11:46:59] **mrayzenoss> page 5
[12-Mar-2009 11:47:03] **rocket> ok thanks
[12-Mar-2009 11:48:28] **sergeymasushko1> mrayzenoss: thanks a lot
[12-Mar-2009 12:26:46] **raw__> when is 2.4 slated for release?  6 months?
[12-Mar-2009 12:27:06] **mrayzenoss> I have a meeting about the beta this afternoon
[12-Mar-2009 12:27:12] **mrayzenoss> we're planning on kicking it off next week
[12-Mar-2009 12:27:18] **raw__> cool
[12-Mar-2009 12:27:24] **mrayzenoss> and it'll run hopefully a month
[12-Mar-2009 12:27:45] **raw__> so 2.4 could be out by mid-May?
[12-Mar-2009 12:30:48] **mrayzenoss> based on historical beta trends... yes
[12-Mar-2009 12:30:58] **mrayzenoss> I think the optimistic release is April 30
[12-Mar-2009 13:31:06] **mrcerulean1> Howdy, all. I've added an Apache and a MySQL zenpack to a host, but no data is being graphed. One of the Apache graphs is displaying data, but none of the MySQL graphs are.
[12-Mar-2009 13:31:26] **mrcerulean1> I know that the MySQL connection is working--I've tested it manually and I'm not getting any errors from the system.
[12-Mar-2009 13:31:33] **mrcerulean1> Ditto for Apache.
[12-Mar-2009 14:29:13] **hector> yo
[12-Mar-2009 14:29:22] **hector> my 2.3.2 zenoss broke when upgrading to 2.3.3
[12-Mar-2009 14:29:30] **hector> seems ok, but all events are empty
[12-Mar-2009 14:34:30] **rocket> hector: refresh the browser cache
[12-Mar-2009 14:34:35] **rocket> thats what I did
[12-Mar-2009 14:35:13] **hector> ok
[12-Mar-2009 14:35:15] **hector> let me try that
[12-Mar-2009 14:35:18] **rocket> hector: on firefox I cleared most of the private settings ..
[12-Mar-2009 14:35:28] **rocket> but the main one is the cache
[12-Mar-2009 14:35:58] **hector> awesome
[12-Mar-2009 14:35:59] **hector> thanks
[12-Mar-2009 14:36:02] **hector> i was freaking out
[12-Mar-2009 14:38:14] **rocket> that worked I take it?
[12-Mar-2009 14:40:12] **hector> yep
[12-Mar-2009 14:40:13] **hector> lol
[12-Mar-2009 14:40:23] **hector> i was like wtf; where did everything go..
[12-Mar-2009 14:40:25] **hector> thanks again
[12-Mar-2009 14:40:29] **perr0> you owe rocket a beer
[12-Mar-2009 14:40:34] **hector> sure do
[12-Mar-2009 16:57:42] ErikRose_ is now known as ErikRose
[12-Mar-2009 17:38:38] Sweeper_ is now known as Sweeper
[12-Mar-2009 18:20:27] **tripitaka> hello, beginner question: how can I bulk model a load of devices, eg from the device list?
[12-Mar-2009 18:21:53] **kisielk> I don't think there's a shortcut for that
[12-Mar-2009 18:22:01] **kisielk> you just have to go to each device and model it
[12-Mar-2009 18:22:09] **kisielk> however, by default, they model every 12 hours
[12-Mar-2009 18:22:11] **kisielk> so if you don't mind waiting
[12-Mar-2009 18:26:32] **tripitaka> no, not at all, glad to hear it
[12-Mar-2009 18:26:51] **tripitaka> just over 2,000 devices makes for a lot of clicks
[12-Mar-2009 18:26:57] **kisielk> yeah
[12-Mar-2009 18:27:12] **kisielk> they'll remodel on their own
[12-Mar-2009 18:27:27] **kisielk> if you go to "Collectors", pick one, then "Edit"
[12-Mar-2009 18:27:38] **kisielk> you can change the modeler cycle interval
[12-Mar-2009 18:27:46] **tripitaka> am I getting this the right way up: zenpacks are associated with a device class, so all I have to do is to put a discovered device in the correct class, and it will start to use all the right zenpacks?
[12-Mar-2009 18:27:54] **kisielk> yes
[12-Mar-2009 18:28:01] **kisielk> more specifically, that's not a function of zenpacks
[12-Mar-2009 18:28:06] **kisielk> but of templates
[12-Mar-2009 18:28:13] **kisielk> but zenpacks often contain templates
[12-Mar-2009 18:28:33] **kisielk> although they can contain other things as well (SNMP mibs, modeler plugins, etc)
[12-Mar-2009 18:29:15] **tripitaka> ok, so a device class has templates associated with it, and those templates may come from a zenpack
[12-Mar-2009 18:29:40] **tripitaka> where do I set what templates are associated with each device class?
[12-Mar-2009 18:30:04] **kisielk> go to a class
[12-Mar-2009 18:30:20] **kisielk> click the arrow
[12-Mar-2009 18:30:23] **tripitaka> ah, nvm, i see
[12-Mar-2009 18:30:28] **tripitaka> it's in the obvious place
[12-Mar-2009 18:30:32] **kisielk> or rather, the templates tab
[12-Mar-2009 18:30:56] **kisielk> I'm still getting used to the UI myself
[12-Mar-2009 18:31:09] **tripitaka> class  - templates - add template
[12-Mar-2009 18:31:16] **tripitaka> I am in a twisty maze of drop downs, all alike
[12-Mar-2009 18:31:47] **kisielk> haha
[12-Mar-2009 18:31:52] **kisielk> The thing that bugs me the most
[12-Mar-2009 18:32:01] **kisielk> is when I see the ... > in the drop down menu
[12-Mar-2009 18:32:07] **kisielk> I expect another menu to pop out from that
[12-Mar-2009 18:32:14] **kisielk> but it shows a dialog instead
[12-Mar-2009 18:32:18] **kisielk> slightly maddening
[12-Mar-2009 18:32:45] **kisielk> because on the main arrow, the > means another drop-down pops up
[12-Mar-2009 18:32:50] **kisielk> but on the sub arrows, it leads to a dialog
[12-Mar-2009 18:32:52] **kisielk> O_o
[12-Mar-2009 18:37:12] **unpaidbill> anyone know how to add a bunch of oids to get a total for a data source?
[12-Mar-2009 18:37:27] **tripitaka> well, on the plus side, I'm as competent with zenoss after two hours as I was with nagios after about 8 years.
[12-Mar-2009 18:37:33] **unpaidbill> using snmp for windows i can get a list of all the processes and the memory they use, as well as total memory
[12-Mar-2009 18:37:33] **kisielk> unpaidbill: in a graph?
[12-Mar-2009 18:37:45] **unpaidbill> yeah in a graph
[12-Mar-2009 18:37:51] **kisielk> just make a stacked graph
[12-Mar-2009 18:38:05] **kisielk> with the total as a line
[12-Mar-2009 18:38:13] **unpaidbill> problem is that the oids change in tree
[12-Mar-2009 18:38:19] **unpaidbill>
[12-Mar-2009 18:38:21] **tripitaka> how do you graph a given oid?
[12-Mar-2009 18:38:23] **kisielk> ah, I see
[12-Mar-2009 18:38:28] **unpaidbill> yeah
[12-Mar-2009 18:38:31] **kisielk> tripitaka: make a template
[12-Mar-2009 18:39:01] **kisielk> unpaidbill: why not just look at the used memory vs. total memory graph? or do you only want to graph some processes?
[12-Mar-2009 18:41:41] **unpaidbill> that's what i am trying to do
[12-Mar-2009 18:41:48] **unpaidbill> but windows snmp doesnt show me used memory
[12-Mar-2009 18:41:57] **unpaidbill> at least not that i can find
[12-Mar-2009 18:42:07] **unpaidbill> i can get total memory and memory usage for each process
[12-Mar-2009 18:42:25] **kisielk> I thought if you just put your server in the /Servers/Windows device class
[12-Mar-2009 18:42:28] **kisielk> it will get it for you
[12-Mar-2009 18:42:39] **unpaidbill> doesnt work
[12-Mar-2009 18:42:48] **unpaidbill> maybe it works if it's actually running windows server
[12-Mar-2009 18:42:56] **unpaidbill> but the OID doesnt exist in windows 2000 professional
[12-Mar-2009 18:43:04] **kisielk> hm you're right
[12-Mar-2009 18:43:06] **kisielk> I don't get it in XP either
[12-Mar-2009 18:43:13] **unpaidbill> yeah
[12-Mar-2009 18:43:17] **unpaidbill> stupid windows
[12-Mar-2009 18:43:20] **unpaidbill> i wish net-snmp worked on it
[12-Mar-2009 18:44:03] **kisielk> yeah that sucks
[12-Mar-2009 18:44:08] **kisielk> I just noticed that now
[12-Mar-2009 18:44:13] **kisielk> luckily we only have one Windows server
[12-Mar-2009 18:44:15] **kisielk> so it's not a huge deal
[12-Mar-2009 18:44:27] **unpaidbill> yeah same here
[12-Mar-2009 18:44:28] **unpaidbill> heh
[12-Mar-2009 18:44:37] **unpaidbill> oh well i guess i'll just forget about it
[12-Mar-2009 18:44:38] **kisielk> is it for the finance people ?
[12-Mar-2009 18:44:42] **unpaidbill> of course
[12-Mar-2009 18:44:51] **unpaidbill> stupid quickbooks and masterbuilder
[12-Mar-2009 18:44:52] **Sweeper> ok, so I just installinated zenoss
[12-Mar-2009 18:44:58] **Sweeper> and I go to add one of my servers
[12-Mar-2009 18:45:08] **Sweeper> Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/zenoss/Products/ZenModel/", line 350, in loadDevice priority=priority File "/usr/local/zenoss/Products/ZenModel/", line 125, in load_device zProperties=zProperties, File "/usr/local/zenoss/Products/ZenModel/", line 127, in manage_createDevice device.setManageIp(manageIp) File "/usr/local/zenoss/Products/ZenModel/", line 881, in setManageIp if ip.find("/") > -1:
[12-Mar-2009 18:45:09] **unpaidbill> accountants are my mortal enemy
[12-Mar-2009 18:45:16] **Sweeper> ah crap
[12-Mar-2009 18:45:18] **Sweeper> that was a bit big
[12-Mar-2009 18:45:21] **Sweeper> but anyways, that's what I get
[12-Mar-2009 18:45:26] **kisielk> unpaidbill: hah, exactly the same app here (Quickbooks)
[12-Mar-2009 18:45:37] **Sweeper> I selected /server/linux
[12-Mar-2009 18:45:37] **kisielk> the rest of the company runs on Macs and Linux
[12-Mar-2009 18:45:59] **Sweeper> tried both ip address and hostname...
[12-Mar-2009 18:46:12] **unpaidbill> i'd love to make everyone use ubuntu or somethign for their desktops here but they're all too stupid to handle it
[12-Mar-2009 18:46:28] **unpaidbill> they can barely handle windows
[12-Mar-2009 18:46:35] **kisielk> Sweeper: can you paste the full traceback to a pastebin?
[12-Mar-2009 18:46:52] **unpaidbill> and if i change anything it's like 5 months of bitching until they finally realize i wont change it back for them and they have to learn the new methods
[12-Mar-2009 18:47:35] **unpaidbill> my konica minolta c250 doesnt have any good information in snmp either.. no counters except total, no toner levels.. all i can get is error messages
[12-Mar-2009 18:48:34] **Sweeper> kisielk:
[12-Mar-2009 18:48:41] **adytum-bot> Title: #414752 - Pastie (at
[12-Mar-2009 18:50:20] **kisielk> Sweeper: hm, looks like the IP is not being set correctly
[12-Mar-2009 18:50:31] **kisielk> I'd post in the forums, looks like a bug
[12-Mar-2009 18:50:49] **Sweeper> blarg
[12-Mar-2009 18:50:54] **Sweeper> this is what I get for using svn...
[12-Mar-2009 18:52:18] **unpaidbill> hey dont feel bad
[12-Mar-2009 18:52:32] **unpaidbill> i'm crashing this thing too and im using the stable version
[12-Mar-2009 18:53:01] **tripitaka> last dumb question of the night: I've autodiscovered a asa firewall. I've got a zenpack for asa firewalls. How can I tell which class to put the device in, to start using all the checks from the zenpack?
[12-Mar-2009 18:53:40] **unpaidbill> i think once you added the device, you go to the templates for said device, then click on bind device from the dropdown
[12-Mar-2009 18:53:50] **unpaidbill> select the template in the bind list for the asa firewall
[12-Mar-2009 18:53:51] **unpaidbill> win
[12-Mar-2009 18:53:55] **unpaidbill> that's how i did it for pfsense at least
[12-Mar-2009 18:54:41] **kisielk> yeah
[12-Mar-2009 18:54:44] **kisielk> or you can make a class
[12-Mar-2009 18:54:46] **kisielk> for ASA firewalls
[12-Mar-2009 18:54:49] **kisielk> and bind the template there
[12-Mar-2009 18:54:54] **kisielk> and put the device in it
[12-Mar-2009 18:56:59] **unpaidbill> well, every time i go to add a data source in /devices/server/windows/templates/device after making some modifications to it, it makes the server go haywire and i have to restart it
[12-Mar-2009 18:57:02] **unpaidbill> this is not good
[12-Mar-2009 18:57:23] **kisielk> that is indeed bad
[12-Mar-2009 18:57:41] **tripitaka> ah, each performance template also as a 'Definition Path' associated with it, which I assume means anything under that can use it
[12-Mar-2009 18:57:54] **tripitaka> thank you both
[12-Mar-2009 18:58:07] **Sweeper> so zenoss-testing or zenoss-users?
[12-Mar-2009 18:58:12] **Sweeper> or zenoss-dev?
[12-Mar-2009 18:58:49] **kisielk> I usually post to -users
[12-Mar-2009 19:00:58] **unpaidbill> maybe i should have left the /server/windows class alone and made a new one for /server/dumbwindows or something
[12-Mar-2009 19:21:21] **Sweeper> ok posted
[13-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [disconnected at Fri Mar 13 00:00:42 2009]
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[13-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[13-Mar-2009 00:16:15] **adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Daily Python-URL! (from the Secret Labs) - Longest common subsequence
[13-Mar-2009 00:16:15] **adytum-bot>
[13-Mar-2009 00:31:41] tripitaka_ is now known as tripitaka
[13-Mar-2009 05:17:11] **cico> howdy
[13-Mar-2009 05:51:54] **Sweeper> how do I create new device classes?
[13-Mar-2009 05:52:18] **Sweeper> man this zenoss thing is gonna kick ass when I get it all set up...
[13-Mar-2009 05:52:52] **raw__> device classes are easuy
[13-Mar-2009 05:52:54] **raw__> easy*
[13-Mar-2009 05:53:00] **raw__> just got under "Devices" on the left
[13-Mar-2009 05:53:23] **raw__> then either click on the dropdown to the left of Sub-Devices and select Add New Organizer
[13-Mar-2009 05:53:34] **raw__> or go in to one of the categories, like Network, Server, or whatever...
[13-Mar-2009 05:53:40] **raw__> and do the same
[13-Mar-2009 05:54:13] **raw__> and yes, zenoss is pretty sweet, just a lot to learn when you first start out with it
[13-Mar-2009 09:23:51] **ventura> commands
[13-Mar-2009 09:24:24] **ventura> hi
[13-Mar-2009 09:25:53] **Disconnect> is there a walkthrough on creating unified graphs? just want to graph laLoadAvg5 for all devices in a particular class (/Devices/Server/Linux/Hosts) .. I thought I had it but the image is missing from the view-report page :/
[13-Mar-2009 09:29:02] **ventura> does anyone know how to examine _details in an event transform .. can't seem to get it work in anything but zendmd
[13-Mar-2009 09:34:07] **ventura> evt._details should be accessible via evt.getEventDetails()
[13-Mar-2009 09:34:39] **ventura> but the error log claims it isn't there in the event class instance
[13-Mar-2009 09:37:04] **Disconnect> doh. wrong datapoint.
[13-Mar-2009 09:41:28] **Disconnect> is there a way to do a basic data transform before graphing? cpu load is in 100ths and i need it back in full decimals (eg load 1.5 shows as 1500, i need it back at 1.5 again)
[13-Mar-2009 09:42:40] **ventura> Disconnect: yes there is, though I am hazy on the details .. basically you can use RRD dummy vars based upon the data
[13-Mar-2009 09:42:52] **Disconnect> cool i'll dig into that thanks
[13-Mar-2009 09:43:04] **ventura>
[13-Mar-2009 09:43:11] **Disconnect> for today (steering committee meeting) I think the multiplied version will work if it has to tho
[13-Mar-2009 09:43:18] **adytum-bot> Title: RRDtool - cdeftutorial (at
[13-Mar-2009 09:43:25] **Disconnect> oooh sweet
[13-Mar-2009 09:45:40] **ventura> btw this is along the same lines as the problem I have:
[13-Mar-2009 09:45:56] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - TAILS event expression (at
[13-Mar-2009 09:46:27] **ventura> same article
[13-Mar-2009 09:49:01] **ventura> >>> jjj = getattr(evt, 'deviceUserLabel', 0)
[13-Mar-2009 09:49:01] **ventura> >>> print jjj
[13-Mar-2009 09:49:09] **ventura> 0
[13-Mar-2009 09:49:17] **ventura> so that doesn't work ...
[13-Mar-2009 09:49:25] **ventura> as that is in the details field....
[13-Mar-2009 09:53:46] **ventura> (('community', 'public'), ('componentLocation', 'Controller in slot B '), ('componentType', 'Controller '), ('deviceErrorCode', '4011 '), ('deviceHostIP', ''), ('deviceHostName', 'Out-of-Band '), ('deviceUserLabel', 'rac8array1 '), ('eventTime', 'Mar 11, 2009 8:41:30 AM '), ('trapDescription', 'Logica
[13-Mar-2009 09:54:02] **ventura> generated by: >>> print getattr(evt, '_details', '')
[13-Mar-2009 09:56:26] **ventura> same as what is generated by evt.getEventDetails()
[13-Mar-2009 09:56:31] **ventura> but doesn't work inside of event transform
[13-Mar-2009 09:56:41] **ventura> I'm stumped
[13-Mar-2009 10:00:35] **raw__> I'd like to get the filesystem usage threshold alerts to display the value in percent rather than in blocks, no idea how I'd go about doing that
[13-Mar-2009 10:00:46] **raw__> any thoughts?
[13-Mar-2009 10:02:39] **ventura> take a look at the netapp zenpack thresholding ... there is an example in one if its templates as to how to do it
[13-Mar-2009 10:03:06] **ventura> by sucking in avail/total/used blocks and then setting max value to be totalBlocks * .9 or some such
[13-Mar-2009 10:03:24] **ventura> with data point selected being usedBlocks
[13-Mar-2009 10:04:03] **raw__> think I might have found the answer
[13-Mar-2009 10:04:05] **raw__>
[13-Mar-2009 10:04:19] **adytum-bot> Title: /dev/arthur: Zenoss Percentage Used for /Perf/Filesystem events (at
[13-Mar-2009 10:04:34] **raw__> going to try it out
[13-Mar-2009 10:05:40] **ventura> works ... I think someone I work with was putting a custom inventory to set the alert percentage per host too
[13-Mar-2009 10:05:52] **ventura> custom inventory -> custom inventory field
[13-Mar-2009 10:07:14] **raw__> cool
[13-Mar-2009 10:12:00] **raw__> yeh, looks good
[13-Mar-2009 10:12:08] **raw__> Disk space low: 96.1% used (8.02 GB free)
[13-Mar-2009 10:12:15] **raw__> Disk space low: 91.2% used (24.14 GB free)
[13-Mar-2009 10:13:01] **gemineye> raw, you talking to yourself again?
[13-Mar-2009 10:13:23] **raw__>
[13-Mar-2009 10:13:58] * Sweeper angers angrily
[13-Mar-2009 10:14:13] **Sweeper> anyone have zenoss running via mod_proxy?
[13-Mar-2009 10:14:19] **Sweeper> specifically using ssl
[13-Mar-2009 10:19:37] **raw__> gemineye :  I was actually confirming that what ventura said worked
[13-Mar-2009 10:32:29] **Disconnect> is there a way to force zenoss to retest a service?
[13-Mar-2009 10:32:36] **Disconnect> rather than having to wait for it to come around on it's own..
[13-Mar-2009 10:33:14] **venturaville> what kind of service?
[13-Mar-2009 10:33:49] **Disconnect> ntp in this case
[13-Mar-2009 10:34:10] **Disconnect> but in general.. get an alert, fix the problem, force a retest to clear the alert (as opposed to just ack/history/etc)
[13-Mar-2009 10:37:45] **venturaville> you can use clear events
[13-Mar-2009 10:38:01] **venturaville> I think these are already implemented for some things in the event mapping tree by default
[13-Mar-2009 10:39:20] **venturaville> ok ... it seems that event transforms only have access to the events as an EventClassInstance instead of the full Event
[13-Mar-2009 10:39:28] **venturaville> so how do I get access to it?
[13-Mar-2009 10:42:59] **evilliger> I kludged my zenoss core when I was working with ipservices.
[13-Mar-2009 10:43:40] **evilliger> I deleted /Services/IpService/Privileged/ntp because I and duplicate hosts, but I could remove the hosts.
[13-Mar-2009 10:44:12] **evilliger> I re-added ntp, but now when I try to add it to a host, I get a crazy full-page error.
[13-Mar-2009 10:45:19] **evilliger> one of the errors is "AttributeError: sendString"
[13-Mar-2009 10:45:53] **evilliger> URL: file:ZenModel/skins/zenmodel/
[13-Mar-2009 10:46:06] **evilliger> Line 104, Column 12
[13-Mar-2009 10:46:23] **evilliger> Expression: standard: 'here/getSendString'
[13-Mar-2009 10:47:11] **evilliger> Can anyone help me in fixing/understanding this issue?
[13-Mar-2009 10:47:21] **cico> anybody successfully monitoring d-link firewalls?
[13-Mar-2009 10:57:50] **perr0> cico: turn on snmp on your d-link device
[13-Mar-2009 10:58:13] **cico> that, I did (: thnx
[13-Mar-2009 10:58:27] **perr0> and still not working?
[13-Mar-2009 10:58:37] **cico> kind of..
[13-Mar-2009 10:59:20] **cico> I tried loading a MIB db but zenoss still does not recognize oids..
[13-Mar-2009 10:59:32] **raw__> ok, so I'm trying to monitor this transform and I'm doing: evt.summary = "threshold of Disk 90 Percent usage exceeded: current value %s" % (p)
[13-Mar-2009 10:59:42] **raw__> but it's displaying the percent to like the 10th decimal point
[13-Mar-2009 10:59:47] **raw__> how would I go about rounding it off?
[13-Mar-2009 11:00:28] **raw__> monitor this transform = modify this transform (my brain is fried today, busy morning)
[13-Mar-2009 11:00:31] **cico> but that's not the main problem: it seems not to be polling the device to draw graphs..!
[13-Mar-2009 11:00:49] **evilliger> df -h
[13-Mar-2009 11:02:47] **perr0> are you referring to the IO network graphs?
[13-Mar-2009 11:02:54] **perr0> cpu/mem?
[13-Mar-2009 11:05:35] **raw__> ah, had to replace %s with %3.1f%
[13-Mar-2009 11:07:23] **cico> perr0: I deleted those, since they weren't working too..
[13-Mar-2009 11:08:05] **cico> I added one with the first OID I found, a rough "number of connections" (minus some funny spelling error)
[13-Mar-2009 11:12:23] **perr0> cico: sorry something urgent came up brb
[13-Mar-2009 11:12:34] **cico> np
[13-Mar-2009 11:26:55] **raw__> if I back up devices, will it save all the info that Zenoss has discovered for them as well?
[13-Mar-2009 11:27:16] **raw__> like, I have some servers that have been setup with a list of WinServices manually, and I have to move them to another box
[13-Mar-2009 11:27:24] **raw__> I don't want to lose or have to repeat all of that work
[13-Mar-2009 11:28:23] **mrayzenoss> zenbackup will save all your configuration
[13-Mar-2009 11:28:33] **raw__> ok, sweet, just wanted to make sure
[13-Mar-2009 11:28:36] **raw__> thanks
[13-Mar-2009 11:28:38] **mrayzenoss> events and configuration, not your ZenPacks though
[13-Mar-2009 11:29:23] **raw__> that's fine, I'm moving them over to a server which already has all of the zenpacks installed on it
[13-Mar-2009 11:29:31] **mrayzenoss> off to another meeting
[13-Mar-2009 11:30:11] **raw__> I wanted to ask, is there any particular reason why you have to actually remove a zenpack and then re-add it in development mode to make modifications to it? It's a bit of a pain, couldn't an option be added that would allow you to toggle it in to and out of development mode?
[13-Mar-2009 11:30:17] **raw__> would be much more convenient
[13-Mar-2009 11:30:54] **raw__> there might be a good reason as to why it's setup the way it is, just curious
[13-Mar-2009 11:44:30] **evilliger> I have a disk monitoring question.
[13-Mar-2009 11:45:50] **evilliger> i have several disks that I don't want to monitor and even though i disable monitoring for them, I still get the disk performance alerts. I there a way that I can disable those as well?
[13-Mar-2009 11:53:23] **raw__> disk performance, like /Perf/Filesystem?
[13-Mar-2009 11:53:26] **raw__> or something else?
[13-Mar-2009 12:10:50] **kdonbro> good day all
[13-Mar-2009 12:11:03] **kdonbro> anyone listening
[13-Mar-2009 12:17:23] **jeld> hello all
[13-Mar-2009 12:17:36] **jeld> is there any way to manually remove a fudged zenpack?
[13-Mar-2009 12:51:18] **raw__> is it showing up as broken or whatever under zenpacks?
[13-Mar-2009 12:53:56] **kdonbro> how to set the default ip for device discovery?
[13-Mar-2009 12:59:28] **kdonbro> any one there
[13-Mar-2009 13:05:39] **kdonbro> any one to answer questions
[13-Mar-2009 13:09:26] **jeld> can someone remind me, what files should I edit when installing zenoss from RPM on a RHEL system? To make it use MySQL password
[13-Mar-2009 13:13:07] **Disconnect> ok how do i get from an event to a performance template? (need to adjust thresholds on a certain class)
[13-Mar-2009 13:13:28] **sergeymasushko> I've installed custom script that I run via zencommand. when script pass checking it returns nothing. when the script detect some failures it returns a list of errors. how can I parse them and put in the event?
[13-Mar-2009 13:45:30] **raw__> anyone know why my WMI performance monitoring templates are working perfectly fine but when I actually try to model the device using WMI it's picking up absolutely nothing?
[13-Mar-2009 13:45:38] **raw__> no WinServices, no ports, no hostname even
[13-Mar-2009 13:55:04] **magnachef> ping mray
[13-Mar-2009 14:02:48] **magnachef> mray: I created the tickets for the upgrade logging (4645) and bringing back the History tab (4647)
[13-Mar-2009 14:02:48] **mrayzenoss> yo
[13-Mar-2009 14:03:11] **magnachef> I meant to do it Monday or Tuesday but got sidetracked
[13-Mar-2009 14:03:27] **magnachef> (not sure if you remember the conversation)
[13-Mar-2009 14:03:35] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I remember
[13-Mar-2009 14:04:09] **mrayzenoss> did that clear up after you got fixed your events console bug?
[13-Mar-2009 14:04:32] **magnachef> yeah the issue with the Event Console had to do with a custom viewEvents template from 2.1.3
[13-Mar-2009 14:05:08] **mrayzenoss> so you now have "View Event History..." link?
[13-Mar-2009 14:05:12] **magnachef> yep
[13-Mar-2009 14:05:41] **magnachef> I thought I was going crazy when you were telling me about it the other day, glad to know why now :-)
[13-Mar-2009 14:05:55] **mrayzenoss> 4647 is unlikely to come back, they're planning on redoing the Event Console in the King Crab release
[13-Mar-2009 14:06:15] **mrayzenoss> 4645 seems pretty valid
[13-Mar-2009 14:06:25] **magnachef> that's cool, I figured it's worth a shot
[13-Mar-2009 14:07:17] **magnachef> yeah, I think 4645 would be a big help
[13-Mar-2009 14:07:34] **mrayzenoss> yeah, that's very handy
[13-Mar-2009 14:09:14] **mrayzenoss> I moved them from the Future Milesstone, since we're not reviewing those weekly
[13-Mar-2009 14:09:49] **mrayzenoss> the current defect reviews just look at "Blue Crab", since we're trying to address those assigned against the release we're trying to put out
[13-Mar-2009 14:09:51] **unpaidbill> crap, i just installed zenoss on a new system and forgot to write the pw down, then rebooted. i'm trying that script but it isnt taking /usr/local/zenoss/inituser even after a restart, what am i doing wrong?
[13-Mar-2009 14:09:58] **magnachef> cool, I wasn't sure where to place them - I figured you would take care of that ;-)
[13-Mar-2009 14:10:21] **unpaidbill> or should it be in /usr/local/zenoss/zenoss
[13-Mar-2009 14:10:22] **unpaidbill> hmm
[13-Mar-2009 14:10:38] **magnachef> /opt/zenoss ?
[13-Mar-2009 14:10:43] **unpaidbill> i didnt install to opt
[13-Mar-2009 14:10:56] **unpaidbill> oh you're not talking to me
[13-Mar-2009 14:11:10] **magnachef> I was
[13-Mar-2009 14:11:12] **unpaidbill> oh
[13-Mar-2009 14:11:29] **unpaidbill> i just moved it to /usr/local/zenoss/zenoss/inituser and im restarting..
[13-Mar-2009 14:12:56] **unpaidbill> ok that worked, woo
[13-Mar-2009 14:26:16] **jeld> I have a clean install, how safe is it to remove Device organizers I don't need? How safe is it to remove services I don't need?
[13-Mar-2009 14:26:48] **magnachef> should be fine
[13-Mar-2009 14:27:23] **jeld> OK, what is the KVM organizer for?
[13-Mar-2009 14:27:32] **jeld> virtual machines?
[13-Mar-2009 14:27:46] **magnachef> not sure, never used it
[13-Mar-2009 14:28:06] **jeld> Ping is for devices that don't respond to anything but ping?
[13-Mar-2009 14:28:06] **cgibbons> hurm
[13-Mar-2009 14:28:32] **magnachef> you'll want ping
[13-Mar-2009 14:29:20] **mrayzenoss> jeld: KVM over IP devices I assume
[13-Mar-2009 14:29:22] **magnachef> it will do ping tests along with snmp or ssh monitoring
[13-Mar-2009 14:29:55] **jeld> mrayzenoss, strange for it to be there by default
[13-Mar-2009 14:30:09] **mrayzenoss> I guess it doesn't fit under anything else
[13-Mar-2009 14:30:12] **jeld> magnachef, but it will not if the devices are not in it
[13-Mar-2009 14:30:38] **magnachef> oh, nm...I misunderstood when you were saying
[13-Mar-2009 14:30:48] **jeld> mrayzenoss, well, it doesn't seem to have any templates of its own, so out it goes, together with windows and darwin
[13-Mar-2009 14:30:55] **mrayzenoss> heh
[13-Mar-2009 14:31:40] **jeld> I wish there was a way to see ALL templates without clicking on every organizer
[13-Mar-2009 14:32:19] **unpaidbill> why does zenoss keep crashing when i go to add a datasource to a newly created template under a /Server/Linux device
[13-Mar-2009 14:32:25] **unpaidbill> it's driving me crazy
[13-Mar-2009 14:32:52] **unpaidbill>
[13-Mar-2009 14:32:58] **unpaidbill> go to data sources -> add data source
[13-Mar-2009 14:33:06] **unpaidbill> then i have to restart zenoss because it gives up
[13-Mar-2009 14:33:50] **magnachef> that's an internal IP, we can't get to it
[13-Mar-2009 14:34:14] **unpaidbill> yeah i was just showing you explicitly where i was in the zenoss app
[13-Mar-2009 14:34:25] **unpaidbill> i guess it was kind of pointless since im sure you knew what i was talking about
[13-Mar-2009 14:34:34] **cgibbons> jeld: go to /Devices and then click All Templates from the More menu
[13-Mar-2009 14:34:52] **jeld> Ha!
[13-Mar-2009 14:35:16] **cgibbons> don't forget the chicken blood first
[13-Mar-2009 14:35:17] **magnachef> unpaid: perhaps there are some errors in the $ZENHOME/logs directory
[13-Mar-2009 14:36:17] **unpaidbill> checked
[13-Mar-2009 14:36:20] **unpaidbill> nothign of interest
[13-Mar-2009 14:36:28] **unpaidbill> maybe i can increase debugging
[13-Mar-2009 14:36:45] **unpaidbill> seems like this would be a known issue though
[13-Mar-2009 14:36:48] **unpaidbill> happened on two different servers
[13-Mar-2009 14:36:51] **unpaidbill> exact same bug
[13-Mar-2009 14:36:59] **unpaidbill> pretty easy to replicate, i'm using the latest senoss, 2.3
[13-Mar-2009 14:39:54] **unpaidbill> you've installed asterisk zenpack?
[13-Mar-2009 14:39:57] **unpaidbill> haha
[13-Mar-2009 14:40:00] **unpaidbill> that's the problem
[13-Mar-2009 14:40:06] **unpaidbill> needs better error handling
[13-Mar-2009 14:41:47] **perr0> thinking outloud?
[13-Mar-2009 14:41:56] **unpaidbill> yea pretty much
[13-Mar-2009 14:42:22] **unpaidbill> it helps me solidify my position as the most annoying person on irc
[13-Mar-2009 15:27:30] **HKhan> hmm does my snmpd.conf file have to have something special in it for zenoss to monitor processes?
[13-Mar-2009 15:28:58] **rhett_> no
[13-Mar-2009 15:30:06] **HKhan> ah ok
[13-Mar-2009 15:32:30] **HKhan> hm, my redhat box has HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrSWRunName and HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrSWRunPath, but my gentoo machine only shows HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrSWRunName, both have the same config files :s
[13-Mar-2009 15:32:39] **jeld> zentrap keeps dieing without any error messages do I need something special for it to work?
[13-Mar-2009 15:33:18] **mrayzenoss> is zenping working?
[13-Mar-2009 15:33:43] **mrayzenoss> I believe they both use the zensocket
[13-Mar-2009 15:34:24] **Disconnect> so i'm not ripping on zenoss but has anyone, anywhere found a reasonable way to present, edit and maintain alerting rules? i remember way back when bb4 had a disaster of a semicolon-delimited format that was - at the time - revolutionary for being .. sorta.. easy and super powerful. it doesn't seem like anyone has advanced much beyond that..
[13-Mar-2009 15:36:14] **mrayzenoss> we're open to suggestions
[13-Mar-2009 15:36:33] **mrayzenoss> the UI is going to get a bit of a facelift in the next, next release
[13-Mar-2009 15:36:36] **pgega> hello , I try to build zenoss on linux but it fails on wmi
[13-Mar-2009 15:37:35] **pgega> any way to build it without wmi ?
[13-Mar-2009 15:37:38] **mrayzenoss> from SVN or from the tarball?
[13-Mar-2009 15:37:56] **mrayzenoss> pgega: you could probably find that in the Makefile and comment it out
[13-Mar-2009 15:38:13] **pgega> tarball
[13-Mar-2009 15:38:18] **pgega> i have
[13-Mar-2009 15:38:24] **mrayzenoss> pgega: blowing up with "cp: cannot stat `bin/shared/**': No such file or directory"?
[13-Mar-2009 15:38:39] **pgega> ya , thats the problem
[13-Mar-2009 15:39:07] **Disconnect> mrayzenoss: seriously, not picking on zenoss.
[13-Mar-2009 15:39:32] **mrayzenoss> Disconnect: I'm serious too, we're actively taking the UI apart right now with a consultant, and we'd love input
[13-Mar-2009 15:40:20] **Disconnect> ok i'll think about it and let you know. fwiw some way to visualize it or search by time or by system might be nice. (so i could say, for example, "show me a week calendar with users and classes")
[13-Mar-2009 15:41:12] **mrayzenoss> Enterprise has a maintenance windows report, but a nice Calendar view would be sweeter
[13-Mar-2009 15:41:31] **mrayzenoss> like Google Calendar with maintenance windows and alert rules
[13-Mar-2009 15:42:21] **Disconnect> hey, total stupid question, but is there a way to buy individual packs out of enterprise and such?
[13-Mar-2009 15:43:57] **mrayzenoss> nope
[13-Mar-2009 15:44:32] **mrayzenoss> we try to keep things simple for our customer support
[13-Mar-2009 15:45:18] **mrayzenoss> that said, there are lots of Community alternatives
[13-Mar-2009 15:45:26] **mrayzenoss> which one?
[13-Mar-2009 15:46:19] **pgega> mrayzenoss, zenoss builds happily without wmi in makefile but i cannot add a device to the classes as i got that
[13-Mar-2009 15:46:26] **adytum-bot> Title: #415653 - Pastie (at
[13-Mar-2009 15:46:30] **Disconnect> i just need tomcat and maybe oracle
[13-Mar-2009 15:46:49] **mrayzenoss> tomcat you could probably do with the ZenJMX ZenPack
[13-Mar-2009 15:46:53] **Disconnect> (i am the admin. so roles, windows, etc are all kinda a waste here ..)
[13-Mar-2009 15:47:00] **Disconnect> yah i was looking at that one. its on my list for monday.
[13-Mar-2009 15:47:29] **mrayzenoss> Oracle is problematic since it uses some of Oracle's stuff.
[13-Mar-2009 15:47:54] **mrayzenoss> You could probably write your own by looking at the MySQL and PostgreSQL ZenPacks
[13-Mar-2009 15:47:57] **Disconnect> if i have to i'll just adapt the nagios tests that are out there. i need to get good at that anyway, all the application/product tests are in nagios right now
[13-Mar-2009 15:48:02] **mrayzenoss> they use nagios plugins
[13-Mar-2009 15:48:11] **Disconnect> but if its already out there i'm not opposed to spending money
[13-Mar-2009 15:48:43] **mrayzenoss> pgega: so it's blowing up because we try to model things with WMI
[13-Mar-2009 15:49:03] **mrayzenoss> pgega: what platform?
[13-Mar-2009 15:49:10] **mrayzenoss> pgega: or distro are you using?
[13-Mar-2009 15:52:40] **pgega> gentoo
[13-Mar-2009 15:55:26] **mrayzenoss> pgega: take a look at this thread.  He ran into the same issue with autoconf
[13-Mar-2009 15:55:27] **mrayzenoss>
[13-Mar-2009 15:55:34] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - 2.3.0 build problem - FreeBSD 7 - RESOLVED (at
[13-Mar-2009 15:55:43] **mrayzenoss> even though it's FreeBSD, I believe it's the same issue
[13-Mar-2009 15:56:14] **mrayzenoss> downgrading the WMI piece seems to work too
[13-Mar-2009 15:59:17] **pgega> mrayzenoss, i commented AC_REQUIRE already - did not help unfortunately
[13-Mar-2009 16:58:15] **unpaidbill> is there any way to add a data source that is calculated by the value of two OIDs?
[13-Mar-2009 16:58:37] **unpaidbill> i want to divide prtMarkerSuppliesLevel.1.1 by prtMarkerSuppliesMaxCapacity.1.1 to get the percentage
[13-Mar-2009 17:01:19] **mrayzenoss> you could probably use a command datasource with snmpget and a shell script
[13-Mar-2009 17:01:29] **unpaidbill> yeah
[13-Mar-2009 17:01:38] **unpaidbill> i was hoping there was some kind of option i was overlooking
[13-Mar-2009 17:01:53] **mrayzenoss> not that I'm specifically aware of
[13-Mar-2009 17:02:01] **unpaidbill> oh wait
[13-Mar-2009 17:02:06] **mrayzenoss> but it's been a long day and I'm about to head for vacation
[13-Mar-2009 17:02:30] **unpaidbill> i swear i saw math somewhere between two values
[13-Mar-2009 17:02:39] **unpaidbill> maybe it was in the graph area
[13-Mar-2009 17:09:19] **aberinkula> anyone alive?
[13-Mar-2009 17:09:24] **unpaidbill> yes
[13-Mar-2009 17:09:37] **aberinkula> need some help
[13-Mar-2009 17:10:22] **aberinkula> im having problem with my dashboard
[13-Mar-2009 17:10:33] **aberinkula> its blank
[13-Mar-2009 17:10:41] **aberinkula> any idea how to fix it ?
[13-Mar-2009 17:10:57] **unpaidbill> sorry, im in the need help boat as well
[13-Mar-2009 17:11:06] **unpaidbill> i dont know much about the software
[13-Mar-2009 17:11:07] **aberinkula> damn
[13-Mar-2009 17:11:10] **mrayzenoss> aberinkula: try clearing your browser cache
[13-Mar-2009 17:11:17] **aberinkula> have done that
[13-Mar-2009 17:12:29] **aberinkula> sudo zenmigrate --step=PortletManager
[13-Mar-2009 17:12:41] **aberinkula> did try this as well, found on some forum
[13-Mar-2009 17:12:54] **jeld> somehow the events from the system zenoss is running on are not being logged, should I stop syslog or configure it in any particualr way?
[13-Mar-2009 17:22:36] **unpaidbill> in case anyone else was wondering.. graphing one value from two datapoints
[13-Mar-2009 17:22:50] **adytum-bot> Title: Erin Go To Jail - March 13, 2009 (at
[13-Mar-2009 17:23:22] **rhett_> this does not seem relevant!
[13-Mar-2009 17:28:32] **unpaidbill> wait
[13-Mar-2009 17:28:38] **unpaidbill> that was the wrong url hah
[13-Mar-2009 17:28:43] **unpaidbill>
[13-Mar-2009 17:28:57] **adytum-bot> Title: Graphing One Value from 2 Datapoints - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[13-Mar-2009 17:29:15] **unpaidbill> so you have to add your datapoints to the graph, set them to not draw a line, create a custom data point and use the rrdtool RPN stuff to do the math
[13-Mar-2009 17:29:33] **unpaidbill> very nifty! so in RPN i put current_capacity_toner_current_capacity,maxcapacity_toner_maxcapacity,/,100,*
[13-Mar-2009 17:29:36] **unpaidbill> and viola.
[13-Mar-2009 17:29:41] **unpaidbill> i now have a percentage
[13-Mar-2009 17:33:07] **rhett_> damn rpn!
[13-Mar-2009 17:42:17] **unpaidbill> so you have to make the CDEF in 'add custom' which creates a variable, then you have to make another custom of type 'LINE' that references the CDEF you made..
[13-Mar-2009 17:42:22] **unpaidbill> ok i'm like a pro now
[13-Mar-2009 17:42:37] **rhett_> correct
[13-Mar-2009 17:42:50] **unpaidbill> rrdtool has never been so fun
[13-Mar-2009 17:42:53] **rhett_> its nice when things work isnt it
[13-Mar-2009 17:42:58] **rhett_> haha its fun
[13-Mar-2009 17:43:06] **unpaidbill> i used to do all my graphs with perl and rrdtool
[13-Mar-2009 17:43:13] **unpaidbill> kind of a pain in the as ssometimes, still fun
[13-Mar-2009 17:43:20] **unpaidbill> but man, zenoss makes this EXCITING
[13-Mar-2009 17:43:27] **rhett_> i just wish it was easier to apply cdefs  in zenoss
[13-Mar-2009 17:43:30] **unpaidbill> so fast and easy to generate everything
[13-Mar-2009 17:43:41] **unpaidbill> yeah the process does seem a bit cumbersome
[13-Mar-2009 17:44:05] **rhett_> i suppose thats why i have both cacti and zenoss
[13-Mar-2009 17:44:20] **unpaidbill> i've never heard of cacti
[13-Mar-2009 17:44:37] **unpaidbill> oh wow
[13-Mar-2009 17:45:10] **rhett_> also ive found the rra's for the zenoss graphs to not be accurate for monthly views and waht not so what we're getting billed for bandwidth does not show correctly in zenoss for my 95th usage but is pretty accurate in my cacti stuff
[13-Mar-2009 17:45:27] **rhett_> it was almost 2 megs off (zenoss)
[13-Mar-2009 17:48:48] **unpaidbill> weird
[13-Mar-2009 17:50:52] **rhett_> that shows the value of the rra's though
[13-Mar-2009 17:51:52] **rhett_> i would also like to see more granular control over the time frames on graphs being show. like be able to set the dates from and to and show the data rather then clicking weekly/monthly and using arrows to navigate forward and back
[13-Mar-2009 18:24:36] **unpaidbill> yeah, that would be nice.  maybe in 2.4
[13-Mar-2009 18:24:44] **unpaidbill> heh
[13-Mar-2009 18:27:09] x-spec-t is now known as Spec
[13-Mar-2009 18:56:45] **unpaidbill> is it possible to get the device issues portlet to show warnings? right now it's showing error/critical only
[13-Mar-2009 18:57:00] **unpaidbill> i dont see anything in settings to change it though ,and nothing in the portlet configuration
[13-Mar-2009 18:57:17] **unpaidbill> and it looks like it used t obe severity 3 or higher accordign to some random dude in the forums
[13-Mar-2009 20:33:31] **marl_scot> hi folks, i have just installed zenoss from source (2.3.3) and i now have a very nice web frontend, i can add new devices, but dont appear to get any information back from them, also i have noticed that according to the manual, if i goto settings/users/admin/alerting rules i should see an 'add alerting rule' but i cant see this, anyone point me in the rite direction to solve this?
[13-Mar-2009 20:33:54] **marl_scot> i should point out htat i dont seem to have any of the installed monitors etc that seem to be assumed by the manual
[13-Mar-2009 20:34:04] **marl_scot> have i missed something in the install maybe?
[13-Mar-2009 22:46:59] **snowgod> anyone around? I'm having a strange issue trying to create new IpServices in the webui - and I think I must be missing something obvious
[13-Mar-2009 22:54:35] **sergeymasushko> what are you trying to add?
[13-Mar-2009 22:57:50] **snowgod> Just a simple IpService for port 50 (tcp) called smtp_alt which the same expect setting as the stock smtp service
[13-Mar-2009 22:58:43] **snowgod> It adds correctly, and shows up in the Services section. However, when I try to add it to a device, it says it can not find the service (after I complete the Add IpService dialog
[13-Mar-2009 23:04:01] **sergeymasushko> try to add it by this way...
[13-Mar-2009 23:04:01] **sergeymasushko> 1. open the 'OS' tab of needed device. 2. in the 'IP Services' section click on the 'Port' link. There should appear a list of available ports 3. click on a name on needed port... 4. set 'Monitor' to 'true'
[13-Mar-2009 23:06:52] **snowgod> I don't see a "Port" link in the ip services section
[13-Mar-2009 23:07:28] **snowgod> In the menu on the IpServices table, I see Add IpService, Lock IpService and Delete IpService
[13-Mar-2009 23:08:47] **sergeymasushko> just click on the word 'Port' in the header ' Name Proto Port Ips Description Status M Lock' that below blue line
[13-Mar-2009 23:11:17] **snowgod> that just resorts the list by Port, and shows currently unmonitored services. It doesn't let you add services that have not already been added to the device (either manually or by discovery)
[13-Mar-2009 23:14:01] **snowgod> What I'm trying to do is manually configure services - rather than discovering them
[13-Mar-2009 23:15:33] **sergeymasushko> actually I never tried to add IP services manually.
[13-Mar-2009 23:16:56] **snowgod> oh Well thanks for trying. I can add any of the "stock" services without a problem - it is just this service I created that is being problematic
[13-Mar-2009 23:17:24] **snowgod> I even tried reindexing my ZODB, thinking that might help
[13-Mar-2009 23:19:06] **sergeymasushko> do you have some custom scripts that you are using via zencommand?
[13-Mar-2009 23:21:09] **snowgod> nope, this is a simple IpService - it is just like the stock smtp and http objects (polled by zenstatus)
[13-Mar-2009 23:21:35] **snowgod> it is basically a copy of the stock smtp IpService, with the port and name changed
[13-Mar-2009 23:22:52] **sergeymasushko> heh... my question is not relevant to your problem... that is something about my one.
[13-Mar-2009 23:23:29] **snowgod> oh - I've played with zencommand a bit - what type of trouble are you having?
[13-Mar-2009 23:25:52] **sergeymasushko> I've a shell script... it returns nothing when all is OK. but when something is wrong it returns a list of errors. How can I create an event in this case?
[13-Mar-2009 23:28:40] **snowgod> Is the script running locally or on a remote host?
[13-Mar-2009 23:30:01] **sergeymasushko> that one is running locally and in the debug I see that it works...
[13-Mar-2009 23:30:32] **snowgod> ok - in order to generate events on an error, you need the shell script to exit with an exit code of 2
[13-Mar-2009 23:30:44] **snowgod> just saying "exit 2" in bash should get the job done
[13-Mar-2009 23:32:27] **sergeymasushko> thanks for the point. will try it.
[13-Mar-2009 23:33:04] **snowgod> also, the way it parses output values (there are a few different options, I'm picking the simplest) is by using a pipe | to seperate the message from any values your returning (if this script is graphing anything in zenrrd)
[13-Mar-2009 23:33:30] **snowgod> If you just want to give a message and no values, just put a pipe at the end of your error message
[13-Mar-2009 23:46:15] **sergeymasushko> it returns a list of string like:
[13-Mar-2009 23:46:15] **sergeymasushko> 6:1-88909@
[13-Mar-2009 23:46:15] **sergeymasushko> 25:1-88945@
[13-Mar-2009 23:46:15] **sergeymasushko> 33:1-88969@
[13-Mar-2009 23:46:15] **sergeymasushko> It would be great if I can create an event for each of them.
[13-Mar-2009 23:48:49] **snowgod> I don't see a code path that would let you create more than one event on the output of a single zencommand
[13-Mar-2009 23:51:24] **sergeymasushko> mmm ok. but, can I that returned list put into event message field for example?
[13-Mar-2009 23:52:03] **snowgod> You can try putting a pipe at the end of the output
[13-Mar-2009 23:57:20] **sergeymasushko> snowgod: thank you a lot. actually here 7 a.m. going to sleep... my brain is too slow now...
[13-Mar-2009 23:57:45] **snowgod> night
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[14-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[14-Mar-2009 07:00:03] **pgega> morning
[14-Mar-2009 07:57:22] int_ is now known as int
[14-Mar-2009 08:26:16] **pgega> did anybody tried to run zenoss on jython ?
[14-Mar-2009 12:03:47] troy is now known as Guest26372
[14-Mar-2009 12:40:41] **bzed> pgega: chances that this will work are really bad
[14-Mar-2009 12:59:15] Guest26372 is now known as troy
[14-Mar-2009 13:07:35] **pgega> bzed, right i tested already , looks like zope has most problems
[14-Mar-2009 13:07:53] **pgega> but there is some project to port zope on jython
[14-Mar-2009 13:08:13] **pgega> so who knows, maybe in the future
[14-Mar-2009 13:11:19] **bzed> then you'd still have to port all the other python extensions
[14-Mar-2009 13:12:48] **pgega> bzed, if they are written in python , it normally works - but i agree every c extensions must be ported
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[15-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[15-Mar-2009 10:17:23] **pgega> hello
[15-Mar-2009 10:19:38] **pgega> I am trying to monitor processes using Processes classes but it shows them as failed, (if i check my regex it maches the processes name and parameters)
[15-Mar-2009 10:20:18] **pgega> is there any way to troubleshoot that from commandlinie so i can see what is that exactly getting from snmp ?
[15-Mar-2009 16:24:21] **sergeymasushko> anybody alive?
[15-Mar-2009 16:24:58] **sergeymasushko> zenoss stopped to send alert emails...
[15-Mar-2009 17:31:42] kevin7kal_ is now known as kevin7kal
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[16-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[16-Mar-2009 02:53:55] **Sweeper> what's the current status of ssh remote monitoring sans the plugins?
[16-Mar-2009 02:54:34] **Sweeper> I'm using   2.3.3
[16-Mar-2009 04:42:57] **ykut_johny> hi
[16-Mar-2009 04:43:48] **ykut_johny> i tried to build zenoss (svn) for freebsd 7.0 release but installation broke at installing gettext-0.17
[16-Mar-2009 04:44:39] **ykut_johny> is the any possible way for me to disable installation for gettext-0.17 via zenoss and install via freebsd package..?
[16-Mar-2009 04:45:10] **ykut_johny> since i already install the gettext via package, i would like to skip it from being install again by zenoss
[16-Mar-2009 04:46:22] **ykut_johny> anyhow, here is the error of gettext from source installation:
[16-Mar-2009 04:46:30] **adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[16-Mar-2009 06:16:42] **tripitaka_> Hi, how do I unbind a template from a device class?
[16-Mar-2009 06:17:05] **tripitaka_> or change the definition path, either would do
[16-Mar-2009 06:24:21] **tripitaka_> ah, nvm:
[16-Mar-2009 06:25:23] **raw__> yup
[16-Mar-2009 10:52:26] **Disconnect> is there any way to rename an alerting schedule?
[16-Mar-2009 12:45:06] **evilliger> I am trying to echo out the event id, but I am getting this error when I run the command.
[16-Mar-2009 12:45:08] **evilliger> type: exceptions.KeyError value: 'evt'
[16-Mar-2009 13:41:07] **raw__> pastebin the code that you're using
[16-Mar-2009 13:42:26] **evilliger> i wasn't using evt in the /ZenEventManager/Commands.
[16-Mar-2009 13:42:56] **raw__> so you're setting it up as an event manager command?
[16-Mar-2009 13:43:00] **raw__> and echoing to where?
[16-Mar-2009 13:43:16] **evilliger> however, now that I've added the command and it is enabled, it doesn't trigger on the matching component.
[16-Mar-2009 13:43:33] **evilliger> echo the output to /tmp/SampleCommandEvent
[16-Mar-2009 13:43:45] **raw__> and how do you have the echo command formatted?
[16-Mar-2009 13:44:03] **evilliger> echo "Event Class is $(evt/component}, is down" >> /tmp/SampleEventCommand
[16-Mar-2009 13:44:14] **evilliger> do i need the absolute path for echo?
[16-Mar-2009 13:44:45] **raw__> I think you may
[16-Mar-2009 13:44:54] **raw__> it wouldn't hurt
[16-Mar-2009 13:45:53] **evilliger> just added it, lets see if it works.
[16-Mar-2009 13:46:55] **raw__> plus, I think evt/component gives the event component, not the class
[16-Mar-2009 13:48:35] **evilliger> What I'm am trying to do is some write commands that are automatically executed by an event, so if a service like smtp goes down, i can have zenoss send the commands to restart it.
[16-Mar-2009 13:49:42] **raw__> I see
[16-Mar-2009 13:51:04] **evilliger> it looks like the eventcommand wasn't triggered.
[16-Mar-2009 13:51:13] **raw__> what filters do you have set?
[16-Mar-2009 13:51:31] **evilliger> component is ssh
[16-Mar-2009 13:51:53] **evilliger> should it be component is "ssh"
[16-Mar-2009 13:51:57] **raw__> does the component actually come in as ssh or as SSH?
[16-Mar-2009 13:52:22] **raw__> and it is specifically the event component correct?
[16-Mar-2009 13:52:29] **raw__> not the event class, or summary, or whatever?
[16-Mar-2009 13:53:11] **evilliger> from the devices event history.
[16-Mar-2009 13:53:37] **raw__> ?
[16-Mar-2009 13:53:42] **evilliger> compent is lowercase ssh, eventClass is /Status/IpService
[16-Mar-2009 13:53:48] **raw__> ok
[16-Mar-2009 13:54:00] **raw__> then yeh, should just be component is ssh
[16-Mar-2009 13:54:02] **raw__> with no ""
[16-Mar-2009 13:54:06] **evilliger> ok
[16-Mar-2009 13:55:56] **evilliger> does the zencommand daemon execute the eventcommands?
[16-Mar-2009 13:56:07] **raw__> yeh, it should
[16-Mar-2009 13:57:17] **evilliger> I am looking at zencommand log and I do not see that command being executed. I only have 1 command scheduled, which is check_http.
[16-Mar-2009 13:57:36] **raw__> I'm using the following as an event command:
[16-Mar-2009 13:57:51] **raw__> /mspfiles/scripts/ 'cca-00004' '${dev/id}' '${dev/manageIp}' `hostname -f` '${evt/firstTime}' '${evt/lastTime}' '${evt/count}' '${evt/summary}' 'System Monitor Error' '${evt/message}' '${evt/severity}' '${evt/DeviceGroups}' '${evt/DevicePriority}' >> ~/ApiOutput
[16-Mar-2009 13:57:53] **raw__> and it works fine
[16-Mar-2009 13:59:16] **raw__> event filter is:
[16-Mar-2009 13:59:19] **raw__> (prodState = 1000) and (component != 'BROWSER') and (eventClass != '/Unknown') and (message not like '%Command timed out on device%') and (severity >= 2)
[16-Mar-2009 14:02:12] **evilliger> Thanks for the assistance. It looks like I'll need to play with the filter and the command format.
[16-Mar-2009 14:02:22] **raw__> yeh
[16-Mar-2009 14:03:00] **evilliger> Also, I found an app under EPEL called 'func'  it executes commands on remote systems.
[16-Mar-2009 14:03:13] **evilliger> It's based on python and has an API.
[16-Mar-2009 14:03:31] **evilliger> This is what I am planning to use to execute my remote commands.
[16-Mar-2009 14:03:45] **raw__> I see
[16-Mar-2009 14:04:06] **raw__> you sure it doesn't require the remote systems having some sort of daemon installed on them?
[16-Mar-2009 14:04:24] **evilliger> it does...
[16-Mar-2009 14:04:32] **evilliger> certmaster and func.
[16-Mar-2009 14:04:49] **raw__> you could probably just use netcat to do the same thing
[16-Mar-2009 14:05:03] **evilliger> the nice part about func and certmaster is that you don't need to supply a password.
[16-Mar-2009 14:05:14] **evilliger> it uses certs to manage the security.
[16-Mar-2009 14:05:21] **raw__> or setup a cron job on each box that reads from a file shared over nfs, and have each system itself issue the commands when it sees certain keywords in the file
[16-Mar-2009 14:07:23] **evilliger> interesting ideas
[16-Mar-2009 14:07:36] **evilliger> need to take care of a prod issue.
[16-Mar-2009 14:08:21] * raw___ pokes raw__
[16-Mar-2009 14:08:38] **raw___> begone, ghost!
[16-Mar-2009 14:10:01] raw___ is now known as raw__
[16-Mar-2009 14:31:39] **unpaidbill> is there any way to add data sources from the command line
[16-Mar-2009 14:31:46] **unpaidbill> so i can batch add a couple hundred
[16-Mar-2009 15:06:31] **rhett_> using rrdtool you can
[16-Mar-2009 15:06:39] **rhett_> just make sure you use the same rra's as in zenoss
[16-Mar-2009 15:29:52] **lavermil> Hello, I have a question regarding architecture. Does zenoss support a distributed model? Hub and spoke model with the use of HTTPS?
[16-Mar-2009 15:38:24] **Disconnect> ok i'm confused. ntpmonitor is throwing offset errors. this is good. but i need to adjust it's ideas of warning/error. but when i go into the template, there are no thresholds set at all. just a data source. where should i be looking for the thresholds?
[16-Mar-2009 15:57:12] **lavermil> hello are there any zenoss folks here?
[16-Mar-2009 15:58:52] **perr0> no
[16-Mar-2009 15:59:04] **lavermil> I am getting that idea.
[16-Mar-2009 15:59:18] **perr0> actually this room is quite active
[16-Mar-2009 15:59:50] **perr0> is this your first time here lavemil?
[16-Mar-2009 16:00:13] **lavermil> I was in here about 1 year ago for about two weeks while I was giving zenoss a test run
[16-Mar-2009 16:00:52] **lavermil> now that requirements have changed I have a rather simple architecture question that I need answered to see if it is able to support my needs.
[16-Mar-2009 16:02:37] **lavermil> Does zenoss support a distributed model? Hub and spoke model with the use of HTTPS?
[16-Mar-2009 16:15:26] **Schwartz> you can set up distributed collectors, though not natively with https as far as I can see, though you can just use stunnel and point the collector and hubs to localhost:port of the stunnel
[16-Mar-2009 16:16:39] **lavermil> basically if the product doesn't do it natively then it is not acceptable. it needs to be able to support failure of communication and then bring up the connection again secured.
[16-Mar-2009 16:16:49] **lavermil> that is the same issue I have with OpenNMS
[16-Mar-2009 16:16:59] **lavermil> no support for this sort of architecture
[16-Mar-2009 16:26:48] **Schwartz> I believe the enterprise version is more geared towards doing this
[16-Mar-2009 16:26:56] **Schwartz> I could be wrong though, I'm just a user myself
[16-Mar-2009 16:27:06] **lavermil> got ya
[16-Mar-2009 16:27:06] **Schwartz> in fact, trying to set up distributed monitoring as we speak
[16-Mar-2009 16:27:21] **lavermil> getting a hold of a zenoss sales person is seeming to be not fun
[16-Mar-2009 16:27:24] **lavermil> I would think it would be easy
[16-Mar-2009 16:27:32] **lavermil> but I am thinking of bigger companies I guess.
[16-Mar-2009 16:28:02] **Schwartz> indeed. the small to medium commercial monitoring solutions companies seem to be a pretty small market.
[16-Mar-2009 16:28:22] **Schwartz> unfortunately, I didn't have the money for spectrum
[16-Mar-2009 16:28:39] **Schwartz> and I loathe nagios.
[16-Mar-2009 16:28:55] **lavermil> I have money to spend, I just need the product that will work for me
[16-Mar-2009 16:29:19] **lavermil> I really need a small - medium setup but I will be buying many of these for each one of my products I sell.
[16-Mar-2009 16:29:25] **lavermil> spectrum...what is that?
[16-Mar-2009 16:30:44] **lavermil> you odn't happen to know the default password for the zenoss webapp for the vmware edition?
[16-Mar-2009 16:31:59] **Schwartz> it may not actually be around any more. originally done by cabletron, then split into 3 different companies, enterasys, riverstone and .. something
[16-Mar-2009 16:32:14] **Schwartz> not sure, but guess would be admin / zenoss
[16-Mar-2009 16:32:38] **lavermil> kudos on the guess
[16-Mar-2009 16:32:39] **lavermil> hehe
[16-Mar-2009 16:33:01] **Schwartz> seems to be fairly standard
[16-Mar-2009 16:36:58] **lavermil> it must be holiday at zenoss cause no one answers on any extension. grrr
[16-Mar-2009 16:38:55] **Schwartz> the guys here tend to be fairly responsive during the morning hours
[16-Mar-2009 16:56:28] **lavermil> Schwartz: since you are a user
[16-Mar-2009 16:56:46] **lavermil> does zenoss have graphical reports or only textual?
[16-Mar-2009 16:56:57] **Schwartz> almost all graphs
[16-Mar-2009 16:57:11] **lavermil> let me clarify a little more, not MRTG graphs for the graphical reports
[16-Mar-2009 16:57:14] **Schwartz> pretty much anything it grabs it stuffs into an rrd file
[16-Mar-2009 16:57:21] **lavermil> UGH
[16-Mar-2009 16:57:33] **Schwartz>
[16-Mar-2009 16:57:38] **lavermil> not very pretty for executive level reports
[16-Mar-2009 16:58:04] **Schwartz> I like RRD, you can define how much data you want to keep at what granularity, can stack, area, line, etc etc
[16-Mar-2009 16:58:08] **lavermil> openNMS has a nice availability report, it hasn't been updated in a years that is my issue.
[16-Mar-2009 16:58:12] **Schwartz> but you're right, it's not a replacement for excel
[16-Mar-2009 16:58:29] **lavermil> I will show you what I am talking aboaut.
[16-Mar-2009 17:07:19] **lavermil> Schwartz:
[16-Mar-2009 17:07:28] **lavermil> click Availability and Response
[16-Mar-2009 17:07:40] **lavermil> then Device Availability Dashboard
[16-Mar-2009 17:09:16] **Schwartz> nice.
[16-Mar-2009 17:09:23] **Schwartz> I was wrong, there are some text based reports.
[16-Mar-2009 17:09:35] **Schwartz> however, I don't know if zenoss can do something like what we see there.
[16-Mar-2009 17:09:58] **Schwartz> rrd is good for trending, but it's not great for reports, as granular data is lost rather quickly.
[16-Mar-2009 17:10:14] **Schwartz> I'm not sure if zenoss can do reports based on the events to generate availability stats
[16-Mar-2009 17:10:22] **lavermil> got ya
[16-Mar-2009 17:10:26] **lavermil> these types of reports are sweet
[16-Mar-2009 17:11:42] **lavermil> opennms can do this only for the top 20 down offenders
[16-Mar-2009 17:11:48] **lavermil> but I need it for all
[16-Mar-2009 17:12:11] **lavermil> and I need a distributed model that does secure communication via hub/spoke
[16-Mar-2009 17:12:14] **Schwartz> understood. I'm not the best one to answer unfortunately. I haven't gotten to that bit of my tweaking with zenoss
[16-Mar-2009 17:12:26] **lavermil> got ya
[16-Mar-2009 17:13:23] **Schwartz> I'm sure one of the guys can probably answer a bit better, would recommend early morning
[16-Mar-2009 17:13:38] **lavermil> sweet. thx
[16-Mar-2009 17:14:15] **Schwartz> no prob
[16-Mar-2009 17:30:08] **marl_scot> hi folks, i have install zenoss from source (2.3.3) and am having some problems relating the getting started manual to what i see on screen like in the manual it says to add a new device , to enter device class path as /server/linux but all i see in the drop down box is '/' there are also several other prob lems, like i dont seem to have buttons to add items none of my zenoss meus have a down arrow at the lefthand side, eg to add an alerting rule,
[16-Mar-2009 17:30:08] **marl_scot> anyone point me in the rite direction?
[16-Mar-2009 17:31:37] **rhett_> this does not sound good for business
[16-Mar-2009 17:31:58] **rhett_> i have never had such problems
[16-Mar-2009 17:32:23] **rhett_> i am going to suggest the 'easy' route and try zenoss-stack out
[16-Mar-2009 17:32:51] **Schwartz> or the installer. when I tried zenoss from source, I also had a few .. problems.
[16-Mar-2009 17:33:07] **marl_scot> the installer?
[16-Mar-2009 17:33:50] **Schwartz>
[16-Mar-2009 17:33:55] **marl_scot> ok, trying the stack
[16-Mar-2009 17:33:57] **adytum-bot> Title: Download Links - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[16-Mar-2009 17:34:01] **Schwartz> for the different dists, 32/64 bit installers
[16-Mar-2009 17:41:47] **Schwartz> ~/clear
[16-Mar-2009 17:48:49] **marl_scot> ok, i still only get '/' for the device class path
[16-Mar-2009 17:50:57] **rhett_> did you do stop the zenoss service and start zenoss-stack?
[16-Mar-2009 17:54:18] **marl_scot> yup, just resarted again to make sure
[16-Mar-2009 17:56:02] **rhett_> does zenoss-stack show the same problems as zenoss?
[16-Mar-2009 17:56:42] **marl_scot> i can see the daemons starting etc, i dont see any errors, but still no add options
[16-Mar-2009 17:56:44] **marl_scot> yup
[16-Mar-2009 17:57:02] **marl_scot> think i may just do a reinstall of the server to wipe everything out then try again
[16-Mar-2009 17:57:40] **rhett_> can you verify all the daemons started w/ "service zenoss-stack status"
[16-Mar-2009 17:58:56] **marl_scot> /etc/init.d/zenoss-stack status whos 14 daemons and mysql running
[16-Mar-2009 17:59:10] **marl_scot> ubuntu based dist btw
[16-Mar-2009 18:00:05] **marl_scot> am running linux-vserver as well
[16-Mar-2009 18:15:02] **rhett_> hm
[16-Mar-2009 18:15:59] **rhett_> unsure what the problem is. but it appears its something else since the self contained package has the same issues. at least to me it appears that way.
[16-Mar-2009 18:18:26] **marl_scot> have reinstalled the server jst got to re-run the zenstack program
[16-Mar-2009 18:51:26] **marl_scot> got the add buttons
[16-Mar-2009 18:51:38] **rhett_> :O
[16-Mar-2009 18:51:41] **rhett_> what did you do
[16-Mar-2009 18:51:50] **marl_scot> ok incase u come accross this before, the sequance was this :-
[16-Mar-2009 18:52:19] **marl_scot> ran the stack installer, but due to a small /tmp partition, the installer fails near the end
[16-Mar-2009 18:52:36] **rhett_> ah
[16-Mar-2009 18:52:39] **marl_scot> increase the size of /tmp and re-run the installer, it appears to install ok
[16-Mar-2009 18:53:13] **marl_scot> but then u dont get any of the drop down arrows at the left side of any of the menus
[16-Mar-2009 18:53:25] **rhett_> hm
[16-Mar-2009 18:54:29] **marl_scot> a wierd one thats for sure
[16-Mar-2009 19:06:44] **marl_scot> ok, in the basic install guide it says to set rocumminity to public, does this open up any security issues if i configure a remote server with this for monitoring?
[16-Mar-2009 19:39:44] **lavermil> i haven't used zenoss in a year and it has gotten a little better. good to see projects getting better over time.
[16-Mar-2009 21:31:52] * tessier wonders how it has gotten better
[16-Mar-2009 21:32:00] **tessier> It was always rather mind-bending to configure for me.
[16-Mar-2009 21:32:16] **tessier> And I'm still not entirely comfortable with not having text based config files.
[16-Mar-2009 21:32:27] **Schwartz> I don't think I've ever had a monitoring system that wasn't mind bending
[16-Mar-2009 21:41:58] **hector> nagios
[16-Mar-2009 21:42:06] **tessier> Yeah, Nagios wasn't too bad
[16-Mar-2009 21:43:44] **Schwartz> those config files were maddening. 30 fields separated by semicolons. ugh.
[16-Mar-2009 21:44:03] **Schwartz> and if you messed up, it just didn't work, as opposed to telling you what orphans is invalid entries there are.
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[17-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[17-Mar-2009 00:24:23] **zen_user> hrm ok did not expect to find 54 people here
[17-Mar-2009 00:25:35] **zen_user> soo i had my first zenoss prod install up to 700 monitored devices before something went way wrong
[17-Mar-2009 03:03:21] bzed_ is now known as bzed
[17-Mar-2009 03:42:28] bzed_ is now known as bzed
[17-Mar-2009 04:10:29] **ykut_johny> no worries about my questions for the other day, i managed to get it works now..thanks
[17-Mar-2009 06:52:26] **raw__> does anyone here know of a good open source inventory database? like, something we could store devices, device login info, customer contact info, etc... in?
[17-Mar-2009 09:00:05] **int> i wonder if i can use some sort of restricted shell for zenoss? it's not very good to give zenoss user full root access just to get several values from remote host
[17-Mar-2009 10:16:12] **ke4qqq> int: why not grant it sudo for just the commands you wish it to pull
[17-Mar-2009 10:16:26] **ke4qqq> raw__: OCS-NG
[17-Mar-2009 10:16:55] **ke4qqq> raw__: though the Dekiwiki-Zenoss stuff looks fascinating to me.
[17-Mar-2009 10:17:43] **int> ke4qqq: yep, but actually i even don't need shell access at all. i'm going to test script in intetd + netcat from zenoss server
[17-Mar-2009 10:20:40] **sergeymasushko> looks like event aging it's not working as it was supposed... I have an event where count increased 13 times per hour... the event 'ages' each hour... then new event appears immediately after aging the old one. in this case I receive Recovery alert/Problem alert email each hour... how can I fix it?
[17-Mar-2009 10:40:02] **cico> I understand the concepts of "real-world information" and the zenoss model, but is there a place where I could see it?
[17-Mar-2009 10:48:31] **drtns> In event class mappings, do sub-class mappings inherit the higher level mapping?
[17-Mar-2009 11:26:34] **drtns> anyone around for a couple of event class mapping questions?
[17-Mar-2009 11:38:00] **lavermil> hello. question on how to change the community string for say 5 devices all at once? how do I force rediscovery for say those 5 devices too? how do I make it default to collect performance info for interfaces/etc?
[17-Mar-2009 11:39:54] **lavermil> for linux the perf is created automagically but not for routers/switches/firewalls
[17-Mar-2009 12:08:02] **lavermil> anyone home?
[17-Mar-2009 12:27:07] **zen_user> ./Devices/Discovered  849 and counting
[17-Mar-2009 12:27:40] **drtns> anyone around for a couple of event class mapping questions?
[17-Mar-2009 12:28:00] **lavermil> good luck, no has responded to anything in the last hour
[17-Mar-2009 12:28:40] **zen_user> haven't been here but once and it was dead, is it always dead
[17-Mar-2009 12:28:51] **zen_user> or can you get knowledgable help?
[17-Mar-2009 12:28:58] **lavermil> last two days it has been dead.
[17-Mar-2009 12:29:11] **lavermil> I got one person to say something yesterday
[17-Mar-2009 12:29:31] **lavermil> it was kind of suprising. I would have though with this many people in here more would be alive.
[17-Mar-2009 12:30:05] **lavermil> anyone know how to add more OID to hw model/make/etc?
[17-Mar-2009 12:30:22] **zen_user> agreeded, man this install is gong to be big
[17-Mar-2009 12:30:23] **zen_user> heh
[17-Mar-2009 12:31:27] **zen_user> can't
[17-Mar-2009 12:31:32] **zen_user> that is in next version
[17-Mar-2009 12:31:39] **zen_user> blue viagra crab
[17-Mar-2009 12:32:32] **lavermil> wtf, the people who build the RPMs for zenoss need to learn how to build them better. they don't follow the rest of there rpms. it is not something they are doing too well with their practicing of common stuff.
[17-Mar-2009 12:32:33] **lavermil> UGH
[17-Mar-2009 12:32:57] **zen_user> i'm using svn
[17-Mar-2009 12:33:03] **zen_user> latest trunk
[17-Mar-2009 12:35:01] **lavermil> they should really make a quick howto
[17-Mar-2009 12:35:09] **lavermil> things that are VERY common on initial installs
[17-Mar-2009 12:35:36] **lavermil> how to discover, rediscovery, mass changes of communities, etc
[17-Mar-2009 12:36:08] **lavermil> this project how a lot of possibilities but it requires a lot of customization to match other OSS NMS out there.
[17-Mar-2009 12:36:09] **zen_user> well if you read the entire admin guide you will get it
[17-Mar-2009 12:36:22] **zen_user> it's all there, plus the api document
[17-Mar-2009 12:36:31] **zen_user> i actually do most of my admin stuff from the command line
[17-Mar-2009 12:36:38] **lavermil> it seems like it is a lot of programmers doing the work and not many people from the functional side of things.
[17-Mar-2009 12:37:01] **lavermil> as do I, but many of the things should be UI driven, not CLI
[17-Mar-2009 12:37:09] **lavermil> I am a router jockey by trade so CLI is my friend.
[17-Mar-2009 12:37:16] **zen_user> same
[17-Mar-2009 12:37:47] **lavermil> I also know NMS very well and the flow of this application is def not natural as many reviews have stated.
[17-Mar-2009 12:38:08] **lavermil> I just hope they make things easier, inline help guides, etc.
[17-Mar-2009 12:38:08] **zen_user> i'm pretty happy with it overall
[17-Mar-2009 12:38:15] **lavermil> have you used OpenNMS?
[17-Mar-2009 12:38:33] **zen_user> yes and as far as polling and scalabilty it is superior
[17-Mar-2009 12:38:45] **lavermil> OpenNMS so far out of the box is better than anything else.
[17-Mar-2009 12:39:02] **zen_user> but as far as giving an application to a noc and presenting the infomrmation in a non net eng way zenoss does a good job
[17-Mar-2009 12:39:05] **lavermil> zenoss has a far better reporting engine if you can learn it
[17-Mar-2009 12:39:25] **lavermil> I guess it depends on the NOC skill level
[17-Mar-2009 12:39:34] **zen_user> noc bad word
[17-Mar-2009 12:39:42] **zen_user> ticket takers call directories
[17-Mar-2009 12:39:45] **lavermil> blinking lights and descriptions of issues is really need for a NOC in my eyes.
[17-Mar-2009 12:39:58] **lavermil> call center. ok much lower
[17-Mar-2009 12:40:13] **lavermil> warm bodies answering phones
[17-Mar-2009 12:40:40] **zen_user> plus it's written in python and about 5 of us can program in it
[17-Mar-2009 12:41:03] **zen_user> we have about 50 python apps that automate tasks across our network and security infrastruture
[17-Mar-2009 12:41:03] **lavermil> I know perl/php/some java
[17-Mar-2009 12:41:14] **lavermil> python is not my natural way so it is a bit new
[17-Mar-2009 12:41:17] **zen_user> so we are tying that into zenoss since it's python it's making it easy
[17-Mar-2009 12:41:26] **zen_user> we will by no means have a stock zenoss install once we are done.
[17-Mar-2009 12:42:00] **lavermil> can you specify an install path with rpm....I don't recall being able to.
[17-Mar-2009 12:42:15] **zen_user> --install-dir
[17-Mar-2009 12:42:16] **zen_user> maybe
[17-Mar-2009 12:42:28] **zen_user> man rpm
[17-Mar-2009 12:42:36] **lavermil> doing that.
[17-Mar-2009 12:44:19] **lavermil> relocate looks to be the only chance and that is not good
[17-Mar-2009 12:44:19] **lavermil>
[17-Mar-2009 12:45:09] **zen_user> install from source
[17-Mar-2009 12:45:41] **lavermil> I guess that might be the only possible option, following hte normal production method might now apply with zenoss. kind of sad
[17-Mar-2009 12:45:49] **lavermil> these types of things drive me crazy
[17-Mar-2009 12:46:10] **lavermil> oh yeah, meetings
[17-Mar-2009 12:46:11] **lavermil> bbiab
[17-Mar-2009 13:05:21] **johns55> hey guys, im getting a flood of snmp connections from zenoss on a machine im monitoring, any idea what might be going on?
[17-Mar-2009 13:12:21] **rhett_> johns55: how many?
[17-Mar-2009 13:13:41] **rhett_> i could only assume that the device is not responding within the timeout period and retrying?
[17-Mar-2009 13:19:56] **johns55> maybe around 50 a minute
[17-Mar-2009 13:20:09] **johns55> however it only occurs a few times a day
[17-Mar-2009 13:20:14] **johns55> could it be polling?
[17-Mar-2009 13:20:18] **ke4qqq> remodeling?
[17-Mar-2009 13:20:22] **johns55> yes remodeling
[17-Mar-2009 13:20:46] **johns55> its very strange as other servers dont get this and it gets remodeled twice a day also
[17-Mar-2009 13:20:57] **johns55> how can i find out when zenoss does its remodeling?
[17-Mar-2009 13:21:34] **rhett_> are the 50 connections that detrimental to the performance of the box?
[17-Mar-2009 13:21:38] **ke4qqq> any zenpacks that are bound to that device?
[17-Mar-2009 13:24:46] **johns55> hrm ok i just did a manual remodeling and yes it shows up with a flood of udp connections
[17-Mar-2009 13:25:00] **johns55> let me try it on a diff box and see if im getting it in the var/log/messages
[17-Mar-2009 13:26:38] **johns55> nope, when i remodel another box it doesnt flood with udp connections
[17-Mar-2009 13:26:39] **johns55> strange
[17-Mar-2009 13:27:03] **rhett_> are they both monitoring the exact same parameters
[17-Mar-2009 13:27:07] **ke4qqq> it doesn't?? or it doesn't show up in /var/log/messages?? possible that syslog is configured diff on the two boxes?
[17-Mar-2009 13:28:08] **johns55> hm maybe
[17-Mar-2009 13:28:21] **johns55> however we build our servers all the same
[17-Mar-2009 13:28:31] **rhett_> you can also "netstat -ntu | grep -i estab | wc -l" from the cli to see what the connection count is on the boxes you are testing on
[17-Mar-2009 13:29:49] **johns55> its a webserver so that wouldnt help much
[17-Mar-2009 13:32:03] **rhett_> you serve alot of udp data off your webserver? and if so you could also grep 161
[17-Mar-2009 13:32:48] **ke4qqq> johns55: iirc the u in the nestat argument he pasted will limit it to UDP, so it shouldn't see your http traffic
[17-Mar-2009 13:33:03] **rhett_> correct
[17-Mar-2009 13:35:52] **johns55> yeah nothing unusual
[17-Mar-2009 13:36:01] **johns55> hrm, it might just be normal
[17-Mar-2009 13:36:35] **johns55> maybe if someone can verify by doing a manual remodeling of a server and then performing a cat /var/log/messages | grep "ip of zenoss server"
[17-Mar-2009 13:36:43] **johns55> and see if theres a flood of udp connections
[17-Mar-2009 13:39:06] **rhett_> lets see
[17-Mar-2009 13:43:27] **rhett_> i tail -f /var/log/messags and got about 50 or so lines from my zenoss box
[17-Mar-2009 13:43:33] **rhett_> w/ a udp connection count of 5
[17-Mar-2009 13:54:47] **johns55> great thats what i get too
[17-Mar-2009 13:54:52] **johns55> ok looks like thats normal then
[17-Mar-2009 13:54:56] **johns55> thanks for your help
[17-Mar-2009 14:00:11] **lavermil> rhett_: how would one re-assign communites to many devices all at once?
[17-Mar-2009 14:02:05] **rhett_> if its going to be a global change i would change it in zproperties, but i dont recall if that will actively change the community from within already configured devices
[17-Mar-2009 14:02:26] **rhett_> if not then you could just go to each device and remodel them, that way you dont have to change anything
[17-Mar-2009 14:02:27] **lavermil> DOH!!!
[17-Mar-2009 14:02:43] **lavermil> is there a way to do a mass remodel for a subnet or class?
[17-Mar-2009 14:02:50] **drtns> anyone around for a couple of event class mapping questions?
[17-Mar-2009 14:02:51] **rhett_> not that i am aware of :\
[17-Mar-2009 14:03:02] **lavermil> darn
[17-Mar-2009 14:03:04] **lavermil> thx
[17-Mar-2009 14:03:07] **rhett_> if there is i would like to know about it though!
[17-Mar-2009 14:03:19] **rhett_> no problem.  hopefully some one will chime in with a better solution
[17-Mar-2009 14:03:50] **rhett_> drtns: i can try to help but i cant promise anything
[17-Mar-2009 14:05:31] **drtns> rhett_ thanks question 1.. If I make an Event Class /MyClass and create a default mapping on that top level that does a transform to change the summary of an SNMP Trap to something more human readable and then I create a sub-organizer /MyClass/Sub1 do the event mappings under /MyClass/Sub1 get the mapping from the parent /MyClass?
[17-Mar-2009 14:06:08] **rhett_> i believe so but i am uncertain
[17-Mar-2009 14:06:24] **drtns> because for me it seems like the thing is matching on the first one... doing the transform and then stoping... so I think I need to put that transform in all sub mappings and remove the main parent..
[17-Mar-2009 14:07:06] **rhett_> hm
[17-Mar-2009 14:07:17] **rhett_> i dont have anything like that even though i should
[17-Mar-2009 14:08:17] **rhett_> wish you could just use a cdef on a threshold and report based on cdef isntead of the gauge/counter returned from a device
[17-Mar-2009 14:10:18] **drtns> rhett_ this is specifically SNMP Traps from one of my network devices... everything is warning... I need to use mappings to make the critical stuff critical... that and they never made any mappings to clear traps in the ZenPack... very disappointed since the ZenPack is an Enterprise ZenPack.
[17-Mar-2009 14:10:50] **rhett_> ah
[17-Mar-2009 14:13:15] **lavermil> rhett_ interesting in regards to what I asked about bulk modeling. I haven't tried it but this is kind of what I asked about.
[17-Mar-2009 14:13:20] **lavermil>
[17-Mar-2009 14:13:28] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - model Multiple devices in one class (at
[17-Mar-2009 14:13:39] **rhett_> oh wonderful
[17-Mar-2009 14:13:42] **rhett_> thanks lavermil
[17-Mar-2009 14:13:52] **lavermil> np
[17-Mar-2009 14:15:15] **lavermil> any idea where I find the variable path names?
[17-Mar-2009 14:19:27] **rhett_> make sure and su to the zenoss user before you try that though
[17-Mar-2009 14:19:48] **rhett_> you can cat ~/.bashrc to see paths there
[17-Mar-2009 14:19:53] **lavermil> I want to add it to the user commands
[17-Mar-2009 14:20:29] **rhett_> actually i guess you dont need to su zenoss
[17-Mar-2009 14:20:57] **lavermil> which is why I want to know how to dynamically specify the PATH based on the class you check
[17-Mar-2009 14:30:19] **lavermil> rhett_ FYI the bit I am looking for I think are called TALES
[17-Mar-2009 14:30:54] **lavermil> still trying to get this all digested but those are predefined sub-routines/proc/etc.
[17-Mar-2009 14:32:05] **lavermil> TALES is syntax you can use to retrieve values call methods on Zenoss objects
[17-Mar-2009 14:32:20] **ckdake> hello- i'm trying to access device serial numbers in zendmd but can't seem to find them in there. device.serialNumber, device.hw.serialNumber, device.getHWSerialNumber are all mentioned online but don't seem to work, and dir(device) doesn't give any useful ideas. any pointers?
[17-Mar-2009 14:32:56] **lavermil> ckdake: how are you trying to access it?
[17-Mar-2009 14:33:08] **ckdake> using python in zendmd
[17-Mar-2009 14:33:18] **lavermil> I am kind of new, so I don't know exactly what zendmd is actually pointing to.
[17-Mar-2009 14:33:24] **lavermil> are you using CLI?
[17-Mar-2009 14:33:27] **ckdake> yes
[17-Mar-2009 14:33:31] **ckdake> >>> for d in dmd.Devices.deviceSearch():
[17-Mar-2009 14:33:31] **ckdake> ...   print d.hw.serialNumber
[17-Mar-2009 14:33:33] **lavermil> aahh
[17-Mar-2009 14:33:56] **lavermil> I am working on putting it all int eh UI so I don't have to do CLI and other users don't have to either
[17-Mar-2009 14:34:08] **lavermil> which in CLI you use TALES to do what you are looking for.
[17-Mar-2009 14:34:21] **ckdake> a report would be fine as well
[17-Mar-2009 14:34:33] **ckdake> i saw but those instructions dont seem accurate to the newest version of zenoss
[17-Mar-2009 14:34:48] **adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Admin Guide - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[17-Mar-2009 14:34:54] **lavermil> those get functions are called TALES
[17-Mar-2009 14:35:00] **lavermil>
[17-Mar-2009 14:35:06] **lavermil> getHWSerialNumberSerial number for this physical device
[17-Mar-2009 14:35:14] **adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Admin Guide - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[17-Mar-2009 14:35:54] **ckdake> right, but I'm not sure how to create this report. the /manage takes me to a zope page that doesnt list attributed anywhere relevant to whats in the current report and "expand macros when editing" breaks
[17-Mar-2009 14:36:51] **lavermil> I looked at the reporting engine a year or so ago and just ducked and changed to another application. I have not started to revisit Zenoss based on a VP who talked to someone who is using it.
[17-Mar-2009 14:36:57] **lavermil> so I am going back through the motions.
[17-Mar-2009 14:37:10] **lavermil> sorry not much help
[17-Mar-2009 14:37:15] **ckdake> no worries
[17-Mar-2009 14:37:28] **ckdake> its the kind of thing thats hard to find the answer to, but to someone that knows will be a super easy thing to answer
[17-Mar-2009 14:37:36] **ckdake> if only my python-foo were stronger
[17-Mar-2009 14:37:45] **lavermil> hehe
[17-Mar-2009 14:37:49] **lavermil> I have perl/php foo
[17-Mar-2009 14:37:51] **lavermil> hehe
[17-Mar-2009 14:37:59] **lavermil> and shell scripting foo
[17-Mar-2009 14:38:04] **lavermil> python may come one way
[17-Mar-2009 14:38:07] **lavermil> rather day
[17-Mar-2009 14:39:52] **ckdake>
[17-Mar-2009 14:39:56] **ckdake> first reply there from slmiller
[17-Mar-2009 14:40:06] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - Tales expressions device/os/interfaces ...? (at
[17-Mar-2009 14:40:06] **ckdake> says that code works in zendmd but that doesn't work here
[17-Mar-2009 14:42:36] **ckdake> apparently dmd.Devices.Search() doesnt return a collection of devices that "find" returns
[17-Mar-2009 14:42:38] **ckdake> argh
[17-Mar-2009 14:43:02] **lavermil> I wish they had a master variable/TALES view
[17-Mar-2009 14:43:06] **lavermil> UGH
[17-Mar-2009 14:43:19] **lavermil> echo name = ${here/id}
[17-Mar-2009 14:43:19] **lavermil> I can't seem to find where id is specified as a TALES
[17-Mar-2009 14:43:23] **lavermil> value
[17-Mar-2009 14:43:28] **lavermil>  /attribute
[17-Mar-2009 14:43:33] **ckdake> >>> for d in dmd.Devices.deviceSearch():
[17-Mar-2009 14:43:34] **ckdake> ...   e = find(
[17-Mar-2009 14:43:34] **ckdake> ...   e.getHWSerialNumber()
[17-Mar-2009 14:43:36] **ckdake> that works. stupid
[17-Mar-2009 14:46:06] **lavermil> heh
[17-Mar-2009 14:46:27] **lavermil> I wish i was doing it in raw python, then I could at least enumerate the options
[17-Mar-2009 15:01:24] **lavermil> if I could only figure out how to derive the class for each device I could do a user command to remodel only for the class(es) selected. I can hard code it to do it for everything or only a specific class.......
[17-Mar-2009 15:01:34] **lavermil> Anyone have a thought of where I would find that info?
[17-Mar-2009 15:57:44] **lavermil> anyone from zenoss here?
[17-Mar-2009 15:58:22] **lavermil> I am curious to know if it is simple to implement zgdchart for some custom graphs? I wouldn't like to have a different graphing option other than rrd
[17-Mar-2009 16:24:08] * LeftyBSD waves
[17-Mar-2009 16:24:21] * lavermil poops
[17-Mar-2009 16:24:47] * cico watches the simpsons
[17-Mar-2009 16:25:19] **LeftyBSD> I'm having an issue with zenoss reporting SNMP down on a device that doesn't have an SNMP daemon - how can I tell zenoss to ignore or remove the SNMP test for that host?
[17-Mar-2009 16:25:41] **LeftyBSD> I've set zSnmpMonitorIgnore to true already, but it's still complaining
[17-Mar-2009 16:25:47] **lavermil> I think zproperties for that device
[17-Mar-2009 16:25:48] **ckdake> you may need to "push changes"
[17-Mar-2009 16:26:00] **lavermil> what does push changes do?
[17-Mar-2009 16:26:02] **ckdake> worst case, restart the zenperfsnmp daemon and it should load in all new changes
[17-Mar-2009 16:26:10] **ckdake> push changes notifies daemons of changes made to devices
[17-Mar-2009 16:26:16] **LeftyBSD> gotcha ckdake - thanks
[17-Mar-2009 16:26:28] **ckdake> supposedly the most recent update to zenoss got rid of the need to do this, but bumping the daemon never hurts
[17-Mar-2009 16:40:33] **LeftyBSD> ckdake: that fixed it - thanks again!
[17-Mar-2009 16:40:54] **ckdake> glad to hear it! no prob
[17-Mar-2009 16:44:37] **lavermil> ckdake: do you know how to take a device that was discovered but didnt' have SNMP initially setup, now it does and I want the sysname to be the device name
[17-Mar-2009 16:45:52] **Schwartz> you should be able to go into zproperties and set the ignoresnmp value to false
[17-Mar-2009 16:46:45] **lavermil> Schwartz: snmpmonitorignore?
[17-Mar-2009 16:50:22] **Schwartz> yep
[17-Mar-2009 16:50:33] **lavermil> it is already set to ignore
[17-Mar-2009 16:50:45] **Schwartz> yep, set it to false, so it won't ignore snmp any longer
[17-Mar-2009 16:51:14] **lavermil> I have had it set at false, but I did it after it was initially discovered.
[17-Mar-2009 16:51:31] **lavermil> even if I issue a zendisc for that device it doesn't update it.
[17-Mar-2009 16:51:51] **Schwartz> is it in a device that has snmp rules devined?
[17-Mar-2009 16:52:17] **lavermil> zSnmpMonitorIgnore is set for the class and device
[17-Mar-2009 16:52:55] **Schwartz> dunno then..
[17-Mar-2009 16:53:04] **Schwartz> re-model the device?
[17-Mar-2009 16:53:12] **lavermil> aahh
[17-Mar-2009 16:53:18] **lavermil> you have to do a set ip = ''
[17-Mar-2009 16:53:26] **lavermil> once it is set to null it takes the snmp value
[17-Mar-2009 16:53:35] **Schwartz> huh
[17-Mar-2009 16:53:37] **lavermil> I already did  a remodel on teh device and it didnt' fix it.
[17-Mar-2009 16:54:27] **lavermil> change that
[17-Mar-2009 16:54:41] **lavermil> I clicked on the wrong one, the reset IP did nothing.
[17-Mar-2009 16:54:53] **Schwartz> hmm, no idea then
[17-Mar-2009 16:57:54] **lavermil> Schwartz: do you know how to add more OID's to the list so it will detect newer equipment?
[17-Mar-2009 16:58:23] **Schwartz> yeah, if you go to your base device, templates
[17-Mar-2009 16:58:28] **Schwartz> it will have a list of OIDs that it gaterhs
[17-Mar-2009 16:58:31] **Schwartz> just add whatever you want
[17-Mar-2009 16:58:40] **Schwartz> I just added a number of procs OID for my linux boxes
[17-Mar-2009 16:59:00] **lavermil> for dmd/Devices/perfConfig
[17-Mar-2009 16:59:06] **lavermil> is that hte URL for the templates you are talking about?
[17-Mar-2009 16:59:24] **lavermil> rather
[17-Mar-2009 16:59:24] **lavermil> http://:8080/zport/dmd/Devices/rrdTemplates/Device
[17-Mar-2009 17:00:03] **Schwartz> dmd/Devices/Server/Linux/rrdTemplates/Device
[17-Mar-2009 17:00:07] **Schwartz> yeah
[17-Mar-2009 17:00:12] **lavermil> hmm
[17-Mar-2009 17:00:35] **lavermil> I wanted to add it to the base setup rather than that way. but that is one option
[17-Mar-2009 17:00:59] **Schwartz> none of my devices have much SNMP in common, so I keep each type of device with whatever OIDs it does have
[17-Mar-2009 17:01:36] **lavermil> I don't know if zenoss can do it so that if the OID = x.x.x.x then assign it to X class
[17-Mar-2009 17:03:21] **lavermil> that is pretty kool
[17-Mar-2009 17:03:21] **lavermil>
[17-Mar-2009 17:03:35] **adytum-bot> Title: HowTo monitor and add multiple Data Points the easy way in Zenoss (at
[17-Mar-2009 17:04:18] **lavermil> for example zenoss doesn't know how to get the right description for ethernet ports for cat 4006 switches
[17-Mar-2009 17:04:19] **lavermil> hehe
[17-Mar-2009 17:04:27] **lavermil> very old switches but still, I have ONE.
[17-Mar-2009 17:15:55] **lavermil> Schwartz: if you do what you were talking about above can you also tell it waht HW Make/Model to use?
[17-Mar-2009 17:17:48] **Schwartz> not sure, haven't tried
[17-Mar-2009 17:18:01] **Schwartz> though mine tend to be mixed anyway
[17-Mar-2009 17:19:25] **lavermil> schwartz: what I was looking for to add the OID was under manufacturers
[17-Mar-2009 17:19:53] **lavermil> in the menu = Products
[17-Mar-2009 17:26:20] **rhett_> car accident outside
[17-Mar-2009 17:26:25] **rhett_> wrong channel!
[17-Mar-2009 17:26:31] **lavermil> hehe
[17-Mar-2009 17:53:57] **lavermil> This is handy if you want to do a bulk remodel on a class or something like that from the UI
[17-Mar-2009 17:53:58] **lavermil> zenmodeler run --now -F -d ${device/manageIp}
[17-Mar-2009 17:54:17] **lavermil> same type of thing for rediscover
[17-Mar-2009 17:54:18] **lavermil> zendisc run --net ${device/manageIp}
[17-Mar-2009 20:53:54] **unpaidbill> in active periods for a status alert, if i have enabled set to false does it disable the check for the duration specified, or does it disable the schedule completely?
[18-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [disconnected at Wed Mar 18 00:00:42 2009]
[18-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [connected at Wed Mar 18 00:00:42 2009]
[18-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[18-Mar-2009 04:02:51] **pgega_> hello
[18-Mar-2009 04:04:40] **pgega_> I ve got some problems with creating a custom graph, i get that message "Error reading value for "tcpCurrEstab" on p (oid . is bad)"
[18-Mar-2009 04:05:10] **pgega_> but i tested that oid with the "Test" option in Data Source dialog
[18-Mar-2009 04:06:38] **pgega_> thats what i get when tested: TCP-MIB::tcpCurrEstab.0 = Gauge32: 8
[18-Mar-2009 06:59:01] **raw__> how do you install a zenpack in developer mode?
[18-Mar-2009 06:59:10] **raw__> I don't see an option in the help list for
[18-Mar-2009 07:21:33] **raw__> no one?
[18-Mar-2009 07:24:11] **raw__> I need to take a couple of .egg files and install them in development mode
[18-Mar-2009 07:24:16] **raw__> anyone know how?
[18-Mar-2009 07:24:45] **raw__> I tried zenpack --link --install=PACKAGE but it doesn't work
[18-Mar-2009 07:25:02] **raw__> OSError: [Errno 20] Not a directory: '/home/zenoss/devpacks/ZenPacks.Nova.Templates-1.0-py2.4.egg'
[18-Mar-2009 07:46:02] **raw__> ok, sort of figured it out...
[18-Mar-2009 07:46:07] **raw__> now I'm getting: ValueError: Not a registered directory: ZenPacks.Nova.Templates-1.0-py2.4.egg/skins
[18-Mar-2009 07:50:42] **cico> goodmorning (/afternoon/evening)
[18-Mar-2009 07:51:00] **raw__> good morning lol
[18-Mar-2009 07:51:14] **raw__> cico, do you have any experience authoring zenpacks at all?
[18-Mar-2009 07:51:19] **cico> hi raw, morning to you
[18-Mar-2009 07:51:49] **cico> no, I'm still kind of struggling with SNMP OIDs
[18-Mar-2009 07:51:56] **raw__> ah, ok
[18-Mar-2009 07:52:09] **raw__> what are you struggling with exactly?
[18-Mar-2009 07:52:17] **cico> I will, eventually, since there isn't one for d-link (which is weird..)
[18-Mar-2009 07:52:22] **cico> currently, I'm having a Missing RRD File issue
[18-Mar-2009 07:52:39] **raw__> d-link isn't really a common brand used by businesses
[18-Mar-2009 07:52:59] **raw__> hmmmm, RRD files can take an hour or two to generate
[18-Mar-2009 07:53:01] **cico> (piggybacked to the fact that zenoss refuses to load a nicely done MIB file..)
[18-Mar-2009 07:53:20] **raw__> erroring out when loading it?
[18-Mar-2009 07:53:32] **cico> while I understand that, I do not trust that feedback
[18-Mar-2009 07:54:07] **cico> none, but when I try and load the coupled TRAP file, it says it cannot find the relative MIB file..
[18-Mar-2009 07:54:26] **raw__> but when you try to load the Mib is fails with no errors messages?
[18-Mar-2009 07:54:35] **cico> (regarding rrd:) I fear a permission issue..
[18-Mar-2009 07:54:37] **raw__> it* fails, rather
[18-Mar-2009 07:55:04] **cico> it does not, but then it won't recognize OIDs
[18-Mar-2009 07:55:22] **raw__> then maybe those OIDs aren't included in that particular Mib
[18-Mar-2009 07:55:55] **raw__> I've never had Zenoss not properly translate OIDs once Mibs were loaded
[18-Mar-2009 08:00:08] **cico> if I load it MIBExplorer does not show any tree (anything, actually..)
[18-Mar-2009 08:00:31] **raw__> then that'd be your problem
[18-Mar-2009 08:00:39] **raw__> it didn't actually load the Mib properly for whatever reason
[18-Mar-2009 08:01:41] **cico> but if I click on the top-level name I see OIDs mapped..
[18-Mar-2009 08:02:12] **raw__> compare the OIDs that aren't being translated to those OIDs
[18-Mar-2009 08:02:22] **raw__> I'll bet you that you won't be able to find them in there
[18-Mar-2009 08:03:03] **raw__> what was the name of the Mib that you installed?
[18-Mar-2009 08:03:17] **cico> DFL1600-MIB
[18-Mar-2009 08:04:02] **raw__> yeh, you're probably missing some of the more basic Mibs
[18-Mar-2009 08:04:17] **raw__> you installed the model specific Mibs, there are probably some generic ones that you're missing
[18-Mar-2009 08:04:25] **raw__>
[18-Mar-2009 08:04:40] **adytum-bot> Title: - Vendor MIBs (at
[18-Mar-2009 08:04:44] **cico> mh, that's a nice idea, thanks
[18-Mar-2009 08:04:52] **raw__> np
[18-Mar-2009 08:10:46] **cico> in unrelated news... where is rrdPath?
[18-Mar-2009 08:11:08] **raw__> you mean where does it store them?
[18-Mar-2009 08:11:14] **raw__> $ZENHOME/Perf/Devicename
[18-Mar-2009 08:11:16] **raw__> I believe
[18-Mar-2009 08:11:56] **cico> well yes but I wanted to check whether it actually is the correct folder..
[18-Mar-2009 08:16:05] **raw__> yeh, the rrd files should all be stored in there
[18-Mar-2009 08:47:06] **cain22> i have a question about the google map, and the lines in between locations....
[18-Mar-2009 08:49:58] **cain22> why does it sometimes show up(what looks to be)red if i can ping from one device to the other?
[18-Mar-2009 08:52:03] **raw__> I believe the red simply indicates that there's some sort of Critical event on one of the devices
[18-Mar-2009 08:52:08] **raw__> but I could be wrong
[18-Mar-2009 08:53:02] **raw__> is anyone from the zenoss dev team around?
[18-Mar-2009 09:03:14] **cain22> don't think so, because i've seen it be green when both locations were red
[18-Mar-2009 09:03:21] **raw__> hmmm
[18-Mar-2009 09:03:27] **raw__> might be a bug then
[18-Mar-2009 09:37:57] **cico> erm... let's assume I had a nicely configured graph template..
[18-Mar-2009 09:38:51] **cico> sould I also have a zCollectorPlugin fiddling to grab the relative SNMP objects?
[18-Mar-2009 10:22:10] **cico> I meant really, should I?
[18-Mar-2009 10:47:13] **cico> e.g. like this
[18-Mar-2009 10:47:56] **cico> I mean, I could do that, but I want docs covering at least DataMaps and ObjectMap.....
[18-Mar-2009 12:03:25] **TBC_Ly0n> Hello everybody I have a question for you... I use the script to monitor a slave replication process. It's written to report CRITICAL or WARNING failures... In my event console, I only see it as the severity defined in my template
[18-Mar-2009 12:03:47] **TBC_Ly0n> I tried to put severity=5 / 3 in the output of the script, it didn't change anything.
[18-Mar-2009 12:04:18] **TBC_Ly0n> I tried to return an exit code of 5...
[18-Mar-2009 12:05:03] **TBC_Ly0n> In /App/Mysql, I tried to use "Transform" to match CRITICAL / WARNING with no success...
[18-Mar-2009 12:05:09] **TBC_Ly0n> What could I try ?
[18-Mar-2009 12:06:51] **TBC_Ly0n> Here are the ouput I got from zencommand:
[18-Mar-2009 12:07:00] **TBC_Ly0n> DEBUG:zen.zencommand:Output: 'CRITICAL - Replication problem: 4468 seconds behind master|lag=4468 severity=5\n'
[18-Mar-2009 12:07:12] **TBC_Ly0n> DEBUG:zen.zencommand:Process -q -u jerome -p -s stopped (1), 0.354692 elapsed
[18-Mar-2009 12:07:26] **TBC_Ly0n> DEBUG:zen.zencommand:The result of "/usr/local/zenoss/zenoss/lib/python/ -q -u jerome -p -s" was "CRITICAL - Replication problem: 4468 seconds behind master|lag=4468 severity=5"
[18-Mar-2009 12:07:33] **TBC_Ly0n> DEBUG:zen.zencommand:Queueing event {'severity': 3, 'message': 'CRITICAL - Replication problem: 4468 seconds behind master', 'component': 'MySQL', 'agent': 'zencommand', 'summary': 'CRITICAL - Replication problem: 4468 seconds behind master', 'manager': 'localhost', 'eventKey': 'mysql_replication', 'device': '', 'eventClass': '/App/MySQL', 'performanceData': 'lag=4468 severity=5'}
[18-Mar-2009 12:19:06] **TBC_Ly0n> I also tried to define 2 thresholds in my template : WARNING and CRITICAL. Didn't work better...
[18-Mar-2009 12:30:09] * TBC_Ly0n
[18-Mar-2009 12:35:28] **raw__> ok, someone here must be able to tell me the proper way to install a .egg in development mode? anyone?
[18-Mar-2009 12:35:58] **raw__> I've been waiting for one of the guys from zenoss to be around but they appear to not be around
[18-Mar-2009 12:35:58] **lavermil> are you talking using python and not the zenpack --install?
[18-Mar-2009 12:36:30] **raw__> I just want to take a zenpack that I made which is stored as a .egg currently and install it on my lab zenoss box so that I can add/modify it
[18-Mar-2009 12:37:51] **raw__> so far what I did was install the .egg with the standard install command, then copy the actual folder out (cp -R ZenPacks.Nova.Transforms-1.0-py2.4.egg /home/zenoss/devpacks/)
[18-Mar-2009 12:38:13] **raw__> then I tried doing an install using the folder as the source with the --link option, like the admin guide says to
[18-Mar-2009 12:38:17] **raw__> but it comes up with an error
[18-Mar-2009 12:39:13] **raw__>
[18-Mar-2009 12:39:16] **raw__> there's the error
[18-Mar-2009 12:39:20] **adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[18-Mar-2009 12:39:20] **raw__> I can't figure this out
[18-Mar-2009 12:40:09] **lavermil> do you have a
[18-Mar-2009 12:40:24] **raw__> yeh, the one that was auto-generated by zenoss
[18-Mar-2009 12:40:39] **raw__> the pack installs fine using the normal install method
[18-Mar-2009 12:41:11] **raw__> actually, weird
[18-Mar-2009 12:41:14] **lavermil> normal python egg/easyinstall method you mean?
[18-Mar-2009 12:41:16] **raw__> I don't see a
[18-Mar-2009 12:41:28] **raw__> normal zenpack --install method
[18-Mar-2009 12:41:28] **lavermil> if there is no it for sure won't work.
[18-Mar-2009 12:41:58] **raw__> bah, I followed the guide exactly as it says to, I can't think of any other way of doing this
[18-Mar-2009 12:42:25] **raw__> section 3.2.3 of the developers guide
[18-Mar-2009 12:42:49] **lavermil> another option is to make and egg from an existing zenpack and see what your major differences are
[18-Mar-2009 12:42:57] **raw__> all I'm trying to do is install the .egg in development mode
[18-Mar-2009 12:43:11] **raw__> maybe I'm not actually taking the right approach here
[18-Mar-2009 12:43:26] **raw__> I googled the hell out of this, and it's not documented anywhere
[18-Mar-2009 12:44:13] **lavermil> zenoss seems to be lacking a lot of documentation and rarely have I found they are here to answer questiosn
[18-Mar-2009 12:44:38] **raw__> well, their documentation is good, but it always seems to be missing little bits and pieces of critical information
[18-Mar-2009 12:44:58] **TBC_Ly0n> Or deeply burried under dozens of other docs...
[18-Mar-2009 12:45:09] **raw__> it'd be nice if there was just some --development flag for
[18-Mar-2009 12:45:20] **raw__> this is overly complicated for no reason
[18-Mar-2009 12:45:24] **lavermil> raw__: did you build the egg from scratch?
[18-Mar-2009 12:45:41] **raw__> the egg was built from scratch via the Web UI
[18-Mar-2009 12:45:48] **raw__> it contains a bunch of custom transforms that I did
[18-Mar-2009 12:46:04] **lavermil> it ended up in the export directory correct?
[18-Mar-2009 12:46:09] **raw__> correct
[18-Mar-2009 12:46:16] **raw__> I also have copies of it stored on my workstation
[18-Mar-2009 12:46:24] **raw__> since I chose to export/download
[18-Mar-2009 12:46:30] **lavermil> ok.
[18-Mar-2009 12:46:40] **raw__> it's a good pack, I have it installed across 7 zenoss boxes
[18-Mar-2009 12:46:42] **lavermil> just making sure I am following hte same bit you took in the docs
[18-Mar-2009 12:46:59] **raw__> but I need to be able to install the egg on my lab box in such a way that I can make changes to the pack
[18-Mar-2009 12:47:28] **lavermil> python bdist_eggThis creates the egg file in the ZenPack's dist directory.Users who install your egg file will not be able to edit the ZenPack or re-export it. These functions require the file which is not usually distributed within the egg file itself. In most cases this is desirable because end-users should usually not be making changes and redistributing a different version of your ZenPack than the one you developed.There are ti
[18-Mar-2009 12:47:56] **raw__> my end goal is basically going to be a system where I make changes to the pack, export it, drop it on an nfs share, and then nightly all of the zenoss boxes go out, check the MD5 sum of the file and compare it to the old sum, if they don't match each server will perform an upgrade install of the pack
[18-Mar-2009 12:48:23] **raw__> oh, that sucks
[18-Mar-2009 12:48:32] **lavermil> does that help you?
[18-Mar-2009 12:48:46] **raw__> hmmm, maybe
[18-Mar-2009 12:48:59] **lavermil> got that from here
[18-Mar-2009 12:48:59] **lavermil>
[18-Mar-2009 12:49:18] **adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Developer's Guide - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[18-Mar-2009 12:51:59] **lavermil> you mmight want to look at this too
[18-Mar-2009 12:52:00] **lavermil>
[18-Mar-2009 12:52:33] **raw__> I think that's more for migrating old .zip format packs to new .egg format
[18-Mar-2009 12:58:47] **TBC_Ly0n> lavermil, Do you know how to manage several severity levels for one zencommand? I installed, but I don't manage to get both levels defined in the script.
[18-Mar-2009 12:59:57] **TBC_Ly0n> I tried to add severity=5 in the script, I tried to "transform" the event class, I tried to return an exit code equal to 5...
[18-Mar-2009 13:00:57] **TBC_Ly0n> Nothing worked
[18-Mar-2009 13:01:14] **TBC_Ly0n> DEBUG:zen.zencommand:Queueing event {'severity': 3, 'message': 'CRITICAL - Replication problem: 4468 seconds behind master', 'component': 'MySQL', 'agent': 'zencommand', 'summary': 'CRITICAL - Replication problem: 4468 seconds behind master', 'manager': 'localhost', 'eventKey': 'mysql_replication', 'device': '', 'eventClass': '/App/MySQL', 'performanceData': 'lag=4468 severity=5'}
[18-Mar-2009 13:01:50] **lavermil> TBC_Ly0n: unfortunely I don't know how to fix your problem.
[18-Mar-2009 13:03:51] **TBC_Ly0n> Too bad...
[18-Mar-2009 13:05:14] **mloven> Anyone know if there's a way to get Zenoss to pull all serial numbers out of a stack of Cisco switches?
[18-Mar-2009 13:06:29] **TBC_Ly0n> You don't get them when you model your device ?
[18-Mar-2009 13:07:05] **mloven> I get the serial of the main switch, but not all of the other switches in the stack
[18-Mar-2009 13:07:44] **tehhobbit> mloven: does the serial of the others even showup with snmpwalk ?
[18-Mar-2009 13:07:50] **raw__> weird, I removed 2 zenpacks and suddenly half the devices on the box went missing
[18-Mar-2009 13:07:53] **raw__> like, wtf?
[18-Mar-2009 13:08:24] **tehhobbit> ouch
[18-Mar-2009 13:08:44] **raw__> talk about a bug
[18-Mar-2009 13:12:52] **lavermil> mloven: are you using something like cisco stackwise?
[18-Mar-2009 13:17:23] **raw__> weird...
[18-Mar-2009 13:17:28] **raw__> under modification for /Devices...
[18-Mar-2009 13:17:30] **raw__> 2009/03/18 08:35:26.061 GMT-4   Import from file None using AddToPack
[18-Mar-2009 13:17:32] **mloven> lavermil: yep, stackwise.
[18-Mar-2009 13:17:43] **raw__> that's what wiped out half of my devices
[18-Mar-2009 13:17:45] **mloven> tehhobbit: looking now...
[18-Mar-2009 13:18:16] **lavermil> if you odn't get it with standard mib-II then you probably won't get it without a custom mib
[18-Mar-2009 13:18:35] **lavermil> I don't recall how those serials are ref'd when looking at it from the virutal switch
[18-Mar-2009 13:20:41] **raw__> mloven, do you have all Cisco Mibs installed?
[18-Mar-2009 13:22:22] **TBC_Ly0n> gtg... bye bye
[18-Mar-2009 13:22:28] **raw__> later
[18-Mar-2009 13:24:16] **mloven> raw_: probably not Isn't there like 1100 of them or something?
[18-Mar-2009 13:24:36] **raw__> 1128
[18-Mar-2009 13:24:41] **raw__> meet my zenpack:
[18-Mar-2009 13:24:42] **raw__>
[18-Mar-2009 13:24:48] **raw__>
[18-Mar-2009 13:24:56] **adytum-bot> Title: ZenPacks - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[18-Mar-2009 13:24:57] **mloven> hello zenpack, nice to meet you.
[18-Mar-2009 13:26:20] **raw__> takes about 5 hours to install but it saves you the whole pain in the ass song and dance that I had to go through to get them to all load in the first place
[18-Mar-2009 13:26:41] **raw__> details of which are here:
[18-Mar-2009 13:26:43] **lukecyca> Is there any general way to collect data from IPMI sensors? Or does everyone just rely on vendor-specific MIBs and ZenPacks?
[18-Mar-2009 13:26:49] **adytum-bot> Title: » Installing Cisco Mibs in Zenoss (at
[18-Mar-2009 13:27:00] **mloven> so, on a tangent... if I were able to pull the secondary switches' serials, is there a way to display them on the device status screen?
[18-Mar-2009 13:27:17] **lukecyca> It would be beautiful if it was possible to connect directly to an IPMI interface to query it for temperature, power, and fans!
[18-Mar-2009 13:27:32] **mloven> thanks raw_  I'll throw in the zenpack overnight.
[18-Mar-2009 13:28:23] **raw__> np
[18-Mar-2009 13:32:27] **lavermil> raw__: is the cisco mib pack yours?
[18-Mar-2009 13:32:33] **raw__> I made it, yeh
[18-Mar-2009 13:32:48] **lavermil> I run into a disk space issue
[18-Mar-2009 13:33:00] **raw__> oh?
[18-Mar-2009 13:33:00] **lavermil> can I specify a temp location to use when it extracts
[18-Mar-2009 13:33:20] **raw__> not really, but even when extracted it shouldn't be that big
[18-Mar-2009 13:33:44] **raw__> the actual mibs files themselves were big, but the pack is just an xml file with all the Mib entries basically
[18-Mar-2009 13:34:07] **raw__> the .egg is only like 3.9Mb, so I don't know how much bigger it could get
[18-Mar-2009 13:34:19] **lavermil> it seems to eat up 80meg easy
[18-Mar-2009 13:34:24] **raw__> hmmm
[18-Mar-2009 13:34:39] **raw__> why do you only have 80meg?  running Zenoss os a soekris or something?
[18-Mar-2009 13:34:57] **raw__> on*
[18-Mar-2009 13:37:56] **raw__> but yeh, I don't know how you'd specify another temp directory short of actually mounting an nfs share to the default location
[18-Mar-2009 13:57:45] **lavermil> raw__: let me see how much disk space I have in m y /usr/ and /home paritions
[18-Mar-2009 13:58:14] **lavermil> Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
[18-Mar-2009 13:58:14] **lavermil> /dev/sda8             988M  418M  520M  45% /
[18-Mar-2009 13:58:14] **lavermil> /dev/sda7             988M   18M  920M   2% /home
[18-Mar-2009 13:58:14] **lavermil> /dev/sda6             122M   24M   93M  21% /tmp
[18-Mar-2009 13:58:14] **lavermil> /dev/sda5             8.9G  205M  8.2G   3% /var
[18-Mar-2009 13:58:15] **lavermil> /dev/sda3             2.9G  1.7G  1.1G  61% /usr
[18-Mar-2009 13:58:17] **lavermil> /dev/sda1              99M   17M   78M  18% /boot
[18-Mar-2009 13:58:19] **lavermil> tmpfs                 379M     0  379M   0% /dev/shm
[18-Mar-2009 13:58:27] **lavermil> I have plenty of disk space but very little /tmp space as you can see
[18-Mar-2009 13:58:40] **raw__> yeh
[18-Mar-2009 13:59:00] **lavermil> I am guessing when it gets installed it gets copied to /tmp first then moved to the final resting place in /usr
[18-Mar-2009 13:59:07] **raw__> you could probably just temporarily unmount /tmp and just create a folder called /tmp in the root
[18-Mar-2009 13:59:26] **raw__> umount /tmp && mkdir /tmp
[18-Mar-2009 13:59:40] **raw__> then when you're done: rm -rf /tmp && mount /tmp
[18-Mar-2009 13:59:43] **raw__> might work
[18-Mar-2009 13:59:45] **lavermil> do you know if zenpack --install uses /tmp to do zenpack installs?
[18-Mar-2009 13:59:51] **raw__> no idea
[18-Mar-2009 14:09:48] **raw__> alright well, I'm out of here
[18-Mar-2009 14:09:50] **raw__> later folks
[18-Mar-2009 14:10:50] **lavermil> later
[18-Mar-2009 14:26:28] **unpaidbill> is it possible to set up a recurring maintenence window for an os process check?
[18-Mar-2009 14:27:38] **unpaidbill> or use the alerting rules to specify an inactive time rather than an active time
[18-Mar-2009 15:30:47] **marl_scot> hi, can someone help me with an zenoss/snmpd problem? snmpd works fine and gives all the info i need on the local machine, but on the remote machines, i dont get any real info other than that they are up, i have 'rocommunity public' on both my local and remote machines, i presume this is an access restriction in snmpd on my remote machine, but i cant work out how to allow full access to my zenoss box.
[18-Mar-2009 15:32:42] **unpaidbill> have you tried an snmpwalk to see what data you're getting back, also pastebin your snmpd.conf
[18-Mar-2009 15:33:22] **marl_scot> snmpd.conf only has 'rocommunity     public'
[18-Mar-2009 17:12:22] **TBC_Ly0n> Hi everybody
[18-Mar-2009 17:12:55] **TBC_Ly0n> I modified check_mysql_slave to gather performance data about replication lag.
[18-Mar-2009 17:13:22] **TBC_Ly0n> The script has been made with 2 thresholds : WARNING and CRITICAL.
[18-Mar-2009 17:13:39] **TBC_Ly0n> But when I run it, it's always the severity defined in the template which is used.
[18-Mar-2009 17:13:52] **TBC_Ly0n> DEBUG:zen.zencommand:Queueing event {'severity': 3, 'message': 'CRITICAL - Replication problem: 4468 seconds behind master', 'component': 'MySQL', 'agent': 'zencommand', 'summary': 'CRITICAL - Replication problem: 4468 seconds behind master', 'manager': 'localhost', 'eventKey': 'mysql_replication', 'device': '', 'eventClass': '/App/MySQL', 'performanceData': 'lag=4468 severity=5'}
[18-Mar-2009 17:14:20] **TBC_Ly0n> I tried to use exit code... using severity as parameter, I tried to transform the /App/Mysql.. With no success.
[18-Mar-2009 17:14:30] **TBC_Ly0n> Does someone has an idea about something I could try.
[18-Mar-2009 17:14:31] **TBC_Ly0n> ?
[18-Mar-2009 17:16:31] **TBC_Ly0n> How should I override the severity parameter in my script?
[18-Mar-2009 17:25:22] **TBC_Ly0n> Damn, don't tell me I'm the only idiot to want to use ?
[18-Mar-2009 17:29:08] **Schwartz> nope, just havent' gotten there yet
[18-Mar-2009 17:37:03] **TBC_Ly0n> DO you know if zenoss team can make discounts for people with no money?
[18-Mar-2009 17:37:03] **TBC_Ly0n>
[18-Mar-2009 17:37:34] **TBC_Ly0n> I need ZenpackACL... and only this one... I'm trying to create a new business model and would like to behin smoothly
[18-Mar-2009 17:49:42] **unpaidbill> is there an easy way to sum up all values returned by an oid to use as a data source? for example, on a windows xp system the oid . returns values for each running process
[18-Mar-2009 17:50:06] **unpaidbill> can i make zenoss add them up somehow? or do i have to write a script
[18-Mar-2009 17:57:44] **TBC_Ly0n> Do you think something like CPU usage could fit your needs?
[18-Mar-2009 18:10:57] **unpaidbill> stupid windows, even summing up all the process memory used isnt accurate enough
[18-Mar-2009 18:11:25] **unpaidbill> very disappointing.  i guess the 9600 oid stuff is only on windows server or something
[18-Mar-2009 18:35:04] **gemineye> Is there a way to get zenoss to stop trying to log into my servers with rsh and rlogin? I know I don't use them but they're filling up the system logs on the servers with denied messages.
[18-Mar-2009 20:00:38] **marl_scot> help, anyone come accross this error while trying to use ssh to access remote hosts via zenoss? ssh: /usr/local/zenoss/common/lib/ no version information available (required by ssh)
[18-Mar-2009 20:01:44] **marl_scot> i can ssh using the same keys to an other host without any probs
[18-Mar-2009 20:06:27] **marl_scot> now i dont seem to be able to setup any new ssh key based logins, any time i try and do a new one i get the above error
[18-Mar-2009 20:06:51] **marl_scot> even when using a differant user on the zenoss server
[18-Mar-2009 20:13:23] **marl_scot> i can sort the problem at command line by typing : unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH
[18-Mar-2009 20:13:58] **marl_scot> but im not sure what the python equivalent is to put in : /usr/local/zenoss/zenoss/Products/DataCollector/
[19-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [disconnected at Thu Mar 19 00:00:42 2009]
[19-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [connected at Thu Mar 19 00:00:42 2009]
[19-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[19-Mar-2009 05:35:22] **cico> I'm not really getting this sentence (from AddingPlatformSupport): This modeler determines the filesystems on the device and updates appropriately.
[19-Mar-2009 05:35:23] **cico> It is up to the performance template that must be named 'Filesystems' to collect
[19-Mar-2009 05:35:23] **cico> the actual performance data (eg free/available blocks).
[19-Mar-2009 05:37:29] **cico> then the only reference to "Filesystems" is this one:   relname = "filesystems"
[19-Mar-2009 05:38:47] **cico> how is the connection made? what are the actual roles of a modeler and a template?
[19-Mar-2009 05:41:16] **sergeymasushko> I need to add about 200 Data Sources in the template... can I download a template, modify it and then upload it again to avoid using web interface?
[19-Mar-2009 06:04:02] **raw__> npmccallum_ :  you around?
[19-Mar-2009 06:24:36] **cico> who is kells, and who left him in charge of the dev-guide??
[19-Mar-2009 06:24:44] **AndreFr> hi all
[19-Mar-2009 06:25:24] **AndreFr> i'm trying to run the latest version of zenoss in centos 5.2 but i'm troubles with some subcomponents. can anyone help resolve this?
[19-Mar-2009 06:33:07] **AndreFr> anyone?
[19-Mar-2009 06:38:02] **raw__> AndreFr :  specifics?
[19-Mar-2009 06:38:35] **AndreFr> i'm tring to start zenoss but there some daemons that don't star
[19-Mar-2009 06:38:43] **raw__> which ones?
[19-Mar-2009 06:39:05] **AndreFr> zenjmx
[19-Mar-2009 06:39:18] **AndreFr> the other din't start because mysql wans't running
[19-Mar-2009 06:39:34] **AndreFr> when i restart zenoss i receive the following message
[19-Mar-2009 06:39:47] **raw__> ok, so become the zenoss user using su as root
[19-Mar-2009 06:39:49] **raw__> su zenoss
[19-Mar-2009 06:39:52] **raw__> then type zenjmx
[19-Mar-2009 06:39:59] **raw__> and see what the output is as it starts
[19-Mar-2009 06:40:06] **AndreFr> zenjmx /opt/zenoss/bin/zenoos: line 104 :/opt/zenooss/bin/zenjmx: No such file or directory
[19-Mar-2009 06:40:19] **raw__> ummmm
[19-Mar-2009 06:40:24] **raw__> did you modify some files by hand?
[19-Mar-2009 06:40:40] **raw__> the path is /opt/zenooss instead of /opt/zenoss
[19-Mar-2009 06:40:45] **raw__> which is what would cause your issue
[19-Mar-2009 06:40:51] **AndreFr> i din't modify nothing.. i have instaled following instructuon in zenoss guide
[19-Mar-2009 06:41:04] **raw__> what method did you use to install it, rpm?
[19-Mar-2009 06:41:34] **raw__> then you also have /opt/zenoss/bin/zenoos*
[19-Mar-2009 06:41:37] **AndreFr> yes.. i'm using centos 5.2
[19-Mar-2009 06:41:43] **raw__> did you copy and paste that, or type it in to here yourself?
[19-Mar-2009 06:41:53] **AndreFr> i'm at the /opt/zenoss/bin ant there inst any zenjmx
[19-Mar-2009 06:42:04] **AndreFr> i type it...
[19-Mar-2009 06:42:18] **AndreFr> i'm testing zenoss in a virtual machine
[19-Mar-2009 06:42:19] **raw__> go to $ZENHOME/bin
[19-Mar-2009 06:42:23] **raw__> see if you see zenjmx there
[19-Mar-2009 06:43:00] **AndreFr> nope
[19-Mar-2009 06:44:04] **AndreFr> when i do updatedb; locate zenjmx
[19-Mar-2009 06:44:51] **raw__> hmmm, zenjmx isn't an actual executable on my zenoss box
[19-Mar-2009 06:44:56] **AndreFr> i can only find zenjmx in /opt/zenoss/zenpacks/Zenpacks.zenoss.zenjmx-3.0-py2.4.egg/Zenpacks/zenoss/zenjmx/daemons/zenjmx
[19-Mar-2009 06:45:08] **raw__> what version of zenoss are you running?
[19-Mar-2009 06:45:22] **AndreFr> humm let see if can allready runs zenoss tjhen...
[19-Mar-2009 06:45:26] **raw__> I don't even see zenjmx listed in my daemons page anymore, and I'm running 2.3.2
[19-Mar-2009 06:45:38] **raw__> 2.3.3 rather
[19-Mar-2009 06:46:14] **raw__> maybe I haven't installed the zenjmx zenpack
[19-Mar-2009 06:46:19] **raw__> that might be why
[19-Mar-2009 06:46:31] **AndreFr> its allready running
[19-Mar-2009 06:46:44] **raw__> so it is working, or what?
[19-Mar-2009 06:46:50] **AndreFr> the zenjmx inst running but zenoss is
[19-Mar-2009 06:46:54] **raw__> I see
[19-Mar-2009 06:47:04] **AndreFr> thnkas for your help
[19-Mar-2009 06:47:05] **raw__> I doubt zenjmx is a critical component since I don't even have it
[19-Mar-2009 06:47:07] **raw__> np
[19-Mar-2009 06:48:26] **AndreFr> now i will try to use zenoss to discover my network...
[19-Mar-2009 06:48:46] **AndreFr> i like zenoss usability.. beter than nagios configuration hihihih
[19-Mar-2009 06:48:58] **raw__> yeh
[19-Mar-2009 06:49:08] **raw__> it's much more organized
[19-Mar-2009 06:49:38] **raw__> but there's a lot to learn about it
[19-Mar-2009 06:49:49] **raw__> for more advanced monitoring anyways
[19-Mar-2009 06:50:34] **AndreFr> yes and i would like to integrate zenoss with some nagios plugins.. let see how the test will run
[19-Mar-2009 06:50:42] **raw__> well, I've asked this question about a dozen times in here, but here goes again... does anyone here know how to install a .egg zenpack in development mode?
[19-Mar-2009 06:51:27] **AndreFr> sorry.. i can't help you with that...
[19-Mar-2009 06:51:49] **raw__> yeh, I know, I need one of the actual zenoss guys in here probably
[19-Mar-2009 06:52:11] **raw__> but Matt Ray, the Zenoss community maintainer, is on vacation until Monday
[19-Mar-2009 06:58:45] **AndreFr> hehehe
[19-Mar-2009 07:04:18] **imcdona> morning all
[19-Mar-2009 07:04:54] **imcdona> I am having a problem with zenhub. It fails to start. I think it has something to do with a windows device that failed when I tried to add it
[19-Mar-2009 07:05:13] **imcdona> is there a way I can access the mysql db and delete a device that I cannot see in the device list
[19-Mar-2009 07:12:25] **raw__> imcdona :  the mysql database does not contain the device list, it only contains events
[19-Mar-2009 07:12:32] **raw__> the zope database contains the device list
[19-Mar-2009 07:16:14] **imcdona> where can I modify the zope database?
[19-Mar-2009 07:16:19] **raw__> what does your $ZENHOME/log/zenhub.log show?
[19-Mar-2009 07:16:34] **raw__> need to figure out exactly why your zenhub isn't starting properly first
[19-Mar-2009 07:16:44] **raw__> it may not even be related to that device
[19-Mar-2009 07:16:48] **imcdona>
[19-Mar-2009 07:16:55] **adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[19-Mar-2009 07:17:49] **raw__> looks perfectly fine
[19-Mar-2009 07:18:01] **raw__> what's the output when you try to start it manually as zenoss user from commandline?
[19-Mar-2009 07:18:40] **imcdona> that was the output from the command line with verbose set to 10
[19-Mar-2009 07:18:53] **imcdona> this is when I run it from the GUI
[19-Mar-2009 07:19:00] **adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[19-Mar-2009 07:19:04] **raw__> ok, and the log file that I was asking about?
[19-Mar-2009 07:19:14] **AndreFr> how can i add more nagios plugins to zenoss?
[19-Mar-2009 07:19:32] **imcdona>
[19-Mar-2009 07:19:39] **adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[19-Mar-2009 07:19:55] **raw__> that's just the GUI link again
[19-Mar-2009 07:20:23] **raw__> $ZENHOME/log/zenhub.log
[19-Mar-2009 07:21:01] **imcdona>
[19-Mar-2009 07:21:09] **adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[19-Mar-2009 07:21:28] **raw__> can you paste more than a tail -f?
[19-Mar-2009 07:21:34] **raw__> there might be something relevant higher up
[19-Mar-2009 07:21:43] **raw__> 100 lines would be good
[19-Mar-2009 07:21:44] **imcdona> sure moment
[19-Mar-2009 07:21:46] **raw__> thanks
[19-Mar-2009 07:22:23] **imcdona>
[19-Mar-2009 07:22:30] **adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[19-Mar-2009 07:22:43] **raw__> thanks
[19-Mar-2009 07:23:49] **raw__> so it does all that then it dies?
[19-Mar-2009 07:24:22] **raw__> if you do a ps -A | grep zenhub
[19-Mar-2009 07:24:27] **raw__> you don't see the process running?
[19-Mar-2009 07:24:45] **imcdona> I do not see it running
[19-Mar-2009 07:25:06] **raw__> hmmmm, tough one
[19-Mar-2009 07:25:27] **imcdona> how can I access the zopedb
[19-Mar-2009 07:25:30] **raw__> so you aren't able to remove the device from the GUI at all?
[19-Mar-2009 07:26:10] **imcdona> I don't see the device in the gui. I am just assuming that it crashed after I tried to add a windows device that maybe their is a device halfway confiugred or something
[19-Mar-2009 07:26:31] **raw__> you can always check the zope DB by going to http://IPADDRESS:8080/zport/dmd/Devices/manage
[19-Mar-2009 07:27:08] **raw__> hmmm, actually they might be stored in a different spot in zope...
[19-Mar-2009 07:27:16] **imcdona> ahh nice...thanks raw
[19-Mar-2009 07:27:53] **raw__> don't thank me yet
[19-Mar-2009 07:27:54] **raw__> hehe
[19-Mar-2009 07:28:12] **raw__> but yeh, neat little trick, you can put /manage after any zenoss URL to jump in to that zope management console
[19-Mar-2009 07:28:12] **imcdona> I don't see the device I tried to add in the zope db
[19-Mar-2009 07:28:44] **raw__> that might be the wrong section of zope...
[19-Mar-2009 07:29:12] **imcdona> am I on the right track thinking that zenhub is crashing from a corrupt device somewhere?
[19-Mar-2009 07:29:19] **raw__> oh nope, that's the right section
[19-Mar-2009 07:29:28] **raw__> you have to go to like /zport/dmd/Devices/Server/Windows/devices
[19-Mar-2009 07:29:31] **raw__> for example
[19-Mar-2009 07:29:37] **raw__> and you'll see what devices you have in the DB
[19-Mar-2009 07:30:05] **raw__> I doubt it's because of some device unless you can actually see the device in zope
[19-Mar-2009 07:30:10] **raw__> otherwise it doesn't exist
[19-Mar-2009 07:30:15] **imcdona> hmmmm
[19-Mar-2009 07:30:36] **raw__> if you hadn't moved it to a category yet it should be in /zport/dmd/Devices/devices
[19-Mar-2009 07:31:18] **raw__> or /zport/dmd/Devices/Discovered/devices
[19-Mar-2009 07:31:23] **raw__> if you ran auto-discovery
[19-Mar-2009 07:31:39] **imcdona> I don't see it anywhere
[19-Mar-2009 07:31:44] **raw__> ok, then that's not the cause
[19-Mar-2009 07:31:58] **raw__> was there anything else that you did before restarting zenoss and noticing the issue?
[19-Mar-2009 07:33:21] **imcdona> I was adding a device and before it finished I added another one. At that point I was getting errors whenever I tried to access any of the GUI for classes and browse by
[19-Mar-2009 07:33:49] **imcdona> so I stopped zenoss and made sure there were no processes running
[19-Mar-2009 07:33:54] **imcdona> then started it again
[19-Mar-2009 07:35:13] **imcdona> how can I delete everything in the zope DB so I can start fresh without reinstalling zenoss. I only have 3 devices so far
[19-Mar-2009 07:35:30] **imcdona> liek reinitilize the config
[19-Mar-2009 07:36:21] **raw__> fairly easy
[19-Mar-2009 07:36:25] **raw__> stop Zenoss
[19-Mar-2009 07:36:37] **raw__> navigate to $ZENHOME/var
[19-Mar-2009 07:36:52] **raw__> rename Data.fs to Data.fs.bak
[19-Mar-2009 07:36:56] **raw__> and start Zenoss
[19-Mar-2009 07:37:01] **raw__> it should generate a clean Zope database
[19-Mar-2009 07:37:23] **imcdona> thanks!
[19-Mar-2009 07:37:35] **raw__> that'll kill any Mibs, or templates that you have installed though
[19-Mar-2009 07:37:40] **raw__> just to warn you
[19-Mar-2009 07:37:54] **imcdona> its a fresh install so thats goes....
[19-Mar-2009 07:37:58] **raw__> k cool
[19-Mar-2009 07:38:24] **raw__> also, Zenoss is a bit finicky, always wait for 1 process (such as adding a device) to finish before starting a second
[19-Mar-2009 07:44:33] **cico> does the id of a template need to be a special string?
[19-Mar-2009 07:47:12] **raw__> no
[19-Mar-2009 07:47:18] **raw__> it can be whatever you want it to be
[19-Mar-2009 07:47:23] **raw__> MyTemplate
[19-Mar-2009 07:47:24] **raw__> or whatever
[19-Mar-2009 07:48:18] **cico> thanks.. and it doesn't need an associated modeler, correct?
[19-Mar-2009 07:48:50] **raw__> nope
[19-Mar-2009 07:49:05] **raw__> that's only if you write a custom modeler plugin
[19-Mar-2009 07:50:12] **cico> I mean, I'm still trying to get graphs to work, but I'm not looking into a custom modeler yet (mainly because of doc issues...)
[19-Mar-2009 07:54:19] **raw__> you can graph anything via SNMP, you just need to find the right OID and set it as a datapoint
[19-Mar-2009 07:54:43] **raw__> read through the admin guide in it's entirety
[19-Mar-2009 07:54:46] **raw__> it's a must read
[19-Mar-2009 07:55:00] **cico> I'm trying
[19-Mar-2009 07:55:56] **raw__> I'd recommend just reading it from start to finish to begin with, just so that you have some exposure to the material, then you can go back to certain sections in more detail if need be
[19-Mar-2009 07:55:56] **cico> the thing is lacky tho
[19-Mar-2009 07:56:05] **raw__> yeh, it is lacking quite a bit
[19-Mar-2009 07:56:08] **raw__> unfortunately
[19-Mar-2009 07:56:16] **raw__> the dev guide is a good read too
[19-Mar-2009 07:56:47] **cico> and somebody left many pics on his/her desktop.......
[19-Mar-2009 07:57:03] **raw__> ?
[19-Mar-2009 07:57:28] **raw__> oh, they linked to them on their workstation?
[19-Mar-2009 07:57:31] **cico> Modeling Overview
[19-Mar-2009 07:57:41] **raw__> rookie mistake hehe
[19-Mar-2009 07:57:46] **raw__> download the PDF
[19-Mar-2009 07:57:52] **raw__> it's more up to date I believe
[19-Mar-2009 07:58:21] **cico> the url I was browsing claims to be about 2.3.3
[19-Mar-2009 07:58:35] **raw__> ah, well, there should be a PDF of it as well
[19-Mar-2009 07:58:37] **raw__> so grab that
[19-Mar-2009 07:58:37] **cico> but I'll grab the pdf anyway, thanx
[19-Mar-2009 07:58:41] **raw__> np
[19-Mar-2009 08:03:51] **cico> ooooooohhhh
[19-Mar-2009 08:03:53] **cico> pics!
[19-Mar-2009 08:04:12] **raw__> yuppers
[19-Mar-2009 08:15:26] **cico> oh crap
[19-Mar-2009 08:16:10] **cico> I think zenoss did not draw sh*t because the stupid firewall is configured NOT to answer to ping..
[19-Mar-2009 08:16:28] **cico> and apparently zenoss relies on ping to perform additional steps...
[19-Mar-2009 08:16:52] **cico> I'll check now..
[19-Mar-2009 08:22:21] **raw__> hehe
[19-Mar-2009 08:22:22] **raw__> nice
[19-Mar-2009 08:27:32] **cico> mh, still missing rrd file..
[19-Mar-2009 08:27:52] **cico> it just started, but missing nonetheless
[19-Mar-2009 09:24:09] **cico> having tiny fun with python..
[19-Mar-2009 09:24:52] **cico> what I keep wondering is how to match returned/parsed data to zenoss fields
[19-Mar-2009 09:26:42] **raw__> example?
[19-Mar-2009 09:32:05] **cico> (from the guide example)
[19-Mar-2009 09:32:09] **cico>     columns = {
[19-Mar-2009 09:32:09] **cico>          '.1': 'snmpindex', # aixFsIndex
[19-Mar-2009 09:32:10] **cico>          '.2': 'storageDevice', # aixFsName
[19-Mar-2009 09:32:10] **cico>          '.3': 'mount', # aixFsMountPoint
[19-Mar-2009 09:32:10] **cico>          '.4': 'type', # aixFsType
[19-Mar-2009 09:32:10] **cico>          '.5': 'totalBlocks', # aixFsSize - a value in MB
[19-Mar-2009 09:32:12] **cico> }
[19-Mar-2009 09:32:31] **cico> how does zenoss know what to do with every column?
[19-Mar-2009 09:40:35] **raw__> you have to tell it what to do pretty much
[19-Mar-2009 09:40:51] **raw__> you can add a .1 at the end of the OID to specifically query that column
[19-Mar-2009 09:40:53] **raw__> or .2, or whatever
[19-Mar-2009 09:42:27] **cico> that I guessed, pretty much..
[19-Mar-2009 09:42:47] **cico> but I can't find any reference to that part..
[19-Mar-2009 09:47:10] **cico> I mean, if I have to look inside every zenModel .py file I might do it, but I'd love to know if there's any other way..
[19-Mar-2009 09:54:57] **cico> on second thought, I actually might NOT do it (:
[19-Mar-2009 10:02:33] **raw__> lol
[19-Mar-2009 10:26:15] **cico> still not getting any graph drawn...
[19-Mar-2009 10:27:04] **cico> I don't have to write a collector if SNMP should work, right?
[19-Mar-2009 10:54:20] **raw__> correct
[19-Mar-2009 10:54:51] **raw__> the graph may take a while to draw, it collects data every 5 minutes, and it could take like 20-25 minutes for the RRD files to get generated
[19-Mar-2009 10:55:28] **cico> it really refuses to work..
[19-Mar-2009 10:55:51] **cico> is there any way I could check what is it doing?
[19-Mar-2009 10:55:59] **raw__> test the datapoint against a device to make sure that it's actually pulling data
[19-Mar-2009 10:56:16] **raw__> click on the datapoint, there will be a field where you can enter a device name and click test
[19-Mar-2009 10:56:31] **cico> I tested against THE device
[19-Mar-2009 10:56:55] **raw__> and?
[19-Mar-2009 10:57:03] **cico> oh it works..
[19-Mar-2009 10:57:08] **raw__>
[19-Mar-2009 10:57:19] **cico> yeah, that's painful to watch :-
[19-Mar-2009 10:57:50] **raw__> ?
[19-Mar-2009 10:58:17] **raw__> if it's working on one device but not on another then you either don't have SNMP properly enabled on the device or your snmp community string isn't correct in Zenoss
[19-Mar-2009 10:58:46] **raw__> or, unlikely, but the device might not support that particular SNMP query
[19-Mar-2009 10:59:11] **cico> no I meant I tested it against the firewall that is supposed to be queried to draw graphs!
[19-Mar-2009 10:59:54] **raw__> ah
[19-Mar-2009 10:59:57] **raw__> and it works?
[19-Mar-2009 11:00:26] **cico> totally..
[19-Mar-2009 11:00:41] **raw__> good, then it might just take a little bit for the graph to work
[19-Mar-2009 11:00:49] **raw__> since it takes a while for the RRD files to be intially created
[19-Mar-2009 11:00:52] **raw__> initially*
[19-Mar-2009 11:02:12] **cico> oh well, I'll let it run..with hope
[19-Mar-2009 11:02:22] **raw__> what's the output of the test?
[19-Mar-2009 11:02:31] **cico> now I gotta go home or I'll get stuck here..
[19-Mar-2009 11:02:33] **raw__> the only time I've had problems graphing something was when it was a negative value
[19-Mar-2009 11:02:54] **cico> I asked forwardedbytes, uptime and openconnections
[19-Mar-2009 11:02:59] **raw__> ah
[19-Mar-2009 11:03:00] **cico> and all of them made sense..
[19-Mar-2009 11:03:04] **raw__> those should work fine
[19-Mar-2009 11:03:19] **cico> yeah, that's why I was trying to use them as datapoints..
[19-Mar-2009 11:03:48] **raw__> takes some time for the graph to initially be generated sometimes like I said
[19-Mar-2009 11:03:53] **raw__> give it some time and it should work
[19-Mar-2009 11:04:00] **cico> I do strongly hope so
[19-Mar-2009 11:04:14] **cico> tomorrow I'll be toying with daemons probably anyway..
[19-Mar-2009 11:04:20] **raw__> if it doesn't, let me know tomorrow, I'll be on around the same time
[19-Mar-2009 11:04:28] **cico> eheh thanks
[19-Mar-2009 11:04:31] **raw__> np
[19-Mar-2009 11:34:03] **klinstifen> anyone know when the developers will be here next?
[19-Mar-2009 11:34:15] **klinstifen> is it every couple weds...or thurs...?
[19-Mar-2009 11:37:11] **raw__> every couple thursdays, not 100% sure
[19-Mar-2009 11:37:28] **raw__> you can ask Matt Ray, he's on vacation but he'll be back on Monday
[19-Mar-2009 11:37:54] **raw__> (mrayzenoss)
[19-Mar-2009 11:38:03] **klinstifen> thx
[19-Mar-2009 11:38:33] **rhett__> its normally posted on the blog i think
[19-Mar-2009 11:38:49] **klinstifen> mkay i'll check there
[19-Mar-2009 11:58:22] **isotope> does anyone know what CA file HttpMonitor uses for ssl requests?
[19-Mar-2009 11:58:50] **isotope> I have several internal ssl sites that I want to monitor but they have self-signed or expired certs.
[19-Mar-2009 12:04:15] **raw__> does anyone here know how to take a zenpack that's stored as a .egg and install it in development mode so that I can modify it via the web interface?
[19-Mar-2009 12:33:57] **cain22> is there a way to change the event class...say to ignore?
[19-Mar-2009 12:37:58] **sstringham> I am creating a graph of process memory usage using the multi-graph tool. The legend has the name set as "${here/name | here/id} ${graphPoint/id}" However, the process name is the same across all machines. How can I get it to read "the machine upon which this process is running" instead?
[19-Mar-2009 12:43:08] **sstringham> nevermind, found it.
[19-Mar-2009 12:50:19] **jeld> hi, I wonder, how do I change manufacturer for a product? I got my HP server model recognized, but the model was not in the database, so now manufacturer is unknown, how do I move the product under HP?
[19-Mar-2009 12:51:24] **isotope> use the edit tab for the device
[19-Mar-2009 12:52:07] **jeld> yes, but once I select correct manufacturer, model goes blank, it will not allow me to select disjointed manufacturer and model
[19-Mar-2009 13:08:49] **cain22> is there a way to change the event class...say to ignore?
[19-Mar-2009 13:16:12] **jeld> cain22, well, you need to map events to classes
[19-Mar-2009 13:17:05] **jeld> cain22,
[19-Mar-2009 13:17:20] **adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Admin Guide - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[19-Mar-2009 13:18:15] **jeld> where do I get the check_rpc script so the RPCMonitor zenpack works?
[19-Mar-2009 13:18:51] **cain22> yeah, already read it, guess im not gettin git
[19-Mar-2009 13:19:00] **cain22> nice if there were some good examples or something
[19-Mar-2009 13:21:02] **jeld> cain22, there are examples out there, but basically, what you need to do is create an event mapping, that will match events you want and map them to appropriate class
[19-Mar-2009 13:22:07] **jeld> cain22, a good start is to find an event in event console and just use menus to map it to whatever class you want (I would choose some test class first, since Ignore doesn't store events) and see if the mapping works, then edit it until it does
[19-Mar-2009 13:23:58] **cain22> it has to be eventclass unknown for that to work though
[19-Mar-2009 13:24:47] **cain22> which is lame
[19-Mar-2009 13:29:05] **jeld> cain22, yes, an event will only be mapped once, if it is not Unknown it has been mapped by some other mapping
[19-Mar-2009 13:29:22] **jeld> cain22, this is not lame, you just misunderstand the logic
[19-Mar-2009 13:31:23] **cain22> jeld: lame is a point of view, should be relatively simple to change an event class...
[19-Mar-2009 13:31:42] **cain22> not be stuck in it once it has one
[19-Mar-2009 13:34:36] **jeld> cain22, ah! you mean change class of an existing event?
[19-Mar-2009 13:34:50] **cain22> yes
[19-Mar-2009 13:34:55] **cain22> perf/snmp
[19-Mar-2009 13:35:01] **cain22> is the class it is in
[19-Mar-2009 13:36:24] **cain22> jeld: sorry if i was unclear
[19-Mar-2009 13:36:38] **cain22> i have a habit of thinking people should be mind readers... 
[19-Mar-2009 13:36:54] **jeld>
[19-Mar-2009 13:40:47] **jeld> it seems that you can actually select the events you want, choose "Map Events to Class" and change the class that way
[19-Mar-2009 13:41:03] **jeld> you will get a mapping that will continue to map the events that way though
[19-Mar-2009 13:42:25] **cain22> so no dice...
[19-Mar-2009 13:43:25] **jeld> why? I just mapped some of my events to a different class and it worked
[19-Mar-2009 13:44:46] **cain22> i get a message "1 event is not class /Unknown. Created 0 event mappings"
[19-Mar-2009 13:48:14] **jeld> yes, but the actual event gets remapped to a different class, so I guess it moves the event but doesn't create a permanent mapping. Makes sense
[19-Mar-2009 13:51:52] **jeld> so, permanent mappings are only created when you map an unknown event to a class, but if you remap an already mapped event to a different class zenoss thinks, that you changed your mind about things and will correct the mapping yourself
[19-Mar-2009 13:52:52] **cain22> i don't think it moves the event either though...
[19-Mar-2009 13:53:13] **cain22> even nonpermanently
[19-Mar-2009 13:53:51] **cain22> where is mrayzenoss when you need
[19-Mar-2009 13:55:14] **raw__> does anyone here know how to take a zenpack that's stored as a .egg and install it in development mode so that I can modify it via the web interface?
[19-Mar-2009 13:56:13] **cain22> not i
[19-Mar-2009 13:56:40] **raw__> k well, guess I'll ask around again tomorrow
[19-Mar-2009 13:59:01] **jeld> raw__, did you try to unpack it manually and install it as a linked directory?
[19-Mar-2009 14:00:46] * jeld note to self: never use auto discovery ever again
[19-Mar-2009 14:01:40] **cain22> heh, whys that?
[19-Mar-2009 14:02:11] **jeld> cain22, doesn't do well on multihomed systems
[19-Mar-2009 14:02:55] **jeld> cain22, and I have systems with 4 physical NICs and 8-12 aliases
[19-Mar-2009 14:05:55] **cain22> heh
[19-Mar-2009 14:06:22] **cain22> I wonder how long zenoss has been around, cus there are a couple things i would think it would be better at...
[19-Mar-2009 14:08:56] **jeld> cain22, it has been around for a while, but I think they position it more like a framework than a complete system
[19-Mar-2009 14:09:15] **jeld> cain22, it is very flexible, but you have to REALLY know what you are doing
[19-Mar-2009 14:09:33] **jeld> cain22, it doesn't "just work"
[19-Mar-2009 14:09:46] **cain22> it should for those that pay to use
[19-Mar-2009 14:10:14] **jeld> cain22, those people get support contract, so ZenOSS engineers can customize the system for their environment
[19-Mar-2009 14:11:22] **jeld> cain22, in the same way people used to buy Lotus Notes or Siebel
[19-Mar-2009 14:11:30] **jeld> and possibly still do
[19-Mar-2009 14:12:59] **cain22> i have support
[19-Mar-2009 14:13:38] **cain22> company does
[19-Mar-2009 14:15:12] **cain22> not always impressed with the support i've received though...
[19-Mar-2009 14:16:12] **cain22> and i don't think the event class is changeable...even with support
[19-Mar-2009 14:16:17] **cain22> just the way zenoss is
[19-Mar-2009 14:27:20] **willwh> howdy folks
[19-Mar-2009 14:27:28] **cain22> howdy
[19-Mar-2009 14:27:49] **willwh> so I just installed zenoss on debian lenny
[19-Mar-2009 14:27:56] **willwh> it's up and running fine
[19-Mar-2009 14:28:19] **willwh> I am trying to add a windows host (it has snmp service running, and permissions as per the quickstart guide)
[19-Mar-2009 14:28:41] **willwh> ERROR zen.ZenDisc Error: [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): Products.ZenModel.Exceptions.NoIPAddress: No IP found for name
[19-Mar-2009 14:29:23] **cain22> try adding it by ip address?
[19-Mar-2009 14:29:36] **willwh> I must be blind, where do I do that?
[19-Mar-2009 14:29:40] **cain22> sys name might not match what you put in
[19-Mar-2009 14:30:03] **cain22> where it says device name
[19-Mar-2009 14:30:10] **willwh> ah, thank you
[19-Mar-2009 14:30:13] **cain22> no prob
[19-Mar-2009 14:30:29] **magnachef> OT: anyone having network issues? Seems like a lot of people were kicked out and rejoined?
[19-Mar-2009 14:30:37] **cain22> it'll fill in the name for you in modeeling process
[19-Mar-2009 16:00:01] tim|laptop is now known as timburke
[19-Mar-2009 19:39:45] **wangtso> i'm working on deploying zenoss and it doesn't seem to be scaling well for me. Any one have some performance tips?
[19-Mar-2009 19:41:26] **wangtso> after about 10 servers and 10 firewalls (snmp, a couple servers, ping) it seems unable to keep up.
[20-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [disconnected at Fri Mar 20 00:00:42 2009]
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[20-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[20-Mar-2009 06:00:01] **cico> I'm still facing the Missing RRD file issue
[20-Mar-2009 06:05:13] **raw__> hmmm
[20-Mar-2009 06:05:18] **raw__> what's the output when you test?
[20-Mar-2009 06:08:04] **cico> Executing command
[20-Mar-2009 06:08:04] **cico> snmpwalk -c $c -v1 $ip
[20-Mar-2009 06:08:04] **cico> against
[20-Mar-2009 06:08:04] **cico> SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises. = Gauge32: 454
[20-Mar-2009 06:08:05] **cico> DONE in 0 seconds
[20-Mar-2009 06:22:25] **raw__> and you set the data point as a gauge I assume?
[20-Mar-2009 06:24:03] **cico> yes, that one is set to gauge
[20-Mar-2009 06:25:11] **cico> and the othe one (forwardedBytes) is seto to counter - again it matches the test's result
[20-Mar-2009 06:28:30] **cico> might 'touch connectionNumber_connNum.rrd' ?
[20-Mar-2009 06:28:36] **cico> *help?
[20-Mar-2009 06:28:39] **cico> (eh)
[20-Mar-2009 06:44:48] **raw__> if that rrd file is there it's for some data point that you made for the amount of connections
[20-Mar-2009 07:06:52] **cico> no I meant touch as in the unix command, which creates an empty file with the specified name
[20-Mar-2009 07:07:35] **marl_scot> hi, is it posible to display just the dashboard without any of the buttons or links? i am wanting to put the dashbaord up on my mythtv box as an html screen saver, so i can see the stats, but i dont want to risk any of the kids mucking something up!
[20-Mar-2009 07:13:25] **raw__> marl_scot :  you could always just create a seperate user account with ZenUser privileges, that way it would have no modification rights
[20-Mar-2009 07:13:44] **raw__> that would ensure that nothing would get "mucked up"
[20-Mar-2009 07:14:12] **marl_scot> ah ok, i thought that still gave some rights, i cant have set the account up properly when i tried it
[20-Mar-2009 07:14:14] **marl_scot> thanks
[20-Mar-2009 07:14:22] **raw__> nah, that just gives rights to look around
[20-Mar-2009 07:14:44] **raw__> they have to have Manager privileges to actually modify anything
[20-Mar-2009 07:15:03] **raw__> np
[20-Mar-2009 07:15:56] **marl_scot> is it posible to restrict which devices they can view as well?
[20-Mar-2009 07:17:48] **raw__> yeh, you can do that
[20-Mar-2009 07:19:41] **raw__> well, I think you can do that...
[20-Mar-2009 07:20:53] **raw__> never tried so no idea how
[20-Mar-2009 07:21:15] **marl_scot> ive created a group with 3 servers in it, and set a user as (i thought) display only that group, but they can see all servers, is this maybe a differance between the free and comercial versions?
[20-Mar-2009 07:26:05] **raw__> doubtful
[20-Mar-2009 07:26:29] **raw__> the only real differences between the free and commercial are the enterprise zenpacks and the fact that distributed collectors are enabled by default
[20-Mar-2009 07:27:03] **raw__> where did you set them to display only that group?
[20-Mar-2009 07:29:06] **marl_scot>  /settings/users/username/administered objects
[20-Mar-2009 07:43:47] **cico> er.. why if I navigate to my device in zport/manage and click on monitors it returns an empy page?
[20-Mar-2009 07:48:18] **raw__> cico :  because zenoss treats monitoring templates and such as a tree structure
[20-Mar-2009 07:48:37] **raw__> if the templates are located under the actual device category then you won't see them under the individual device itself
[20-Mar-2009 07:48:57] **raw__> plus I have no idea what the actual "monitors" item represents in the database to begin with
[20-Mar-2009 07:49:05] **raw__> it might not be what you think it is
[20-Mar-2009 07:49:47] **raw__> administered objects is where you can give certain people rights to modify the settings for devices
[20-Mar-2009 07:49:59] **raw__> I don't believe it actually allows you to set which devices people can actually see
[20-Mar-2009 08:04:17] **cico> I see..eheh makes sense :-
[20-Mar-2009 08:04:42] **cico> was reading the forum, anyway.. somebody was pointing out to try and compare snmp walk/get
[20-Mar-2009 08:04:57] **cico> well guess what, here they behave differently..
[20-Mar-2009 08:05:23] **cico> specifically, snmpget does not recognize dlink's root oid..?
[20-Mar-2009 08:25:32] **raw__> odd
[20-Mar-2009 08:30:15] **cico> my thought exactly
[20-Mar-2009 08:38:45] **cico> pffftt might a clean install from sources help?
[20-Mar-2009 08:39:05] **cico> (I'm not having that much fun anymore, you see..)
[20-Mar-2009 08:39:23] **raw__> I just use the stack installer
[20-Mar-2009 08:39:28] **raw__> seems to work nicely
[20-Mar-2009 08:39:56] **cico> again, my thought as well..
[20-Mar-2009 08:40:18] **cico> I find it so weird
[20-Mar-2009 08:41:56] **raw__> zenoss should be using snmpwalk to grab the value anyways
[20-Mar-2009 08:42:49] **raw__> you are 100% sure that you created the datapoints and the graph properly?
[20-Mar-2009 08:46:07] **cico> there is not much to do, right? I read the guide many times, datasources (as I told you about testing) work and datapoints are simply there..
[20-Mar-2009 08:53:06] **raw__> yeh, and you defined them properly in the graph?
[20-Mar-2009 08:53:24] **raw__> there really isn't much to do, but the smallest oversight can cause issues
[20-Mar-2009 08:54:11] **raw__> what did you use for units?
[20-Mar-2009 08:56:52] **cico> nothing really.. it wasn't reported as mandatory, and I felt stupid putting a unit over a graph called "connections"..
[20-Mar-2009 08:56:58] **cico> was that dumb?
[20-Mar-2009 08:57:14] **cico> I want to stress that it wasn't reported as necessary (:
[20-Mar-2009 08:58:50] **cico> (oh anyway, since there are only two data sources and one datapoint each and those get selected from a cascade menu when setting up a graph... yeah I strongly believe I chose the right thing there..)
[20-Mar-2009 09:47:38] **tanderson28> i'm having some issues with false positives in zenoss
[20-Mar-2009 09:48:00] **tanderson28> zenoss is reproting systems as down when they are not
[20-Mar-2009 09:51:18] **tanderson28> i'm not sure if this is an issue caused by number of device, # of checks, snmpv3 or what
[20-Mar-2009 09:54:12] **tanderson28> im' getting hundreds of /status/ping false positives
[20-Mar-2009 09:58:58] **ke4qqq> hundreds?
[20-Mar-2009 09:59:40] **raw__> tanderson28 :  if you actually login to that box and try to ping those devices from it, are you able to?
[20-Mar-2009 10:00:40] **tanderson28> yeah
[20-Mar-2009 10:00:45] **tanderson28> yes
[20-Mar-2009 10:00:45] **raw__> you can also go to Collectors
[20-Mar-2009 10:00:50] **tanderson28> the devices flap
[20-Mar-2009 10:00:51] **raw__> click on your collector
[20-Mar-2009 10:01:01] **raw__> then select Edit tab
[20-Mar-2009 10:01:10] **raw__> change ping time out and ping tries
[20-Mar-2009 10:01:20] **raw__> might want to put ping tries to like 10 and change timeout to 5
[20-Mar-2009 10:01:22] **raw__> or something
[20-Mar-2009 10:01:43] **tanderson28> i'd done 3 and 5 and still been haveing the same issue
[20-Mar-2009 10:01:47] **raw__> when you say flap, is your connection to these devices taking hits or something?
[20-Mar-2009 10:02:23] **tanderson28> status ping says down, then up, then down,...
[20-Mar-2009 10:02:41] **raw__> I'd try increasing the values higher than 3 and 5
[20-Mar-2009 10:02:47] **raw__> sounds like you have a really unstable link
[20-Mar-2009 10:02:55] **raw__> when you ping them, is there any packet loss or anything>?
[20-Mar-2009 10:02:58] **raw__> or latency?
[20-Mar-2009 10:03:06] **tanderson28> no loss
[20-Mar-2009 10:03:12] **raw__> and latency?
[20-Mar-2009 10:03:26] **tanderson28> latency is low, under 100 ms
[20-Mar-2009 10:03:33] **raw__> hmmm
[20-Mar-2009 10:05:45] **tanderson28> latency now is about .135 to .150 ms
[20-Mar-2009 10:06:04] **raw__> I still say set it higher than 3 and 5
[20-Mar-2009 10:06:07] **raw__> and see if it helps
[20-Mar-2009 10:06:54] **tanderson28> i've got that in place now.
[20-Mar-2009 10:07:37] **raw__> you can also try increasing or decreasing the other ping values such as Maximum Ping Packets in Flight
[20-Mar-2009 10:07:42] **raw__> Ping Cycle Time (secs)
[20-Mar-2009 10:07:55] **raw__> Maximum Ping Failures
[20-Mar-2009 10:08:19] **raw__> how many devices are you monitoring on that box?
[20-Mar-2009 10:08:26] **tanderson28> >50
[20-Mar-2009 10:08:40] **tanderson28> and the load on the box is nothing
[20-Mar-2009 10:08:48] **raw__> ok, so maybe decrease Maximum Ping Packets in Flight
[20-Mar-2009 10:08:52] **raw__> or increase it
[20-Mar-2009 10:09:09] **tanderson28> 500 seem like a good value?
[20-Mar-2009 10:09:16] **raw__> should be
[20-Mar-2009 10:09:18] **tanderson28> 75 seems low
[20-Mar-2009 10:09:23] **raw__> yeh
[20-Mar-2009 10:09:43] **raw__> I've got a zenoss box that I'm setting up, it'll be monitoring over 1000 devices
[20-Mar-2009 10:09:46] **raw__> should be interesting
[20-Mar-2009 10:09:47] **raw__> hehe
[20-Mar-2009 10:10:28] **tanderson28> so with the changes to timeout and tries to 5 and 10 i'm still seeing false positives.
[20-Mar-2009 10:10:40] **tanderson28> i've got 8 servers listed as down.
[20-Mar-2009 10:11:04] **cico> how unlikely would it be for the rrd daemon/app to have gone missing?
[20-Mar-2009 10:11:18] **tanderson28> what do you mean?
[20-Mar-2009 10:11:36] **cico> er.. not thinking about your issue actually, sorry
[20-Mar-2009 10:11:42] **tanderson28> np
[20-Mar-2009 10:11:58] **cico> (not that here ping works fine, mind you..)
[20-Mar-2009 10:12:27] **tanderson28> do many people have similar issues with ping false positives?
[20-Mar-2009 10:12:43] **cico> I read it often..
[20-Mar-2009 10:15:18] **tanderson28> yikes, false positives make me look bad
[20-Mar-2009 10:15:34] **cico> getting back to rrd for a brief moment: how bad is this?
[20-Mar-2009 10:15:36] **cico> [zenoss@betelgeuse ~]$ whereis rrdtool
[20-Mar-2009 10:15:36] **cico> rrdtool: /usr/bin/rrdtool /usr/share/rrdtool /opt/zenoss/bin/rrdtool /usr/share/man/man1/rrdtool.1.gz
[20-Mar-2009 10:16:57] **raw__> I haven't had any issues with ping false positives and I have like 7 zenoss boxes monitoring over 100 devices at the moment
[20-Mar-2009 10:17:34] **tanderson28> thats the result i would expect
[20-Mar-2009 10:18:12] **tanderson28> but i've got 1 box monitoring 50 and its lighting up with false positives on status_ping failures
[20-Mar-2009 10:18:45] **tanderson28> i increased pings in flight to 500, still having issues.
[20-Mar-2009 10:18:55] **tanderson28> so i change the cycle time to 90 now
[20-Mar-2009 10:19:00] **raw__> well, if you've set the ping values higher in the collector settings I'm not sure what else to suggest really
[20-Mar-2009 10:20:21] **tanderson28> i'll keep trying to tweak the collectors ping settings to see if it gets me anywhere
[20-Mar-2009 10:20:24] **raw__> are you using alerting rules to send alerts?
[20-Mar-2009 10:21:29] **tanderson28> i do
[20-Mar-2009 10:21:54] **raw__> did you check to see if the zenping daemon is running?
[20-Mar-2009 10:21:57] **raw__> sounds like it may not be
[20-Mar-2009 10:22:12] **raw__> Settings/Daemons
[20-Mar-2009 10:22:50] **tanderson28>  zenping.logs to indicates its working
[20-Mar-2009 10:23:11] **raw__> is there any detail in that log as to why the pings might be failing?
[20-Mar-2009 10:23:12] **tanderson28> daemon has a Gr. light
[20-Mar-2009 10:23:26] **raw__> maybe check the zenhub log too
[20-Mar-2009 10:25:41] **tanderson28> zenping ... finishing 49 jobs in .03 seconds ....
[20-Mar-2009 10:26:22] **tanderson28> zen hub has a bunch of device not in topology messages
[20-Mar-2009 10:29:08] **raw__> that shouldn't really affect ping though
[20-Mar-2009 10:42:28] **raw__> is there any way to remove the ethernetCsmacd template from a specific port on a device?
[20-Mar-2009 10:42:55] **raw__> I've got a serial pvc that doesn't allow the collection of data, so I want to assign a separate template to that one port
[20-Mar-2009 10:43:03] **raw__> but it won't allow me to remove ethernetCsmacd
[20-Mar-2009 10:43:19] **raw__> I can make a local copy, but that's not what I want to do
[20-Mar-2009 10:55:09] **cico> I read shortly before somebody talking about similar issues, and the suggestion was to use the backend..
[20-Mar-2009 11:11:06] **raw__> "use the backend"
[20-Mar-2009 11:11:11] **raw__> meaning the management backend?
[20-Mar-2009 17:13:32] **int> i wonder, if someone used trunk version? is it known to be broken or should work?
[20-Mar-2009 17:36:11] HKhan_ is now known as HKhan
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[21-Mar-2009 00:20:11] **adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Daily Python-URL! (from the Secret Labs) - One Laptop Battery Later And I'm A Django Fan
[21-Mar-2009 00:20:12] **adytum-bot>
[21-Mar-2009 03:57:55] **Egyptian[Home]> morning
[21-Mar-2009 03:58:08] **Egyptian[Home]> coudl someone pls do a diff on something for me?
[21-Mar-2009 03:58:20] **Egyptian[Home]>
[21-Mar-2009 03:58:28] **Egyptian[Home]>
[21-Mar-2009 03:58:30] **Egyptian[Home]> thanks
[21-Mar-2009 12:03:52] **msbitranch> Is the next version to be released 2.4? or 2.3.something?
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[23-Mar-2009 01:07:29] **philm> Hi.  Is there anyone here?
[23-Mar-2009 01:08:42] **philm> I am having issues getting Zenoss to collect SNMP Traps
[23-Mar-2009 01:19:29] **tehhobbit> what kind of issues
[23-Mar-2009 01:21:28] **philm> I dont think it is working at all
[23-Mar-2009 01:21:31] **philm> I am new to Zenoss
[23-Mar-2009 01:21:49] **philm> I have setup on a cisco 877 (for testing) the snmp traps server, I can see that messages are being sent from the router
[23-Mar-2009 01:21:56] **philm> but I can't see them in the event history
[23-Mar-2009 01:22:24] **philm> Zenoss is configured to monitor that router, I can see graphs of the interfaces etc.. fine
[23-Mar-2009 01:31:06] **tehhobbit> hmmmm
[23-Mar-2009 01:31:16] **tehhobbit> trapserver on the monitored device
[23-Mar-2009 01:31:22] **tehhobbit> sorry bit confused
[23-Mar-2009 01:32:02] **philm> Zenoss is meant to be able to collect SNMP Traps
[23-Mar-2009 01:32:05] **philm> But it does not appear to be
[23-Mar-2009 01:33:18] **tehhobbit> philm: try from a regular machine to send a trap from cli
[23-Mar-2009 01:33:32] **philm> So a linux box?
[23-Mar-2009 01:33:33] **tehhobbit> just to confirm the traplistener is up and running
[23-Mar-2009 01:33:48] **tehhobbit> yeah that wold work
[23-Mar-2009 01:33:54] **philm> What would be the command to do that?
[23-Mar-2009 01:34:10] **tehhobbit> there is a good description in the admin guid howto send test traps
[23-Mar-2009 01:35:02] **philm> It doesn't make 100% sense to me
[23-Mar-2009 01:35:58] **tehhobbit>
[23-Mar-2009 01:36:02] **tehhobbit> that part ?
[23-Mar-2009 01:36:12] **adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Admin Guide - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[23-Mar-2009 01:36:58] **philm> I have that printed off next to me
[23-Mar-2009 01:39:13] **philm> I dont have the command "snmptrap"
[23-Mar-2009 01:41:37] **tehhobbit> net-snmp-tools or something like that is the pkg you need
[23-Mar-2009 01:47:54] **philm> Cant find it
[23-Mar-2009 01:47:58] **philm> I'm going to look at it later
[23-Mar-2009 06:15:10] **int> i read somethere that 2.4 beta will be available in march, anyone heard something?
[23-Mar-2009 06:16:19] **raw__> that's supposed to be the plan I believe
[23-Mar-2009 06:16:29] **raw__> final release might actually be end of march or early april
[23-Mar-2009 06:16:56] **raw__> actually, mid May I believe is what the final release date is
[23-Mar-2009 06:17:38] **int> raw__: any idea if current trunk totaly broken or should be usable?
[23-Mar-2009 07:20:14] **raw__> no clue
[23-Mar-2009 07:20:26] **raw__> I'd think it'd be buggy at this point
[23-Mar-2009 08:03:31] **cain> anyone help with event mapping?
[23-Mar-2009 08:04:26] **cain> since the event i want to map has no eventclasskey, can i use a wild card for that?
[23-Mar-2009 09:59:19] **int> can i export template from zenoss somehow? and reimport in in other instance?
[23-Mar-2009 10:00:14] **int> looks like i can create zenpack and then add template to it
[23-Mar-2009 10:00:36] **mrayzenoss> yup
[23-Mar-2009 10:12:23] **int> mrayzenoss: does trunk should be usable now or known to be totally broken?
[23-Mar-2009 10:12:48] **mrayzenoss> it's stabilizing a bit, we're about to release a beta off of it
[23-Mar-2009 10:13:01] **mrayzenoss> we haven't branched for the beta, so it's as stable as the beta
[23-Mar-2009 10:14:30] **int> mrayzenoss: will you do branch for 2.4 or it will be in trunk until release?
[23-Mar-2009 10:14:55] **mrayzenoss> we'll branch once we start getting RC candidates
[23-Mar-2009 10:15:09] **mrayzenoss> so probably 2 or 3 weeks before the release we'll branch
[23-Mar-2009 10:15:17] **mrayzenoss> I'll update the source instructions accordingly
[23-Mar-2009 10:15:21] **mrayzenoss> since I run source
[23-Mar-2009 10:16:40] **int> mrayzenoss: does that famous "blue crab" ssh modeling already in?
[23-Mar-2009 10:16:57] **mrayzenoss> yeah, there's a Linux Monitor ZenPack
[23-Mar-2009 10:17:13] **mrayzenoss> it uses SSH for modeling and monitoring
[23-Mar-2009 10:17:49] **int> mrayzenoss: it needs root access?
[23-Mar-2009 10:17:55] **mrayzenoss> it doesn't do everything, but it's an example of the command parsing and we (meaning the community) should be able to write other stuff pretty easily
[23-Mar-2009 10:18:33] **mrayzenoss> testing and adding new devices should be pretty easy
[23-Mar-2009 10:19:08] **int> mrayzenoss: do you heard something about sudo support? ie checkbox "[] Use Sudo" like the one for ssh
[23-Mar-2009 10:19:40] **mrayzenoss> I'll go check
[23-Mar-2009 10:22:03] **mrayzenoss> hmm... the dev is out, I'll make sure 'sudo' usage is covered when I run through the tutorial
[23-Mar-2009 10:22:55] **mrayzenoss> we're working on releasing the beta today
[23-Mar-2009 10:28:16] **raw__> mrayzenoss :  looks like you're in high demand today, just a reminder about that email that I sent you, about installing .egg zenpacks in development mode
[23-Mar-2009 10:28:28] **int> mrayzenoss: cool, thx!
[23-Mar-2009 10:29:08] **raw__> also, I was wondering if you could tell me how I'd go about actually removing a template from an interface, like, I have some T1 and serial interfaces which the standard ethernet template doesn't work for properly, but I can't apply a different template to them unless I remove that one from them, which I can't seem to figure out how to do
[23-Mar-2009 11:05:33] **cain> mrayzenoss: quick question regarding status lights for services....what is the M column next to it for?
[23-Mar-2009 11:10:17] **mrayzenoss> monitored
[23-Mar-2009 11:10:26] **cain> heh, thanks
[23-Mar-2009 11:47:16] **jsm> trying to configure ZenMail,, but don't see where in the UI I'm supposed to configure these options. The documentation is not very helpful.
[23-Mar-2009 11:47:30] **adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss - Admin Guide - Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (at
[23-Mar-2009 11:50:54] **mrayzenoss> I think you just edit the conf file manually
[23-Mar-2009 11:51:31] **jsm> mray, thanks.. I'm james btw, wrote the postgres plugin
[23-Mar-2009 11:52:19] **mrayzenoss> thanks, I recently added the patch for making 8.2 work somewhat
[23-Mar-2009 11:52:55] **jsm> yeah, i saw that.. i will be revisiting it soon probably for a complete re-write.. we now have a need to monitor multipe DBs per server, so I'd like to create a tabbed interface with each DB
[23-Mar-2009 11:53:08] **mrayzenoss> that would be nice
[23-Mar-2009 11:53:12] **jsm> so as soon as someone puts up dev docs on creating tabs, i'll do it
[23-Mar-2009 11:53:24] **jsm> it seems to be a sticking point with plugin developers right now
[23-Mar-2009 11:54:13] **mrayzenoss> the Adding Tabs section isn't good enough (I don't know, I haven't looked into it much)
[23-Mar-2009 11:54:29] **mrayzenoss> a bunch of stuff got added to the 2.3.3 Dev Guide
[23-Mar-2009 11:54:41] **jsm> just but watching the mailing list traffic...  i haven't checked out the guide either.. will do
[23-Mar-2009 11:55:13] **mrayzenoss> I think I posted that we'd added some more content, but if it's not good I'll try to get it cleaned up some more
[23-Mar-2009 11:55:32] **jsm> there's no zenmail.conf file in /opt/zenoss/etc, but there's a zenmail genconf command that spits out a config to stdout.. should i place that in /opt/zenoss/etc ?
[23-Mar-2009 11:56:05] **mrayzenoss> yeah, that's where the zenmail command is looking for it
[23-Mar-2009 11:59:50] **jsm> when trying "zenmail run" : ZenSocket Error: Unable to bind to listen port (error code 98) .. i've set the listenPort to 10025
[23-Mar-2009 12:00:10] **lukecyca> Are ZenMail or ZenPop appropriate for creating a mail-ping test? ie: Send an email every 30 minutes to a gmail address with auto-reply, and measure how long it takes for the reply to come back.
[23-Mar-2009 12:00:36] **jsm> lukecyca: i believe they are for sending alerts, for devices that don't support snmp traps
[23-Mar-2009 12:00:49] **jsm> for receiving alerts, i mean.
[23-Mar-2009 12:01:48] **lukecyca> jsm: Thanks. Do you know how one might implement mail-ping within zenoss? Or some other high-level email availability test?
[23-Mar-2009 12:02:07] **jsm> you could write a script
[23-Mar-2009 12:02:16] **jsm> make it in to a zenoss plugin
[23-Mar-2009 12:02:20] **jsm> if there isn't one already
[23-Mar-2009 12:02:24] **ke4qqq> lukecyca: check the wiki - there's a howto already
[23-Mar-2009 12:02:42] **lukecyca> ke4qqq: thanks!  That's what I wanted to hear
[23-Mar-2009 12:02:43] **lukecyca>
[23-Mar-2009 12:02:45] **ke4qqq> lukecyca:
[23-Mar-2009 12:02:59] **adytum-bot> Title: Monitoring Email Delivery and Receipt - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[23-Mar-2009 12:03:01] **lukecyca> Perfect.  Many thanks
[23-Mar-2009 12:04:04] **mrayzenoss> jsm: that sounds like this ticket
[23-Mar-2009 12:04:06] **mrayzenoss>
[23-Mar-2009 12:05:02] **jsm> ah.. so i need 2.3.3 and it won't be a problem
[23-Mar-2009 12:06:29] **mrayzenoss> we should be releasing the 2.4 beta tonight or tomorrow morning
[23-Mar-2009 12:06:32] * mrayzenoss fingers crossed
[23-Mar-2009 12:06:46] **jsm> cool. wish i had time to test beta's
[23-Mar-2009 12:17:33] **jsm> mrayzenoss: that ticket is still valid
[23-Mar-2009 12:17:40] **jsm> can you re=open it?
[23-Mar-2009 12:17:45] **jsm> re-open
[23-Mar-2009 12:17:56] **mrayzenoss> you can do it with the zenoss/zenoss login
[23-Mar-2009 12:18:04] **mrayzenoss> add your notes and use-case
[23-Mar-2009 12:23:31] **jsm> done, thanks
[23-Mar-2009 12:39:47] **rocket> Hello
[23-Mar-2009 13:02:38] **raw__> so, is there any way to remove template inheritance from an interface so that I can bind a different template to it?
[23-Mar-2009 13:08:46] zanaga_ is now known as zanaga
[23-Mar-2009 13:33:03] **kisielk> anyone know how to disable the legend on a multi-graph?
[23-Mar-2009 13:46:57] **raw__> don't think you really can
[23-Mar-2009 13:47:17] **raw__> zenoss just calls on rrdtool to do the graphing, and it calls it in a standard way, including the legend
[23-Mar-2009 13:47:43] LeftyBSD is now known as Lefty
[23-Mar-2009 13:47:59] Lefty is now known as LeftyBSD
[23-Mar-2009 15:03:13] **gemineye> Anyone around?
[23-Mar-2009 15:05:51] **rhett> i am
[23-Mar-2009 15:05:57] **gemineye> I've got a system who's system logs are getting filled with errors from zenoss on attempts to login through rsh and rlogin. How can I get zenoss to not try those on a specific system?
[23-Mar-2009 15:06:28] **rhett> zproperties of the device?
[23-Mar-2009 15:06:50] **gemineye> Nothing that specific in the zproperties
[23-Mar-2009 15:12:35] **kisielk> I have the same thing with SSH
[23-Mar-2009 15:12:41] **kisielk> I posted on the forum, but nobody has replied
[23-Mar-2009 15:13:03] **kisielk> basically I get logs filled with "did not receive identification string from "
[23-Mar-2009 15:15:04] **gemineye> I think I got it
[23-Mar-2009 15:15:33] **gemineye> Well sort of
[23-Mar-2009 15:19:03] **gemineye> Ok, I did figure it out.
[23-Mar-2009 15:19:40] **rhett> what was it
[23-Mar-2009 15:20:22] **gemineye> kisielk: Go to the OS tab for the system you don't want to monitor ssh on anymore and under IP Services, just stop monitoring ssh. I had problems in the past using the check boxes and moving something to not monitored so I'd suggest just clicking on ssh and changing it from there.
[23-Mar-2009 15:20:39] **kisielk> gemineye: no, I do want to monitor SSH, I just don't want my logs flooded with that message
[23-Mar-2009 15:20:48] **gemineye> Oh...
[23-Mar-2009 15:20:51] **kisielk> I was trying to get zenoss to send the identification string, but it doesn't seem to be working
[23-Mar-2009 15:21:01] **gemineye> Well that's different
[23-Mar-2009 16:28:07] **mrayzenoss> int: followed up on the "Use sudo[]" question. The answer is no, it will not be an option at this point. The commands used should be available to standard logged-in users
[23-Mar-2009 17:12:44] **int> mrayzenoss: thx for answer, can you add ticket for that or should i do that?
[23-Mar-2009 17:13:16] **mrayzenoss> do you think it's necessary?
[23-Mar-2009 17:14:35] **mrayzenoss> I mean, if you look at the example:
[23-Mar-2009 17:14:49] **int> mrayzenoss: it depends what you are going to monitor, if you need root acces thats not very to good to allow ssh as root to every machine
[23-Mar-2009 17:15:04] **mrayzenoss> you could easily make the 'sudo' call part of the Python script
[23-Mar-2009 17:17:16] **bitmonk> mrayzenoss: why not run a privileged daemon with an unpriv script to query it?
[23-Mar-2009 17:17:36] * bitmonk wrinkles nose at providing automated tools with passwordless sudo, though i suppose you can limit commands..
[23-Mar-2009 17:18:18] **mrayzenoss> since you'll be using a user/pass to make the SSH call, you'll expect that user on the remote box to have the requisite privileges
[23-Mar-2009 17:18:51] **mrayzenoss> hopefully they won't need to 'sudo' for anything
[23-Mar-2009 17:19:15] **mrayzenoss> but I can see the need to make calls that require it, in which case you could sandbox the user to just that call
[23-Mar-2009 17:19:52] **int> mrayzenoss: well maybe you are right and sudo support not very important, if someone want it he can add sudo call to script
[23-Mar-2009 17:20:20] **mrayzenoss> I mean, you can open a ticket and it'll get debated
[23-Mar-2009 17:20:46] **int> mrayzenoss: will password-less login be supported? via ssh keys?
[23-Mar-2009 17:20:50] **mrayzenoss> yes
[23-Mar-2009 17:21:15] **int> mrayzenoss: great
[23-Mar-2009 17:21:17] **philm> Hi. I'm still having an issue collecting traps. I tried to send a trap from localhost, but it did not get received. All my deamons are running. Any ideas?
[23-Mar-2009 17:21:26] **mrayzenoss> we're wrapping up the beta release notes, the plan is to release it in the morning
[23-Mar-2009 17:21:52] **mrayzenoss> from the beta release notes:
[23-Mar-2009 17:21:53] **mrayzenoss> Credentials
[23-Mar-2009 17:21:54] **mrayzenoss> The Unix SSH monitoring feature will, by default, attempt to use key-based authentication before
[23-Mar-2009 17:21:54] **mrayzenoss> using a zProperties password value.
[23-Mar-2009 17:24:38] **rhett_> yay beta
[23-Mar-2009 17:25:00] **rhett_> i am still using 2.3.2 for some reason
[23-Mar-2009 17:26:06] **mrayzenoss> we're expecting at least 4 weeks of beta, so if 2.3.2 is bugging you 2.3.3 is your only option for the next month
[23-Mar-2009 17:29:10] **rhett_> nah.  for me its been ok.  no realy reason to upgrade to 2.3.3 but i should as well as cacti
[23-Mar-2009 17:41:10] **CamargoBP> I'm trying to roll my own RPM of zenoss core, and I am looking where I can put our custom logo? I know how to do it when I have zenoss installed and running but where in the source can I add the logo before building the rpm?
[23-Mar-2009 17:45:48] **bitmonk> Camargo: you can find the Zenoss logo and replace, or, depending on Zenoss' level of implementation of CMF skinning, may be able to add your own custom style package.
[23-Mar-2009 17:46:18] **CamargoBP> I found one logo and am replacing it
[23-Mar-2009 17:46:24] **CamargoBP> I need to find the login logo now
[23-Mar-2009 17:47:03] **bitmonk> it has a filename, use 'find' command or somesuch..
[23-Mar-2009 17:48:55] **mrayzenoss> wouldn't be easier to have a "zenoss-XXX-customizations" RPM that just drops in the modified logos?
[23-Mar-2009 17:49:20] **bitmonk> would conflict, no?
[23-Mar-2009 17:50:00] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I assume there's a mechanism for overriding any objects
[23-Mar-2009 17:50:06] **CamargoBP> That would be nice.
[23-Mar-2009 17:50:16] **mrayzenoss> s/objects/objections/
[23-Mar-2009 17:50:29] **CamargoBP> Then I can just drop that over any new zenoss install
[23-Mar-2009 17:50:33] **mrayzenoss> right
[23-Mar-2009 17:50:44] **CamargoBP> How about configuring zenoss
[23-Mar-2009 17:50:46] **mrayzenoss> you could probably even do it with a .ZIP zenpack
[23-Mar-2009 17:50:53] **CamargoBP> Could that be part of the rpm?
[23-Mar-2009 17:50:58] **bitmonk> does Zenoss use GenericSetup ?
[23-Mar-2009 17:53:10] **bitmonk> you should be able to make an rpm for a ZenPack, and give it a post-inst cmd to run zenpack install or whatever..
[23-Mar-2009 17:53:52] **mrayzenoss> I think this is what we use for the RPMs, I'm not entirely familiar:
[23-Mar-2009 17:54:00] **mrayzenoss> in fact, I'm not familiar
[23-Mar-2009 17:54:19] **mrayzenoss> I just assume RPM has pre/post install hooks that allow you to do useful stuff
[23-Mar-2009 17:54:27] **CamargoBP> yeah I just downloaded the src.rpm from sourceforge
[23-Mar-2009 17:54:33] **mrayzenoss> ahh nuts, gotta go
[23-Mar-2009 17:54:36] **bitmonk> it does that, not sure if it has 'replace this file' hook(s)
[23-Mar-2009 18:05:31] victor-1 is now known as victor-
[23-Mar-2009 18:21:37] **CamargoBP> Has anyone ever used zendmd?
[23-Mar-2009 19:33:32] **philm> Is there mibs avilable for Redbacks?
[23-Mar-2009 22:19:32] kevin7kal_ is now known as kevin7kal
[24-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [disconnected at Tue Mar 24 00:00:42 2009]
[24-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [connected at Tue Mar 24 00:00:42 2009]
[24-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[24-Mar-2009 07:27:42] **raw__> CamargoBP :  yes, I've used it a bit
[24-Mar-2009 08:23:56] **raw__> oh sweet, finally figured out how to make templates for different interface types
[24-Mar-2009 08:24:40] **raw__>
[24-Mar-2009 08:24:44] **raw__> sweet article
[24-Mar-2009 08:24:55] **adytum-bot> Title: How Zenoss Chooses Templates - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[24-Mar-2009 08:41:26] **cain> morning
[24-Mar-2009 08:47:01] **raw__> ok, I created a Zenpack a while back, I currently only have it backed up as a .egg file. I was to be able to install it in development mode so that I can make modifications to it. I believe this involves copying over a template file and modifying it, but I'm sure there's more to it than that. If that's not possible, then how would I go about backing up zenpacks in development mode in the future so that I don't have to go through this whole song and
[24-Mar-2009 08:56:52] **CamargoBP> So I'm trying to create a zenpack or a rpm that will install custom logos and configure zenoss for my environment. The only way I can think of doing it is RPM accessing the zendmd. Any other suggestions? I can't seem to figure out how to upload images to dmd.zport.portal_skins.custom using zendmd if anyone could help with that, I would appreciate it.
[24-Mar-2009 08:58:23] **raw__> ah, I'm not that advanced with zendmd unfortunately, I've just done some basic stuff with it
[24-Mar-2009 08:59:40] **raw__> why not just make an RPM that replaces the logo files and then make a separate zenpack for the rest?
[24-Mar-2009 08:59:59] **CamargoBP> Well I am concerned about new releases
[24-Mar-2009 09:00:20] **CamargoBP> I don't want to have to rebuild a rpm every new release of zenoss
[24-Mar-2009 09:00:30] **raw__> there are talks of them completely redesigning the interface, so no matter what you do you run that risk
[24-Mar-2009 09:00:42] **raw__> you'd have to install newer versions on a test box and try out your packages
[24-Mar-2009 09:00:50] **raw__> if they work, great
[24-Mar-2009 09:00:55] **CamargoBP> yeah
[24-Mar-2009 09:00:56] **raw__> if not, then you'll have to mod them
[24-Mar-2009 09:01:09] **CamargoBP> will they be changing zendmd?
[24-Mar-2009 09:01:19] **raw__> highly doubtful
[24-Mar-2009 09:01:37] **CamargoBP> That's why I would like to use the zendmd to upload these custom images
[24-Mar-2009 09:01:42] **raw__> zendmd is basically just a python shell with a bunch of zenoss specific variables pulled in to it
[24-Mar-2009 09:01:57] **CamargoBP> yeah
[24-Mar-2009 09:02:12] **vapor> good morning all
[24-Mar-2009 09:02:18] **CamargoBP> morning
[24-Mar-2009 09:03:26] **raw__> does anyone know if Zenoss has a command similar to ovtopodump?
[24-Mar-2009 09:03:35] **raw__> where it dumps out interface and device status?
[24-Mar-2009 09:03:53] **vapor> I am a fairly new user to zenoss. I have the virtual appliance up and running but cannot seem to get the zenoss-stack to install without erroring out onto and existing Ubuntu 8.04 box
[24-Mar-2009 09:04:21] **raw__> doesn't the virtual appliance come with Zenoss already installed?
[24-Mar-2009 09:04:55] **raw__> I was pretty sure that it did
[24-Mar-2009 09:05:15] **vapor> yes.  but its is not the desired instance we are wanting to run
[24-Mar-2009 09:05:22] **vapor> the virtual appliance works fine for now
[24-Mar-2009 09:05:32] **raw__> ah
[24-Mar-2009 09:05:44] **raw__> so you're using stack installer on ubuntu 8.04 server edition?
[24-Mar-2009 09:05:49] **vapor> but for both business reasons and personal experience reasons I would like to get it running on our ubuntu management box
[24-Mar-2009 09:05:53] **vapor> yes
[24-Mar-2009 09:06:01] **raw__> ok, same setup as we have here...
[24-Mar-2009 09:06:06] **raw__> what's the error you're getting?
[24-Mar-2009 09:07:44] **vapor> grr.  I think I locked my account in kerberos....  gimme just a sec to resolve that
[24-Mar-2009 09:11:25] **vapor> it was getting access denied when attempting to do something related to mysql. I am assuming it was trying to log into it
[24-Mar-2009 09:11:46] **vapor> it was using its own instance of mysql on port 3307
[24-Mar-2009 09:14:13] **vapor> this makes me thing that regardless of whether or not I specify port 3307 it is still using my existing mysql db
[24-Mar-2009 09:15:08] **vapor> and when attempting to start zenoss zeoctl takes a significant amount of time to start. I let it attempt to start for over 15 minutes lastnight before I hit ctrl+c
[24-Mar-2009 09:15:22] **raw__> it's supposed to use it's own instance of mysql
[24-Mar-2009 09:15:32] **raw__> you shouldn't even have any other instance of mysql running on that box
[24-Mar-2009 09:16:05] **raw__> also, you set a password for the sql database when you run the installer
[24-Mar-2009 09:16:08] **vapor> we already have cacti on this box.  so this is probably where it is problematic
[24-Mar-2009 09:16:27] **vapor> it didnt prompt me for that
[24-Mar-2009 09:16:28] **raw__> yeh, that might cause issues
[24-Mar-2009 09:16:49] **raw__> you really should be installing Zenoss on a clean box
[24-Mar-2009 09:17:06] **raw__> it's pretty demanding systemwise anyways, you need a dedicated system for it
[24-Mar-2009 09:17:45] **vapor> we are a small shop and were hoping to have out monitoring packages on one server
[24-Mar-2009 09:18:11] **ke4qqq> packages?? you need more than zenoss??
[24-Mar-2009 09:18:23] **vapor> anywho, I will kill the existing mysql, attempt a new install, and keep better track of any other things.
[24-Mar-2009 09:18:30] **vapor> in the long run we will not
[24-Mar-2009 09:18:47] **raw__> zenoss replaces cacti
[24-Mar-2009 09:18:54] **raw__> it can collect all the same data
[24-Mar-2009 09:18:55] **vapor> but cacti is our legacy monitoring and pulls info from a lot of existing scripts
[24-Mar-2009 09:18:58] **raw__> and then some
[24-Mar-2009 09:19:09] **vapor> yeah, its just a matter of porting the custom scripts
[24-Mar-2009 09:19:18] **mrayzenoss> vapor: perhaps set Zenoss up on a separate box and slowly migrate your existing Cacti scripts to it
[24-Mar-2009 09:19:18] **vapor> and in many cases removing them
[24-Mar-2009 09:19:19] **raw__> custom scripts for what?
[24-Mar-2009 09:19:40] **vapor> putting stats like Inodes and some specific postgres stuff
[24-Mar-2009 09:19:52] **vapor> I didnt write any of it, I have just inherited it
[24-Mar-2009 09:19:55] **raw__> yeh, separate box then decomm the cacti box once Zenoss is running to your satisfaction
[24-Mar-2009 09:22:19] **vapor> sounds good.  I will give that a try and see how things go.
[24-Mar-2009 09:22:24] **vapor> thx for the input
[24-Mar-2009 09:41:59] **raw__> np
[24-Mar-2009 09:42:50] **raw__> ok, I created a Zenpack a while back, I currently only have it backed up as a .egg file. I was to be able to install it in development mode so that I can make modifications to it. I believe this involves copying over a template file and modifying it, but I'm sure there's more to it than that. If that's not possible, then how would I go about backing up zenpacks in development mode in the future so that I don't have to go through this again?
[24-Mar-2009 10:57:58] **mrayzenoss>
[24-Mar-2009 10:58:12] **adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss 2.4 Beta is now Available | Zenoss Blog (at
[24-Mar-2009 10:59:33] **raw__> nice
[24-Mar-2009 10:59:39] **raw__> time to setup a beta test instance
[24-Mar-2009 10:59:41] **raw__>
[24-Mar-2009 10:59:56] **mrayzenoss> time to go bang on the dev responsible for the SSH docs
[24-Mar-2009 11:00:23] **raw__> hehe
[24-Mar-2009 11:00:27] **raw__> by the way...
[24-Mar-2009 11:00:50] **raw__> the html version of the admin guide is messed up on certain pages, images have been linked to local workstation file structure
[24-Mar-2009 11:00:58] **mrayzenoss> oops
[24-Mar-2009 11:01:07] **mrayzenoss> give me an example and I'll get it fixed
[24-Mar-2009 11:01:13] **raw__> k, one second
[24-Mar-2009 11:03:42] **raw__> need to see if I can remember what section I found the issues in, I believe they linked back to someone's local directory on their PC, I think they had the username "kells"
[24-Mar-2009 11:03:50] **mrayzenoss> heh
[24-Mar-2009 11:03:53] **mrayzenoss> sounds like Dev Guide
[24-Mar-2009 11:04:00] **raw__> might be dev guide
[24-Mar-2009 11:04:17] **mrayzenoss> Kells is mostly working on the Dev Guide, Sharon everything else
[24-Mar-2009 11:04:40] **raw__> ah, k, might have been dev guide then, someone pointed it out to me so I thought I'd mention it, let's see...
[24-Mar-2009 11:05:09] **raw__> there...
[24-Mar-2009 11:05:12] **raw__> a few pages in...
[24-Mar-2009 11:05:27] **raw__> Prev
[24-Mar-2009 11:05:45] **raw__>
[24-Mar-2009 11:06:06] **raw__> stuff like that
[24-Mar-2009 11:06:16] **raw__> it's all over the place in the dev guide
[24-Mar-2009 11:07:01] **mrayzenoss> thanks, I'm on it
[24-Mar-2009 11:07:06] **raw__>
[24-Mar-2009 12:30:51] **rocket> mrayzenoss: just when I think I have the Manufacturer issue licked I come up with a new issue
[24-Mar-2009 12:34:32] **raw__> you talking about the issue where manufacturer shows up as an OID instead of the actual value?
[24-Mar-2009 12:34:48] **rocket> that or its listed as unknown etc
[24-Mar-2009 12:34:52] **raw__> yeh
[24-Mar-2009 12:35:00] **raw__> if you manage to fix that I'll fedex you a beer
[24-Mar-2009 12:35:06] **rocket> I have most of it fixed
[24-Mar-2009 12:35:19] **raw__> nice
[24-Mar-2009 12:35:28] **raw__> what kind of snag are you running in to?
[24-Mar-2009 12:35:41] **rocket> just have to keep it from creating new products using the oid name .. basically it needs to do a lookup first to see if the product already exists
[24-Mar-2009 12:35:52] **raw__> ah
[24-Mar-2009 12:36:15] **raw__> could probably do some sort of lookup on the zope DB with a python script
[24-Mar-2009 12:36:27] **rocket> well I am fixing the core of the product ..
[24-Mar-2009 12:36:30] **raw__> ah
[24-Mar-2009 12:36:52] **rocket> so its not really a work around its an actual fix
[24-Mar-2009 12:37:00] **raw__> yeh, true enough hehe
[24-Mar-2009 12:40:43] **rocket> unfortunately the fix means the manufacturers database is basically broken though
[24-Mar-2009 12:40:52] **rocket> as there is just a ton of crap in it at the moment
[24-Mar-2009 12:41:01] **raw__> ah
[24-Mar-2009 12:41:36] **rocket> it will be easy enough to fix I think .. eg the oid will show up in the model field and you just go edit to have the right model name etc ..
[24-Mar-2009 12:41:58] **rocket> just have to do it once for that oid
[24-Mar-2009 12:42:15] **raw__> nice
[24-Mar-2009 12:47:10] **cain> any have to restore zenoss it pretty painless?
[24-Mar-2009 12:47:15] **cain> anyone
[24-Mar-2009 12:47:34] **rhett_> ive done it once and it was painless
[24-Mar-2009 12:48:13] **raw__> we just keep ESX snapshots of our boxes, so I don't really bother with restores hehe
[24-Mar-2009 12:48:51] **cain> yeah...
[24-Mar-2009 12:50:44] **rhett_> haha
[24-Mar-2009 13:31:25] **kisielk> mrayzenoss: is there anything in the works to make monitoring custom OID's a little easier? particularly with SNMP arrays?
[24-Mar-2009 13:47:58] **int> kisielk: you can look on
[24-Mar-2009 13:48:15] **adytum-bot> Title: HowTo monitor and add multiple Data Points the easy way in Zenoss (at
[24-Mar-2009 13:52:27] **sergeymasushko> I have a device with bound template. in the template I have about 180 data sources for http monitor zenpack. seems like checker in the zenpack works incorrectly. I receive about 150 up/down alerts per hour... what can be wrong?
[24-Mar-2009 13:53:36] **raw__> maybe turn up your timeout values, or delete unnecessary data sources?
[24-Mar-2009 13:53:40] **raw__> 180 is way too much
[24-Mar-2009 13:54:54] **kisielk> int: well, that's a start
[24-Mar-2009 13:55:02] **kisielk> but it would be nice if you could just point Zenoss to an SNMP array
[24-Mar-2009 13:55:05] **sergeymasushko> raw__: all these data is necessary... which timeout do you suggest to set there?
[24-Mar-2009 13:55:09] **kisielk> and it would dynamically figure it all our for you
[24-Mar-2009 13:55:11] **kisielk> out
[24-Mar-2009 13:55:21] **kisielk> I guess I could write a modeler myself or something
[24-Mar-2009 14:08:47] **cain> arg, I can't get zenwin daemon to stay up
[24-Mar-2009 14:13:55] **cain> what the deuce
[24-Mar-2009 14:14:05] **vapor> anybody know why zenoss-stack.deb might take hours (like 3-4 or more) to install?
[24-Mar-2009 14:14:36] **vapor> Hardware is a dell 1950 and certainly not loaded or doing anything else
[24-Mar-2009 14:18:40] **rhett_> hm
[24-Mar-2009 14:18:45] **rhett_> check the log
[24-Mar-2009 14:20:40] **vapor> where is the install log?
[24-Mar-2009 14:31:12] **vapor> nothing in the dpkg.log or var/og/messages or zeo.log
[24-Mar-2009 15:43:23] **vapor> This install is still going....
[24-Mar-2009 15:43:42] **vapor> something must be hanging up a process but I have no visibility into what it could be
[24-Mar-2009 16:04:44] **kisielk> vapor: try "pstree -aup"
[24-Mar-2009 16:04:50] **kisielk> and see what the installer is stuck on
[24-Mar-2009 16:05:02] **kisielk> it should have some kind of subprocess it's sitting at
[24-Mar-2009 16:29:00] **vapor> thx.  its .python.bin
[24-Mar-2009 16:30:33] **vapor> this appears to be the related process
[24-Mar-2009 16:31:23] **vapor> -c /usr/local/zenoss/zenoss/etc/zeo.conf
[24-Mar-2009 16:31:29] **vapor>  start
[24-Mar-2009 16:36:18] **vapor> strace has it hanging at waitpid
[24-Mar-2009 16:52:23] **kisielk> waitpid of what?
[24-Mar-2009 17:00:14] **vapor> rt_sigprocmask(SIG_UNBLOCK, [ALRM TERM], NULL, 8) = 0
[24-Mar-2009 17:00:15] **vapor> the
[24-Mar-2009 17:00:17] **vapor> er then
[24-Mar-2009 17:00:28] **vapor> waitpid(-1, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
[24-Mar-2009 17:00:42] **perr0> dawg just kill it and run it over
[24-Mar-2009 17:00:59] **perr0> vapor: is this an upgrade?
[24-Mar-2009 17:01:17] **vapor> nope
[24-Mar-2009 17:01:33] **vapor> I have been fighting failed installs on this for some time.
[24-Mar-2009 17:01:43] **perr0> what OS
[24-Mar-2009 17:01:51] **vapor> ubuntu 8.04
[24-Mar-2009 17:02:31] **vapor> my previous failures all seemed related to a preexisting mysql instance
[24-Mar-2009 17:02:47] **perr0> are you using the stack installers?
[24-Mar-2009 17:02:50] **vapor> I removed that
[24-Mar-2009 17:02:51] **vapor> yes
[24-Mar-2009 17:03:13] **perr0> is it 2.4?
[24-Mar-2009 17:03:44] **vapor> zenoss-stack-2.3.3_i386.deb to the best of my knowledge
[24-Mar-2009 17:03:51] **vapor> I am using apt-get to pull it down
[24-Mar-2009 17:04:24] **perr0> y don't you jus use the download off
[24-Mar-2009 17:04:31] **perr0> and run the bin
[24-Mar-2009 17:04:54] **vapor> havent tried the bin yet
[24-Mar-2009 17:04:59] **vapor> I will give that a whirl
[24-Mar-2009 17:05:06] **vapor> thx
[24-Mar-2009 17:05:16] **perr0> prolly the best way to go don't make your life too complicated
[24-Mar-2009 17:05:56] **perr0> jus make sure to uninstall what ever you have so far through Ubuntu
[24-Mar-2009 17:06:07] **vapor> doing that
[24-Mar-2009 17:08:16] **vapor> for the .bin do I need to have a zenoss user account setup for the .bin install?
[24-Mar-2009 17:08:21] **perr0> no
[24-Mar-2009 17:08:28] **vapor> great.  thx
[24-Mar-2009 17:08:37] **perr0> you may want to read the install instructions
[24-Mar-2009 17:08:50] **vapor> will do
[24-Mar-2009 17:09:09] **perr0> I don't mess around wit Ubuntu but I have not needed to add any accounts in EL5
[24-Mar-2009 17:15:37] **philm> Hi. I have some mib files for some network equipment that I want to load into Zenoss. They are however all .my files - are these compatable or do I need to convert them somehow?
[24-Mar-2009 17:16:30] **perr0> what are .my files?
[24-Mar-2009 17:17:39] **perr0>
[24-Mar-2009 17:25:43] **perr0> philm: I guess you don't want peeps to help you
[24-Mar-2009 17:28:39] **philm> perr0: sorry, got phone calls
[24-Mar-2009 17:29:47] **philm> The .my files is what we got from the supplier
[24-Mar-2009 17:30:04] **ke4qqq> who is the supplier?
[24-Mar-2009 17:30:21] **philm> Erricson (Redback)
[24-Mar-2009 17:30:47] **ke4qqq> .my will work based on what google shows
[24-Mar-2009 17:31:04] **philm> So I import straight into Zenoss?
[24-Mar-2009 17:31:08] **perr0> ke4qqq: what are you reading
[24-Mar-2009 17:31:59] **ke4qqq> perr0: looking at sample .my files which appear identical to .mib files in syntax.
[24-Mar-2009 17:32:18] **perr0> you think he can just rename the files?
[24-Mar-2009 17:32:22] **philm> So how would I import a whole batch into Zenoss then?
[24-Mar-2009 17:33:31] **ke4qqq> I doubt there is any need to rename.....just use zenmib ./*.my  iirc
[24-Mar-2009 17:33:38] **ke4qqq> as the zenoss users
[24-Mar-2009 17:33:39] **ke4qqq> user
[24-Mar-2009 17:33:58] **philm> Can I import them via the web interface or has to be command line?
[24-Mar-2009 17:34:14] **ke4qqq> you can do it via web interface but think you have to a single file at a time
[24-Mar-2009 17:34:28] **philm> Ill try doing a single file, where is it in it?
[24-Mar-2009 17:35:16] **ke4qqq> on the menu on the left hand side it's 4th item from the bottom
[24-Mar-2009 17:36:33] **philm> how do I import them though?
[24-Mar-2009 17:37:08] **ke4qqq> got Mibs, then on Mibs, there is a drop down menu that has 'Add Mibs' click that
[24-Mar-2009 17:37:33] **ke4qqq> bahhh
[24-Mar-2009 17:37:38] **philm> it adds manually though.. I want to import mibs
[24-Mar-2009 17:38:03] **ke4qqq> I thought they had importing working in the gui - yeah you'll have to add via command line it appears
[24-Mar-2009 17:38:33] **philm> Ok, cool
[24-Mar-2009 17:38:40] **philm> I'll have to get one of our sysadmins to do that
[24-Mar-2009 17:38:44] **philm> I don't have SSH to the box
[24-Mar-2009 17:39:36] **philm> whast the command for doing so?
[24-Mar-2009 17:39:47] **philm> just zenmib
[24-Mar-2009 17:42:36] **ke4qqq> zenmib run ./name_of_file or /* ro similar glob
[24-Mar-2009 17:43:01] **ke4qqq> philm: there's a zenpack that adds the files
[24-Mar-2009 17:43:04] **ke4qqq> it's called mib-browser
[24-Mar-2009 17:43:08] **ke4qqq> via the webui
[24-Mar-2009 17:43:16] **ke4qqq>
[24-Mar-2009 17:43:26] **ke4qqq> I knew you could do that via the web
[24-Mar-2009 17:43:30] **adytum-bot> Title: ZenPacks - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[24-Mar-2009 17:44:24] **philm> Sweet.. now can I install that zenpack via the gui? haha
[24-Mar-2009 17:44:49] **ke4qqq> philm: yes
[24-Mar-2009 17:45:08] **philm> In The ZenPacks menu I gather under Settings?
[24-Mar-2009 17:45:13] **philm> (The one that takes ages for me to load!)
[24-Mar-2009 17:45:14] **ke4qqq> yes
[24-Mar-2009 17:46:25] **philm> Cool, installed it
[24-Mar-2009 17:46:28] **philm> Now to restart zope
[24-Mar-2009 17:51:05] **philm> I gather I can't do that via the gui? Can't see that as a Daemon
[24-Mar-2009 18:03:24] **SpanishGH> hi
[24-Mar-2009 18:06:25] **SpanishGH> hi
[24-Mar-2009 19:46:38] **Chris_D> Any one have any ideas on why I am not getting my interfaces when Modeling my Cisco routers?
[24-Mar-2009 19:47:40] **perr0> where are you looking for the interfaces? in the OS tab?
[24-Mar-2009 19:48:11] **philm> They should all appear fine in the OS tab
[24-Mar-2009 19:54:50] **Chris_D> Yes in the OS tab.
[24-Mar-2009 19:55:19] **Chris_D> they are not and i have the correct snmp string, the device is also under /devices/network/cisco/router
[24-Mar-2009 19:55:55] **perr0> are you using the CISCO zenpack?
[24-Mar-2009 19:56:00] **Chris_D> I got 600 routes and switches that I don't see interfaces on
[24-Mar-2009 19:56:16] **Chris_D> ciscoipinterfaces?
[24-Mar-2009 19:56:53] **Chris_D>
[24-Mar-2009 19:56:55] **Chris_D> ?
[24-Mar-2009 19:57:59] **Chris_D> There is no way i'm going to get the PO for enterprise when i'm having such issues with core
[24-Mar-2009 19:58:09] **Chris_D> guess i need to give gary m and simon a buzz
[24-Mar-2009 19:58:24] **perr0> that is your bad
[24-Mar-2009 20:01:16] **Chris_D> let me get a hip hip horray for an active community channel
[24-Mar-2009 20:01:20] **Chris_D> with people that say "that is your bad"
[24-Mar-2009 20:01:22] **Chris_D> lame
[24-Mar-2009 20:01:32] **philm> nice
[24-Mar-2009 20:01:45] **perr0> philm: are you blaming me?
[24-Mar-2009 20:01:49] **perr0>
[24-Mar-2009 20:01:52] **philm> no
[24-Mar-2009 20:01:58] **perr0> i kno
[24-Mar-2009 20:02:02] **philm> You helped me out, I got the mibs loaded in
[24-Mar-2009 20:02:32] **perr0> I am on the same boat until I get core working I can't get any funds
[24-Mar-2009 20:02:45] **philm> I've gotten core working, just fine tuning it all
[24-Mar-2009 20:02:51] **philm> Working out how to get redbcaks to send traps
[24-Mar-2009 20:02:57] **philm> Why are they soo complex compared to Ciscos, grr
[24-Mar-2009 20:04:25] **perr0> yeah, that is my biggest pain getting the cisco devices just as I want them
[24-Mar-2009 20:04:37] **perr0> oops
[24-Mar-2009 20:05:25] **perr0> philm: which version zenoss are you running
[24-Mar-2009 20:05:41] **philm> Core currently
[24-Mar-2009 20:05:43] **philm> latest
[24-Mar-2009 20:05:49] **philm> only installed it last week
[24-Mar-2009 20:06:13] **philm> 2.3.3
[24-Mar-2009 20:06:46] **perr0> I haven't updated to this yet, maybe tomorrow
[24-Mar-2009 20:07:38] **perr0> you guys have a good night
[24-Mar-2009 21:15:15] **sergeymasushko> anybody alive?
[25-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [disconnected at Wed Mar 25 00:00:42 2009]
[25-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [connected at Wed Mar 25 00:00:42 2009]
[25-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[25-Mar-2009 06:04:02] **raw__> if that Chris_D guy were still around I could have helped him out with his issue lol
[25-Mar-2009 06:49:20] **raw__> all he had to do was intall Cisco Mibs pack
[25-Mar-2009 07:48:12] **nobungacat> Does anyone know of an alternate download location for zenoss core?
[25-Mar-2009 07:48:57] **nobungacat> I have downloaded both 2.3.3 and the beta multiple times with the following results
[25-Mar-2009 07:49:33] **nobungacat> the self installing bin files immediately segfault and the rps's are corrupted.
[25-Mar-2009 07:50:10] **nobungacat> I have verified it's not my internet connection by downloading other packages with no trouble from sourceforge
[25-Mar-2009 08:00:08] **raw__> which .bin did you download?
[25-Mar-2009 08:02:17] **nobungacat> I've downloaded both zenoss-stack-2.3.3-linux.bin and the zenoss-stack-2.3.285-linux.bin
[25-Mar-2009 08:02:38] **nobungacat> I've tried multiple mirrors with the same result every time
[25-Mar-2009 08:05:38] **raw__> what's the exact error when you run it?
[25-Mar-2009 08:06:14] **nobungacat> Segmentation fault
[25-Mar-2009 08:06:40] **raw__> you're running it as root correct?
[25-Mar-2009 08:06:41] **nobungacat> that's all that is sent to both std out and std err
[25-Mar-2009 08:06:45] **nobungacat> yes
[25-Mar-2009 08:06:55] **nobungacat> not sudo as actual root
[25-Mar-2009 08:06:56] **raw__> which distro is this on?
[25-Mar-2009 08:07:05] **raw__> Ubuntu 8.04?
[25-Mar-2009 08:07:16] **nobungacat> I've tried both FC 10 and CentOS 5
[25-Mar-2009 08:08:00] **raw__> have you tried just grabbing the RPM for CentOS?
[25-Mar-2009 08:08:27] **nobungacat> Every time I download the rpm it's corrupted
[25-Mar-2009 08:08:28] **raw__>
[25-Mar-2009 08:08:35] **raw__> odd
[25-Mar-2009 08:08:46] **raw__> I've never had issues downloading anything from the zenoss server
[25-Mar-2009 08:09:10] **nobungacat> I have downloaded several other rpm's and binary installers from sourceforge with no problems
[25-Mar-2009 08:09:35] **nobungacat> so I'm reasonably sure it's not some weird problem with my ISP
[25-Mar-2009 08:09:40] **raw__> there might be some sort of routing issue or network degradation somewhere in the path between you and the zenoss server
[25-Mar-2009 08:10:21] **nobungacat> I've tried multiple mirrors though. I'd think that would rule that particular problem out
[25-Mar-2009 08:10:23] **raw__> is this your first time trying to download it, or have you downloaded it in the past?
[25-Mar-2009 08:10:37] **nobungacat> first time trying to download it
[25-Mar-2009 08:10:59] **raw__> the packages that you downloaded from sourceforge were downloaded to the same system, or to a different one?
[25-Mar-2009 08:11:46] **nobungacat> I have two linux systems and one xp system all three systems have downloaded the packages multiple times
[25-Mar-2009 08:11:58] **nobungacat> all downloads have the same problem
[25-Mar-2009 08:12:12] **raw__> I'm just asking if you've tried to install the package on other systems or only on that one system
[25-Mar-2009 08:12:32] **raw__> because from the way you're describing it, it could possibly be a problem with the NIC or that hard drive in that particular box
[25-Mar-2009 08:12:53] **nobungacat> I've tried to install on both my fc10 system and my centos 5 box
[25-Mar-2009 08:13:13] **raw__> ah ok, thought that might have been the same box and you had just reformated it or something
[25-Mar-2009 08:13:20] **nobungacat> nope.
[25-Mar-2009 08:13:32] **raw__> well, let me try to download and run the installer, maybe the zenoss server is having issues today...
[25-Mar-2009 08:13:58] **nobungacat> ok thanks. that will either verify or disprove my sanity.
[25-Mar-2009 08:14:06] **nobungacat> afk-- coffee
[25-Mar-2009 08:14:51] **raw__> man I love our servers, 3MB/s download speed hehe
[25-Mar-2009 08:14:57] **raw__> it'll be done in like 15 seconds
[25-Mar-2009 08:15:08] **raw__> I've seen them download at as high as 7MB/s
[25-Mar-2009 08:15:33] **raw__> root@lab01:~# ./zenoss-stack-2.3.3-linux-x64.bin
[25-Mar-2009 08:15:33] **raw__> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
[25-Mar-2009 08:15:33] **raw__> Welcome to the Zenoss Setup Wizard.
[25-Mar-2009 08:15:36] **raw__> works fine
[25-Mar-2009 08:16:09] **nobungacat> ah.  you used the x64 bin
[25-Mar-2009 08:16:20] **nobungacat> I'm trying to use the x86 bin
[25-Mar-2009 08:16:21] **raw__> or, right, we have 64bit servers
[25-Mar-2009 08:16:28] **raw__> are your boxes 64bit?
[25-Mar-2009 08:16:36] **nobungacat> not at the moment
[25-Mar-2009 08:16:38] **raw__> I'll download the 32 and try it too
[25-Mar-2009 08:16:41] **raw__> one sec
[25-Mar-2009 08:16:50] **nobungacat> this is a demo to the people funding this startup
[25-Mar-2009 08:17:16] **raw__> there we go, 6MB/s hehe
[25-Mar-2009 08:17:27] **raw__> startup MSP?
[25-Mar-2009 08:17:51] **nobungacat> yes
[25-Mar-2009 08:18:07] **raw__> root@lab01:~# ./zenoss-stack-2.3.3-linux.bin
[25-Mar-2009 08:18:07] **raw__> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
[25-Mar-2009 08:18:07] **raw__> Welcome to the Zenoss Setup Wizard.
[25-Mar-2009 08:18:14] **nobungacat> ghhhhhhh!!!
[25-Mar-2009 08:18:20] **nobungacat> just shoot me now
[25-Mar-2009 08:18:25] **raw__> can I make a suggestion?
[25-Mar-2009 08:18:28] **nobungacat> sure
[25-Mar-2009 08:18:49] **raw__> we're using Ubuntu 8.04 server edition on all of our servers, and we haven't had any problems at all with Zenoss on it, runs like a dream
[25-Mar-2009 08:18:56] **raw__> might be worthwhile setting up a box with it
[25-Mar-2009 08:19:10] **raw__> up to you
[25-Mar-2009 08:19:17] **nobungacat> the only problem I have is just 4 hours till demo
[25-Mar-2009 08:19:25] **raw__> ouch
[25-Mar-2009 08:19:31] **nobungacat> I had all of 16 hours to get this thing up
[25-Mar-2009 08:19:40] **raw__> you can always download the vmware virtual appliance to your desktop PC and run it with VMWare Player
[25-Mar-2009 08:19:48] **raw__> it comes with Zenoss pre-installed on it I believe
[25-Mar-2009 08:19:53] **nobungacat> hmm.  not a bad idea.
[25-Mar-2009 08:19:57] **nobungacat> that might work
[25-Mar-2009 08:20:04] **nobungacat> thanks
[25-Mar-2009 08:20:10] **raw__> seeing as you're on a tight schedule, that might be your best bet
[25-Mar-2009 08:20:41] **nobungacat> I'll looki nto the ubuntu server though as I mover forward
[25-Mar-2009 08:20:56] **raw__> too bad that you're doing the presentation in 4 hours, there's an official demo of Zenoss Enterprise at 12:00pm EST today (3 hours away) via WebEX hehe
[25-Mar-2009 08:21:24] **nobungacat> all I'm trying to do is stop the founders from blowing a crap load of $$ on netcool
[25-Mar-2009 08:21:41] **raw__> but yeh, I work in a Noc supporting another companie's clients, but we're currently building our own tools and taking on our own clients, and I'm lead on Zenoss development
[25-Mar-2009 08:21:42] **nobungacat> I'd rather have the money for staff in the noc
[25-Mar-2009 08:21:56] **raw__> we're sticking with core, not going to pro or enterprise
[25-Mar-2009 08:21:58] **raw__> too expensive
[25-Mar-2009 08:22:07] **nobungacat> agreed
[25-Mar-2009 08:22:27] **nobungacat> sounds like you are doing what this startup is attempting to do
[25-Mar-2009 08:22:44] **raw__> too expensive for what you get anyways, I've read up on all the enterprise packs and there's really nothing there that we can't do with open source solutions
[25-Mar-2009 08:22:58] **raw__> yeh, we already have Zenoss integrated with a ticketing system
[25-Mar-2009 08:23:01] **nobungacat> but I gotta jet.  much work to do.  thanks for the idea on VM
[25-Mar-2009 08:23:13] **raw__> so each Zenoss box fires tickets in to the ticketing system for critical events
[25-Mar-2009 08:23:17] **nobungacat> I'll drop back in after the presentation and let ya know how it went
[25-Mar-2009 08:23:29] **raw__> it's taken us about 4-5 months to get to where we are now
[25-Mar-2009 08:23:32] **raw__> k cool
[25-Mar-2009 08:23:35] **nobungacat> cya
[25-Mar-2009 08:23:38] **raw__> cya
[25-Mar-2009 08:48:36] **rocket> raw__: which ticketing system are you using?
[25-Mar-2009 08:58:48] **raw__> otrs
[25-Mar-2009 08:59:01] **raw__> we've modded it quite a bit
[25-Mar-2009 09:07:56] **raw__> does anyone know how i'd go about taking a .egg zenpack and installing it in development mode?
[25-Mar-2009 09:38:03] **raw__> g'mornin' Matt
[25-Mar-2009 09:38:24] **mrayzenoss> good morning
[25-Mar-2009 09:40:01] **raw__> by any chance, did you find out what's involved in installing a .egg in development mode? I sent an email to cgibbons as well since he seemed to know how to do it one time I was talking to him.
[25-Mar-2009 09:40:26] **mrayzenoss> ok, I'll see what I can dig up
[25-Mar-2009 09:40:50] **raw__> thanks, it'd be greatly appreciated, it's a roadblock for me right now
[25-Mar-2009 09:41:19] **raw__> I finally figured out how to automatically assign templates for different interface types, pretty cool
[25-Mar-2009 09:42:08] **mrayzenoss> cool, I think one of the HP ones does that
[25-Mar-2009 09:42:18] **mrayzenoss> when it models, it determines which template?
[25-Mar-2009 09:42:34] **raw__> well, I mean, just by naming the template under /Devices as the interface type
[25-Mar-2009 09:42:45] **mrayzenoss> cool
[25-Mar-2009 09:43:25] **raw__> like ethernetCsmacd for Ethernet, frame-relay for Serial, ds1 for T1 Controllers, etc...
[25-Mar-2009 09:44:08] **raw__> before I found that out it was applying the ethernet template to every interface, and I was trying to figure out how to remove it and apply a different template lol
[25-Mar-2009 09:45:19] **davetoo1> I sent my zenoss to the twilight zone
[25-Mar-2009 09:45:29] **raw__> lol, how'd you manage that?
[25-Mar-2009 09:46:03] **davetoo1> trying to develop a zenpack
[25-Mar-2009 09:46:25] **raw__> and by twilight zone what do you mean?
[25-Mar-2009 09:46:32] **raw__> what is your malfunction?
[25-Mar-2009 09:46:47] **davetoo1>  are you on the zenoss-users list?
[25-Mar-2009 09:46:54] **raw__> I believe so
[25-Mar-2009 09:47:00] **raw__> maybe not
[25-Mar-2009 09:47:12] **davetoo1> hang on, let me get the link
[25-Mar-2009 09:47:16] **raw__> k
[25-Mar-2009 09:47:38] **mrayzenoss> here it is:
[25-Mar-2009 09:47:52] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - My zDeviceTemplates properties are in the Twilight Zone (at
[25-Mar-2009 09:47:59] **davetoo1> yes
[25-Mar-2009 09:48:17] **raw__> hmmm
[25-Mar-2009 09:48:18] **davetoo1> it's baffling
[25-Mar-2009 09:49:16] **raw__> almost sounds like in one instance it's trying to pull from some separate zope DB or something
[25-Mar-2009 09:49:28] **davetoo1> I thought the upgrade process (to 2.3.3) might fix it by reloading the models, but hasn't helped
[25-Mar-2009 09:49:29] **raw__> but no idea, kind of beyond my league at this point
[25-Mar-2009 09:49:43] **raw__> have you tried backing up and reinstalling Zenoss?
[25-Mar-2009 09:49:47] **raw__> then performing a restore?
[25-Mar-2009 09:50:03] **davetoo1> not yet
[25-Mar-2009 09:50:12] **raw__> that'd be the next thing I'd try
[25-Mar-2009 09:52:30] **davetoo1> hmm, that's disturbinb
[25-Mar-2009 09:52:33] **davetoo1> g
[25-Mar-2009 09:52:47] **raw__> ?
[25-Mar-2009 09:53:49] **davetoo1> Just looked at the collector performance graphs for the first time after upgrading yesterday
[25-Mar-2009 09:54:05] **davetoo1> the data point total and rates have dropped by about 90%
[25-Mar-2009 09:54:51] **raw__> hmmm
[25-Mar-2009 09:54:59] **raw__> lost templates?
[25-Mar-2009 09:55:22] **davetoo1> very possibly
[25-Mar-2009 09:55:34] **davetoo1> that's kind of the core of the problem I posted about
[25-Mar-2009 10:01:18] **raw__> strange
[25-Mar-2009 10:01:27] **raw__> well, whatever the problem is, you broke it lol
[25-Mar-2009 10:21:14] **mrayzenoss> I got dev to look at the "Twilight Zone" thread
[25-Mar-2009 10:21:23] **mrayzenoss> someone's writing up a long response
[25-Mar-2009 10:21:31] **mrayzenoss> explaining acquisition.
[25-Mar-2009 10:26:53] **raw__> nice
[25-Mar-2009 10:30:08] **davetoo1> thanks
[25-Mar-2009 10:30:10] **davetoo1> oh
[25-Mar-2009 11:23:07] **perr0> do we need to stop zenoss before the updagrade?
[25-Mar-2009 11:23:21] **davetoo1> mrayzenoss: I replied to the developer's questions
[25-Mar-2009 11:23:30] **perr0> starts
[25-Mar-2009 11:24:09] **davetoo1> I don't know about the RPM upgrades; I install/upgrade from source. That process stops it for you
[25-Mar-2009 11:24:17] **mrayzenoss> perr0: depends how you're upgrading
[25-Mar-2009 11:24:30] **perr0> I am doing the zenossstack
[25-Mar-2009 11:24:31] **mrayzenoss> perr0: some of the installers handle it for you
[25-Mar-2009 11:24:43] **perr0> ok Ima give it a try
[25-Mar-2009 11:29:06] * davetoo1 heads to office.
[25-Mar-2009 11:29:12] * davetoo1 loves Bay Area work hours.
[25-Mar-2009 11:29:17] **perr0> mrayzenoss: I am did you say around what date we were going to see the new gui?
[25-Mar-2009 11:35:14] **raw__> does anyone know of an opensource web based system that allows you to build a custom database of devices/locations/contacts/etc... and link it all together?
[25-Mar-2009 11:45:47] **ke4qqq> raw__: you mean like zenoss??? just kidding - why not the dekiwiki plugin to integrate zenoss with wiki?
[25-Mar-2009 11:49:12] **raw__> not really adequate, we need something that uses more of a mysql database with a structure that can be customized
[25-Mar-2009 11:50:18] **raw__> we have zenoss feeding in to a ticketing system, then we want to make it so that you can click on a device name in a ticket and it'll open a new window with device details and links to contacts, location info, and data circuit info
[25-Mar-2009 11:51:28] **ke4qqq> I thought that's exactly what the dekiwiki plugin permitted - it'd pull up events and/or graphs for the device and let you add stuff like contact info, even troubleshooting techniques for the specific system
[25-Mar-2009 11:51:46] **raw__> hmmm, I'll check it out then
[25-Mar-2009 11:53:50] **ke4qqq> mrayzenoss: am I offbase in that recommendation?
[25-Mar-2009 11:54:25] **perr0> so when I run the stack installer why does it write everything root:mysql in $ZENHOME/mysql ?
[25-Mar-2009 11:55:31] **raw__> perr0 :  that's normal
[25-Mar-2009 11:55:38] **raw__> and it works fine
[25-Mar-2009 11:55:52] **perr0> jus woondering since everything else is zenoss:zenoss
[25-Mar-2009 11:56:10] **raw__> because mysql doesn
[25-Mar-2009 11:56:12] **raw__> oops
[25-Mar-2009 11:56:18] **raw__> mysql doesn't run as the zenoss user
[25-Mar-2009 11:56:27] **raw__> zenoss just logs in to it once it's running to read/write data
[25-Mar-2009 11:56:38] **perr0> right
[25-Mar-2009 11:56:48] **perr0> raw__: thanks
[25-Mar-2009 11:56:51] **raw__> np
[25-Mar-2009 11:59:06] **perr0> I don't want to waste too much time on this so in the installation doc for core shouldn't it say to back up as root with cp -p
[25-Mar-2009 11:59:53] **raw__> pretty sure that the mysql backup needs to be done as root, yes
[25-Mar-2009 12:00:07] **perr0> cause I did get errors due to permissions with $ZENHOME/mysql then copying the my.cnf file also gave the perm error
[25-Mar-2009 12:00:48] **perr0> no biggie but a non intuative user like would like to see this in the doc
[25-Mar-2009 12:00:54] **perr0> like me
[25-Mar-2009 12:03:07] **raw__> yeh well, the dekiwiki thing won't really work anyways, need all the info in 1 central location and we have multiple zenoss boxes
[25-Mar-2009 12:22:38] **perr0> raw__: also $ZENHOME/zenoss/etc/zope.conf is always root? I guess there is really no reason to touch this?
[25-Mar-2009 12:23:14] **mrayzenoss> ke4qqq: sorry I was at lunch. Yes, the Deki/Zenoss mashup ties them together so you can keep notes on your devices
[25-Mar-2009 12:23:29] **raw__> yeh, anything that's not in /usr/local/zenoss/zenoss has different permissions
[25-Mar-2009 12:23:34] **raw__> don't play around with them
[25-Mar-2009 12:23:41] **raw__> default permissions shouldn't be changed at all
[25-Mar-2009 12:29:34] **rocket> mrayzenoss: I am not seeing my email post to the mail list ...
[25-Mar-2009 12:35:28] **mrayzenoss> I haven't seen it either.  It came in via mailman, but didn't get cross-posted
[25-Mar-2009 12:35:38] **mrayzenoss> let me bug the sysadmin about it
[25-Mar-2009 12:35:53] **mrayzenoss> sometimes the mail2forum bridge is buggy, but we haven't seen that much lately
[25-Mar-2009 12:37:43] **mrayzenoss> rocket: it just showed up
[25-Mar-2009 12:37:44] **rocket> ok I reposted it on the forum
[25-Mar-2009 12:37:56] **mrayzenoss> oh, nertz
[25-Mar-2009 12:38:05] **rocket> mrayzenoss: that was me posting directly to the forum :/
[25-Mar-2009 12:38:17] **rocket> since I was hoping to try and resolve my issue today
[25-Mar-2009 12:38:43] * rocket is doing reading on zope zcatalogs at the moment ..
[25-Mar-2009 12:49:22] **mrayzenoss> heh, the post just came across
[25-Mar-2009 12:49:29] **mrayzenoss> so now it's double-posted
[25-Mar-2009 12:49:42] **mrayzenoss> 2 hours... doh
[25-Mar-2009 12:49:46] **rocket> ok I will probably just delete the forum post?
[25-Mar-2009 12:50:32] **mrayzenoss> either one, let me know which is left and I'll post it to the developers
[25-Mar-2009 12:50:38] **rocket> ok I deleted the forum post
[25-Mar-2009 12:50:45] **mrayzenoss> ok
[25-Mar-2009 12:50:49] **rocket> the email one is still there
[25-Mar-2009 12:51:43] **mrayzenoss> ok, all the developers are in a UI meeting
[25-Mar-2009 12:53:24] **mrayzenoss> perr0: you asked about the UI updates?
[25-Mar-2009 12:55:05] **davetoo> I need to figure out how my zenpack development broke my system
[25-Mar-2009 12:55:30] **perr0> mrayzenoss: I was jus wondering when we should see the new gui and will it be included in core
[25-Mar-2009 12:56:17] **mrayzenoss> so the short answer is most of the UI changes are going into King Crab, the next release
[25-Mar-2009 12:56:29] **mrayzenoss> Blue Crab has upgraded all the underlying libraries
[25-Mar-2009 12:56:42] **mrayzenoss> and added the job scheduler and the setup wizard
[25-Mar-2009 12:57:12] **mrayzenoss> but because of the reduced size of development, the major overhauls got postponed a bit
[25-Mar-2009 12:57:50] **mrayzenoss> and we're still meeting with an external UI consultant to redesign much of the appearance
[25-Mar-2009 12:58:04] **mrayzenoss> with a major focus on usability
[25-Mar-2009 13:02:14] **perr0> mrayzenoss: thanks for the update, now sorry I don't keep up with the seafood order you have going on.. so in the final release of 2.4 is when we should see the initial change
[25-Mar-2009 13:04:31] **davetoo> mrayzenoss: I can never guess if what I'm looking for in a device should be under the Edit tab or under zProperties
[25-Mar-2009 13:04:41] **davetoo> and I've read a lot of the code
[25-Mar-2009 13:04:44] **davetoo> confuses my users greatly
[25-Mar-2009 13:07:08] charlieS_ is now known as charlieS
[25-Mar-2009 13:07:43] **mrayzenoss> perr0: the libraries and wizard are in the 2.4 beta, there are still a few more things going into the next beta drop
[25-Mar-2009 13:08:39] **mrayzenoss> davetoo: yeah, that can be confusing.
[25-Mar-2009 13:09:59] **mrayzenoss> Typically the Edit tab is for things directly related to that device, while zProperties are at the Device Class
[25-Mar-2009 13:10:07] **perr0> k
[25-Mar-2009 13:10:11] **mrayzenoss> but of course, you can set zProperties on the individual device
[25-Mar-2009 13:10:32] **rocket> mrayzenoss: ok I think I figured it out
[25-Mar-2009 13:12:23] **rocket> if the product key has more than one line it doesnt match
[25-Mar-2009 13:12:41] **rocket> it almost looks like more of a ui inconsistency perhaps
[25-Mar-2009 13:13:51] **rocket> the ui in /Manufacturers/ shows product key
[25-Mar-2009 13:14:21] **rocket> if you enter more than one line in there it looks like ".,new_item_added"
[25-Mar-2009 13:14:53] **rocket> and as soon as you add the new item the search function looks at that as a whole and doesnt think it matches "."
[25-Mar-2009 13:15:26] **rocket> so if there are any differences at all in the product key field compared to the oid we are looking for it creates a new product
[25-Mar-2009 13:20:24] **rocket> I think I can make an enhancement that allows searching under a specific manufacturer for the product key which would make this somewhat more robust because if it finds a key under a different manufacturer it might use that first
[25-Mar-2009 13:29:51] **mrayzenoss> feel free to followup to your own post, I'm still waiting on the devs to leave this meeting
[25-Mar-2009 13:30:00] **mrayzenoss> I'll be back in a bit, gotta run
[25-Mar-2009 13:33:44] **Emirdamadi> hello
[25-Mar-2009 13:34:26] **Emirdamadi> I had a question
[25-Mar-2009 13:34:37] **Emirdamadi> can anyone help me please
[25-Mar-2009 13:34:37] **Emirdamadi> ?
[25-Mar-2009 13:35:35] **KingJ> Don't ask to ask, just ask
[25-Mar-2009 13:36:09] **Emirdamadi> alright
[25-Mar-2009 13:36:39] **Emirdamadi> is there anyway to show the IP addresses on the switch ports?
[25-Mar-2009 13:37:14] **Emirdamadi> we need to mimic what mac track on cactie provides on zenoss
[25-Mar-2009 13:41:17] **davetoo> cactie?
[25-Mar-2009 13:41:26] **Emirdamadi> sorry cacti
[25-Mar-2009 13:41:32] **davetoo> heh
[25-Mar-2009 13:41:52] **Emirdamadi> anyone has any idea?
[25-Mar-2009 13:42:40] **davetoo> There would have to be a new data collector plugin created, and new page templates, and the device remodeled frequently.
[25-Mar-2009 13:42:50] **davetoo> Don't know how one might dynamically update it.
[25-Mar-2009 13:42:56] **davetoo> That would be a big project.
[25-Mar-2009 13:43:57] **Emirdamadi> hmm ok
[25-Mar-2009 14:07:46] **jsm> I made a post to the forum regarding monitoring multiple apache virtual hosts with a regexp: , and have received no response. Can any one here shed some led light on how to approach the problem?
[25-Mar-2009 14:08:00] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - Monitoring Apache Virtual Hosts (at
[25-Mar-2009 14:13:09] **raw__> well, I'm out for today, ciao guys
[25-Mar-2009 14:16:51] **rocket> mrayzenoss: I spoke too soon
[25-Mar-2009 14:17:02] **rocket> mrayzenoss: that function is still flakey .. :/
[25-Mar-2009 14:17:11] **rocket> mrayzenoss: I posted an update to the forum to show
[25-Mar-2009 14:54:41] **jsm> i suppose I could add the DataSources for each url via a script and hit the API.. but not real sure how to do that
[25-Mar-2009 15:19:29] **mrayzenoss> rocket: Could you add some background to your post, explaining the "Unknown Manufacturers issue" to the developers and how you got to where you are? I got one of the devs to read it and he couldn't follow how you found the issue. And a bit of discussion what the patch fixes?
[25-Mar-2009 15:23:55] **rocket> mrayzenoss: sure I can do so
[25-Mar-2009 15:24:03] **mrayzenoss> thanks
[25-Mar-2009 15:24:36] **mrayzenoss> like how to reproduce the error
[25-Mar-2009 15:24:52] **rocket> thats the problem the error isnt very reproducible
[25-Mar-2009 15:25:07] **rocket> some times it returns the correct results
[25-Mar-2009 15:25:11] **rocket> othertimes it doesnt
[25-Mar-2009 15:25:29] **rocket> and I have extra debugging strings showing me what its putting into the function
[25-Mar-2009 15:25:32] **mrayzenoss> that's fine, perhaps by digging into it they can isolate it more
[25-Mar-2009 15:25:34] **rocket> and its identical each time
[25-Mar-2009 15:34:02] **Emirdamadi> hello
[25-Mar-2009 15:34:17] **Emirdamadi> is there anyway to view arp table for switches?
[25-Mar-2009 15:40:24] **kisielk> hm, I'm trying to set up SNMP traps from my APC ups
[25-Mar-2009 15:40:34] **kisielk> but the test messages don't seem to be getting captured by Zenoss
[25-Mar-2009 15:55:09] **rocket> mrayzenoss: I posted the response
[25-Mar-2009 15:55:13] **mrayzenoss> thanks
[25-Mar-2009 15:55:37] **rocket> mrayzenoss: that should hopefully help .. I walked it through the function and classes that get called to get to the point I was at
[25-Mar-2009 15:55:48] **rocket> which basically explains the patch I am working on
[25-Mar-2009 15:58:20] **rocket> is that what you were looking for?
[25-Mar-2009 15:58:43] **mrayzenoss> yeah, unfortunately the mail2forum post ate up your formatting
[25-Mar-2009 15:58:49] **mrayzenoss> which is troublesome for Python
[25-Mar-2009 15:58:54] **rocket> I know .. :/
[25-Mar-2009 16:01:57] **rocket> mrayzenoss: still have someone available to look into it?
[25-Mar-2009 16:02:25] **mrayzenoss> he's looking at a customer issue, but I'm bugging him again
[25-Mar-2009 17:39:43] **ironpaw> morning
[25-Mar-2009 17:46:44] **ironpaw> anyone around?
[25-Mar-2009 18:00:39] **kisielk> yes
[25-Mar-2009 18:14:39] **ironpaw> g'day
[25-Mar-2009 18:14:59] **ironpaw> ive just got a question or two in regards to how zenoss works
[25-Mar-2009 18:15:29] **ironpaw> ive been configuring zenoss core for our network devices most of the week but am still having trouble grasping basic setup issues
[25-Mar-2009 18:15:53] **ironpaw> i have a box that is no reachable (no route to host) but its still being reported up by zenoss.. is this due to a misconfiguration?
[25-Mar-2009 18:18:41] **ironpaw> pings and snmpwalks fail when initiated by zenoss
[25-Mar-2009 18:18:52] **ironpaw> so how does it know that device is still up?
[25-Mar-2009 18:22:21] **kisielk> hm, that's a good question
[25-Mar-2009 18:26:46] **philm> Is it maybe learning it from a connected device?
[25-Mar-2009 18:33:47] **ironpaw> like from the network device (switch) that has that subnet registerd?
[25-Mar-2009 18:34:03] **ironpaw> im not sure but it shouldn't matter should it.. your monitoring that device
[25-Mar-2009 18:34:20] **ironpaw> doesn't matter if the interface that network is connected to is up
[25-Mar-2009 18:34:26] **ironpaw> or you'd think so
[25-Mar-2009 18:34:39] **ironpaw> or does zenoss see a no route to host as still up (but it would be down in my books)(
[25-Mar-2009 18:34:48] **ironpaw> if you can't ping a box then its down
[25-Mar-2009 18:35:00] **ironpaw> due to firewall misconfiguration
[25-Mar-2009 18:37:32] **kisielk> I don't know what it uses to determine up or down
[25-Mar-2009 18:37:37] **kisielk> are you sure the host isn't in some class that isn't monitored?
[25-Mar-2009 18:37:50] **kisielk> I would think if it can't ping or SNMP, it would mark it as down
[25-Mar-2009 18:37:52] **kisielk> at least it has in my case
[25-Mar-2009 18:38:00] **ironpaw> yeh my thoughts too
[25-Mar-2009 18:38:01] **kisielk> check the zproperties for the host
[25-Mar-2009 18:38:07] **ironpaw> *checks*
[25-Mar-2009 18:38:13] **kisielk> see if the monitor snmp and monitor ping properties are set to true
[25-Mar-2009 18:40:47] **ironpaw> hmm
[25-Mar-2009 18:40:49] **ironpaw> zPingMonitorIgnore = false
[25-Mar-2009 18:41:06] **ironpaw> zSnmpMonitorIgnore = true
[25-Mar-2009 18:47:55] **kisielk> hmm
[25-Mar-2009 18:48:01] **kisielk> well, it should still work off of ping
[25-Mar-2009 18:48:16] **kisielk> what device class is this device in?
[25-Mar-2009 19:42:14] **philm> Hi.  How do I change Zenoss so it ignores the following event "snmp trap tcpConnectionClose"?
[26-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [disconnected at Thu Mar 26 00:00:42 2009]
[26-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [connected at Thu Mar 26 00:00:42 2009]
[26-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[26-Mar-2009 06:08:33] **sergeymasushko> how can I manage queue of the zencommand daemon?
[26-Mar-2009 06:23:58] **raw__> philm, still around?
[26-Mar-2009 06:31:53] **raw__> sergeymasushko :  perhaps if you were a little clearer on what exactly you'd like to accomplish, I could possibly assist.
[26-Mar-2009 06:45:27] **sergeymasushko> raw__: in the 'zencommand Configuration File' I see the following string:
[26-Mar-2009 06:45:27] **sergeymasushko> # number of devices to collect at one time, default: 10
[26-Mar-2009 06:45:27] **sergeymasushko> parallel 10
[26-Mar-2009 06:45:27] **sergeymasushko> as far as I understand it means daemon run commands simultaneously for 10 devices, right?
[26-Mar-2009 06:46:01] **raw__> correct
[26-Mar-2009 06:46:52] **raw__> where is that config file located by the way?
[26-Mar-2009 06:48:32] **sergeymasushko> I have a device with ~180 data sources that collect data via zencommand. I need to set a limit of simultaneous run commands e.g. 5.
[26-Mar-2009 06:48:56] **raw__> right, so just change that value and you're set
[26-Mar-2009 06:49:43] **raw__> I don't even see that line in my zencommand config file
[26-Mar-2009 06:50:49] **sergeymasushko> raw__: dunno, I got the conf by this command: zencommand genconf > /usr/local/zenoss/zencommand_conf_sample.cnf
[26-Mar-2009 06:50:57] **raw__> ah
[26-Mar-2009 06:56:23] **sergeymasushko> besides, the value of the parallel parameter means amount of concurrent run commands or amount of devices for which will be run commands. e.g. I have 10 devices where need collect data by 3 commands for each device. so it will be equal to 30 run commands. am I right?
[26-Mar-2009 06:57:50] **raw__> yes
[26-Mar-2009 07:04:38] **sergeymasushko> ok. so that what I asked in first question. how can I limit (manage) queue of commands on the zencommand daemon. for example run only 5 concurrent commands at one time?
[26-Mar-2009 07:05:54] **raw__> no idea, but you could just change parallel to 2 or something
[26-Mar-2009 07:06:00] **raw__> since you said you have 3 commands per device
[26-Mar-2009 07:06:05] **raw__> that would bring it down to 6
[26-Mar-2009 07:09:53] **sergeymasushko> that was example. I have 180 commands per device
[26-Mar-2009 07:16:31] **raw__> ah
[26-Mar-2009 09:27:31] tehhobbit is now known as lolrus
[26-Mar-2009 09:28:00] lolrus is now known as Guest9906
[26-Mar-2009 09:28:07] Guest9906 is now known as tehhobbit
[26-Mar-2009 09:30:36] **jsm> i'm going to repost this since it came 4 seconds before the netsplit: any devs here that can help me write a xmlrpc call to manage_addRRDDataSource ? I have a forum post here:
[26-Mar-2009 09:30:50] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - using manage_addRRDDataSource vial xmlrpc (at
[26-Mar-2009 10:04:51] **mrayzenoss> morning
[26-Mar-2009 10:05:01] **jsm> good morning
[26-Mar-2009 10:08:19] **sergeymasushko> mrayzenoss: morning.  how can I manage queue of the zencommand daemon?
[26-Mar-2009 10:09:22] **mrayzenoss> what do you need to do?
[26-Mar-2009 10:09:31] **mrayzenoss> what's the issue?
[26-Mar-2009 10:10:08] **rocket> mrayzenoss: morning
[26-Mar-2009 10:10:25] **sergeymasushko> the value of the parallel parameter in the zencommand config file means amount of concurrent run commands or amount of devices for which will be run commands. e.g. I have 10 devices where need collect data by 3 commands for each device. so it will be equal to 30 run commands. am I right?
[26-Mar-2009 10:15:14] **mrayzenoss> the default is 10, so unless you're having issues, it's probably enough
[26-Mar-2009 10:17:01] **sn1ffer72> good morning/afternoon friends
[26-Mar-2009 10:17:19] **sn1ffer72> does anyone have a copy of their /etc/cron.weekly/zenoss script?
[26-Mar-2009 10:18:03] **sn1ffer72> also, who knows how to compact that /usr/local/zenoss/zenoss/var/Data.fs file?
[26-Mar-2009 10:20:17] **sn1ffer72> I think I found it in the admin guide on page 201
[26-Mar-2009 10:20:19] **sn1ffer72> $ZENHOME/bin/ -p 8100
[26-Mar-2009 10:20:39] **mrayzenoss> yes
[26-Mar-2009 10:21:33] **sn1ffer72> does zenoss after to have it's services off first?
[26-Mar-2009 10:23:56] **mrayzenoss> the cron job runs with Zenoss running
[26-Mar-2009 10:24:59] **sergeymasushko> mrayzenoss: I have a device with assigned template where defined ~180 data sources that use zencommand to collect the data. I need to limit amount of simultaneously run commands to 5.
[26-Mar-2009 10:26:58] **mrayzenoss> $ZENHOME/etc/zencommand.conf
[26-Mar-2009 10:27:02] **mrayzenoss> and set the value there
[26-Mar-2009 10:28:11] **sergeymasushko> so if I set parallel to 3 it would be enough?
[26-Mar-2009 10:28:32] **mrayzenoss> sure
[26-Mar-2009 10:28:41] **sergeymasushko> mrayzenoss: thanks.
[26-Mar-2009 10:29:21] **sn1ffer72> will the cron work ok with zenoss off?
[26-Mar-2009 10:29:32] **sergeymasushko> btw. can I set this in the web interface in edit cofig of the daemon?
[26-Mar-2009 10:30:31] **mrayzenoss> yeah
[26-Mar-2009 10:30:52] **mrayzenoss> and that's getting spruced up a bit in the next drop of the beta
[26-Mar-2009 10:31:56] **mrayzenoss> you'll want to restart the daemon after you change the settings
[26-Mar-2009 10:32:15] **rocket> mrayzenoss: I have updated my forum post some what ... I was trying to figure it out more last night
[26-Mar-2009 10:32:26] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I saw that
[26-Mar-2009 10:32:40] **mrayzenoss> trying to free up the support developer to get him to look at it
[26-Mar-2009 10:33:04] **mrayzenoss> it's too bad Chet's on vacation, I bet he would eat that post up
[26-Mar-2009 10:33:26] **rocket> mrayzenoss: I was trying to be thorough
[26-Mar-2009 10:35:48] **sn1ffer72> Has anyone used the latest version of zen?
[26-Mar-2009 10:35:49] **sn1ffer72> oss
[26-Mar-2009 10:36:12] **mrayzenoss> I'm using the beta
[26-Mar-2009 10:36:16] **sn1ffer72> I am presently on 2.2.4
[26-Mar-2009 10:36:32] **sn1ffer72> looking to see if there are noticeable difference
[26-Mar-2009 10:36:33] **sn1ffer72> s
[26-Mar-2009 10:36:46] **jb_> hi
[26-Mar-2009 10:36:52] **mrayzenoss> 2.3 has lots of Windows improvements and rewritten JMX
[26-Mar-2009 10:36:56] **jb_> devs here today?
[26-Mar-2009 10:37:00] jb_ is now known as jb
[26-Mar-2009 10:37:02] **mrayzenoss> jb_: just me
[26-Mar-2009 10:37:10] **jb> k
[26-Mar-2009 10:37:18] **jb> blue crab status?
[26-Mar-2009 10:37:22] **mrayzenoss> beta is out
[26-Mar-2009 10:37:27] **jb> i really really really need ssh monitoring for AIX
[26-Mar-2009 10:37:58] **mrayzenoss> that will ship with Enterprise
[26-Mar-2009 10:38:09] **jb> is there a VM image of this beta?
[26-Mar-2009 10:38:16] **mrayzenoss> still not working
[26-Mar-2009 10:38:18] **jb> k
[26-Mar-2009 10:38:24] **mrayzenoss> there will probably be another drop next week
[26-Mar-2009 10:38:31] **jb> when do you think enterprise will be coming?
[26-Mar-2009 10:38:48] **mrayzenoss> I think Enterprise beta is available for EL4 and stack
[26-Mar-2009 10:38:53] **mrayzenoss> same as Core
[26-Mar-2009 10:39:00] * jb checks download site
[26-Mar-2009 10:39:10] **mrayzenoss> you'll probably have to talk to Client Services for that
[26-Mar-2009 10:39:17] **jb> ah ok
[26-Mar-2009 10:39:22] **jb> open a case?
[26-Mar-2009 10:39:35] **mrayzenoss> just a sec, asking Rusty
[26-Mar-2009 10:39:37] **jb> actually, I guess I will just wait
[26-Mar-2009 10:39:44] **jb> unless there was a VM..
[26-Mar-2009 10:39:56] **mrayzenoss> yeah, VM and EL5 aren't ready
[26-Mar-2009 10:40:01] **jb> ok
[26-Mar-2009 10:40:17] **jb> are there any screenshots floating around?
[26-Mar-2009 10:40:39] **jb> also.. let me ask you this
[26-Mar-2009 10:40:50] **mrayzenoss> no, I guess we should make some of the wizard, the job manager and other stuff
[26-Mar-2009 10:41:04] **jb> invision one zenoss instance, monitoring separate business unit's servers
[26-Mar-2009 10:41:15] **jb> so, we give the one business access to their resources
[26-Mar-2009 10:41:21] **jb> but not anyone elses
[26-Mar-2009 10:41:24] **jb> not even view
[26-Mar-2009 10:41:29] **mrayzenoss> yup, ACLs in Enterprise
[26-Mar-2009 10:41:37] **jb> yeah thats what I thought..
[26-Mar-2009 10:41:45] **jb> but
[26-Mar-2009 10:41:52] **jb> it would be nice to organize the device structure
[26-Mar-2009 10:41:57] **jb> i don't think that will be possible though
[26-Mar-2009 10:42:01] **jb> without redoing tons of templates
[26-Mar-2009 10:42:11] **jb> like /Devices/Server/BUSINESS1/Windows,Linux,etc
[26-Mar-2009 10:42:17] **jb> instead of /Devices/Server/Windows/bleh
[26-Mar-2009 10:42:24] **mrayzenoss> yeah, that would make sense
[26-Mar-2009 10:42:36] **jb> not sure that would be easy, though
[26-Mar-2009 10:42:47] **jsm> mrayzenoss: any insight on this?
[26-Mar-2009 10:42:53] **jb> since lots of default zenpacks bind to stuff such as /Devices/Servers/Windows/Active Directory
[26-Mar-2009 10:43:01] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - using manage_addRRDDataSource via xmlrpc (at
[26-Mar-2009 10:43:02] **mrayzenoss> I'm not super familiar into Enterprise myself, stick with Core
[26-Mar-2009 10:43:12] **jb> ok
[26-Mar-2009 10:43:18] **jb> i'll ask for some more insight at training next month
[26-Mar-2009 10:43:19] **mrayzenoss> jb: I'm sure CS would help you out
[26-Mar-2009 10:43:25] **mrayzenoss> definitely, training is good
[26-Mar-2009 10:43:31] **mrayzenoss> who's doing it?  Simon?
[26-Mar-2009 10:43:32] **jb> will you be around as well?
[26-Mar-2009 10:43:34] **jb> i'm not sure
[26-Mar-2009 10:43:37] **jb> it's the april class
[26-Mar-2009 10:43:42] **mrayzenoss> it's in Annapolis, I'm in Austin
[26-Mar-2009 10:43:46] **jb> ahh thats right
[26-Mar-2009 10:44:06] **mrayzenoss> plus I'll be headed to LinuxFest NW next month
[26-Mar-2009 10:44:13] **jb> ahh
[26-Mar-2009 10:44:27] **jb> where is that?
[26-Mar-2009 10:44:55] **mrayzenoss> Bellingham, WA.  Between Seattle and Vancouver
[26-Mar-2009 10:46:28] **jb> nice
[26-Mar-2009 10:47:12] **mrayzenoss> jsm: looks like it's missing a parameter:
[26-Mar-2009 10:47:26] **adytum-bot> Title: ZenModel.RRDDataSource (at
[26-Mar-2009 10:47:59] **mloven> where can one view the time that an event was acknowledged?
[26-Mar-2009 10:48:06] **jb> under event history
[26-Mar-2009 10:48:11] **mrayzenoss> mloven: or the log
[26-Mar-2009 10:48:17] **jsm> mrayzenoss: yeah, i thought so too, but i can't determine in what form the parameters should be given... it doesn't seem to like tuples.. i tried passing it a list, and i tried passing it single items
[26-Mar-2009 10:48:20] **jb> actually, if its acknowledged, it will still appear in  the events list
[26-Mar-2009 10:48:22] **jb> unless you moved it to history
[26-Mar-2009 10:48:51] **jsm> mrayzenoss: also, can't figure out what "context" is supposed to be
[26-Mar-2009 10:49:10] **mrayzenoss> what's with the colons
[26-Mar-2009 10:49:16] **mrayzenoss> jsm: instead of commas?
[26-Mar-2009 10:49:21] **jsm> those are tuples
[26-Mar-2009 10:49:33] **jsm> i was referencing somnething in the dev guide
[26-Mar-2009 10:49:35] **jsm> they used tuples
[26-Mar-2009 10:49:43] **jsm> but looks like this function just uses straight values
[26-Mar-2009 10:50:19] **jsm> sorry, not tuples, dictionary
[26-Mar-2009 10:50:30] **jsm> my brain is thinking about lunch
[26-Mar-2009 10:51:10] **jsm> if i could just figure out what context & REQUEST=None is supposed to me, i'd be good
[26-Mar-2009 10:51:23] **mrayzenoss> jsm: is there a ':' separating the entries in dev instead of a comma?
[26-Mar-2009 10:51:36] **mrayzenoss> dev = { 'id':'testmonitor':'dsOption':'HttpMonitorDataSource.HttpMonitor'}
[26-Mar-2009 10:52:10] **jsm> oh, that might have been a typo on my part
[26-Mar-2009 10:52:13] **jsm> i have commas
[26-Mar-2009 10:52:24] * jsm fixes his post
[26-Mar-2009 10:52:42] **mrayzenoss> jb: Just got the word that the Enterprise release will be in the download area once the EL5 bits are ready
[26-Mar-2009 10:54:08] **mrayzenoss> hopefully Monday
[26-Mar-2009 10:54:27] **jb> the beta?
[26-Mar-2009 10:54:31] **mrayzenoss> yeah
[26-Mar-2009 10:54:33] **jb> ah ok
[26-Mar-2009 10:54:39] **jb> nice
[26-Mar-2009 10:55:10] **mrayzenoss> make sure you work the AIX stuff hard, we don't have a lot of domain expertise on it, so you probably know what doesn't look right
[26-Mar-2009 10:55:24] **jb> i will
[26-Mar-2009 10:55:30] **jb> kells is the only one, right?
[26-Mar-2009 10:55:41] **mrayzenoss> heh, yeah
[26-Mar-2009 10:56:10] **jb> well hes pretty good
[26-Mar-2009 10:56:17] **jb> probably better than myself
[26-Mar-2009 10:56:37] **jb> i actually hate AIX.. but its still around
[26-Mar-2009 10:57:01] **mrayzenoss> yeah, Kells was one of our more vocal community users, so we hired him to fix all the tickets he opened
[26-Mar-2009 10:57:03] **jsm> mrayzenoss: dev = ['test', 'testme', 'HttpMonitorDataSource.HttpMonitor', 'REQUEST=None'], doesn't work (same error as post) dev = {'context':'rrdtempslist','id':'testme', 'dsOption':'HttpMonitorDataSource.HttpMonitor' , 'REQUEST':None} doesn't work either, but I get a different error: TypeError: cannot marshal None unless allow_none is enabled
[26-Mar-2009 11:00:09] **mrayzenoss> jsm: post the new output and I'll try to get some attention. Dev is mostly heads-down fixing beta issues right now, but I'll see if they notice anything
[26-Mar-2009 11:02:21] **jsm> mrayzenoss: thanks, i updated the forum post
[26-Mar-2009 11:02:49] **sn1ffer72> thanks guys..take care
[26-Mar-2009 11:24:11] **rocket> jsm: typo? Websiste?
[26-Mar-2009 11:24:35] **rocket> jsm: should that be Website?
[26-Mar-2009 11:24:56] **rocket> err nevermind
[26-Mar-2009 11:29:52] **sergeymasushko> does zenoss have a dependency between device and zencommand. For example if device is down I do not want to receive events about errors of the commands defined in a template of the device? like zenoss does not collect snmp data if device down.
[26-Mar-2009 11:32:03] **sergeymasushko> btw. I know how to create event transform... just interesting does zenoss reject other events if device is down?
[26-Mar-2009 11:40:43] **raw__> I don't believe zenoss supports dependencies yet
[26-Mar-2009 11:40:44] **malbon> jb: there is nothing wrong with AIX compared to HP-UX
[26-Mar-2009 11:40:48] **raw__> though I'm sure it's in the pipe
[26-Mar-2009 11:41:09] **raw__> HP-UX, AIX, Linux, Darwin/BSD, UNIX is UNIX
[26-Mar-2009 11:41:15] **raw__>
[26-Mar-2009 11:41:40] **malbon> raw__: not for the management interface, ie SNMP/WBEM et al.
[26-Mar-2009 11:44:48] **sergeymasushko> raw__: re dependencies: there is an open ticket
[26-Mar-2009 11:46:19] **raw__> true
[26-Mar-2009 12:40:47] **kisielk> is there a way to make an rrd graph from events?
[26-Mar-2009 12:43:25] **mrayzenoss> here's an example:
[26-Mar-2009 12:43:39] **adytum-bot> Title: - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[26-Mar-2009 12:45:38] **kisielk> interesting
[26-Mar-2009 13:26:28] **rocket> mrayzenoss: any new updates from a dev?
[26-Mar-2009 13:27:33] **mrayzenoss> no, 4 of them are in an all-day UI meeting with the consultant and the other is working on a customer issue
[26-Mar-2009 13:29:05] **rocket> mrayzenoss: thanks for the update ...
[26-Mar-2009 13:32:55] **cain> hello all..
[26-Mar-2009 14:10:54] **drtns> I created a check using the SNMP exec function so when I hit that OID it runs my check. how do I create a one off check in Zenoss to hit that OID and then create an event based on the content of the string?
[26-Mar-2009 14:11:43] **rocket> drtns: did you just do a simple snmpget on the device first to see if that works on that specific device?
[26-Mar-2009 14:12:27] **drtns> yes doing an snmpwalk against that OID returns either a GOOD HEARTBEAT, or BAD HEARTBEAT string depending on what my script results are on the target system
[26-Mar-2009 14:13:04] **drtns> so I can do it on command line I just need to know how Zenoss-i-fy the check.
[26-Mar-2009 14:14:58] **drtns> would I use ZenCommand to execute it locally? then use an Event Mapping to do the Sequence and Transform to define the Alerting Level? or is there a better way?
[26-Mar-2009 14:15:11] **rocket> drtns: well you could add a log.warn(foo) and it would display in the modeler output logs for example
[26-Mar-2009 14:15:25] **rocket> or log.debug depending on how you want it to go
[26-Mar-2009 14:16:02] **rocket> drtns: that what I am doing at the moment for my testing .. but there might be a better way as you just indicated
[26-Mar-2009 14:16:39] **drtns> that doesn't seem to be what I want... I basically want Zenoss to hit this OID during it's normal cycle of checking the box and if it sees the STRING of Bad Heartbeat make a critical alert.
[26-Mar-2009 14:17:15] **rocket> drtns: hrmm that is different .. I havent gotten to that part yet
[26-Mar-2009 14:19:05] **cgibbons> hmmmm
[26-Mar-2009 14:25:25] **mrayzenoss> drtns: so you've added a custom OID and you want that to get picked up?
[26-Mar-2009 14:26:04] **mrayzenoss> added to your model?
[26-Mar-2009 14:27:03] **drtns> The OID is not custom... per say it's a defined OID as part of the SNMP v2c spec. NET-SNMP-EXTEND-MIB::nsExtendOutputFull or . when you define in your snmpd conf a line like - exec heartbeat /opt/ when you hit that OID it will run the script and take standard in/err as the STRING
[26-Mar-2009 14:27:20] **drtns> output looks liek
[26-Mar-2009 14:27:36] **drtns> NET-SNMP-EXTEND-MIB::nsExtendOutputFull."heartbeat" = STRING: Bad Heartbeat
[26-Mar-2009 14:28:26] **drtns> so basically I need Zenoss to hit that OID as part of it's routine checks for that box and then create an event (fine if it's /UNKNOWN I'll map it if I have to that I can alert on
[26-Mar-2009 14:30:07] **mrayzenoss> sounds like what the VMware ESX filesystem ZenPack does
[26-Mar-2009 14:30:30] **mrayzenoss> snmpd.conf customized to call    exec . vdf /usr/sbin/vdf
[26-Mar-2009 14:30:51] **mrayzenoss> and then a command added to get that OID
[26-Mar-2009 14:43:59] **mrayzenoss> raw__: I've got the Developer mode for ZenPacks solution, I'm writing it up
[26-Mar-2009 14:44:29] **rocket> mrayzenoss: what linux os is best for installing the beta onto? and for further development etc?
[26-Mar-2009 14:44:50] **rocket> mrayzenoss: or is there a good way to update the vmware appliance to the beta?
[26-Mar-2009 14:44:52] **mrayzenoss> right now your choices are limited
[26-Mar-2009 14:45:04] **mrayzenoss> the VMware image isn't ready for the beta
[26-Mar-2009 14:45:21] **mrayzenoss> and the EL5 RPMs aren't available either
[26-Mar-2009 14:45:39] **mrayzenoss> so your best bet is probably something with the stack installers
[26-Mar-2009 14:45:53] **mrayzenoss> Ubuntu 8.04 is pretty popular
[26-Mar-2009 14:45:57] **rocket> ok
[26-Mar-2009 14:46:01] **mrayzenoss> or SLES 10
[26-Mar-2009 14:46:07] **mrayzenoss> openSUSE 11.1
[26-Mar-2009 14:46:15] **rocket> openSuse works too I suppose?
[26-Mar-2009 14:48:26] **drtns> mrayzenoss I added a Datasource "COMMAND" Type that exec's the SNMPwalk against the OID using a TALES Expression for ${here/id} and it works when I test it against the box I have the OID on..... but I set the Cycle Time to 60 for quick testing.. and the Severity is warning... I am not seeing anything in my event console though... am I missing a step>
[26-Mar-2009 14:48:49] **drtns> and ya it's enabled
[26-Mar-2009 14:49:33] **drtns> in theory the way I see it, it should be running the command every minute and creating a warning event...
[26-Mar-2009 14:49:36] **drtns> right?
[26-Mar-2009 14:57:56] **mrayzenoss> rocket: yeah, we fixed 11.1 with the 2.3.3 release
[26-Mar-2009 14:58:21] **mrayzenoss> drtns: are you not getting any output?
[26-Mar-2009 14:59:19] **drtns> mrayzenoss yes if I test the command I get the following command output
[26-Mar-2009 15:00:07] **rocket> mrayzenoss: I am sending you an email of screen shots regarding what I am seeing with the catalog issue
[26-Mar-2009 15:00:28] **drtns> Executing command - /usr/bin/snmpwalk -v2c -c REMOVED . - against - NET-SNMP-EXTEND-MIB::nsExtendOutputFull."heartbeat" = STRING: Bad Heartbeat -- Cron may not be running - DONE in 0 seconds
[26-Mar-2009 15:00:47] **drtns> mrayzenoss so from my datasource POV the command works... it just doesn't create an event.
[26-Mar-2009 15:01:29] **mrayzenoss> drtns: hmmm... the vmware esx one turns the snmpwalk into a zencommand
[26-Mar-2009 15:01:44] **rocket> mrayzenoss: you will see the Product Key for the catalyst2950t24 shows . but the cache contents for that is catalyst2950t24
[26-Mar-2009 15:02:18] **drtns> I think it's expecting some kind of a return code like a nagios plugin or something... so I must need to wrap the SNMPWALK in a check command that does some kind of return code.
[26-Mar-2009 15:02:34] **mrayzenoss> yeah, that's what's going on in the VMware one
[26-Mar-2009 15:03:51] **mrayzenoss> drtns: did you restart snmpd and remodel the box after making the snmpd.conf changes?
[26-Mar-2009 15:04:17] **drtns> restarted snmpd.... did not remodel the box... let me try that...
[26-Mar-2009 15:10:48] **cgibbons> hurm
[26-Mar-2009 15:12:15] **drtns> mrayzenoss did the remodel... still no event
[26-Mar-2009 15:15:45] **mrayzenoss> I guess I assumed you had an OID that was part of the model, but not populated, but that's not the case
[26-Mar-2009 15:23:40] **mrayzenoss> you probably want to use a zencommand to call that OID
[26-Mar-2009 15:28:09] **drtns> it looks like if I write a nagios style plugin in libexec that uses Return codes to set severity.... and wrap my snmpwalk in that then It's starting to look like it may work
[26-Mar-2009 15:28:48] **mrayzenoss> yup
[26-Mar-2009 15:35:42] **mrayzenoss> rocket: thanks for the screenshots, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a bug in the version of Zope we're using... it's old
[26-Mar-2009 15:37:13] **rocket> which version of zope are you using?
[26-Mar-2009 15:37:25] **rocket> will help in my internet zcatalog bug searching
[26-Mar-2009 15:39:37] **mrayzenoss> Settings->Versions
[26-Mar-2009 15:39:42] **mrayzenoss> 2.8.8
[26-Mar-2009 15:39:56] **mrayzenoss> we're stuck on that version because the permissions model changed with 2.9
[26-Mar-2009 15:40:06] **rocket> ah ok ..
[26-Mar-2009 15:40:10] **mrayzenoss> and we tried and failed to upgrade
[26-Mar-2009 15:40:24] **mrayzenoss> some day we'll have to upgrade
[26-Mar-2009 15:40:28] **rocket> so I might need to debug the ZCatalog code next .. ;p
[26-Mar-2009 15:41:29] **mrayzenoss> jeez, I hope not. I've gotten 2 devs to look at it so far, but most everyone is still in the UI meetings
[26-Mar-2009 16:00:42] **cgibbons> these UI meetings would go a lot better with tequila
[26-Mar-2009 16:01:10] **mrayzenoss> you mean that doesn't explain the current UI?
[26-Mar-2009 16:08:20] **cgibbons> i think that is 'splained by too much coffee
[26-Mar-2009 16:13:56] **rocket> he
[26-Mar-2009 16:15:47] **rocket> gentlemen I am out for the evening ..
[26-Mar-2009 16:24:04] **mrayzenoss> later
[26-Mar-2009 16:25:25] **kisielk> I renamed some of my data sources in a template
[26-Mar-2009 16:25:28] **kisielk> how can I recreate the RRD files?
[26-Mar-2009 16:25:45] **kisielk> oh I see, they get recreated automatically after a while
[26-Mar-2009 16:29:02] **cgibbons> here's a question for the group collective
[26-Mar-2009 16:29:22] **cgibbons> how important is looking @ the IP Address on the device screen by default (let's say it was easily available). is device name enough most of the time?
[26-Mar-2009 16:31:49] **mrayzenoss> sounds like a good survey for the forums
[26-Mar-2009 16:34:06] **willwh> howdy folks
[26-Mar-2009 16:50:08] **kisielk> cgibbons: to me it doesn't matter
[26-Mar-2009 16:50:18] **kisielk> most of our devices have multiple interfaces and IP's anyway
[26-Mar-2009 16:50:37] **kisielk> I just look at the OS tab if I want to see them
[26-Mar-2009 16:50:39] **mrayzenoss> cgibbons: I'm fond of both names and IPs
[26-Mar-2009 16:51:26] **kisielk> although in the default device screen I don't think the IP takes away space from anything else, so I don't see any harm in leaving it
[26-Mar-2009 16:55:24] **mrayzenoss> later all
[26-Mar-2009 17:14:02] **lukecyca> Is it possible to create a datapoint in an rrd template that scales all values? I have some MIBs that report some values multiplied by 1000, and I'd like to convert them back down to their correct value before storing them.
[26-Mar-2009 17:14:17] **lukecyca> I assume there is a create cmd to do this
[26-Mar-2009 21:22:44] Chris_D is now known as chrisdd
[26-Mar-2009 21:22:53] chrisdd is now known as zenoss_userz
[26-Mar-2009 21:23:19] **zenoss_userz> okay how can I remove all devices under stay /Network/Router/Cisco
[26-Mar-2009 21:23:58] **zenoss_userz> I want to del all my devices
[27-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [disconnected at Fri Mar 27 00:00:42 2009]
[27-Mar-2009 00:00:42] [connected at Fri Mar 27 00:00:42 2009]
[27-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[27-Mar-2009 07:30:39] **raw__> well, someone suggested that just putting a blank in a zenpack directory and then restarting zopectl should make the zenpack editable again...
[27-Mar-2009 07:30:53] **raw__> Let's see if it works, (I'm a bit skeptic that it will)...
[27-Mar-2009 07:39:02] raw__ is now known as mrayzenoss
[27-Mar-2009 07:39:09] mrayzenoss is now known as raw__
[27-Mar-2009 08:29:14] **raw__> doesn't work, makes the zenpack editable in Zenoss but can't export it after, screw it, time to make zenpacks from scratch...
[27-Mar-2009 08:29:24] **raw__> bah
[27-Mar-2009 09:06:59] **raw__> zenpacks should not be this hard to work with, it's crazy
[27-Mar-2009 09:18:46] **raw__> cgibbons!
[27-Mar-2009 09:18:48] **raw__> hullo
[27-Mar-2009 09:20:05] **raw__> how would I go about modifying a zenpack that doesn't include it's and other source files?
[27-Mar-2009 09:20:16] **raw__> you seemed to know how the time we discussed that HP pack
[27-Mar-2009 09:24:09] **cgibbons> yeah - saw your email on taht. I think mray figured that out yesterday and is either in the process of posting a little howto or already has. lemme ask real quick.
[27-Mar-2009 09:27:47] **cgibbons> saw your post after Chet's suggestion - what error did you get on export?
[27-Mar-2009 09:34:29] **raw__> I think I just figured it out myself actually
[27-Mar-2009 09:34:39] **raw__> someone told me to create a blank file, which didn't work
[27-Mar-2009 09:34:57] **raw__> but then I created a "test" zenpack, copied the over from that one and modified it by hand
[27-Mar-2009 09:35:01] **raw__> and it appears to have worked
[27-Mar-2009 09:35:44] **raw__> it exports now, so now I just need to test and make sure that the exported zenpack actually has content when installed
[27-Mar-2009 09:35:48] **raw__> if it does then I'm all set
[27-Mar-2009 09:35:57] **raw__> and yeh, would be really nice to see this documented somewhere
[27-Mar-2009 09:49:35] **raw__> hey Matt, I hear you might have figured out a solution to my zenpack problem, coincidentally, I think I finally figured it out this morning.
[27-Mar-2009 09:50:10] **raw__> going through testing right now, but so far I've been able to export
[27-Mar-2009 09:51:13] **mrayzenoss> raw__: Chet's suggestion worked?
[27-Mar-2009 09:51:17] **raw__> not quite
[27-Mar-2009 09:51:27] **mrayzenoss> needs the I think
[27-Mar-2009 09:51:45] **raw__> a blank results in an error, but what I did was create a test zenpack, copy the over from that and then modify it
[27-Mar-2009 09:52:02] **raw__>
[27-Mar-2009 09:52:22] **mrayzenoss> some of the ZenPacks have them, they tell it to pick up more files
[27-Mar-2009 09:52:28] **raw__> oh
[27-Mar-2009 09:52:35] **raw__> yeh, mine don't have that I don't believe
[27-Mar-2009 09:52:52] **raw__> they are just zenpacks with a bunch of transforms and templates
[27-Mar-2009 09:53:19] **drtns> Morning all I am trying to create my first graph... I am not very experienced in this regard, I have always relied on pre defined templates etc.. but I need to take the plunge I have added all the Data Sources.. but now according to the docs on the device I am trying to monitor I needed to calculate a Delta of the OID's and then calculate my Graph metric using the following formula.
[27-Mar-2009 09:53:22] **drtns> ( +  + ) / ( +  +  +  +  +  + ) *100
[27-Mar-2009 09:53:23] **raw__> either way, a little howto would be super useful hehe
[27-Mar-2009 09:54:06] **mrayzenoss>
[27-Mar-2009 09:54:14] **mrayzenoss> it's still a work in progress
[27-Mar-2009 09:54:29] **mrayzenoss> I'm testing things as I'm writing them
[27-Mar-2009 09:55:07] **raw__> that blank solution only made it so that Zenoss thought the pack was editable...
[27-Mar-2009 09:55:18] **raw__> but when I went to export it I received an error stating that it couldn't be exported
[27-Mar-2009 09:55:24] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I ran into that
[27-Mar-2009 09:55:32] **drtns> is there a good Graph 101 that anyone knows of so I can learn how to do this in Zenoss?
[27-Mar-2009 09:55:34] **mrayzenoss> and got it to work when I added the
[27-Mar-2009 09:55:52] **raw__> ah
[27-Mar-2009 09:55:56] **raw__> blank
[27-Mar-2009 09:56:04] **mrayzenoss> 1 line
[27-Mar-2009 09:56:10] **raw__> which contains?
[27-Mar-2009 09:56:19] **mrayzenoss> slow down, looking for the example
[27-Mar-2009 09:56:22] **raw__> haha k
[27-Mar-2009 09:56:32] **mrayzenoss>
[27-Mar-2009 09:56:57] **raw__> it's always "graft ZenPacks"?
[27-Mar-2009 09:57:19] **mrayzenoss> yeah, it's some setuptools deep magic
[27-Mar-2009 09:57:43] **raw__> hmmm... would be nice if future versions of Zenoss allowed you to "toggle" zenpacks in to development mode
[27-Mar-2009 09:57:45] **mrayzenoss> our subject matter expert left for a Director of Development job, so I'm like an archaelogist for ZenPacks
[27-Mar-2009 09:57:50] **mrayzenoss> raw__: agreed
[27-Mar-2009 09:57:51] **raw__> from the GUI
[27-Mar-2009 09:58:06] **mrayzenoss> there might be a ticket for that somewhere
[27-Mar-2009 09:58:14] **raw__> archaelogist, haha
[27-Mar-2009 09:59:05] **raw__> now I'm tempted to try it with to see if it works
[27-Mar-2009 09:59:22] **mrayzenoss> that's my current working hypothesis. +
[27-Mar-2009 10:03:42] **raw__> ok, well, I'll test it out and see if the will work with a blank for me
[27-Mar-2009 10:04:21] **raw__> the file syntax is or
[27-Mar-2009 10:05:40] **raw__> case is important hehe
[27-Mar-2009 10:07:43] **mrayzenoss>
[27-Mar-2009 10:15:00] **raw__> k cool
[27-Mar-2009 10:15:37] **mrayzenoss> it worked?
[27-Mar-2009 10:20:21] **raw__> reinstalling the packs so that they are fresh...
[27-Mar-2009 10:20:23] **raw__> trying it now...
[27-Mar-2009 10:21:55] **raw__> touch && graft ZenPacks >> && zopectl restart
[27-Mar-2009 10:21:56] **raw__> ...
[27-Mar-2009 10:22:00] **raw__> we'll see if it works...
[27-Mar-2009 10:22:15] **raw__> oops, meant echo graft ZenPacks >>
[27-Mar-2009 10:22:17] **raw__> hehe
[27-Mar-2009 10:22:34] **mrayzenoss> did you load them with "zenpack --link --install ?
[27-Mar-2009 10:22:52] **raw__> nope
[27-Mar-2009 10:23:01] **mrayzenoss> that's another part of the secret sauce
[27-Mar-2009 10:23:08] **raw__> oh?
[27-Mar-2009 10:23:10] **mrayzenoss> you take the .egg, unzip it into a directory
[27-Mar-2009 10:23:18] **raw__> using what?
[27-Mar-2009 10:23:21] **raw__> just "unzip"?
[27-Mar-2009 10:23:23] **mrayzenoss> toss in the and and then use the command
[27-Mar-2009 10:23:24] **mrayzenoss> yeah
[27-Mar-2009 10:23:25] **mrayzenoss> unzip
[27-Mar-2009 10:23:26] **raw__> k
[27-Mar-2009 10:23:34] **mrayzenoss> and then install the zenpack with
[27-Mar-2009 10:23:44] **mrayzenoss> "zenpack --link --install
[27-Mar-2009 10:23:50] **raw__> I see
[27-Mar-2009 10:23:53] **raw__> I'll give that a shot
[27-Mar-2009 10:23:59] **mrayzenoss> where is where you unzipped the .egg
[27-Mar-2009 10:24:36] **raw__> yup
[27-Mar-2009 10:27:02] **raw__> after restarting zope it takes like 15 minutes to load the zenpack list for the first time
[27-Mar-2009 10:27:04] **raw__> pretty weird
[27-Mar-2009 10:27:11] **mrayzenoss> wow, that's bizarre
[27-Mar-2009 10:27:22] **raw__> seems to only do it on boxes that have my cisco zenpack installed
[27-Mar-2009 10:27:26] **mrayzenoss> oh, heh
[27-Mar-2009 10:27:31] **raw__> maybe it takes time to scan through the whole zenpack the first time?
[27-Mar-2009 10:27:31] **mrayzenoss> that's a beast of a zenpack
[27-Mar-2009 10:27:44] **raw__> yeh, it's pretty big hehe
[27-Mar-2009 10:29:16] **mrayzenoss> heading over to a meeting
[27-Mar-2009 10:30:15] **raw__> k
[27-Mar-2009 10:32:48] **cgibbons> well I'm glad ZenPacks are nice and easy to make
[27-Mar-2009 10:33:59] **raw__> well, we'll see
[27-Mar-2009 10:40:22] **cgibbons> the first week a lot of us came to Zenoss last year we wrote a bunch of zenpacks but there were a lot of little details that didn't quite get conveyed
[27-Mar-2009 10:41:26] **raw__> apparently
[27-Mar-2009 10:41:29] **raw__> lol
[27-Mar-2009 10:41:43] **raw__> I've been killing myself for a week trying to figure this one out
[27-Mar-2009 10:42:10] **jsm> i think in my next version of the postgres zenpack i'm going to make calls to the database for stats in the code, rather than having the script shell out first, and the output parsed by zenoss.. is that possible?
[27-Mar-2009 10:42:25] **cgibbons> sure
[27-Mar-2009 10:42:48] **jsm> cool. was lazy the first time.  following the mysql module.
[27-Mar-2009 10:43:08] **jsm> next one will be sweet.. i'll be making a tab for each db on the system
[27-Mar-2009 10:43:16] **jsm> should be out in the next couple of months.
[27-Mar-2009 10:43:37] **cgibbons> there's s a section in the dev guide for making a new collector, that's probably the approach to go
[27-Mar-2009 10:43:45] **jsm> k
[27-Mar-2009 10:43:47] **jsm> thanks
[27-Mar-2009 11:02:34] **mrayzenoss_> anything to report raw__ ?
[27-Mar-2009 11:03:02] **raw__> working on it, I'm getting errors in removal/installation/list
[27-Mar-2009 11:03:08] **raw__> seeing if I can sort them out
[27-Mar-2009 11:03:41] **rocket> morning mrayzenoss_
[27-Mar-2009 11:03:58] **mrayzenoss_> saw your ticket rocket, added your screenshots
[27-Mar-2009 11:04:01] **rocket> mrayzenoss_: I have added a patch to trac and expanded my thread
[27-Mar-2009 11:04:10] **rocket> sounds good
[27-Mar-2009 11:04:12] mrayzenoss_ is now known as mrayzenoss
[27-Mar-2009 11:04:33] **rocket> bug is still present in 2.4
[27-Mar-2009 11:04:51] **mrayzenoss> I saw Chet looking at some stuff from his vacation, I'll try to engage him on it
[27-Mar-2009 11:05:16] **rocket> got that working last night and created a simple test case here that every so often tickles the bug
[27-Mar-2009 11:06:51] **rocket> mrayzenoss: according to chet if we can get this fixed it might fix a few things he is seeing in other areas as well
[27-Mar-2009 11:07:08] **raw__> getting missing pack or broken messages in zenpack list, restarting zope to see if they dissapear...
[27-Mar-2009 11:07:16] **raw__> then I can proceed with installing the packs with --link
[27-Mar-2009 11:13:12] **raw__> hmmm
[27-Mar-2009 11:13:12] **raw__>
[27-Mar-2009 11:13:17] **raw__> can't get that error to go away
[27-Mar-2009 11:13:20] **adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[27-Mar-2009 11:22:52] **raw__> any thoughts?
[27-Mar-2009 11:25:08] **raw__> here's the error from the GUI
[27-Mar-2009 11:25:09] **raw__>
[27-Mar-2009 11:25:16] **adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[27-Mar-2009 11:26:23] **perr0> I don't get it, I got help with the upgrade to 2.3.3 and now (a few days later) the versions tab is still telling me 2.3.3 is the new available version?
[27-Mar-2009 11:26:57] **raw__> it probably just tells you what the newest version available is no matter what?
[27-Mar-2009 11:27:23] **perr0> well maybe but in the software component versions is 2.3.2
[27-Mar-2009 11:27:29] **perr0> errr
[27-Mar-2009 11:27:41] **raw__> then you didn't do the upgrade properly
[27-Mar-2009 11:27:50] **raw__> I upgraded from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3 with no problems at all
[27-Mar-2009 11:28:06] **perr0> raw__: I think you were the one who helped
[27-Mar-2009 11:28:26] **raw__> Don't think I helped you with that
[27-Mar-2009 11:28:28] **mrayzenoss> raw__: did you install the ZenPack through the UI and then do "zenpack --link --install"?
[27-Mar-2009 11:28:30] **raw__> helped you with some other thing
[27-Mar-2009 11:28:43] **raw__> mrayzenoss :  nope, all zenpack installation that I do is commandline
[27-Mar-2009 11:29:00] **mrayzenoss> but you only installed it once right?
[27-Mar-2009 11:29:21] **raw__> I installed it, thought I removed it, but accidentally didn't, then did a --link install over it
[27-Mar-2009 11:29:28] **raw__> which I believe is why I'm at where I'm at now
[27-Mar-2009 11:29:29] **raw__> lol
[27-Mar-2009 11:30:22] **raw__> if worst comes to worst I'll just recover the server from an earlier date, but I can't believe it's this easy to pooch the zenpack system lol
[27-Mar-2009 11:30:39] **raw__> know of some way to correct this?
[27-Mar-2009 11:32:03] **kisielk> we created a template, but so far no graphs have been generated for it, what steps can we take to diagnose the cause?
[27-Mar-2009 11:32:20] **raw__> kisielk :  how long as it been since you created it?
[27-Mar-2009 11:32:22] **kisielk> we verified that the OIDs report the appropriate data
[27-Mar-2009 11:32:29] **kisielk> originally? about a day
[27-Mar-2009 11:32:32] **raw__> ah
[27-Mar-2009 11:32:38] **raw__> should be graphing by now, hmmm
[27-Mar-2009 11:32:53] **kisielk> I just don't even know where to look to figure out what's wrong
[27-Mar-2009 11:33:00] **raw__> you tested all the datapoints?
[27-Mar-2009 11:33:26] **kisielk> well, maybe not all, but many of them
[27-Mar-2009 11:33:41] **kisielk> would one non-responsive datapoint cause the graph to fail?
[27-Mar-2009 11:33:55] **raw__> nah, it shouldn't
[27-Mar-2009 11:33:58] **kisielk> that would be kind of silly
[27-Mar-2009 11:34:08] **kisielk> anyway, yes, I'm pretty sure the datapoints work
[27-Mar-2009 11:34:21] **raw__> what are you graphing?
[27-Mar-2009 11:34:38] **kisielk> it's a bunch of gauges
[27-Mar-2009 11:34:45] **kisielk> of temperature monitors etc
[27-Mar-2009 11:34:55] **raw__> run a test on one of the datapoints and paste the output
[27-Mar-2009 11:35:16] **kisielk> the tests are fine
[27-Mar-2009 11:35:34] **kisielk> SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.30540. = INTEGER: 3328
[27-Mar-2009 11:36:29] **raw__> and your max/min values are correct for the graph?
[27-Mar-2009 11:37:02] **kisielk> well, I don't think they matter, only insofar as setting the limits. I'm not even getting a graph
[27-Mar-2009 11:37:06] **kisielk> just a broken image
[27-Mar-2009 11:38:24] **raw__> you using a local collector?
[27-Mar-2009 11:38:34] **kisielk> yes
[27-Mar-2009 11:38:38] **kisielk> our other templates work
[27-Mar-2009 11:38:40] **kisielk> just this particular one
[27-Mar-2009 11:39:51] **raw__> meh, I just restored my server from a snapshot, so back to square one... ok, now to try...
[27-Mar-2009 11:43:29] **raw__> ok, now to remove the zenpacks and retry
[27-Mar-2009 12:06:35] **raw__> seems to have worked well that time
[27-Mar-2009 12:10:44] **raw__> would be nice if you could just do zenpack --development --link --install
[27-Mar-2009 12:10:49] **raw__> and have it create the 2 files for you
[27-Mar-2009 12:10:50] **raw__> hehe
[27-Mar-2009 12:12:32] **raw__> Matt, your method doesn't work
[27-Mar-2009 12:12:33] **raw__>
[27-Mar-2009 12:12:42] **adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[27-Mar-2009 12:12:48] **raw__> it installed fine, or seemingly fine, but then when I go to do a --list it errors out
[27-Mar-2009 12:13:59] **raw__> it was actually working before when I just added a pre-modified for the pack
[27-Mar-2009 12:21:10] **raw__> oh wait
[27-Mar-2009 12:21:26] **raw__> does the pack actually need to be installed normally first, then linked in?
[27-Mar-2009 12:21:45] **raw__> because I removed the 2 packs before installing them with --link
[27-Mar-2009 12:55:26] **raw__> mrayzenoss :  you around?
[27-Mar-2009 12:56:12] **perr0> I know this may be a lil off topic but anyone monitoring FreeBSD boxes?
[27-Mar-2009 12:56:28] **raw__> nope, but they are quite supported
[27-Mar-2009 12:57:59] **perr0> I am having trouble connecting to snmp and need some suggestions
[27-Mar-2009 12:58:07] **raw__> what kind of trouble?
[27-Mar-2009 12:58:50] **raw__> like, if you actually do an snmpwalk against the box, does it work?
[27-Mar-2009 13:00:37] **perr0> right it tiimes out
[27-Mar-2009 13:01:00] **raw__> ok, do a portscan (nmap) and see if the snmp service is running
[27-Mar-2009 13:01:21] **perr0> raw__: port scans are naughty
[27-Mar-2009 13:01:23] **raw__> you should see port 161 open
[27-Mar-2009 13:01:28] **raw__> ok, then telnet to port 161
[27-Mar-2009 13:01:35] **raw__> and see if you get a connection
[27-Mar-2009 13:01:41] **perr0> well I see it listening
[27-Mar-2009 13:01:42] **perr0> udp4       0      0  *.161                  *.*
[27-Mar-2009 13:01:42] **perr0> udp4       0      0  *.162                  *.*
[27-Mar-2009 13:02:20] **perr0> wait my bad it is not listening but is active hmm.
[27-Mar-2009 13:04:10] **raw__> lol
[27-Mar-2009 13:04:21] **raw__> either a config issue or a firewall issue
[27-Mar-2009 13:05:41] **raw__> hmmm, when I install one of the .eggs overtop of the --link install it works, now I just installed the --link over that, let's see if it's messed up again
[27-Mar-2009 13:05:55] **perr0> well I have no firewall and the security level is -1 so I am still trying. Its actually been like this for a couple of months
[27-Mar-2009 13:06:04] **raw__> hmm
[27-Mar-2009 13:06:13] **raw__> hey matt
[27-Mar-2009 13:06:23] **raw__> am I supposed to install the .egg and then install with --link overtop of it?
[27-Mar-2009 13:06:42] **raw__> actually, that doesn't work either
[27-Mar-2009 13:07:04] **raw__> ok, so the --link installs with the blank and containing graft ZenPacks are officially not working
[27-Mar-2009 13:07:50] **raw__> so far the only way I've been able to actually export one of my zenpacks is to put a custom in to the zenpack directory then do zopectl restart
[27-Mar-2009 13:08:07] **raw__> which I guess is the method that I'm going back to...
[27-Mar-2009 13:08:08] **mrayzenoss_> sorry, I was at lunch
[27-Mar-2009 13:08:11] **raw__> all good
[27-Mar-2009 13:08:14] **raw__> gotta eat
[27-Mar-2009 13:08:15] **raw__>
[27-Mar-2009 13:08:24] **mrayzenoss_> the technique that worked for me was uninstall ZenPack, so nothing's installed
[27-Mar-2009 13:08:33] **raw__> yeh, I tried that the first time
[27-Mar-2009 13:08:36] **mrayzenoss_> 2) make directory
[27-Mar-2009 13:08:43] **mrayzenoss_> 3) unzip .egg into directory
[27-Mar-2009 13:08:56] **mrayzenoss_> 4) copy and into directory
[27-Mar-2009 13:08:56] **raw__> already had 2 directories made
[27-Mar-2009 13:09:02] **raw__> did that
[27-Mar-2009 13:09:10] **mrayzenoss_> 5) zenpack --link --install directory
[27-Mar-2009 13:09:14] **mrayzenoss_> 6) zopectl restart
[27-Mar-2009 13:09:14] **raw__> did that
[27-Mar-2009 13:09:17] **raw__> did that
[27-Mar-2009 13:09:19] **raw__> hehe
[27-Mar-2009 13:09:24] **mrayzenoss_> 7) see ZenPack listed in the UI
[27-Mar-2009 13:09:28] **raw__>
[27-Mar-2009 13:09:29] **mrayzenoss_> 8) add some junk to it
[27-Mar-2009 13:09:35] **adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[27-Mar-2009 13:09:37] **mrayzenoss_> 9) update version number
[27-Mar-2009 13:09:39] **raw__> Not seeing zenpack listed in GUI, erroring out
[27-Mar-2009 13:09:39] **mrayzenoss_> 10) export
[27-Mar-2009 13:15:52] **raw__> hmmm, going to try something...
[27-Mar-2009 13:17:25] **raw__> when you say copy in...
[27-Mar-2009 13:17:31] **raw__> are you copying the template
[27-Mar-2009 13:17:37] **raw__> or are you just creating a blank one?
[27-Mar-2009 13:17:50] **mrayzenoss_> good point.  I'm reusing the one from the source build
[27-Mar-2009 13:17:55] **raw__> ahhh
[27-Mar-2009 13:17:58] **raw__> that might be it
[27-Mar-2009 13:17:59] **mrayzenoss_> so it already has the relevant info
[27-Mar-2009 13:18:08] **mrayzenoss_> I wondered about the "touch" not working
[27-Mar-2009 13:18:28] **raw__> yeh, when I added my own custom it worked fine even without the file
[27-Mar-2009 13:18:40] **raw__> so I'm wondering if that file is entirely necessary
[27-Mar-2009 13:20:42] **raw__> /usr/local/zenoss/zenoss/Products/ZenModel/ZenPackTemplate/
[27-Mar-2009 13:20:47] **raw__> that the one you're copying in?
[27-Mar-2009 13:21:11] **mrayzenoss_> nope, I was testing it with the IRCDMonitor one from Core
[27-Mar-2009 13:21:17] **raw__> ah
[27-Mar-2009 13:21:26] **mrayzenoss_> so trunk/zenpacks/ZenPacks.zenoss.IRCDMonitor/
[27-Mar-2009 13:21:27] **raw__> well, I'll try the template one since that's what Zenoss uses I believe
[27-Mar-2009 13:21:40] **mrayzenoss_> I was using the one it was built with
[27-Mar-2009 13:21:46] **raw__> oh
[27-Mar-2009 13:21:51] **raw__> well, of course that's going to work hehe
[27-Mar-2009 13:22:01] **mrayzenoss_> same goes for all the other Community ZenPacks
[27-Mar-2009 13:22:10] **raw__> ok, well, here's what I did...
[27-Mar-2009 13:22:12] **mrayzenoss_> it makes the when it's in Development Mode before you export it
[27-Mar-2009 13:22:52] **raw__> yeh, but there must be a way to put it back in to development mode again and have it generate the from scratch if you don't already have it?
[27-Mar-2009 13:23:04] **raw__> that's essentially what I'm trying to do
[27-Mar-2009 13:23:26] **mrayzenoss_> right, I'm finishing up something else and then I'll start banging on this some more
[27-Mar-2009 13:23:55] **raw__>
[27-Mar-2009 13:24:03] **adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
[27-Mar-2009 13:24:19] **mrayzenoss_> looks standard
[27-Mar-2009 13:24:19] **raw__> I created a "test" zenpack, then took the from that and modified the top section
[27-Mar-2009 13:24:29] **raw__> then dropped it in, and it worked
[27-Mar-2009 13:24:38] **raw__> so might want to include those steps in the guide or something
[27-Mar-2009 13:24:44] **raw__> in case someone doesn't have the original
[27-Mar-2009 13:25:12] **raw__> I only edited the section between the ######################'s
[27-Mar-2009 13:27:55] **raw__> ok, I'll try this again with my custom files and see if it works...
[27-Mar-2009 13:30:23] **cgibbons> hurm
[27-Mar-2009 13:31:11] **raw__> what's the benefit of installing with --link?
[27-Mar-2009 13:32:35] **raw__> other than keeping the zenpack source outside of the $ZENHOME directory?
[27-Mar-2009 13:34:55] **raw__> yup, my custom worked like a charm
[27-Mar-2009 13:34:56] **raw__> nice
[27-Mar-2009 13:41:40] **raw__> so yeh, the steps need to include details on modifying the stock file
[27-Mar-2009 14:04:46] **raw__> ZenPacks.Nova.Templates (/home/zenoss/devpacks/ZenPacks.Nova.Templates)
[27-Mar-2009 14:04:47] **raw__> ZenPacks.Nova.Transforms (/home/zenoss/devpacks/ZenPacks.Nova.Transforms)
[27-Mar-2009 14:04:48] **raw__> voila
[27-Mar-2009 14:05:15] **raw__> I'll put more detailed steps as to what I did on the forum post on Monday, you can always copy things in to the wiki guide from there if needed
[27-Mar-2009 14:08:53] **mrayzenoss_> no need for the forum post, I'll follow up with the wiki link
[27-Mar-2009 14:09:03] **mrayzenoss_> and it's gonna be the tip-of-the-month
[27-Mar-2009 14:09:06] **mrayzenoss_> on the blog
[27-Mar-2009 14:16:25] **raw__> right on
[27-Mar-2009 14:16:35] **raw__> it is a pretty sweet tip hehe
[27-Mar-2009 14:44:57] **perr0> is there a dirty way to install zenpack bundle 2.3.0 on 2.3.3?
[27-Mar-2009 14:45:14] **perr0> I should say *a way*
[27-Mar-2009 14:45:49] **mrayzenoss_> you mean on a non-RPM system?
[27-Mar-2009 14:46:00] **mrayzenoss_> just grab the ZenPacks individually and install them
[27-Mar-2009 14:46:33] **perr0> I am on el5 suppose there is no other way... ok
[27-Mar-2009 14:47:08] **mrayzenoss_> well you can install the core-zenpacks.rpm which adds all of them, or you can add the ZenPacks that you actually need individually
[27-Mar-2009 14:47:40] **mrayzenoss_> I find most people just use 1 or 2 if any of those
[27-Mar-2009 14:48:40] **perr0> mrayzenoss_: sorry to ask such elementary question to install an rpm zenpack is zenpack --install 88zenapck** right?
[27-Mar-2009 14:48:46] **mrayzenoss_> yup
[27-Mar-2009 14:48:51] **mrayzenoss_> or do it through the UI
[27-Mar-2009 14:49:48] **perr0> how often do you guys upgrade the zenpacks now that you have 2.3.3 out?
[27-Mar-2009 14:50:05] **mrayzenoss_> the Core ZenPacks rarely change
[27-Mar-2009 14:50:20] **mrayzenoss_> they're pretty simple
[27-Mar-2009 14:50:36] **mrayzenoss_> the only new one for 2.4 is the LinuxMonitor
[27-Mar-2009 14:50:45] **perr0> they're for lazy admins like me
[27-Mar-2009 14:51:23] **mrayzenoss_> surprisingly a fair number of installs don't use any ZenPacks
[27-Mar-2009 14:53:30] **perr0> mrayzenoss_: I did quite a bit of reaserch on monitoring openLDAP and I understand it would be a task to attemp this. I actually saw a "competitor" have a their version of a zenpack for openlDAP I but I didn't grab it...
[27-Mar-2009 14:55:12] **mrayzenoss_> the more monitoring the better
[27-Mar-2009 14:56:55] **mrayzenoss_> just got a new source build of the next beta drop running at home. Anyone check out the beta yet?
[27-Mar-2009 14:57:10] **perr0> I wish
[27-Mar-2009 15:05:06] **perr0> mrayzenoss_:
[27-Mar-2009 15:06:52] **perr0> when I click on zenpack docs page the how to install a zenpack the how to write a zenpack, how to remove a zen pack, and how to install a zenpack takes me to chapter 26 backup and restore documentation...
[27-Mar-2009 15:08:28] **perr0> can anybody else confirm this please?
[27-Mar-2009 15:08:47] **perr0>
[27-Mar-2009 15:08:48] **mrayzenoss_> which page are you starting from?
[27-Mar-2009 15:08:58] **perr0> links on this page
[27-Mar-2009 15:09:01] **adytum-bot> Title: ZenPack Docs - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[27-Mar-2009 15:09:02] **mrayzenoss_> I'll fix it
[27-Mar-2009 15:09:08] **mrayzenoss_> thanks
[27-Mar-2009 15:11:13] **perr0> noh thank you for putting up with us
[27-Mar-2009 15:14:59] **mrayzenoss_> fixed
[27-Mar-2009 15:16:44] **perr0> Thank you
[27-Mar-2009 15:55:35] **gemineye> Someone has asked me to set an alert up for the size of a directory, not the size of the contents of the directory, ie. "ls -lha directory" How do I do that?
[27-Mar-2009 15:58:59] **mrayzenoss_> I believe you could do that with a zencommand as a datasource
[27-Mar-2009 15:59:12] **mrayzenoss_> I'm poking around for an example
[27-Mar-2009 16:01:18] **gemineye> The actual command is ls -ld att | awk '{print $5}'
[27-Mar-2009 16:02:11] **mrayzenoss_> basically you setup a script that takes the ${device/manageIp} ${device/zCommandPassword} as arguments
[27-Mar-2009 16:02:30] **gemineye> I want it to alert when it reaches 87031808 but display it as MB
[27-Mar-2009 16:02:37] **mrayzenoss_> so you SSH to the box and execute the command, then parse the output and return it as a Nagios-style format
[27-Mar-2009 16:02:41] **gemineye> Ok, this is a first for me.... Ray, I'm scared
[27-Mar-2009 16:03:22] **mrayzenoss_> The MRV ZenPack does it... but he seems to have not packaged the Perl script
[27-Mar-2009 16:04:06] **mrayzenoss_> the new SSH stuff is supposed to work kinda like that as well
[27-Mar-2009 16:04:40] **gemineye> I was thinking it would something like a command run through ssh to get the return and then zenoss parses it.
[27-Mar-2009 16:04:49] **mrayzenoss_> yup
[27-Mar-2009 16:05:43] **mrayzenoss_> ok, try this
[27-Mar-2009 16:05:47] **mrayzenoss_> take a look at
[27-Mar-2009 16:06:01] **adytum-bot> Title: ZenPacks - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[27-Mar-2009 16:06:07] **mrayzenoss_> This is calling a Nagios plugin to get fping data
[27-Mar-2009 16:06:21] **mrayzenoss_> you can change the Command Template to use your remote command
[27-Mar-2009 16:06:34] **mrayzenoss_> so instead of calling check_ping, you could call something like
[27-Mar-2009 16:07:46] **mrayzenoss_> ssh $devname -c ls -ld att | awk '{print $5}'
[27-Mar-2009 16:07:58] **mrayzenoss_> that might work, and then clean up the output
[27-Mar-2009 16:08:28] **mrayzenoss_> it's a good walk-through
[27-Mar-2009 16:14:01] **gemineye> It's not happy
[27-Mar-2009 16:14:16] **mrayzenoss_> I just learned something about Zenoss... don't need the ssh
[27-Mar-2009 16:15:06] **gemineye> I'm trying to test the datasource but it's giving me a Zenoss Error
[27-Mar-2009 16:17:55] **mrayzenoss_> Isn't the $5 field just the size of the directory node, as opposed to the size of the contents?
[27-Mar-2009 16:18:07] **mrayzenoss_> isn't it always 4096?
[27-Mar-2009 16:18:14] **mrayzenoss_> at least on my ext3?
[27-Mar-2009 16:18:24] **gemineye> no
[27-Mar-2009 16:18:37] **mrayzenoss_> guess it depends what you're monitoring
[27-Mar-2009 16:19:00] **gemineye> This is a netapp directory. This directory for example is 81.9MB
[27-Mar-2009 16:19:21] **gemineye> It's the size of the names of all the files underneath it.
[27-Mar-2009 16:19:37] **gemineye> We need an alert to notify us when it hits 83MB
[27-Mar-2009 16:23:03] **mrayzenoss_> ok, got it
[27-Mar-2009 16:23:31] **mrayzenoss_> You want "Use SSH" to "True"
[27-Mar-2009 16:23:47] **mrayzenoss_> and your command template has to have double $$
[27-Mar-2009 16:23:48] **mrayzenoss_> ls -ld ~/ | awk '{print $$5}'
[27-Mar-2009 16:23:58] **mrayzenoss_> I replaced att with ~/, but you can do whatever
[27-Mar-2009 16:24:22] **mrayzenoss_> I tested it against another Linux server (in my case
[27-Mar-2009 16:24:37] **mrayzenoss_> Executing command
[27-Mar-2009 16:24:37] **mrayzenoss_> ls -ld ~/ | awk '{print $5}'
[27-Mar-2009 16:24:37] **mrayzenoss_> against
[27-Mar-2009 16:24:37] **mrayzenoss_> 4096
[27-Mar-2009 16:24:37] **mrayzenoss_> DONE in 0 seconds
[27-Mar-2009 16:25:48] **gemineye> Executing command /opt/zenoss/libexec/ls -ld att | awk '{print $5}' against ssr /bin/sh: /opt/zenoss/libexec/ls: No such file or directory
[27-Mar-2009 16:26:06] **mrayzenoss_> did you set "Use SSH" to "True"
[27-Mar-2009 16:26:28] **gemineye> Yeah, I removed the nagios zenpack and started building my own template.
[27-Mar-2009 16:26:42] **mrayzenoss_> is the Source Type COMMAND?
[27-Mar-2009 16:26:50] **gemineye> yep
[27-Mar-2009 16:27:23] **gemineye> There's no /opt/zenoss/libexec/ls
[27-Mar-2009 16:29:46] **mrayzenoss_>
[27-Mar-2009 16:29:53] **adytum-bot> Title: datasource on Flickr - Photo Sharing! (at
[27-Mar-2009 16:29:53] **mrayzenoss_> looks like that?
[27-Mar-2009 16:30:03] **gemineye> yup
[27-Mar-2009 16:31:23] **mrayzenoss_> do you have the zCommandPassword set?
[27-Mar-2009 16:31:59] **gemineye> yeah, i don' think it's even getting that far. it's complaining that it wants to run /opt/zenoss/libexec/ls and that doesn't exist.
[27-Mar-2009 16:32:07] **mrayzenoss_> yeah, that's wrong
[27-Mar-2009 16:32:33] **mrayzenoss_> hmm.. just realized I'm hitting a local box... not remote
[27-Mar-2009 16:32:48] **gemineye> I tried what you had, no joy
[27-Mar-2009 16:33:02] **mrayzenoss_> I don't have one that's setup with remote boxes yet... let me try another server
[27-Mar-2009 16:34:14] **gemineye> I might have gotten it
[27-Mar-2009 16:35:23] **gemineye> Nope. I got it to work local by adding a sym link but it still wants to run the command local even though I turned on SSH
[27-Mar-2009 16:35:44] **mrayzenoss_> nuts, I'm getting the same thing
[27-Mar-2009 16:35:52] **mrayzenoss_> it only worked because I was on the local box
[27-Mar-2009 16:36:11] **gemineye> Do you have a /opt/zenoss/libexec/ls file or equivilant?
[27-Mar-2009 16:36:47] **mrayzenoss_> same error message
[27-Mar-2009 16:39:01] **gemineye> I have a quarterly all hands to go to in about 15 minutes
[27-Mar-2009 16:39:49] **mrayzenoss_> the Dev says he thinks the test is broken, but it should work once you get it setup
[27-Mar-2009 16:40:22] **gemineye> I thought we were setting it up.
[27-Mar-2009 16:40:43] **gemineye> Oh I see.
[27-Mar-2009 16:42:40] **mrayzenoss_> we're testing
[27-Mar-2009 16:48:03] **gemineye> Hey... 87031808 bytes is not 87.03M, it's 83M. It's using a power of 10?
[27-Mar-2009 16:51:24] **gemineye> I have to go to an all hands now. I've setup the template so it should work, but it's not drawing the graph. If you're still here in 1 1/2 hours or so, I'll find you. Otherwise it'll have to wait till I get home. Thanks.
[27-Mar-2009 16:56:30] **kisielk> mspeaking of libexec
[27-Mar-2009 16:56:45] **kisielk> any reason the stack installer still looks in /opt/zenoss/libexec
[27-Mar-2009 16:56:50] **kisielk> when it's installed in /usr/local/zenoss ?
[27-Mar-2009 16:57:03] **kisielk> is that a bug, or do I have to reconfigure something?
[27-Mar-2009 16:57:19] **mrayzenoss_> you have to clear out one of the zProperties
[27-Mar-2009 16:57:25] **mrayzenoss_> we're debugging it still
[27-Mar-2009 16:59:38] **mrayzenoss_> real close
[27-Mar-2009 17:00:02] **mrayzenoss_> clear out the zCommandPath
[27-Mar-2009 17:02:01] **kisielk> alright
[27-Mar-2009 17:02:04] **kisielk> okay, so another question
[27-Mar-2009 17:02:13] **kisielk> what's the point of being able to create multiple data points for a data source?
[27-Mar-2009 17:03:42] **mrayzenoss_> you can graph them together
[27-Mar-2009 17:03:59] **kisielk> yeah but a data source is just one oid isn't it ?
[27-Mar-2009 17:04:12] **kisielk> or is there some way to get sub oid's ?
[27-Mar-2009 17:24:24] **mrayzenoss_> gemineye: Got it
[27-Mar-2009 17:36:37] **mrayzenoss_> gemineye: I gotta go, I'll email you my notes
[27-Mar-2009 23:36:49] timburke_ is now known as timburke
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[28-Mar-2009 00:00:52] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]
[28-Mar-2009 15:40:34] **KingJ> Is there a guide to move Zenoss from one server to another?
[28-Mar-2009 16:20:36] **KingJ> Ok, i've done a zenbackup via the webgui on the old server, just ran zenrestore on the new server and it gives an error on the web interface - ZODB.FileStorage.format.CorruptedDataError
[28-Mar-2009 16:21:06] **KingJ> Looking through the docs it says Zenoss shouldn't be running while restoring, but stopping zenoss-stack also stops MySQL which is required for the restore
[28-Mar-2009 16:31:19] **KingJ> Ah unlike my previous server, I have no swap on here and hence not enough RAM
[28-Mar-2009 17:19:19] **KingJ> Is there any way to reduce the RAM usage of Zenoss?
[28-Mar-2009 19:51:39] **Just_Need_Zenoss> how do you clear the tasks in zenjobs
[28-Mar-2009 19:51:54] **Just_Need_Zenoss> from cli, all currently running tasks
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[29-Mar-2009 00:25:17] **adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Daily Python-URL! (from the Secret Labs) - Python 0.9.1p1
[29-Mar-2009 00:25:18] **adytum-bot>
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[29-Mar-2009 15:32:19] **idea4gud> anyone out here
[29-Mar-2009 15:35:04] **sergeymasushko> yes
[29-Mar-2009 15:57:31] **idea4gud> hi sergey: i used zenoss last year as part of my student proj
[29-Mar-2009 15:58:02] **idea4gud> but now i wanna know something regarding network management
[29-Mar-2009 15:58:37] **idea4gud> i am plannin  to run a webserver from my localmahcine and host a website
[29-Mar-2009 15:59:28] **idea4gud> i masking this here though its not related to zenoss , but i found no place more appropriate with other than zenoss bcz ppl in this room are
[29-Mar-2009 15:59:39] **idea4gud> more familiar with N/w mgmt
[29-Mar-2009 16:00:57] **idea4gud> now my qn is : when i get my ipadress from and try to do remote desktop or ssh giving the ipadress it doesnt go thru
[29-Mar-2009 16:01:23] **idea4gud> so it that all ISP have firewalls that block in coming connectiion's to nodes on their n/w's
[29-Mar-2009 16:02:04] **idea4gud> sergeymasushko: you there
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[29-Mar-2009 17:15:07] **sergeymasushko> why zenoss escalate severity for CPU utilization event?
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[30-Mar-2009 00:26:58] **adytum-bot> New Blog/News Feed: Daily Python-URL! (from the Secret Labs) - Beards of Python
[30-Mar-2009 00:26:59] **adytum-bot>
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[30-Mar-2009 07:22:41] **tehhobbit> anyone awake that uses the 64 bit ethernet template ?
[30-Mar-2009 08:37:50] **Disconnect> whats the best place to view currently active problems? event console or is there a better summary view?
[30-Mar-2009 09:10:25] **raw__> is there any way to configure zenoss so that events and device lists don't scroll in their own little frame but actually list everything down the page?
[30-Mar-2009 09:10:33] **raw__> the in frame scrolling is slow and anoying
[30-Mar-2009 09:19:22] **raw__> good morning Matt
[30-Mar-2009 09:19:27] **mrayzenoss> morning.
[30-Mar-2009 09:30:36] **Disconnect> any good way to exclude filesystems from the test? (cifs-mounted 15T volumes, not only do we not care if they are filling up but it overflows anyway so they come out at something like 4T in size with 6T used.)
[30-Mar-2009 09:36:52] **mrayzenoss> you can turn off monitoring of that filesystem, add it to the zFileSystemMapIgnoreNames or Types
[30-Mar-2009 09:37:02] **mrayzenoss> s/add/or add/
[30-Mar-2009 09:42:52] **Disconnect> cifs is listed in Types for /Devices/Server but its still monitoring them.
[30-Mar-2009 09:43:37] **tehhobbit> raw__: feel like enlighten me on a topic, after configuring snmp v3 how to I change what performance template is used for ethernet
[30-Mar-2009 09:44:08] **tehhobbit> raw__: there is a ethnet 64 bit template but cant figure out how to make a host use it
[30-Mar-2009 09:46:33] kingj is now known as KingJ
[30-Mar-2009 10:05:53] **raw__> oh
[30-Mar-2009 10:06:10] **raw__> tehhobbit :  Zenoss will use whatever template matches with the actual interface type
[30-Mar-2009 10:06:24] **raw__> go to the device's OS tab and click on the interface that you want to apply a custom template to
[30-Mar-2009 10:06:40] **raw__> then name your template exactly like the interface type that is listed
[30-Mar-2009 10:06:45] **raw__> case sensitive I believe
[30-Mar-2009 10:07:07] **raw__> Zenoss will then automatically apply that template to any interfaces with that interface type
[30-Mar-2009 10:07:49] **raw__>
[30-Mar-2009 10:08:40] **adytum-bot> Title: Tip of the Month: How Zenoss Chooses Templates | Zenoss Blog (at
[30-Mar-2009 10:21:42] **tehhobbit> raw__: found it
[30-Mar-2009 10:22:07] **tehhobbit> they named the ethernet template for 64bit counters _64$
[30-Mar-2009 10:22:13] **tehhobbit> so just renamed it
[30-Mar-2009 10:24:51] **raw__> ah
[30-Mar-2009 10:24:52] **raw__> cool
[30-Mar-2009 10:26:37] **raw__> I'd love it if zenoss could tell the difference between physical serial interfaces and pvc sub interfaces
[30-Mar-2009 10:27:00] **raw__> have one as frame-relay and the other as frame-rely-pvc
[30-Mar-2009 10:27:02] **raw__> relay*
[30-Mar-2009 10:36:02] **tehhobbit> same for regular ethernet , it would be cool if zenoss could use one template for v3 devices and one for v1 devices
[30-Mar-2009 10:36:20] **tehhobbit> as it is now I'm not able to monitor both of em
[30-Mar-2009 10:36:20] **raw__> yeh
[30-Mar-2009 10:36:26] **raw__> would definitely simplify things
[30-Mar-2009 10:37:03] **raw__> you might have to make a separate box dedicated to v3 or something
[30-Mar-2009 10:37:21] **raw__> I'd just like to see it so that you could manually apply templates to specific interfaces
[30-Mar-2009 10:37:27] **raw__> that would solve a lot of problems
[30-Mar-2009 10:37:36] **tehhobbit> yeah
[30-Mar-2009 10:37:44] **tehhobbit> pick'n'choose
[30-Mar-2009 10:38:01] **raw__> or, even better, make it more intelligent about indentifying interfaces and make it so that you could use one template for any version of snmp, like you said
[30-Mar-2009 10:38:04] **raw__> that would be the ultimate
[30-Mar-2009 10:38:10] **tehhobbit> same with disks solaris doesnt have the same disk mib as linux
[30-Mar-2009 10:38:21] **raw__> yeh
[30-Mar-2009 10:41:00] **tehhobbit> well hold on .... its accually possible , modify the ethernet collector /opt/zenoss/Products/DataCollector/plugins/zenoss/snmp/
[30-Mar-2009 10:41:19] **tehhobbit> it could map different since its the one useing the template
[30-Mar-2009 10:41:31] **tehhobbit> but harsch to have to change cod for it
[30-Mar-2009 10:41:41] **tehhobbit> should be done throu the gui imho
[30-Mar-2009 10:42:35] **raw__> yeh
[30-Mar-2009 10:43:01] **raw__> oh well, Zenoss will have all the nifty features in time
[30-Mar-2009 10:43:17] **raw__> for now, just have to do the best we can hehe
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[30-Mar-2009 11:54:08] **perr0> l
[30-Mar-2009 12:09:07] **jsm> whoever can tell me how to edit a HttpMonitorDatasource via the API gets a cookie.
[30-Mar-2009 13:08:55] **raw__> jsm :  try posting that question over at
[30-Mar-2009 13:10:15] **raw__> there's a zenoss-dev section
[30-Mar-2009 13:10:49] **jsm> been there, done that
[30-Mar-2009 13:19:27] **raw__> well then, patience is a virtue
[30-Mar-2009 13:19:28] **raw__> lol
[30-Mar-2009 13:37:56] **perr0> l
[30-Mar-2009 14:23:32] **perr0> l
[30-Mar-2009 17:07:23] KingJ is now known as kingj
[30-Mar-2009 18:24:40] **philm> Hi.  Does anyone know how to get Zenoss to monitor bgp on Cisco routers?
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[31-Mar-2009 08:34:35] **cain> hello all...
[31-Mar-2009 08:42:55] **cain> anyone in here getting NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED? on their windows system after the upgrade to 2.3.3?
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[31-Mar-2009 09:39:32] KingJ is now known as kingj
[31-Mar-2009 09:43:02] **jb> sup mray
[31-Mar-2009 09:43:07] **mrayzenoss> morning
[31-Mar-2009 09:46:57] **tripitaka> Hi, I'd like to create my own template. When I click open a device class, select templates, Add Template.., edit the template and click Add Data Source, I get a 'Loading' popup, which hangs
[31-Mar-2009 09:47:12] **tripitaka> I've tried it in different browsers from different PCs, same result
[31-Mar-2009 09:47:49] **mrayzenoss> version/platform?
[31-Mar-2009 09:48:04] **tripitaka> zenoss-2.3.3-257, rhel5.3 x86_64
[31-Mar-2009 09:48:50] **mrayzenoss> nothing weird about that
[31-Mar-2009 09:49:48] **tripitaka> so how do I add a new data source?
[31-Mar-2009 09:50:23] **tripitaka> oh, I see, 'nothing wierd' about the platform, not the hang
[31-Mar-2009 09:50:47] **tripitaka> otherwise it's running fine - lots of devices, lots of zenpacks
[31-Mar-2009 09:51:50] **tripitaka> I get the same hang if I try to add a data source to an existing template
[31-Mar-2009 09:51:54] **mrayzenoss> anything in any of the logs?
[31-Mar-2009 09:52:02] **mrayzenoss> that just seems weird
[31-Mar-2009 09:53:18] **tripitaka> ahah, an error in event.log
[31-Mar-2009 09:53:23] **tripitaka> ERROR Zope.SiteErrorLog
[31-Mar-2009 09:53:29] **tripitaka> pastebin on the way
[31-Mar-2009 09:54:15] **tripitaka>
[31-Mar-2009 09:54:22] **adytum-bot> Title: pastebin - Untitled - post number 1377959 (at
[31-Mar-2009 09:55:35] **tripitaka> who should I send that to?
[31-Mar-2009 09:55:54] **mrayzenoss> I've posted it to the devs, maybe someone will have a suggestion
[31-Mar-2009 09:56:01] **mrayzenoss> if not, probably open a ticket
[31-Mar-2009 10:13:19] **tripitaka> how do I subscribe to
[31-Mar-2009 10:15:58] **tripitaka> zenoss forums registration is giving me 'The proxy server could not handle the request POST /join_form.'
[31-Mar-2009 10:16:09] **mrayzenoss> really?
[31-Mar-2009 10:16:14] **mrayzenoss> which URL?
[31-Mar-2009 10:16:38] **tripitaka>
[31-Mar-2009 10:17:03] **adytum-bot> Title: Zenoss Website - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[31-Mar-2009 10:17:19] **tripitaka> I still got the membership email
[31-Mar-2009 10:17:37] **mrayzenoss> hmmm... bugging the webmaster about it
[31-Mar-2009 10:17:59] **mrayzenoss> he says he's actually already looking at it, someone else reported an error
[31-Mar-2009 10:18:15] **tripitaka> always the bridesmaid..
[31-Mar-2009 10:18:48] **mrayzenoss> he says just try again
[31-Mar-2009 10:22:50] **mrayzenoss> tripitaka: what's working, what's not? burlyscudd can hook you up if you're not able to get in
[31-Mar-2009 10:23:28] kingj is now known as KingJ
[31-Mar-2009 10:23:30] **tripitaka> it worked the first time - I got a funky proxy error in my browser, but it still generated the membership email
[31-Mar-2009 10:24:06] **burlyscudd> tripitaka: did you follow through with the link and set the password? That process can be very slow (after you submit the password setting), so you have to be patient. I just went through with a test and it worked fine tho.
[31-Mar-2009 10:24:26] **tripitaka> yep, all done, message posted to the forums
[31-Mar-2009 10:24:57] **tripitaka> after submitting the password the page stopped responding, so I opened another page and found I was able to log in with the new password
[31-Mar-2009 10:25:03] **tripitaka> so, all good
[31-Mar-2009 10:25:13] **mrayzenoss> burlyscudd hates our website
[31-Mar-2009 10:25:38] **burlyscudd> it's true
[31-Mar-2009 10:26:06] **burlyscudd> but we'll have one that I don't hate soon enough... MUwahhahahaha!
[31-Mar-2009 10:27:05] **jb> so here we go with the beta
[31-Mar-2009 10:27:06] **jb>
[31-Mar-2009 10:28:49] **cain> anyone in here getting NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED? on their windows system after the upgrade to 2.3.3?
[31-Mar-2009 10:39:37] **willwh> yes
[31-Mar-2009 10:42:01] **mrayzenoss> jb: we're dropping another beta release today
[31-Mar-2009 10:42:41] **mrayzenoss> and adding EL5
[31-Mar-2009 10:43:15] **mrayzenoss> cain: I think there was some issue with passwords getting reset, double check that
[31-Mar-2009 10:43:48] **cain> already did
[31-Mar-2009 10:44:41] **cain> and checked the one seems to have fixed it though
[31-Mar-2009 10:45:31] **adytum-bot> Title: Forums :: View topic - Could not read the status of Windows services...since 2.3 (at
[31-Mar-2009 10:45:41] **cain> I'm assumning this is why my zenwin daemon is unable to stay up
[31-Mar-2009 10:56:06] **jb> mrayzenoss: el5 has already been dropped
[31-Mar-2009 10:56:09] **jb> im running it right now
[31-Mar-2009 10:56:33] **mrayzenoss> I meant the RPM
[31-Mar-2009 10:56:39] **mrayzenoss> as opposed to the stack installer
[31-Mar-2009 10:56:44] **jb> the rpms are out
[31-Mar-2009 10:56:56] **mrayzenoss> just the EL4 ones
[31-Mar-2009 10:57:04] **jb> nope, EL5 too
[31-Mar-2009 10:57:24] **jb> zenoss-2.3.287.el5.i386.rpm
[31-Mar-2009 10:57:29] **mrayzenoss> excellent
[31-Mar-2009 10:57:39] **mrayzenoss> they just went up this morning, didn't realize they were already done
[31-Mar-2009 10:57:47] **mrayzenoss> time to update the blog/forums
[31-Mar-2009 10:57:52] **jb> although, i tried to add a device, and it just says "Running"
[31-Mar-2009 10:57:56] **jb> well, these are the enterprise ones
[31-Mar-2009 10:58:03] **jb> i can't speak for the core rpm's
[31-Mar-2009 10:58:37] **mrayzenoss> ahh, the Core ones are going up now
[31-Mar-2009 10:58:55] **jb> been "Running" for 5minutes now
[31-Mar-2009 10:58:58] **jb> hmm
[31-Mar-2009 11:01:18] **jb> hah.. this VM needs more memory.
[31-Mar-2009 11:02:06] **KingJ> Is there any way to reduce the memory usage? I've got just under 300mb of RAM on this system and no swap, Zenoss eats it all then complains about memory
[31-Mar-2009 11:02:29] **jb> uhm
[31-Mar-2009 11:02:36] **jb> you definetely need more
[31-Mar-2009 11:02:47] **jb> why on earth don't you have any swap with 300MB of physical memory?
[31-Mar-2009 11:02:48] **jb>
[31-Mar-2009 11:02:53] **KingJ> Because it's a VM
[31-Mar-2009 11:03:06] **jb> my vm just croaked with 384MB and 750MB of swap
[31-Mar-2009 11:03:11] **jb> running the beta
[31-Mar-2009 11:03:18] **KingJ> Just wanted an inexpensive machine for mointoring a few hosts
[31-Mar-2009 11:04:07] **KingJ> I don't really see why it needs so much
[31-Mar-2009 11:04:30] **mrayzenoss> depends how many devices you're monitoring
[31-Mar-2009 11:04:38] **KingJ> 3
[31-Mar-2009 11:04:55] **jb> i thought blue crab was getting a new design?
[31-Mar-2009 11:05:57] **mrayzenoss> jb: we had to scale back because of the ambitious plans for the UI overhaul meeting the reality of limited developer resources
[31-Mar-2009 11:06:11] **jb> ahh
[31-Mar-2009 11:06:30] **mrayzenoss> Blue Crab has updated all the libraries and replaced a lot of the older pieces
[31-Mar-2009 11:06:47] **jb> maybe an updated UI in future versions?
[31-Mar-2009 11:06:50] **mrayzenoss> the infrastructure is in place for the big changes
[31-Mar-2009 11:06:55] **mrayzenoss> jb: definitely
[31-Mar-2009 11:07:05] **jb> cool
[31-Mar-2009 11:07:19] **mrayzenoss> the wizard, the job manager and the notifications are the new UI pieces
[31-Mar-2009 11:07:35] **mrayzenoss> in Blue Crab
[31-Mar-2009 11:07:55] **mrayzenoss> King Crab is still in planning, but major overhauls are planned
[31-Mar-2009 11:16:03] **cain> king crab
[31-Mar-2009 11:22:10] **jb> mrayzenoss: odd, my performance graphs all have squares instead of actual characters
[31-Mar-2009 11:22:25] **mrayzenoss> you need the liberation fonts
[31-Mar-2009 11:22:45] **mrayzenoss> I think it's listed in the beta release notes.  We ugpraded RRDTool
[31-Mar-2009 11:23:56] **jb> oh sec
[31-Mar-2009 11:24:01] **jb> i didnt even see the release notes
[31-Mar-2009 11:24:40] **jb> where are those?
[31-Mar-2009 11:24:48] **mrayzenoss> hmmm... I'm not involved on the Enterprise side, I'll ping Rusty about it
[31-Mar-2009 11:27:05] **jb> ok i installed them
[31-Mar-2009 11:27:22] **jb> these dont need to be installed on the end client system do they?
[31-Mar-2009 11:27:28] **jb> the one im browsing zen from
[31-Mar-2009 11:27:52] **mrayzenoss> no, the graphs are generated on the box that is doing the monitoring
[31-Mar-2009 11:28:09] **jb> probably just need to rerun zenperfsnmp
[31-Mar-2009 11:28:20] **jb> generate some new graphs
[31-Mar-2009 11:28:48] **tripitaka> mrayzenoss: a restart fixed it
[31-Mar-2009 11:28:50] **tripitaka> yay
[31-Mar-2009 11:28:57] **mrayzenoss> excellent
[31-Mar-2009 11:29:04] **mrayzenoss> not sure why
[31-Mar-2009 11:29:30] **mrayzenoss> did you restart zope after installing ZenPacks?  We should make that a required step
[31-Mar-2009 11:29:40] **tripitaka> a zenpack was listed as broken
[31-Mar-2009 11:29:55] **mrayzenoss> yeah, zopectl restart
[31-Mar-2009 11:29:57] **tripitaka> probably not
[31-Mar-2009 11:30:06] **tripitaka> still, it's good to know
[31-Mar-2009 11:30:56] **jb> there we go
[31-Mar-2009 11:35:17] **jb> mrayzenoss: hmm.. so where do you define the SSH username/password?
[31-Mar-2009 11:35:30] **mrayzenoss> zCommandPassword and zCommandUser
[31-Mar-2009 11:35:35] **mrayzenoss> err, zCommandLogin?
[31-Mar-2009 11:36:24] **jb> ah ok
[31-Mar-2009 11:36:30] **jb> it can also use ssh keys?
[31-Mar-2009 11:36:37] **mrayzenoss> yup
[31-Mar-2009 11:37:36] **jb> for disovery protocol when adding a new device
[31-Mar-2009 11:37:39] **jb> you just put "none" ?
[31-Mar-2009 11:37:55] **mrayzenoss> if that's what you want
[31-Mar-2009 11:38:02] **mrayzenoss> you doing the wizard?
[31-Mar-2009 11:38:09] **jb> well i want this to be all SSH
[31-Mar-2009 11:38:10] **jb> hmm
[31-Mar-2009 11:38:18] **jb> no, im just adding a new device
[31-Mar-2009 11:38:20] **jb> the old way
[31-Mar-2009 11:38:35] **jb> the wizzard is only for right after installation, right?
[31-Mar-2009 11:38:40] **mrayzenoss> correct
[31-Mar-2009 11:39:06] **mrayzenoss> I think you can go with none or auto, it'll still end up in /Discovered
[31-Mar-2009 11:39:15] **mrayzenoss> and then you'll move it to /Server/SSH
[31-Mar-2009 11:39:16] **jb> so i added a new device within /Devices/Server/SSH/AIX/
[31-Mar-2009 11:39:53] **jb> oh there he is
[31-Mar-2009 11:39:57] **jb> er
[31-Mar-2009 11:40:00] **jb> wrong window
[31-Mar-2009 11:41:06] **jb> hmm
[31-Mar-2009 11:42:57] **jb> its not even trying to SSH in
[31-Mar-2009 11:46:12] **mrayzenoss> are the zProperties set?
[31-Mar-2009 11:46:34] **mrayzenoss> what does the output of modeling the device look like?
[31-Mar-2009 11:47:08] **jb> ah ok.. actually let me try to manually remodel
[31-Mar-2009 11:49:22] **jsm> is it possible to modify a datasource via the API?  specifically, a Httpmonitor datasource?
[31-Mar-2009 11:50:09] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I saw your thread, I don't know
[31-Mar-2009 11:51:18] **jb> ah /wi hm2k
[31-Mar-2009 11:53:07] **jb> hm yeah
[31-Mar-2009 11:53:08] **jb> not working
[31-Mar-2009 11:53:21] **jb> ERROR  zen.SshClientCHANNEL_OPEN_FAILURE: Authentication failure
[31-Mar-2009 11:53:45] **jb> Mar 31 11:52:54 fheg-sag1-new auth|security:info sshd[385070]: Accepted password for zenoss from port 51571 ssh2
[31-Mar-2009 11:53:45] **jb> Mar 31 11:52:54 fheg-sag1-new auth|security:err|error sshd[491606]: error: no more sessions
[31-Mar-2009 11:57:58] **jb> looks like its working for linux
[31-Mar-2009 13:13:33] **mrayzenoss> sorry, went to lunch.
[31-Mar-2009 13:13:50] **mrayzenoss> jb: You might want to run it by the support portal as a beta issue
[31-Mar-2009 13:14:02] **mrayzenoss> I don't have any visibility into the AIX monitor
[31-Mar-2009 13:18:08] **jb> yep, I did
[31-Mar-2009 13:51:13] **rocket> Hi mrayzenoss any word on my forum post regarding the cache issues?
[31-Mar-2009 13:51:25] **mrayzenoss> I'll ping Chet about it
[31-Mar-2009 13:51:42] **mrayzenoss> we have the defect review in about 10 minutes
[31-Mar-2009 13:51:46] **rocket> I am still working on it .. but didnt know if he needed more info
[31-Mar-2009 13:51:49] **mrayzenoss> I'll see about bringing it up
[31-Mar-2009 13:52:06] **rocket> specially since it might be impacting other things
[31-Mar-2009 13:52:30] **rocket> sounds good thanks mrayzenoss
[31-Mar-2009 13:55:17] **mrayzenoss> bumped it to a high so it'll definitely make the meeting
[31-Mar-2009 14:23:15] **cgibbons> oh crap i forgot about that defect review
[31-Mar-2009 14:23:19] **cgibbons> must be the post traumatic stress
[31-Mar-2009 17:24:58] **kisielk> mrayzenoss: any particular topic for discussion Thursday morning?
[31-Mar-2009 17:25:09] **mrayzenoss> whatever you want
[31-Mar-2009 17:26:17] **raw__> nice, devs
[31-Mar-2009 17:26:23] **raw__> I'll certainly be here
[31-Mar-2009 17:26:41] **raw__> last time you had one of those I was sick
[31-Mar-2009 17:27:02] **mrayzenoss> yeah, I missed the session over Spring Break.  I was on vacation
[31-Mar-2009 17:27:25] **raw__> what is generally discussed?
[31-Mar-2009 17:27:33] **raw__> or is it just open forum?
[31-Mar-2009 17:27:37] **mrayzenoss> open forum
[31-Mar-2009 17:27:40] **raw__> cool
[31-Mar-2009 17:27:50] **mrayzenoss> it's just a heads-up that there will definitely be me and at least 1 developer
[31-Mar-2009 17:27:58] **raw__> cool
[31-Mar-2009 17:28:06] **raw__> you're always here though
[31-Mar-2009 17:28:07] **raw__>
[31-Mar-2009 17:28:23] **mrayzenoss> it comes and goes, sometimes I don't login for a few days
[31-Mar-2009 17:28:39] **philm> we'll let you have weekends off
[31-Mar-2009 17:28:49] **mrayzenoss> thanks!
[31-Mar-2009 17:29:13] **philm> While there is activity here, I shall ask this question again - does Zenoss monitor BGP peers on Cisco routers?
[31-Mar-2009 17:30:43] **mrayzenoss> nope
[31-Mar-2009 17:31:04] **philm> Bummer.  Is there a plug in to do so?
[31-Mar-2009 17:31:50] **Schwartz> is there a cisco mib that exports specific BGP information? flaps? routes added/removed?
[31-Mar-2009 17:32:02] **Schwartz> could probably just add in a couple new data sources in the template
[31-Mar-2009 17:32:30] **philm> I'm pretty much just after flaps. I dont want to know about roues added/removed - as that wil just kill us, having all the routes in the world being picked up
[31-Mar-2009 17:33:57] **mrayzenoss> do those get exposed via SNMP?
[31-Mar-2009 17:33:59] **Schwartz> I would recommend just doing an snmp walk (including the cisco bgp mib so you get mib name resolution) and pick out anything that looks like flap counter
[31-Mar-2009 17:34:00] **mrayzenoss> or traps?
[31-Mar-2009 17:34:10] **philm> Yes, they do
[31-Mar-2009 17:34:31] **mrayzenoss> so you could watch for the traps or monitor the OID
[31-Mar-2009 17:34:33] **philm> I have the Cisco mibs pack, doesn't seem to be picking up BGP though
[31-Mar-2009 17:34:43] **mrayzenoss> the mibs aren't very useful
[31-Mar-2009 17:34:58] **mrayzenoss> Zenoss only uses them for translating traps to English
[31-Mar-2009 17:35:07] **mrayzenoss> nothing magical about them
[31-Mar-2009 17:35:17] **philm> Yeah, but saves me doing them though!
[31-Mar-2009 17:35:22] **mrayzenoss> true
[31-Mar-2009 17:35:36] **mrayzenoss> I'm just saying, there's a misconception that they're used in active monitoring
[31-Mar-2009 17:35:53] **mrayzenoss> the mib browser lets you dig through them, that's nice
[31-Mar-2009 17:36:23] **philm> So I just need to find the snmp traps that the routers send when bgp goes down, and make an event class for that?
[31-Mar-2009 17:36:29] **mrayzenoss> yup
[31-Mar-2009 17:36:37] **philm> Ok, I'll look into that later today
[31-Mar-2009 17:37:09] **philm> 2nd question, for alerts which are high, can they be persistent until someone acknowledges them? Instead of them disapearing when it fixes itself?
[31-Mar-2009 17:37:24] **mrayzenoss> yeah, just remove the clear event
[31-Mar-2009 17:37:45] **philm> I want zenoss to keep bugging me for some things, so it wakes people up who are on call to check what actually happened
[31-Mar-2009 17:37:52] **philm> Where/how do I do that?
[31-Mar-2009 17:39:55] **mrayzenoss> in the Event, there's a zProperties tab
[31-Mar-2009 17:40:06] **mrayzenoss> it lists a zEventClearClasses, remove those
[31-Mar-2009 17:41:05] **philm> ok, ta
[31-Mar-2009 17:42:02] **philm> 3rd and final question. Zenomodeller keeps failing heartbeat - what would be the cause of this? I can't see anything in log files. I did die previously because of lack of ram, so I've chucked another 1GB of ram on the virtual host, so that has semi fixed it. Ram usage sits under 70% now
[31-Mar-2009 17:42:36] **mrayzenoss> is it timing out?
[31-Mar-2009 17:44:20] **philm> What do you mean?
[31-Mar-2009 17:44:57] **Schwartz> if it just won't clear, go to the host and clear all heart beats, that'll usually reset things
[31-Mar-2009 17:45:34] **mrayzenoss> gotta go, be back tomorrow
[31-Mar-2009 18:04:21] **philm> I need to work out why it keeps dying. Appears the box is back to 100% memory use. It has 2GB! How much ram does Zenoss need? That seems like a lot
[31-Mar-2009 18:04:29] **ironpaw> morning poeple
[31-Mar-2009 18:05:15] **ironpaw> can anyone recommend a basic how to in regards to the initial monitoring of devices? I'm having a hard time getting it sorted
[31-Mar-2009 18:05:21] **ironpaw> maybe its cos im a bit slow
[31-Mar-2009 18:13:00] KingJ is now known as kingj
[31-Mar-2009 19:05:47] **sergeymasushko> how does zenoss model ports on cisco devices?
[31-Mar-2009 19:43:23] **raw__> sergeymasushko :  via SNMP
[31-Mar-2009 19:45:58] **raw__> if you do an snmpwalk on a cisco device you'll see the interface info early on
[31-Mar-2009 19:46:58] **sergeymasushko> ok. I have a problem with cisco AS5300 it is a voip device... it says OID is bad...
[31-Mar-2009 19:47:10] **raw__> on which interface?
[31-Mar-2009 19:50:54] **sergeymasushko> for example: Error reading value for "Voice Over IP Peer: 702" on (oid . is bad)
[31-Mar-2009 19:50:54] **sergeymasushko> I have 195 such events...
[31-Mar-2009 19:53:45] **raw__> debug events right?
[31-Mar-2009 19:53:58] **sergeymasushko> yes
[31-Mar-2009 19:54:29] **raw__> are they coming in for traps, or for something you're trying to poll in some performance template?
[31-Mar-2009 19:55:29] **sergeymasushko> I do not setup traps... and do not change any template... just modeled the device...
[31-Mar-2009 19:55:42] **raw__> do you have the cisco mibs pack installed?
[31-Mar-2009 19:55:51] **sergeymasushko> no, should I?
[31-Mar-2009 19:56:02] **raw__> Zenoss won't be able to translate cisco OIDs without it
[31-Mar-2009 19:56:10] **raw__> nor will it be able to pull any relevant info from those OIDs
[31-Mar-2009 19:56:38] **raw__>
[31-Mar-2009 19:56:40] **sergeymasushko> so I need to install it and all will be OK. am I right?
[31-Mar-2009 19:56:51] **raw__> well, it should definitely help with a lot
[31-Mar-2009 19:57:00] **raw__> (I made the pack by the way)
[31-Mar-2009 19:57:26] **raw__> it contains every single publicly available Cisco OID
[31-Mar-2009 19:57:30] **adytum-bot> Title: ZenPacks - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[31-Mar-2009 19:57:33] **sergeymasushko> heh ok... will try to do it.
[31-Mar-2009 19:57:36] **raw__> but it's going to take you like 5 hours to install it
[31-Mar-2009 19:57:43] **raw__> so install it from commandline and be very patient
[31-Mar-2009 19:57:44] **sergeymasushko> I read it
[31-Mar-2009 19:57:48] **raw__> k hehe
[31-Mar-2009 20:02:34] **sergeymasushko> btw. can I install just needed MIB for me (AS5300) instead of installing mibs for 1k+ devices?
[31-Mar-2009 20:03:40] **raw__> not with that pack, and I wouldn't even know which Mibs to pick out for that device
[31-Mar-2009 20:03:59] **raw__> you'd have to find some website telling you what Mibs are needed
[31-Mar-2009 20:04:08] **raw__> then download the Mibs and install them
[31-Mar-2009 20:04:15] **raw__> and hope that they all load properly
[31-Mar-2009 20:06:28] **raw__> I just like having every possible Mib since I monitor a lot of different types of cisco devices
[31-Mar-2009 21:16:01] **sergeymasushko> anybody alive?
[31-Mar-2009 21:16:29] **sergeymasushko> where is in the DB located templates?
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