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Dev chat 12/18/2008

Created on: Sep 14, 2009 11:18 AM by Noel Brockett - Last Modified:  Sep 14, 2009 11:18 AM by Noel Brockett
[2008-12-18 10::00:07] ** kgoedtel joined the chat room.
[2008-12-18 10::00:26] jmp242: hey mrayzenoss
[2008-12-18 10::00:32] mrayzenoss: Good morning
[2008-12-18 10::00:37] jmp242: happy upcoming holidays
[2008-12-18 10::00:37] mrayzenoss: Ian should be joining us shortly
[2008-12-18 10::02:56] jmp242: great! Any input on the Event Transform "area" that's been kicked around the forum
[2008-12-18 10::03:55] ** __ian__ joined the chat room.
[2008-12-18 10::04:16] mrayzenoss: I put up a wiki page
[2008-12-18 10::04:46] jmp242: Oh, I probably have that and missed it in my e-mail
[2008-12-18 10::05:51] mrayzenoss:
[2008-12-18 10::06:06] adytum-bot: Title: Event Transforms - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss (at
[2008-12-18 10::07:10] jmp242: I'm currently fighting event mapping as seen here:
[2008-12-18 10::07:19] adytum-bot: Title: Forums :: View topic - Syslog event that "disappears" (at
[2008-12-18 10::07:51] mrayzenoss: yeah, I saw Chet's followup. Anything showing in the log?
[2008-12-18 10::07:56] jmp242: I'm wondering if I ought to try and do the component transfrom in /unknown (as if I map one of the events it disappears) or put it in /App/Log for instance (where I want the events) or in the event mapping myself
[2008-12-18 10::11:44] mrayzenoss: Unfortunately I don't have good advice on the transforms, I bugged Chet to look at it and he said it looked right. If something shows up in the log maybe we'll find something, but trying a different technique might be your best bet
[2008-12-18 10::11:55] jmp242: hmmm ok.
[2008-12-18 10::12:05] mrayzenoss: sorry
[2008-12-18 10::12:21] jmp242: I'm wondering what my alternative might be - is there docs I've missed on how the syslogs are parsed
[2008-12-18 10::13:03] ** jplouis joined the chat room.
[2008-12-18 10::15:43] mrayzenoss: Anyone get a chance to upgrade to 2.3.2 yet?
[2008-12-18 10::16:34] jmp242: Is the plan to not support keeping old windows perf graphs?
[2008-12-18 10::19:15] mrayzenoss: just a sec, __ian__ is asking around
[2008-12-18 10::20:11] janwari: is there a way in Zenoss to use SSL ?? i tried using Apache to ProxyPass it but in the it points to
[2008-12-18 10::20:49] __ian__: what version of Zenoss?
[2008-12-18 10::21:07] janwari: latest i guess. downloaded it from vmware appliance
[2008-12-18 10::21:47] __ian__: where in login_form does it point to 8080?
[2008-12-18 10::22:21] janwari: This is how i have done it Install/Configure Apache to support SSL: (VMware Applicance VM)
[2008-12-18 10::22:43] adytum-bot: Title: Zope (at
[2008-12-18 10::22:44] janwari: ProxyPassReverse /
[2008-12-18 10::23:13] adytum-bot: Title: Zope (at
[2008-12-18 10::23:15] janwari: in the action of it, because came_from point to the ProxyPass
[2008-12-18 10::23:21] adytum-bot: Title: - Share Code (at
[2008-12-18 10::24:28] __ian__: I've only seen people use a RewriteRule
[2008-12-18 10::24:41] janwari: __ian__: but shouldnt proxy pass work too ?
[2008-12-18 10::24:44] __ian__: RewriteEngine On
[2008-12-18 10::24:59] ** realmelancon joined the chat room.
[2008-12-18 10::25:02] janwari: ok will try that
[2008-12-18 10::25:06] __ian__: Zope's VirtualHostBase takes care of it
[2008-12-18 10::26:18] realmelancon: i have a question about the Zenoss upgrade process with collectors.
[2008-12-18 10::27:03] ** kim0 left the chat room.
[2008-12-18 10::27:13] ** bootaydalurker joined the chat room.
[2008-12-18 10::27:23] ** bootaydalurker left the chat room.
[2008-12-18 10::27:57] ** bootaydalurker joined the chat room.
[2008-12-18 10::28:02] realmelancon: anyone ?
[2008-12-18 10::28:12] __ian__: realmelancon: Hang on, checking
[2008-12-18 10::28:25] realmelancon: oups. thanks.!
[2008-12-18 10::31:25] jmp242: Hmm, yes the transform doesn't seem to be picked up by /App/Log, so I'm trying it in the event mappings themselves
[2008-12-18 10::34:36] ** JKilgore joined the chat room.
[2008-12-18 10::34:37] jmp242: !!!
[2008-12-18 10::35:15] mrayzenoss: jmp242: I barely did anything, but feel free to update the post to let everyone know your solution.
[2008-12-18 10::35:18] jmp242: Part of your event mapping guide in the Admin Guide probably ought to give a discussion on scope of event transforms
[2008-12-18 10::35:53] __ian__: I believe there's actually a ticket open
[2008-12-18 10::38:22] realmelancon: ian: Thanks a lot. Please post it to the forum once you have the answer.
[2008-12-18 10::38:28] __ian__: realmelancon: what version?
[2008-12-18 10::38:38] realmelancon: from 2.2.4 to 2.3.2
[2008-12-18 10::38:59] __ian__: using DistributedCollector?
[2008-12-18 10::39:11] realmelancon: ian: yes.
[2008-12-18 10::39:25] ** __jason__ joined the chat room.
[2008-12-18 10::39:52] __ian__: You upgrade the main zenoss server. You then use the Update Hub and Update Collector menu items to update each hub/collector other than the original localhost/localhost ones.
[2008-12-18 10::40:17] realmelancon: ian: well not sure if its called Distributed Collectors (this is core version)
[2008-12-18 10::40:36] mrayzenoss: ahhh, you did it by hand?
[2008-12-18 10::42:34] realmelancon: mrayzenoss: Yes. by hand. OK. That makes sense.
[2008-12-18 10::43:15] mrayzenoss: realmelancon: Did you follow the remote SNMP instructions? I'm always curious how well those work
[2008-12-18 10::44:19] __jason__: Do you have a zenhub on the remote server or are those collectors talking to the hub back on the main zenoss server?
[2008-12-18 10::44:27] ** __jason__ is now known as zenossjason.
[2008-12-18 10::44:42] realmelancon: mrayzenoss: yes. and it works perfectly for me
[2008-12-18 10::44:48] ** zenossjason is now known as jasonzenoss.
[2008-12-18 10::45:08] realmelancon: jason: the collectors all talk directly to the main server.
[2008-12-18 10::46:16] jasonzenoss: It's a bit tougher in that situation. Updates to the hub on the main servers could in theory break communications with the remote daemons until you've updated them too. So the general answer is that you need to update both at the same time.
[2008-12-18 10::46:32] realmelancon: then i log on the collectors and restart zenrender
[2008-12-18 10::46:46] jmp242: I'm wondering - is it by design that event transforms do not inherit down the class heirarchy (or really anything doesn't seem to inherit down necessarily)
[2008-12-18 10::46:47] jasonzenoss: I don't know specifically with the versions you are upgrading from/to if that's the case or not though.
[2008-12-18 10::47:57] realmelancon: jasonzenoss: thanks. i will backup everything first, update central server, then the collectors.
[2008-12-18 10::48:34] jasonzenoss: jmp242: zProps are the only thing that really inherit down the device class hierarchies I think
[2008-12-18 10::49:59] realmelancon: thanks to everyone. got 2 go.
[2008-12-18 10::50:04] ** realmelancon left the chat room.
[2008-12-18 10::51:33] jasonzenoss: Didn't earlier versions of zenoss allow event transformations to be defined on any event class? Maybe I'm thinking of something else, but I think that changed around 2.2 or so.
[2008-12-18 10::55:32] jmp242: I thought so
[2008-12-18 10::56:00] jasonzenoss: I don't know offhand why that change was made.
[2008-12-18 10::56:03] jmp242: or we need to get that working again for a class
[2008-12-18 11::05:21] ** JKilgore left the chat room.
[2008-12-18 11::07:53] jasonzenoss: jmp242: Unfortunately they couple people who can probably best discuss mappings aren't around today. You might want to raise the subject again here after the holidays when we can drag them into the discussion.
[2008-12-18 11::08:05] ** bootaydalurker left the chat room.
[2008-12-18 11::09:15] jmp242: great, I'm ready for a holiday break anyway
[2008-12-18 11::12:05] mrayzenoss: Pretty quiet session, I believe we're going to wrap it up unless there are any last questions.
[2008-12-18 11::12:28] ** You changed the topic to "Zenoss 2.3.2 is now available".
[2008-12-18 11::14:45] ** MAlexHerron joined the chat room.
[2008-12-18 11::22:53] mrayzenoss: Thanks to __ian__, jasonzenoss and jplouis for showing up, later everybody.
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