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IRC December 2011

Created on: Dec 12, 2011 5:15 PM by Nick Yeates - Last Modified:  Dec 12, 2011 5:16 PM by Nick Yeates

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[01-Dec-2011 05:04:34] <cek> Hi. How do you monitor HTTP? I need a simple works/doesn't monitor. The default one doesn't support sending "\n" in request.

[01-Dec-2011 06:53:43] <cek> guys, where's monitoring classes defined?

[01-Dec-2011 06:53:57] <cek> i need a tree view of them, much like of device classes

[01-Dec-2011 06:54:25] <cek> oh, on events tab

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[01-Dec-2011 07:59:52] <jmp242> monitoring classes?

[01-Dec-2011 08:00:06] <jmp242> do you mean the templates?

[01-Dec-2011 08:18:48] <cek> nevermind. Now i'm looking for a way to create an event manually, though check_http invokation

[01-Dec-2011 08:19:12] <cek> That is, not datasources and such for graphing purposes, only events

[01-Dec-2011 08:29:40] <jmp242> zensendevent is a command line method to create events

[01-Dec-2011 08:29:59] <jmp242> there are also other web APIs I suppose

[01-Dec-2011 08:45:41] <cek> it's indeed datasource, but with command type.

[01-Dec-2011 08:46:00] <cek> TALES expr. badly documented. There should be a list of attributes there.

[01-Dec-2011 08:46:18] <cek> you have ${dev/manageIp} everywhere, yet docs don't tell this. They have getManageIp

[01-Dec-2011 08:46:35] <cek> same iwth id - what to use - device/Id or dev/id or dev/ID -- not clear

[01-Dec-2011 08:47:09] <jmp242> Mmm, that is true - I don't know why it's unclear, but I've not used them so can't provide guidance

[01-Dec-2011 08:49:22] <cek> ApacheMonitor does the stupitidest thing - it sends IP in Host field

[01-Dec-2011 08:50:58] <cek> User-Agent: check_http/v2053 (nagios-plugins 1.4.13)  behaves correctly

[01-Dec-2011 10:17:38] <ali3n0> hi folks. I'd like to write a check to run from my zenoss collector and do a "select device from production_device_list where <condition>" like query. What's the suggested way? Should I use the API or is there a better solution?

[01-Dec-2011 10:21:41] <jmp242> zendmd?

[01-Dec-2011 10:21:49] <jmp242> or one of the APIs

[01-Dec-2011 10:37:01] <ali3n0> can I script zendmd? I mean could it be run non interactively?

[01-Dec-2011 10:39:43] <jmp242> yes

[01-Dec-2011 10:40:30] <sam_____> hi

[01-Dec-2011 10:40:53] <sam_____> I am getting an error parsing command results error in zenoss

[01-Dec-2011 10:41:15] <sam_____> it sucessfully added my CloudStack but can't see any data

[01-Dec-2011 10:41:52] <sam_____> ??

[01-Dec-2011 10:41:57] <sam_____> anyone there?

[01-Dec-2011 10:43:34] <sam_____> anyone here to help?

[01-Dec-2011 11:29:37] <rmatte> ali3n0:

[01-Dec-2011 11:30:34] <ali3n0> rmatte:  nice

[01-Dec-2011 11:31:19] <rmatte> what are you trying to script out of curiosity?

[01-Dec-2011 11:38:59] <ali3n0> rmatte: I'd like to check for devices with a particular zDeviceTemplate associated

[01-Dec-2011 11:39:30] <ali3n0> it would be great to have a method that returns just that but I'm not able to find it

[01-Dec-2011 11:39:47] <ali3n0> anyway, the goal is to check if those devices are in production state or not

[01-Dec-2011 11:40:14] <ali3n0> actually I want to check if I've got >x "worker" running

[01-Dec-2011 11:40:31] <ali3n0> rmatte: any suggestion very appreciated

[01-Dec-2011 11:40:47] <ali3n0> so far I'm just getting a list of production devices via api

[01-Dec-2011 11:52:40] <rmatte> getting a list of devices that are in production is easy

[01-Dec-2011 11:52:50] <rmatte> for d in dmd.Devices.getSubDevices():

[01-Dec-2011 11:52:59] <rmatte>  if d.productionState == 1000:

[01-Dec-2011 11:53:08] <rmatte>   print "%s" % (

[01-Dec-2011 11:53:19] <rmatte> or...

[01-Dec-2011 11:53:24] <rmatte>   print "%s" % (d.getDeviceName())

[01-Dec-2011 11:54:23] <rmatte> If you wanted to check for a template you'd do something like...

[01-Dec-2011 11:54:26] <rmatte> for d in dmd.Devices.getSubDevices():

[01-Dec-2011 11:54:30] <rmatte>  if d.productionState == 1000:

[01-Dec-2011 11:55:01] <rmatte>   if "TheNameOfTheTemplate" in d.zDeviceTemplate:

[01-Dec-2011 11:55:09] <rmatte>     print "%s" % (d.getDeviceName())

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[01-Dec-2011 12:06:18] <tvincent> I am hoping I am wrong here. But do I need to create a new datasource for every mbean attribute that I wan to graph? I was hoping to only create one mbean datasource and then multiple data points for attributes?

[01-Dec-2011 12:13:16] <ali3n0> rmatte: thanks for hint. I went for API and it works ok, next time I'll look into dmd

[01-Dec-2011 12:13:24] <ali3n0> quite sure it's more performing

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[01-Dec-2011 15:52:32] <Gat0rvean> Is there a good way to backup Monitoring Templates to test removing them from a mapping?

[01-Dec-2011 16:06:23] <rmatte> does anyone know if a jitter score can actually go above 1?

[01-Dec-2011 16:06:45] <GameMagister> normally no

[01-Dec-2011 16:25:53] <jmp242> Gat0rvean: I'm not sure I understand your question exactly

[01-Dec-2011 16:26:01] <jmp242> but you could export them to a Zenpack...

[01-Dec-2011 16:57:30] <Gat0rvean> jmp242: I've went another route, I wanted to figure out what removing a monitoring template from a Device class would do, but I just went in and set "Enabled" to False and that did it, instead of backing it up and removing ti

[01-Dec-2011 17:18:56] <rmatte> Gat0rvean: just unbinding the template from the class would have the same effect

[01-Dec-2011 17:19:03] <rmatte> templates have to be bound to a class to be functional

[01-Dec-2011 18:11:26] <designated> Hackman238, Any word on that new zenpack for ipsla?  last time I asked you said it was being released on the 19th of Nov but I haven't been able to find anything regarding a new release.

[01-Dec-2011 18:14:03] <rmatte> There are still some small kinks to work out with it, but it should be out soon enough

[01-Dec-2011 18:14:13] <rmatte> I've been helping him with enhancing/fixing it

[01-Dec-2011 18:14:19] <designated> rmatte, thank you

[01-Dec-2011 18:14:33] <rmatte> I'll ask him about it tomorrow.

[01-Dec-2011 18:20:17] <designated> right on broham, thanks for the reply

[01-Dec-2011 18:20:43] <rmatte> np, I'm out of here, later

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[01-Dec-2011 23:38:57] <dswift> hello, running ZenAWS, trying to model, I get NameError: global name 'ShellCommandJob' is not defined

[01-Dec-2011 23:39:18] <dswift> Somehow is not being imported

[01-Dec-2011 23:39:34] <dswift> Anyone else see something similar in 3.2.1

[01-Dec-2011 23:39:36] <dswift> ?

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[02-Dec-2011 08:26:27] <Gat0rvean> Could anyone possibly help me decipher a Zenhub error:  "User-supplied Python expression (here.getTotalBlocks() * .9) for maximum value caused error: ['usedBlocks_usedBlocks']", this happened after I set a Monitoring Template Data Source to false, and has been happening since.

[02-Dec-2011 08:39:38] <ali3n0> hi folks, how do I lower ping check to be error severity instead of critical?

[02-Dec-2011 08:56:17] <jmp242> ali3n0: well, you can edit the mapping or use an event transform

[02-Dec-2011 09:08:37] <ali3n0> jmp242 event transform?

[02-Dec-2011 09:08:50] <ali3n0> I've missed that in the docs

[02-Dec-2011 09:13:31] <jmp242>

[02-Dec-2011 10:33:08] <ali3n0> rmatte: hi. I've followed your suggestion and refactored my query to use dmd instead of API. Strange thing is that dmd takes twice the time to compute :-| Seems that there's zendmd take few seconds to start up, is it a normal behavior?

[02-Dec-2011 10:35:38] <jmp242> ali3n0: it is normal for zendmd to take a bit to launch

[02-Dec-2011 10:36:11] <ali3n0> jmp242 then I guess it's more performing to do my task via API. It's ok

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[02-Dec-2011 10:37:53] <jmp242> Seems fine to me - I don't do that sort of stuff, but yes, that's why the API is there

[02-Dec-2011 10:40:48] <f00fster> hey guys need some help with wmi

[02-Dec-2011 10:40:54] <f00fster> Zenoss is having some kind of issue with the WMI connection on db-public and WMI flaps between

[02-Dec-2011 10:40:55] <f00fster> Device:

[02-Dec-2011 10:40:55] <f00fster> Component: Broadcom BCM5709C NetXtreme II GigE _NDIS VBD Client

[02-Dec-2011 10:40:56] <f00fster> Severity: Error

[02-Dec-2011 10:40:58] <f00fster> Time: 2011/12/01 20:00:50.000

[02-Dec-2011 10:41:00] <f00fster> Message:

[02-Dec-2011 10:41:02] <f00fster> Could not get WMI Instance (Received NT code 0xc002001b from query: SELECT NetConnectionStatus,DeviceID FROM Win32_NetworkAdapter)

[02-Dec-2011 10:41:05] <f00fster> and then clears itself a few seconds later with

[02-Dec-2011 10:41:13] <f00fster> Event: 'Could not get WMI Instance'

[02-Dec-2011 10:41:13] <f00fster> Cleared by: 'Could not get WMI Instance'

[02-Dec-2011 10:41:13] <f00fster> At: 2011/12/01 20:04:50.000

[02-Dec-2011 10:41:15] <f00fster> Device:

[02-Dec-2011 10:41:18] <f00fster> Component: Broadcom BCM5709C NetXtreme II GigE _NDIS VBD Client

[02-Dec-2011 10:41:19] <f00fster> Severity: Error

[02-Dec-2011 10:41:21] <f00fster> Message:

[02-Dec-2011 10:41:23] <f00fster> Could not get WMI Instance (Received NT code 0xc002001b from query: SELECT NetConnectionStatus,DeviceID FROM Win32_NetworkAdapter)

[02-Dec-2011 10:41:26] <f00fster> anyone know why ?

[02-Dec-2011 11:00:41] <ali3n0> jmp242: I thought it was a better idea to query dmd instead of api because of performance reasons but it was not the case

[02-Dec-2011 11:01:10] <ali3n0> anyway, is there a built-in facility to read rrd collected data?

[02-Dec-2011 11:10:43] <jmp242> Hmm Hackman238 rmatte do you know?

[02-Dec-2011 11:38:42] <dpetzel> ali3n0: your looking for a way to read RRD data from the API or DMD?

[02-Dec-2011 11:39:26] <ali3n0> dpetzel: sorry I didn't know rrd much, I've found rrdtool dump and I got it

[02-Dec-2011 11:39:48] <dpetzel> ali3n0: OK cool, there are also ways to query it from DMD as well if there is a need

[02-Dec-2011 11:40:15] <ali3n0> dpetzel: sounds cool. is there an rrd object or something?

[02-Dec-2011 11:41:19] <dpetzel> ali3n0: one sec, grabbing the link to the method on the zenoss trac site

[02-Dec-2011 11:42:16] <ali3n0> sure

[02-Dec-2011 11:44:47] <dpetzel>

[02-Dec-2011 11:44:54] <dpetzel> fetchRRDValue

[02-Dec-2011 11:45:16] <dpetzel> but you dont need to create an RRDView object, due to inheritence.. I believe there is a publicly posted example (looking)

[02-Dec-2011 11:47:13] <dpetzel> this uses getRRDValues in that same class

[02-Dec-2011 11:55:03] <mloven> Hey, jmp242, you've been involved in the 4.2 Core beta, yes?

[02-Dec-2011 11:58:36] <jmp242> not really, there isn't a beta yet that I know of

[02-Dec-2011 11:58:45] <jmp242> Should be one soon though

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[02-Dec-2011 12:00:33] <mloven> In the past, it was just what zenpacks you had installed, but it seems different this time...

[02-Dec-2011 12:04:08] <Hackman238> mloven: The big differnce will be packs and compatibility with impact and insight

[02-Dec-2011 12:04:31] <Hackman238> mloven: I'm sure there will be other minor differnces, but those are the definate big ones

[02-Dec-2011 12:11:06] <mloven> ok. cool.  Thanks!

[02-Dec-2011 14:17:31] <GameMagister> dpetzel: on that script you reference how would you use that in zenoss instead of the command line?

[02-Dec-2011 14:18:02] <dpetzel> GameMagister: give me a few, on a call. will get back to you

[02-Dec-2011 14:18:11] <GameMagister> Thanks

[02-Dec-2011 14:31:50] <dpetzel> GameMagister: I dont think you would actually use the script in its current format from the GUI, If that is what you after I think you need to look at writing custom reports. I've not done it myself, but there is some documentation out there.  Based on Shanes feedback in that thread, it sounds as though the zendmd approach is simpllier depending on your needs

[02-Dec-2011 14:33:25] <GameMagister> thanks... i will have to look into that ... what i am looking to do is we have 14 vpn tunnels that i monitor and just want to have txt for the throughtput up not graphs because that eats up too much screen

[02-Dec-2011 14:34:55] <dpetzel> GameMagister: Gotcha, should be pretty doable, and I believe I've seen folks discussing similar stuff, I just have not needed to cross that bridge myself yet

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[02-Dec-2011 17:51:14] <GameMagister> here.hw.serialNumber != ""

[02-Dec-2011 17:51:57] <GameMagister> I am working with the custom device query and i keep getting a red box for the query

[02-Dec-2011 17:52:03] <GameMagister> here.hw.serialNumber != ""

[02-Dec-2011 17:52:16] <GameMagister> i have tried that line and it does not like it.

[02-Dec-2011 17:52:59] <GameMagister> never mind... my bad i just figured it out... sheesh

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[05-Dec-2011 09:25:07] <jmp242> morning all

[05-Dec-2011 09:33:51] <fragfutter> luckily morning is long past, but good morning to you.

[05-Dec-2011 09:38:17] <Sam-I-Am> moo.

[05-Dec-2011 09:38:28] <Sam-I-Am> its definitely morning here

[05-Dec-2011 09:39:36] <jmp242> Anyone see this thread and have any ideas?

[05-Dec-2011 09:39:37] <jmp242>

[05-Dec-2011 09:40:19] <ali3n0> hi folks. If i've got a derive data point and its value is constantly 0, could it be that zenoss is not creating the rrd file?

[05-Dec-2011 09:47:09] <dpetzel> ali3n0: I think if the rrd was not created you see a NaN, but you can check the filesystemt o confirm if the RRD file is being created

[05-Dec-2011 09:48:10] <ali3n0> dpetzel: the point is it's not there for one device, but I can see the command is actually printing data

[05-Dec-2011 09:49:54] <ali3n0> the only difference between other devices that are ok is that this one is printing 0 value for that data point

[05-Dec-2011 09:50:27] <dpetzel> Your saying the graph is printing 0, as opposed to 0's being printed in the collector logs correct?

[05-Dec-2011 09:52:32] <ali3n0> dpetzel: I'm saying there's no rrd file created for that data point, but I'm expecting a rrd file with just zeros

[05-Dec-2011 09:52:54] <dpetzel> ali3n0: ahh. OK, totally misunderstood the issue.. sorry

[05-Dec-2011 09:53:04] <ali3n0> and I'm not sure that if I have DERIVE as collecting type it is not creating it by default

[05-Dec-2011 09:53:11] <ali3n0> dpetzel: no reason to apologize

[05-Dec-2011 09:53:29] <dpetzel> what is the min/max on the datapoint?

[05-Dec-2011 09:53:38] <ali3n0> I guess it does  zero - zero / delta_seconds

[05-Dec-2011 09:53:40] <dpetzel> assuming other datapoints on that device are working?

[05-Dec-2011 09:53:50] <ali3n0> I check

[05-Dec-2011 09:54:13] <ali3n0> dpetzel: there're no min nor max

[05-Dec-2011 09:54:26] <ali3n0> it's just a DERIVE

[05-Dec-2011 09:55:26] <dpetzel> understood that its dervie, but a derive can have a min and max. Other datapoints on the device are working?

[05-Dec-2011 09:55:37] <ali3n0> yes

[05-Dec-2011 09:55:59] <ali3n0> I thought that min+max was for dropping not valid values

[05-Dec-2011 09:56:09] <dpetzel> you thought correct

[05-Dec-2011 09:56:17] <dpetzel> so if you had derive with a min of 1

[05-Dec-2011 09:56:21] <dpetzel> a 0 would never get graphed

[05-Dec-2011 09:56:34] <ali3n0> dpetzel: I see

[05-Dec-2011 09:57:04] <dpetzel> the other devices, you mentioned graph this SAME datapoint with values of 0?, or do those others have values higher than 0?

[05-Dec-2011 10:00:52] <ali3n0> dpetzel: wait, I think I've got it, the command somehow got overwritten with a previous version, my bad I supposed it still was at latest

[05-Dec-2011 10:01:08] <ali3n0> I'll wait for zenoss to cycle but quite sure it's that

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[05-Dec-2011 11:33:35] <johnnynoc> hello everybody!

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[05-Dec-2011 13:27:05] <jmp242> hey all, on 3.2.1 - is there a way to in the event console go back several days? The first seen last seen don't seem to work reliably for me... I recall you could just scroll down and it would load more, but that doesn't seem to be working - maybe just MySQL is busy

[05-Dec-2011 13:32:09] <jmp242> Yup, mySql is really busy ... top is showing 262% CPU use - on an 8 core box though ... anything I can do to get back the zenoss web UI or do I need to wait / force restart some daemons?

[05-Dec-2011 14:05:22] <jmp242> ok

[05-Dec-2011 14:05:25] <jmp242> It recovered

[05-Dec-2011 14:05:40] <jmp242> apparently futzing with the event console can really bog down MySQL

[05-Dec-2011 14:05:46] <jmp242> and kill the zenoss UI

[05-Dec-2011 16:54:11] <Hackman238> Hey all!

[05-Dec-2011 16:54:19] <f00fster> heyy Hackman238

[05-Dec-2011 16:54:20] <f00fster> wb!

[05-Dec-2011 16:54:35] <Hackman238> f00fster: Been a crazy few days

[05-Dec-2011 16:54:36] <Hackman238> LOL

[05-Dec-2011 16:54:48] <f00fster> hah

[05-Dec-2011 16:54:53] <f00fster> youre telling me

[05-Dec-2011 16:55:06] <f00fster> installed chef last week

[05-Dec-2011 16:55:06] <Hackman238>

[05-Dec-2011 16:55:16] <f00fster> been trying to do our whole infastructure all over using chef

[05-Dec-2011 16:55:21] <Hackman238> f00fster: Chef cook your goose?

[05-Dec-2011 16:55:26] <f00fster> also moved every single instance from ec2 to rackspace cloud

[05-Dec-2011 16:56:10] <Hackman238> f00fster: Chef works great...huge time saver. Left Amazon for Rackspace? Nice!

[05-Dec-2011 16:56:31] <f00fster> omg i love it

[05-Dec-2011 16:56:38] <f00fster> yeah amazon for rackspace cloud

[05-Dec-2011 16:56:46] <f00fster> we were having too many outage issues

[05-Dec-2011 16:57:09] <Hackman238> f00fster: Glad our product is working well for you!

[05-Dec-2011 16:57:22] <f00fster> ahh youre racksopace yes?

[05-Dec-2011 16:57:39] <f00fster> you do networking monitorinjg for all of rackspace?

[05-Dec-2011 16:57:50] <f00fster> dude

[05-Dec-2011 16:57:53] <f00fster> i was out in texas

[05-Dec-2011 16:57:57] <f00fster> over the summer

[05-Dec-2011 16:57:58] <f00fster> san jose

[05-Dec-2011 16:58:22] <f00fster> what am i saying... dfw area plano etc...

[05-Dec-2011 16:58:32] <Hackman238> I do

[05-Dec-2011 16:58:57] <Hackman238> Very cool. One of our largest DC's is in DFW area

[05-Dec-2011 16:59:15] <f00fster> awesome

[05-Dec-2011 16:59:17] <f00fster> loved texas

[05-Dec-2011 16:59:30] <f00fster> esp the 103 summertime weather across the week i was there

[05-Dec-2011 17:01:02] <Hackman238> f00fster: Hahaha Its crazy...the winter temperatures here don't even classify as chilly to a former northerner like myself

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[05-Dec-2011 17:30:07] <mattray> is anyone using zenbatchload with 3.2.1?

[05-Dec-2011 17:30:39] <mattray> the syntax changed from 3.1 to 3.2

[05-Dec-2011 17:30:50] <mattray> and I can't find documentation on it

[05-Dec-2011 17:47:40] <mattray> ahh, it's gotten stricter. I guess that's good

[05-Dec-2011 18:13:44] <mattray> for those who may care, this works:

[05-Dec-2011 18:14:20] <mattray>  /Systems/base2 description="testing of base2"

[05-Dec-2011 18:14:21] <mattray>  /Groups/XXX description="XXX group"

[05-Dec-2011 18:14:21] <mattray>  /Locations/austin3 description="austin3", setAddress="78750"

[05-Dec-2011 18:14:21] <mattray>  /Devices/Server/SSH/Linux

[05-Dec-2011 18:14:21] <mattray> setTitle='crushinator.rob', setLocation='/Seattle', setGroups=['/base'], setSystems=['/apt/cacher-client','/ntp','/sudo','/users/sysadmins','/zenoss/server']

[05-Dec-2011 18:14:21] <mattray> setTitle='walt.rob', setLocation='/Austin', setGroups=['/admin','/base'], setSystems=['/ntp','/sudo','/users/sysadmins','/zenoss/client']

[05-Dec-2011 20:07:44] kocolosk|away is now known as kocolosk

[05-Dec-2011 22:06:16] Guest68739 is now known as ilan

[05-Dec-2011 22:13:21] <trnzmeta> guys: to get netflow running I need netflow/plixer zenpack?

[05-Dec-2011 22:13:59] <trnzmeta> however that relies on integrating with existing plixer scrutinizer software (needing licenses)

[05-Dec-2011 22:14:26] <trnzmeta> is there any other way to get netflows/ip accounting?

[05-Dec-2011 22:14:32] <trnzmeta> community version?

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[06-Dec-2011 00:00:15] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]

[06-Dec-2011 05:55:53] <ali3n0> hi folks. I'm wondering: defining a data point for a graph, the "consolidation" function is referring to how to interpolate missing values?

[06-Dec-2011 06:01:50] <gypsymauro> hi

[06-Dec-2011 06:02:40] <gypsymauro> I've some host with dhcp , can I manage them with zenoss?

[06-Dec-2011 06:04:34] <ali3n0> gypsymauro: we've got boxes on ec2 subscribing to zenoss via api

[06-Dec-2011 06:06:32] <gypsymauro> uhm it would be nice to have the link between device and MAC address

[06-Dec-2011 06:12:01] <ali3n0> gypsymauro: I don't get what you mean

[06-Dec-2011 06:12:29] <ali3n0> where do you want it?

[06-Dec-2011 06:39:08] <ali3n0> I don't understand this rrd graph: isn't max supposed to be the max value drawn in the graph?

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[06-Dec-2011 08:26:13] <jmp242> morning all

[06-Dec-2011 09:55:13] <ali3n0> morning jmp242

[06-Dec-2011 10:01:59] <f00fster> morning guys

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[06-Dec-2011 14:09:14] <jmp242> quiet today

[06-Dec-2011 14:14:31] kocolosk|away is now known as kocolosk

[06-Dec-2011 14:22:11] <syoma> hi dear

[06-Dec-2011 14:24:14] <syoma> if possible create a daily report observed the total number of days a month?

[06-Dec-2011 16:22:28] <cymruman> when installing zenoss and I type in "su - zenoss" it is asking for a password.. I have tried the root password.. What is the zenoss default password?

[06-Dec-2011 16:27:15] <Morthez> do a su first, then su - zenoss

[06-Dec-2011 16:28:01] <cymruman> thank you

[06-Dec-2011 16:28:22] <Morthez> no problem

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[07-Dec-2011 02:13:16] <meishao> hi, zenoss admin

[07-Dec-2011 02:13:47] <meishao> can i ask a qustion for zenoss json api for java?

[07-Dec-2011 02:17:04] <meishao> somebody is online?

[07-Dec-2011 04:57:17] <tightwork> How can I filter out a ppp Virtual-Access interface entirely? These are DSL lines that go up and down randomly and is necessary for me to monitor.

[07-Dec-2011 08:09:41] <jmp242> morning all

[07-Dec-2011 09:38:11] <gypsymauro> hi

[07-Dec-2011 09:38:42] <gypsymauro> can I add a custom action when I trap an event? I can just select from email or page

[07-Dec-2011 09:40:30] <cluther> gypsymauro: You're looking for event commands instead of alerting rules.

[07-Dec-2011 09:40:41] <cluther> Go to Event Manager -> Commands.

[07-Dec-2011 09:41:06] <cluther> It's the same process for filtering events as alerting rules, but you specify the command to run instead of the person to email or page.

[07-Dec-2011 09:45:01] <gypsymauro> cluther: I don't understand, I added the command as you said but how can I specify to run that command on a specified event?

[07-Dec-2011 09:49:07] <cluther> When you go to Events -> Event Manager -> Commands and add a command you should have a "Where" section under the command you create that lets you specify what kinds of events your command will execute for.

[07-Dec-2011 09:54:52] <jmp242> anyone have anything interesting to say on:

[07-Dec-2011 10:02:28] <gypsymauro> cluther: what's the difference between alerting rules and event manager?

[07-Dec-2011 10:04:32] <cluther> Alerting rules go to people (by email or page) whereas event commands have to individual target. They just fork out and run whatever command you specify on the shell.

[07-Dec-2011 10:05:16] <cluther> Other than that, they're pretty much the same. In Zenoss 4 we're collapsing them into the same place to try to make it more intuitive.

[07-Dec-2011 10:05:58] <cluther> jmp242: That's an odd one. My guess would be that the monitored devices are saturated, or have some kind of security software on them is shutting down traffic.

[07-Dec-2011 10:06:41] <mattray> is the zenoss 3.2.1 rpm known to be wonky? Installing it with yum is not working

[07-Dec-2011 10:09:17] <jmp242> Can you match multiple  attributes in a trap with an event transform? - see

[07-Dec-2011 10:10:03] <jmp242> Final weird forum post - ... here I have no idea, it always seemed to work for me for this sort of situation

[07-Dec-2011 10:11:51] <gypsymauro> cluther: great news... there is an idea about the release date of 4.x? (1 year or more?)

[07-Dec-2011 10:13:52] <cluther> mattray: What happens with the yum install?

[07-Dec-2011 10:14:14] <cluther> It worked for me last time I tried.

[07-Dec-2011 10:14:17] <mattray> cluther: as you can probably guess, I'm working on fixing the chef installation

[07-Dec-2011 10:14:27] <mattray> deps are installed, then it blows up

[07-Dec-2011 10:15:01] <mattray> I'm trying again, I'll report back with more useful feedback

[07-Dec-2011 10:18:17] kocolosk|away is now known as kocolosk

[07-Dec-2011 10:20:05] <cluther> jmp242: I responded to the multiple varbind trap mapping topic.

[07-Dec-2011 10:26:10] <cluther> jmp242: Stacking thresholds like that can be tricky. I don't know what could have happened, but I requested that he provide the exact threshold configurations.

[07-Dec-2011 10:29:24] <mattt> someone mentioned this the other day, but i forgot to note it   what's the best way to alert if something reboots?

[07-Dec-2011 10:32:16] <cluther> mattt: You could put a 30000 minimum threshold on the sysUpTime datapoint. sysUpTime is the number of centiseconds (1/100th of a second) since the machine booted.

[07-Dec-2011 10:32:34] <cluther> So 300 seconds (5 minute polling cycle) * 100.

[07-Dec-2011 10:33:33] <mattt> cluther: cool, will look at that ... are these channel logs logged anywhere public?

[07-Dec-2011 10:34:00] <cluther> mattt:

[07-Dec-2011 10:34:33] <cluther> Wow.. apparently we're behind on publishing the monthly logs.

[07-Dec-2011 10:35:03] <mattt>

[07-Dec-2011 10:35:05] <mattt> just noticed that

[07-Dec-2011 10:35:20] <mattt> thanks anyway cluther

[07-Dec-2011 10:35:45] <cluther> I sent nyeates a reminder to catch it up.

[07-Dec-2011 10:38:01] <gypsymauro> where can I found info about the monitoring of vmware? there is commercial parts of zenoss for doing that?

[07-Dec-2011 10:50:04] <cluther> gypsymauro: You can find the commercial parts at

[07-Dec-2011 10:51:45] <cluther> There are several options available from the community. Search for vmware

[07-Dec-2011 10:57:18] <rocket> Hello from the LISA conference.  Stop by the Zenoss booth Today or Tomorrow if you are attending the conference.

[07-Dec-2011 11:18:56] <gypsymauro> tank you cluther

[07-Dec-2011 11:19:11] <gypsymauro> it was a nice suprise to know that zenoss is based on zope

[07-Dec-2011 12:00:01] [disconnected at Wed Dec  7 12:00:01 2011]

[07-Dec-2011 12:00:01] [connected at Wed Dec  7 12:00:01 2011]

[07-Dec-2011 12:00:15] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]

[07-Dec-2011 12:01:41] <Jane_Curry> Could any devs here comment on - zentrap fails periodically with 3.2.1???

[07-Dec-2011 12:02:02] <Jane_Curry> It makes zentrap close to unusable

[07-Dec-2011 12:02:15] <Jane_Curry> Hi cluther....

[07-Dec-2011 12:02:29] <Jane_Curry> How's the ZenPack documentation going????

[07-Dec-2011 12:46:33] <rmatte> Are there any plans to implement the new google API for the maps portlet so that we don't have to use the stupid API key?

[07-Dec-2011 12:47:04] <rmatte> that zentrap issue looks like quite the show stopper

[07-Dec-2011 12:53:15] <Jane_Curry> rmatte - yup - not nice!

[07-Dec-2011 13:04:29] <Jane_Curry> Is it me, or has it gine VERY quiet on all thing Zenoss over the last few weeks?????

[07-Dec-2011 13:08:36] <f00fster> Jane_Curry, the chanel has gotten a bit quiet youre right

[07-Dec-2011 13:15:35] <rmatte> yeh, it has

[07-Dec-2011 13:21:02] <GameMagister_> holidays do that to most of the lists and IRCs that i am on

[07-Dec-2011 14:12:19] <jmp242> busy busy busy

[07-Dec-2011 14:12:29] <jmp242> not at my desk all the time so... yes less

[07-Dec-2011 14:15:00] <rmatte> same

[07-Dec-2011 14:15:59] <Jane_Curry> I would really like to relaunch the joint development Zenpack ideas - any idea where we are on infrastructure for that?

[07-Dec-2011 14:18:30] <rmatte> Not sure, but I agree, that would allow us to get a lot of good stuff out there fast

[07-Dec-2011 14:25:24] <rmatte> well, I was going to upgrade to 3.2.1, but that zentrap issue is a total show stopper for me

[07-Dec-2011 14:25:38] <rmatte> when are they going to have a release that's actually production-worthy?  It's getting ridiculous.

[07-Dec-2011 14:26:36] <GameMagister_> rmatte - i have been running 3.2.1 for about 2 months now and i have not had a single issue with zentrap dying...

[07-Dec-2011 14:27:29] <GameMagister_> and i am pulling traps from ~40 routers and switches

[07-Dec-2011 14:29:24] <rmatte> It probably only affects a certain install method then or something

[07-Dec-2011 14:29:46] <GameMagister_> i am on centos 5.7 installed from RPM

[07-Dec-2011 15:03:24] <rmatte> Jane uses stack with Ubuntu as far as I'm aware

[07-Dec-2011 15:03:30] <rmatte> and there have been stack specific issues in the past

[07-Dec-2011 15:03:33] <rmatte> so that could be part of it

[07-Dec-2011 15:04:33] <GameMagister_> sounds like it

[07-Dec-2011 15:37:09] <Jane_Curry> Where I have seen the zentrap issue is on a Debian 5.0.5 build ....

[07-Dec-2011 16:20:41] <rjune> I'm using the latest version of ZenOSS on CentOS 5.7, When viewing the graph from SNMP devices, Muticast graphs are always incrementing

[07-Dec-2011 16:25:26] <rjune> I checked ethernetCsmacd > InNUcastPackets, which show those data points as DERIVE, but the MRTG system I'm trying to replace doesn't show constantly increasing graphs like ZENOSS is. Is there a way to pull the raw nubmers from RRD, or troubleshoot exactly what's going on?

[07-Dec-2011 16:36:54] <archlich> Is there any way to access any of the providers in the root/MicrosoftIIsv2 namespace using wmi/wmic?

[07-Dec-2011 16:37:09] <cluther> rjune: You can look at the RRD file directly. It'll be in $ZENHOME/perf/Devices/<device_id>/os/interfaces/<interface_id>/InNUcastPackets_InNUcastPackets.rrd

[07-Dec-2011 16:37:23] <rjune> cluther, working on that now.

[07-Dec-2011 16:37:31] <cluther> Run "rrdtool info <filename.rrd>" on that. Make sure it really is a derive with minimum of 0 instead of a guage.

[07-Dec-2011 16:37:50] <cluther> If the file got created and the datapoint was changed to DERIVE later, the RRD won't be recreated.

[07-Dec-2011 16:38:00] <cluther> You can delete the file and it'll be recreated as a DERIVE on the next poll.

[07-Dec-2011 16:39:10] <cluther> Jane_Curry: I tracked down a ticket for that zentrap issue. It got set as verification so that we could reverify against the 4.x trunk. There was speculation that the problem was already fixed, but not specifically what change fixed it.

[07-Dec-2011 16:39:31] <dswift> How can I run a collection against a device from the commandline, to debug why a zenpack believes a component is down?  I am trying to debug the zenJavaApp zenpack

[07-Dec-2011 16:39:42] <cluther> Jane_Curry: I updated the ticket to get the problem fixed in the 3.2.x branch instead of just hoping that it's already solved for 4.x.

[07-Dec-2011 16:40:02] <cluther> dswift: What kind of datasources does that ZenPack use? COMMAND?

[07-Dec-2011 16:40:24] <cluther> dswift: If it's COMMAND then you can run "zencommand run -v10 --device=<device_id>" from the command line to collect and log verbosely.

[07-Dec-2011 16:42:35] <dswift> cluther: that looks to be it - thank you kindly

[07-Dec-2011 16:46:52] <dswift> cluther:  I am a bit off, it uses a jmx data source, but I see that zenjmx <same args> does what I need - thank you!

[07-Dec-2011 16:47:15] <cluther> doh, of course it does. No problem.

[07-Dec-2011 16:52:31] <rjune> cluther, type is derive,  min and max are both NaN

[07-Dec-2011 16:53:45] kocolosk is now known as kocolosk|away

[07-Dec-2011 16:53:46] <cluther> Are you sure that this is the right RRD file for the graph you're looking at?

[07-Dec-2011 17:04:19] <bseklecki> . = Gauge32: 43 number of MUs

[07-Dec-2011 17:04:29] <rjune> cluther, yes

[07-Dec-2011 17:04:31] <bseklecki> how the hell is there there ASCII text in my guage32?

[07-Dec-2011 17:04:40] <rjune> ifInNUcastPackets_ifInNUcastPackets.rrd

[07-Dec-2011 17:05:03] <cluther> rjune: For the same device and interface?

[07-Dec-2011 17:05:33] <cluther> rjune: I ask because it wouldn't make sense for that to continually increase unless through some bizarre coincidence the multicast packet rate was continually increasing.

[07-Dec-2011 17:06:31] <cluther> bseklecki: Net-SNMP decodes this kind of stuff based on the syntax in the MIB if possible.

[07-Dec-2011 17:06:45] <cluther> bseklecki: There definitely isn't text in the data.

[07-Dec-2011 17:07:12] <cluther> bseklecki: I've researched how to turn all of Net-SNMP's decoding off, but I've only ever gotten as far as you are now.

[07-Dec-2011 17:08:00] <cluther> Wait.. that's not true. You can try using "-m none -O enU" as parameters to snmp*

[07-Dec-2011 17:08:09] <rjune> cluther, yup. I agree with you

[07-Dec-2011 17:08:26] <rjune> It doesn't make any sense at all, and it doesn't jive with the SNMP data.

[07-Dec-2011 17:08:38] <rjune> the only thing that makes any sense is for some reason SNMP is treating it like a guage

[07-Dec-2011 17:09:19] <cluther> rjune: Zenoss isn't keyed by the SNMP type (Counter*, Gauge* or Integer*). Only the DS type in the RRD file matters.

[07-Dec-2011 17:10:12] <rjune> cluther, I know, it's set in MOnitoring Templates

[07-Dec-2011 17:10:51] <cluther> Make sure there are no custom graph definitions.

[07-Dec-2011 17:11:01] <cluther> You can use rrdtool dump to dump the file out to XML that is somewhat readable.

[07-Dec-2011 17:11:03] <rjune> where would I check that?

[07-Dec-2011 17:11:07] <rjune> yeah, I did that

[07-Dec-2011 17:11:16] <cluther> The values were incrementing in the dump?

[07-Dec-2011 17:11:23] <rjune>                         <!-- 2011-12-05 14:05:00 CST / 1323115500 --> <row><v> 1.2995792905e-02 </v></row> <-- most rows look like that

[07-Dec-2011 17:11:34] <cluther> Roughly the same value?

[07-Dec-2011 17:11:37] <rjune> increment for a bit.

[07-Dec-2011 17:11:40] <rjune> then drop back down

[07-Dec-2011 17:11:51] <cluther> So that's what you'd expect, but not what you see on the graph?

[07-Dec-2011 17:12:17] <rjune>

[07-Dec-2011 17:12:21] <rjune> That's the dat

[07-Dec-2011 17:12:22] <rjune> data

[07-Dec-2011 17:12:34] <cluther> Custom Graph Definition: Go to the monitoring template, highlight the graph and choose "Custom Graph Definition" from the gear menu.

[07-Dec-2011 17:13:26] <rjune> looks not set.

[07-Dec-2011 17:13:34] <rjune> nothing in the text box.

[07-Dec-2011 17:13:43] <rjune> don't see any other interactive widgets

[07-Dec-2011 17:15:39] <mattt> if i extend snmpd with a script that returns 0 or 1, do i need to save this data to rrd?

[07-Dec-2011 17:15:57] <mattt> i just want a threshold that alerts if the returned value is 1, i don't care historically what the values are

[07-Dec-2011 17:16:03] <rjune> cluther, here's an oddity

[07-Dec-2011 17:17:49] <cluther> mattt: Yes, you have to save it. Sorry.

[07-Dec-2011 17:18:25] <mattt> cluther: :~(

[07-Dec-2011 17:18:27] <mattt> hehe, ok, thanks

[07-Dec-2011 17:18:30] <cluther> mattt: Assuming you're talking about SNMP.

[07-Dec-2011 17:18:38] <mattt> cluther: yep, i am

[07-Dec-2011 17:21:23] <rjune> one datapoint on the graph was derive, the other data point was set to guage as per rrd

[07-Dec-2011 17:22:11] <rjune> If I go to ethernetCsmacd however, the type on that datapoint is derive

[07-Dec-2011 17:25:20] <rjune> any ideas on that?

[07-Dec-2011 17:25:41] <rmatte> rjune: what are you trying to do exactly?

[07-Dec-2011 17:25:44] <rmatte> need some context

[07-Dec-2011 17:27:40] <rjune> rmatte, Multicast data is being stored and calculated as a guage instead of derive.

[07-Dec-2011 17:27:50] <rmatte> oh, you're collecting ifInNUcastPackets

[07-Dec-2011 17:28:00] <rjune> yea

[07-Dec-2011 17:28:25] <rmatte> When you created the datasource it would have defaulted to gauge if you didn't change it before creating it

[07-Dec-2011 17:28:32] <rjune> ifOutNU is derive in the template page.

[07-Dec-2011 17:28:43] <rmatte> so if you created it as gauge but changed it after, you need to find all of the RRDs that were created as gauge and delete them

[07-Dec-2011 17:28:44] <rjune> This is stock

[07-Dec-2011 17:29:03] <rjune> ethernetCsmacd, which is created

[07-Dec-2011 17:29:04] <rjune> gotcha

[07-Dec-2011 17:29:06] <rmatte> isn't the stock datapoint called ifInUcastPackets?

[07-Dec-2011 17:29:08] <rjune> thanks.

[07-Dec-2011 17:29:10] <rmatte> without the extra N

[07-Dec-2011 17:29:15] <rjune> Ucast is unicast

[07-Dec-2011 17:29:19] <rjune> NUcast is multicast

[07-Dec-2011 17:29:26] <rjune> different data

[07-Dec-2011 17:29:29] <rmatte> right, so you actually added the multicast datapoint then right?

[07-Dec-2011 17:29:36] <rmatte> because I'm sure it's not there by default in Core

[07-Dec-2011 17:29:58] <rjune> I didn't add it.

[07-Dec-2011 17:30:04] <rmatte> weird

[07-Dec-2011 17:30:11] <rjune> but it's possible something else did. I installed a couple of ZenPacks

[07-Dec-2011 17:30:17] <rmatte> ah

[07-Dec-2011 17:30:18] <rjune> which brings me to my second question

[07-Dec-2011 17:30:46] <rjune> I'm working on a pack for our equipment. I want to create a componant like the interface list

[07-Dec-2011 17:30:57] <rjune> where can I find the manual that covers all that?

[07-Dec-2011 17:31:22] <rmatte> Honestly, the best spot is an unofficial document:

[07-Dec-2011 17:31:40] <rmatte> Jane Curry wrote that and it's the most straight forward documentation for doing it

[07-Dec-2011 17:31:49] <rmatte> but I hope you're a good coder because it's not simpler

[07-Dec-2011 17:31:52] <rmatte> simple*

[07-Dec-2011 17:31:56] <rjune> I'm acceptable

[07-Dec-2011 17:32:18] <rmatte> well, then have a go at it

[07-Dec-2011 17:32:57] <rjune> thanks for the info.

[07-Dec-2011 17:33:05] <rmatte> np

[07-Dec-2011 17:37:25] lonetech007_ is now known as lonetech007

[07-Dec-2011 17:57:26] lonetech007_ is now known as lonetech007

[07-Dec-2011 21:14:19] <fixxxermet> If I change my snmpd.conf to for example add 'disk /opt' and 'disk /var', do I have to worry about the OIDs changing and zenoss not finding the correct info for previous data anymore?

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[08-Dec-2011 00:00:14] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]

[08-Dec-2011 00:46:58] <froztbyte> fixxxermet: how do you mean?

[08-Dec-2011 02:51:00] <fragfutter> froztbyte: no. those entries just produce snmp traps.

[08-Dec-2011 02:51:07] <fragfutter> ah, wrong.

[08-Dec-2011 02:51:16] <fragfutter> fixxxermet: no. those entries just produce snmp traps.

[08-Dec-2011 03:11:20] <qkit> hi guys,

[08-Dec-2011 03:12:03] <qkit> i install a zenpack and it causing the cpu spike to 98% cpu utilization. Any way to uninstall it beside when i stop the zenoss?

[08-Dec-2011 03:28:44] <zykes-> one thing zenoss should really get

[08-Dec-2011 03:28:51] <zykes-> is a better inline editor for transforms

[08-Dec-2011 03:29:05] <zykes-> or the ability to just say "this file" for a transorm

[08-Dec-2011 03:29:26] <zykes-> would be soooo much easier then the small forms on the web interface

[08-Dec-2011 03:48:07] <Jane_Curry> zykes: Agreed! They talked about that yonks back but it never happened....

[08-Dec-2011 03:48:53] <Jane_Curry> qkit: As the zenoss user....

[08-Dec-2011 03:49:05] <Jane_Curry> zenpack --remove <ZenPack name>

[08-Dec-2011 03:49:18] <Jane_Curry> Then recycle zenhub and zopectl with

[08-Dec-2011 03:49:23] <Jane_Curry> zenhub restart

[08-Dec-2011 03:49:28] <Jane_Curry> zopectl restart

[08-Dec-2011 03:49:46] <Jane_Curry> You might just run top first to see what process is soaking the CPU

[08-Dec-2011 03:49:58] <Jane_Curry> Which ZenPack did you install???

[08-Dec-2011 09:14:43] <jmp242> morning all

[08-Dec-2011 09:44:28] kocolosk|away is now known as kocolosk

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[08-Dec-2011 10:26:49] <jmp242> Anyone have a comment for this thread?:

[08-Dec-2011 10:31:18] <Trebortech> jpm242: So when they remove the device and add again it showed?

[08-Dec-2011 10:33:00] <jmp242> that wasn't too clear to me

[08-Dec-2011 10:34:23] <Trebortech> that's why I asked :-)… My guess would be they didn't have it added in production state as you advised and when they recreated they selected the correct production state.

[08-Dec-2011 10:36:31] <nyeates> FYI, There will be a dev meeting in about 25 mins in here.

[08-Dec-2011 10:53:16] <jmp242> I did ask in the thread

[08-Dec-2011 10:57:38] <nyeates> Hi James

[08-Dec-2011 11:00:37] <nyeates> themactech: how goes it? Any zenoss questions or curiosities lately?

[08-Dec-2011 11:01:32] <themactech> sorry multitasking

[08-Dec-2011 11:01:35] pmcguire is now known as ptmcg

[08-Dec-2011 11:01:46] <themactech> No questions now, I have had to put zenoss stuff on backburner

[08-Dec-2011 11:01:59] <mattray> for anyone using Zenoss with Chef, just committed Zenoss 3.2.1 support

[08-Dec-2011 11:02:16] <themactech> has 2 engineers leave and we booked a few jobs, I've gone 30+ hours without sleep twice in last week

[08-Dec-2011 11:02:29] <mattray> yikes

[08-Dec-2011 11:02:55] <themactech> We are going to have to get together to make an outline for a presentation at Penn State Mac Admin conference sometime after the x-mas holiday

[08-Dec-2011 11:03:04] <nyeates> mattray: oh shnap! nice. I will let the OpsCode guys here sitting in LISA now

[08-Dec-2011 11:03:59] <themactech> hey Matt, you still doing a lot of Mac stuff at your new place?  If so you should look at the Penn State Mac Sysadmin conference

[08-Dec-2011 11:04:15] <nyeates> themactech: yes. for sure. I want to take a look into Matt Rays Mac OS X ZenPack, maybe update it for 3.0 and bring that to the conference

[08-Dec-2011 11:04:16] <themactech> went last year for first time, insane amount of gurus in one place

[08-Dec-2011 11:04:21] <mattray> themactech: unfortunately we're doing a lot of Windows

[08-Dec-2011 11:04:41] <themactech> you have my sincere sympathies

[08-Dec-2011 11:04:50] <themactech> I have to do windows too once in awhile

[08-Dec-2011 11:04:54] <mattray> nyeates: the OSX ZenPack was supposed to be a tutorial series, slowly fleshing out OSX completely

[08-Dec-2011 11:05:08] <mattray> changing jobs ended the series

[08-Dec-2011 11:05:15] <themactech> I curl in a fetal position in shower weeping afterwards, repeating over and over "it won't come off"

[08-Dec-2011 11:05:32] <mattray> themactech: Chef does have a lot of OSX support

[08-Dec-2011 11:05:35] <nyeates> mattray: "slowly fleshing out OSX completely" .... I do not get this

[08-Dec-2011 11:05:37] <themactech> I am now working on a promise vtrack profile

[08-Dec-2011 11:05:53] <mattray> nyeates: if you look at the ZenPack, it's quite limited. A little bit of modeling

[08-Dec-2011 11:06:09] <themactech> since I have given up making custom components until 4.2 and the better doc comes out, I am going the shell scripting filter route instead

[08-Dec-2011 11:06:22] <themactech> not my plan A but I need to deploy something better right now

[08-Dec-2011 11:06:33] <mattray> themactech: packages with dmgs and homebrew, services, all that stuff. Lots of folks manage OSX workstations with Chef

[08-Dec-2011 11:06:35] <themactech> I am going to department of state later today to deploy Zenoss

[08-Dec-2011 11:07:19] <themactech> the guys who write chef, munki, and deploy studio were all at the Penn State conference last year

[08-Dec-2011 11:10:13] <nyeates> themactech: any high-level info you might want about custom components in 4.2, that we should either look into or see if a dev could talk to now?

[08-Dec-2011 11:10:49] <Hackman238> Hey all

[08-Dec-2011 11:10:50] <mattray> nyeates: is the install going to take even more resources? 4 gigs of RAM for the minimal install is painful

[08-Dec-2011 11:11:02] <mattray> especially when you're testing writing installation

[08-Dec-2011 11:11:21] <mattray> there's now Java in the mix too right?

[08-Dec-2011 11:11:34] <Hackman238> mattray: Its RAM hungry on the account it uses a combo of memcached and jetty

[08-Dec-2011 11:11:35] <jgartman> There is.

[08-Dec-2011 11:11:43] <nyeates> Hi Shane

[08-Dec-2011 11:12:37] <mattray> Hackman238: oh joy. Zope, MySQL, Jetty, Memcached on a single box? Is it going to be documented how to separate these to multiple machines for open source users?

[08-Dec-2011 11:12:47] <Hackman238> mattray: Though I've been able to run tiny test instances with as little as 2GB of RAM if you're very careful not to spawn too many modeler processes

[08-Dec-2011 11:13:01] <mattray> Hackman238: it takes 20+ minutes to install though

[08-Dec-2011 11:13:04] <themactech> I can't really pitch in any insight on anything related to 4.2, I have not had time to look into it or do testing.  The only reason I can be here for a bit is I got stranded by a client, he bailed on me for 30 minutes and I am stuck waiting for him.  When he shows I have to disconnect

[08-Dec-2011 11:13:07] <Hackman238> mattray: Yep. It is documented and it's not too bad

[08-Dec-2011 11:13:22] <nyeates> mattray: there is java in the mix - I think mostly in the new event system. zeneventd

[08-Dec-2011 11:13:23] <mattray> Hackman238: good, I'll automate that

[08-Dec-2011 11:13:38] <mattray> nyeates: yeah, I just don't want everything on a single box

[08-Dec-2011 11:13:58] <Hackman238> mattray: The mysql thats included is now wrapped in a crispy shell and called 'zends'. I dont know if this will be the case in the Core release.

[08-Dec-2011 11:14:10] <Hackman238> nyeates: Hey, how goes it?

[08-Dec-2011 11:14:27] <ptmcg> zeneventd is still python, you mean zeneventserver

[08-Dec-2011 11:14:33] <nyeates> mattray: what I will do, is record Simons BoF tonight here at LISA on video, and post it. He is speaking about the features and architecture of the coming 4.x core

[08-Dec-2011 11:14:40] <cluther> Hackman238: ZenDS won't be in the core release.

[08-Dec-2011 11:14:52] <Hackman238> cluther: Gotcha. Good to know.

[08-Dec-2011 11:15:28] <Hackman238> cluther: Any chance we'll move to postgres?

[08-Dec-2011 11:15:29] <nyeates> ptmcg: thanks. zeneventserver = java, zeneventd = python... yes?

[08-Dec-2011 11:15:37] <ptmcg> yep

[08-Dec-2011 11:15:38] <jgartman> nyeates: yes

[08-Dec-2011 11:15:39] <Hackman238> nyeates: yep

[08-Dec-2011 11:16:12] <jgartman> Hackman238: The word on high is "not anymore"

[08-Dec-2011 11:16:34] <Hackman238> jgartman: Really? Even with the costs?

[08-Dec-2011 11:16:37] <jgartman> er, something like "not right now" would probably be more accurate.

[08-Dec-2011 11:16:38] <cluther> Hackman238: Not for 4.2, but we will.

[08-Dec-2011 11:16:53] <Hackman238> cluther:  / jgartman: Gotcha

[08-Dec-2011 11:17:02] <Hackman238> cluther: That SMS pack update is working

[08-Dec-2011 11:17:09] <Hackman238> cluther: TY very much

[08-Dec-2011 11:17:17] <mattray> fwiw, Oracle is getting litigious about embedding mysql in commercial applications

[08-Dec-2011 11:17:29] <zenphil> FYI, the 4.2 release may be announced as 4.1.1 even though it has a lot of improvement.

[08-Dec-2011 11:17:56] <mattray> more aggressive than Sun was. Opscode ripped out MySQL for PostgreSQL in our commercial offering

[08-Dec-2011 11:17:58] <Hackman238> mattray: Crazy.

[08-Dec-2011 11:18:09] <Hackman238> zenphil: Good to know. Why's that?

[08-Dec-2011 11:19:49] <cgw> 4.1.1 just have perf and scale improvements as opposed to functionality?

[08-Dec-2011 11:20:13] <ptmcg> "just" he says

[08-Dec-2011 11:20:22] <ptmcg> a ton

[08-Dec-2011 11:21:11] <jgartman> cgw: 4.1.1 is a pretty significant release w/r/t perf/scale things. Has a lot of things we have learned from huge deployments.

[08-Dec-2011 11:21:27] <cgw> well... hence only 4.1.1 rather than 4.2 my point

[08-Dec-2011 11:21:27] <Jane_Curry> what about the new events functionality - will that make it to 4.1.1??

[08-Dec-2011 11:21:37] <Hackman238> jgartman: *cough*

[08-Dec-2011 11:21:48] <ptmcg> New events is in 4.0, what add'l were you looking for?

[08-Dec-2011 11:21:59] <nyeates> mattray: Intersting on the Oracle front. We are in the legal I beleive - paying them for the commercial inclusion.

[08-Dec-2011 11:22:00] <nyeates> for now

[08-Dec-2011 11:22:08] <jgartman> Hackman238: I'm on your system right now watching that one *specific* daemon stop/restart for some mysterious reason

[08-Dec-2011 11:22:28] <Jane_Curry> Core doesn't have 4.0 yet - what will Core users get in the "next significant release"?

[08-Dec-2011 11:23:15] <mattray> nyeates: we weren't even using MySQL technically, just Percona. We wanted a commercial license for libmysql

[08-Dec-2011 11:23:16] <Hackman238> jgartman: BTW, that troublesome notification schedule is under 'Crit_Evt_SMS_BB_1st_S_Notification'

[08-Dec-2011 11:23:19] <Jane_Curry> And when will the beta arrive - early december (2011 ) was the latest estimate I heard

[08-Dec-2011 11:23:28] <ptmcg> Oof, sorry - yes, new event stuff will be in 4.1.1

[08-Dec-2011 11:23:30] <jgartman> Hackman238: Excellent, I will look at that as well.

[08-Dec-2011 11:24:08] <Hackman238> jgartman: Any idea why that daemon keeps committing hari kari without a leaving a suicide note?

[08-Dec-2011 11:24:11] <zenphil> Jane: soon, late December most likely

[08-Dec-2011 11:24:12] <Hackman238> jgartman: Thanks man

[08-Dec-2011 11:24:14] <Jane_Curry> Hi cluther - how's the promised documentation coming on???

[08-Dec-2011 11:24:32] <Jane_Curry> Do you need an external reviewer??

[08-Dec-2011 11:24:37] <nyeates> ZenPack devs.... just fyi... new zenPacks will now be primarily hosted at - not

[08-Dec-2011 11:24:47] <jgartman> Hackman238: Right now I'm baffled. It's getting a sigterm and logging as such; doesn't seem to be a code path that is exploding and bringing it down.

[08-Dec-2011 11:25:38] <Hackman238> jgartman: Strange. Keep me posted. And thanks for the hard work, it's appreciated.

[08-Dec-2011 11:25:43] <mattray> nyeates: will there be a place to download built eggs?

[08-Dec-2011 11:25:50] <Jane_Curry> nyeates: Yeh - I saw your note yesterday and thought that was what it meant....

[08-Dec-2011 11:26:05] <mattray> err, ZenPacks?

[08-Dec-2011 11:26:13] <cluther> Jane_Curry: I haven't done it yet, but I'll be sure that you're in the first to know when anything can be reviewed.

[08-Dec-2011 11:26:51] <Jane_Curry> So the onus is now on ZenPack developers to drive github and maintain ZenPacks, rather than Zenoss co-ordinating this????????????????

[08-Dec-2011 11:28:02] <nyeates> mattray: Yes. We plan to implement egg downloading inside of each github repository in the "Downloads" section.

[08-Dec-2011 11:28:12] <Jane_Curry> I guess this is good for developers that know their way around git but bad for the smaller contributors who have just knocked up something useful and want to share...

[08-Dec-2011 11:28:48] <mattray> nyeates: and Zenoss will provide those Downloads in their own github for their ZenPacks?

[08-Dec-2011 11:28:53] <Hackman238> Jane_Curry: 'knocked up' in America means something else.

[08-Dec-2011 11:29:08] <Jane_Curry> <cluther>  I caught something from you yesterday about updating the zentrap dies ticket - but I can't see any updates?????

[08-Dec-2011 11:29:37] <Jane_Curry> So sorry - two nations divided by a common language again

[08-Dec-2011 11:29:41] <nyeates> Jane_Curry: This change is good for both devs and zenoss and everyone.

[08-Dec-2011 11:30:52] <nyeates> Jane_Curry: It is one less step for you guys to do and remember. Less pull requests on your part, and we link to all zenpacks at

[08-Dec-2011 11:31:21] <Jane_Curry> nyeates: I can see it is good for devs and Zenoss but I suspect it may raise the bar too high for casual devs   (is "raising the bar too high" naughty-speak too??)

[08-Dec-2011 11:32:32] <jgartman> Jane_Curry: What are you concerned about that casual devs will have trouble with?

[08-Dec-2011 11:32:45] <nyeates> Jane_Curry: You had to post it to your personal git anyway, so no extra work there. Are you thinking that it will be hard for you to learn how to accept other peopls changes?

[08-Dec-2011 11:35:25] <nyeates> mattray: correct. Egg downloads will be located in our own ZenPacks at

[08-Dec-2011 11:35:25] <rocket> Jane_Curry: technically, having your own repo will actually simplify things significantly, after all, all you have to do is make a repo and tell us about it....

[08-Dec-2011 11:35:55] <Jane_Curry> jgartman:  I found it non-trivial getting to grips with git - I am not at all a "heavy" developer.  In the past, Zenoss coped with push requests and maintenance

[08-Dec-2011 11:36:15] <rocket> Jane_Curry: instead of worrying about forking and submitting pull requests.....

[08-Dec-2011 11:36:34] <mattray> nyeates: are there any available now?

[08-Dec-2011 11:37:13] <mattray> nyeates: I see a lot of repos, but no downloads

[08-Dec-2011 11:37:18] <jgartman> Jane_Curry: Ah I see, git itself. You're right, it takes some getting used to.

[08-Dec-2011 11:37:28] <rocket> Jane_Curry: also, the current state of affairs is just an intermediary step.... eventually we'll have github integration in the product and all you have to do is push a button to share

[08-Dec-2011 11:37:53] <mattray> nyeates: ok, found some

[08-Dec-2011 11:38:17] <rocket> mattray: you're correct, we're currently building the infrastructure to automate all this stuff

[08-Dec-2011 11:38:26] <mattray> rocket: ok, good

[08-Dec-2011 11:38:27] <rocket> btw: this is Simon

[08-Dec-2011 11:38:54] <rocket> from the LISA showfloor, where are you anyway mattray?

[08-Dec-2011 11:39:10] <mattray> rocket: I'm not there, was supposed to be doing training this week

[08-Dec-2011 11:39:20] <mattray> I'd expect there to be a download for each ZenPack in the Zenoss GitHub account, even the community ones

[08-Dec-2011 11:39:37] <Jane_Curry> I know that became an onerous burden on Zenoss but I am a little concerned that some folk will give up rather than donate code

[08-Dec-2011 11:39:58] <Jane_Curry> Perhaps it is an area where the Zenoss Community Alliance could help users????

[08-Dec-2011 11:40:00] <rocket> trust me, it will all be glorious

[08-Dec-2011 11:41:06] <Jane_Curry> and wonderful and marvellous and splendiferous ..... eventually

[08-Dec-2011 11:41:15] <nyeates> Jane_Curry: Git has a learning curve, it will take time to get this all straight.... We think it is the forward-thinking and right way to go in the long run.

[08-Dec-2011 11:41:24] <nyeates> Pain now for gain later

[08-Dec-2011 11:41:36] <cluther> All of the git instructions are for people who want to do it themselves. Power to the people.

[08-Dec-2011 11:41:44] <Jane_Curry> LOng run - definitely.  Especially when there is help built-in to Core

[08-Dec-2011 11:41:53] <rocket> Jane_Curry: again, this is not about saving us work, this is a intermediary step towards making all this easier and tearing down barriers to contribution

[08-Dec-2011 11:42:17] <jgartman> git will really be a boon to the type of development that happens around zenpacks in the community. I know it's not much consolation now.

[08-Dec-2011 11:42:43] <rocket> it actually worries me that you think otherwise...

[08-Dec-2011 11:42:44] <cluther> If you have some ZenPack code and want to share it, you could still just send it to us the old fashioned way.

[08-Dec-2011 11:43:53] <nyeates> An example of git's usability from LISA: A user in a zenoss forum asked how they could easily find a piece of example code for their issue. They hated having to download eggs one by one, install them, then look for the code. The instructor brought up git, and delved into 2 zenpacks code in the matter  of 30 seconds.

[08-Dec-2011 11:45:22] <Jane_Curry> Anyone got any comments on the thread her about the NewDeviceMap modeler - looks like a long-running saga

[08-Dec-2011 11:47:21] <zenphil> I'll check Trac and add it as a ticket if it's not already known by the dev team.

[08-Dec-2011 11:52:32] <nyeates> By the way - anyone here not familiar with LISA, Large Installation System Administration Conference.... You ought to be.

[08-Dec-2011 11:54:39] <nyeates> Its THE premier place to be for IT Ops geeks. I talked to the originators of RRD and Nagios in the halls, and attended BoFs by industry heavy weights. Neat stuff. Look into it for next year

[08-Dec-2011 11:56:08] lonetech007_ is now known as lonetech007

[08-Dec-2011 11:57:03] <nyeates> With this lull, I am going to stop the IRC dev session here. Back to the conference floor for me.

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[08-Dec-2011 12:04:34] <Jane_Curry> <zenphil> If you open a ticket, please could you update the forum thread with that info?? Thanks for doing this

[08-Dec-2011 14:52:38] <Hackman238> stevex: Any relation to stevez?

[08-Dec-2011 14:53:06] <stevex> Hackman238: ha, no

[08-Dec-2011 14:53:46] <Hackman238> stevex:

[08-Dec-2011 15:21:55] <valsielu> Hello all... I have installed Zenoss for the first time and am having issues with Linux memory alerting. Is this the correct place to ask for assistance? I've looked through the FAQ and forums already.

[08-Dec-2011 15:28:00] <rocket> valsielu: it is

[08-Dec-2011 15:28:22] <valsielu> excellent. thank you.

[08-Dec-2011 15:28:24] <rocket> valsielu: it can be quiet in here at times .. sometimes it makes sense to ask at different times of day

[08-Dec-2011 15:28:59] <rocket> I am at a conference at the moment and not much help right now myself but if you ask the question others may answer as they get time

[08-Dec-2011 15:29:20] <valsielu> Sounds good.

[08-Dec-2011 15:37:30] <valsielu> The end goal is for me to generate a critical event once the used memory of a Linux server reaches 90%.

[08-Dec-2011 15:40:27] <valsielu> I was able to set up a threshold around the memAvailReal_memAvailReal DataPoint that was a static value, and this generated an event.

[08-Dec-2011 15:43:44] <valsielu> The problem is that it's a static value, and not a percentage.

[08-Dec-2011 15:49:47] <valsielu> I'm not sure how to go about this... I've seen posts of people trying and failing either thresholds with a calculation as the Maximum value, such as device.hw.totalMemory / 90.

[08-Dec-2011 15:49:50] <dpetzel> valsielu: take a look at page 70 of the admin guide, you can use formulas and as such use a percentage

[08-Dec-2011 15:50:06] <valsielu> I've also seen people fail with event transforms.

[08-Dec-2011 15:50:12] <valsielu> roger... i'll check it out now.

[08-Dec-2011 16:00:56] kocolosk is now known as kocolosk|away

[08-Dec-2011 16:03:17] kocolosk|away is now known as kocolosk

[08-Dec-2011 16:54:07] <ipengineer> does anyone know what rrd type to use in zenoss when using cpuRawSystem?

[08-Dec-2011 16:55:52] <dhopp> ipengineer:  I think you need to use derive

[08-Dec-2011 16:56:35] <ipengineer> do I need to add something to the forumla? For some reason I am getting a really high percentage value

[08-Dec-2011 16:59:08] <ipengineer> I am getting a value of like cur: 175889816.6%

[08-Dec-2011 18:17:10] lonetech007_ is now known as lonetech007

[08-Dec-2011 18:33:43] kocolosk is now known as kocolosk|away

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[09-Dec-2011 08:25:51] <jmp242> Friday morning!!!

[09-Dec-2011 08:25:58] <jmp242> how is everyone?

[09-Dec-2011 08:56:09] <tightwork> Im ok,, nervous. had a job interview on Wednesday so just all messed up in suspense.

[09-Dec-2011 09:25:16] <tightwork> How could I remove ppp interface from being modeled in cisco model plugin?

[09-Dec-2011 09:27:12] <cluther> tightwork: Add it to the zInterfaceMapIgnoreNames property for the device class.

[09-Dec-2011 09:27:33] <cluther> zInterfaceMapIgnoreNames is a regular expression. Any interface names that match it will not be modeled.

[09-Dec-2011 09:27:56] <tightwork> great, thanks!

[09-Dec-2011 09:29:47] <tightwork> cluther: will I need to make that as a custom property ?

[09-Dec-2011 09:30:12] <cluther> tightwork: No, it's a standard configuration property.

[09-Dec-2011 09:30:42] <tightwork> ah i see it now, filter wigged out :-|

[09-Dec-2011 09:41:21] <tightwork> I setup a template for lm_sensors, although it is graphing at 30k instead of 30? I suppose I need an RPN expression?

[09-Dec-2011 09:42:29] <cluther> tightwork: Yeah. A lot of MIBS do a multiple of the original value to capture more precision.

[09-Dec-2011 09:42:41] <cluther> RPN would be 1000,/

[09-Dec-2011 09:44:18] kocolosk|away is now known as kocolosk

[09-Dec-2011 10:45:21] <tightwork> Hmm, Im using predictive threshold and setting the RPN changed the value, although the predictions and confidence band is not

[09-Dec-2011 10:46:16] <tightwork>

[09-Dec-2011 10:59:30] <Hackman238> tightwork: Not sure you can use the RPN to do this. this is because must of the differential is done by RRD and stored in its own ds.

[09-Dec-2011 10:59:40] <Hackman238> jgartman: How goes it?

[09-Dec-2011 10:59:45] <Hackman238> jmp242: How goes it?

[09-Dec-2011 10:59:53] <Hackman238> cluther: How goes it?

[09-Dec-2011 11:00:08] <jmp242> busy

[09-Dec-2011 11:00:18] <jmp242> doing netbackup 7.1 install and config on SL6.1

[09-Dec-2011 11:00:36] <jmp242> and some SL5 -> 6.1 upgrades though that's just reinstalls

[09-Dec-2011 11:01:02] <Hackman238> jmp242: Yeah its unfortunate there isn't a direct upgrade path thats reliable.

[09-Dec-2011 11:01:07] <jmp242> ehh

[09-Dec-2011 11:01:14] <jmp242> no biggy - nothing local to desktops

[09-Dec-2011 11:01:19] <jmp242> just a little down time

[09-Dec-2011 11:10:49] <Jane_Curry> Afternoon....

[09-Dec-2011 11:36:45] <jmp242> Jane_Curry / Hackman238 ... any other ideas for this guy?

[09-Dec-2011 11:37:29] <jmp242> cluther: if you've got a second, the thread you responded to has posted more info:

[09-Dec-2011 11:44:46] <Hackman238> jmp242: /window 6

[09-Dec-2011 11:53:16] <Jane_Curry> jmp242: I sent the guy a note privately offering a little consultancy

[09-Dec-2011 12:00:01] [disconnected at Fri Dec  9 12:00:01 2011]

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[09-Dec-2011 12:04:24] <f00fster> anyone have a system/pics of a system that sends alerts to a red amber light in the devops desk

[09-Dec-2011 12:04:31] <f00fster> thought it'd be really cool

[09-Dec-2011 12:04:34] <f00fster> links?

[09-Dec-2011 12:08:44] <mattray> f00fster: like

[09-Dec-2011 12:08:48] <jmp242> sounds reasonable Jane_Curry

[09-Dec-2011 12:09:16] <jmp242> sorry, i'm in and out a bit today -busy busy

[09-Dec-2011 12:09:25] <mattray> f00fster: completely unrelated, to your question, did I see you talking about Chef/Zenoss stuff the other day? If so keep me in the loop

[09-Dec-2011 12:12:41] <f00fster> matthew, cheff zenoss ?

[09-Dec-2011 12:12:42] <f00fster> hrmm

[09-Dec-2011 12:22:57] <tightwork> $150 !

[09-Dec-2011 12:24:56] <tightwork> You could get a graphic vfd for less, and actually get output.

[09-Dec-2011 12:25:03] <tightwork> err, character vfd

[09-Dec-2011 12:25:21] <tightwork> usb too

[09-Dec-2011 12:25:31] <tightwork> but yea chef is awesome, thats my focus as well

[09-Dec-2011 13:21:08] <_robo_> hello: I'm using the dns monitor zenpack but it's not working. Is there a way to see what commands the dns monitor is executing?

[09-Dec-2011 13:22:45] <_robo_> or anyway to figure out whyi it's not working?

[09-Dec-2011 13:28:18] <_robo_> hmm, this is odd. So it looks like dns monitor uses the host command. What's weird is if I run the host command it as the zenoss user i get this error "host: /usr/local/zenoss/common/lib/ no version information available (required by /usr/lib/"

[09-Dec-2011 13:28:28] <_robo_> If I run 'host' as root everything works fine

[09-Dec-2011 13:44:09] <robo_> hm

[09-Dec-2011 14:36:05] <f00fster> mattray, dude... what were you saying about chef with zenoss ?

[09-Dec-2011 14:36:08] <f00fster> lets do this ?!

[09-Dec-2011 14:42:27] <mattray> f00fster:

[09-Dec-2011 14:55:11] <otakup0pe> wait is it no longer possible to use http auth for zenoss :|

[09-Dec-2011 14:55:23] <otakup0pe> it's all cookie based now ain't it

[09-Dec-2011 14:55:24] <otakup0pe> grr

[09-Dec-2011 15:02:25] <otakup0pe> oh nm i'm just being dumb

[09-Dec-2011 15:17:58] <otakup0pe> hey what format does start/end expect for getRRDValue

[09-Dec-2011 15:18:35] <otakup0pe> ah epoch

[09-Dec-2011 15:18:53] <f00fster> mattray, you are planning on updating it ? you made it whats going on ?

[09-Dec-2011 15:19:12] <mattray> f00fster: I just updated it for 3.2.1

[09-Dec-2011 15:19:39] <f00fster> mattray, you are the man

[09-Dec-2011 15:19:57] <f00fster> do you know how i can automtically add rackspace cloud servers on auto on a chef run on the server ?

[09-Dec-2011 15:20:00] <f00fster> or when it first installs

[09-Dec-2011 15:20:02] <f00fster> ?

[09-Dec-2011 15:20:11] <f00fster> mattray, i priv-messaged you

[09-Dec-2011 15:23:08] <mattray> adding servers to Zenoss is done automatically with the Chef cookbook. You just have to put the Chef-managed nodes in a role that maps to a Zenoss Device Class

[09-Dec-2011 15:43:47] <otakup0pe> ugh inconsistent apis. love the uid vs id

[09-Dec-2011 15:50:03] <otakup0pe> hm is there a jsonapi equiv to getGraphDefUrl

[09-Dec-2011 15:55:58] <otakup0pe> trying to figure out how to get a list of graphs from a device id

[09-Dec-2011 15:56:28] <otakup0pe> via json api. can get the templates but can't seem to figure out how to conver those to graph urls. using chrome dev tools is just confusing

[09-Dec-2011 15:58:17] <otakup0pe> and whats with these GET's on data:image/gif;base64

[09-Dec-2011 15:58:18] <otakup0pe> kinda kinky

[09-Dec-2011 16:01:14] <otakup0pe> anyone ? bueler ? :V

[09-Dec-2011 16:03:28] <otakup0pe> ohhhhhh it's encoded into the gopts request into rrd server

[09-Dec-2011 16:03:35] <otakup0pe> hey why doesn't the rrdserver take http auth

[09-Dec-2011 16:13:15] <otakup0pe> hey so what will break if i add a PAS to the RenderServer :v

[09-Dec-2011 16:13:25] <otakup0pe> as long as cookies are enabvled will it cause "problems" ?

[09-Dec-2011 16:13:45] <opapo> I don't see how to change the memory settings on

[09-Dec-2011 16:13:54] <opapo> I am on Zenoss 3.x

[09-Dec-2011 16:21:15] <opapo> What does this mean "Navigate to /Events/Perf/Memory and select More -> Transform from the menu.  Insert the following transform and save:"

[09-Dec-2011 16:21:18] <opapo> in the tutorial

[09-Dec-2011 17:06:08] <valsielu> opapo: Which part of that istruction are you stuck on?

[09-Dec-2011 17:21:59] kocolosk is now known as kocolosk|away

[09-Dec-2011 17:22:36] <opapo> the part where it says after you install the zenpack "Navigate to ...."

[09-Dec-2011 17:23:01] <opapo> I don't know how to navigate to that spot

[09-Dec-2011 18:15:11] <eidolon> hi folks, i'm tryig to settle an argument with someone in the office   if i have some reasonable hardwware to throw at it - how large an installed base can Zenoss monitor and alert?  I'm looking at possibly thousands of hosts.  I want to do basic monitoring (ping, port check), but also stats gathering (load, memory, etc)

[09-Dec-2011 18:16:46] <mattray> eidolon: given a beefy enough box, thousands

[09-Dec-2011 18:16:55] <eidolon> how many thousands? 

[09-Dec-2011 18:17:04] <eidolon> (my upper limit is somewhere around 8)

[09-Dec-2011 18:17:07] <eidolon> hah

[09-Dec-2011 18:17:08] <eidolon> 'eight'

[09-Dec-2011 18:17:13] <eidolon> stupid smiley substituter.

[09-Dec-2011 18:17:38] <mattray> you'll want to distribute that to multiple boxes

[09-Dec-2011 18:17:57] <mattray> back when I worked for Zenoss, the largest open source install I heard of was 25K

[09-Dec-2011 18:18:04] <eidolon> so, there's my next question.  i know that zenoss can split up like that, but it's been a few years since i did this.

[09-Dec-2011 18:18:22] <eidolon> do you use gatherers to accept the snmp traps and they report to the front end?

[09-Dec-2011 18:18:38] <eidolon> we had problems with performance on about 600 hosts.  the database was a mess

[09-Dec-2011 18:19:21] <mattray> I'm a little out of the loop these days, but talk to rmatte or Hackman238 about scaling it up.

[09-Dec-2011 18:19:33] <mattray> lots of techniques, depending on your bottlenecs

[09-Dec-2011 18:19:35] <eidolon> (seriously i'm being said 'no, icinga / nagios is better.  we just write custom monitors for that vmware cluster.  it'll be fine.)

[09-Dec-2011 18:19:53] <eidolon> and i find nagios / icinga's front ends to be abysmal.

[09-Dec-2011 18:20:09] <mattray> agreed

[09-Dec-2011 18:20:36] <mattray> the commercial product is a lot easier to scale out of the box, the open source depends on tracking down all the tweaks

[09-Dec-2011 18:20:46] * eidolon nods

[09-Dec-2011 18:20:53] <eidolon> we were running commercial at my last gig.

[09-Dec-2011 18:21:16] <eidolon> thanks.

[09-Dec-2011 18:21:45] <eidolon> ooo. supplies vmware images.  awesome.

[09-Dec-2011 18:24:48] <eidolon> ballpark handwave.  any idea what the enterprise / commercial product costs?

[09-Dec-2011 18:34:00] <opapo> I found one of my problem.  bc needs to be installed.

[09-Dec-2011 18:34:09] <opapo> Then it crashed and I sent the report in.

[09-Dec-2011 18:34:20] <opapo> hope that helps someone

[09-Dec-2011 18:34:23] <opapo> got to go

[09-Dec-2011 19:04:11] zanefactory_ is now known as zanefactory

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[12-Dec-2011 09:03:08] <jmp242> Morning all

[12-Dec-2011 09:03:16] <jmp242> and a monday :~

[12-Dec-2011 09:08:03] <Hackman238> Morning!

[12-Dec-2011 09:08:07] <Hackman238> jmp242: How goes the war?

[12-Dec-2011 09:15:02] <jmp242> ehh

[12-Dec-2011 09:15:09] <jmp242> Symantec Netbackup fun

[12-Dec-2011 09:15:47] <Hackman238> jmp242: Sort of like a rollercoaster of 'it's working!' and 'wait, no its not...'

[12-Dec-2011 09:15:54] <Hackman238>

[12-Dec-2011 09:27:58] <jmp242> Well, I think it's working lol

[12-Dec-2011 09:28:14] <jmp242> but it likes to fake you out

[12-Dec-2011 09:28:18] <jmp242> as to what's available

[12-Dec-2011 09:30:04] <Hackman238> LOL

[12-Dec-2011 09:37:24] <jb> ok

[12-Dec-2011 09:37:35] <jb> why am I not seeing the place to configure alerts in 4.1.0?!

[12-Dec-2011 09:38:32] <jb> in 3.x, I would click on the username and see "Alerting Rules"

[12-Dec-2011 09:41:49] <jb> the documentation for all of the zen products are confusing now.

[12-Dec-2011 09:44:06] <Hackman238> jb: Triggers and Notifications can be configured on the 'Events' tab -> 'Triggers'

[12-Dec-2011 09:44:42] <jb> ah, so this replaces the "Alerting Rules" ?

[12-Dec-2011 09:45:30] <jb> h

[12-Dec-2011 09:45:32] <jb> hmm.

[12-Dec-2011 09:46:05] <jb> this is totally different

[12-Dec-2011 09:47:40] <Hackman238> jb: Completely

[12-Dec-2011 09:47:48] <Hackman238>

[12-Dec-2011 09:47:53] <jb> is it better?

[12-Dec-2011 09:47:58] <jb> because it seems confusing at the moment

[12-Dec-2011 09:48:04] <Hackman238> jb: It is.

[12-Dec-2011 09:48:21] <Hackman238> jb: In all honesty it seems confusing, but its much better.

[12-Dec-2011 09:48:45] <jb> so, instead of creating an "alerting rule," I now create a trigger.  right?

[12-Dec-2011 09:49:16] <Hackman238> jb: Triggers fire based on events. Notifications are assigned to Triggers. So triggers trigger notifications.

[12-Dec-2011 09:49:25] <jb> ^#@(*

[12-Dec-2011 09:58:07] <jb> hrm, so you can't specify email addresses that arne't zenoss users

[12-Dec-2011 09:58:11] <jb> to receive email notifiations

[12-Dec-2011 09:58:23] <jb> oh, yeah you can

[12-Dec-2011 09:59:09] <jb> confusing   we'll see if this works.

[12-Dec-2011 10:06:25] <jb> i must say.. the documentation for this is very lacking.

[12-Dec-2011 10:06:43] <Hackman238> jb: ....I hear that

[12-Dec-2011 10:07:03] <jb> if I specify two devices for the trigger

[12-Dec-2011 10:07:17] <jb> will it trigger if the event is from EITHER (or) of the two devices?

[12-Dec-2011 10:08:41] <jb> oh, any/all.

[12-Dec-2011 10:10:56] <jmp242> Gaahhh, changing all the terms

[12-Dec-2011 10:11:03] <jmp242> this will be a real PITA for docs

[12-Dec-2011 10:11:06] <jmp242> and new users

[12-Dec-2011 10:11:42] <jb> jmp242: it's a PITA for existing users.

[12-Dec-2011 10:11:52] <Hackman238> jb: It depends on if theres an and or an or.

[12-Dec-2011 10:12:07] <jb> Hackman238: but you can't really specify AND/OR like you could in 3.x.

[12-Dec-2011 10:12:10] <Hackman238> Since you can't condition on two devices in an alert I think its a default or

[12-Dec-2011 10:12:39] <jb> i think its been replaced with "all/any"

[12-Dec-2011 10:12:57] <Hackman238> jb: Let me double check. Admitadly I set and forget this stuff

[12-Dec-2011 10:14:11] <jb>

[12-Dec-2011 10:14:44] <jb> what I think that means is:  it will trigger is the device is either "wr-dc-ltm-390..." or "rg-dc-ltm-3900..."

[12-Dec-2011 10:14:55] <jb> and the component of the event for either device contains "wrxxentex"

[12-Dec-2011 10:15:12] <Hackman238> jb: Thats exactly right. You'll need two seperate triggers.

[12-Dec-2011 10:15:31] <Hackman238> jb: What I would do is add both of the devices to a group and condition off that

[12-Dec-2011 10:15:43] <jb> so that wouldn't work

[12-Dec-2011 10:15:43] <jb> ?

[12-Dec-2011 10:16:05] <Hackman238> jb: It would, but it's harder to maintain than a single grou[

[12-Dec-2011 10:16:12] <jb> yeha

[12-Dec-2011 10:16:14] <jb> just testing

[12-Dec-2011 10:16:19] <jb> it doesn't seem to be alerting though

[12-Dec-2011 10:16:21] <Hackman238> jb: But yes, that should work

[12-Dec-2011 10:16:38] <Hackman238> jb: You'll need to create a notification. In said notification select this trigger

[12-Dec-2011 10:16:43] <jb> in 3.x, if I created an alert, and events already existed that met that condition, it would generate alerts

[12-Dec-2011 10:16:46] <jb> right

[12-Dec-2011 10:17:20] <Hackman238> jb: Oh I see. Im my experience events generally need to reoccur

[12-Dec-2011 10:17:35] <jb> yeah let me force a new event

[12-Dec-2011 10:17:50] <Hackman238> jb: This could just be because my practice has always been to close and reopen the events for testing.

[12-Dec-2011 10:26:28] <Hackman238> jb: Any luck?

[12-Dec-2011 10:27:40] <jb> just got done creating a group

[12-Dec-2011 10:27:40] <jb> sec

[12-Dec-2011 10:35:56] <jb> i don't like how you can't have spaces in the Notification names

[12-Dec-2011 10:36:07] <Hackman238> jb: ...I agree.

[12-Dec-2011 10:36:31] <Hackman238> jb: Do yourself a huge favor and don't use dashes or any symbolb other that underscore or it could cause problems

[12-Dec-2011 10:36:38] <Hackman238> *symbol

[12-Dec-2011 10:36:40] <jb> yeah i'm not

[12-Dec-2011 10:37:09] <Hackman238> jb: Also be cautious not to make trigger names too long otherwise they will be hard to read in the notification trigger selection drop down

[12-Dec-2011 10:38:25] <jb> k, got one of them working

[12-Dec-2011 10:38:59] <Hackman238> jb: Nice

[12-Dec-2011 10:39:18] <Hackman238> jb: did the nested any under the and work?

[12-Dec-2011 10:39:51] <jb> yep

[12-Dec-2011 10:39:59] <Hackman238> jb: Very cool.

[12-Dec-2011 10:40:04] <jb> this is making me re-think my entire alerting setup

[12-Dec-2011 10:40:15] <Hackman238> jb: Yes, completely./

[12-Dec-2011 10:40:45] <Hackman238> jb: Its good though. We sent from having like 60 rules down to about 6 triggers.

[12-Dec-2011 10:41:06] <jb> yeah i think I'm making my triggers too granular

[12-Dec-2011 10:42:18] <Hackman238> jb: Definately easy to do in the older version

[12-Dec-2011 10:42:59] <jb> ok this trigger isn't working because the IP service monitor isn't working :/

[12-Dec-2011 10:43:02] <jb> it says TCP/8080 is up

[12-Dec-2011 10:43:04] <jb> but, it's not.

[12-Dec-2011 10:44:38] <Hackman238> jb: Hum. I can't help much with that. Personally I dont use the port tests at all

[12-Dec-2011 10:45:05] <Hackman238> jb: you could try bouncing zenstatus

[12-Dec-2011 10:50:47] <rmatte> yeh, restart zenstatus and see if that helps... you should also try a reindex in zendmd, I find that helps in cases like that

[12-Dec-2011 10:51:03] <Hackman238> No no no

[12-Dec-2011 10:51:11] <Hackman238> Don't reindex.

[12-Dec-2011 10:51:23] <Hackman238> rmatte: With relstorage the history table is innodb

[12-Dec-2011 10:51:32] <rmatte> oh

[12-Dec-2011 10:51:39] <rmatte> didn't realize he was on relstorage

[12-Dec-2011 10:51:46] <Hackman238> rmatte: It'll grow like cancer and eat up the disk

[12-Dec-2011 10:51:56] <Hackman238> rmatte: How's it going?

[12-Dec-2011 10:52:54] <jb> ok guys

[12-Dec-2011 10:52:57] <jb> need help with one more thing

[12-Dec-2011 10:53:10] <jb> i have an objects.xml from a zenpack that contains only transforms.

[12-Dec-2011 10:53:19] <rmatte> Hackman238: going alright, busy

[12-Dec-2011 10:53:35] <Hackman238> rmatte: Glad to hear

[12-Dec-2011 10:53:44] <jb> i want to import this into a new zenpack, so I simply copied the objects.xml into a new zenpack, created the proper event classes, etc.

[12-Dec-2011 10:53:48] <jb> but, no transforms appear.

[12-Dec-2011 10:53:49] <jb> any idea?

[12-Dec-2011 10:53:56] <Hackman238> jb: you might want to be sure that 'keep-history false' is in your zope.conf under  <relstorage>

[12-Dec-2011 10:54:43] <Hackman238> jb: objects.xml is only laoded on pack install. You'll need to export the new pack, then install it over the existing one you just created.

[12-Dec-2011 10:54:47] <Hackman238> *loaded

[12-Dec-2011 10:55:18] <jb> ooH.

[12-Dec-2011 10:55:19] <jb> ok

[12-Dec-2011 10:55:22] <rmatte> yeh, Zenoss doesn't go through and load every objects.xml on startup lol

[12-Dec-2011 10:56:30] <Hackman238> jb: What rmatte said. Zenoss slow enough without reloading all zenpack objects on start

[12-Dec-2011 10:56:54] <jb> true

[12-Dec-2011 10:58:05] <jb> odd, still nothing

[12-Dec-2011 10:58:17] <jb> 2011-12-12 09:57:05,120 INFO zen.ZPLoader: Loading /opt/zenoss/ZenPacks/

[12-Dec-2011 10:58:49] <jb> heh, it deleted them all.  let's try this again.

[12-Dec-2011 10:58:54] <Hackman238> jb:

[12-Dec-2011 10:59:08] <rmatte> Hackman238: the Firefox release happening in 8 days is the release that will improve javascript performance by 15 to 30 percent.

[12-Dec-2011 10:59:22] <rmatte> Will be interesting to see how true that is

[12-Dec-2011 11:00:10] <Hackman238> rmatte: Oh nice!

[12-Dec-2011 11:03:21] <jb> hrm, now it's not in dev mode so I can't export.

[12-Dec-2011 11:04:59] <Hackman238> jb: Ah bollocks

[12-Dec-2011 11:05:12] <Hackman238> jb: That generally doesn't happen

[12-Dec-2011 11:06:36] <Hackman238> jb: What I'd do is cp the zenpack to somewhere else, uninstall it, restart zenoss, readd it as dev mode, copy in your new parts, cd in to the 'ZenPacks'/'EGG-INFO' directory and zip -r ../your packname.egg * then install that. That'll be a dev mode egg

[12-Dec-2011 11:07:04] <jb> yeah thats what I'm oding now.

[12-Dec-2011 11:07:30] <jb> well, i just copied the ZenPackTemplate files back into the tree.

[12-Dec-2011 11:07:31] <Hackman238> jb: Sorry about that. Face palm on me

[12-Dec-2011 11:07:43] <Hackman238> jb: Did that work? I haven't tried that in v4

[12-Dec-2011 11:08:51] <jb> argh

[12-Dec-2011 11:08:57] <jb> everytime I export it, it kills my objects.xml

[12-Dec-2011 11:09:09] <jb> pre-export: -rw-rw-r-- 1 zenoss zenoss 1153839 Dec 12 10:08 objects.xml

[12-Dec-2011 11:09:14] <jb> post-export: -rw-rw-r-- 1 zenoss zenoss 43 Dec 12 10:08 objects.xml

[12-Dec-2011 11:09:16] <Hackman238> jb: yeah don't use the export until the objects are loaded.

[12-Dec-2011 11:09:29] <Hackman238> jb: You'll need to go zip it up manually I'm afraid

[12-Dec-2011 11:09:32] <jb> k

[12-Dec-2011 11:10:28] <Hackman238> jb: do the zip so that 'EGG-INFO' and 'ZenPacks' are in the root of the zip

[12-Dec-2011 11:11:04] <jb> argh, can't even remove the zenpack

[12-Dec-2011 11:11:19] <jb> i'll just try to install over it, I guess.

[12-Dec-2011 11:11:21] <Hackman238> e.g. cd $Zenhome/ZenPacks/ZenPacks.Your.Pack/

[12-Dec-2011 11:12:15] <opapo> the tutorial on Windows SNMP monitoring: does not seem to be for the 3.2 interface

[12-Dec-2011 11:12:35] <opapo> I need help "transforming" the memory event

[12-Dec-2011 11:12:38] <Hackman238> opapo: Its for the v2.5.2 one

[12-Dec-2011 11:12:57] <opapo> How do I get to "Transform"

[12-Dec-2011 11:13:20] <opapo> the tutorial says: After installing the ZenPack:

[12-Dec-2011 11:13:20] <opapo> 

[12-Dec-2011 11:13:20] <opapo> Navigate to /Events/Perf/Memory and select More -> Transform from the menu

[12-Dec-2011 11:13:22] <Hackman238> opapo: You'll need to go to 'Events' -> 'Event Classes' -> '/Events/Perf/Memory' -> pick the gear icon in the lower left -> Transform

[12-Dec-2011 11:13:34] <fixxxermet> Is it easy to make multiple reports which show all graphs for each resource?

[12-Dec-2011 11:13:45] <fixxxermet> Similar to how Munin has a page with all graphs for each device

[12-Dec-2011 11:14:31] <Hackman238> fixxxermet: Sure. Add a new graph report. In that report add all the components listed fort he device typed in the filter and click add.

[12-Dec-2011 11:14:39] <jb> Hackman238: that worked, thanks!

[12-Dec-2011 11:14:48] <jb> 2011-12-12 10:14:33,563 INFO zen.AddToPack: Loaded 158 objects into the ZODB database

[12-Dec-2011 11:14:51] <fixxxermet> Hackman238: So I'd need to do that one-by-one for each device ?

[12-Dec-2011 11:14:58] <Hackman238> jb: NP

[12-Dec-2011 11:15:34] <Hackman238> fixxxermet: For that method, yes. If you're devices are cookie cutter then you could make a multigraph report and just add the devices

[12-Dec-2011 11:15:52] <opapo> Hackman238: i found the transform.  Thanks

[12-Dec-2011 11:16:02] <fixxxermet> Sorry, what do you mean by cookie cutter?

[12-Dec-2011 11:16:03] <Hackman238> fixxxermet: A final way would be to write a plugin to add a new page like the interfacegraphs page

[12-Dec-2011 11:16:07] <Hackman238> opapo: NP

[12-Dec-2011 11:16:14] <fixxxermet> Hackman238: that sounds like the best way to do it

[12-Dec-2011 11:16:18] <Hackman238> fixxxermet: All the same

[12-Dec-2011 11:16:20] <fixxxermet> Got a link to relevant docs?

[12-Dec-2011 11:16:34] <fixxxermet> Hi,

[12-Dec-2011 11:16:34] <fixxxermet> I have a question about your "How To Gather and Chart Temperatures in your House" page.  I have ordered samples of the DS18S20, however I am not sure how they will then interface with the computer...  Computer -> DS9490R -> ??? -> DS18S20?  What am I missing?

[12-Dec-2011 11:16:35] <Hackman238> fixxxermet: for which method?

[12-Dec-2011 11:16:38] <fixxxermet> I assume that the ??? is some type of hub for connecting multiple 1-wire devices, which is then interfaced to the computer over USB with the DS9490R.  Eh?

[12-Dec-2011 11:16:42] <fixxxermet> Thanks for the help, and for taking the time to write up that page.

[12-Dec-2011 11:16:44] <fixxxermet> Kyle

[12-Dec-2011 11:16:47] <fixxxermet> shit!

[12-Dec-2011 11:16:47] <fixxxermet> Sorry, ctrl+c didn't work

[12-Dec-2011 11:16:56] <fixxxermet> Hackman238: plugin similar to interfacegrphs

[12-Dec-2011 11:18:36] <Hackman238> fixxxermet: I'm afraid there aren't any specific docs. Heres the page for that pack You should be able to extend it to basically any/all component class(es) on a device

[12-Dec-2011 11:19:53] <opapo> I have a Windows server I am monitoring, but when I monitor "Memory" after installing the snmpwindows zenpack I get the following error

[12-Dec-2011 11:20:08] <opapo> Type:

[12-Dec-2011 11:20:09] <opapo> Value: User-supplied Python expression (here.getRRDValue('MemoryTotal') * 0.9) for maximum value caused error: ['Memory_MemoryUsed']

[12-Dec-2011 11:20:23] <opapo> How do I fix this?

[12-Dec-2011 11:21:28] <rmatte> opapo: that's normal, you have to wait 3 polling cycles for the data to gather before it'll display the graph

[12-Dec-2011 11:21:41] <rmatte> 3 polling cycles at 5 minutes per polling cycle == 15 minutes

[12-Dec-2011 11:21:43] <opapo> It has been a day

[12-Dec-2011 11:21:54] <rmatte> What version of windows?

[12-Dec-2011 11:22:07] <opapo> Windows Server 2003

[12-Dec-2011 11:22:24] <rmatte> did you read the requirements section on the ZenPack page about requiring both the snmpwalk and bc commandline utilities for the pack to work?

[12-Dec-2011 11:22:40] <opapo> I installed bc and snmpwalk

[12-Dec-2011 11:22:40] <rmatte> If you're missing either of those commands it's not going to work

[12-Dec-2011 11:23:04] <rmatte> ok, go in to the template and run a test of the Memory datasource against that device

[12-Dec-2011 11:23:07] <rmatte> see what you get back

[12-Dec-2011 11:23:47] <fixxxermet> Hackman238: thanks for the help

[12-Dec-2011 11:24:21] <opapo> rmatte: How?

[12-Dec-2011 11:24:47] <rmatte> opapo: I don't have a 3.x install in front of me for reference, all my stuff is 2.5... Hackman238, do me a favour and walk him through that?

[12-Dec-2011 11:25:03] <opapo> I am in the interface for the server and see the SNMPDevice Template

[12-Dec-2011 11:25:17] <rmatte> ok, so double click on the datasource for memory

[12-Dec-2011 11:25:29] <rmatte> you should get a dialog come up

[12-Dec-2011 11:25:31] <opapo> ok

[12-Dec-2011 11:25:40] <rmatte> and there should be a place to enter a device name with a Test button next to it

[12-Dec-2011 11:25:47] <rmatte> so put the device name in and click test, see what it does

[12-Dec-2011 11:27:09] <opapo> It gives me the memory totals

[12-Dec-2011 11:27:44] <rmatte> What version of Zenoss are you running?

[12-Dec-2011 11:27:54] <opapo> I just input the "transform" code into the event so maybe it takes awhile to work

[12-Dec-2011 11:27:59] <opapo> I am running 3.2

[12-Dec-2011 11:28:06] <rmatte> the transform code wouldn't prevent the graph from showing

[12-Dec-2011 11:28:14] <rmatte> 3.2, not 3.2.1?

[12-Dec-2011 11:28:33] <rmatte> 3.2 had a major bug with zencommand, so that would explain it

[12-Dec-2011 11:28:36] <Hackman238> fixxxermet: NP

[12-Dec-2011 11:28:37] <opapo> sorry 3.2.1

[12-Dec-2011 11:29:04] <rmatte> can you try doing this as the zenoss user: zencommand run -v10 -d devicename

[12-Dec-2011 11:29:10] <rmatte> where devicename is the name of that device?

[12-Dec-2011 11:29:18] <rmatte> see if there are any errors

[12-Dec-2011 11:33:46] <opapo> rmatte: there are no errors. Just Debug and Info lines

[12-Dec-2011 11:39:59] <opapo> rmatte:  Is there more information you need from me?

[12-Dec-2011 11:55:14] <rmatte> opapo: sorry, was pulled away from my desk for a bit

[12-Dec-2011 11:56:18] <rmatte> If you're not seeing errors and the datasource test is returning proper data then I don't know what to tell you... what I would suggest is that you make a local copy of the template on that device, delete the threshold, and see what the graph is showing

[12-Dec-2011 11:56:37] <rmatte> If it's showing that RRD files haven't been created, or whatever

[12-Dec-2011 12:00:02] [disconnected at Mon Dec 12 12:00:02 2011]

[12-Dec-2011 12:00:02] [connected at Mon Dec 12 12:00:02 2011]

[12-Dec-2011 12:00:15] [zenoss-logger (logger bot) has joined #zenoss]

[12-Dec-2011 12:00:56] <opapo> When I look at the datasources the "Source" column for CPU and Memory is like "${here/ZenPack...." instead of

[12-Dec-2011 12:01:34] <rmatte> it's supposed to be, they are command datasources

[12-Dec-2011 12:01:57] <opapo> ok

[12-Dec-2011 12:05:12] <opapo> I can see graphs now

[12-Dec-2011 12:05:42] <opapo> so now what?

[12-Dec-2011 12:06:04] <opapo> I want thresholds

[12-Dec-2011 12:06:21] <rmatte> what is the memory graph showing?

[12-Dec-2011 12:06:45] <opapo> not enough time for graph to show anything

[12-Dec-2011 12:06:54] <opapo> but I see graphs

[12-Dec-2011 12:06:55] <rmatte> you said it had been all day?

[12-Dec-2011 12:07:02] <rmatte> so you should have some data

[12-Dec-2011 12:07:24] <opapo> I installed snmpwindows like thursday

[12-Dec-2011 12:07:52] <opapo> I also deleted the graphs and put them back in (for the server)

[12-Dec-2011 12:08:06] <rmatte> what do you mean by deleted then put back in?

[12-Dec-2011 12:08:24] <rmatte> like you literally edited the template?

[12-Dec-2011 12:09:08] <opapo> There is a place where I can see multiple graphs in one report.  I deleted it from there and then added them again

[12-Dec-2011 12:09:24] <opapo> It may not have any bearing on what we are doing

[12-Dec-2011 12:09:36] <rmatte> if you're talking about a custom graph report, no it doesn't

[12-Dec-2011 12:09:44] <rmatte> here's how it works so that you understand...

[12-Dec-2011 12:10:07] <opapo> on phone

[12-Dec-2011 12:10:14] <rmatte> zencommand issues the command, parses the data from the output, then saves the data to a .rrd file.

[12-Dec-2011 12:10:21] <rmatte> If the .rrd file doesn't exist it creates it.

[12-Dec-2011 12:10:39] <rmatte> once that .rrd is created it stays there and doesn't get removed unless it hasn't been used for a long time or the device is deleted

[12-Dec-2011 12:11:20] <rmatte> The fact that you were receiving the message about it not being able to calculate the threshold based on RRD values tells me that the RRD was probably not created

[12-Dec-2011 12:11:38] <rmatte> or that you just haven't been collecting data long enough for it to be able to do the calculation

[12-Dec-2011 12:11:55] <rmatte> but 15 minutes worth of data is enough and it's been more than that at this point I believe

[12-Dec-2011 12:12:43] <rmatte> can you describe what the graph looks like?

[12-Dec-2011 12:12:51] <rmatte> is there a message about missing RRD files?

[12-Dec-2011 12:13:00] <rmatte> is there 'nan' values?

[12-Dec-2011 12:13:11] <rmatte> do you see any actual values?

[12-Dec-2011 12:14:14] <opapo> no     actual values

[12-Dec-2011 12:15:34] <opapo> no errors

[12-Dec-2011 12:40:09] <f00fSteR> zenoss have a mengodb zenpack ?

[12-Dec-2011 12:40:48] <Hackman238> f00fSteR: I don't tihnk so

[12-Dec-2011 12:40:56] <Hackman238> f00fSteR: How goes it?

[12-Dec-2011 12:42:05] <otakup0pe> rmatte: wait you aren't with zenoss anymore ? where did you end up

[12-Dec-2011 12:42:30] <f00fSteR> Hackman238, It goes good. I be's hacking up mongo today to use against our ms sql servers

[12-Dec-2011 12:42:35] <f00fSteR> was looking for monitoring measures

[12-Dec-2011 12:51:37] <opapo> What do I have to do on my Windows server to make sure stats are properly collected.

[12-Dec-2011 12:52:09] <opapo>  I can run zencommand run-v10 -d <device name> and there are no errors

[12-Dec-2011 12:52:15] <opapo> but I get no data

[12-Dec-2011 13:07:23] <rmatte> otakup0pe: I was never with Zenoss lol

[12-Dec-2011 13:07:35] <rmatte> otakup0pe: been working for Nova Networks for over 3 years now

[12-Dec-2011 13:08:41] <rmatte> opapo: can you go in to zendmd as the Zenoss user, do reindex() then commit(), then restart zenoss... after you've done that try to run zencommand again and see what you get

[12-Dec-2011 13:08:50] <rmatte> it sounds like zencommand isn't even seeing the datasource for some reason

[12-Dec-2011 13:08:59] <rmatte> you did restard Zenoss after installing the ZenPack I hope?

[12-Dec-2011 13:09:04] <rmatte> restart*

[12-Dec-2011 13:30:52] <tvincent-office> i need to add the monitoring of a process across a device tree? Anyone have any sample dmd code to add that?

[12-Dec-2011 13:32:35] <opapo> rmatte: I may not have restarted the zenoss.  I'll restart it to make sure

[12-Dec-2011 13:34:19] <opapo> there are multiple daemons.  Which one do I reset?

[12-Dec-2011 13:37:44] <rmatte> just restart all of them to be sure

[12-Dec-2011 13:37:55] <rmatte> generally you would just do zopectl restart, but sometimes that doesn't do the trick

[12-Dec-2011 13:38:04] <rmatte> as the zenoss user at the commandline do:

[12-Dec-2011 13:38:05] <rmatte> zenoss stop

[12-Dec-2011 13:38:16] <rmatte> then zenoss status to make sure they all stopped

[12-Dec-2011 13:38:19] <rmatte> then zenoss start

[12-Dec-2011 13:53:02] <otakup0pe> rmatte: my bad i might be confusing you with someone else :X

[12-Dec-2011 13:53:49] <opapo> rmatte: I restarted zenoss and the graphs still show nan for data

[12-Dec-2011 13:55:36] <opapo> Under the reports tab there is a "performance reports" section on the left.

[12-Dec-2011 13:56:02] <opapo> I click on Memory utilization and see my devices listed

[12-Dec-2011 13:56:36] <rmatte> otakup0pe: you're probably confusing me with Matt Ray.

[12-Dec-2011 13:56:58] <otakup0pe> that sounds probably !

[12-Dec-2011 13:57:11] <rmatte> opapo: did you try running zencommand by hand again to see what you get?

[12-Dec-2011 13:57:11] <opapo> The Windows server has a correct value for the "total", but "N/A" for "Available", "cache memory", etc

[12-Dec-2011 13:57:18] <rmatte> you should see the actual output from the command scripts

[12-Dec-2011 13:57:41] <rmatte> opapo: you're talking about the hardware section?

[12-Dec-2011 13:58:00] <rmatte> The pack only creates a graph/threshold, it doesn't populate the values under hardware, that's done by modeler plugins

[12-Dec-2011 14:21:50] <opapo> I have a little blip of Memory usage now

[12-Dec-2011 14:21:57] <opapo> Yeah!!!

[12-Dec-2011 14:22:10] <rmatte> good

[12-Dec-2011 14:22:21] <rmatte> now you can remove the local template and the threshold should be working

[12-Dec-2011 14:23:31] <opapo> I am not getting data for the cpu though

[12-Dec-2011 14:23:49] <opapo> do I need to transform that too?

[12-Dec-2011 14:23:54] <rmatte> I don't see why you wouldn't be

[12-Dec-2011 14:24:13] <rmatte> the two scripts used to gather that info are quite similar

[12-Dec-2011 14:24:48] <rmatte> what do you mean by "data for the cpu"?

[12-Dec-2011 14:24:57] <rmatte> the graph under the graphs section?

[12-Dec-2011 14:25:06] <rmatte> or the details under the hardware section?

[12-Dec-2011 14:26:06] <rmatte> Are you using the simple or advanced version of the pack?

[12-Dec-2011 14:26:57] <opapo> I am using the simple version.  I would like an overall usage metric

[12-Dec-2011 14:27:05] <rmatte> yeh ok, that'll do it

[12-Dec-2011 14:27:08] <rmatte> hmmm

[12-Dec-2011 14:27:17] <rmatte> test the datasource like you did for the memory one

[12-Dec-2011 14:27:20] <rmatte> see if it returns a value

[12-Dec-2011 14:27:21] <opapo> When I test it it reports: OK|CPU1=0 CPU2=0 Total=0

[12-Dec-2011 14:27:34] <rmatte> ok, so it's working

[12-Dec-2011 14:27:47] <rmatte> you should be seeing 0 values on the graph after a bit

[12-Dec-2011 14:28:09] <rmatte> well not seeing, but under cur, avg, and max

[12-Dec-2011 14:28:36] <opapo> I see nan for cur:, avg", ...

[12-Dec-2011 14:30:06] <rmatte> if you do: zencommand run -v10 -d devicename again...

[12-Dec-2011 14:30:23] <rmatte> does one of the lines show something like: OK|CPU1=0 CPU2=0 Total=0?

[12-Dec-2011 14:32:28] <opapo> This is the results:

[12-Dec-2011 14:33:20] <rmatte> hmmm, it's not actually running anything

[12-Dec-2011 14:33:40] <rmatte> you did restart zenoss yes?

[12-Dec-2011 14:35:59] <opapo> I restarted zenoss and then I got some memory data (data in the rrd graphs for the memory)

[12-Dec-2011 14:36:07] <rmatte> did you reindex?

[12-Dec-2011 14:36:34] <rmatte> as the zenoss user type zendmd, then once zendmd loads type reindex() hit enter, when that finished type commit(), hit enter, then ctrl-d to exit

[12-Dec-2011 14:36:47] <rmatte> then restart Zenoss again and try running zencommand again

[12-Dec-2011 14:38:30] <opapo> can I do that as root?

[12-Dec-2011 14:45:56] <Hackman238> opapo: Please run all zenoss command as zenoss user

[12-Dec-2011 14:45:59] <opapo> I still get similar data

[12-Dec-2011 14:46:12] <opapo> hold on then

[12-Dec-2011 14:47:09] <opapo> all requested processes have been run as zenoss

[12-Dec-2011 14:47:15] <opapo> same result

[12-Dec-2011 14:50:52] <opapo> hold on restarting zenoss as zenoss

[12-Dec-2011 14:56:47] <opapo> I reindexed using zenoss, I restarted as zenoss, and I ran the command as zenoss

[12-Dec-2011 14:56:58] <opapo> I get the same results:

[12-Dec-2011 14:59:50] <rmatte> no you can not do that as root

[12-Dec-2011 15:00:43] <rmatte> well I'm out of ideas at this point.  I'd need physical access to the box to dig and figure it out

[12-Dec-2011 15:00:55] <rmatte> you haven't been playing around with the template have you?

[12-Dec-2011 15:01:04] <opapo> no

[12-Dec-2011 15:01:05] <rmatte> the template is exactly as it was when it was first installed I hope?

[12-Dec-2011 15:01:07] <rmatte> k

[12-Dec-2011 15:01:08] <opapo> It is basic

[12-Dec-2011 15:01:34] <rmatte> are you still getting memory data for the device?

[12-Dec-2011 15:02:45] <opapo> I am no longer getting memory data

[12-Dec-2011 15:07:41] <opapo> I modified a local version of the snmpDevice template and took out the thresholds.  I will refresh until I get data again

[12-Dec-2011 15:12:48] <rmatte> the threshold being there isn't what's preventing you from getting the data... it simply prevents you from seeing the graph when there is no data

[12-Dec-2011 15:12:56] <rmatte> there's something else causing it not to collect the data

[12-Dec-2011 15:18:21] <opapo> I have memory data for about 1.5 hours and then it stopped

[12-Dec-2011 15:35:22] <Hackman238>

[12-Dec-2011 15:36:38] <GameMagister_> hackman238: that is either really tacky or the best thing i have seen in days...

[12-Dec-2011 15:37:33] <Hackman238> GameMagister_: One of my guys over in our ORD datacenter posted it in response to my explaination of why zenoss qualifies everything but a perfect echo as down.

[12-Dec-2011 15:37:40] <rmatte> haha

[12-Dec-2011 15:39:01] <rmatte> I love this one:

[12-Dec-2011 15:39:02] <rmatte> lol

[12-Dec-2011 15:39:09] <GameMagister_> hence my or the best thin i have seen in days

[12-Dec-2011 15:45:21] <rmatte> Hackman238: here's one for you:

[12-Dec-2011 16:05:14] <Hackman238> Aw...service unavailable

[12-Dec-2011 16:09:44] <Hackman238> rmatte: Dead on

[12-Dec-2011 16:15:30] <mattray> grrr… zenbatchload is starting to really disappoint me

[12-Dec-2011 16:16:22] <Hackman238> mattray: Starting?

[12-Dec-2011 16:16:36] <mattray> it doesn't appear to have any authority

[12-Dec-2011 16:16:42] <Hackman238> mattray: Most of the arguments that can be passed don't seem to work.

[12-Dec-2011 16:16:48] <mattray> it won't move devices between device classes

[12-Dec-2011 16:16:55] <Hackman238> mattray: Nope

[12-Dec-2011 16:17:30] <Hackman238> mattray: Best solution I've found is to open an xmlrpc connection and do it by hand.

[12-Dec-2011 16:17:47] <mattray> zendmd works

[12-Dec-2011 16:17:59] <mattray> I was trying to use zenbatchload for stuff instead of zendmd

[12-Dec-2011 16:19:04] <Hackman238> mattray: Right. For chef right?

[12-Dec-2011 16:19:10] <mattray> yes

[12-Dec-2011 16:19:31] <mattray> it's fine on the first run, but any changes afterwards are partially kept

[12-Dec-2011 16:19:45] <Hackman238> mattray: What I ended up doing is writting a little python script that chef can call and pass arguments to. The python script executes and opens an xmlrpc connection and performs the operation.

[12-Dec-2011 16:19:58] <mattray> devices seem to get zProperties, but not Device Classes

[12-Dec-2011 16:20:24] <mattray> Hackman238: I made zendmd Resources

[12-Dec-2011 16:20:33] <mattray> for device class, location, system and group

[12-Dec-2011 16:20:45] <mattray> I just wanted to use zenbatch for everything

[12-Dec-2011 16:20:48] * mattray sighs

[12-Dec-2011 16:20:49] <Hackman238> mattray: Yeah I don't think setting the device class works since you ahve to call a method. Seems like methods that set attributes and to perform deviceAdd and delete work.

[12-Dec-2011 16:21:03] <Hackman238> mattray: Sorry man.

[12-Dec-2011 16:22:16] <mattray> when is 4.x rumored for open source?

[12-Dec-2011 16:22:20] <mattray> I'm tempted to leave this as is

[12-Dec-2011 16:22:30] <mattray> because I'm sure 4.x will break it again

[12-Dec-2011 16:22:59] <Hackman238> mattray: Mid Jan I believe

[12-Dec-2011 16:23:07] <mattray> ship it!

[12-Dec-2011 16:23:08] <Hackman238> mattray: You'd be correct

[12-Dec-2011 16:23:30] <rmatte> Is it just me or is it getting quite tedious having everything break every time there's an update?

[12-Dec-2011 16:23:41] <mattray> no, nobody likes that

[12-Dec-2011 16:24:00] <Hackman238> rmatte:'s the zenoss way

[12-Dec-2011 16:24:28] <Hackman238> The product is jsut updated very often. How often does nagios get any major updates?

[12-Dec-2011 16:24:56] <mattray> yeah, but the Nagios forks are healthier. Icinga

[12-Dec-2011 16:25:10] <mattray> I'm gonna try to take a long look at Sensu (

[12-Dec-2011 16:25:25] <mattray>

[12-Dec-2011 16:25:37] <rmatte> Hackman238: what is it going to take to get that IPSLA pack out?  People keep asking about it.  The 3.1 version I sent to you was quite good, there are some further enhancements that I've made since then... If you have any fixes to implement, make the changes to the 3.1, then send the pack to me, I'll finalize my changes, and then she should be ready for release.  Thoughts?

[12-Dec-2011 16:26:55] <Hackman238> rmatte: Should be really soon. I've just had too much on the plate. I'm more than half done eating, so should be soon for the second helping.

[12-Dec-2011 16:27:02] <Hackman238> Also...this:

[12-Dec-2011 16:27:04] <rmatte> cool

[12-Dec-2011 16:27:24] <rmatte> I've been doing tons of work with IPSLA lately which is why I actually had time to work on it

[12-Dec-2011 16:27:32] <Hackman238> rmatte: Gotcha.

[12-Dec-2011 16:27:43] <Hackman238> rmatte: That would be great

[12-Dec-2011 16:27:45] <rmatte> haha, good one (the meme)

[12-Dec-2011 16:28:15] <Hackman238>

[12-Dec-2011 16:29:41] <rmatte>

[12-Dec-2011 16:29:57] <rmatte> >:)

[12-Dec-2011 16:30:00] <GameMagister_> now that was a good one rmatte

[12-Dec-2011 16:30:32] <rmatte> Thank you

[12-Dec-2011 16:30:34] <Hackman238> rmatte: LOL!

[12-Dec-2011 16:45:44] <mattray> note to self:

[12-Dec-2011 16:54:44] <Hackman238> mattray:

[12-Dec-2011 17:04:07] kocolosk is now known as kocolosk|away

[12-Dec-2011 17:08:17] <opapo> I solved my problem

[12-Dec-2011 17:11:27] <opapo> There are two graphs that are labeled CPU

[12-Dec-2011 17:11:51] <opapo> There is a way I can create my own report

[12-Dec-2011 17:12:14] <rmatte> there should not be 2 graphs, if there were then you had some other template bound that shouldn't have been

[12-Dec-2011 17:12:28] <opapo> I was grabbing the CPU graph from the Device template and not the SNMP template

[12-Dec-2011 17:12:29] <rmatte> you probably had the snmp-informant template bound that comes with Zenoss by default

[12-Dec-2011 17:12:51] <rmatte> you should unbind that template since it won't work

[12-Dec-2011 17:12:53] <opapo> I do not have snmp-informant (that I know of) on that box

[12-Dec-2011 17:13:04] <rmatte> right, which is the whole point of my ZenPack hehe

[12-Dec-2011 17:13:07] <opapo> I will unbind the Device template

[12-Dec-2011 17:13:17] <rmatte> just saying that Zenoss has a template bound by default that makes use of snmp-informant

[12-Dec-2011 17:13:32] <opapo> oh

[12-Dec-2011 17:13:35] <rmatte> I wouldn't personally touch snmp-informant with a 10 foot pole, native apps are always better

[12-Dec-2011 17:13:55] <rmatte> which is why I developed the ZenPack

[12-Dec-2011 17:13:58] <rmatte>

[12-Dec-2011 17:14:00] <opapo> rmatte:  I appreciate all your help

[12-Dec-2011 17:14:11] <rmatte> no problem

[12-Dec-2011 17:14:26] <opapo> This is working and I am grateful for your work on this ZenPack

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