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58.2 Adding a Cell

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 2. Adding a Cell

A cell (also known as the cloud director or self-service portal) is the service to which  Resource Manager connects to perform all discovery and monitoring. Follow these steps to use  Resource Manager to discover the cloud and all available details:

  1. From the  Resource Manager user interface, select Infrastructure > Devices.

    The device list appears.

  2. Click and then select Add vCloud Cell.

    The Add vCloud Cell dialog appears.


    Figure 58.1. Add vCloud Cell

    Add vCloud Cell

  3. Enter information in the dialog to add the vCloud cell:

    • Hostname or IP Address - Enter the host name or IP address for the cell.

    • Port # - Enter the cell port number.

    • Username - Enter the user name, in the form username@organization.

      For example, if you are the cell administrator, enter administrator@system. Alternatively, if you user name is Joe and you are part of the ACME organization, enter Joe@ACME.

    • Password - Enter the password for username.

  4. Click Add.

    A dialog appears with the option to view the job log of the cell being discovered. Select the option to view the job log and monitor the job's completion.

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