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14.2 Events Settings

Created on: Oct 11, 2011 4:59 PM by Zenoss API - Last Modified:  Oct 11, 2011 4:59 PM by Zenoss API

 2. Events Settings

You can adjust events settings for:

  • Events database connection

  • Event maintenance

 2.1. Changing Events Database Connection Information

To edit events database connection settings, make changes in the zeneventserver.conf file. You can edit the file directly, or run a configuration script.

Configurable database connection settings are:

  • JDBC Hostname (zep.jdbc.hostname) - Specify the IP address of the host.

  • JDBC Port (zep.jdbc.port) - Specify the port to use when accessing the events database.

  • JDBC Database Name (zep.jdbc.dbname) - Specify the database name.

  • JDBC Username (zep.jdbc.username) - Specify the user name for the database.

  • JDBC Password (zep.jdbc.password) - Specify the password for the database.

To edit these values, run the zeneventserver configuration script, as follows:

zeneventserver-config -u zep.jdbc.Name=Value

Where Name is the partial setting name and Value is the value you want to specify for the setting.

 2.2. Changing Events Maintenance Settings

To edit maintenance settings, make changes to one or more fields on the Event Configuration page (Advanced > Settings > Events):

  • Don't Age This Severity and Above - Select a severity level (Clear, Debug, Info, Warning, Error, or Critical). Events with this severity level and severity levels above this one will not be aged by the system.

  • Event Aging Threshold (minutes) - Specify how long the system should wait before aging an event.

  • Event Archive Interval (minutes) - Specify how long a closed event remains in the Event Console before moving to the event archive.

  • Delete Archived Events Older Than (days) - Enter a value in days.  Resource Manager will automatically delete events from the event archive that are older than this value.

  • Default Syslog Priority - Specify the default severity level assigned to an event coming from zensyslog if no priority can be determined from the event.

  • Default Availability Report (days) - Enter the number of days to include in the automatically generated Availability Report. This report shows a graphical summary of availability and status.

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