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IBM System x Integrated Management Module

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Created on: Sep 13, 2011 10:12 PM by daveh - Last Modified:  Sep 27, 2011 10:34 AM by Nick Yeates

Developed by:

Dave Heller for IBM Linux Technology Center



The IBMSystemxIMM Zenpack supports out-of-band management (that is, independent of the running OS) for IBM System x servers with Integrated Management Module (IMM).  IMM is an onboard Management Processor that provides monitoring, alerting, remote management and remote control of IBM servers.  IMM supports IPMI 2.0, Serial over LAN (SOL), SNMP v1 and v3, telnet, ssh, SMASH CLP, SLP, CIM, SMTP and Web Access via HTTP/HTTPS.


The primary interface to IMM for the IBMSystemxIMM Zenpack is via SNMP.  (as of v0.3.1 it has been tested with SNMP v1 only)  The Zenpack currently supports the following features:


Configuration data (Modeler Plugins):

  • Device-level Vital Product Data (VPD): Machine Type Model (MTM), Serial Number, UUID
  • Firmware VPD
  • CPU VPD (not supported on all IBM servers)
  • Memory VPD
  • Chassis Component VPD
  • Chassis Component Log
  • System Fan Monitors
  • System Voltage Monitors


Performance data (Monitoring Templates):

  • Ambient Temperature (device level)
  • Fan Speeds  (component level)
  • System Voltages (component level)


Device Classes:

  • /Server/IMM


Event Classes:

  • /Events/IMM






The Zenpack automatically installs the following:


Device Class: /Server/IMM


Modeler Plugins:

  • community.snmp.IBMIMMDeviceMap
  • community.snmp.IBMIMMFwVpdMap
  • community.snmp.IBMIMMCpuVpdMap
  • community.snmp.IBMIMMMemVpdMap
  • community.snmp.IBMIMMComponentVpdMap
  • community.snmp.IBMIMMComponentLogMap
  • community.snmp.IBMIMMFanMonMap
  • community.snmp.IBMIMMVoltMonMap


Monitoring Templates (only IMMAmbientTemp will be bound the the device (green checkmark); the other two are component-level collectors):


- Devices

   `- Server

      `- IMM

         |- IMMAmbientTemp (Locally defined)

         |- IMMFanMon (Locally defined)

         `- IMMVoltMon (Locally defined)


Event Class: /Events/IMM


Event Mappings: for all traps defined in IMMALERT-MIB, mapped to /Events/IMM, severity mapped to Zenoss severity levels.




1. Enable SNMP protocol on the IMM via the IMM's web UI.  Specifically you need to configure: IMM Control > Network Protocols, and optionally IMM Control > Alert.  Follow your server admin guide or the online help (in the web UI).


2. Install the IMM-MIB and IMMALERT-MIB in Zenoss per the standard procedure, i.e. Advanced > MIBs > Add MIB.  The IMM mibs are included with any IMM firmware download (  Look for the .mib files in zip file containing the firmware.


    Alternately, to install MIBs from the command line, copy the files to: /opt/zenoss/share/mibs/site/ and:


    $ su - zenoss

    $ zenmib run $ZENHOME/share/mibs/site/imm.mib

    $ zenmib run $ZENHOME/share/mibs/site/immalert.mib


3. Install the IBMSystemxIMM Zenpack from .egg per the standard procedure, i.e. Advanced > Zenpacks > Install Zenpack.  'zopectl restart' after installing.


    Alternately, to install from command line:

    $ zenpack --install


4. Discover the server via the IP address of the IMM (not the IP of the running OS instance) per the standard procedure, i.e. Infrastructure > Devices > Add Device.  Use device class: /Server/IMM.  Follow the discovery output or wait a few mins for modeling to complete.


    Alternately, to discover from command line (device cannot exist first):

    $ zendisc run --now -d --monitor localhost --deviceclass /Server/IMM


5. After it's discovered (and modeled) navigate to the device and you should see the following entries under Components:


  - Components

    |- IMM Chassis Component Log

    |- IMM Chassis Component VPD

    |- IMM CPU VPD                             # not supported on all servers

    |- IMM Fan Monitors

    |- IMM Firmware VPD

    |- IMM Memory VPD

    `- IMM Voltage Monitors


    The Fan and Voltage Monitors should have Graphs.  The Device level Graphs should include AmbientTemp.


    It should model it on discovery but just fyi, to run the modeler from cli:


    $ zenmodeler run -d


6. Troubleshooting:


     If you have missing entries under Components list try restarting zopeclt & zenhub.  Navigate AWAY from the device in the UI then navigate back.  If all else fails try deleting and rediscovering the device.


     If it's not collecting performance data (graphs) you can try this (IMMAmbientTemp and IMMVoltMon are SNMP Datasources; IMMFanMon is a COMMAND Datasource):


     $ zenperfsnmp restart

     $ zencommand restart



  • Zenoss Versions Supported: 3.0
  • External Dependencies: IBM System x server with Integrated Management Module, SNMP enabled
  • ZenPack Dependencies: None
  • Installation Notes: see above
  • Configuration: No config required other than SNMP community string, etc.


Change History:

  • 0.3.1 initial beta release
  • 1.0.0 initial stable release

Tested: Tested on Zenoss v3.1 only.  Export/import of .egg to another Zenoss instance, tested OK.


Known issues:  Tested on SNMP v1 only.  FanSpeed Monitoring Template currently supports SNMP v1 only.

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