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2NMS PrinterMIB

VERSION 3  Click to view document history
Created on: Jul 25, 2011 1:23 PM by Maarten Wallraf - Last Modified:  Apr 25, 2013 1:17 PM by jcurry

Developed by: Maarten Wallraf


This is my first attempt to write a Zenoss v3.x ZenPack: a new simple but complete PrinterMIB zenpack to monitor printer supplies (ink level, etc) of printers supporting the RFC 1759 PrinterMIB.



  • new PrinterMIB device class + PrinterSupply component class
  • TwoNMS.snmp.PrinterMAP modeler
  • /Printer/PrinterMIB device class
  • RRD template to monitor the ink level + threshold
  • 2 reports: inventory + Ink Usage graphs
  • editable details field for graph color







Component graph:




Component detail with editable color field:





Ink usage report:







Default ZenPack installation, no additional actions needed.


A device class /Printers/PrinterMIB is added and removed when uninstalling the ZenPack.

A PrinterMIB Report section is added.

A PrinterSupply RRDTemplate is added.



  • Zenoss Versions Supported: >= 3.0  (does not work with v2.x)
  • Installation Notes: zopectl restart after installing this ZenPack.


Change History:

  • 1.0 initial release
  • 1.1 slightly modified by Jane Curry to work with Zenoss 4.2.3


Tested: This ZenPack was tested with version 3.1

Source: <add link - available on github soon>



Caveats: The ZenPack has only been tested with a "HP LaserJet 2600n" printer but should work with all printers supporting the RFC compliant PrinterMIB. The PrinterMIB is quite extensive but the HP 2600n printer only supports the ink utilization oids.

Note: binary attachments ending in .zip will need to be unzipped before use.
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