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Swiftbase Climate Monitor

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Created on: Mar 15, 2011 8:46 PM by Nick Yeates - Last Modified:  Aug 17, 2011 3:32 AM by Nick Yeates

Submitted by: Benny Chitambira


The Zenpack provides temperature, climate and cluster chiller measurements from Swiftbases Climate devices.
It monitors and provides graphs for:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • AirFlow


More information on these devices can be found on:




SwiftCMMibs.JPGSwiftCMMappings.JPG SwiftCMTemplate.JPG


Also provides:

  • Swiftbase Mibs
  • SNMP traps, events mappings and transformations in /Events/Environ


This Zenpack works with SwiftCM2 device by default, but can be easily  extended/modified to work for SwiftCM1 and SwiftCM3163 or any other  SwiftCM type device.
Apply template to appropriate devices after installation.



Assure that an device class named "Environment" exists at Devices before installing this ZenPack. So: /Devices/Environment


Different datapoints may be available for your device depending on   the   sensors that are attached.
It is advisable to check oids for your   specific sensors and then add   them (and hence add corresponding  graphs)  to the template.


The zenpack is extensible and one can incoporate other snmp datasources  or modify the graphs that can be generated from them. Upgrades may  follow depending on features that are required.




  • Zenoss Versions Supported: 3.0
  • External Dependencies:
  • ZenPack Dependencies:
  • Installation Notes:
  • Configuration:


Change  History:

  • 1.0 initial release



Known  issues:

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