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Cisco Catalyst

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Created on: Dec 19, 2010 2:13 AM by Nick Yeates - Last Modified:  Dec 1, 2011 12:14 PM by Ryan Matte

Development of this ZenPack is sponsored by: Nova Networks


Submitted by: Ryan Matte

*** NOTICE ***
This ZenPack is only to be used with Cisco Catalyst switches that are running CatOS.  It is not intended for monitoring IOS.  Monitoring of Cisco switches running IOS can be accomplished using the default plugins/templates provided with Zenoss for monitoring Cisco routers.  I personally copy the /Network/Router/Cisco class to /Network/Switch/Cisco and put my IOS switches in that class.  I then put any CatOS devices in /Network/Switch/Cisco/Catalyst.



The Cisco Catalyst ZenPack provides SNMP-based modeling and monitoring for Catalyst Switch devices running CatOS.


It consists of a modeler plugin called 'zenoss.snmp.InterfaceCatOsMap',  which works in conjunction with 'zenoss.snmp.InterfaceMap' to properly map  interfaces on Catalyst switches running CatOS.


It also comes with a performance template for monitoring CPU and Memory on Catalyst switches running CatOS.








The ZenPack has the following Device Class:




Performance Template "Device":






Cisco template that collects cpu and free memory.  Has CPU  threshold at 90%




DataSource Datapoint


Graph - CPU Utilization:


Name Type
CPU ThresholdThresholdGraphPoint
CPU UtilizationDataPointGraphPoint


Graph - Memory Utilization:


Name Type
Memory UtilizationDataPointGraphPoint
Total MemoryDataPointGraphPoint


The following transform can be added to the /Perf/Memory class so that threshold messages display the percentage of utilization:


if dev.getRRDValue('mem5minUsed') and dev.getRRDValue('mem5minFree'):
        percentUsed = round(dev.getRRDValue('mem5minUsed') * 100 / (dev.getRRDValue('mem5minUsed') + dev.getRRDValue('mem5minFree')))
        if'threshold of Memory exceeded', evt.summary):
            status = 'exceeded'
        if'threshold of Memory restored', evt.summary):
            status = 'restored'
        evt.summary = "threshold of Memory %s: current value %3.1f" % (status,percentUsed)
        evt.message = "threshold of Memory %s: current value %3.1f" % (status,percentUsed)


Installation  Requirements:

  • Zenoss  Versions Supported: 2.5.2, 3.0.3
  • External  Dependencies: none
  • ZenPack  Dependencies: The /Devices/Network/Switch/Cisco class needs to be created by hand.  I recommend copying /Devices/Network/Router/Cisco to that location.  That way switches running IOS can be placed in /Devices/Network/Switch/Cisco and switches running CatOS can be placed in /Devices/Network/Switch/Cisco/Catalyst.
  • Installation  Notes: restart Zenoss to  complete the installation.


Change   History:

  • 1.0 initial release

Tested: This  ZenPack was tested with versions 2.5.2 and 3.0.3.


Known   issues:

Note: binary attachments ending in .zip will need to be unzipped before use.
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