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Release Notes for Zenoss Core Version 3.1.0

Created on: Feb 15, 2011 9:47 AM by shuckins - Last Modified:  Feb 15, 2011 12:08 PM by shuckins

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Part Number: 02-022011-3.1-v01

1. About These Notes

These release notes contain important information about this release of Zenoss, including:

  • Where to download the software

  • Supported software and environments

  • Installation, upgrade, and implementation notes

  • Known issues

  • Defects and issues fixed in the release

  • Reporting problems and providing feedback

1.1. Downloading Zenoss Core

Zenoss Core is available from this location:

1.2. Supported Software and Environments

You can install Zenoss Core on these platforms:

  • Linux®

    • RedHat® Enterprise Linux 4, 5

    • CentOS 4, 5

    • FedoraTM Core 12, 13

    • Debian® 5

    • Ubuntu® Server 8.04, 10.04

    • openSUSE 10.3, 11.1

    • SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 10, 11

  • Mac OS® X v10.5 Leopard®, Mac OS® X v10.6 Snow Leopard®

  • Windows® (requires VMwareTM Player and the Zenoss Virtual Appliance)

For each system that will access Zenoss through a Web browser, you need:

  • Firefox 3.x or Internet Explorer 7, 8

  • Adobe® Flash® Player

The following partial list of resources can be managed by Zenoss:

  • Windows Server (2000, 2003, 2008), Windows XP, and Windows Vista®, Windows 7

  • Linux or other UNIX® server

  • TomcatTM and other Java®/JMX servers

  • Any SNMP- or SSH-enabled device

1.3. Installation, Upgrade and Implementation Notes

Read this section for important installation, upgrade, and implementation updates. For complete installation and update instructions, refer to the latest version of the Zenoss Core Installation guide.

1.3.1. Upgrade

  • Refer to the following table to determine the upgrade path you must follow when upgrading to a newer version of Zenoss.


    Zenoss strongly recommends that you upgrade to the latest release to receive the latest features and defect fixes.

    If your current version is: You can upgrade directly to this version:
  • Zenoss does not test or evaluate community, customer-developed, and custom ZenPacks for upgrades.

    If you are using one or more ZenPacks that are not installed through the standard Zenoss installation process, you should contact the ZenPack author about its compatibility with your upgrade version. Zenoss further recommends you test the ZenPack for upgrade compatibility in a test environment.

1.3.2. Search

Global Device Search is available as a Core ZenPack. You can download this ZenPack from:

1.4. Known Issues

The following issues are known for this version of Zenoss Core.

  • A new attribute, monitoredStartModes, has been added to WinServices so that only Windows services that are expected to be running are actually reported as "down." Optional services that are Disabled or Manual startup are, by default, not reported as down. (Internal Defect 2248)

  • ZenPacks whose names include an underscore break on export. To resolve this issue, reinstall the ZenPack via the command line, and then restart Zope. (Defect 5239)

  • Starting up the BitRock stack may produce ClientDisconnected errors in log files. These do not indicate a problem and should be ignored. (Defect 5508)

  • If your installation's $ZENHOME contains a dot (.), then Zenoss does not function correctly. (Defect 5838)

  • Zenoss displays a status of "unknown" for Windows services that are disabled or not monitored. (Defect 7028)

  • The zenmodeler daemon does not provide valid feedback on SNMPv3 authentication issues. (Defect 7165)

  • The live search feature is disabled in the event console by default (Defect`7663)

1.5. Defects Fixed in this Release

Go to the following location to view defects fixed in this version of Zenoss:

1.6. Reporting Problems and Providing Feedback

Use the Zenoss forums ( and Trac ( to submit issues and provide feedback.

1.6.1. Product Documentation Feedback

Zenoss welcomes your comments and suggestions to help us improve our product documentation. Please send your comments to:

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