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ZCA Update 8-26-2011

Posted by jmp242 on Aug 26, 2011 3:02:25 PM

The ZCA is pleased to announce we've made some more progress in our goal of bringing more resources from the community to work on Zenoss Core and to increase the community in general.


We are announcing a roadmap for what the ZCA is doing, so you have more of an idea of where we think we're going with all this.


First, we're committed to helping the Zenoss Community. To that end, the ZCA is going to foster more involvement in the forums. Too many threads just die out hoping for an answer or help. While the ZCA cannot guarantee an answer for every question, ZCA members will be watching the forums and providing answers and internal ZCA escalation for tough technical questions. We're also preparing to help users find and use the bug reporting mechanism and several options for additional help mechanisms.


If you want to take advantage of the ZCA help, we have to ask that you read


and follow the guidelines. If you haven't, you may be referred to those pages in our first contact, or we may pass over the post.


We'll be taking the questions we get answered and using them to build some additional community documentation. Also, if you're not aware of it, please see the existing community FAQs


This isn't a plan to take over all posting or help on the forums. We ask that all community members help and contribute when they can.


Finally, if there's a question you also need help with, or feel is important to the community to have answered, we're breaking with tradition here and requesting you do post in the thread that you also have the problem or want this answered. This can help us prioritize our limited resources.


More information is to follow, along with the actual roadmap, so watch this space.



James Pulver

Information Technology Area Supervisor

LEPP Computer Group

Cornell University

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