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Zenoss-Windows Forum

This is forum is dedicated to all discussions of monitoring Windows servers from Zenoss. Hopefully we can improve the focus of forum discussions and get more accurate and timely answers to issues related to WMI, SNMP and any other Windows questions. Like all of our other forums, you may subscribe to it as a mailing list if you prefer.  We're sure Windows issues will still be discussed in Zenoss-Users, we just felt that the amount of traffic in Zenoss-Users was getting a bit much so we're spreading the load and hopefully providing more relevant discussions.  Please refer to the Windows section of the Wiki for more content.  Click on the 'Discussions' tab and then click 'Set as default tab' for the threaded view by default.

Recent Discussions

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Framework based - Help me! 3 months ago by Daniel Regis Daniel Regis
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Devices in Core 4 Dissapear 5 months ago by Pasha Firdous Pasha Firdous
Re: Email Alert issue on Zenoss core 4 5 months ago by Pasha Firdous Pasha Firdous
Notifications for BizTalk applications? 5 months ago by nang nang
Re: File System (DiskSpace) Monitoring 6 months ago by clint lavender clint lavender
Re: Filtering Options 6 months ago by A K A K
Re: bad counter for "\Processor(*)\% Processor Time" 7 months ago by tushar jadhav tushar jadhav
Re: graph_issues windows WMI 7 months ago by Niro B Niro B
Re: Bad Counter(s) for Device Error 7 months ago by A K A K
Re: ZenWin unable to auto clear alerts 7 months ago by Rob Eagle Rob Eagle
Re: WMI Non-Admin user not seeing all services 7 months ago by Kevin Smith Kevin Smith
Re: Problems with Windows Server 2012 7 months ago by alphasupremicus alphasupremicus
Re: Testing WMI Data Sources gives "Timed Out" 9 months ago by OneLoveAmaru OneLoveAmaru
Re: Ignoring WMI monitoring errors when a server is down (not pingable) 9 months ago by Shane Scott Shane Scott