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Zenoss Jobs Forum

This forum is dedicated to listing and searching for job opportunities with the Zenoss platform.  There is a growing ecosystem of companies and users who need Zenoss expertise, and hopefully this forum will help them come together.  If your company is hiring and requires Zenoss experience, please post here.  Full-time, part-time, contract and consulting work are all appropriate for discussion.  If you have Zenoss experience and are available for work, feel free to post.  This forum will be moderated and off-topic posts will be deleted.  If you have any questions on posting guidelines or need assistance of any kind, please contact the Zenoss Community Manager for clarification.  If you are providing services, please follow the instructions on the Partners page and get listed in our directories.  Click on the 'Discussions' tab and then click 'Set as default tab' for the threaded view by default.

Jobs Requiring Zenoss

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