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Forum focusing on questions and discussion around the development of Zenoss Core.  Check out the Community Development pages for more resources.  Click on the 'Discussions' tab and then click 'Set as default tab' for the threaded view by default.

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zentune restart give message - No handlers could be found for logger "Application" 1 week ago by Alok Thakur Alok Thakur
Zenoss snmpwalkv3 command when executed from GUI shows  clear text passwords provide in zSnmpAuthPassword and zSnmpPrivPassword  properties 1 week ago by rakesh agarwal rakesh agarwal
Zenrestore command restores everything that is available in backup file. It ignores the options provided with the zenrestore command. 2 weeks ago by rakesh agarwal rakesh agarwal
Auto-discovery in zenoss 4.2. 2 weeks ago by rakesh agarwal rakesh agarwal
"Model Time" significance when running modelers 3 weeks ago by rakesh agarwal rakesh agarwal
How do I Model SNMP tables with multiple indices? 2 months ago by Peter Hunt Peter Hunt
Re: install on centos 5.8 2 months ago by sunlinux sunlinux
Re: How I can reduce the load average of my zenoss server? 3 months ago by Photon Photon
Create new event variables for command notification 3 months ago by Vladimir Mameko Vladimir Mameko
Re: Remodel a single Cisco switch interface on alert? 3 months ago by digidt digidt
Cannot get API to display dynamic view on my page 4 months ago by Armand Komenan Armand Komenan
Re: Daemon or transform? 4 months ago by Thomas Pollet Thomas Pollet
max socket exceeded event 5 months ago by S HU S HU
Re: How to get a reference to dmd root from within a modeler plugin 6 months ago by Andrey Telepin Andrey Telepin
4 old years bug not fixed. Will it ever be ? 6 months ago by zenorr zenorr
Re: Zenoss's version of nagios-plugins. 6 months ago by Alan Milligan Alan Milligan
Re: Can zenoss4.2 achieve Single Sign On? 6 months ago by Alan Milligan Alan Milligan
Re: GEOCODING Addresses 6 months ago by Serpent Serpent
Help creating a custom daemon / collector 7 months ago by Jose Salvatierra Jose Salvatierra
Duplicate notifications 8 months ago by cbuskirk cbuskirk
Re: How to get all devices of an ip-network? 9 months ago by shakespear shakespear
Re: Is down? 9 months ago by Miguel Veiga Miguel Veiga
Re: What is zenoss url mapping rules? 10 months ago by Andrey Telepin Andrey Telepin
Can I use api call for my own Zenpack ? 10 months ago by cloud stack cloud stack
Re: Getting all events for a device in 4.2.3's ZenDMD 10 months ago by Matt Adair Matt Adair