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Cloud Computing and Virtualization

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Cloud Topics of Discussion


This is forum is dedicated to discussions of monitoring virtualized infrastructure and technologies. Examples include:


Virtualization Technologies:


Infrastructure and Service Providers:


Deployment and Cloud-based Technologies:


Cloud Computing Extensions (ZenPacks)


The Zenoss Community is providing the following plugins for managing the cloud:


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Re: EC2Manager float division by zero 1 year ago by Mark Rogers Mark Rogers
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Re: AWS Zenpack, region/ Zone problem not able to see Graph 1 year ago by liondgr8 . liondgr8 .
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Re: Decrease measurements collected? 1 year ago by DANILO CANTAGALLO DANILO CANTAGALLO
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Re: metrics supported in zenoss cloud monitoring 1 year ago by Jyothish TJ Jyothish TJ
Performance Graphs 1 year ago by Emocke Emocke
Re: Mib page error 1 year ago by Shane Scott Shane Scott
Re: Fping Root issue 1 year ago by svenjacobs svenjacobs
Re: Using Formulas to modify Graph output 1 year ago by Emocke Emocke
Re: Office 365 1 year ago by stwainer stwainer
Re: Using Multiple Community strings on one device 1 year ago by Emocke Emocke
Re: Weird Results with Virtualized CPU monitoring 1 year ago by thedada thedada

Cloud Computing Blog Posts

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Oct 30, 2012 The State of Open Source Cloud Adoption [Results & Winner]
Last month, we reached out to you for your help with a survey on The State of Open Source Cloud Adoption. While doing surveys at Zenoss are fairly common, this survey was the first of it's kind. To our knowledge, no one until now has made an effort to...
Jan 24, 2012 OpenVZ and Zenoss
Hi everyone!   It's great to now be a part of the Zenoss team, where I am assisting Zenoss Labs in their efforts advance the capabilities of the Zenoss platform by developing new ZenPacks.   For my initial ZenPack, Chet offered a couple of...
May 19, 2011 CloudFoundry Monitoring for Zenoss Setup
We are excited to announce a new Zenpack today for supporting CloudFoundry, the open PaaS project.   Here are the elements that are discovered after you add a CloudFoundry endpoint:   Frameworks RuntimesApp ServersSystem ServicesProvisioned...
Jan 27, 2011 Infrastructure Automation and Monitoring - Interview with Matt Ray from Opscode
I recently had a chance to catch-up with Matt Ray. Matt, in his role as a technical evangelist at Opscode, has been working on automating IT deployments, configuration management, and how to plug infrastrcture monitoring into the equation - a very...
Dec 29, 2010 Top Technology Predictions for 2011
As the saying goes, predictions are very hard, especially about the future.  However, without tech predictions we wouldn't have famous gems like,   Thomas Watson in 1943 - "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers"   or...

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