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IRC Chat Sessions page

Use IRC to chat with and ask questions of other Zenoss users. There are 2 channels, one for general questions and another for Testing. Both channels are often manned by Zenoss engineers and the QA team.


Server: (port 6667)
Channel: #zenoss

Channel: #zenoss-testing


Don't forget you can search for answers to common questions by visiting the Forums and Wiki.

Developer Meetings

2012 Dates: Jan 5,19 Feb 2,16 Mar 1,15,29 Apr 12,26 May 10,24 Jun 7,21 Jul 5,19 Aug 2,16
2011 Dates: Aug 4,18 Sept 1,15,29 Oct 13,27 Nov 10,24 Dec 8, 22
We have a bi-weekly set of developer meetings in the IRC #zenoss channel. Zenoss Inc. developers, community developers, zenmasters, zenpack creators, those with advanced questions, and those looking to lurk are often found in the channel during the 11am-12pm EST hour every other week. See the schedule above. If you would like to get a reminder about the meeting each week, send an email to

IRC Archives

For your convenience, we archive the IRC sessions on a monthly basis.


2011 IRC Developer Sessions


2011 Monthly Archives

2010 IRC Developer Sessions

2010 Monthly Archives

2009 IRC Sessions

2009 Monthly Archives

2008 IRC Sessions

2008 Monthly Archives


2007 Monthly Archives

2006 Monthly Archives