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Examples of Zenoss Core Success

We love making open source software but what's even better is to hear how our community is solving real world problems with our software. Thousands of organizations all over the world are using Zenoss Core to monitor and manage their infrastructure. The following community members have agree to share their stories to help educate and inspire other Zenoss users.


If you have a story you would like to share contact us please contact us we would be glad to let you tell your story.


You may not be familiar with the name Geeknet, but you’ve definitely heard of its online properties, Slashdot, ThinkGeek, ohloh and Freshmeat, which are visited by more than 40 million technology professionals each month. As one of the top global online media companies, Geeknet provides the technology infrastructure and content for more than five web sites offering all things geeks crave.




Todd Davis is responsible for monitoring infrastructure for a consortium of Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC). Todd was using Nagios to monitor his infrastructure until he met Zenoss CTO, Erik Dahl, at USENIX LISA conference last fall. He was soon convinced that Zenoss offered the additional features he needed.










Allen Sanabria and Kent Lee are part of the technical staff for a large multi-national broadcast company. They are responsible for monitoring thousands of devices. They use Zenoss Core to agentlessly monitor everything from NetApp filers to Foundry core switches.










Jeff Siler is the President of webAJ and one of our most valued community members. He's written numerous documents on how to use Zenoss Core and been a strong evangelist for our product. Why is he such an advocate for Zenoss? Because he uses it every day. Find out how Jeff uses Zenoss to simplify systems management.


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